You are being asked to step into a leadership role in this situation. You have the tools, the knowledge and the instinct to get through it. Show them all the way.

Alligator Meaning, and Messages

In general, Alligator symbolism reminds us to look for opportunities to ingest new knowledge and wisdom. The spirit animal represents all of the unbridled creative forces of the world, including the fury and ferocity of reptilian primal energy. Therefore, this reptile is the keeper and protector of all knowledge. It is the end of one period in your life and the beginning of something new.

When Alligator symbolism makes an appearance in your life, like the Lobster, you can be sure that this is a new period of growth and regeneration for you. You must be sure to give yourself time to integrate all of the changes. In other words, keep yourself balanced as you move through this period.

It is also possible that Alligator meaning is letting you know that you have been too complacent of late. Sure, things have been moving forward, albeit a bit slowly. However, the Universe is putting you on notice that it is time to shake things up a bit. Get ready for a wild ride.

Alternatively, your Alligator meaning may be letting you know that you need to digest what you have just learned and experienced. You must be sure to integrate everything before moving on to the new.

Alligator Totem, Spirit Animal

Those of you with the Alligator totem have a gift for bringing harmony into your life in ways that help you to survive and prosper. Moreover, you allow others to be their authentic selves and work hard at being your authentic self at all times. As an Alligator totem, you are usually in touch with your real emotions in any given situation. Additionally, you know and understand that what you project emotionally is vital for others to see. Also, you have a lot of patience in the chaos of other people’s emotions, as well as a deeper understanding of what they are genuinely expressing. Thus, you are a gifted healer in the emotional realms.

Alligator Dream Interpretation

To have an Alligator dream, similar to the Falcon, is symbolic of freedom, hidden strength, and power. Conversely, it also forewarns of hidden danger. Someone near you is giving you bad advice and is trying to sway you into poor decisions. Because this reptile can live in water and on land, they also represent your conscious and subconscious and the emotional and rational. Perhaps something is coming to the surface, and you are on the verge of some new awareness.

Alternatively, the Alligator dream may be an aspect of yourself and your aggressive and “snappy” attitude. To dream that you are chased or bitten by this reptile denotes disappointments in love and business. If you feel that this animal is hunting you in your dream, beware that someone close to you has made plans to undermine your authority.

Oddly, when you dream of these reptiles in pink or blue, you can expect a new child in the family.

132 thoughts on “Alligator”

  1. For the past 2-3 months symbols of the alligator/crocodile has been showing itself to me every single day sometimes multiple times. None of these are the same image or source. Ive never had this sort of striking symbolism express in my life so consistently. What am i supposed to be doing??

  2. This was years ago while I slept in a hotel in Harlem, New York. I had a dream that was very similar to my current situation; I was on vacation and received a phone call informing me that my best friend had killed himself. The grief that overcame me was so strong that I awoke. After opening my eyes facing the ceiling, I was face-to-face with a white ghostly serpent with the head of an alligator, that retreated and disappeared into the ceiling. I immediately texted my friend who turned out to be fine. I’m not sure it counts as a dream as I saw it after waking up, but I can’t help but wonder if this is an entity that anyone else has seen before.

    1. Last night, I dreamed of being in a lake and stepping on gator backs and heads to get to dry land. The last gator head I stepped on before getting to dry land… The reptile snapped at me, almost getting my leg. I turned to look at it once on shore, and it thrashed its tail, growled, then submerged. Somehow, I knew the last one would be the trickiest to escape… Like I strategized how to avoid it even. ???

    2. I also had dreams when people have killed themselves, they are tragic and upsetting dreams, leaving me worried and concerned. But with the years and life experience, what I came to realize is that, and maybe this is valid only for me but will leave my interpretation here for it may resonate with someone else, is that when I dream someone is dead, specially if they killed themselves is that is time to let that friendship/connection go. It has played a part in my life but it is not of service for my spiritual or life path.

  3. For about 5 years from age 9 to 14, I had this dream where I was treading water with alligators all around me while my dad was oblivious rowing his boat.
    Now in my 50’s, I still see alligator visions when I meditate or zone out. I’m not scared or being attacked, it’s just showing itself as if to say I’m still here.

  4. I had a nice mobile home in Florida and there was an alligator next to my car when I came back from the museum. I’m from NY so I panicked and watched from a distance. Eventually a large crowd gathered. Finally it got out of the water and started running toward us. I didn’t run really bc she was running like a dog, almost playfully and had higher legs. People are running but she’s coming for me and she gets my leg but she doesn’t bite. She has it in there like a dog would thats trying to play. When I look into her mouth it’s full of amethyst… like one solid crystal inside. It was pretty and she has pink cute teeth. I was no longer scared but the townspeople grabbed her and turned her inside out to subdue her. She wasn’t dead but now that I’m awake I’m sad that I didn’t protect her from the people that clearly didn’t see that she was special.

    1. That is such an interesting dream! I think it means you need to protect that innocent playful magical side of you because you have a lot to offer.

  5. My alligator dream: I was driving down a road (this road was appeared to be in the west and) and I had just driven over a Snowy icy patch in the road then it was clear and here comes this alligator walking upright with a snake in his teeth.. I know this is a very symbolic for me.. I travel and have just returned from Wy back to West Coast of Florida my home state.. and have been thinking about moving back out west permanently .. but on my last day before I left to come home, I saw a red-tailed hawk with a snake in his mouth fly across the meadow. The red tailed Hawk is my totem bird.. this all has to be connected.. I’m interested in what your interpretation of the dream

    1. Sounds very transformative to make a new move as snake represents transformation. Hawks usually represent perceiving an over view then the alligator shaking things up for a wild ride.

  6. I had a dream last night where I found wounded alligator. Right edge of his mouth had been cut open. It looked man made. I took him to this old gray woman who was a shaman or herbalist, or them both combined. She managed to stitch up the wound without any issues, alligator behaving nice and calm. I got him back and I tried to get him back in the nature. However I met a woman with her family. She offered me a ride with alligator (and her family). I told her I have no money so she just smiled, giving me a silver coin. On the coin was 3 swords crossed, words “3 of swords” going around them. I know what 3 of swords is, but I would like to know what alligator means. Especially when he was wounded and I was able to help him. Thank you!

  7. Do not purchase any real estate, home or business near, next to, behind , or in front of a surrounding lake area stay far away from any body of water due to alligator or crocodile they’re coming because they’re hungry. And they will break into your home, they are good climbers too

  8. I’m interested in your interpretation….
    I was given sunflowers and while speaking with the farmer I began to open the flowers and big black seeds gathered in my hands.
    Me: “Look!”
    Farmer: “Yes you plant them and you will have lots and lots of flowers.”
    Me: “Are they any good? You know they make them now where the seeds don’t reproduce.”
    Farmer: “”These are all good, heirloom. They’ll work.”
    Then my attention was drawn to the wood slated bed of his truck. There were some large pod like buds near the front. I saw what looked like large black seeds inside them. Then one began to open up and an adult sized alligator was pushed out in birth, then another and a third.
    I saw my dog now; nestled in between some crates at the back. She was unconcerned, and I called to her as this was happening. She came to me and was still not concerned as a rather large alligator, the first of the three, passed by us in peace.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Seeds are traditionally metaphors for the growth of certain goals over time. You can see how it is even in the Bible.

      “31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

      – Matthew 13:31

      If you’re not convinced of that, you can look up “interpretation of dreams in the Bible,” which shows a lot of verses that support this practice(
      Now I have a lot of interpretations of dreams that involve seeds, but for some reason, my gut instinct just told me to involve that longer explanation of seeds to you. Dunno why.

      If the seeds opened up large alligators, then alligators being the representation of knowledge and learning through both the mind as well as the heart, means that you will find the growth of the seeds you planted in life through balancing logic and emotion when you make decisions in life. Perhaps next time when you make big or even small decisions, ask both your heart and mind to tell you what it thinks, then find a compromise between both.

  9. I had a dream about 2-3 crocodiles attacking me and my family. We somehow fought it, and shoo-ed it away. What does it mean? They were trying to attack me, out of nowhere.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to represent a “snappy” attitude within your family, which might represent a series of passive aggressive conflicts that is pushing apart different members of your family. The way they attack you is a symbol of how your many unnecessary disagreements may be pulling you all apart.

  10. Nathaniel Alvin Fabry

    My dream definitely different or one that I’ll never forget. It started of me helping a guy out with his house for him to sell and when I was done I moved on to his land to clean it up and make it presentable and promising for buyers. Then a huge alligator came out of nowhere and I killed it. Then I went to tell the owner when another huge alligator pop out of nowhere. His neighbor was in a tractor and seen it so he came and killed it. When I got to the house there’s huge alligators everywhere I look.. I must of called my wife because she was at the beginning of the driveway with my 3yr old daughter. I ran through/over/under straight to my family when I get to them we walked back. Me poking them with a stick. We started a refugee. And people came and kept coming????? It was kinda a weird dream.. can someone tell me what they think.. and what’s that mean for me and what I’m going through at this time in my life???? Thank you

  11. Pls help me interpret my dreams. I dreamt of something blue and chinese like. But I am not a chinese. My dream is all about my mom wearing a blue chinese dress, my house in chinese-style and a big blue inflatable alligator. What does it mean?

  12. Just woke from a dream.I had a small gator on my left arm speaking to to me as clear as i type now.Its mouth was open and its tail rapped around my shoulder.I swear it said “you are cast from the original man the true alpha and omega”and to “guide this world”all in a womans voice.I never beleived in things like this but i woke up in a sweat trying to get it off of me.I havent watched animal planet in months nor visited a zoo.Itwas so real it kinda scared me.Thats why i looked up this site.Thought id share.

    1. Hi I also dreamt last night that a small alligator/crocodile was wrapped around my left arm but I forgot the other things in my dream all I remember is the wrapped alligator in my arm just above my hands..

    2. EspionageCookie

      Well, technically, we are all cast from the original man, the true alpha and omega. This represents God, and depending on your beliefs, it might mean Jesus or some other spiritual figure. In a way, everyone is called to guide the world in some way for the better, but what makes your dream different is that it included a gator. You might want to study the meaning of the spirit animal alligator in multiple websites because this might suggest that your life purpose is connected to the qualities of the alligator itself as a totem.

  13. I dreamed that there were two alligators in bed with me. I was in the middle and if I moved one inch to either side I would be eaten so had to remain frozen in place.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This represents how in a major decision in your life, rather than choosing the left or right as a direction to choose, such as having to choose between siding with several friends or family, it is best to choose the middle path. If you can’t move towards the alligators left and right to you, then get up and move forward from that position. Do not move to the left and right in life. Do not turn directions. Just move forward where you’re already going.

  14. In my dream a large crocodile was chasing a smaller crocodile who arose from the surface of the water on a whale. What does it mean? In my dream I was watching as a bystander.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems that it represents how listening more deeply to your emotions or taking other people’s emotions more seriously (as represented by the whale) will carry the responsibility of looking after the part of you that wants to make big reckless decisions (represented by the big alligator), so that you can hide how inexperienced you are in life (represented by the small alligator.)

  15. My dream was,

    i was chasing by a man then i jumped in to the water.That man also jumped in to that.Then there is an alligator in the water.I was saved by the alligator .It lifted me and placed in the ground and then it attacked that man who chased me.

    1. What does it mean when you see an iluminous alligator, surround the alligator is a green mist/fog that is exactly the same colour green as the alligator. The outline of the alligator was in bold lines to enable it to stand out against the green mist/fog. The alligator was small in size and it was going round in circles or have n figure of eights

    2. EspionageCookie

      The alligator saving you from the man represents a certain individual in your life who is tough, full of primal lizard energy, a wise balance between emotion as well as logic and is thankfully at your side in a conflict rather than against you.

    3. My dream had small alligators close by ships, their mouths had a white band around them to keep them closed, I was walking by the water looking for danger but it appeared as if someone cleared my path until I came to a hurricane fence about my hight and when I turned around I saw a huge black snake next to a shed it was bigger than me it had a round head it saw me and started coming towards me, out of fear I tried jumping the fence then I woke up before the snake got close to get me.

  16. in my dream i was at my old house , i saw a huge dead crocodile turn upside in the middle of my porch then suddenly one after another three crocodiles came from the gate and stood at the entrance of my house. it stood in a row like blocking the entrance so that no one can move out. the door ant the entrance was open it did not enter in. please help me to know what is it? tq

  17. I am in a ocean with girl .the alligator cone toward us and i cut the front part of it and stab in stomach but it took the girl and disappeared..

  18. I had a dream that two elderly men (that I don’t know) were by and in water. An alligator was approaching the one in the water and then raised slightly above the water. I then woke up so I have no idea if the alligator was going to attack him or not. How should I interpret this?

  19. I ha this ream where there was a crocodile in a swimming pool. I didn’t get in. But there were people in there. The crocodile was on a lead and the person looking after it was took the crocodile out of the water every five minuets to stop it from overheating. She would pat it down ,an put it back in. I was asking her a lot of questions. Which she answered. Each time the crocodile was put back in the pool, it just swam t didn’t try to bite anyone. What does this mean please.


  20. I had this dream that I was getting dropped off and I was walking through a farmers market of some sort. I then began to feel a weird biting feeling on my right ankle and when I stopped to see what is was anda alligator was right behind me. So it’s stopped but for some reason I wanted to follow it and it lead me to a wall. I’ve been dreaming about the same thing for this past couple of days bu the weird thing is that every night my dream starts a at a different time, lets say yesterday the dream started at 4pm and today the started at 1pm. But I can never go past that wall that the alligator takes me to. If someone could help me out on why this is happening I would gladly appreciate it.

    1. Hi there, it sounds to me in this particular dream that you are being made aware of an obstacle that you need to get past in your life so you can move on to something that fits your true life’s mission. If the wall is brick and very sturdy you should know that this is a traditional type of idea or thought process that is a strongly held belief either in society or in your own personal life. If it is made of wood or something like chain link or something that would be easier to get through then that would signify that your obstacle is just a change in thinking pattern away. I hope that helps. Alligator= ancient knowledge your soul wants you to know.

  21. I had a dream that I owned 2 baby alligators. I wasn’t scared of them but they were a nuisance and kept biting my left index finger every time I carried them. The finger was fine and they did not cause any damage to my index finger. I finally told husband that I was going to tape their mouth shut, which I did with black tape, and got rid of them. I would like to know what this might mean. As I stated earlier I was not scared I was just annoyed.

  22. i prayed by 2.30 and stopped by 2.45am and slept and had a dream where i was praying and reptiles, lizards were going away from my room. then a crocodile was coming in and going out after some while i took a broom and use the head i hit it on its head 3times and it turned to me and use its teeth and held the broom and i when i wanted to carry iron to hit it vanished with the broom. please what is the meaning of this dream and its solutions spiritually and prayerfully.

  23. I Dreamt the other night of an alligator bitten by a killerWhale in the middle part, the next scene was the croc strangled to death by the killerwhale.

  24. I was dreaming something was malfunctioning with my car and suddenly I came home with my dad and three dogs that I no longer had when suddenly my dogs began barking at my neighbors lawn and poof came out alligators:crocodiles from like to water in her lawn and I was scared for my life and trying to open the door meanwhile my dad was trying to get the dogs to safety and they began to get closer and closer to him and our house … I could count about 7 of them , I also noticed that there were new dogs present that felt like mine but we’re not. I kept panicking and could not open our door and telling my dad it was not worth saving the dogs to get away. In my head I was debating wether to call 911 or the animal service and oddly trying to open my house by inserting the keys into my dogs back ? Like if I new she had a secret button ? .,, from all my dogs my dad saved Remy a Yorker chiwawa who I always identified as my bipolar pup … then I got to scared and woke up .can anyone help ?

  25. I dreamed that a flower planter filled with dirt (it had no plants in it) started erupting like a toad or bug was uncovering itself from hibernation..but instead a small squirrel sized animal unearthed itself (seemed like it had been buried a long time) and it then franticly jumped out of the pot, shook the dirt and mud off and then I could tell it was a small alligator of immediately ran off fast and erratically..but away from me. I felt more surprised than scared.

  26. I dreamt of this a few times. I was travelling on a coach from Singapore to Malaysia during the day. To the West of the highways on my left window were canals and towns. There are crocodiles basking in the canals. I was thinking it can be very dangerous for the people in town to have such a dangerous animal in close proximity.

  27. Dreamed I sprayed a culvert and alligators came popping out . Two young ones of them came after me. One nipped my upper right arm and left. The other kept following me . The entire time my husband sat nearby ignoring my pleas for help. Then I woke up

  28. I had this weird dream that me and my classmates were fighting to the death like in hunger games. Then I was knocked into a river with some of my classmates, were then I started to have flippers and scales and I could mover through the water even better than I usually could. I started killing more and more of my classmates under water until I jumped out of the water were everyone else was fighting. I remember I became some kind of humanoid crocodile that I did not imagine or see on t.v. It was cool but wired what does it mean?

  29. Middle of a huge pond that had just been populated by alligators, on a pole that had a sign where I was able to put my feel.. 40 ft was closest distance to land. I just remember thinking how long could I stay up there, how far could I jump and how long it would take to swim to land… I awoke myself from the dream because of the stress..

  30. I dreamt there were lots of crocs or gators around. But it was a ride in the water where people took the chance of getting bitten. A girl fell of her raft and a croc chased her. Then a young man tries to distracts so she can get back on. Then several other people were falling and were attacked or bitten by the crocs. One man intentionally laid inside the crocs mouth trying to prove something. But he was all bloody. I’m a spectator and all those characters in my dream.

    2nd part of the dream is I was to be hung up like a tether ball with a ball so a baby kangaroo can punch the ball (not me). I take on the risk of being punched. I had googles to protect my eyes.

    What does this mean?

  31. I dreamt that i was in a tub full of liquid gold in an ancient decorative room and a three headed crocodile swam up to me. I felt scared and then it left.
    Does anyone know what this means. There was also this dark haired woman who said it was an eqyptian god.

    Funny, Im from finland and have never studied or seen crocodiles or eqyptian religions. Im not even religious.

  32. I dreamed that me and my sister were walking down a trail in the woods but it was in the middle of the river and trees all around. My sister saw something and jumped in the river and swam to other side and climbed tree then I saw the alligator or crocodile and I ran and climbed the tree but it chased me and climbed the tree as well I felt it’s teeth but it couldn’t get me so it climbed on the other side while doing this I took my socks off and threw them to distract him and then I woke up.

  33. I have just woke up crying from a dream as I just watched my son go down a steep river bank and 2 crocs approached him one of which bit his shoulder he screamed and was then dragged into the water I went running down to save him but woke up as I got the water this is the worst dream I’ve had what does it mean please ?

  34. first i dream about alligators lots of alligators the surround our house an my brother an i we till at the top an like we tryin to get in an 1 came to bite him an he took an axe an killed it…..the followin nite i dream about crocodile the area is like the river area an im hearin about crocodile is in the water although i havent seen it… i remember there was this guy who was the headmaster of my high school an he did someting wrong an i convinced the entire village to punish him an that was throwing him into the water for the crocodiles it did happened but i haven’t seen the animal… Then my did was to achieve the same punishment but i stop it saying i take full responsibility for his actions onwards then i hear somebody shouting a big crocodile in the water an i woke up! i really want to know what it signifies for i have never had dreams like these before

  35. i had a dream last time i went to visit at my home town,then i had walk on the field,then i saw a berry tree in the field,then i decide to go check if there are berries,while i was walking in that direction i saw a butterfly hibenating in a small hole, from there i just walk aheard withought realising it i already passed the berry tree, i was just looking on the ground, then again i find another big whole ,i look in to that hole there where different types of insects:ants, millipend,cocroaches,ants eggs,and an allegator.
    after i saw this i went in the house to tell my grandmother, then i saw my clothes was full of ants,ants egg,and millipends,it was scary. can any one help me to understand this dream.

    1. It’s only a dream but also dreams mean something me I think when I saw it was you found something so you decided to see if there were more then on your way to wherever you with going you got distracted from the direction you was headed then you sew in the hole looks to me with a new beginning but it wasn’t ready yet it’s called Divine timing then you walk further and ran into some of it you can say people or things wasn’t so good for you so when you went back to tell your grandmother maybe if you’re not careful Maybe you might be dead or because that’s the only thing it up garments but I wouldn’t say good night did you say I don’t know that’s just my opinion CC

    2. dreamt crocodiles trying to break thru the bus i was on but they seemed they were jumping trying to break windows. after bus breakdown we jumped out of the river the bus was in and tried to pull it out. then we walked bek in water but no1 was hurt and we were not scared. what does it mean

    3. I had a vision I walked to this light blue ground and I saw a alligator to my left moving slowly up on the land, then I stepped over this shedded skin from an alligator it was not alive nor moving, I saw another allagator to my right and he was on land and moving slowly, what is your interpretation of this vision?

  36. So I just woke up from this dream. My boyfriend and I went to my home and so did my sister and her boyfriend. I just remember being in the kitchen and I see my sister boyfriend. He is about to warm up his food in the microwave, so I helped by moving the red plastic cup. I go to wash my hands and my boyfriend comes by and says something to me. I smile at him and he walks away. Once he walked away. I felt like something was missing. So after I finish washing my hands I give my sister boyfriend a good bye hug and I sprint to the living room grab a pair of pants throw them on and open the door looking for my boyfriend. There was a crocodile or alligator head on my family porch. It would just sit there by the stairs. Every time, I opened the door, it would not snap at me or become aggressive. However the face of the crocodile or alligator would change into human faces I do not recognize/remember. Once I ask my family why it was there, they pretended it was somewhat normal and I said well it keep changing faces. Everyone just looked at me and just responded somewhat shocked and then continued on with what they were doing. So I opened the door looked at the alligator or crocodile and I hissed at it. The crocodile looked at me and snapped. It then turned around, within a blink it was looking at me again. Just sitting there. If possible can someone translate this to me?

    1. Symbolizing the many faces of ourselves, being at the family gathering of sorts , may represent the many different ways to which you carry yourself in regards to relationships with the different people in your surroundings .
      This can also point to deceit within the close relationships you have and that you must be careful with the man Faces of let’s say lies for lack of better terms .. This doesn’t mean that anyone is lying it just serves a w warning that either you at another close to you is being deceitful or is being giving false information.. Your reaction to the alligator you gave was a sign of you coming to see the truth and confronting it with resistance ..
      Keeps your eyes open to false accusations and lies ,, don’t create situations that put you in the middle but make sure you speak up on the behalf of the righteous…

  37. Shaun de Villiers


    I dreamt last night that I was on a river bank and there were two crocodiles there with me. I walked up the bank to take photos of them as to warn others that there were crocs in the river andI was suddenly in my room taking pictures of them. They were not aggressive and I was not scared, but did move away from them.

  38. Lynda Mastronardo

    I dreamt this morning was driving, I looked up and out through my sunroof of my current SUV and there was an alligator not actively trying to get in but there. I tried a Fri different ways to rid my car of it with no luck. I even tried opening the sun roof slightly to push it off but it only tried to get in. I swayed the car frome side to side to shake it off but it didn’t budge. I was driving in the country, lots of deep green trees around me.

    I was not frightened, just uncomfortable. I woke from the dream thinking I must remember to look into alligators in dreams. I went back to sleep and as each dream ended I thought I must look into alligators in dreams…

    Any insight please?

  39. Hi
    I dream last night that I released tiny baby alligators from containers & they swam away but I had to try and catch them again so they didn’t bite anyone.
    Never had a dream about alligators before.

  40. Can any one let me know what it means when you dream about a hippo being attacked by a huge a crocodile and killing the hippo then the Croc coming out of the water were there are people standing and myself and my family and before it can get it self fully out of the water I’m pushing my family into the car then I wake up.
    I always have animal dreams but this one has stuck with me…

  41. Someone please tell me what my dream means…..
    me and my friends were at a lake playing and then suddleny i seen something swimming in the water swimming towards me and my friend and she was standing in front of me and the crocdile jumped up out of the water and tried to attack me but my friend was in front of me and she got bit in her arm.

  42. I had a dream last night of a big family like gathering…I was picking up things on the floor. a unknown guy took one of the pieces and said it belonged to an uncle. I noticed I had a bracelet with a charm in my hand at the time. I finished and began walking into another room where I placed a candle haphazardly on a table…a girl I know only from FB caught it.. I moved around in a crowded room and sat on the sofa next to her to tell her she had good hands (catching the candle before it fell). She had green makeup on her face and I asked if she could make my face up. I had on makeup and I went on to describe apparently some difficulty I was having with it. She then wipes her green make up off with one swipe. For some reason I’m impressed. Then who I take to be her mother inquires as to where does it hurt. I point to my chin where there is a bump (reality), the girl from FB is mashing on it and tells her if feels cold and the mother says oh that’s just sugar and crude (crude?). The girl from FB is about to do my makeup (she doesn’t do makeup in real life…at least I don’t know if she does). And she says though she hears something. She says a crocodile is coming. I’m thinking a crocodile…well I’m going to go check it out because apparently I know where they come from…next thing I know…I’m standing on a ledge with bars and water below coming from a tunnel of sorts ..there is a unknown guy there with a old boom box. He is apparently there regularly watching for crocodiles. After a short time he says here comes one and insist that I climb up the bars…I climb up and sure enough the croc appears. He stands just as he makes it beneath me. I realize at this point I should have climbed further up. The crocodile begins walking in the direction in which I have come. Some other guys come to where we are and I go into the fact that I almost hadn’t climbed high enough.. I look back in the direction of the crocodile and he’s leaning on a fence as though tired. I frantically begin trying to call the girl from FB and I can’t get through….I wake up? I know it’s all over the place, however I can’t remember the last time I’ve even remembered a dream. Any assistance would be a appreciated. Thank U

  43. i had a dream last night i was standing on the porch and across was the bay there were two tiny dogs standing in it all of a sudden a huge crocodile jumps out of the water flops backwards into the water does this a few times but doesnt eat the dogs. then a little farther to the side another crocodile is doing flips in and out of the water but doesnt hurt or eat anything in it. there were other people who live in the neihghborhood watching them but no one got hurt and then the crocs dissappearred. please someone help i dont usually care so much but it was so strange

    1. I normally do not respond to these but I find that dreaming of alligators represents a pivotal point in your life. The tiny dogs are symbolic of what is important to you. The fact that they are in the bay symbolizes you have put things you value in life in jeopardy. I had a very similar dream with the only exception being the dog was mine and there was one large alligator My dog was not killed because under my foot was a baby hatched alligator and I chose not to harm it. Upon waking my dog was still with the alligator and it’s hatchling with me. You have hidden strength and power inside you the jumping back and forth is a sign for you to talk into that before what you value will be taken. You are being called to take action.

  44. Just woke from a dream large dark green gray crocodile in the backyard … he had reared up and was looking through the window I thought I was imagining things I don’t live where crocs live. I walked outside and looked for him only to see him moving away … then he returned and was under a bush and he moved across the grass as he did a large I mean giant oddly shaped bird almost the same color began following it. At first I thought the bird was attacking the croc then they settled and both just on the little hill beside the house …. I wasn’t afraid for me I was however worrying about the pets going outside …. lol I recall thinking now who do I call ? 911 it’s not an emergency , wildlife management they are simply. It going to believe I have a croc and a giant bird in my back yard.

  45. I had a dream about a black alligator/crocodile was given to me as a gift I wasnts scared I was confused and surprised and he was a baby either. But one day him and my nephew were outside and had my nephew on his mouth slowly closing it. I ran a yelled stop but my nephew said they were just playing I yelled at him he shouldn’t be doing that and he just went to a little rain puddle and layed there. Then I wake up my heart pouding and im scared to fall asleep thinking im going to dream about it again… that same day in the afternoon I took a nap and I dreamed about the same alligator/crocodile except he grew much bigger and had a friend and my house looked like it was flooded they brought a baby cow they were chasing him but not eating him I yelled at them stop and they got on the porch and layer down beside me… then I wake up scared again because in real life well I’m not the only one who is terrified of them.. what does this mean??

  46. 😀 I have had a dream a few times that I have crocodiles in my bark yard, they are out there with my dogs..?? what does this mean.

  47. I dreamed I was eating cooked alligator meat. There were five small alligators beside me that were dead and ready to be dress to eat. There was one alligator still alive and it tried to bite me. Could somebody share some light on this dream it was very vivid.

    1. I instantly had a message for you from my guides that your ignoring your intuitive gifts. Your abilities are being eaten and swallowed down for no one to see. The dress is the female yin energy of softness represented by our intuitive gifts. A lesson to learn to be vulnerable to your gifts and shed light on your true gifts. Breathe through the transition of truth and let yourself be birthed into this new beautiful light for people to see in grace and gratitude

  48. i dream i saw a alligator color black with red lining in a cage with mud water, the alligator wants to eat the men but it can’t get out of the cage so the military men go inside the cage of the alligator but the alligator didnt eat him. what does it means?

    1. The men represent yang energy the crocodile represents yin energy and Mother Earth the healer. Through softness and respect for self by standing in your true power is stronger than yang energy. You are being asked to understand the power and gift you have within. The power that love for self commands. You instantly have the respect of others when you respect yourself through daily acts of love, positive self talk, exercise and healthy good foods free from chemicals, starch, gluten and plant based. See the power of Mother Earth in yourself and the strength it has. You were the alligator in the dream.

    2. Crystal children have those eyes. Doreen virtue talks of the crystal children in her book. Have you got children or thinking of having children at the time you posted this? It is an awareness of a gift of a special child from Mother Earth represented by the crocodile. The child will bring about greater awareness and teach you of your own psychic gifts. It will bring change physically, emotionally and physically in your life. Look up Angel number 551 when you posted the post and you saw 5 crocodiles. 5 is all about change and 1 is the Angels looking over you

  49. I do not remember anything that lead up to this point….

    I had just purchased 5 baby alligators and knew I had a long way home so I thought I could “preserve” them by putting them in a plastic container and covering them in queso cheese. Once I got home I realized that cheese was really stupid idea so I rushed to the bathroom and set the container on the counter. I was so worried I suffocated them. I pulled one out, covered in thick cheese, it moved! I rushed the container to the bathtub and started washing them off. One by one they seemed to have come back to life. Once it was all done I had them in the container they were all looking up at me. They had the most beautiful eyes! Like black jewels. Next thing I knew they all morphed into children. My mom made a comment “couldn’t you tell by their eyes they were kids?”

  50. Dream I was walking on a road in my neighborhood and noticed as I was walking I saw a baby alligator and as I looked around I was surrounded by bigger alligators so I stood there trying to see how I could escape but it was no way so I stood still and somehow my son was around and he was a younger boy and I told him to go get help for me. I was not scared but I just stood still and just waited but I woke up when my son went to get me help. What does this dream mean?

  51. I had a dream last night where in I saw a baby crocodile and on touching, caressing it started growing into bugger one. It was durty green (not very dark) in color.
    Can you help with the interpretation? It is for the first time I had dreamt of crocodile.

  52. Charmaine V. Peros

    I had a dream that I pass by a very angry white crocodile with wings, i was riding on a motorbike with someone I don’t know. The one that is behind me is always crying and I always gave her advises about affairs that he could find someone new. but when i got home, i saw my mother telling me if i have extra hanger and told me that she will move away from the house for she found out that my father has another woman. i was crying so hard. so hard that i even woke up crying.

  53. I had a dream last night that I had gone to my elderly neighbor’s house to pick up some things for her. (In waking life, this neighbor is moving away to live with her daughter and I am, in fact, helping her with the process.) As I was moving things around a creature crawled out and approached me. The creature had the head of a man but the body of an alligator/crocodile. He was quite terrifying and I tried to shoo him toward the door. As I opened the screen to kick him out, my cat grabbed him by the tail and dragged him outside and began eating him. He was screaming as she ripped him apart and I slammed the door to shut out the sound of his awful screams.

  54. Had my first dream of a crocodile today .the crocodile had some how ended up in a place where it wouldnt usually be all i remember was jumping up on the bed and saw my son lying under the bed with his back pack on .he looked like he was asleep then i saw the crocodile tug on his leg. So i picked up the crocodile by the jaws said to it “that is my son” i looked it in the eyes and it gave me a grin .i could see this in his eyes then i carried him and threw him back in the son had a big gash on his leg but survived.

  55. I had a dream I was napping on the couch and when I woke up, I started walking toward the kitchen directly in front of me. I then felt something very softly touch my ankle and leg. I turned around and realized it was a huge alligator that somehow fit under my couch. He wanted me to know he wasn’t going to hurt me or my husband and would just stay under the couch. I felt a profound amount of trust in that moment. I woke up because my husband actually woke me up (I really fell asleep on the couch). What could this possibly mean?

  56. I dreamed about playing with two friendly pet crocodile and alligator owned by a friendly Mafia boss, the boss sort of looks like the Italian gang boss in Simpsons lol and I haven’t watched Simpsons in years!

    At first I was a little bit scared of the two dark green animals at the park but also very excited. Their owner the boss showed up and say those are his pets lol turns out the two animals are super friendly like dogs and the boss even explained that one is a croc that lives in salt water and the other is a gator that lives in a lake… I pet both of them and ended up playing and running with the animals joyfully, and also ended up riding in the mafia boss’s vehicle to “race” with the two animals and having lots of fun

  57. I dreamed of a massive snake swallowing a crocodile, I could still see a crocodile’s head. There was no blood or sound. The Snake had dark skin, with patterns, was healthy and fat and so big it could fill the whole room. Strange dream…any ideas? thank you 🙂

    1. Michelle Liebgott-Osinga

      Antonina, that is a very interesting dream indeed. I am guessing that it means that you are going through some big transformations and that you are facing and swallowing your fears. You describe the snake in a way that makes me think it is not a negative thing, and as you see it, it fills your life right now. I think the snake broadly represents your life, and the crocodile your old thinking patterns and fears.


  59. I had a bad dream where for some reason a crocodile was hiding in my room…it was like a beige color and it went under my bed. My cat lives in my room with me and he went under the bed and I started screaming at him, then Iggy (my cat) was bitten by the croc) luckily he survived, I had to take him to the vet for surgery. But then he also attacked one of my other cats same kind of bite ofc again at the vet and stuff. I don’t think I’ll forget the shot I had in my dream of the croc covered in blood. I just want to know WHY the croc was in my room or wanting to harm my pets and not really going after me?

  60. I have a reoccurring dream that I am in the town I grew up in at the middle of the night, floating above the Erie Canal in one of those old blow up chairs and there is a angry alligator chasing me down the canal. He follows me until I float down onto a dock where I then run into the woods. He chases me through the woods until I find a house, this house is FILLED with children.

    They are wild children that seem to have raised themselves. All are dirty, untamed hair, running chaotically screaming at the top of their lungs. None of these children are afraid of the alligator, they actually invite him in.

    I am the only one that runs from him frantically trying to find safety. I end up being corned by him but he never attacks me, he just stands his ground and stares into my eyes completely ignoring the chaos that surrounds us both.

    Then I wake up, confused and unsure for the rest of the day.

  61. I know hafe of you did not join and become one with the alagator and I know you some stories were made up you don’t pick want animal or animals you want you have to studies and become one with a animal and to be come patience and time is what you need for the animal to chose you.

  62. I dreamt…..of a CHUBBY PLAYFUL GREEN BABY alligator… laid on its back by therear glassdoor….looking like wanting to get scratched… 🙄 🙄 🙄 and with a HAPPY LOOK….it was CUTE and FUNNY to look at….any answers ?……thank you…

  63. I had a dream where I was in a park lots of green grass. I saw 3 huge crocodiles same color as grass. I went up and petted and hugged them. It’s as if they were waiting to see me. There was no fear associated with this dream.

  64. I had a dream/nightmare of crocodiles/alligators, but the people in the dream was not me…but it was a family…(a son, a daughter, a dad, and a mom). The children were playing near a lake and there was a crocodile/alligator camouflaging and the dad saw…and saved his children…however, he died. I wasn’t sure who killed it, but the alligator/crocodile dies too and someone (i think the daughter) hid it underneath the bathroom? Then, weeks later, the girl was in the bathroom, and she wanted to wash her hands…but the water that came out of the faucet was red..blood red..(I woke up after this…and I don’t know what the dream means…please tell me..)

    1. I had a dream that my friend and I were lying on bed and she was lying half way on the bed so her legs were hanging out. There was a group of crocodile across doing nothing then suddenly one of the crocodile moved towards the bed tried to bit my friend. I pulled her up quickly then crocodile bit the bed instead. Crocodile went under the bed and we both jumped off and ran out of the room.

  65. Had a dream my pet crocodile was being put down by a celebrity vet … Was very emotional.
    Woke up fully crying..
    Would love to know what this could mean . If someone could emai me

  66. Last night I had a dream that my wife had fallen in a storm ditch a went all the way to the bottom. I quickly ran over and went into the pond and pull her out. However, I felt like a small hand on my leg and I quickly got out myself. Then a crocodile swam towards my at great speed and was about to pounce on me at the shore line. I quickly put up my leg as ready to kick it in the mouth and it snap but that was all, the crocodile the just stared at me with it mouth open. It had teeth like a dog but a tough like a bird. Then it went back into the water and I pick up a stick and hit it a couple of times while I was calling out for help. People did come over to see the commotion but the said that it was unimportant. Some dream I had

  67. I had a nightmare about a crocodile yesterday 22/2/2016 and I was about a group of people, two boys in particular, One thirteen Cody the othrnineteen cory. They were at this propety where the smal group of 6 people were walking and chatting past this White House and try all knew that the small dam down the grassy hill from them that had a wire and rail fence around it has one 18ft crocodile in it! It was an unruly pet, now Cody was told by ash, the group leader not to enter the fenced dam, little cory wouldn’t listen, he climbed the fence and jumped in, then as the crocodile swam after him there was the random beach chair green and white in colour, Cody scampered up onto it cowering, the crocodile tore left his leg off. By this time the group of boys had gathered in a loose group by the fenced dam, watching and yelling things I couldn’t make out! Then ash yelled out I told you so in a pained voice crying out to Cody, the crocodile grabbed codys left arm and started to pull it off, as this was being torne off and the skin was boing severed, I was feeling it boing torne from my skin, like excruciating pins and needles, and being skinned alive with my sling from the lift side of my spine to under my armpit boing tornce and pain, I woke hop feeling this phisicaly pain and felt in 10 minutes after!

  68. I just woke up from a dream where I was a happy boot scooten crocodile! I was delighting in my powerful body and tail- sharing and enjoying my dance in shy solitude! Today, btw is my first day of being free to express and create at a new level after two decades serving others as a professional and at a soul level! love the intuitive spiritual message, thank you!

    1. I aslo dreamed I was a crocodile… but I was longer than a house, with the largest teeth I’ve ever seen. I was feasting on a dead elephant. Not quite sure that is the same kind of spiritual message… but I know that based on the underlying feelings and thoughts in the dream (fear, knowing I was a croc, and knowing my actions were okay because of it) that I need to be aware of my surroundings and the things/people that are keeping me from being free or feeling independent.

  69. I dram i saw a small alligator trying to go thru toilot, it got stuck, it swayed its back body side to side, crying in distress cuz it was stuck. I feared to look at it…… someone pulled it out, i couldnt see who it was, alligator was so distressed, it calm down, looked very upset at me, i got scared and i woke up. What does this mean? Please help me

  70. Wilfrido gibbons

    I dreamt about a giant white alligator or crocodile trying to harm me and someone else be we was able to catch it and started catching her offsprings

  71. i dreamt that i ws with this guy i have a crush on and we fall in a swamp where i quickly swim to the surface and make my way up on a wall with him. we are fine but a baby alligator yellowish in colour climbs up and i jump on an adjacent pillar where he cannot reach me. someone i know was walking past and i ask him to spray some sort of liquid in the alligators eyes. i rem screaming it out asking him to target the eyes, and i woke up with my own voice! what could this dream mean?

  72. Hi
    Im having bad dreams of crocodiles from last 7to 8 years.
    These dreams are not frequent.once in one month.
    I always see brown colored or dark colored cricodiles…attacking me…im devotee of lord shiva…in my dream…I always remember lord shiva….and after sometime crocodile leave my way.
    Howver its very scaring experience.
    Please help me….im quite scared.

  73. I had a dream i was walking through these alley in the jungle and there was a short wall to my right, as i was walking through the alley alot of crocodiles appeared on top of the short wall facing me but i continued walking and made my way out, somehow they didnt seem to want to attack me like they just wanted me to see them….ps they were yellow coloured and non aggressive but large im size and plenty in numbers

    1. What next??
      what happened then after?
      i just had dream today …it was much familiar to yours..
      Can you please interact with me on this topic.
      (Just a simple reply of incidents and advise or hint will be appreciable.)
      Thanking you in anticipation.

  74. My dream last night. I was outside and saw an alligator pass me by and when I saw it, it surprised me. I got a little scared but not really when I seen it didn’t even look my way, so I didn’t feel threatened. What can this mean? Thank you kindly.

  75. ive been having some very unique dreams with a lot of animals and I had a friend who has passed away and ive been dreaming of her I have her bracelet on everyday is it a bad thing and I can remember all my dreams I had a dream of a alligator a red one and I was with my friend who passed away

    1. Hi,

      Wouldn’t it be the same meaning as described in the information? Trust your intuition when finding your answer.


  76. I had a dream about a baby white alligator that appeared in the school computer room. As Ppl tried to leave the room a girl got bit. So I took her to my house. I began to treat her for poison n clean the wound. I think I was suppose to kill her but that made no sense. I’m wondering what this all mean.

  77. While I was mediating quite deeply, a crocodile or alligator appeared. My first reaction was fear as I felt it get closer and closer walking into the room through the door and then going on the sofa next to me. What is the meaning of this?

  78. I had a dream last night –
    I was swimming in the ocean, it was night time and the moonlight lit up the water.
    While swimming, I approached a medium sized crocodile (assuming this was a crocodile since I was swimming in the ocean)
    I was parallel to him and eye to eye, so I could only see one eye and it was said white so I felt curious about it and even thought perhaps he was dead. So I swam around with curiousity looking to see if he was indeed alive, well I finally saw the other eye and then both of his eyes. He blinked and both of his eyes then became normal. It was as though he was letting me know he was okay and saying hello by blinking with his eyes which both appeared normal after seeing both eyes.
    He wasn’t dangerous and we swam together in the ocean under the moonlight, parallel to each other.
    It felt peaceful and I continued to feel curious about this crocodile who at first had the one solid white eye.
    This is all I recall from the dream.
    Any suggestions about the meaning of this visitor in my dream last night?

  79. This dream I have had several times lately. Because it keeps recurring I feel it’s trying to tell me something but I cant tell what, can you please help as I have no knowledge of the meaning of dreams.? I am looking across a short stretch of pond/dark water. There are several crocodiles – up to 8 or 10 resting on a piece of dry muddy land, which could be a small island. The crocodiles are not agitated, they show no aggression towards me, they just watch me and I am keeping a careful eye on them…… that if they move I will back off……..if they dont I will watch them a bit more. They don’t move, except their eyes follow me.The crocodiles are mostly dark green ones, but two of them are white. One white one is a bit smaller than the others, the other white one is about the same size as most of the green ones. The two white ones are lying next to each other on the foreshore. The green ones are spread all around them. The white ones do not seem threatened by the green ones, they are comfortable looking.

  80. I dreamt I was watching an alligator….it swam up and mouth opened ate younver alligatirs. It swam away and another alligator climbed on its back…they swam further and I saw the alligator transform into a man.
    what does this all mean…its my first alligator dream that I can remember.

  81. I have kayaked to the same location two times in two weeks and come upon an alligator about five to six feet long. She let me take her photo from a distance this last trip. I feel very fortunate to meet this alligator. She has been on my mind pretty heavily! AND the alligator is the mascot fir the non-profit that I work for!

  82. I dreamed my husband was in green water with a boy and a large crocodile or alligator came up and bite my husband on the face which made him drop the boy and he got bitten in the stomach by the animal. I was looking down from the back door of my home with a wooden ladder as my way down to the green water but I could see themail as if I was staring at an aquarium. Any comments or suggestions on what this mean will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Your dream could mean something of the following, I am only guessing here. You are looking into the past, probably your husband’s past. The boy your husband is holding is himself, the boy he carries inside. The alligator may symbolize a traumatic event in your husband’s life that caused him to lose touch with that boy, to lose touch with that impulsive, happy, child. The alligator bites your husband in the face, probably means scaring his appearance. He no longer has the happy go lucky face of the boy. He bites him in the stomach again it could symbolize how the event changed your husband. The stomach kind of symbolizes where we hold our feelings. His feelings have been affected. I believe the ladder is hopeful and the green water as well. The ladder symbolizes your desire to find a way to reach your husband, to help him heal and get back in touch with the child, the joy that lies buried in him. This is just my interpretation, I am just guessing here.

  83. I was in a younger body and a large group of early teens slid down a water slide. We exited off to a mesh net when a young black boy was to embarrassed to go any further. We all stopped and decided to wait until it dried up for us to go any where. We fell asleep waiting and when I woke up, only me and another boy were there. So we took off in the huge green lake. As we were swimming, rough and fat small fish swam up to me and stuck to me and brushed off to continue on swimming. They seemed to be running away from something. Then a sea serpent, a snake, with eyes that almost spoke to you. It seemed intelligent enough to chase us out of the water into some trees. I climbed faster than the other boy and realized it was too big to hide from. I dove back into the water leaving the boy behind. I climbed onto a gate close by and pulled my self over. I never heard a scream or a cry for help from the boy. Almost like the snake was chasing me away to get to him. I ended up in the water park again. I walked over sideways logs and through mossy thin water, and saw my father looking for me. He pointed straight ahead through a massive crocodile! It’s eyes were as big as my upper body! It roared at me once and my father hit it once with ease and not even looking. It calmed down and he hit it again with the bottom of his fist and it bent down into the water. He told me to cross over to find my true identity. I did and as I crossed over, the crocodile got up and the foundation around his sitting home collapsed, crumbled, and he moved on. That was the slide we all were on and that crocodile was under it the entire time. I walked towards a door and opens it to find myself mocking a teacher of some kind talking to other older students. I felt myself grow older at that moment. We were all there because we all had ties to aN animal of some sort. We than went through a portal to find our animal guides. I woke up and wondered how weird was that. What does this mean???

  84. I dreamt that I was given a choice to go left or right. What I remembered was both sides were being guarded by strong and fierce animals. In the end I made up my mind and decided to walk towards the path where 5 to 6 big light green crocodiles were guarding. I thought they would bite me but they did not. I was surprised! And then I quickly ran past them and continued on my path. What is my dream trying to tell me?

    1. I would like to know what was guarding the other path.The instincts and characteristics of the other animals could be flaws in your own character that you need to address, or they could be negative characteristics or representations of friends,that you should avoid or end the relationship with because they are toxic to you.Alligator’s and Crocodiles can see clearly in the water which for the American species is quite murky because of the swamp water,and they can see well at night. An american alligator can hold its breath for over an hour under water, the combination of these 2 traits is how they catch their prey. This could mean that by trusting your inner sight and perception,either something you want badly will be able to be seized very soon,or that you will triumph over a hardship by trusting your perception and pushing yourself away from those toxic people who may be holding you back. I hope I helped you.

    2. I believe your dream is very positive. It is telling you that you are not to fear taking bold action to attain your dream or to make a breakthrough. The alligators are your fears or the things that trigger fear in you, that trigger self doubt, second guessing, inaction, that would convince you that what you seek is not attainable or is unwise or dangerous in other words to back off. But you face these fears, you showed courage and your courage was rewarded as you got closer you realized that they would not harm you, so be bold and go for it. This could be the symbolism of your dream. I say could because it is just an interpretation, what I think it means.

  85. in my dream im leaving the mall at night walking to car which is parked in a grassy dirt area. first i see a relaxed small gator dark colors ..i jump over him then i come across a huuge gator relaxed closer to my car i somehow do an acrobatic move to get into drivers seat, from there i take out my phone try to record the gator as it starts opening it mouth, moving around getting itself postitioned to lift up… i was so excited not scared, im laughing almost taunting the gator. Until ..i notice my pet dog suddenly appeared to be left about outside nxt to gator. as i go to pull her in the gator then becomes aggressive, i fumble to get car started, the gator head is now in car window. ..reaching for my dog ..i roll window up on its head and gator pulls its head from car.

  86. So last night i had a weird dream. I was in a large swimming pool with my boyfriend and people that i knew, my boyfriend was teaching me how to float and successfully i floated, I was chasing my boyfriend around and then all of a sudden the pool water turned this muddy green color? and then there was only a few people left in this pool. My boyfriend was nowhere and then i ended up being by myself in the middle of the pool. While i was looking around for everyone 2 very long logs where coming towards me in the opposite directions. They weren’t moving fast but it was just a slow movement. Then i realized they weren’t logs but alligators(crocodiles? wasn’t sure) but they looked to be about 30 ft? anyways they were heading towards me and i started to panicked and tried to swim towards the closest land area, which were diving boards. I swim and tried to climb over but ended up slipping and falling back into the water which made the alligators(crocs) move faster and i started to panic. Then all of a sudden i was lifted out of the pool by someone, a guy and it wasn’t my boyfriend or anyone i knew .-. a completely new face.At the same moment the water from the pool was draining and the alligators and crocs were nowhere to be found and the pool was refilled with clean blue water and as i looked over the pool my boyfriend was over there just staring? This dream repeated a couple times through my life except this time it added my boyfriend in there .-. i wasn’t sure what this ment and i would really like if someone could explain this dream to me a little better? Thank you ><

    1. It sounds like it is a dream of caution. To be careful of getting talked into becoming involved with perhaps dangerous things because you may be left holding the bag. Keep yourself safe. Meaning do not take risks to please the crowd, or friends, or your boyfriend. That could mean something as simple as getting a cell phone in your name , or co-signing a loan/lease all the way across the spectrum to doing something illegal.

  87. I had a dream about a month ago, can’t remember how it started, but I was trying to get away from something. Others were in the dream as well, although it wasn’t them that were after me. We came to a ladder going down into a basement or dungeon type place an all climbed down. Whatever was chasing us stopped and didn’t follow us down, as far as I can remember. Well, after we all climbed down someone yelled to me “look out!” I looked down behind me and there was an alligator. It opened it’s mouth wide, seemingly coming at me, that’s when I cast some sort of magic spell and the alligator disappeared in thin air. I don’t know if the alligator is my spirit animal but something in my spirit lead me to this page.. And I just so happen to be a Florida Gator fan, but I live in North Carolina. I want to move to Florida one day. So I see a lot of links. I’m a Cancer born in the Summer. I’m snappy at times like my crab sign, like the gator. Which are both land/water animals.

  88. Hello,

    I have been getting dream of alligator more recently since i m going through a bad path in life and probably parting from my wife… first i saw a dream in which a alligator suddenly runs and becomes a women… and then few days back i saw that my dad is saying that i want to kill this alligator in the house in my dream .. and then this alligator looks back at me and slowly runs out of the house… in both dreams .. i felt as if this alligator was a mix of snake and alligator .. with long snake like body and face like alligator.

    can i have your response.


  89. I am usually very good at interpeting my dreams but with last nights dream i am left dumbfounded. I dreamt of baby alligators crawling on me. There was no fear associated what so ever. They were peacefully crawling among my limbs and body. I remember the one i held in my hand more specifically as i examined his tail. They were very pale in color vs the dark greyish-green or brown in our physical world. They did not seem to be sick or hurt either, what symbolism does this carry for me? I’ve tried searching the possible meanings but ive found nothing on baby crocs or alligators, and my conscious is thimbling mad as to what it means. . .

    1. maternity comes to mind,as well as, spiders and scorpions (the ladder two could be used as a lens for analysis and interpritation) if the primal is a concern then, maybe, check the dragon’s tail (astrology; north node is the head and south the tail (associated with past life karma and, i beilieve,at-least to a varying degree, primal needs and emootions brought into this life) )….obviously you’re the only one who can gage any amount of validity on this. I would also like to add the circle of life, all is one tone by stating…. using many,different,aspects to get a wider view on a particular (in case you’re thinking what would a spider have to do with a croc??? good question; exploration may yield more than the solution.) subject may bring clearity and objectivity where there was fog and obscurity…..anyways I think looking over the north south node connection and how to apple the wisdom of the croc is a good idea regardless if it was the intended message….good luck.

  90. Emma
    Your.dream was wonderful Your spirit animal and you had a wonderful time it.sounds like! How lucky you are to have remembered so much of it. Have you ever heard of shamanic journeying? You can check out a book by Sandra Ingerman to learn more. The reason being you can learn to visit your friend often and even connect with more of your totem animals it sounds like you are a natural. Thanks for sharing that awesome story. Alligators really DO have great personalities 🙂

  91. I had a dream, my friend and I are rowing in the stream when I said ”im scared there might be crocodiles.” and he said not to worry. Then I saw crocodiles in cages

  92. hey, i just had a crazy dream maybe someone could also help me with.
    where i lived in my dream there was this big pond/enclosure, and there were all these alligators in it, it felt really out there and this enclosure was huge. the alligators were all staying there and were all giant.

    at one point my dog fell in the water but someone pulled her out before i could and she was okay, but one of the alligators came close to getting on shore.

    then (i forgot how) i was in some situation where i was scared of the alligators but (i think i one of the alligators got out and looked like he was in pain) and then i saw the underbelly right under the head of this guy, and it had like words or some code scratched into it and we believed that the alligator did that himself so he could try and communicate with us
    then somehow me and this guy (that in the dream i really liked) figured out that the alligator was saying it needed different food and conditions counter to what we thought, and the alligator seemed in real pain and really depressed, so we changed how we took care of the alligators and they all became really happy and would swim up to the edges of the pool more and show us their bellies and were really nice.
    i never swam with them though because i am afraid of deep water
    and eventually this specific scared alligator became our friend and helped us pull pranks on people but at one point was in some kind of danger and we had to save him and i remember being really worried and sad, but he ended up okay. after we read the message on his stomach he was really protective of me and this boy. i really felt a lot of love and felt it necessary to protect this alligator, but also knew he was looking out for me.

    i read something about alligators being great mothers so i think it is relevant to include that in kind of another dream the same night i dreamed i was going in for a pregnancy test.

    haha this is very different than many of the other alligator dreams i have read, so if anyone wants to help me out i’d be really happy. thanks.

  93. Hello Briar: This dream is about your feeling of being emotionally trapped in a situation. You know there is a way out – but are afraid to take it because of your responsibility to others. The message in the dream is that you must follow your heart in order to realize your dreams.

  94. I had a very strange dream that involved a crocodile and a kangaroo. I dreamed that I was in a dark cave with a watery floor. I saw a crocodile coming towards me and I backed away a few steps. I was suddenly lifted into a water pit along with the crocodile and I heard the crocodile think the words “I’m trapped”. I then looked up over the top of the water pit and felt myself start floating through the air towards a playground where I saw a kangaroo swinging on a swing set. The kangaroo saw me and hopped off the playground set and came towards me, but melted into a woman as she did so. She said that she had been watching me and had been waiting for the time when we could meet for a very long time. I asked who she was but before she could reply, I woke up. I honestly need some help interpreting this dream. If anyone can help me out with it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    1. I keep on having dreams with crocodiles / alligators, in my dream i was standing on a thin tree that had falling on the water full of crocodiles i was the only one left on it in the dream the crocodiles kept on jumping trying to bite me on my leg it was so close on getting me , it was so close the water would splash on my face and body every time it jumped i seen its mouth right next to my legs when i say it was so close i mean it ,, there was people on land screaming for me afraid that i was going to die like the others That had drop on water , but the weirdest part is the next thing you know someone fell on water but I don’t remember seeing that person strugglleing with me , I don’t remember excaky but i think i fell tooo i know i survived because i saw myself on land with the other my hhair wet my hands and legs were shaking still I remember how afraid i was in the dream i woke up scared of my life , I don’t know why i keep on having dreams with crocodiles/alligators , its like every week i have a dream with them once or twice sometimes everyday its so weird because I don’t understand or get it i wonder it it means something and. I would love to know this been happening a lot lately . Before i had dream with em but not like now i just wonder if its trying to tell me anything if someone could help me figure out it’ll be so nice . And btw in my dream i knew the people on land and the people that had die but when i woke up i cant even remember how they look , it’ll be nice if someone could help me figure this out

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