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Electric Eel

Electric Eel Symbolism
You can thrive and grow in troubled waters.
-Electric Eel

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Electric Eel symbolism is a sign that you will soon experience a significant transformation in your life – this change could be physical or spiritual. Moreover, when this spirit animal appears before you, it says that you have the power to manifest your desires, heal yourself, and create new realities. Thus the Electric Eel meaning urges you to think only positive thoughts at this time and to say uplifting words to yourself and others.

Furthermore, Electric Eel’s meaning is a message for you to protect your physical and mental health. In other words, this spirit animal warns you not to place yourself in potentially dangerous situations. It also prompts you to grow a “thick skin.”

Alternatively, Electric Eel symbolism urges you to deal with anything threatening your happiness and wellbeing. Like the Tasmanian Devil, this marine creature’s presence says that you can overcome every problem you encounter in life. And most importantly, the creature asks you to learn how to take charge of your energy field.

In some Asian cultures, the Electric Eel symbolizes good luck, fertility, and longevity.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Electric Eel totem are sturdy and have very high self-esteem. Like the Sloth Bear, these folks are loners, preferring to do things by themselves. Moreover, those with this spirit animal are smart, fearless, and energetic. They fiercely protect their belongings and aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe.

Individuals who have the Electric Eel totem aren’t the most attractive or most charming in the room. However, their wisdom and good nature endear them to many. These fellows may be shy and avoid the spotlight, but they are excellent communicators.

Like the Alligator and Stingraypeople with this power animal are patient and know how to take advantage of opportunities. They are also highly intuitive and can easily sense the energy of others. As a result of this gift, Electric Eel totem individuals are well suited for careers in spirituality.

Dream Interpretation

When you have an Electric Eel dream, it is a warning that a storm is on the way. Put differently, seeing this animal in a vision says that you will face many troubles in the coming days. Therefore, this creature asks you to brace yourself for impact. Envisioning this animal also sends the message that you should put the past behind you. If you’ve been holding on to the pains and regrets of yesterday, this creature says it’s time to release those negative energies and move forward.

An Electric Eel dream where you see yourself eating this spirit animal represents fertility and conception. And if you see the creature in motion, it tells you to be more flexible and adaptable to situations. Getting shocked by this serpent warns you to be careful of people, especially those in your circle.

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  1. Last night…all night it seemed. I was swimming with an electric eel. Strangest thing is I haven’t had a dream in nearly 8 years. I miss dreaming so much and was so thrilled to wake remembering this. I even woke in the middle of the dream went right back to sleep and swimming with the electric eel. Would love to know what it means exactly.

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