Falcon Symbolism, Falcon Meaning, Falcon Totem, Falcon Dream, and Messages
Take the time to develop a strategy to reach your next goal. Research and planning are the order of the day.

Falcon Meaning and Messages

In general, Falcon symbolism is asking you to be vigilant. In other words, this spirit animal’s presence means that there is an opportunity for significant positive changes in your life.

Moreover, this opportunity will require proper planning and strategy as well as action on your part. In this case, similar to the Stingray, the Falcon meaning asks you to trust that you have all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity. However, your success depends on your quick reactions.

Alternatively, the Falcon symbolism is reminding you to stay focused and grateful for all that is coming your way. Furthermore, believe that you can soar high and see things with greater vision!

Falcon Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Falcon totem are independent and need to have alone time to be happy. Similar to the Collie and the Quarter Horse, they also have a sharp mind and are very agile. These folks know how to mentally work out problems and are always three steps ahead of their peers and workmates. For the most part, they have the patience to wait to get the most out of any opportunity that comes their way. People with this spirit animal have impeccable timing and know exactly when to strike for the most significant benefit to themselves.

Conquering challenges is easy for someone with this power animal. Thus, they also know they are in charge and are determined to master anything that comes into their space.  They also use precise selectivity and careful discernment to find what is important to them. They are also clairaudient and hear messages with clarity.

Falcon Dream Interpretation

When you have a Falcon dream, just like the Snail, it is a reminder to stay focused on your goals and aspirations. Alternatively, this bird can symbolize personal freedom. The vision is letting you know that although you may perceive things differently, you are always free to make your own choices in life. If the bird is flying, it signifies success in your current projects.

A bird that has caught its prey and is feeding is an omen of abundance.

46 thoughts on “Falcon”

  1. Wondered the meaning

    I was in a coma and dreamt I was taking care of peregrine falcons in a large white room this happened after I had a strokeWondered the meaning

  2. I work on the top floor of a very high building. Today I had a falcon land on the end of my window squawking away staring straight at me. A small hawk flew right by it but did not land. It was an amazing moment and sight. I knew then something was up. Something is headed my way. Just trying to figure out what that is.

    1. I made eye contact with a falcon in my dream, and knew it was a special one too. Have you found more meaning in this?

  3. I am just looking for the meaning here. If there inst meaning that is discernible from history or teachings, then I will carry this in my own heart. I have been trying to photograph raptors for years. To the point where i have been chased off of land that I found myself on following falcons, hawks etc. to capture their beauty in flight, or perched above. I have never been able to photograph a Peregrine falcon though. That is until recently. I have just bought a home down in Pueblo West Colorado. I was sitting on the deck, and out of what seemed to be nowhere a Peregrine falcon came in and landed 2-3 feet from me on the railing. I was stunned, and when I slowly moved to get my camera, I was sure that this raptor would fly off, however, it just sat there, calm as can be, looking right at me. I retrieved my camera and proceeded to admire with my eyes the beauty of this creature. I took over 100 photos, as she or he posed for me there looking at me, then bowing its head repeatedly. It was an uncanny several moments, that stretched out, as we admired each other, I talked with the Falcon and spoke of its amazing form, and its beauty. It just remained there, 2 feet away, for the longest time time. Then we just sat together in silence for a time. I thought it might be hungry or thirsty, so I went inside and got some small chunks of burger I had in the frig, and some water for it to drink, but as I returned outside to the deck it looked at me again, and then flew off to a neighbors tree, and then into the horizon. It was overwhelming for me. If there is a meaning spiritually I would welcome to know.

  4. I had a dream that someone kept a falcon captured in a box because “It was dangerous”. But they didn’t tell me. I just found a random box in a barn and looked into it.
    I saw a cute baby owl. So I opened it up to play with him and feed him. When I opened the box, the owl turned into a huge falcon. The person who caged him ran up to me panicking freaking out. But i just calmed the falcon, fed him and released him.
    The person was very angry for getting the falcon. I ignored them completely and went about getting all the various birds they had kept in captivity.

  5. I also had same dream this morning. But it was flying and looking into my eyes. What does that mean? Did you find the Meaning anywhere?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Looking into your eyes might represent the “visionary” part of the falcon, as written into the additional associations of this animal on this page. It might be a reminder to reflect not on who you are, but who you could be. What would your ideal self look like? What would your ideal day be like? What would your ideal set of relationships/social life be like? What would your ideal career be like? What would be your ideal health? Think of what you desire and what you can accomplish in a long term plan into the future. Perhaps you cannot imagine changing much in a month or even just a few months, if not a year. Though thinking long term, you can think about the possibilities of what you could accomplish much beyond that.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps your dream is asking you to help someone you know with the qualities of a falcon and reach out to them, even if you hesitate. That, or you need to adopt the qualities of a falcon to help someone or a group of some kind. Be a little observant around you to remain vigilant for opportunities, if you are stuck on how to be of service to others. Think about how the resources around you, no matter how few or limited, can be creatively used at its best for something. Observe the details not just with specific ideas, but the physical environment around you. Just take your time to regularly pause and look, hear or touch whatever is around you. Can you use whatever you encounter in a literal way in some creative form, or can it inspire you to think of a new idea that is related in some way to what this object reminds you of? For example, a flower can be literally used as a gift. Though if you try to find inspiration from a flower, you might think of its symbolic characteristics like beauty, love, joy, relaxation and gentleness, then think of how that could serve you better in a situation. To see if that lends you any ideas.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This may represent the heart chakra, which is represented by the color green. This may mean adopting more of the falcon’s characteristics in your relationships, self love or with friendships/family, if you want to progress more. Getting inspiration from a falcon might also have to do with supporting the environment (like green plants), or adopting a softer negotiating and team spirit cooperation type of approach with business/career co-workers to improve things along. To motivate them, perhaps, emotionally in financial goals, if motivating them logically is just dragging them into a situation with too little inspiration.

  6. So last night I dreamed about one falcon flying above my old high-school’s rugby field while there was a match still on… and I started looking around to see if it’s seeing any form of prey like someone with a puppy or so.
    As I looked back up I saw two falcons flying close by (like they are partners). So I eventually phone a animal care centre of some kind and they arrived within the next 5 min.
    They took out tranquilizers and some how reassured me that it was the only way to take care of them I then asked them to please take them to the rehabilitation center close to Dullstroom as I have been there for a visit before, and the said they will make sure to take them there.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the two falcons represent you and someone else in your life (not necessarily romantic, but can be), as my gut is saying. As goal focused falcons are, perhaps what you two require is not more and more work to progress, but time to slow down and recover your own mental health/physical health or both. Sometimes what you need to have the energy you need to actually do something right for once is just to take enough of a break or vacation, at least have less responsibilities or extra help around for those practical tasks. If anything, working when you’re too tired just slows down the recovery process, and just makes recovering from exhaustion just slower and slower, making your work worse. Sometimes when you are at your limit, there is no option but to rest. You don’t have to give up entirely. You just need to take a break. Having a break is not giving up. It’s just pausing temporarily.

  7. About 2 years ago I dreamed that I was talking to a falcon headed man. He was actually a sort of teacher of mine, that showed great wisdom, patience and kindness. He would talk to me about several things that I am unable to remember [consciously].

    I kept bugging him to tell me what I really was (I appear with feathery wings, fighting evil, etc in my dreams) and he never got upset despite my showing of ignorance and idiocy; He would kindly change the subject because it appeared that he could not talk about certain things. After asking him several times he said that I was a [insert a strange name but I cannot remember it]

    What is even more weird is that from this dream I woke up in another dream (nested dream). I “woke up” on my bed, … but wait, I was really laying on top of a thick pair of jet black feathery wings and I did not realized that I was still dreaming so the whole thing felt REAL to me. After a long while, I realized that I was dreaming, stood up, unfolded my wings, crossed a concrete wall and went for a brief fly.

    I ended that dream by touching and praying for a bald woman that I encountered staring at my bed when I returned from my flight. It appears that I basically exorcised that woman

    This full dream was very vivid and I woke up feeling very emotional; I was able to remember a lot except certain things that I feel I was not supposed to remember

    strange; don’t you think?

    1. Phoenix Collins

      The man you encountered in your dream was your spiritual guide. Pay attention to him carefully. He will walk you through the paths you choose and have chosen. In time your questions will be answered but for now you require patience. Your wings do not resemble something bad so don’t fear having them but instead contemplate the meaning of your wings. Don’t look for answers on the internet. The meaning behind your wings will determine how they make you feel.

  8. Who wrote this web page, I need to talk to the chief of this .. Hawks are folleing me, I need a bit more then this amazing resumé! …they chose me to badly need help what to do

  9. Just today when I was walking home (5 miles) there was a specific falcon that would spiral near my walking route. It gave me a sense of being calm but also like a driving spunk. I didn’t think too much of it till it showed up on my tree in the front yard. Itstayed there for a while looking back at me and looking to the side of the house… took off after my little brother ran out…. can’t blame her.


  11. Thank you for this spirit info on the falcon! I had just smudged with sage and prayed for my small grandsons (especially) and my family, and the sage was still burning so I put it on the patio, wanting it to go out on it’s own naturally. I wasn’t sure if you are supposed to extinguish or not so I asked a friend who said ‘You probably did it that way for a reason’. Within 10 minutes a falcon was calmly perched right above where the sage had gone out, looking at me. He let me get within 4 feet of him – staring me in the eye the whole time. His eyes are orangish-brown just like mine. I feel like I just came in touch with greatness!! It was a moving experience.

  12. Walking from my car to my house this afternoon after work a falcon flew right over my head. I have never seen one in my neighbourhood (even on walks) and I’ve never seen one that close before. I had just checked the mail and there was a package from my now recently ex-boyfriend, returning a few things to me including my house key. I feel it is a powerful message but not sure what exactly. Going to ask my dreams tonight. Any views welcome!

    Love the site, thank you!

  13. I feel the way of searching as the Falcon does for survival and in my human-ness I seek my soul self to come forward and be with me completely…….

  14. I have been so down lately, confused about my future. Last night i asked for a sign. This morning while leaving a job site, there was a gorgeous falcon sitting on a light pole right above my car. It stared at me and called. I felt this beautiful comfort. I watched and listened for 15 minutes. I haven’t felt that safe in a long time.

  15. Hello , I share with you what is happening to me. I live in Morocco.
    Last July 2015, at one of the last days of the holy muslim month of Ramadan, i woke up in the morning to find an adult common krestrel above my head sleeping on the open inside border of the bedroom window above the bed.
    The position of the bird was like it was looking after me like a bodyguard. I took my phone and filmed the scene then the bird opened its eyes but did not move as I got very close to it. The bird made me understand it did not want to leave. I had to go out and I had to close the window and left the falcon in the outside border of the window. When I returned from work it was not there and it never came back. But 3 days ago (in 2016), i came back from work and found another common kestrel inside my bedroom posing on a furniture like if it was waiting for me. The bird had to pass curtains covering a small opening in the window to enter the room. This mean it was decided to enter. I took my phone and recorded the scene. I easily touched the bird as again it made me understand it wanted to stay in my bedroom. After watching each other for 15 minutes I had to make it stand on board and open the window to make it go. Another time this happened in the last days of Ramadan again. What all that mean ? Same type of wild bird ( but the 2 birds were different) , same period of the year, birds did not want to leave. What do you think?

    1. Ellen Vaillancourt

      Wow … I’m starting a social enterprise that I’ve envisioned and been researching for 5 years … my job was eliminated so I’m seizing the opportunity … and these loud squawking birds in the trees high above my yard turn out to be lady falcons …

      Pay attention to the signs (qu. 13:3) and live your dreams. Peace, Salaam, Namaste.

    2. They really like you and are giving you the gift of their presence. They trust you. Birds are symbol of spirit and Kestrals in particular are all about visionary or keen sightedness in more than just the regular way of seeing. It seems to me that prayers to help them and their habitat, trees etc will bring you great rewards. You have the potential to have the second sight, it is up to you to make the choice toward helping and acknowledging spirit in the earth. The holy light that shines in all living creatures, water, and earth, not just in religion.

    3. if an animal totem really go into someone dream, it will be so transandental that this person would not take the time to wrote it on a websote.. therefor no one would take the time to reply.. so the one that wrote about is totem animal dream here is lying as for the one that take the time to fakly give is meaning.. I AM THE TOTEM ANIMAL OF STEVIE AND I BEEN WACTHING U, condaming u of never having one lyer

  16. BluwCrow,
    i know of four of my totm animals
    raven, falcon, Bear & Wolf..
    I’m wondering what my other three totems can be..

  17. A falcon dove at my car window while it was parked, a falcon is sitting on the roof of the building across the street, a falcon sat on wire as I drove by, a falcon lives outside my home, all in the last 6 months, it’s presence is calming

  18. I had a dream that I saw a pair of peregrine falcons flying. They perched side by side and then took to flight again. I was excited to see them in the dream and was in awe of them. Upon waking, I remembered seeing a falcon flying, just days before. I don’t usually see falcons in my area. I’m wondering if the fact that the falcons were a pair in the dream has significance. I know that peregrines mate for life…

  19. A falcon flew low right over my car, flying in a NE direction, which is my favorable direction. Very grateful for the message.

  20. 7/16/2015 1pm a peregrine falcon flew into my sliding glass door and then stood looking at me. it must have seen a reflection. i called liberty wildlife to pick her up and rehab her. she can’t fly without her leg but she was standing on it and moving on it just could not take off to fly. she was beautiful and reminded me of a macaw the way she would cock her head when i spoke to her. i was cutting fried spam in the kitchen when she hit, and i laughed hours later thinking she was coming in for that – ha!

  21. i saw dream grey colour falcon came from GREEN tree and sit on my neck , hand , head is very friendly to me.people are saying falcon will never go . if once he came. WHAT IT MEAN?

  22. I had a dream where a falcon was following me, but it could talk. It told me someone was hurt and for me to keep reaching my goal. I didn’t understand what it meant when I woke up. I know now. A while after I had the dream, my gran died. I think the falcon was telling me that someone would die and for me to not let it ruin my goal and for me to keep on reaching for it. I’m also good at reading people. I took a few quizzes and got falcon.

  23. Last night in my dream out of the distance a falcon flew towards me and I put my arm up and it landed on my neck gently took hold my finger bit did not bite.
    I have been so down of late and a victim of a brutal attack.

  24. LoriBelle Thompson

    I believe my bird totem is the Missouri Male Cardinal that lives in the woods behind my house. I’ve seen and heard him up close only once and he is huge. He has warned me more at least a dozen times of trouble. It took me a few times hearing him for me to figure out what was happening. It’s always a cry of alarm. Very loud.
    I have had spirits all around me all the time, all my life. I believe in totems and the importance of recognizing your own. If I am to have a totem, a big, fat, red cardinal is fine by me. So beautiful.
    The spirits are so thick here that I hardly ever see birds or hear them sing. I know my Cardinal when I hear his call. He is one of the only few birds I hear & see here.
    LoriBelle Thompson

    1. Beautiful!! I live in Kentucky and I have cardinals come to me with beautiful messages. Love that you can communicate with spirits so well, I myself do also and always enjoy their presence. ?

  25. I as born on OCtober 10 th.
    My totem animal is a raven…
    But,I’m wondering if I’m showing more than one trait of being a falcon pereson…
    Are Falcons similar to ravens?

    Could I be both a falcon& a raven person?

    1. Hello Andraste: We can have more than one animal totem. Many cultures and spiritual groups believe in our Animal Totems being as many as 7 or 9. I myself had the totem of Horse for most of my life – until Raven became apparent is is now more dominant.

    2. Thank you fro informing me of this, Silken raven..
      For the longest time ,i’ve known that My first totem animal ( raven) is keeping an eye on me..
      Two of them were sitting on a branch in a norway pine that was in the backyard of my childhood home..

      Keeping me from danger& harm…

    3. I agree, just my doing meditation, I dream of a cheeta, blue whale and a hawk, please offer them the respect they offer u

    4. Troy Fletchall

      Seven totem animals But I find I am like the Wolverine and wolf most. My name is Troy Fletchall , my Cherokee name is Walks With the Forest.

    5. no my friend, it seem more i read that having the falcon as a totem animal is a blessing or a curse, the raven is consider a alien animal.. LET ME EXEMPLE how lucxky u are.. Raven had the decision to migrant t winter or stay, wich is unique.. scientist calle dthem a alien species coz of many small unsingularity, like the fact they can recognize face .. They also can hear sound wave that no other erath species can.. there is a reason why this is your totem animal, even more now knowing it is not consider a species from earth. please do not get affected by every small strange thing in your life u are bless act like a blessed one

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