Duck Symbolism, Duck Meaning, Duck Totem, Duck Dream, and Messages
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Duck Meaning and Messages

In this case, Duck symbolism is reminding you to take notice of your surroundings because there is a new opportunity available to you. Moreover, this spirit animal is also letting you know that to succeed, you will have to move forward swiftly. Therefore your new ideas can take flight. In other words, this opportunity will not wait for you. Similar to the antelope meaning, the Duck symbolism is making it very clear that to be successful with your goals, you have to move now!

Conversely, the Duck meaning may be a reminder that you should keep plodding along with your current project. Hence, one step at a time is the best way for you to get the job done.

Alternatively, Duck symbolism may be reminding you that today is a day that you should spend exploring your emotions. Thus, the Duck meaning prompts you to take the time to feel things. Only then can you navigate your way through them so that they can be released. If you need to, use affirmations and gratitude to clear the way.

Duck Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Duck totem have a strong sense of community. Thus, like those with Rat totem, they are very social people. They do not hold grudges even though they are unafraid to disagree with someone. Folks with this spirit animal are also very good at helping others through their emotional entanglements. Therefore they often follow careers as Psychologists or Therapists. People with Duck totem prefer being in places where they feel comfortable.

Consequently, they also tend not to challenge their comfort zones. Moving out of their comfort zone is often left up to the universe. However, the cosmos, on occasion, will pass on a bit of a “cosmic boot” to move them forward. Very similar to the Crow and the Raven, folks with this power animal are very good at staying in the moment and enjoying life in the present.

Folks with this spirit animal are also carefully conventional and tend to go along with things as they are. They will do something for the sake of the team, instead of for themselves. These people will also work hard at not drawing negative attention.

Duck Dream Interpretation

When you have a swimming Duck dream, it represents your connection with the unconscious and emotional body. In other words, the vision is reminding you that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable emotionally, you can now move on with your life. Also, it is telling you that you can blend and adapt to different situations. 

Very similar to the White Horse, a Duck dream in which many birds are flying, is symbolic of your spiritual progress and freedom. They are your connections between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Ultimately, you always have a choice about how you choose to see the world around you. In fact, by staying in the present moment, you can find peace.

Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you are setting yourself up or are being set up “for the kill.” Are you being targeted like the proverbial Sitting Duck? Occasionally, this type of dream can also signify that you are “Ducking” some issue or situation instead of dealing with it.

123 thoughts on “Duck”

  1. 4 adult ducks (2 couples) few to me while I was meditating at the river today… seemed significant, thoughts?

    1. This seems to represent a message to socialize with other adults, as ducks like to form in groups. Perhaps compared to in your childhood, there’s less opportunity to form new friendships in your life, and usually friendships are ignored in adulthood compared to romance or family, but there is still a need for such things anyway.

  2. i had a dream lastnight about ducks flying over head then all of the sudden they all started to fly all weird and when they landed their wings were backwards. i tried to fix one of the ducks wings but couldn’t. then that same duck was always with me where ever i went. i noticed that it had a very thick neck and much bigger than the others. what does this mean.

    1. I get the sense this seems to mean that you are trying to care for your own emotions, but not in a way that actually soothes you. Perhaps you are trying a form of self-care that others recommend you and works for them, but doesn’t personally work for you. Different things work for different people. One thing might relax one person, but it might only stress out another. It’s helpful to actually pay attention to whether the coping methods for stress that works for others necessarily works for you, is my guess on what it means.

  3. I had a dream that a duck flew straight to me, at my face. I started to fight the duck-quite like a clumsy ninja. punching, kicking…I was scared and I was fighting it; which is very unlike me. At one point my boyfriend grabbed onto the duck and I stopped fighting-but was left feeling silly for wanting to hit and kick the duck. I love all animals-What in the world is going on?

    1. It may be possible that you were being guided to do something that would require you to make a change but were resistant to that change.

    2. Perhaps there is a part of you that is suppressing a desire to fight something, not necessarily an animal, but a problem in your life, yet you feel there is a need to be agreeable, easygoing, and to follow the status quo at all times. Ducks tend to follow their comfort zone, but maybe in fighting the duck, symbolically it means, you need to rock the boat sometimes, rather than always go with the flow. Perhaps this is not something you associate with your identity as an agreeable and likable person, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and your opinions rather than just allow other people to make you uncomfortable all the time, even if you take pride on having an easygoing personality.

  4. Hello, i had a bad day and i was very sad and i went to bed, i was even texting ma girlfriend and i fall asleep, i dreamt about a duck standing in air and with a gold(i mean was flying but wast moving is like it reach it destibation but cant or dont wanna land), i tried to video it in the dream but my girlfriend text back and i wake, please is there a meaning for this?

    1. Is it possible that there was an opportunity for you to take advantage of but were being sidetracked by distractions, potentially your girlfriend. Or perhaps an incoming blessing or opportunity that may have been delayed because of the people(again perhaps the girlfriend) around you?

    2. It seems the flying duck that you want to record seems to mean that you would feel the need to record or photograph evidence of all your achievements in life, yet sometimes you just have to do things without needing to show everything on social media or for your peers to see to be impressed. Perhaps there is a tendency to spend too much time on social media, so perhaps it might be helpful to look up books on phone addiction / internet addiction / social media addiction, or to look up articles on how to cut out social media time if you’re always on your phone to the extent that you are dreaming about it.

  5. Two days ago I went to my grandmothers funeral.
    Today I was driving back from her house and I hit a duck, I couldnt avoid it as I was on the motorway and couldn’t switch lanes and it was stopped in the middle of the lane. I was so upset whilst I was driving.
    Shortly after I saw an empty hearse on the same journey.
    Please can someone tell me what these events mean?

    1. This seems to mean that perhaps with the funeral of your grandmother, you might be trying to rush the process of grief too much. There’s no need to suppress your grief and be happy for everyone struggling. Sometimes, you have to give yourself time to grieve, time to make sense of these events, and time to discuss about it with others if you’re keeping it to yourself. Other than your grief, perhaps there is a tendency to keep much of your negative emotions to yourself due to the feeling that you’ll be a burden on others, but if a friend told you about feeling like a burden, would you treat that friend like you treat yourself?

    1. White ducks are symbolic of protection. Most often spiritual protection. It could be a message that you’re needing to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. Or it could serve as confirmation that you were being spiritually protected from something you may have been concerned about

  6. Good morning,
    I had a dream of a talking to a mother with 4 ducklings nesting, she spoke to tell me she was going to move with me… it’s kind of weird because I met a man 5 months ago that lives in the same city I did 20 years ago and in my dream I pictured that house when the Duck and I conversed about moving.. This resonates with my life so much I know it’s a sign..

    1. EspionageCookie

      From what my gut says, it seems to represent how you’ll see the new home you’ll have as a kind of motherly presence. A home that will nurture you, and make you feel at home. 4 ducklings is interesting, because 4 represents stability, security and order, which might represent the nurturing home that is coming for you. So make sure to be observant of all the choices around you, and remember to listen to the inner voice in your heart of what to choose, even if others may doubt your decisions.

  7. Hello, last night I had a dream I accidentally ran over a duck while driving behind my sister- we were headed somewhere. Her and her boyfriend helped me look under the car to help, but the duck was not there. I have never ran over an animal or caused a car accident ever. Then I was in a home, the duck (alive) came from no before waddling to me, it hid under a white fluffy blanket. It peaked out at me and started waddling to me. It wasn’t afraid, it seemed excited, and it was big duck but didn’t attack me. Because it was a an unusually bigger mallard I was scared, but it was nice and didn’t hurt me. What does this dream mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      From what my intuition says, running over the duck in a car accident in a dream might mean that you are worried about losing sight of big opportunities, if you don’t make the most of the time you have now over particular goals. Since it turns out that the duck is alive and is excitedly coming after you, it mean mean that instead of you having to go after the big opportunity (because it is a big duck), be patient and let the opportunity come to you instead! Pay attention to what’s around you, because if you let yourself become too distracted of your own surroundings to be observant of it, you might lose sight of a big opportunity!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the duck represents opportunities that might not be spotted, you might be heading in a direction where you could take a much easier path but you choose to take a much harder path. My gut feeling says that this is not necessarily a path that will end in ruin, but progress and success will take longer to achieve. In all types of creative activities, it is said you have to look both at the problems and opportunities you have for a goal in mind. Rather than asking what more could be fixed, ask, what could you improve instead? We may be so stuck in solving tiny details of all our problems to make everything as perfect as possible, that we might lose sight of bigger opportunities to improve things beyond the small details of making every single thing right where it is no longer necessary.

  8. Hi, I really feel so horrible as I was coming back from the work and in a narrow winding road three sucklings were crossing the road, they were really crossing in a rush. Before I could act, two of the ducklings got killed by my car. I feel horrible. I am vegetarian, love animals, have pets so this is heavily bothering me. What is the spiritual meaning of killing an animal?
    Any comment is appreciated.

    1. Hey Rachel,
      As I was looking for the meaning of the duck I saw your comment below this article. I want to send you thoughts of compassion and healing for what happened with the ducklings, as this experience must be painful to you. I think that your own interpretation of death can be interesting to interprete this event. What comes to my mind regarding death is : the end of an phase in life, of an experience, of a project… But also of rebirth, of making room for new things to come. Horrible experiences can reveal blessings later on, and I hope that you’ll be able to get some insights regarding this accident, which probably happened to show you something. Maybe you’re not paying attention to something important and this event can help you open your eyes. But in the end, if you still don’t find the meaning of this situation, I suggest you to let go: sometimes it takes a while before things can make sense to us. Baby animals may be a representation of our true self, so I suggest that you pay attention to your deepest emotions and needs.
      Take care,

    2. I get the sense that it seems like you might be so lost in a daydream in life that you didn’t pay attention to where you were heading down to on the road, not just literally, but metaphorically. Perhaps you have good intentions, yet good intentions doesn’t negate negative consequences on other people around you. Sometimes you mean well, but you create unintended consequences by not listening to what people have to say first without giving them unsolicited advice or platitudes that don’t really help. If you want to be helpful, learn to just listen sometimes, is my own guess on the situation. Don’t smother people with your love by overprotecting or micromanaging their decisions too much.

  9. In your dream and in your waking time, who is driving? You have a wonderful imagination and the symbolism is clear and interesting. Your dream is always from within you. Your ideas are there to help you. If someone tells you exactly what happened in your dream, you give up your power and are not the driver of your car. If you are young it is only right that your parents drive. You will then plan to learn to drive. If you are older it may be that you want to drive and take control of your own feelings and mystic adventures. You are part of a family and the things we learn in our families are for our own soul’s growth. If it were my dream it would be a marker of where I am and where I want to go. I would want to give up being afraid and to be the educated driver. Educated means reaching out the way you did and getting clues to where you plan on growing. Think of all of the ducks and butterflies as your own wings or energy. If feels like you are a beautiful horse with wings stuck in the starting gate of the a wonderful race you will be flying in. A winged beauty no matter what totem you choose. The earthly lessons are always going to be there. It is up to you as to what totem, dream or reality you explore.

  10. Please someone try to explain my dream to me. I’m really scared about what it might mean and now I dont want to sleep. So in my dream there is a huge flock of flying ducks and then they all gather in the shape a tornado, butterflies, and then they stop. During this I’m with my mom and my sister. We are all looking out of the car at the ducks. My mom later searches up what it means, and in my dream it meant that my sister was a sex addict. My mom and dad were really sad and mad about it. Then I woke up at 3am and now I can’t go back to sleep cause I’m afraid of what I might dream next. I also fear that my dream might mean something bad, wether it’s for my sister or for me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      As ducks can represent being stuck in the status quo and being too stuck in the familiar, a hurricane of flying ducks might mean you are settling down in your current life too much. Likely your life is average, and you force yourself to accept it as it is or lie to others that you’re happy with it, but as time passes, the emotions of intense distress whirl around like a hurricane in you. . . wanting something much better, but not moving forward because you’re afraid of the unknown.

      It is okay to dream of something beyond what you think you deserve.

  11. I was wondering if anyone could explain meaning better to me. I was walking home early in the morning and in the middle of the city two ducks – male and female landend in front of me then when i got closer they took off to the same direction they came from. I would really happy if someone would explain what is universe telling me

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense that this is meant for you to be more observant of the emotional dynamics with a man and a woman in your life, who may be interacting together in some way. I feel like one of them might be someone you are looking after or mentoring in some way. Being represented by the ducks taking flight away, it might mean you’re becoming far too distant with these two in your life.

  12. I had a dream about a happy female dog and she had swallowed a whole duck… I could see the duck figure shape in her throat and I could hear the duck quacking… And all I could think was we have to get you to the dog hospital… Then I tried to get her to the dog hospital and I started having a different dream… What does it mean when a happy dog has swallowed a whole duck and the duck is still quaking?

    1. EspionageCookie

      I sense the dog might represent a girl or woman in your life, though not necessarily in a romantic sense. She may be, like a friendly dog, characterized by being friendly, sociable, loyal, active and protective. She swallowing a duck as a dog and needing to get her to a vet might mean that there are emotions stuck inside her that you might need to pay attention to. As in, how tears can well up in your throat when someone is upset. She might be lying about being alright, when she is actually supposed to ask for help to vent her emotions to you.

  13. I had a dream where two lions were chasing us. We ran up to the door of our home, and found a dead duck on the doorknob. Somehow we got inside. One lion was killed by townspeople, and the other escaped.

    I immediately had another dream (as if it was Part 2) where the second lion was running toward me as it approached our fenced-in yard. I grabbed the child (mine, i guess) and ran to the house. Again, there was a dead duck with his bill on the doorknob. I started to hesitate then pulled it off and just got us inside in the nick of time.

    This is one of the most unsettling dreams I’ve ever had. :-/

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense that the duck in the first dream means a project that you are ending because of the pressures of “lions” around you, pressuring you not to follow your own passions, whether in work, or in some other project of some kind, whether creative, or in service to others. The second dream seems to indicate that the bullying “lion” in your life is trying to harm those close to you as well, and the dead duck on the door knob might represent an unopened door of opportunity you are leaving, because you cannot stand up to the tyrannical “lion” in your life.

  14. I had a dream last night that a white dove was flying above me and it was following me. Then I was following it and it turned into a white duck. I followed it to someone’s house. I tried to let them know how special this deck was and find out why I was there. It was the woman’s mothers birthday and the duck was trying to eat the lily of the valley flowers The daughter had brought for her mother. Trying to explain to these people that this deck was special the ducks head came off and you could see that the duck was wood. I said don’t worry it’s a special duck and I put the head back on and it turned back into a real super crisp glowing white duck. Then in the dream I realized that I had been missing my family and these people were going to be a new extended family for me. People came out of the house from the party and they looked familiar but they were not people I actually knew . I woke up laughing about the “duck of God” Since originally I was following the white dove of peace Lol

    1. EspionageCookie

      I feel like you were led by the white dove representing high ideals in your life, of everything being peaceful and perfect, without problems. Instead finding that it is a special duck, you are trying to unconsciously convince yourself and others around you, that there is still a good lesson in enjoying the simple and small joys of everyday life. That there can be still be joy in a humble life, where everything is perfect. That is why you saw the duck as very special.

  15. I had a dream of a huge feathered bird sitting on my head. I could not get it off. I was with two other women who represent significant people in my life in terms of parenting/homeschooling. I tried to no avail to get the big bird off my head, shaking, pulling, having the women help grab it to remove it. I finally got it off and we all exclaimed at what it was- it was this HUGE duck – like a turkey with a duck beak. There was a bunch of poop stuck all over its backside and I then realized I had shit in my hair, as well as worms/parasites from it.
    The day I awoke from the dream, my husband and I had a huge conversation and made some major decisions – life changes – including deciding we’re going to put the kids in school after 14 years of homeschooling. I’m not sure if it’s the right decision, or if this is liked to the dream, but it seems to be!?

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get that the huge duck on your head might represent that you are being held back by too many old fashioned and overly conservative beliefs in your decisions of life. That you are unable to take risks or open your mind to new ideas. Remember something new and different does not necessarily mean that it is wrong to participate in. That is why you are trying to remove the big duck from your head with others.

  16. Hi, I had a super weird dream … There was a very huge black injured duck in the middle of the street. I really wanted to help the duck but every time I get close to the duck, it turns aggressive. People keep on telling me to stay away from it but I had this strong connection with the duck and I really want to help it so I decided to go towards it even though the duck might bite me and then the moment I touched him he bit me but I touched his forehead with my other hand and the duck became tame. I then carry the duck and went to the nearest vet.

    I actually have vivid dreams and I am one of the few who remember their dreams after waking up. This is my first time to ever dream of a duck~

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense that this duck in your dream represents your desire for a simple and humble everyday life, but people are telling you that you need to desire for something more ambitious, even if that is what your heart is telling you not to do.

      A simple life can provide as much service to the world as a more grand life can be. Remember that.

  17. Katarina Palman

    today somebody drive trough a duck before us a female duck was hit by a car and when we come we saw the man duck try to pick her head up but it seems she was dead. He sat on her and try to get her head up. We sstop the car and the man duck just walk around like in chock and the female duck seems to be dead. I try to get 2 people around this problem but noone seems to care.

    I cry and didnt now what to do and i still cry because the man duck love to her. WHAT A HECK WAS THIS ABOUT?

    From Sweden and hope some of you can replay to me. YES Im spitituall and i feel a tremendous loss with this man duck, so sad for him and the true love for her and no one care.

    Katarina Sweden

    1. Katariana. Did this really happen or was it a dream. If it really happened that is incredibly sad.
      If it was a dream obviously it means someone experienced a terrible loss that they could do nothing about. I’m so sorry.

  18. A few weeks now, we have had a female and male mallards swimming in our pool… they have come very early in the morning or late afternoon; we find this peculiar, as the female should be on her nest at this time. They are just lovely to watch, but I was hoping to know more about why they have chosen our pool, when every neighbor has a pool too.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense they’ve come because they find your personality and energy very similar to them. A duck might be your totem animal, or someone else’s in your house, or both.

  19. My neighbor said he saw a duck being walking at the top of my house for one hour. After that I checked up but nothing was there. Anybody please tell me what it notifies and what it says.

    1. I dreamed of a big black duck flying towards me just enough to touch his foot on my chest and flew back away touch my leg in the same way and gone. But at first I saw a black bird flying towards me then I found out it’s a big black duck.

      Pls help. Thanks Rose

    2. I am a christian, I’ve dealt with deliverance and witchcraft being directed at myself and others. This dream of yours sends off warning signs for me that you could be targeted by witchcraft. I’ve heard a similar story of a dream like this where black birds where attacking him and he found out that his grandmother was doing witchcraft against him. I would pray to God for guidance for this situation and protection. I am also praying for you.
      May God bless you with protection from all uncleanliness, Jessie

    3. The color black represents a space for new creation. The duck is saying a space for new creation is opening up, and it will require both a change of heart, and a change of direction. It may be somewhat emotional, or it may draw you out of your comfort zone. I think the dream was just telling you about a shift in the trajectory of the emotional attachments in your life. Just fyi, I am not an expert in the field of dream interpretation, but that he touched both your heart and your leg, is a clue. A change of heart followed by a change of direction seems possible.

  20. I had a dream that a duckling suddenly appeared in the house . I thought “Do I have a duckling ? Oh man, I’ve never fed it. It must be starving! I gave it water. The same night I had another dream, but the duckling was back. I gave it bits of bread. It only took them when I soaked them in water. Later in the night I had a totally other dream, but I was food shopping for the duckling. I was frantic to find something it would eat! What a night!

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense this duck might represent you requiring to “feed” more effort into a current project of yours. That you are going after a goal, but you are not making the effort to regularly “feed” it with action, not just false promises to yourself or others to commit.

  21. Hello everyone. Two nights ago I had a dream about dead adult mallard ducks. Everywhere I looked there where dead ducks I mean everywhere. Nobody else seemed to notice them. Then out of nowhere I seen two baby ducklings that where as white as snow. That’s all I remember. Can anybody tell me what this means. Please and thank you

    1. Leave behind your past and step into a new life full of Grace and forgiveness, and you will be made new.

    2. I think the dream is telling you that your emotions around a certain event, are there, even though you’ve tried to bury them. No one else notices the pain, and you think you’ve gotten rid of it. The dream is saying that when the pain does again rise to the surface, allow the pain and your feelings, and afterward there will be a long period of peace.

      PS – I’m not an interpretation expert

  22. I just got home from a trip with my mom and sister. When we arrived home, I went to the front patio to see the plants. It’s about 11pm. Out of no where, there is a duck in the front of the house. Its just there walking. I live in the city, not near ponds or any body of water. I’ve been in this home 6 years and not once had I seen a duck before. I start a new job tomorrow. Can the duck be trying to tell something?

  23. A male and female duck entered my back garden today. They knew I was there but were not at all nervous and happily nosed around, helping themselves to some leftover bird food and seeds that had fallen from my plants. I have lived here for years and never had ducks in my garden. Is there any particular meaning this, or is it just a random (but pleasant) occurrence?

    1. There is absolutely a meaning behind it. Focus on staying present and you’ll start to notice more “random”/pleasant experiences happening more and more at just the right times 🙂

  24. I found a duck in my house yesterday morning. He /she was sitting very calmly at the end of the hallway but of course when we tried to catch it to let it outside it was quite nervous! We got it in a towel and set it free outside. I have had birds get into the house in the past but never a duck!

  25. I was driving home and a duck took off from the other side of the road and flew leading the way towards home for several kilometres. I was amazed at how fast it flew. For the most part it flew not too high above the road. Anyone have any insight to share re this different behaviour? Than you in advance.

  26. Today I was on Facebook looking at my boyfriend page an I also started to look at his ex girlfriends page I notice a comment from that years saying she left a relationship of 5 year he was emotional abusive An a cheater I immediately thought wow there is always two sides to each story did he really do that well I don’t have the right to question so I will go based off how he treats me just because they did not work it dosent mean it won’t work between us I’m also at work I work in a residential house the backyard I put bird seed out on the deck to feed the bird squirrel etc immediately after I read that An thought to myself I seen the male duck land with a green head then the female duck follow they both search around on the ground eating the bird feed also is it raining pretty hard over here in Chelmsford MA

  27. I had a dream that I was at this party thing and there was this what looks like a prehistoric duck with a big il kept following me and I punched it but it was hard as a rock. And they it went under my skirt and clinger to my leg and wouldn’t let go until I got someone to Eli me idk I was like running through a dorm or something but before that my ex I’m still seeing was in the other event room and I couldn’t get to him. I wish I could figure out what this means. There was also a baby in my dream that wouldn’t go away until I had my roommate take it away because it was hers in my dream. So weird.

  28. I had a dream is was in a pond and there were four or five ducks in the water. They kept diving down into the water until they were no longer able to be seen and then they’d come back up. What does that mean?

  29. I dreamt of myself feeling a bit uneasy in my vagina, as if I needed to let something out & a bit later I started laying pure white duck eggs with tiny ducklings in them, they were partially covered with my blood as in childbirth 😕 My mom & the maid were also in the dream & I was trying to tell them about this weird scene.

    Now, I really feel weird & upset! What does this mean??

  30. Nicole Hitchens

    Every mmorning (doesn’t matter what time) two ducks come and look for me to see me and then leave. They literally come to my area stay until they see me and leave after. It was to the point where my boyfriend saw the Ducks and lead then towards me telling the ducks. “She’s over here” they followed and was at the corner and saw me, I said to the ducks I see u guys and then they flew away like they would do every morning. Y r these ducks looking for me? What does this mean?

    1. Katherine Parkinson

      I had a dream where an elder duck came up to me opening his beek like he was going to squak but he just started rubbing against me wanting me to pet him. There was also a lizard who was in love with me and I lived with him in my room. Weird dream lol

  31. Just saw a beautiful mallard duck swimming in our pool. I got my adult son and showed it to him and then the duck took flight heading south. We are in Texas, USA. What a beautiful sight…a mallard duck!

    1. Yes it is a beautiful sight what i can imagine though… It could bring peace and happiness in your life and sometime it relates to psyche too, what you imagine in your sub conscious, it comes to your dream in another way

  32. Hi
    This morning on way to work in the pitch black i hit and killed a duck with my car, i have spent the morning (and still do) feel awful, the guilt in me is unbelievable, i have gone over it in my head so many times of what happened, i just didn’t see this duck it just was there in my way and was to late to serve and miss it. I have read through all the comments and searched to see what this could mean and what message or signal i am being given but nothing i have read says what actually killing a duck means or could mean only if you dream it or seen ducks come into your life….Can anyone help me?

    1. Hello Rach,I hope you are feeling better about this happening you felt so strongly about. Please know that 1000s of birds actually get killed in this type of way. aevery day.. believe it as strangely part of a cycle. The creature did not go to waste as it will feed the earth and smaller creatures. What I feel is …HAS YOUR creativity been stagnate or put on hold l lately??. ..maybe even years? Try to reconnect with the earth ( if you don’t know what I mean ,google it or go to youtube ) Then ask for peace about this snd direction onhow to move forward with something have been meaning to dofor some time… a project…a conveconversation you need to have with someone…. something I feel that needs to be done. Pleas reply if this has already happpened for you…or if it makes sense…thanks Lola 💡 PS gld you didnt instinctively swerve too much which may have caused you trouble! 🙂

    2. Hi Lola
      Thank you for your reply, it makes complete sense, there was a conversation that i needed to have with someone about our relationship. That relationship didnt work out however since then someone new has come into my life and so far it is a 100% better than the previous guy. I have this week seen two phesants on the same road who wouldnt move out of the way but luckily ibeas able to drive on the otherside of the road. Again i have used this site to see what they means and am taking it as a sign that i am on the right path and all looks good for the foreseeable future

  33. I dreamt that I saw some movement coming from under some blankets of a bed. I was curious to what was causing the movements so I put up the blankets…..and many small baby ducklings started to walk out from under the bed. What does it mean please?

  34. Hi. Iwas brushing my teeth in the faucet outside the house. Then several ducks appeared, then they look so tired and it seems they’re lifeless soaking in tha poodle of water after awhile. I continued brushing my teeth. But suddenly there’s this one duck hugged me and is very sweet. It doesn’t want to part wih me that it really seemed to be so attached to me

  35. I had taken the kids to school, and when I arrived back to the house I saw a brown duck on the front yard , I was able to walk up to thr yatd while talking to it. All the while thr house cat who wad outside waa able to come close to it also bit lost interest on it. I went inside got some bread, which it wasn’t thrilled about, so I went back and got the duck some lettuce, which it was enjoying was even able to give it some water in a bowl. The duck quickly adjusted to the bowl and drank, all the while I eas close enough to pet it I kept my distance and talked to it. The duck s feathers on it’s hard would raise and lay down while it was on the alert. Then it flew a few feet away suddenly, I looked to the left and there was the other cat, a male tom cat, and it wasn’t going to let the duck come near, so the cat decided to rush thr bitd and my dear little friend that morning flew off to my right going north. I looked for any signs of it but it flrw out of sight. It was a totally brown duck with one whit feather in its wing area, I have never seen a wild duck in this neighborhood. Where the cars speed by as they do killing alot of cats. We have lost 3 in one year. So the street & human traffic is mot the kind of place one would expect a duck to be. Thank for letting me share my wildlife moment.

  36. I was driving to work and passed a pond and there were Canadian geese in the grassy area and then I saw 2 white ducks walking with them.
    I was wondering what the message might be. I have to get an ultrasound test today and I have been praying everything would be okay and then I saw the 2 white ducks this morning.

  37. So once when walking home from work I saw a family of Canadian Geese walking in the opposite direction. I steered clear of them because I did not want the father getting upset if I got near his babies.

    Three days later I saw the same family gathered RIGHT OUTSIDE my place of work.

    Yesterday I was in a car on my way to a friend’s house and there was a family of ducks crossing the road (through heavy traffic). The guy who was driving decided to use his car to block traffic to give them time to cross.

    I’ve lived in this city for 20 years now and I have NEVER seen anything like this. For it to happen 3 times – I’m certain the universe must be trying to tell me something.

  38. If you dream a dark setting with a duck being sacrificed and the neck being cut in front of you by someone who looks like a person dealing with black magic. What does this mean for you? ❓

    1. Bradley George

      It means that an unconscious dark aspect of your self is willing to sacrifice/kill a healthy emotional aspect of yourself and use that emotional primal innocent energy to get what it wants

  39. This morning I went out in the front & discovered a female duck dead floating on its back with its webbed feet straight up in the air. Male ducks were all around pecking it & eventually it was right side up but still dead. ❓

  40. Just this morning had a mama duck and 8 ducklings waddle through my yard. Way out of the ordinary as I live at the base of the Franklin Mountains in El Paso, Texas. What could this mean?

    1. Last night I dreamt about a mama duck and her ducklings, now I see your post about seeing them where you live- I am from El Paso (live in the Midwest now). What a coincidence. Or not?

  41. I had a dream last night where I found a baby duck swimming in the pond. I held it in my hand and helped it get food. I gave the baby duck to someone (I forgot who) and told them not to let it swim too far. They let the duck swim all the way out to the shore and a squirrel jumped out and killed it.
    Have no idea how to interpret this.

  42. Kaitlyn Schneider

    I was in and out of sleeping and awake, a small black and yellow duck was hovering in one spot about four feet from me . Its mother joined its side. Like she was helping her baby. Any one know what this would mean

  43. Hi, I was just waking up but still in a dream state and I saw a white duck flying away from me? It was going to the left of me and it was flying up and away

    1. I would suggest the “sitting duck” interpretation:
      Have you been unconsciously accommodating harm-karma and now it is too late to prevent the consequences from coming home to roost?

      Last-minute learning is superficial, but /making/ relations with our world’s Spirits, ongoingly, can hand one one’s own heart-path.


  44. amazing!~° there have been ducks in my life everyday for a month. they have taken over the tiny pool at my apartment complex. saw one with 8 ducklings the other day! this message perfectly suits where i am on my life path right now. and this is the first page i pulled up!

  45. I had a dream that I had some sort of pheasant in my home trying to mate with my parrot. It then turned into a duck. It was in my home without me knowing it, hiding for some time until I saw it was trying to mate with my parrot??? 😳

    I couldnt believe I had not known it was in the house or how it got in…so I let it free out the front door. So…What can this mean???? 🙄

    (see a shrink?? 😛 )

  46. On my way to work today 5 or 6 ducks where blocking the road. As I stopped my car for them the entire flock started to fly past my car to the other side of road. Made me smile and say thank you for the experience. Does this have meaning?

  47. You do realise looney tunes had rappresented all the animal with all the totem meaning reversed? Except for coyote, flip a paradox and it will still stay a paradox.

  48. In the past month I’ve found two rubber ducks while driving.
    They are have been in the parking lot when I get out of my car.
    Let me add that I found the two ducks in different towns.

  49. i had a dream there were two turtles carrying ducks on there backs, they appeared from under a green sheet that was covering a car. there was also a shabby old dog

  50. Rescued a duck from being mauled by a dog – it was severely wounded, no way of mending wounds. Took it home and cared for it; wanted to take it to vet to be put down but it escaped into some bushes. I couldn’t get to it, but fed and watered it. It died slowly – I hope not in too much pain. Now it’s buried next to the pond where it lived. Is there a symbolic meaning?

  51. I once had a dream where I was scooping up ducklings from my house and rushing them to my creek but every time I released them in the water they were dead. I was sad but kept trying even though I knew they would die. I don’t remember what caused this dream and I never knew what it meant. Even though it was a long time ago I still want to understand what it should mean to me.

    1. Bradley George

      There is apart of you that is special and not yet mature. U are unconsciously caring for this aspect of yourself through healthy emotional affirmations, hopefully to see this part of yourself grow and act independently and powerfully through you. You must continue to care for this aspect. People have been careless with this part of u in the past and continually kill it by not following unconscious prompts coming from yourself as to how to care for it. When they offend u, this new aspect runs away and can no longer be controlled by u. U must learn to adapt this part of yourself w squirrelly playful energy and realize those who u share this part of yourself w do not mean offense but are only playing/teasing it.

  52. Wow, I just wanted to write a thank you for your site and page. I especially needed to read this and I was filled with relief. I always overlook the seemingly insignificant animals that are always right there to help me. So much gratitude and appreciation for this information. <3 and light.

  53. Hello,

    I was getting my bike out of the garage today when I noticed a mama mallard duck emerging from a private area behind the garages, seven newly hatched ducklings in tow. I kept an eye on them, curious about where she was headed. I know that mama ducks will march their ducklings straight to their pond, and I was a little concerned that she’d cross a busy street. (This happens a lot in our neighborhood.) I trailed them at a distance, ready to stop traffic for them if needed.

    While still in the quiet part of our neighborhood, she marched her ducklings across grass and onto the street pavement. Suddenly, I realized that one had dropped through a grate into a sewer. On she marched, with not a look back. The other six ducklings followed after her.

    I saw the lone duckling in the sewer, cheaping and frightened. I called the police, animal rescue, animal control.. I called my condo’s caretaker. Along he came with a friend and we removed the 150 lb grate, against all odds. One of us even jumped into the hole, but by then it had been quite noisy and the little duckling had fled into the pipe. We were unable to see or reach it.

    A little later I went out and saw it resting in a spot where sun was shining into the sewer. It seemed shaky and weak. I found some long bamboo plant sticks and attached fabric to the bottom in the form of a cup or net, hoping to capture the ducking. A wildlife organization had said they’d take him/her if I could bring him/her to them. Unfortunately, I only frightened it and it ran into the pipe again. Shortly after we had a big hail and rainstorm. I looked again afterward, but saw and heard nothing.

    My heart is broken for this newly formed life. I’d feel better if its energy had been transformed to another animas as food, but this just seems so pointless. All afternoon I prayed for the little guy and sent good thoughts his/her way.

  54. This morning, I was getting in my car which had an overflow pond in front of it. A male duck appeared out of nowhere and started swimming around the pond. His mate was nowhere to be seen, so it made me sad. I was thinking about him coming into my life at that moment and was laughing – “Cue the duck!” for an animal sign. LOL.

  55. I was walking back from the dumpster. We have a preservation pond on the right side of my house. So I see ducks & hear the all the time. But this day was different I felt I had to go outside & dump the trash at that moment. I was just beginning to cook my breakfast. I stop immediately! And walked down the street to the dumpster, walked back to my house & right before I reached my building… 2 full size adult ducks soared over my head together. It was sooooo beautiful. I just stared at them and was like WOW what a great moment. Me writing it doesn’t do it justice. These ducks never fly over the parking lot. They always fly over the trees or over the water. Does this meaning anything?

  56. Yesterday while cleaning up after a rain storm caused erosion on our driveway, I heard “cheeping” coming from a hole in the side of the driveway, where it drops down a hill. Inside I found 3 baby (Whistler) ducklings. There was no mother duck in sight! We took them in, watered and fed them, and kept them warm. We called a duck carer to give advise for overnight care.

    The very very odd things that made me question what this meant, were firstly we live in dry bushy forest at the top of a mountain with no waterholes around, so this is a very unusual place for a duck to be, let-alone to have bred. In 13 years here we have never once seen nor heard a duck. Secondly, how did the ducklings get into this hole on the side of the hill? And thirdly, what are the chances that I’d be there weeding/fixing driveway (property of 20 acres!) to have actually heard them! I’m usually never out there – especially not for long enough to recognise a cheeping. And finally, how did I hear this over the really deafening sound of birds after rain, cicadas…etc..etc.

    One duckling died overnight, but the other two Lucky Ducks are now safely and happily with a duck carer!! I’m left in bewilderment – what is the message?! I know there is one. Thanks!

  57. Hiya,

    We are moving house today. It is a time of big transition for us – it is my last day at a part time job today and in a week I return to full time work in a new job, leaving my two preschool boys – so lotys of change. As my partner was packing up this morning a duck wandered into the house and he spent a length of time trying to get it out of the house. We’ve never had ducks around our house before. It is funny – but is there a message?

    Thanks Meg

  58. I was taking a walk outside & I start hearing duck noises for a good 10 min but didn’t see any ducks around then suddenly out of nowhere a swarm of ducks flew towards my direction out of the clear sky. They literally pop out of no where. What does this mean exactly?

  59. I had a very strange incident with ducks. One morning I was taking my 4 year old grandson home. We got in the car and backed out. Directly across the street. on the sidewalk were 2 ducks. It was a drake and his mate. This is not really unusual. The housing development I live in is large and surrounded by ponds. The houses across the street back up to one of the ponds. My grandson and I looked at them and thought they were pretty. Then we went on our way. The house my daughter lives in was my house at one point. It is in an older neighborhood. There are no ponds, lakes, creeks just a few swimming pools but basically no water source. I lived in the house for 7 years. The only wildlife I ever saw were squirrels. We get to my daughter’s house and go in for awhile. When it was time to leave, my grandson walked me out the door. Across the street, on the sidewalk, were 2 ducks. A drake and his mate. I was completely shocked. How could this be? I’ve struggled to find the meaning but I just don’t know what it is. There must be some meaning. It’s just too unusual. It seems impossible. Does anyone have any insight?

  60. I have just realiced that in the last days, the duck has appeared several times. And it happened in a very special day, in wich I received a new job offer that would mean moving back to my home town and a day that pulles me to see if I really want to dedicate my life to ‘spirituality’ and take the ‘leadership’ to organize a meditation group. What is duck tring to tell me? Thank you.

  61. Last night my partner and I of almost a year mutually decided to end our relationship. I had been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure shortly before meeting him, which means the only possible way of maybe having a child together would be via egg donner. IVF He wants children. I would love nothing more than to give him this gift.
    We love one another. But I felt I have to let him go.
    After a sleepless night of tears I have woken early with the sun to find two ducks on my back lawn. This is the 1st time I’ve seen duck here. One a drake and the other a female (who had feathers missing from the back of her head, likely from an old wound, both ducks were a little scruffy actually, older looking) . As i stood at the back door crying they waddled up onto my deck, they both stood there the male looking at me. After about 5mins of this they waddled around my house and into the front yard. I followed to watch them there from a front window. Again the male walked up towards me. and then actually flew at the window, like it wanted to be closer. I went out side and sat on the front step, Where they both cane within couple of feet of me, until my cat came looking for me and then promptly scared them away.
    I found this site ass I was curious to know if ducks are symbolic in anyway to fertility?
    What does my little morning visit mean?

  62. Hello. About a week ago I was in Yosemite. A friend and I were sitting in front of a water stream and a duck flew in and landed in the bank in front of us. It started quaking loudly, no other ducks were around and it was the only duck I have seen the four days I was in Yosemite. The season is fall. After a few minutes it swam straight towards us, got out of the water and started waddLing in front of us. It looked hungry but we had no food and we were the only other people around ay the time. It stayed with us for about 30 minutes as we talked about it and It seemed to know what we were talking about. It made alot of eye contact with us. The duck was a fawn color with on bright purple feather. I have plenty of pictures of it if you want to see it. The duck stayed near us until we left and then another group of people sat by the beautiful duck as we were walking away. A passersbyer was in awe to see a wild duck sitting by us, he said that we were special and that it was good karma. The next morning my friend said she had a dream about the duck, I also had this weird feeling that I too had a dream about the duck. What could this mean ?

    1. Think back, what were you and your friend talking about? How was the trip going? What were you feeling at the time? How could the above messages of the duck relate to the answers to these questions?

    2. The trip was going good . It was the first day we got there . We were talking about how beautiful yosemite was. Then duck flew in… thank you for your reply. If there is anymore information you have on ducks please let me know .

  63. This morning I had to slow my car down to let a duck cross the road…I looked to my left and saw the duck was crossing to see another duck who had been struck by a car. This hurt my soul and I actually cried out. Usually, seeing dead animals on the side of the road do not have this type of effect on me. Any clue as to why this had such an impact on me? Other than it just being terribly sad?

  64. Hi,
    On my way into work this morning I heard the sound of a duck, it was as though the duck was sitting right next to me in the car on the way to work. I found your website and read what it means when a duck waddles on your path. The only thing is that besides my current job I have a side business and with both my 8-5 job and my side business I’ve recently had new ideas. So I’m not sure which one the message is for. Can you help determine that.

    Thank you,

  65. I believe my son’s totem animal is a duck. He has an affinity for them, in fictional characters and in real life. He also loves the water. The other day one of my son’s classmates gave me a drawing out of the blue (I’ve never even spoken to him before) and it was a duck 🙂 He fits many of these traits and has the “bird” spirit energy about him.

    Do you have any tips for me, as a parent? I’m a dog spirit myself, and I’d love to help him grow and feel at home with himself.

    1. Xander: The best tip I can give you for parenting is to be flexible. Allow your child to grow at his own pace and allow him to learn and make his own mistakes. Your energies are different – so his lessons in life will be different in life than yours.

  66. Graciela Carapia

    I saw five colorful ducks today 😛 . They were green, red, gray, and black! They were so perfectly still, I felt they weren’t real. I was born on April 5. I don’t know if it’s a correlation or not…does this mean something?

    1. Hi Graciela: The Ducks are letting you know that you have to get back to work with your creativity. The red would be about focusing your intentions and the green about engaging your heart in the project. The grey is the presence of all colors and all possibilities while the black is the void of not being able to see the end result. Take the leap and finish your project!.

  67. Hi Ruth: The two black ducks are a message for you to have faith that your prayers are manifesting even if you cannot see it yet. Know that your creativity and positive thoughts have manifested everything you have hoped for.

  68. Two black ducks appeared at my condo last night. One is a bit smaller than the other and has a longer slender neck. The bigger one has some iridescent green coloring on its feathers. The grass here is very wet and they are feeding well. They are both still here tonight. They seem not to be afraid of humans, fly a bit away when approached by a dog, but come right back. They croak/quack to each other and look me right in the eye. What are they and why are they here? I feel they have a message for me.

  69. ❓ I don’t know what to make of this: I just saved a duck. It was caught in a fishing line. I know it trusted me because it sat on my lap calmly as I detached the hook. I know that this must be an important sign!

    1. Hi Lucy: This Duck is giving you the message that although you have a big opportunity in front of you that needs to be moved on swiftly – the choice is still yours as to whether or not to take it. You should make sure that you are emotionally prepared for the challenge and ready to deal with others who may be clingy and needy of your time.

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