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You must act now! Let your instinct guide you.

Stingray Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Stingray symbolism is letting you know that everything is now in place. You know that you have the means, you have the tools, and you have the skills. Now get busy and get on with it. In other words, your Stingray meaning is telling you that everything you have worked toward is open to you. Therefore, you must stop hesitating. Like the Blue Whale, this spirit animal insists that you have faith in your abilities and follow your inner guidance.

Alternatively, Stingray symbolism is asking you to stay on course and keep moving forward. Henceforth, you must not allow distractions or drama to sway you from your journey. Protect your path if you need to.

Also study Shark, as it is related to this creature.

Stingray Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Stingray totem have a way of laying in wait until their unsuspecting prey comes along. Then they pounce, paralyze and consume! Like the Octopus, these folks are experts at blending in all situations and fully understand the use of camouflage. They also look like part of the scenery until they make their move. More often than not, most people never see them coming. People with this spirit animal totem move with grace and fluidity through all things in life, and they never hesitate when it is time to take action. They are extremely sensitive to energy and very clairsentient.

Also, study Mollusks, as this is their primary source of food.

Stingray Dream Interpretation

To see a Manta Ray in your dream signifies emotional freedom. You are navigating through your emotions with ease and have released old emotional baggage. You are now free and clear to move on with your life.

To have a Stingray dream symbolizes old emotional issues coming to the surface in your waking life. In other words, you are responding to a situation from a past emotional pain rather than the present.

To dream that a school of Stingrays is attacking you or someone else is an indication that emotions that you have been keeping suppressed into your subconscious are beginning to overwhelm you.

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  1. last night i had a dream i was at the beach with my fiancé. there were two other people there but i have no idea who they were. they were just sitting in chairs behind me and my fiance when we were at the shore. out of nowhere a stingray comes up to us and lets us touch it for a quick minute then just swims away. i remember feeling so happy while seeing it. but this article made a lot of sense to me. i have been dwelling on past traumatic experiences that started around this time of year two years ago. another thing is ive been really hesitant about going back to college but i really want to but i don’t want to stress out really bad and quit again.

  2. So I had a dream where I went on vacay with my son and baby daddy, some family were there to but they came in and out. At one point of the dream, I was in a pool outside the hotel we were staying at with my mother and baby daddy, my son is 3 btw. As we were standing at the corner side 3 stingrays came swimming up, I petted them as they swam around us but they started to go towards my son so I got scared and started trying to guide them away, but they just kept swimming back, they just really wanted to hug him, my son didn’t look to scared and when one of the rays actually got to him it just hugged him without stinging him, I still brushed it off, gently of course, and I held my son in my arms after that while they still tried coming, then out of nowhere they turned into puppies and then cats. Haha I’m not sure what this means but it was very interesting to see as I never dream of stingrays. I hope this means something good for my son.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Considering the stingray’s symbolism, this might represent that you have to trust in your son, and that you have prepared everything possible so he could succeed in life. In other words, it’s best not to overthink and overprotect him, as that will stop him from developing his own independence later on. He might be around 3 at the moment, but he won’t be 3 years old forever. Keep that in mind, and good luck with raising your son!

  3. Raheemah Tauhidi

    I remember I was at one of my classmate’s houses at a small social gathering and felt like something was smoothly gliding above my head. I looked up and I felt like I saw the outline/shadow of stingray “glide/swim” through a wall above me. It was weird but I can never forget it…

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean, considering the setting of that, that you might want to swim through or glide through certain courses of action in your social life. You might be spending all your time preparing, but you’re unable to trust yourself to go out there and speak up even if you keep rehearsing conversations in your mind over and over again. It’s time to stop being stuck in one place, it’s time to choose to follow the flow outward into life’s embrace!

  4. Mine wasn’t a dream.. I literally woke up in the dark and caught a quick glimpse of a giant stingray hovering over me. I was so terrified, I screamed.. My sister jolted and ran to see what the issue was.

    That experience has left me badly shaken. I’m officially afraid or stingrays and I can’t even look at a picture of one.

    1. what if you looked at it differently? at the message it had / has instead of letting the fear stifle you?
      sending you love, light and protection my friend <3

    2. EspionageCookie

      From my gut feeling, this seems to represent a clairvoyant vision you had for a moment from your spirit guide (guardian angel) when it comes to avoiding the sting ray’s positive characteristics. (See “signs of clairvoyance online”. Look it up.) Most are seen from your mind’s eye, but a few particularly important messages manifest as actual physical visions around you. You might be unable to swim through the flow in life, preparing for every single detail and making sure everything is perfect as possible, while being unable to put any of your plans into action. It might also involve a lack of emotional freedom, or you might be restricting yourself to certain rules where you cannot express your emotions openly, and the fear you have of the stingray represents your absolute terror over exploring as well as expressing your emotions more openly.

      You might be constantly struggling through life in very extreme ways, because you’re so unable to adapt in the flow of the waters like a stingray does, because once you’ve prepared a plan, you struggle trying to change the plan even when your whole plan collapses from the reality of the situation.

      There’s a time for plans, and there’s a time for flowing into life to trust your heart. The latter is often in situations where there are situations you can never fully prepare for. Perhaps smaller tasks can be something you prepare for, but sometimes when it comes to much more complicated goals of all kinds, the only thing that can help you really plan better is experience itself. Sometimes in life, we’ll never be fully prepared for something, but that doesn’t mean you should stop participating in life because some things are impossible to ever completely prepare for.

      Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith in the waters, after all.

  5. I had a dream I was headed to work through a big disarrayed building & noticed people walking by something odd on the floor. It was a small stingray, unmoving on its back. I paused to tell it I was sorry I couldn’t help it & for it dying like that, before moving on. I was drawn back to the stingray, thought I could hear/feel it crying. It was, some jerks were kicking it around the floor & the need to save it overcame my fear of it stinging me as I snatched it up. Got to work, it was chaotic & my crew (I’m a small cafe GM) was needing my attention in several directions, but every time I put the stingray down people tried hurting it. There was bizarre shift & people with bad energy kept popping up, I clutched the vulnerable creature to my chest as I pushed them away in escape. I could feel its shape change as I ran, when I looked down it was turning into a round blue baby whale…I can’t recall what happened after that. Reading your page was informative on the significance of stingray, I have some reflecting to do. Anyone have any insight, suggestions, similar dreams?

    1. I don’t know when you dreamed this but today I am giving a stingray ring to my sweetheart to help him break free from the Karmic kunt s in his family. Especially the mummy. GOD BLESS YOU R PATH TO TRUE LOVE. AMEN

    2. EspionageCookie

      From what I sense, your work environment might be disrespecting the qualities of the sting ray. That is, it might be an environment that encourages people to suppress all their emotions, and allows people little emotional freedom to express their individuality or their complaints about the work to the boss. You might be given too many extra hours with no pay, or they may give you the work of 3 people with the salary of one person, especially after two other people quit. There may be abuses hidden of some kind within the workplace itself.

      The sting ray turning into a baby blue whale supports this message in that whales represent individuality, and being able to sing your own song through life. Whales are gentle giants, and in the same way, you have to be big and gentle at the same time to do what is best to the beat of your own drum. If that means leaving the job itself or having to find extra free time saying no to extra requests to take extra time to yourself, then do so. You also might be interested in self care ideas you can search of online as well.

  6. Went for a walk to clear my head. Was unsuccessful for the first 45 mins so I turned my music up to drown out the loud head chit chat. Continued to walk for 15 mins. The music wasn’t working. Then a lended helping hand of nature drowned out the noise in my head with a stingray flipping its 🤔arms, legs, fins, or maybe flaps 😂 to get my attention and STILL my mind, encouraging me to pause. It worked! It completely stopped me in my tracks. There is nothing like nature (and something that scares you) to bring you back down to earth. What feels like the only thing that could grab my attention and bring me back to reality. All the nonsense in my mind that brought anger and festering bullshit was on repeat. Never have I ever had an experience and so close like it. A stingray of all things. Having taken 24 hours and the experience still with me I have google it “you have the knowledge, you have the means, you have the skills, you have the truth. Now get on with it”. Truely everything I need to know right now. Thankyou. The universe will speak. We just need to listen.

    1. Rosie Mae, the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. I had stopped to enjoy the sunrise with a blue heron On the beach, and suddenly a gigantic stingray did that “thing” next to us. Definitely got my attention! Now it’s time to embrace the lessons…..quietly observing in the flow of divine timing, then quickly taking action when opportunity presents. Time to embrace the art of camouflage and stealth more fully now too! It’s 24 hours for me too and I’m in total awe of what a powerful experience it was.

    2. I went for a walk down to the beach the other day and asked the water to cleanse my body and spirit after a very traumatic event.. as I dove in under the waves over and over I could feel it all wash away. Once I felt healed I began to walk back to shore, then a voice told me to be strong and walk heavy like a horse (like the wild ones I had seen earlier on the beach) so I trusted my instinct and did… a few steps forward and half a metre away a short tailed sting ray as wide as I am tall glided past me… I didn’t stop, I kept walking as I but watched and admired such a beautiful creature.
      This is not the first time this has happened to me. I have ran way twice now escaping a manipulative partner, and both times I have had encounters with these beautiful creatures in the shallows as I’ve asked the water to cleanse me.. this time I hear it’s message.

  7. I had a dream, i was on a hill and wayy wayy ahead of me was the ocean and on my left and right side were houses.i look at the ocean and see a wave smashing down and then all of a sudden many stingrays come and gracefully float along the hill i soon am looking at them all and then a mantaray comes along also and then all the stingrays change into super bright colours i get a bit scared and take a step back standing on the road.i try and want to grab the small stingrays but the end up slidding into the sewer drain and only two small colourful stingrays get stuck near a small tree.

    What does this mean??
    Has anyone have this sort of dream?

    1. I had a dream similar once, I was in my bed, and then my window stretched out and opened, all of the sudden two alligators came in, then a crocodile came in, and everything except the crocodile became alternating colors of the chakra, but then I tried to touch it and it disappeared right before I could touch it, then I felt a falling sensation, after two seconds of that I woke up… I think it symbolizes I was doing the wrong thing in relation to my totem

    2. EspionageCookie

      The many stingrays gracefully floating through the hill might represent the type of feeling of calm flow you might want in life. You might want to adopt more of the positive qualities of a sting ray. That is, being able to go with the flow of life, and being able to practice some kind of spontaneity in your life. The super bright colors you mention support this, because the stingrays changing into colors like that could mean expressing your individuality more or what makes you unique, so you could gain a sense of calm that the sting rays may provide you. Some of them sliding into a sewer drain might represent that you are shutting away what makes you different, and the two colorful stingrays stuck on a tree might support that idea as well.

  8. Do you know what manta rays symbolize? They are quite different from stingrays, so perhaps they hold a different spirit animal meaning. I’d love to hear your thoughts and research on the spirit animal symbolism of manta rays!

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