Termite Symbolism, Dreams, and Messages
When everyone moves forward together, success happens

Termite Meaning and Messages

In general, Termite symbolism indicates a calling to play a protective role in life. The ones you are to protect may be family members, friends, or your organization’s interests. Like the Wildebeest, when this spirit animal shows up in your life, it can signify strength. For folks who are members of a team at work or school, this is a message that you must strengthen the bond with your team members. In addition to that, the spirit animal prompts you to work intelligently with your colleagues.

Termite meaning is an indication that you may have to let go of some things that would naturally benefit you so that the team can achieve their ends. Seeing this power animal urges you to be disciplined, hardworking, and determined to actualize your goals in life.

Alternatively, Termite symbolism could be a warning to watch the people in your life closely. Someone around you may not have your best interest at heart.

Termite Totem, Spirit Animal

The Termite totem symbolizes team spirit and hard work. People with this power animal will continuously find themselves working in teams, you may argue that we all work in groups sometimes, but if this is your spirit animal, it becomes a norm. They have high tendencies to be team players and may rise to positions of leadership in a group.

The spirit animal will help you interact with people better and build your ability to share things with others while expecting little in return. It will also help you with your ego issues. Termites are very fast, so if you see yourself moving quicker than usual, don’t be surprised. It is the spirit animal at work.

Unlike the Aardwolf that feeds on these creatures, folks with the Termite totem have a destructive side too. They are quick-tempered and can be vicious.

Termite Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of Termites may be a worrying sign. It shows prospective destruction and depletion of relationships. It means there will be an attack on some of your core beliefs, and you should guard and protect yourself. A dream where you see the Termite is a call to protect everything you have achieved – material and mindset. Put conscious efforts into preserving those things.

Again, it is a call that you improve your work ethics and your teamwork. It could also mean that there is a conflict between some members of your team. You must address these issues if the group is to move forward.

If you see a dead Termite, it signifies that you are about to discover where the negative energy is coming from, and you are going to deal with it. In other words, it means the source of negativity is about to be revealed.

A Termite dream could also mean that by enhancing your work, you can get better results. Take some time out for reflection. Think about what area in your life needs changes and what sectors on the team could improve.

2 thoughts on “Termite”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful information, recently my wife had a dream of me having multiple termites on one side of the body (left side), they were not hurting me however, the people around me kept on shouting and telling me to get up and get rid of them, I simply told them not to worry as the termites were just crawling on my skin and were not hurting me. Please help me interpret this dream, it has gotten me worried.

  2. I appreciate the catalog of associations wirh this elder creature. Termite comes across as one to take note of. Im grateful to add these helpful connotations to my perspective. Feeling just fear about potential destruction from termites felt imbalanced and that is why I looked up this totem and came to this site.

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