Emu Symbolism
Be so remarkable at what you do to the point where they can't ignore you.

Emu Meaning and Messages

In this case, Emu symbolism is letting you know to chase excellence in all your endeavours. In other words, when this spirit animal shows up in your life, it is a clear indication that you are not putting in enough work as you should. You have what it takes to be very successful. Only improve your performance, and you will start to experience changes in all facets of your life.

Furthermore, when this spirit animal visits you, it is a sign that you should be more attentive to the happenings in your life. Like the Lynx, you will find a hidden message behind every experience or challenge you face in life’s journey.

Inevitably, the Emu symbolism prompts you to boost your self-confidence. This power animal advises you not to allow negative thoughts and feelings to stop you from reaching your full potential. Excellence in how you think and how you live your life is the most important message the Emu wants to communicate with you. Listen and make amends where necessary.

Emu Totem, Spirit Animal

The Emu totem stands for hard work. Like the Termite, people under this spirit animal are self-motivated and goal-driven. When they focus on something, they can push themselves to the limits. More than anything, these individuals seek greatness and will not rest until they achieve it. Also, people with this spirit animal totem are fearless. They are bold and can take on any challenge life throws at them.

Individuals with this power animal are sometimes very enlightened. They are kind, honest, selfless, and always at peace. As a result of their good nature, they are loved and respected by many. In most cases, people under the Emu totem become renowned spiritual leaders and teachers.

Like the Seahorse totem, male folks with this spirit animal are good fathers to their kids. These individuals are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure their children have the best life. They may not be faithful to their spouse, but they know to never take their kids for granted.

Emu Dream Interpretation

When you have an Emu dream, like the Kangaroo, it is a message for you to stay grounded. If you are going through a crisis, this revelation is telling you to hold on. It sends a positive message that the problem you are facing will soon be over.

A vision where you saw the Emu running is a message that you should chase only those essential things in life.

Additionally, a vision where you encountered a single Emu tells you to do some reflection. And if there were multiple Emus in the dream, you are advised to give your family more attention.

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  1. What if you were gifted an emu as a pet and it came up and licked your face like a puppy would? Also you were surprised by it’s large tall body as it was bigger than you? But overjoyed to have it.

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