Crow Symbolism, Crow Meaning, Crow Totem, Crow Dream, and Messages
There is a great transformation happening within you right now. Trust that your life history has prepared you for this momentous change.

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Crow symbolism is a sign of change. Like the Tarantula, everything that you have been working toward is now coming to fruition. Alternatively, your Crow meaning is a clear message as to what your next steps are. Furthermore, you must pay attention to your thoughts, as well as the omens around you. With this spirit animals’ appearance, the signs are more precise now than they have ever been.

Conversely, similar to the Cheetah, the Crow symbolism could also be letting you know that you are spreading yourself a little bit too thin. Thus, the Crow meaning insists it’s time to step back and reassess where you. You can do this by taking stock of your dreams and aspirations. Moreover, being clear about your desires is the key to manifesting your intentions.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Like the Scarab Beetle, people with Crow totem have a great deal of personal integrity. They work hard at being mindful of their opinions and actions. As a result, they are willing to walk their talk, speak their truth, and embrace their life’s mission. Folks with this spirit animal shift through changes and phases of their lives with effortless ease. Crow totem people are also willing to swoop in on opportunities at a moment’s notice. Similar to the Raven, these people have no concept of time as a linear entity. They are aware that time is the existence of the past, present, and future all in a single moment. They live for now.

Crow Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of this bird is usually a message from your sub-conscience. If the Crow is flying, it means that you need to bring the hidden issues in your sub-conscience mind to the surface. Only then can you move forward in your life. Moreover, if the bird is feasting, your sub-conscience is telling you that your current course of action will bring forth affluence.  However, make sure that what you are manifesting is what you want in your life. As the Polar Bear, one of these corvids watching you or following you in your dream is a good omen of positive changes coming up in your life.

Similar to the Owl, a Crow dream could also be warning you that if you continue on your present course of action, you may be in for a great deal of disappointment.

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  1. I have been seeing crows lately, and they usually come in groups but not often. last night, I dreamed of a crow coming near me, and when it got close to my face , I felt it’s energy because i’m am very intune with my spiritual self . I just want to know what does this mean?

    1. Seemingly similar to your experience, last night lying in my bed, I was “startled awake” by what felt and sounded like a group of crows swooping into my bedroom, cawing very loudly, at least one very close to my ear, and leaving the room just as quickly. I don’t know if it was a dream. It felt so real. I’ve had other experiences like this, but unrelated to crows. All of these experiences felt real, I thought I was awake, but still unexplainable. Thoughts ?

  2. Steve Kohlhaas

    I was driving and, on the side of the road on a hill, I saw a crow sitting at the top with it’s wings spread open wide. At the bottom of the hill there were several birds, probably 15-20, looking up at the bird on top of the hill, reminiscent of Jesus on the mount, preaching. Very unusual scene. It has me wondering what this means.

  3. I had a dream about a dog killing a crow. It started off as a normal dream and towards the end I ame across the two animals playing with each other until the dog took it in its jaws and began shaking it around like it was a toy. I woke up with start, mildly disturbed. I don’t know if it meant anything so I googled it but everything I saw isn’t really helping me.

  4. I just woke up from a dream where I was with a small group of people cooking crows over a grill & eating them. The crows were being cooked out back while the group was inside the place (seemed like a house). I went out back to grab some meat off of the grill. I was sifting through the different pieces of meat ( The crows were de-feathered and fileted on the grill; however, out of nowhere, a whole intact crow landed at my feet. I believe he flew off of the grill. I’m not too sure where it came from as I initially saw only dead crows on the grill. That’s when I woke up.

  5. Amber Limbaugh

    I sat on my front porch with my new baby boy whom is only 9 days old and this crow just kept landing on my power line right above my house it was strange ! What does that mean?

  6. I am a massage therapist and I was working and I heard a pecking or tapping and it was a crow pecking on my glass door. He pecked about 3 or 4 times and I looked to see who it was and it was a crow. I guess he saw me and he flew off is this an Omen?

  7. I had a dream I was trying to help someone out but I was tired and then I hung a dead crow by the neck with a rope. What does that mean?

  8. So my best friends brother died, it really hurt her but he died in a mental hospital getting help. Not to mention the staff in there were beating and abusing the people in there, they eventually got shut down. Anyway she saw a flock of 100 or several hundred outside her window on her brothers birthday and felt it meant something she was sure of it and this might sound a little wild but she told me there was one she saw looking strait at her and she felt like it was her brother visiting her. What’s yalls opinion or meaning of this.

  9. Theresa Taylor

    Hi, last week I was sitting in my living room watching tv, out of the corner of my eye, I can see a blackbird flapping, I turned to look and nothing was there. It didn’t scare me though, I just wondered what it meant?

  10. I have seen a crow fly by while inside. I was at work but I saw it inside flying by a window. There is nothing in that room and I know I saw it. I must have daydreamed or something but I know when I saw it I felt dread. I have read all of these posts and they all mention people actually dreaming. Why am I seeing crows that are not real while I am awake? I get that people see them in their dreams or actually outside which I don’t find abnormal. Any insight in this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. EspionageCookie

      If you look at the blog Intuitive Souls on beginner articles for psychics, seeing shadows in the periphery of your vision, often means an awakening of psychic ability. Usually when the spirit is black alone as a shadow, it means it’s a guide, even if being colored black is scary. Unless things are randomly moving mysteriously in your house, something is floating, mysterious noises pop up and other obvious signs of something dangerous, I doubt anything over the top bad is happening. You’re free to look up the term “psychic self defense,” or “psychic protection,” on articles, videos and books online if you want to make sure though. Note that dead dark colored spirits aren’t automatically dangerous as living black people. So likely this bird is likely your guide as some kind of totem animal of some kind, and even if you lack its strengths, you have the potential to develop it. Try to look up “signs of clairvoyance,” or “signs of clairaudience,” online for some info. Psychic awakenings can happen very randomly sometimes. It does not necessarily have to be present at the time of birth or childhood for someone to be a psychic, and progress in spiritual growth or maturity can make one be gifted by God, I suppose, with these abilities spontaneously.

  11. I dreamt of a few hundred crows flying above my house by the front door. But also 3/4 swans where one of them tried flying directly into my house. I cant grasp what this could mean as the meanings oflthe two symbols are quite opposite from each other.

    1. EspionageCookie

      These two are not opposites just because one is black and scary and the other one is usually white and not so scary. You cannot judge animals by appearance the same way you should not judge people by their appearance, such as with their skin color, height, width or other defining features. Like human beings, an animal is not “evil” because it’s black and “good” because it’s white.

      Crows represent change and swans represent foresight into the future. Perhaps the coming changes of this world for the better are inviting you to prepare for any additional events that might come your way with various plans. Not that change means something is automatically bad. People are just afraid of the unfamiliar and see change as the same word as “bad”, but the unfamiliar can be much better than your situation, actually. It is just that you fear the unknown more than your current horrible situation, that is bad by certainty, rather than the uncertain that has some chance in being good.

  12. I had a very odd experience the other day… I went into subway and came out with a sub and soda, my hands were full so I had to put them on the roof of my car so I could grab my car keys.
    All of the sudden from directly behind me – this crow (who apparently was perched on the car next to mine) let out this incredibly loud “CAW”. For some reason, I heard myself say “don’t turn around”, so I didn’t… I grabbed my soda and sub and hopped into my car.
    I then saw there were actually like 30 crows flying all around my car. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared at all… Instead I found a small bag of snacks that I opened and poured out my window for them.
    The badgering crow (aka mastermind behind this foiled mugging) flew on to my rear view mirror and just stared at me! He looked incredulous. So I then open my window and shared a bit on my sandwich with them. I could tell the crow was very curious with me as he didn’t understand why he still got a treat even though his plan went awry.
    The weirdest part of it all though, was after I drove away I started hearing distinct tapping sounds. I was on the phone with a friend and he heard it too… There was nothing in the car that would make that noise.
    I just wonder if it was that I looked like an easy victim, or if there was something more going on with that whole situation? Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

    1. To Tabatha, Jax, Lance, Mary G. et al,
      As a DreamWorker, I encounter these types of dream, symbolism and Waking Dream questions regularly. The greatest good you can do is trust your own intuitive interpretation. Be very wary of book, (read: dream dictionary) or amy interpretations that belong to others. They didn’t have the dream, or energy of the dream, therefore their input is suspect.
      One direct way to get the real dream content meaning is to use the following dream discovery technique:
      1) While going to sleep, play the dream back without comment…but with a feeling of child-like questioning curiosity.
      2) As you doze off, ask your Inner Self, “What does this dream mean?”
      3) Then look for the answer in the dream-state, or in your daydreaming, or waking dreams. Waking Dreams can appear as an inner or outer symbol, event, or outer experience. A Waking Dream sensibility is: “This is just for me!” or, “This is my answer.” Then, rather than question it – apply it to your life, and see what happens !


      Where was that location? What is your day of birth and year you were born ? and which directions were the birds facing when you approached your car door, and which way were you facing in your car when the other was on it?

  13. For several days now I have been woken up by a crow/raven pecking at my bedroom window. I think he can see his reflection and it is nesring season.
    What are your thoughts on this please.

    1. EspionageCookie

      “In a spiritual sense a window is a symbol of possibilities, understanding, and hope. If you see large glass windows in your dream, it indicates your openness to new possibilities” – Auntyflo (dream dictionary)
      Just searched this up because people who ask about dream interpretations with animals don’t often search the meanings of other non-animal symbols in their dreams. If you don’t think there is one, just assume there is and google it. You will be surprised how many ancient to modern items are being written on in dreams, though people often believe there is nothing written about modern items in dreams at all, actually, but there is a lot.

      Seeing that the crow represents change, and the window represents opportunities, it might mean that if you make best use of what you’ve been given now and take the leap of faith into trying something different, you will find what you desire.

  14. My wife went to my fathers grave and asked him if she should stay with me and work on our relationship, and asked for a sign. A crow landed on his grave in front of her.she took this as a no because it wasn’t a dove(which we don’t have in this part of the country). Isn’t that the sign she was looking for? And was just misinterpreted? Please let me know so i can send this to her

    1. EspionageCookie

      There are many good signs with different animals, and a dove isn’t the only possible sign meaning yes. The thing is, this mentions change, but no specifics on how the change will be done. Spirit guides, including spirit animals, do not make major decisions for you like this and tell you what to do. They are spirit “guides” and not commanders or strict rule setters. You have your own free will after all. If everything was given to you easily on what is “good” and “bad”, then you will never develop enough spiritual character to think for yourself to develop character, which is the opposite of what the divine wants. The aim is that you can figure this out independently so you can be good out of true intentions, and not just because you want to be rewarded or punished by following the rules of the divine.

      Though whatever it is, with the crow indicating change, it is definitely something different to your current situation. Perhaps that change is for you and your wife to think for yourselves for once rather than asking other people’s advice on your relationships. You are the ones in the relationship, not other people. If anything, crows are symbolic of independent thinking, of which you seem to lack.

  15. Hi Everyone!
    Today I found an injured baby crow outside of my front door. My boyfriend was walking up and heard the parent in distress and found the injured crow by my front door. We called wildlife rescue and they told us to keep it in a box overnight until we can drop it off tomorrow morning.

    The weird thing is I actually looked up the meaning of crows a couple days ago cause they had a nest on a tree next to my house and I noticed they were making a lot of noise and I wanted to know the symbolism behind it.

    I know of the bad omens associated with crows but honestly I don’t feel anything bad intuitively.

    Can someone help me explore some possible interpretations to this ‘coincidence’ / event?

    Also, the parent has been circling around my house and making lots of noise.

    What could this mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Trust your intuition if you think the positive interpretation of the crow is more represented here, as this article suggests. Can people stop thinking certain animals are “good” and some are “bad”? Animals are complicated, and there are both positive and negative interpretations of things. The more oversimplified and lacking of nuance an interpretation of symbolism is, the less accurate it tends to be. Nothing surprising that longer articles seem to be more accurate than shorter ones, or entire books of spirit animals rather than a shorter 10 minute video on the spirit animal. Basically, the longer and more complicated, the more accurate something is, even if that is not the lazy option people are more comfortable with.

  16. In the last couple of nights I’ve had two crow dreams. In the first I was in my mother’s (my childhood) backyard where I saw a bunch of dead birds. Many were crows. I saw that one was actually a white baby crow with pin feathers and was alive. I picked it up and held it my chest, telling it “it’s ok” while carrying it into the house. In my dream last night there was a black crow outside. I ran inside to get some corn puffs and started to hand feed it. As I fed it I worked towards petting it and eventually got to the point where I could hold it and it would look up at me with it’s black shiny eyes. Like the white crow, I was holding this one to my chest and petting it. This dream also had a Blue Jay in it, but I don’t remember much about what the Blue Jay was doing. In the last 2 months my soul-mate dog died at age 9. His 10th birthday would have been April 14, around the time the crow dreams started. I also came down with the Coronavirus about a week after he died and was very sick for about 3 weeks. Does anyone have any thoughts on these dreams? Thank you.

  17. This morning i dreamt that a baby crow was in my room who may have been my pet (though i’ve never had a pet crow but in my dream the way i treated him it seemed as though he was my pet). He was standing in a corner of my room, when I also noticed that he was sick, & had tears in his eyes. So when i took him in my hands, I saw that an army of ants were trying to feast on him. So I immediately tried to get rid of the ants, but the more i tried that more ants were coming out from underneath his wings. The crow then flew & sat on a plant in my balcony, but I noticed that there were more ants & he was still scared. I grabbed him again & tried to get rid of the ants, but there were like thousands & thousands of ants still coming out. While trying to save the crow, I may have put him on the ground a little too hard for which he may have gotten hurt (i’m not sure), so he flew again in the same corner of the room where i saw him at first. He didn’t die, but I saw pain in his eyes. That’s where the dream ended but I think he was still surrounded by ants & almost dying. — What does this mean? Thank in advance 🙏🏾

    1. Good day I hope you get this message I would like to know if you stay alone in that apartment and if yes then check around you someone very dear to you is in serious danger and you need to act fast.

    1. Following I’m experiencing the same thing. Two black crows parched on the roof of the building across from me

    1. Hello Sandi:
      The number 13 signifies powerful feminine energy. The crows are letting you know that you have to connect with your feminine energy so that you can attract what you desire. Forcing the issue will not help.
      Silken Raven

  18. I just typed this in my notes on my phone, happen about 20 minutes ago and I immediately felt it as an omen:

    546 to 5:47 AM I’m outside on my porch smoking a cigarette. there’s a crow on the powerline across for me crow very loudly in succession , over a bird cooing in the distance. I can’t help but gaze in awe, the image is so beautiful and I feel like this is a surreal moment; I want to sketch what I see when I go back inside. I go and pull out my camera, not trusting my memory. I turn my flash off. I go to take the picture in portrait mode. it doesn’t look right. Turning to landscape, going to press the button…the crow flies away. he’s gone and I hear him laugh down the street one time and no more as I write this.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense this means that if you try to prepare for the future too much by trying to capture it into a moment to remember later on, you will not be able to enjoy the present. So enjoy the changes associated with the crow, and pretend for even just a short moment that the future or past doesn’t exist. All there is, is now.

  19. Good Morning,
    So I work at a nursery and I was charging a customer when I heard a flock of crows flying on top didn’t think much of it. Until my coworker comes in and said ” A crow just fell,” and it almost hit me.
    They grabbed a broom to see if it was still alive and it was. It turned around and flew away.

    Wondering what does this mean..???

    1. EspionageCookie

      It sounds like that for a moment that change, which the crow represents, will slow down and seem to be completely hopeless for some time. Though one day, you will find that change is possible. The dawn goes brightest after the darkest dusk, as they say. A storm will happen in your life, but someday, you can take flight into freedom again. Perhaps sooner than you think. Bad times don’t always have to last.

  20. I was sitting on my bed next to my open window, a crow then landed on the window frame

    I tried to make him go away and he flew inside, suddenly, there was a baige cat lying next to me on the opposite side of the window, the cat was very relaxed

    The crow then flew into the other room and came back, i left the room to see what he had done, but he had done nothing, when coming back to the room, there were now two crows and they were fighting

    The cat was watching them and trying to seperate them from what I could tell

    I then woke up, any ideas as to what this could mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems as the crow represents change, there are possibly two sides of the argument in your life that is arguing how change will be made. You represent the cat that is trying to break the argument up, or perhaps, that is what you want to do, but you are too afraid of doing it. The irony is that stopping conflict often means having the opinion that conflict should be stopped. People think peace comes from having no opinions, but having no opinions in stopping anything harmful or dangerous is the opposite of peace. If you want certain arguments to end, you have to take a stand, for whatever you wish to support. Remember that.

  21. What does it mean to dream of crows flying? I had a dream last night crows where flying above . I was in a happy mood and suddenly my husband was a little bit of a distance from me and had my hand and asked me to go his the direction he wanted to. As I turned towards that direction my son woke up startled and crying and screaming. I only remember the word “worm” as the last part of my dream. A few days ago I did notice some crows. A hawk was at the very top of the tree and the two crows were trying to bully him. The hawk didn’t even flinch he just sat there unphased that the hawks were trying to dive on him. After a few tries they flew away and left.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this means that what is required of you is to act like the hawk. Stubbornly stand your ground, react with stoic disappointment rather than loud outrage, and don’t take critics seriously enough to waste your time arguing with them. Crows can represent change, and in this case, it seems some people are trying to change your life to something outside what your authentic self needs. A hawk can see far into the future. Think long term. Would someone’s criticism really matter in a month? In 6 months? In a year? In 5 years? In 10 years? How important are these criticisms, really? Do not take criticism seriously from people you would not take advice seriously from. You cannot just believe anyone you hear. That is the essence of being gullible. You cannot assume people tell the truth all the time, have a lot of experience in a topic as they say or have your best intentions in mind. Be a little more doubtful of what naysayers are saying around you, buddy.

  22. I recently had a powerful dream in which I was visited by a crow, the crow was injured, there was blood on the crows feathers and on the floor near the crow. I tried to help the crow by cleaning the blood away,
    The crow told me that this was not neccessary and my thoughts were enough to heal the injuries, the more I wanted to help the crow the more the crow’s injuries healed until the crow became his magnificant self. I noticed the colours in his “black”plumage.
    I mentioned to the crow that his feathers had many colours, he seemed pleased with this comment.

    When I woke up the crow image was still strongly in my mind and seems to have a presence with me.

    Can anyone offer an explanation????

    Thank you


    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the root cause of many of your problems in life is simply negative thinking, and there is more than enough resources online or books on positive thinking/affirmations/self esteem if you are looking for some. If you cannot change the inner part of yourself, you cannot change the outer. Perhaps you are not making a lot of progress because you try to change your actions without changing your thoughts first. Your thoughts are what provide the motivation for you to do things in the first place. How you think influences what you feel. How you feel influences how you act. Perhaps that is the type of change this crow wants you to know. It is not that you don’t know what to do or not know what the right decision is. It’s that you don’t believe in yourself enough to do it.

  23. A week ago my dear, sweet dog passed away. On the morning of the day it happened, I was driving home and there were possibly 100 or more crows in the road about a half mile from my house. I have never seen anything like it – I didn’t see them feasting on anything dead, just sort of walking around. I had to stop my car and wait for them to move so I could get through. I thought to myself that if I believed in omens that would have freaked me out.

    That evening she passed away from sudden onset congestive heart failure. She was 10, and the reason I’ve made it through the last decade. She was my reason for getting through intense loss, heartbreak, and setbacks. She was my caretaker as much as I was hers, even shutting my laptop when it was time to take a break.

    Within a day of her passing the hundreds of crows showed up at my house, filling my trees. They weren’t anywhere else on the block, only around my house. The screaming was almost unbearable, and it lasted for days, starting when she would normally wake me up in the morning (she was a very vocal and persistent dog).

    They have thinned out, but there are still a dozen or so outside in the mornings. On the hike I took my other two dogs on today, a crow found us and followed us, loudly making their presence known for much of the walk.

    I have no idea what this means, but trying to find answers took me here. Maybe it’s coincidence, and means nothing, but my grief brain wishes it were more. Maybe someone has insight?

    1. All coincidences are meaningful. They are meant to guide us and should be paid attention to. Please know that your dog is still around you even though you can’t see her anymore. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    2. What does it mean, to see a crow swim to end of a pool… submerged neck down, reach the end of the pool and caw at you?

    3. Laurie Ann Jacobs

      It definitely has meaning. Your dog is still with you and wanted to make it known. It seems you had a very special dog and connection. You now have a very special guardian angel. How beautiful she let you know in such a clear way that she will always be with you. Listen to the signs.

  24. Hello , today me and my friends was hanging outside when a crow flew on the fence one of my friends noticed it and said look y’all theres a crow , we all looked then a hour later I called one of my close friends and she told me her grandma just died .

    1. EspionageCookie

      Crows are associated with death, but they do not cause the death as some fearful sources misunderstand. Instead, they help souls who are about to die to make peace with their regrets before they pass on, and help guide them into the afterlife so they can’t be earthbound — stuck forever to haunt the Earth. Often as human beings aware of our mortality, our mind rushes to the worst possible explanation when it comes to death. How unfortunate that we always tend to assume many animals to have the worst intentions because they are different from us humans, and our most common pet companions.

  25. Since Spiritual Awakening I have had crows in my yard a lot. Not my neighbors yards…I recently tried a sound therapy session. An hour of all kinds of sounds. Waves, rain stick, chimes etc…Loved it! During that I had a vision of a crow sitting with its wings spread open. It was looking at me and quiet. It also had glowing purple crystals all over its body and wings.
    Did a lot of research and came up with: the crow symbol opens us up to the gifts of ancient wisdom and sacred law. A message that awakens your authentic self…can mean a profound change of consciousness is imminent. Crow totem brings the gifts of: clairvoyance, change, magic essence, authenticity, ancient wisdom and sacred laws.
    The color Purple: associated with the crown chakra. Purple holds ancient meaning of sacred wisdom and enlightenment. Corresponds to the realm of spiritual awareness and higher self. Mystical empowerment and receiving information from the Divine realm.
    I had no clue what the crow vision I had was about but knew I felt peaceful when seeing it. The above info I found was just confirmation of exactly what’s going on in my life.
    Since this experience I have had other animal visions – White Eagle, white horse…haven’t showed up in real life in my yard…that might freak out the neighbors…😂 hahaha would get my attention too!
    I learned that researching animal totem info online can be tricky- multiple meanings for some things and based on what the animal is doing…for me it was easier once I realized how I felt when I saw the animal and how particular info correlated to what was going on in my life. Synchronicities- ✌️

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps it would be essential for you to look into balancing the crown chakra, if that helps you. There are many articles, videos and chakra blogs online for that. Not to mention various books on the topic of chakras.

  26. Last night had an intense experience with a crow, I had to reconcile my guilt for something that happened 30 years ago. Crow came in and made me solve math equations until I found the square root of 2 which initiated the protocol to go with my BF.
    Ever time I strayed from him the crow would swoop in and push me back towards him. There is a lot simalar things about the person in my past and my BF. Crow kept asking me who do you trust, until stopped saying the crow and said my bf. With that the crow said you belong to him and left.

  27. I have been studying crows for several years now, as I found they are my spirit animal through and through. Where I live there are many crows and also many ravens, however the ravens live in the trees past the field just beyond my yard and the crows will only come as close as the tops of the trees in my yard. A few weeks ago during the evening I saw three crows in the grass in my yard perhaps 20 feet from my door. I was so thrilled to see such beautiful, powerful creatures who sre so important to me, so near to me. I didn’t hesitate to think it was an omen, wven though when I was yound I had heard seeing three crows was a sign of death. However the following morning at 2 am I recieved a phone call informing me that my twin sister’s fiance, the father of her unborn child had passed away suddenly. I cannot get it out of my head that the cosmos was speaking to me through the crows preparing me for such news. And now I am terrified to see three crows in my yard (or less so, in other places). On my drive home from visiting my sister this evening there was a dead crow in the middle of the road. I have never seen a dead crow, mostly because they are incredibly intelligent and know to move when a car comes, and usually are not solitarily near roads. I am now petrified this eas yet another omen of terrible things to come. Does anyone have any insight into this particular sort of symbolism? I am desperate for information. So sorry to be heavy, but I have no one in my personal life who believes the spiritual things I believe.

    1. You don’t need to worry. The dead crow is probably your symbolic confirmation after the event occurred that your original interpretation of 3 crows was correct .

    2. You are very blessed to be able to communicate with angels/spirits. They are just getting your attention, that you are special, and that life is eternal. The crow who’s spirit left the remains on the road was for you to realize that they were communicating with someone else, trying to wake them up. On my journey birds would swoop in from of my car to tell me there is something ahead. Since waking up to the fact that the animal/insect/etc spirits guide us, I now get all kinds of communications. Talk to your brother-in-law, he is trying to talk to you. 🙂 You are blessed, grasp the wisdom with great gratitude.

    3. I was working in my yard in the early evening while my small dog sat and watched. A flock of 100+ loud crows started to circle my house 6-10 times until they disbanded and flew in opposite directions. The next morning I went to the very spot where I stood and there was a pile of white fine feathers and one mature grey black and white striped feather. It caught my attention right away because I normally do not see a pile of feathers around my yard. Then I also thought might a crow kill a bird that evening and all its feathers fallen in a pile or was the kill on the ground at that very spot . I am curious and try not connect a human interpretation to these animals. Any thoughts would help thanks.

    4. I would like to add that with the animal spirits just like with Tarot Death usually doesn’t mean an actual death, but the transition from one sphase of life to another. The end of one cycle and the start of the new.

      It seems to me that the crow has been watching you and was waiting for the time you were ready to hear its voice. However, the crow lives in the waking world and the other world at the same time. They may have seen that you needed emergency preparation and so communicated with you in the most direct way possible, 3 crows means death.
      Keep listening you will develop your language with crow. When they leave you a feather offer them your gratitude and accept the message. As for dead crows, never fear it is the cycle of life and their physical body goes through the same process as ours. The spirit of Crow lives on.
      I see this as Crow choosing to be your guide and your love for them will be returned by the crow.

  28. I had a dream last night that all of a sudden I was awake in my dream laying in bed and as I sat up a giant black bird with a long wingspan flew fast at my face and then I woke up immediately after it hit my face.

    1. I had a dream that I was in my bed- sleep paralysis, in a dream-like state and a crow was standing by me looking at me. Don’t know what to think of this. I sent a text message to my hubby about the dream. As soon as he looked down at his phone to read my message, he noticed he was standing on a black feather…

  29. For the last week and a bit I have been seeing crows randomly.. never have I ever paid attention to birds really, but for some reason I would find myself while driving looking out in a random spot and seeing a crow, or two, or three. This morning I was driving down a road and saw three big crows on the side of the road… I am hoping (trying to be hopeful) that the crows are just coming to share with me a message of change… my husband and I started officially trying for a baby two weeks ago, so I’m wondering if that is why they are appearing?

    I went to my grandparent a house this weekend and then my parents house… when I went into the backyard at my grandparents a black bird got startled and flew away.. not sure if it was a crow, then at my parents house I was sitting out with my sister and cousins and black bird was sort of hidden behind the bushes on the fence, again couldn’t tell if it was a crow and it flew away… then one flew above us (but I didn’t see it my sister pointed it out cause I told them about my crow spottings)..


    1. Today while driving to work I spotted a total of 7 crows or ravens soaring around at different points throughout my drive!

  30. i had a dream last night where i was in my house and i saw a feather fall in front of me and i looked up and saw a crow with a word written on it that started with a D (i want to say it was drugs but all i remember was that it was about five letters). this really freaked me out because whatever it said, it was personal. a few “hours” later in the dream, i was in the same room and had seen another feather fall in front of me. i looked up and there was the same crow, but this time the word was “stole”. i couldn’t figure out what this meant because i haven’t stolen from any stores in almost a year, and i don’t think i’ve have had anything stolen from me recently. but again it freaked me out because i felt like it meant something big, but i can’t figure out what. i’m thinking these words could be premonitions but again i’m not sure. maybe they don’t mean anything

    1. I once had a crow touch my head. Lucky me head was covered, so no direct contact. Local astrologist told me that the crow was one of my ancestors or relatives. I was horrified but then astrologer said just forget about it. I checked with Korea girl at nearby cafe she said it was bad luck omen. Some time ago I read online that according to jewPriestly class “rabbi” crow is animal one becomes if one is wealthy yet refused to help poor people. So punishment for hoarding wealth is birth as a crow.
      Jew understand full well transmigrational truths. Anyway crow did not touch me directly as black silk scarf, cotton silk bandana actually covered the Rishiknot bun of hairs kesh. And also, I have been assured I will be a human being in immediate next rebirth: am v. happy. In fact, I have at least 8 more lifetimes to go. Great. Lots of time to love, prenRasPyar. Anything for a Prakriti. I would like to b a girl again and again it is the only thing I’m good for, being a girl though sometimes I wonder if I am not in fact a ghoul. Now I go cry. I feel the JaanPraan is leaving me and I could die any day. But, no one knows what the future holds according to dear friend of mine. Another astroexpert assures me I will have honour and privilege of selecting my very own custom designed body, Excellent. I love interior design and architecture etc. But since God knows best I will probably leave it up to Him to give me body He sees fit for im desbhakt. I work on manifesto, for u see I know how to write too, in 7 differen5 languages no less. Vill take time for me to complete me8n manifesto. Fave astrologer tells m3 I possess blueGreen aura. Me happy, Meir fave colours r hot pink and acqua . I love swimming
      Tennis and am happy to b pure milk vegetarian since before conception.
      Brekk time from keyboard warrioring. I go make parantha and have with homemade dehinYogourt
      Me look forward to returning to Canadas great Pacific Northwest .i not fan of materialistic ontario

    2. Hello there, I found your story really interesting. Do you know Vampire Diaries? Do you think the word on the feather could be “Damon” ? It would be a weird coincidence ! Can’t wait to hear from you !

    3. Crows bring change and they will guide you in the process. You said you haven’t stolen in a year, I am curious (dont have to answer) if you are an addict in recovery. In order to move forward we have to let go of the past. Its possible that you may have some reconciling left to do and self forgiveness. It could be a warning to keep away from these things and at the same what you need to heal some harms. The crow doesn’t live in our linear time, past present and future are all one. Also, its ok to ask the crow for clarification.

  31. I had a weird experience when I was a kid. I used to go to the fourth floor roof with my friend. Then suddenly some crows came flying towards us and trying to attack me and my friend and I saw the crows eyes were red it was so scary. Till now I still think why the crows attack me most and suddenly.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since crows encourage change, perhaps you make the habit to resist needed change in your life, as well as discourage changes in other people in your life, which is even more harmful. It might be a frustration that your stubbornness is causing more consequences and negative effects on influencing people around you, even if you have good intentions and think you know what’s best for other people.

  32. So my dream was wierd. I don’t have a clue what I was dreaming about before the crow ir Raven. So I was doing something and a large mammoth sized crow flew up behind me and didn’t land or latch onto me but hovered on my right shoulder blade. I grabbed his beak bc he was trying to bite me we struggled then it disappeared. I woke up and my back shoulder neck face and hand were throbbing. It didn’t scare me I was just like wtf.??!? Then I went back to sleep but I don’t remember anything after that. So I’m kinda stumped. So say bad like death, other warning, others omens but I had a fight w it then it disappeared then i woke up????

    1. I dreamt of a crow flying around me when I was outside and very upset about my current waking situation. I am currently being manipulated and threatened by my ex that he is going to take half of my house and take our son who is very special needs, if if he moves out of the house. So I dreamt lastnight I was out walking and upset then saw a crow fly around following me. I felt creeped out then it flew directly at my head and got tangled in my hair. So I screamed and flailed around. But once I was free of the crow I saw it had a deadly insect in its beak now and before it never. I realized that the crow just saved my life and he was just sitting there staring at me and I felt a great connection after.

  33. Crows are messengers they are super intelligent almost as intelligent as a 7 year old. I’ve encountered them all my life. To the point I thought I was going crazy. With my encounters I’ve noticed that crows warn you. Every time I see one “choose wisely what you say what you do no matter what anyone does” if you see 2 “check on your relationships” if you see 3 “something hurtful might happen but you have the choice to turn it around for good” if you see a group of crows maybe 9 becarful with your actions what you choose to believe can determine the outcome. If you see a huge flock bad news, heartbreak,problems may be on their way but you can overcome it/ or great change! Depends in what way you choose to look at it. If one flys past your window then death is near.

    1. My neighborhood was just covered in crows they all landed in my yard I was looking out the window when it happened I have never seen anything like this I’m 46. You there were over a 100 crows they just keep coming they covered almost every houses yard on my street before it was over. There were crows and black birds and they all seamed to be full grown birds. It freaked me and my son out. I have only seen anything close to this in movies.

    2. For past week seeing 50-100 crows in my yard and roosting in nearby trees. Occurring between 3:30 and 4 pm.

    3. I found your comment quite interesting & I’m having trouble interpreting my dream. In this dream I save a mother crow and her two babies from a fire by letting them perch on my arm, to my own peril. Something bad happens to me because of this. But in the dream I am not worried. Just happy I could save the crows. Do you have any idea what this could mean?

    4. Ok don’t know rather to ask this question or not might not like what I hear but I am even though I googled it this morning I would like to see what some of you all may think and receive by this okay here we go ~~~ now let me 1st state I am very spiritual with gifts from above so I have within them gifts open visions as well as closed visions ~~ last night as I laid down getting ready to settle down because I had to get up around 330am for work I was awake and I had not close my eyes only laid back on my pillow I had a vision of a black bird somehow Crows song called Ravens it didn’t hit anything however it flew on my back porch and landed now it didn’t move however in in the vision it didn’t appear to be dead~~~ any input on this please

    1. Cindy… The Bible probably won’t say anything about a crow landing on a car… We rode camels, horses, and donkeys back then.

    2. I just had a dream last night where 3 big black crows were standing on top of a nyc building and a building next to it. The sky was light up and it was a picture perfect image so I grab my phone in the dream and too a picture. As I was taking the picture I could hear military helicopter flying by and one landed on the stress to send people home. People started running… I saw a yellow leave tree, everything nature wise was beautiful except what was going on with people. Sadness, fear and disorder.
      I usually take crow as a spiritual messenger… A warning. I had a dream a few years ago in nyc as well but the sky was dark, they were big and flying while the buildings were coming down. That time I heard a voice to pray for protection and nothing will happen to us. As so my family God has protected it from Covid, from a car accident and I am sure many other things that might not be obvious to me.

  34. Good morning i had a verye weird experience with crows this morning, when i stept out of the house i heard a small bird calling then i wend out the gate with my 2 boys and waited for there scool bus, and then it happened firs 2 crows came and sat on the power line and one flew right over me and calld out, then a nother one just flew over and turnd away and then it got really strange, one flew a circle around me then left and when i looked up 4 crows were right above me on the power line and one was looking at me and one was caling, it actually scard my kids they wend and hide under a tree and i just stood there looking and asking what’s going on, and then they left, i know its n sine but what dose it mean???

  35. I was driving my daughter to the funeral home today to make arrangements for my grand daughter who was stillborn. A large crow flew towards us and landed on the line in front of us. It had a huge wing span. I was wondering if this could mean anything.

    1. A large crow with what I’d say was wing span of a Falcon flew past my car and landed next to me, than took off again. Didn’t think anything of it except I had never seen a crow this large. I took photo. The next morning, a mile from where I’d seen the crow I was woken up by loud caws coming from outside my bedroom window and again this morning loud caws. I’ve lived in this house twenty years and have only seen crow once in backyard. I didn’t go look outside but my son said it was the size of a small dog. Did it follow me home? Or are large crows just around start of winter and I’ve never noticed?

  36. I had dream crow holding my pants to tightly and It wanna take me with it that’s also 2 times the same dream was what does it mean for.

    1. I saw a single crow today. I was sitting in my front porch just chillin and I noticed that today had a rather different feeling, like the daylight, breeze and overall feel of today felt different from yesterday or any other day. As I was sitting I noticed a crow fly by and caw “at me” and it made like semi circle and returned from where it came. It cawed once as it entered my line of sight and once more as it left. It was just a single crow so I researched and I came across a nursery rhyme that goes…
      “ One for sorrow,
      Two for joy,
      Three for a girl,
      Four for a boy,
      Five for silver,
      Six for gold,
      Seven for a secret,
      Never to be told.
      Eight for a wish,
      Nine for a kiss,
      Ten for a bird,
      You must not miss”

    2. Hello, a lovely cute poem but one crow I believe is a message saying that you are on the right path and that something you are working on or wishing for is about to come to fruition…..enjoy your experience with your crow, I think crows are the most intelligent bird around and any encounter with them is a good omen so pay close attention to what is happening around you !!

    3. Hello. My name is Sierra and I want to share with you my dream. It all happened last night, though some details are hard to remember. Me and my older sister, Claire were in my moms yard daring each other to get a crow land on our arm. I guess we wanted to see who could get a crow on their arm first. I walk up to the trees in the yard, and there were a ton of crows, sitting, staring down at me. I turn around and for some reason my sister is waiting for me. I turn toward the crows and the all had one blue, left wing. It reminded me of a blue lightening bolt on a crows arm. I turn toward a branch next to me, and see another strange crow, only it had a red, left wing instead of a blue, left wing. I take a step and it flys at me. It lands on me and I run away, with it still by my side. Claire starts shouting for dad and my other older sister, Penny. I’m running and trying to shake it off, though I don’t know where I’m running. Penny is in front of me, when all the sudden everything goes blank. I was in a wooden shack place with this bird. Or it was my room. I’m not sure. The surroundings before looked like my house, only it seemed old style. I just now remembered the weird old style dress my family was wearing. But I was wearing jeans! Anyways the crow started me down, as it was sitting on a wooden table, as if it were to punish me. It wraps itself around my hand and wouldn’t let go. I start screaming, and everything went. Blank again. It was only a flash that I was in the living room with my family. They were chasing after me, though I was not moving away from them. It was strange. Penny was in front, Dad was behind her, and Claire was no where to be seen. I just heard crying in my ears. Sadly I do not remember the rest of my dream. And I do not remember getting the crow of my hand. All I can feel at this very moment, is that crow wrapped tightly around my hand. As if it’ll never go. It gives me chills. And even though it is Winter, at least where I live. In my dream it was a summer day.

  37. I’ve had a premonition my ex is going to pass away and recently 3 crows were sitting among the other birds who were eating. Last time I had a premonition about death 3 crows flew over and landed in a near tree. About 2 weeks later someone I knew passed away.

    Is this premonition going to happen again or am I just imagining things.

  38. This morning i got followed bye, 2 smaller crows thats in sweden is called “Kaja” i kept on walking and they always stop looked at me and then flyed and stoped in front of me, they did this all the way home, i though it might been something behind it and was kinda stressed out over it and the story isent over yet. After we had come a little bit on the way this small bird joined in and the stress i felt dissapeared, then suddenly a very big hooded crow joined in and then i kinda felt stressed out over the entire thing but when the stress came the small bird did a visle or something so alot of small birds came and the stress disappeared. So there i was outside my door (i live in an appartment atm) and just stoped and looked at the birds trying to understand the content, the Small birds was so calm they just sat in the same place they stoped at, about one step to my left(on the right when i turned around looking at the birds) i looked at one of the “kaja”(smaller crows) and it looked like it got happy and it jumped closer to me, and the hooded crow was like 5 steps away just watching and dident really do anything. is it anyone here that can help me understand this content?

  39. For months I’ve feel very overwhelmed and stressed, have had a lot of physical pain and been more depressed and lonely. Yesterday I went to an outdoors hot spring pool and was just floating face up, very still. I became very calm listening to my breathing and heartbeat underwater and when I’d open my eyes there was a tree and clouds over me. I started to pray for some healing. After awhile I was upright and then this crow flew overhead and kept circling the area. The crow was very, very vocal and acting kind of excited. I’m not sure what the crow was communicating. There were no other people around. This was also the only crow I saw around the area and crow and raven have been my totem for many years. Do you feel this crow was bringing me a message? What do you think it was? What popped into my head right away was that it was saying “Wake up!”, but I’m not sure what to make of that. Thank you.

  40. I had a dream this morning I was running, it was night time and looked like it had just rained. A crow or raven just flew and stood in my path stopping me. I’m not sure how but it switched to me being at a lottery machine and scanning a ticket the message on the screen said “ congratulations your on the list!” I’m so lost and don’t understand the meaning anyone have any input?

    1. What a great dream! I would say, you are on a path which was bleak, spirit animal raven steps in to change your path, your on the list of future winners, go you!!

    2. carolyn.chavis

      i wake up this came outside on my carport is a black bird itsnot looking at itslook at the bricks of the house i wentto check if it was all right then went under my car

    3. Sierra,
      You left this message a while back, but I wanted to give you some insight I’ve have on our dreams. What we dream about is not usually the answer to the messages coming up. Dreaming is a way for our subconscious mind to process emotions that you are currently working through or releasing. Vivid dreams, even if they are bizarre or even a bit dark and scary, are a way for our subconscious to purge old emotions that are no longer serving us. Look into the way it made you feel and sit with the feelings, and give them love and compassion. 🙂 With kind regards, Mandi

  41. Anabel Arredondo

    Hi, recently I have been having a lot of things happening to me. I quit my job last year.& only have one part time job. I’m struggling a lot with cash. Three days ago I received a phone call for a job was I offered but yet I don’t know if I should take it. I currently have a part time job that’s i love very much but I don’t see myself moving up or even getting the amount of hours I need to make a living. There has also been some serious things going on in my family. My father got recently diagnosed with lukimia. I still have a hard time excepting this. My ex girlfriend just broke up with me about a week ago. Today I saw a huge flock of crows fly above me and landed and a tree near me and just kept cawing the entire time. Then they ended up flying above me at least three times while they were cawing at as they were flying above me. Does anyone know what this means? I already thought it was weird that I have always been around crows all the time and I see everywhere I go. But this time it was a ton of them I couldn’t even count them. Can someone please help me with this ihave been looking everywhere in the internet for some answers and I am starting to give up.

    1. I believe only you (or with the help of a psychic) can determine what the message is. What is it that you think they are trying to tell you? That’s probably the message, but we often talk ourselves out of our “inspired thought” as our own wants/desires. If the message came quickly, trust it. If it came after you “thought” about it, then meditate first and then ask again what the message was. Trust what comes to you first. Learn to trust those thoughts because they are usually the inspired ones.

  42. Crows are running around on the lawn outside our one-storied office building – very close to the windows. It can’t mean the same to all of us.

  43. So I had a dream about two crows and a grey cat that was in the house with me . Mind you all the windows and doors was close , so I don’t know how they got it . But when I when to open the door , the crows try to fly out , but could , in my dream the door had like one of them screen door. So I open that door as well . That when they flew out into the back yard and caught a weird looking animal to prey on . But the cat didn’t want to leave it linger out side with the crows . Ps I have not ever had a dream about crows before; Especially not while I’m pregnant . Just really want to know what it means .

  44. I was out walking my dogs, and I saw this crow flying pretty close, it started to dive in front of me slowly and it did that a couple of times then went above me, straight above and I started to circle with it and we did that for a good half a minute. It was a beautiful moment with the crow. I felt so much happiness from the encounter with he Bird. But what could that mean? Why would the crow do that?

  45. I had this crow who came into my life awhile back stuck around for a bit of course I had been feeding it cheese peanut butter crackers and he would come on time everyday. He would even look into the building looking for me cawing at me so I would go out and feed it. It would caw for a few then take the cracker. He trusted me it seems because I put the cracker not for from me and he would come and get it. Then one day he was gone. Has been gone for awhile. Now he’s back again and I know it’s the same one because of his built. He does the same thing again cawing at me looking in the window to find me and calls me by cawing. I have been trying to figure out why and felt it was strange never had a crow do that before.

  46. I had a dream I found an injured newborn crow. Picking it up I nursed it back to health expending all of my focus an energy to make sure it was comfortable and safe. Then one day seamlessly it turned into a child of toddler age. I took care of him calling him my own & he turned to me & told me he wanted a name & could not remember the name his crow mother had givin him. Awkwardly I tried to help him remember his name but he said no I want to be called Jacob now. I felt such love & joy for Jocob. I was invited to the beach & took Jacob along showing him how to play in the waves when Joe (my boyfriend) showed up with a smile. I stood & hugged Joe explaining we have a child now & how he had grown from a crow I had saved ~ what could all of this mean?

    1. LOL my name is Joe but you probably don’t know me… i just wanted to say that that is a beautiful dream and probably means good luck. (btw my GF’s name is Liz)(just optimistic bout finding me GF online somewhere cuz that’d be cool
      \(0~0)/ ) anyways Good luck with your relationship! : )

    2. oh boi am I stupid I just looked up and realized your name is Nicole._. eh oh well… Good luck with your BF!

  47. I have been seemingly followed by crows lately. Every time I leave my house there is one in a tree right above me and even when I go to the store or gym I often find a crow flying right across my path. This morning was different. It felt like a strong message was trying to get across. As I was driving down the street, five crows flew from the sky right toward my car! One of them landed on my car’s hood and the other four surrounded my car. After just a few seconds they all flew over to the right in a cluster and I was able to drive away. What could this mean?

    1. I’m a seance the same scenario happened with me but what took place before the crows/raven appeared was: I was in my downstairs bathroom and had a very intense surge of energy take place in my frontal lobe of brain…than after a minute of having my head down from that intense surge of energy I went into my kitchen and happen to look out the window. At that exact time 5 crows swoop down in the grass by window stayed there for quite some time before flying off… the weird thing was there was nothing in my yard to attract them like food or shiny ornaments etc.. they just came right after surge of energy… I was surprised and just watched stared at them and after they flew away.

    2. don’t be afraid of scared, the number one job of the crow is to protect, perhaps you should attempt to talk to them, just sell talk, its seems weird but give it a shot.

    3. 5 usually means sickness and 6 means death watch out something could be coming i just saw 3 in a tree witch could mean i find a girl or someone in my family will die so only time will tell now.

  48. This morning I had a crow land on the picinic table outside my front door. There is a curtain on my door so periodically I peek around it to look out front and when I did so there was a light-ish brown crow it had black beak and black legs and looked exactly as a normal black crow would look and was fully grown but it was brown in color. It seemed as though it was playing with a small group of birds what I think were finches. Two nights ago I walked out of my house to go somewhere and a huge brown owl was mid air about 15 feet in front of me I had a flashlight in my hand and I spotlighted the owl while telling my girlfriend to hurry up and look at this!! The owl landed in a tree in my neighbors back yard and appeared to be looking right at us as lit him up with the flashlight. He gazed for a few seconds and took flight again. Well I have an anger problem and it’s been very difficult between my girlfriend and I for quite some time now I suffer from a severe anger problem and although I’m not physically abusive to her I have been verbally abusive and extremely aggressive and I’m not proud at all of these issues but it’s almost as if when I get this way I’m not even there anymore like someone else took hold of the reigns. I love my girlfriend very much and she loves me too so I don’t understand why I have these issues with her. The crow landed on the table while I was peeking out the front door around the curtain and I had just lost my temper in another heated reaction to something that was said not long before the sighting. Please any thought would be appreciated.

    1. Victor Peralta

      I’ve been seeing crows for the last 5 years, off and on. I know sir its been 6 months since your post. I’m hoping this still might put some peace in your mind. I’ve been going thru some tough times, never had much in my life. Been from place to place couch to couch for the last 10 years. Finally have my own place , but the worry and stress is still there. Crows are an omen, mine came alone: bad luck supposedly. No shit. What I’ve learned from this is never carry your burden alone. Life is enjoyed more love in your life in your heart. Sorry for disturbing you. Godbless.

    2. With each animal(the crow and the owl) could symbolize death. However not necessarily like literally dying. It could be death of a relationship, situation, or death of a former you as you begin to transform yourself to a better you. I would take it as it has gotten your attention that you reLly need to work on your anger issues. And if you don’t then it could cost you your relationship etc. I hope everything works out for the best

  49. I had a dream the other night that I was crawling to the ledge of a gigantic empty swimming pool. I already had a feeling I was going to stumble across a dead crow and that is exactly what I saw as soon as I was able to look directly into the pool while lying on my stomach. I did not look at it for long but I felt sad because what I had predicted came true. Over a month ago, while I was outside for work, I came across a dead crow two days in a row. The first one had definitely been hit by a car and moved to some grass by a sidewalk. I’m not sure how the second one died. I always found that I had some kind of connection with crows as I find them to be beautiful creatures. I was always the student who fed and continued to feed them after a mass email had been sent out telling everyone on my university campus to not feed them. (Whoops I went off track hehe)

  50. I had a dream where i got a ladder and climbed it and used it to sit so that i could put my head on the roof of the house. Then one crow flew beside me and i wanted to chase it. My husband was there and said DONT CHASE IT HE WONT DO U ANYTHING. So he went in the house and as he entered alot of crows flew to the roof and on the yard. I felt scared. I was screaming for my husband bt i found a way to get down and go in the house. Then the crow dat first flew beside me wanted to go in the house too. It went in through a small opening. It flew to the ground and as i got closer to it, i saw it almost turned into a human and i js hurry found the salt on the table and threw some to the crow. I hurredly ran to my mom saying IT WAS A WOMAN IN BLACK. my mom said while looking at my dad ITS BLEEDING, ARE U SURE U R NOT PREGNANT? I told her NO MOTHER AM NOT. and dats where i got up bt i felt scared in my dream about the crows

  51. Hello, sorry to bother you. I’ve been searching all around the internet for a specific situation that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had been feeling depressed and suicidal prior to the experience. I had a dream about my boss hating me, and I don’t know what I did to cause her hatred, but when this happened, I broke down in my dream and woke up crying because of everything that had been going through my head the last few days before this. When I was leaving for work in the morning, there was a large group of crows on top of my roof and some on my neighbor’s roof, but they all eventually flew onto mine. I don’t exactly know if they cawed or anything, but I can tell you, they definitely looked ominous. I remembered they had been placed as an omen for death, and with that in mind, it spooked me a bit. There was especially one crow that I was worried about. The crow stood on the edge of my roof, directly above the door. It kept staring, which I understand that could have been the “look out” for them, but it was unsettling. They even stayed on the roof after I started driving. I haven’t seen a crow since, even though my college campus usually has them around near where I park. Could you possibly tell me if this means anything at all?

    1. Wow! Honey, that is soooo powerful! Not an omen for death at all! Crow happens to be my Spirit animal, and while I have had a couple interesting experiences, NOTHING compares to this! 💜 You are truely blessed and protected 💜 Our Creator letting U know just HOW MUCH and maybe in a way that would catch your attention.THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.
      Thank God , thank Him always. For although U may be experiencing situations that U feel very depressed over (and trust me here) this WILL PASS and your blessings are going to pour out!
      Wow…I’m so glad You posted! ! Trust that this is a huge message. I am soooo happy for you. Remember, if you are treated unkindly, SMILE you will be blessed 10fold! XX

    2. Thanks for saying this I was driving and I had seen 5 or 6 black crows on top of a house . I really appreciate you saying this I know I’m protected all of my life since I was born. Thank you for clearing this up . If you can reply back with your othere thoughts that would be nice .

  52. Hi my name is sami and wanted to know what does it mean when the day before I saw two crows just standing right where I live then the next day in the morning I open my door to walk to my car and I see one flying over me to a tree around where my car is park and in that tree there is at 10 crows. When i pass the tree they start screaming all together and it was really loud. I got scared but once I got to car they stopped making noise and just stood there in that tree. Does this mean death or good things.

  53. I had a dream that while I was driving to work a crow was attacking an eagle In flight in front of my car. I beeped and pulled to the side of the road because I believe the eagle is my spirit animal. While parked another crow crashed into my car window and left a blood train downwards on my rear view window. What does this mean

    1. It sounds like you are not confronting an issue that you need to take an authoritative stand on. The Eagle represents you, and the crow attacking you, is telling you to stand in your power. The bloody crow could signify you fear an angry retaliation if you do so.
      Sounds like there is a person in your Life who is over stepping boundaries that you need to address, and there may be no delicate way to do it.
      Good luck !

  54. As i was saying my prayer yesterday, i was being interrupted by a crow cawing. As i stop she also stop. It keeps repeating for almost nine times in a row, from tree to tree. Initially there was only one, later became a pair.

    I finally came to a halt in front of a Catholic church. There i ask ed guidance from the universe, the angels and Jesus Christ for an answer. I pray – if this is a bad omen, please help to expel
    it away. But if it is a good omen leave it as it is.
    To my surprise after my prayer is over. The crows, one on my left and the other on my right stop following me.

    I was curious and started looking for an answer above.

    1. John, are you sure those were two crows, and not ravens? Crows tend to travel in flocks, but ravens travel in pairs. Check the page on ravens and see if it offers any insights.

  55. Birds as Omens
    1.Crows, ravens, and blackbirds bring news of good passage and protection.
    2.Hawks represent clear-sightedness and vision.
    3.Owls are birds of ill omen.
    4.When a hummingbird hovers nearby it means you are capable of achieving the
    5.A bird in the house means different things depending on the bird and its behavior.
    6.When a bird flies in the window you may encounter an obstacle in your life soon.
    7.If a bird follows you it wants to be your guardian.
    8.Augury is using the flight patterns of birds to answer life questions.
    9.Dead birds represent metaphysical death and change.

    The meaning with the present of Crow/s
    The crow is an omen of change. By tuning into the sound of its call, it can remind you of who you are and what you are capable of.
    You are being reminded that the answers to your questions are waiting to be discovered ahead of you and that you must look beyond your present range of vision, and to get out of your familiar comfortable space.

    Crows are adaptable to all environments and will eat almost anything. They can survive in almost any situation so when one presents itself to you it is reminding you that you can adapt and that now is the time for major change to take place that will awaken your authentic soul.

  56. I ve been going through a lot lately financialy and emotionally i keep seing. Crows plz help what does this. Mean.

  57. On our last visit to the Beach before heading home…. My son is feeding the seagulls… outta nowhere a black crow appears he tries to eat but then just stands around then flies up on top of the Beach house directly in front of us…. I watch him… Then turn my attention away ..I’m not sure how long he stood there on the house… But immediately my mind begin to wonder on it’s significance …. I mean I have never had that happen before…. I’m 16 weeks pregnant so I’m constantly thinking about it….

  58. My crow has returned for four years. I assume he.. is a he… as last year he had a mate that he called to eat. The first year i was coaxing a feral cat that escaped from owners keeping him trapped in their home to come and eat with my pride (currently 6, 3 feral’s). He was able to access outside cat food bowl (totally braved the cats)…and long story short, he returns this time every year. Last year he started swiping my shoulder with his wing and gently thumping me in the head. When he comes to call (in the trees in front of my home) I now bring him various treats… he loves the cat food most…or maybe the challenge? The cats are scared of him…I’m pretty sure his regular thumps in the head with his feet or shoulder swipes with his wing means he loves me and appreciates my response to his calls… or???

    1. He loves you! Wow I think that is showing U his affection. .. that IS AMAZING INTERACTION!.

  59. Dreamed of a black crow, size of a 5 yr. old. Was in a garden with some hanging potted plants, which were potted and hung by my sister’s friend, now deceased. This huge crow walked over to me and started drinking water from the hose I was holding. He cuddled up to me with his body snuggled next to me while drinking the water. Woke up at this point.

  60. Can someone explain to me why I have a crow I specifically know that follows me guides me to a specific area where there is high trees and lots of them? The thing is is that I walk in there and as I walk from a near by tree that’s close to me and I make my way where a tree is either in front of me or like almost to the side, the crow follows me and as it’s following me it’s making its landing to the nearest tree in front of me. At the same time when it flies I noticed it’s cawing became more often like in an exiting way from what they normally do so. Recent out of it took in a good and bad way which not intentions. But then I took it in a way that it’s like a dog playing fetch and catch. That it’s there for good reasoning I know it in a good way. But in a way I need to know if also it’s kinda being like my personal pet that I don’t have.

  61. Hi
    I recently had an experience with a crow when walking home with my two little ones. I heard a crow call out close to me and I turned to see it on a post next to me. Then it proceeded to follow me and land slightly ahead of the direction I was walking. If it couldn’t be right next to me it would call out so I could see where he landed. Whenever I looked at him he cocked his head to look right back at me. I decided not to go straight home, but as I walked passed, I placed some food for him on a post and walked on. I then saw him fly overhead with two other crows off into the distance.
    I’ve seen him a few times since but I think he just hangs out in a tree near by.
    Is it normal for crows to do this?

  62. Hey guys, I am just wondering what exactly would mean that a crow just walk right in front of me and it’s right behind me?

  63. Hi as I walked into the chapel to get married a single crow perched above me with fruit in his/her beak dropped the fruit at my feet spread it’s wings an nodded then flew to the top of the chapel

  64. Crows are all around me pretty much always when I don’t see them I hear freak outside my window at work. Today on way out of boyfriend house. A crow flying over head called to me got my attn right away I looked up. He was carrying a long string in his claws. I said look jeff my spirit animal calls to me. I have one perched over my bed fake but given to me as gift. What does this msg today mean?

  65. Hello dearest,
    I would share a dream I had last night, because of his intensity and richness of details. I came into my bedroom (one of the two windows have a very beloved tree outside) and a very big crow, bigger than me, was inside of it. I was immediately astonished, amazed and attracted by this figure, so I came near him but fear gets me, so I closed the window. We started to observe each other through the glass: the crow showed himself, like he wants to let me study him. So he opened the wings, the beak, stick the chest out, very slowly and gracefully. I felt like he was offering himself to me, like “Don’t be afraid, I know you want to know me better, observe every detail of my body”. Then I looked down, and I’ve noticed that he had human hands!
    This experience was one of the most intense I had with animals in my dreams. Thanks for listening (and sorry for my english!). Blessings to all

  66. Yesterday I was driving on the highway, and a crow flew in front of me, yet above my car. I sensed a strong presence from it.
    Then I went to my destination, did what I had to do, and as I was making my way back to the highway….all of a sudden a crow flew DIRECTLY IN FRONT of me (I was in my car driving down road), the crow landed on the pavement, and STARED at me. Right in front of me….it looked into my eyes as I slowed down, and just as I came almost to a stop it flew away. It seemed as everything was in slow motion, and chills flooded the tips of my finger tips, and my shoulders tensed. What was it’s message?

    1. Most definitely a crow totem. I have one too. In everyday life I see them daily. Mine talks, sometimes sleeps. Most definitely They are there through change and tumultuous times

    2. They stay with us during times of change. Do you have some important things going on? Think about what is going on in your life. Think about how the crow applies to that.
      I had crows flying with my car on the way to my job interview, one day when I was feeling down and like giving up a crow sat in the tree across from me staring and cawing. It’s a reminder not to give up.
      Also look up the Celtic Goddess Morrigan(crow goddess). And Norse God Odin. He has two crows (huggin and muggin)

  67. Dream of giant crow

    Family and friends and even some foe sitting in a large room eating- two tables- one round table with mixed company and 1 long table with family friends and foe- jazzercise dance was discussed at one point and the room was as if a balcony open walls to look out on a dark cloudy countryside with homes and 1 white fluffy cloud.. Then a large set of double doors and once open another banquet room set with lots of white and a table that looked to have some Halloween decor on it but then on a large pillar a huge crow- alive. Then a hand/body part type creature being used for filming. something about a creepy show of dreams possibly.. But was also real- feelings of distress regarding said creature by people involved in the other room and how it could do harm.. Also sadness exhibited from said creature. Then foe at my table and a close friend trying to ask how i feel about them being there..  I dismiss them and walk up some stairs- then the creature takes off out the window.

  68. Hello..
    On last Thursday on the way to my office, a crow flew over my head.. after 2 days i am suffer from fever body pain etc. It has been 4 days i am having sick, some of the symptoms makes me feel that i could be suffering from cancer. This is only a assumption of me. I haven’t told the symptoms to my doctor.
    Also today afternun before visiting doctor, i saw a crow is sitting on the tree near my window and it is bathing. What does it indicates???
    Is death is near to me? Or to someone who i knows?

  69. Last night I dreamt what I believed to be on a friends farm. I walked down to a meadow and there was a large wooden platform that had some old wood chairs. The view looking out was of a ravine and a forest of trees. Then a crow landed next to me. It kept hopping closer to me. It was not afraid of me, nor was I alarmed. It started nudging at me as if it wanted something. I put my arm out and pressed it under its chest and it hopped up on my arm. It was content and stayed there on my arm that I held up in the air. Finally it gave me the feeling it wanted to fly away so I brought my arm down and then pushed up to give it some power to lift off. It flew away. I had a feeling of pride that it trusted me.

  70. I dreamed of a crow sneaking up on me and my dog. It swooped up my dog and flew away so i chased it. The crow dropped my dog onto a roof so i climbed up and hit the crow then the crow attacked me and i grabbed it and though it to the ground. What could that mean?

  71. The other night my husband had a dream about a crow I will put it in his words “I had a dream we were in the house and we had a daughter, new born just came home from the hospital. I could feel this presence around her, it felt dark but not harmful then a crow appeared and landed on her left shoulder.” He said he woke up shortly after and couldn’t remember much of the crows behavior. Weird thing is, we don’t have kids. What could his dream mean?

    1. Crows are regarded as messengers from the spirit world, while doves nest in one area and stay in that area for the most part, crows will actively range and change their home area to somewhere km away.

      The child could be regarded as newborn wisdom or a new age, a field of knowledge that has not yet been explored in this age, that you and your wife conceived. The crow being friendly towards your daughter is the spirit world’s way of communicating that this is part of a cosmological story that has been known to be occurring by humanity for at least 37000 years, although 1.1 million is more likely 😉

  72. Hi this morning my wife ran upstairs and woke me up said a crow was in the garage, i ran down stairs i open door walked into garage and she was right so i opened the door and the crow flew out, i sat in my chair wondering how it got in and out of no where a second crow flew out of no where i opened the door and it flew out, so now i am thinking how the heck did they get in, there is no holes for them to get in, anyone know how two crows can just appear in my garage with absolutely no way to get in?

    1. OUT of no where once more yet a third crow appeared in my garage does anyone know what this means i have never seen a crow enter a house not alone 3 of them

  73. I had a dream last night that I was in the passenger seat and one of my friends was the driver. We were driving through some windy roads in what seemed to be in the middle of a forest. The roads were wet and it looked like it had just rained, as I could see some mist by the trees.

    As the road was curving to the right, the gas pedal got stuck and the car went straight off the road and kept going up a very steep hill, but missing all the trees on the way up. All of a sudden we lost upward momentum and the car started going straight back down the hill very fast. We crossed back over the road in reverse and hit a tree on the other side.

    I looked over and saw the tree had stopped the car from going straight into the river that was behind us. The car then started moving back slowly like we were still going to go into the river. I remember being able to shift the weight so that the car would stay against the tree and not move.

    I looked over at my friend and he was leaning on my side of the car and pressed against my leg, I remember feeling discomfort from the metal rod in my leg. (I was in an accident in October of last year and broke my leg).

    The weirdest part of the dream is that right after feeling that discomfort, I looked outside the window to my leg and I saw an Asian man standing against a tree with a very stern look on his face, and right above him on some branches there was 2 black crows, one on each side of the tree, staring right at me.

    Immediately after I woke up spooked and felt like the man and the bird were in the room. It was sort of a heavy feeling and uncomfortable feeling, and made it hard for me to fall right back asleep. This dream happened while I was traveling and sleeping at an AirBnb. I woke up today and had a very long drive to get back home. In the first hour of the trip, I kept seeing crows, flying close to the car, on the side of the road on the guard rails, I also saw a dead one on the side of the road, all around the same time.

    I’ve never had a dream give me such a strong feeling like it’s a message, and I’ve been reading a lot on it, but I don’t fully understand it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Have you had an answer to your questions? I had a smiliar dream, and is curious about it.

  74. I had a dream, I was on the ground looking at a huge group of crows flying iver me, quite peacefull really. One of them was my crow, a beatiful black one. Out of no where, white crows popped out of the middle of the group. Now we had the center of the flying crows as white crows and the rest as black. My crow was black. What does this mean? There were about 30 black crows, or 20 black crows and 10 white crows.

    1. Hi Queen

      To dream of crows flying in sky is a sign of all the negative things in your life that are hanging over your head sort of speak .It also represents lingering unpleasantness or annoyances. An obnoxious person or situation that gets on your nerves or won’t go away. A crow is a sign that you are experiencing unwanted changes, bad news, difficult endings, hardship, or situations and people that won’t go away.
      The white in the middle suggests that when you get through all this that there is relief ahead from all your stressors.
      Now the none textbook version as I call it ,, (my sensitivities) the murder of crows in the sky are omens signs of the Negative things that are in your life. The white crows in the middle of the whole lot symbolize that you can turn the negative events that are lingering over you into positive .
      Also the visual of that looking up would seem like a target , giving you a bullseye to aim for resulting in a good end result .
      The fact that you keep saying (my crow) suggests that you take ownership to any of these difficulties and at anytime if you do things right the entire group of black crows ie(difficulties) can be turned into positive results .
      Also pushes forward your ability to make any situation bad or good all pending on your outlook ..
      I hope I didn’t confuse you there but I thought I would give you the books meanings and some of our meanings …

  75. Hi, over the past week I’ve had two encounters with crows the first I was walking to the shop and there was a crow on the ground it didn’t fly off it just walked next to me I thought it might of been hurt so bent down to look then stared to fly off the next I had just finished work and was sat on a walk waiting for a taxi when a crow jumped up on the walk and stood next to me looking at me

    1. Had a dream where there were 4 crows trapped in a shed with me, they didn’t seem panicked but I opened the door to let tgem out anyway, 3 hopped out but when I opened the door the light revealed a nursing cat in the corner and the fourth crow stood protectively over her. Feel like this is important

  76. My Dad passed on Christmas Day last week. Today we went for a good hike and passed a clump of trees with some crows. One big guy in particular flew down and sat on a branch cawing loudly until I stopped, and my 5 yr old son and I looked up at him and said HI. He was the loudest by far and demanded our attention; when he cawed the other ones were silent. Then he sat there and watched us walk away and we never heard a peep from them or saw them fly again. Then it hit me: that is Dad. It was him! Crows are corvids which are the smartest birds in the world. It was an overwhelming feeling, equal measures happy and sad. I was asking for a sign, and that was the first one.

  77. A few years ago, I was busy cleaning during the day and my son who was around 13 at the time was in his room. I heard this noise that i dismissed at first, this noise was getting louder and louder and coming from my son’s room. I finally, was like “what the heck?” And ran to his room, there my son and I were standing in his room staring at the most unbelievable sight. There were what seemed like hundreds of black, crows flying and ranting “raw” “raw” outside of only his window and that area of our house. We went to the window and their wings were banging up against the window. It was pretty creepy. I said to my son, “get your phone to tape this!” When he handed it to me, I put it up to the window and before I could tape it, the crow formulated into two separate lines like orderly soldiers and swept away in front of us through the woods. It was as if they sensed we were about to tape them. I will never forget that. There was no reason for this and why were they focused on only one side of the house? Any thoughts?

  78. Hello, my spirit animal is a crow but last night I had a dream about what looked like death without his hood. White, almost skeletal face with hollow eyes and a smile staring at me. He was standing in emptiness, pitch black nothing all around him and he didn’t move but the image slowly got closer to me. What rings in my head though is the end of his “sickle” I’m assuming was an all black vulture curved and looking down instead of the blade. Any thoughts?

  79. I had a dream today about transforming into a crow, and then flying into the sky. I think the reason I flew off was maybe because I either A, felt ignored by the people I was talking with in this house I was in..Or B, I just wanted to go outside and started to fly..Can’t remember which…Anyway, after I flew into the sky, my dream kinda shifted into some kind of..First person view mode..And while in that mode, I could see a lot of houses down below me..I turned and looked to my left while still in the air, and I could see a black wing, which I discovered was my own, which is how I knew I had turned into a crow! I remember feeling very happy as I flew threw the air in my crow form..It almost felt like I could feel the wind in my face, and a bit of the sun’s warmth..In my dream the day was a little cool but not to bad..I took probably one or two laps around this little town, before I landed on the ground to take a rest after all that flying..At that point I had turned back into a human, and discovered I had landed in front of the same house I flew away from. Sadly, though, when I wanted to take off and fly away again, I couldn’t. I kept reaching up for the sky, flapping my arms trying to fly again, but nothing happened. I even tried to see if I could lift myself in the air using the power of my mind..That didn’t work either..After I realized I wasn’t able to fly again, I said my energy was drained, and then I felt slightly afraid because I couldn’t fly…And that’s where the dream ended.

    After waking up from the dream I checked today’s crow message and it said “There is a great transformation happening within you right now. Trust that your life history has prepared you for this momentous change.” Which I found quite odd considering I had just dreamt of transforming into a crow..And then today’s crow message was about transformation…In any case combined with the crow message I got today, and my dream. What do you guys think it means?

  80. Not sure which totem to put this under. It involves a lot. I was meditating in a float tank and this came to me.

    While floating, a large black crow landed on my right ankle. It was about three times the size of a normal crow.
    It began picking at my flesh. I did not sense that it was trying to harm me. After picking awhile, it laid several eggs.
    Then on my left ankle, a grey crow showed up and did the same thing. (I didn’t even know grey crows existed.)
    The grey crow flew off and the black crow moved to my left leg.
    Then on my right leg, a brown eagle showed up. (I have traveled on this brown eagle in a previous meditation.)
    The brown eagle turned into a large bald eagle.

    The bald eagle jumped over and perched on my belly.
    From inside my belly a green dragon appeared.
    The bald eagle poked through my belly and picked up the green dragon with its beak and swallowed it whole.

    Then I saw a long black electric eel slithering in my belly.
    The eagle tried to eat it, but couldn’t.
    The black eel slithered away, but then came back up a second time.
    The eagle tried to eat it again, but couldn’t.
    The black eel slithered away and went down out of sight, deep from where ever it came from. As it did, an arch in the back of the black eel brushed against my outside spine.

  81. I believe I have a crow totem and two nights ago I had a dream of one. He flew onto my left shoulder, near my neck. Then, he swung his head around and tapped his beak on my back. He said to me, ‘”Pay attention! Pay attention!” I woke up then. It is so clear in my mind. Anyone have this happen?

    1. Definitely means “pay attention.” What is going around you? There are at least two levels that you can pay attention—1) at the ego/survival level—what should you watch out for?. 2) at the level of Soul, Source and Love—what needs Love and blessings of Light?

  82. My sweet Golden Retriever passed recently, and its been a very hard time. About a week after his passing I was on a walk with my other dog and asked him for a sign that he was ok/with us. No more than 30 seconds later a flock of close to 100 crows flew right in front of where we were walking. Some of them lined the telephone wire, some flew into a tree, and the oddest part was about half of them landed in the middle of the street right in front of us. A woman came around the corner in her car and her mouth just dropped open when she saw them. She drove very slowly and they didn’t fly away…just walked down the road for a bit with her trailing behind. Eventually they all flew into the surrounding trees 🙂

  83. Had a wierd experience this morning with crows. Went outside to feed up, and I heard a crow cawing 6 times, very adament cawing, like he wanted to make sure I saw him. As soon as I started staring intently at him, he ruffled his feathers, and stared back at me, and stayed in the tree as long as I was out there. Went back in the house, came out an hour or so later, there was 3 crows in the same tree,( the first crow in the tree first this morning was fairly close to me where I was standing). They cawed to get my attention, then one by one, they flew from the tree, each one of them flew over me , I was standing on the porch, and they all went over the house. I tried to pick up on anything they may have been trying to tell me, but I couldn’t. Anybody have any ideas? They could have flown away in any direction, but instead, they chose to fly over me and the house.

    1. What does rice have to do with it? Please explain your comment, what worked for you? Two days after this episode, a crow perched on a limb of a tree that is close to our house. He perched on the closest limb to the house. He started cawing 3 times, pausing, cawing 3 times, for as long as I stayed out there watching him. I first thought he was signaling other crows, but I never heard or saw any other crows. These episodes all happened within 3 days. I feel like there was a message there, but I couldn’t get it. Can someone offer any suggestions?

    2. Elizabeth Schokman

      feed Rice to Crow means – Crow is hungry, or Armsgiving. you can find some poors, homeleess, feed needy.

  84. This time of year there are always lots of crows in the small city I live in. I’ve always felt a strong connection to them. I pay attention to them when I see them. Lately, I have encountered them four times over the past week or so. Once, just outside my bedroom window, on the same day, on the roof of an former employer, again this morning and again at my current employer. They caw and caw and caw, until I look towards them or their sounds, then they leave! What is this!

  85. A crow flew into my room and spooked me out. It did not caw . It was early in the morning around 5 am. The window was open but 80 percent covered by the drapes. i don’t know why it wanted to creep in through the narrow metal grill on the window. It sat on the supply wire near the power point in my room. there was a proverb on the calendar where it sat. ‘ Set, your goals high and don’t stop till you get there” It was placed above a christian devotional picture. is the crow sitting over there a good sign or what man i’m spooked. I got scared and flunked a towel at it. it jumped down and hid behind my guitar. The spooky part is it saw me in the eye while it was clinging on the wall before it jumped and it didn’t caw at all.

    I threw the towel over the bird and caught it in my hand . it didn’t struggle at all. then i slowly took it out and threw the towel down along with the crow. then i looked down at it was just sitting there motionless. slowly i went down to retrieve the towel all the lovebirds in the cage nearby started to flutter like anything. i got scared and ran back up with the towel.

    It seemed to be a normal crow with grey color on its neck. Do i need to be prepared for anything. Is this a good sign or a bad omen. Pls help me i’m freaked out.

    1. I don’t know what it means according to your religion but in my religion crows are considered as our dead forefathers. Feed the crows and it will not scare you again but it will watch over for you

      Usually it tries to make us avoid some kind of danger like snakes
      Or the non forefathers will chase you if it thinks you destroyed it’s nest

  86. Yesterday would have been my mother’s birthday – she passed in 2015. I dreamt I was in a room with her – I was on the bed and she was by the open window looking like she had when she was sick, but she was happy. My father was near her but I couldnt see him – he predeceased her in waking life. An old crow came to the window and she held her hand out to feed him and explained to me it was “Craig” and this was their routine. He started to come in so I could meet and feed him and it understood that when she moved on, I would feed Craig.

  87. I was slowly waking up this morning and i heard a crow cawing loud. Today i was walking and another crow on a pole line was cawing. Then as i was driving a crow flew past my car.

  88. I had a dream which I felt like were 2 different parts. The first part had nothing to do with crows but there was this guy in my dream whom I had never met before in real life(I think??) as his face was very clear and I seemed to be very close with him and it seemed like the relationship was going to turn into a romantic one. although I was still reluctant about it in my dream. Then suddenly my parents show up in my dream and I’m trying to hide him from them only because my parents are strict and somewhat quite traditional. But I told them I had to leave to meet friend and they left with a car and around that moment for some reason I started flying I know I was sitting on something which enabled me to fly but I didn’t know what it was. I had a hairbrush in my hand and sort of just wanted to make it fly because the weather was nice and the wind felt great. And the brush just turned into a crow and it would fly in all directions and I would watch it fly and wait/anticipate? For it to come back so I could make it fly again. So the crow would come back and I would catch and make it fly again, which was a lot of fun because in a way I wished I could fly that fast as the bird because it seemed fun. But before the fun part I think I was flying on something and it was like not a pretty scene it was like robots trying to take over the world but the robots were already destroyed and somebody I don’t know seemed (I don’t remember seeing the person it might just have been an anime character?) to be in agony that they loved the robots or one of the robots but he knew it was the right decision for them to be dead? I think that part is just random nonsense related to animes I’ve watched. Personally I think my dream has a good meaning, but what do you think? Thank you beforehand.

  89. I had a dream, where I knew I was dreaming because there was snow on the ground and it’s the beginning of September in New England, so I figured it out. Meanwhile I’ve been hearing and seeing crows a lot in my awake hours, and felt its symbolism. While I was trying to wake myself up I heard the loud caws of hundreds of crows surrounding my house heading toward the window of the room I was in, all of a sudden there was a whole in the screen and a crow came in through the window and pecked me in the middle of my forehead, I was scared but not threatened. Shortly after I dreamt my child had woken up and was looking for me and that shook me to Conscienciousness. Anyone have any insight?

    1. Good morning
      Crows are coming to you personally even into your room and touching your forehead. It feels they are trying tomget your attention and asking you to open to possibilites only seen or felt via our third eye. It was very specific in its intention, tapping your forehead as birds use that technique usually to open things up or break shells in order to gain the tender bite of fruit. Crow is directing you twords your life purpose and asking you to begin the journey in your life – sight, awaereness, clarity, choices that support your souls journey. This is a wonderful dream and blessing for you.

  90. Hello!

    I’ve started seen this particular crow at my work place, only on my work place. I commute to our other store in the mornings and return to the one where I mainly work…and from time to time, I see this crow. He doesn’t caw at me, he just plays around the railing, and looks back as if inviting me to watch him, and I recently noticed, when I take a look he is always looking at a particular direction, our main store and that’s where most of my turmoil comes from. Recently my life has been in a bit of turmoil, and myself included. I stand in a cross-road of decision making, big life decision making…and the curiosity of this is, that my work is literally tied to my life. Whichever choice I make, work related, will directly affect my life. So if I decide to stay, it will all be the same, if I decide to resign my job…my life will change, because I decide to migrate, and change many things about me and my life. For the better.

    I would appreciate some advise!

    1. Good Morning

      What a wonderful sign you are receiving by crow being around your area of work. If you have made your choice or decision i hope you are feeling blessed and enjoying your journey.As for the meaning of crow being around you in the morning at a. Ery specific location it would seem that crow is directing your attention to being open to playful ways of dealing with our choices. In my experiences when animals show up it is a sign to pay attention and ask for support in the choices you are facing. We tend to take life very seriously and with crows being a playful bird it feels they are saying it is ok to relax, breathe, take some timw to play and have a little more fun in your daily life. All work and no play is terribly hard on our souls as well as our health and emotional well being. I wish you the best and blessings on your life journey.

  91. Last night I had a dream that a crow was following me around. Eventually, it flew down into my lap. He looked at me and said “I have an important quest for you. Do you accept?” I did. He said that he needed a few things (pumpkin seeds, candies, lemon, and zinc (?)) What could something like this mean?

  92. Dreamed of a crow flying above me while i was driving then one watching me, later on in the dream my mother said if that crow keeps following me I’ll die. Anyone have a clue on what it could mean or is it self explanatory haha.

    Looked more like a Raven but I could be wrong.

    1. Crows in past stories were believed to be omwns or warnings that you would die or death was in your life path. Which of course then made people more aftaid and likely to get injured or sick and die. I have always looked for the metaphore of stories a d superstitions as they do reveal truths we do not always see clearly. As for crows showing up and flollowinf you around in dreams i would suggest to ask them what they are doing if you dream of them again. You life is probably changing in some way or they are directing your attention to pay attention to what your heart and soul desires. We tend to forget that our soul has desires as well and when we do not listen things will show up to help us remeber. As for death, change is a form of death or ending to what we know and moving into areas that we have yet to experience. Look for opportunities to expand your fun and joy in life and dont be afraid to ask them in your dreams, you just might be surprised at the answers they offer!

    2. Jeanine, You speak with a truth about the mystery of crows. I feel that you may be of a nation? But, I am not sure. Anyway your advice was sound. I recently was testing a go pro in my car and filmed a crow stop flying and fall straight down from the sky and hit the earth. I believe it died. But I was driving and could not stop at that time, I can only assume it died. I have never seen that happen but after reflection later I wondered if that was an omen for me. But what good would a omen be if an event occurs later that you had no control of for good or bad?
      Now, after 5 weeks have passed , a profound heartache has occurred and perhaps that crow that fell was a way of telling me to prepare my heart.

  93. Hello,
    I enjoy your site. Great info! I’m confused about a recent crow encounter, if anyone can shed some insight. Thank you!

    Several weeks ago, I got an Crow oracle card in a tarot reading. A few days later I was riding my bike on the beach locally. Birds are usually flying around near the water there, so I didn’t pay much attention at first to a group of 10-20 crows that were flying above me as I rode along. Their cawing sounds were loud and wildly random, like ordinary chatter. They continued to fly above me as I rode, and after several minutes I noticed that their random cawing chatter began to fall into unison, until they were all cawing one smooth, large cawing sound. It was like a rhythmic chorus, so beautiful! Why do they do this?

    1. What a wonderful
      Experience for you! I sense they were letting you know that they see you and your quest for self is being acknowledged! Keep up the good work and revel in the amazing support you are receiving in your life!

  94. Hi i had a fught with a neighbour whi’ d been bullying me from the day i moved in. I wrote him a letter saying how i felt and that all i wanted was an apology then i would acknowledge and talk to him again.
    A crow followed me home today and has been hhhganging around my house. Ge is not a usual as my neighboyrs all have burs feeders and the old birds screeched and yelled.
    All my neighbors are uber old so i am unsurprised if one dies and i am downsizing as i intend ti sell un 6 months but i am scared the crow is a bad omen re horrible neighbour.

    1. Update apology from neighbour im shocked hopefully its a new beginning for a pleasant neighbourhood and change the crow intended but he’ s still hanging around.

  95. I moved into a new single storey property four months ago. After six weeks I was woken at 4am by a crow persistently throwing himself at the bedroom window – he was very determined and the onslaught went on for a good 20 minutes – it frightened me quite a lot – this continued for the next 10 -14 days always at 4 -4.30 am. Then it stopped and has not happened since.

    A week later I heard him on the roof pecking at the tiles as though he wanted to find a way in through the roof – the pecking is insistent and is still ongoing – he starts at around 5am and continues at various times through the day although it ceases in the evening.

    There appears to be a pair of them although it is the bigger of the two who tries to get in – they also caw a lot, usually four notes in succession. I am beginning to get paranoid and feel that they are watching me although this is probably my imagination. I am going through a hard time in my personal life at the moment so maybe that isn’t helping. They scared me at first but i am starting to feel attached to them – do you think there is anything meaning in it or is it just crows doing normal crow things ?

    1. Those four strident caws, in two pairs of two, with a slight pause in between (like Caw! Caw! Caw! Caw!) is generally the warning that the lookout will give if someone is approaching the area where his flock is feeding on the ground. It’s not necessarily a sign of danger, but rather warns the other crows to be alert – something *might* happen.

  96. My crow dream was very different.
    In the scene I walked into the room and seen a crow hanging in something like a red cord… I thought it was strangling itself and i was pretty creeped out but upon closer inspection it was just relaxed enjoying swinging and I think it may of been eating something.. it looked beautiful. I remember looking at how pretty it’s face was and I woke

  97. I had a dream that my brother removed the skin of a crow but before that i closed the front door and is trying to close the second door but when i close it something was trying to open it but i’m trying my best to not let that thing open it and i saw a bag strap that is stuck and a bedding i removed the strap but i did not remove the bedding and unfortunately the thing that’s forcing the door, entered which is a dog and at some time i saw a glimpse of the room the lights are on. after that when the dog entered i sent him outside and i put the refrigerator in front of the door to refrain it to be opened and they were 2 refrigerators the first one at the back of it the power plug is destroyed so i used the second refrigerator and after that i think i’m scared i’m scared so i’m thinking to close the windows tightly but changed my mind i went to a room wore a rosary and put the other rosary in my hand and when i saw the saints statue i am trying to get one to put to some place and then my brother came i moved one statue and i felt something and we continuously move the statues after some time while moving it i am singing our father but before that i saw my brother got mad and removed the skin of a crow.

    1. I awakened one night to one of the most lucid of lucid dreams. In the dream I suddenly opened my eyes and I was lying in a bed in my prior house, and it was pitch black outside, but beside me there was a carton of salt. All of a sudden I got this massive urge to sprinkle salt around the bed. For some reason I believed I was under attack. All I could hear was crows cawing outside loudly, and for some reason, time kept on slowing down and then speeding back up, and because of it I couldnt sprinkle the salt around the beds boarders. Each time I tried I would freeze in place. So ,eventually I just raised my arm and shook the salt all over myself instead. The crows kept calling, and suddenly bright lights would flash every 5 seconds or so. It was so freaky when time would slow down and the sound of the crows would deepen and resume to normal pitch. I just knew there was something outside powerful trying to get in, and it was so strong, that when it was attempting to push its way inside the flash of light would result, and everything in the room would slow down in order for me to be hindered of protecting myself. Now whem I think about it, it seems to me that I was probably awakened by the crows, and they were warning me to do something or I was toast. I call it a dream, but I know it was something else.

  98. Last night in my dream I had three new family pets: a large snake (perhaps a boa constrictor of some kind, but I didn’t feel an attachment to it and left it alone); a white bat; and something small that I do not remember.

    I was just obsessed with this bat. I loved it so much, it sort of became my pet and responsibility. I think it was some sort of horned bat, but those are common right? I was worried about feeding it on time because in the dream I knew that it needed to eat a lot. At first I didn’t want to let it go because I thought it would fly away, but at the pool (it was so blue and beautiful) I decided I should let it fly and see if it comes back. So I did. It caught a bunch of insects and ate and dove down to me, right into my hands. I still remember feeling that warm, soft, pale skin. It felt like I was holding a bat, the weight, the feel of it falling hard into my cupped hands.

    Later at some point, it was out again, and I had my house door open to let it in and I called it. It didn’t come back, kind of like a cat. Then I saw crows flying above it and I got terrified for the bat. I started screaming and crying. It then twisted from the air and dove back to me and flew towards the door and house. But then one of the crows came too.

    By the time it came to the door, it was huge. It’s neck was the size around of my pit bulls. I wrapped my arm around its neck as it tried to dive into my home. I told my brother to watch my bat and proceeded to apply more pressure to this huge crow’s neck until I suffocated it.

    I’ve seen what they say a bat represents, and especially a white bat. What I can’t figure out is what the huge crow chasing it means???

  99. My crow experience is a bit different. Last night I came upon a crow who was obviously injured. It was stumbling around in some thick pampas grass, while the sprinklers rained down on it, flapping its wings and unable to get out on its own. Every time it flapped I could see that it was significantly red, raw, and damaged underneath the pinions of its wings. Naturally I could not just leave it there. It was remarkably easy to rescue; all I had to do was offer it a stick in front of its feet and it stepped right on, allowing me to lift it out of the brush. But if I got too far away, it would jump right back in. After doing this several times, I got a friend to hand me a cloth bag. Putting the crow in the bag was the only time it let out distress calls- otherwise, I felt like it knew I was trying to help it and wanted to be helped. At home I put the crow in a secure cardboard box with ventilation and made a nest for it out of paper towels while I tried to locate a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Nothing was open last night by the time I completed the rescue. To keep it calm I offered it water with a liquid syringe and talked to it softly. The bird’s eyes were clear and alert, and it seemed to feel safe. My main goal was to keep it calm so it wouldn’t needlessly bump around and flap its injured wings. I sang it some mantras for awhile and left it on my warm, dark patio for the night safe in its box. This morning I found a local wildlife rehabilitator who was willing to help itand dropped it off, leaving it in good hands. She said it appears to be a hungry juvenile (it did keep gaping at me for food every time I opened the box) who probably got itself tangled up while learning to fly. She thinks in a few weeks it will be fine.

    My question is: WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN THE CROW THAT COMES ACROSS YOUR PATH IS INJURED? Furthermore, if it is injured and calmly allows you to save it?

    1. Great story….! What a loving thing to do. This was a great mirror lesson for you….. you lovingly assisted this crow in its time of need and offered him help and healing. I would ask yourself ….Is this a reflection of how YOU need help and healing in your own life or are you needing to be gentle and kind to yourself like you were to this crow. Crow brings out things in us that require our attention….sometimes he brings fear, or calmness. In your case he brought out loving your darkness! Nurturing your side that needs attention. What in your life is injured and needs help. You have what it takes to nature and care for your own darkness. Or….have you already done this, have you reached a place of calmness, acceptance and Love for those aspects of yourself you have previously neglected? This looks like a good omen to me…..thank crow and feel very blessed for a very scared moment that you were able to have……. God bless xx

    2. She chose you. Crows are highly inteligent and can tell people’s intentions. I would take it as a sign of trust and respect. Dont worry if they seem to congregate around you, or run messages.

  100. The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday.

    So the day before yesterday I told my friend that I feel my totem animal os about to change. I felt than the good old bear that was revealed to me in a dream last year had served its purpose and I stated that I’m waiting for a sign of a new animal. While saying this, I was thinking about a crow, suspecting it might be it.

    And there I go yesterday. Middle of the city, busy street, I see some office building and a crow in front of it. I decide to stop and take a look. For some reason it seems to me like the crow wants to get inside. I fight with my thoughts as in the end, letting wild birds into office buildings is not the smartest thing to do, but I somehow felt I HAVE to do it no matter what.

    So, there I am, decided on opening the door for the crow. I make a step towards it – and it flies up and SITS ON MY HEAD. Just like that. It stays there for about five seconds and flies away.

    I then realized – I asked for a sign, I got a sign, loud and clear. I kept thinking about the door for a while, that in the end I didnt open it for the bird like it wanted me to – and then tadam! I realize I did. The door was a symbol! It was all about trusting my guts and doing what I felt the crow needed me to do. Once I made my mind about opening the physical door, I opened some kind of portal of communication with the crow, allowiing it to choose me.

  101. 😥 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
    crows was tested as my spirit animal. But today my girlfriend was walking our rottie. And I was in the house doing work. All in a sudden i hear my girl friend calling my name and asking for help. She told me our dog killed a baby crow that was already on the ground hopping with its wing broken. i rushed out, and saw at least 20 -30 crows on each one of the trees around my house’s garage drive way. i didnot see the whole thing happen. but please help me out here. Is it trying to give me any messages?

  102. Hello,
    I had a strange incounter a few hours ago on my back porch …. I was wondering if anyone here could help me on the possible meaning.
    My husband was given a staue of a witch on a broom last week from my Mother …. When I seen it it struck me odd that the witch has long brown culy hair and brown eyes resembling me if I let my hair grow and wore it in its natural state.
    I brought it out to my back porch this morning with the intent to clear any negative energies from it by cleaning it with white sage smoke. I set the satue on the out door table and went back inside to finish picking up the house .
    When I opened the back door to go out to do the cleansing on the satue four crows were on my porch in a straight row facing out toward the yard all four took off at the same time in flight …
    Strange as we have lived here for 3 years and never has the crows come this close that I am aware of they usually hang out in the back or side in the trees that line the wooded areas. Any ideas or spiritual insight is appreciated.

  103. I didn’t really put meaning into what happened 2 weeks ago, until I stumbled into this site. This might not mean anything or what…but let me know.
    So I was walking towards my building one afternoon, when all of a sudden out of nowhere (well I say nowhere because I haven’t been looking up) a crow screeched overhead and briefly landed on my head then flew off. That threw me off my reverie. I was surprised and a bit scared. I have literally been walking on that sidewalk for months without having any weird encounter with birds, let alone a crow.
    So I thought that was just a fluke on how the bird flew and did a touchdown on my head. So I walked faster because the incident terrified me. Then all of a sudden the crow swooped on top of my head again. It was following me. It was really weird. It’s not as if I live in a forest or open field or something. I lived in a city with blocks and blocks of residential/business buildings. So I ran towards a store and went inside, afraid that the bird would attack me again. Can someone tell me what was all that about?

  104. I am not usually a person who looks to deeply into superstitions but today something caught my attention. My stepdad passed away suddenly in January , right as we were trying for another child. I found our in February we were pregnant with twins, which I felt was a god sent. We’ve had some issues and I always pray and talk to my stepdad asking him to watch over us. Anyways so today I had an appointment to check my twins, we’ve had a rough week, and I go to my car and see 3 crows. So 3 of them flew overhead and 1 stopped and perched on the light pole next to me. I looked up at it and it began squaking at me. I simply smiled at it and said hi , please let your presence be good news today . The crow squaked again and flew away out of sight.. overall my appointment went great and my twins are doing well. I can’t help but feel this was a message from someone or something telling me everything was ok and they were watching. Any insights?

    1. Hi
      I can kind of tell you have a connection with animals. You say your stepdad passed away in January. And then you’re having twins, This is a good omen believe it or not. Sure its sad if someone leaves us but it means it will make you and your family stronger, Like they say “Whatever doesn’t kill you, Only makes you stronger” Keep your heart pure and clean because twins is a lovely part of life to have but it is hard. A clean heart will help encounter hard hurdles and I’ve heard if a male, Mostly a Dad…When he passes away then a crow is sent in his place to guide you and also watch over your intentions etc. I really appreciate the way you so kindly said “hi” to the crows as this…This is the purity of your heart proved. And I’m sure that was your Dad or a crow sent in place of your dad to watch over you and show your desires. Cheers!

  105. I have always felt the presence of crows since I was around 15, I went through a transition of life where I over thought and tried to apply logic in illogical situations, but even now I see crows everywhere I go, and they always seem to be around me. People thought I was crazy when I told them this, but now after reading ‘if crow is your animal totem’, the description sounds a lot like me in more ways than one. So maybe it’s not as random as I once thought.

  106. I had a dream last night that I was walking through the forest when I saw a crowd. When I got closer I noticed it was dead and the more I walked around looking the more crows I found dead on the branch and grass covered forest bed surrounded by huge pine trees. I’m wondering what it means to dream about so many dead crows is it a bad sign or a good sign of change? Please tell me what it means.

    1. David/ Dancing Crow

      I have recently been given the name Dancing Crow. The crow is also my Animal Spirit Guide. What does the name “Dancing Crow” mean in interpretation.

    2. It isn’t a very good omen but we can’t say. Crows are a very… well a bird that has very much interesting stories behind it.
      Crows can also represent death but not just Death. Its not death anytime soon anyway. Its like the death of something that isn’t very good but you are focused on. E.g. a relation ship can have lots of little quarrels in it and sometimes are better off ended. This could be a sign of something similar. It is actually like a sign from the universe to move forward with your life, Dont look back or ahead of yourself…Think of the present. look for opputtunities to go on happily and cleanly in life. Bad luck only comes when you believe in it…So be grateful for this message from above and focus on living life and loving it : )

  107. Hi,

    I had a strange encounter with a bird today that I would like you to ask about. I’m currently working in the Middle East and was out for a morning run in the desert as I often do to let my thoughts drift and to clear my mind. As I jogged, I suddenly noticed a shadow to my right and realized a bird was bearing down on me from behind. Not in a dive, just floating along in the wind. But it came close, within 5 feet. Still only seeing the shadow, I swerved and turned thinking it might land on me. The bird then flew off and landed about 25 feet away to my left (the wind was blowing right to left). It was a large crow.

    With that said, when the crow landed, I stopped and faced it. Drawing on some things I’ve read and heard, I asked the crow (in my head, not aloud) what it was trying to tell me. It began to squawk. My thoughts were clouded and nothing really occurred to me, but then the crow took off, flying into the wind towards me, and stopped over my head again. The wind pushed it away, but it flew back and hovered over my head for a few moments then let the wind push it back to a landing spot about a 25 ft away once again. Some more squawking and me still not realizing anything in particular. So I turned and walked and as I did, the crow flew off.

    Would you be able to interpret any significance in this encounter? Or perhaps steer me to some who might be able to give some insight?

    Thank you kindly for your consideration.

    1. Sounds like the crow was trying to get your attention when he swooped at you. He’s a brave one! By stopping in front of you, he’s looking to confirm he has your attention. Seems like maybe he tried to communicate something but when you didn’t react like you understood, he gave up and flew off. Still, he thought he had a chance to communicate something to you, and that’s significant.

      Twice you mentioned clarity of thought…maybe the crow wants you to think from the heart, instead of the head. As a symbol, the crow is a symbol of magical moments, so in a way, it almost sounds like he’s shouting, “Think from your heart and magic will happen!”. 🙂

  108. Hello, how are you. So I had a strange moment, I was sleeping then I awoke to the sound of a crow. The strange thing is I looked up and on my dresser in my room was this massive crow the size of a raven. Then I heard a strange noise come from it sounded like it was saying,” Your name is Icarus.” I do not care for a reply, I just wanted to give an experience to others.

  109. Jennifer Vermeulen

    I have a crow that has been visiting me six times a day sometimes more ? I have affectionately called him machine gun Kelly because of the sound he makes (like a machine gun). He also makes a meowing noise!! He is the neatest crow I have ever met in my life!!! Omg he just showed up as I typed this!! I love him so much. He brought me out of a really deep depression! He is a very sweet crow! He makes me come out and visit him all the time. I have now been told by my Tulalip friend that my spirit animal is the crow! How very fitting! ?

  110. Cindy Ouimette

    I always seem to see crows flying over me while driving, this past Sunday I was involved in a car accident which turns out was my fault even though the car I hit was speeding, so while I bounced off her car I hit another car coming from the other direction no one was hurt thankfully but I then find out by the police officer my Jeep wasn’t registered thinking this whole time my husband registered it he claims he did well he didn’t so my question is was this the crows way of reminding us it needs to be registered even though it’s going to cost me a years pay in damages having no insurance go figure, not required in my state or is this meaning something else I at least see one fly over me at least once a day! I’m not really superstitious but it’s creepy all the same plz help!

  111. Yesterday while driving from work, I turned down the dirt road to our home. There was a crow in the middle of the road, just sitting there, looking at my approaching vehicle. I thought for sure it would fly away (I was not going fast) but it did not. I drove right over it then saw it fly away in my rear view window. What could that possible mean?

    1. Sometimes life brings you what you need. And this is a good sign. Have you come to a point in your life where it is standing still or not progressing??? Stuck?? Where in life do you need to slow down and stop?? Is anyone in your life railroading you or driving over the top of you …… your thoughts or opinions. This symbolizes the crow in front of you, currently what is happening….or coming future and shown as you drive TOWARD the crow. And …is life just cruising for you at the moment and it doesn’t matter what comes across your path, you’ve learnt to stand your ground and not fear doing so?? In this instance…you watching crow fly away in the rear veiw mirror showing you that now you have learnt to be assertive and stand your ground and that lesson has been released from your life and is now in the past?? I hope this helps you get to the point of your message….:)

      Great sign! God bless xx

  112. I have been seeing crows everywhere. Just now my car is dead.. been trying for hours to boost it.. and comes swooping in a crow.. a couple days ago I was at my friends place in the bathroom.. I could here a crow squaking like crazy… sometimes I will be walking and I’ll see crows and they are almost always extremely vocal… I feel very much so creeped out by these encounters.. I don’t know what it means…

  113. Hi, my name is B.
    I had a dream about being in school and while walking down a corridor I stumbled upon a crow with a broken leg. I was taking care of it by giving it water and splinting it’s broken leg. I remember going up to the front desk of the school and asking for help which they gave by giving me a round box with a pillow on the bottom for the bird to rest. I woke up after the dream transition to a gun fight. Its the only dream I remember and usully a person has more than one dream in a night. Yet this one stuck to my conscious. May I please ask for guidance? I really am curious as to what it means.
    Thank you for your time.

  114. I was on my back padio and I was listening to music and meditating and I hear a caw a few times and I opened my eyes and I saw a black crow sitting on the bird feeder and he was look at me while eating. Well since then, 5 days ago iv been seeing two black crows every time I step out side. There apparence are clear as day to me. I did some reading and it said to listen to there calls. One of them called out to me once and that was the first day I seen the first one. I can tell the difference in the two also.

  115. This morning a single crow was cawing in tree directly over my home. I was a little uneasy.Now I’m seeking info abt crowd an understand them to be messengers of death and change. Which is it for me. I don’t want to give too much credence to this but I do pay attention to signs an symbols. Should I be wary?

  116. 2 weeks ago and black crow woke me up in the morning . He was on the ground walking around and around my house kawasaki kawasaki and kawing. The third walk around he hopped up the front porch steps and kawing kawing kawing, he hopped down the steps and walked to the garage door, there he stopped again and karen like crazy, like he wanted in my house. Well, the story is I have a African grey parrot that I had no idea he was ill. Me being superstitious I thought oh no this crow is bad news. My African Grey passed away April 25, 2016 in my arms. I’m crying so hard. Had him 21 yrs.

  117. I just had a strange encounter. I was sitting on my screened in patio drinking my coffee and I heard a loud sqwak multiple times with a pause in between each sqwak. I wasn’t sure what it was as I couldn’t see any birds, I actually thought 8t wad a duck. Then a black crow fly onto a tree outside the patio and looked at me he sqwaked a fewore times then flew to the ground and picked up a leaf or something and dropped it then flew back to the tree where a blue Jay or blue bird swooped at him and the crow.snapped at the bird. The blue Jay did it again and the crow changed trees and the blue did swooped again once or twice and the crow flew off.
    The crow did seem to be looking at me. quite superstitious and come from family where signs are paid attention to. Just not sure what that was. Felt very intent full like a message.
    Any assistance would be great thanks!

  118. I was at work on break and 2 crows flew above me and dropped a fresh 1/4 bird carcas next to me then sat above me on a light and watched me.. After a cpl minutes they flew off.. What could this mean?

  119. Jordon Simmons

    I’ve been seeing this as bird outside my window on the telephone wire thing, it stares at me, I only open and stay at my window when it rains it let’s me think and makes me relaxed but it just sits there and stares. I don’t know what it wants from me.

  120. Harwinder Singh

    I’ve seen the crow so far for the past 3 days. First time I seen the crow was on the 24 of March. I went to open my bathroom window and it was on a telephone wire. It did that kaw kaw and flow away. So two hours later, I just felt if I should just go out for a walk and look for it. As I went out, I’ve just seen normal birds which felt as a path way. So I followed them. Later on I heard the crow and I kinda seen a photo in my head, it’s hard to explain but it was the crows head and a view of New York City. So I just felt why not, so I ended up going to the City, I walked a lot just because I’m just that type of person who goes out of his ways, just to see and find out a answer, but long story short I ended up seeing a girl I liked. So the next day in the morning, I just felt something, so I left my house, seen birds flying and making a path I guess. But this time I seen the crow but two. As I followed them, but one went somewhere else, I didn’t see it but the other one, which seemed to be the one I’ve seem since the first day. It would fly away little and just wait for me to come, so I walked the paths it made. It would do the kaw kaw and just fly around. To spot to spot and I’ll just follow it. So I took photos and videos. But today on the 27, I’ve done the same thing like the other days and once again I’ll see them but today I seen both at the same time as they both made a path but I kept on seeing other birds as well but they where white. I think there where 3 white birds, they where flying around in circles. As the crows kept on making path ways. I’m really not sure whats going on. Since I was a kid, I was sent to India for a year, I was told while I was sleeping outside, there was a snake and it didn’t attack me, my uncle told me on how it just kept on looking at me but didn’t move at all. As my uncle came closer to the snake, it still didn’t move. He did end up killing it. I also seen a shooting star there. One I come back to New York, I think I was 13 or around that, but I was walking home around 12pm or 3 am but a few houses away from my house, I had a feeling I was being watching so I looked to the right and I seen a white ghost, she seemed to be around my age. She was young but she just stood there and just looked at me and now I just see crows.

  121. Its come to my Attention that Yesterday Morning a Crow was on my wall outside my house and as I stared out, it looked straight in at me, Then again Today the same thing Happened, is this some kind of Sign? its totally got my attention now!!

  122. Hi, I had a dream where crow flew towards me and landed on my head. He was heavy and I fed him bits of lamb. In the dream it was just before sunrise and as he went he pooed on me.

    What does this mean?

    Thank you for your time, bless be

  123. My newest totem. Crow has come to appear quite frequently the last few days/weeks the more I think back, as if trying to get my attention. Now I understand why that is and am thankful for the reassurance.

  124. A seer said she had a vision of me in a field with crows… What could this mean? I have tried to research but can’t figure out how… Thank you for you time blessed be…

  125. Today, when I went outside, three crows came and landed on the fence in front of me. Two left shortly thereafter, but one stayed within a relatively close distance to me, approximately 15 feet, and cawed at me once. I looked at him and he looked at me. I walked off to the right to get in my car. I looked back and he was still there. Feel like there may have been a message for me, but for the life of me I have no idea what this means.

  126. Last night I had a dream that I was sitting on the front porch of my house. Then I saw a crow flying in circles in the sky. Then it flew down and sat on the arm of the chair next to me. What does this mean?

  127. I had a dream that I was loving three parrots and one crow came and sat on my head I then flew him away what does it mean

  128. I just wanted to leave my story in hopes it helps others.
    I was on my way into the court house to file some very important papers. I was very nervous, scared, and lost if I was doing the right thing. A very loud, in your face type crow made his presence very known. Couldn’t miss him. On my way out he was there again.
    A month later on my court date, as im walking in I found it strange… there he was again!! I thought this must be his home. My court went very well, all my worries were for nothing. All worked out In my favor, with no lawyer I may add.
    On my way out I fully expected to encounter this crow again, when I stepped outside on my way to the car….. nothing. No crow. It was silent, almost dissapointing. Like he had vanished.
    After reading this I realized he was giving me the sign I was doing the right thing an that great changes were coming!

  129. This has been interesting reading. Some of the stories seem a little bit far-fetched, frankly. But I am certain that if the crow isn’t my totem animal, he is the watcher over all of us, and should always be noticed and listened to. Several years ago we had an old wood stove in our home that was our primary source of heat. My husband was working in the shop and when I got home that night in the dead of winter he said he had a weird experience that day, and noted that there was a crow sitting in the tree right over our house that would NOT stop making a ruckus. He spent a lot of time there and would fly away for a bit only to return and continue making noise. That night I was very watchful because of the crow and I couldn’t sleep, and around 3am we had a flue fire that I was able to detect and put out before it burned the house down. A couple of years later also in the winter I hopped on the tractor to take hay to our cattle. It was bitterly cold, and windy, but as I was driving down to the pasture I heard a crow cawing repeatedly. I drove into the pasture, checked that all the cattle looked fine, and started to drive back out when I remembered the crow. I took one more pass through the pasture and discovered a newborn calf curled up on the WRONG side of the fence line, where his mother couldn’t get to him. If I hadn’t found him when I did, he would have died that night. My latest encounter was this summer when we were on the lake with our friends, and my husband and I were getting ready to try scuba diving. We pulled the boat up to a steep drop off and tied up, and right when we did I hear a crow cawing a warning, but couldn’t see him. I am a bit superstitious so i opted not to try scuba because of the crow, and I told my husband it was his choice but I didn’t think he should either. He went despite the warning, and ruptured his ear drum while on the dive and came to the surface in extreme pain. I ALWAYS listen to crows, they see everything and they are in tune with parts of this universe that we have no idea about, I believe.

  130. My husband woke this morning with a strange dream of large human size crows. He said they were very playful and kept walking up to him to nudge him so that he would nudge them back and were very happy to play this game. I was in his dream too as he said I cautioned him to be careful of his eyes as they have sharp pointy beaks! He very seldom recalls any dreams so I would be interested if anyone could give us an interpretation of what it all means.

  131. That’s lovely! I had a dream though that was a bit scary.. so i was with my dad and sister and talking to them about past lives and reincarnation and awaiting a black crow to come on top of my head which happened, I was trying to look cool , and i was really excited when i was waiting for the crow, yet when it landed on my head i was scared, and i felt like my third eye is opening up. Then i took the crow on my hands and all of a sudden it bit my finger really hard that i was fighting with it and trying to open it’s beak to release my finger ..any suggestions?
    P.S in my spiritual journey and throughout my life, I’ve always been scared of darkness, spirits and entities

  132. The crow is one of my Spirit Animal Totems. I have quite a few passing through the garden, particularly at the moment when the pecan nuts are falling from the tree, they love eating them. In the last two days, 4 times when I have gazed out of my window, there is a crow on the birdbath, drinking water. I have never seen any crows drinking from the birdbath as it is quite small…usually its all the smaller birds, doves, waxbills etc. I feel the crow is trying to give me a message?? Any ideas?? Thanks.

  133. What does it mean to seee a BROWN crow. I always see crow, but this time it was only one single Brown crow. And I was in shock, I was amazed

    1. I wonder if you ever found out what this meant? Last night I had a dream…kinda morbid.

      I live in New York and in my dream I was visiting the South later on the news (in my dreams) I found out it was Decatur and there was a mass shooting that killed several people including a little girl. … Then I was in this girl’s parents house consoling them… Then a Brown Crow.. flecked with kinda with black came in the room and spoke to me saying it was partially the girl incarnated… And told me and the parents to ask him/her questions about what’s experienced after death. I asked several that I won’t mention here but it nodded… Kinda weird..and dark -_- needless to say I woke up very disturbed.

  134. I am wondering if someone can help me out with something. Yesterday, my daughter who is 8 and I we’re leaving a pool party and on the window shield was a black crow. When I got into the car the black crow was looking at us, me, and calling and squaking loudly and would not get off the car. Finally someone told me to start the car and the bird would fly away. I did that and the bird hung on for dear life. I was going very slow, finally I called 911 and the bird flew away. Now, I’ve always been told that black crows are a symbol of bad luck. However I don’t believe God would make such a creature. There is a lot of stuff going on in my life, I have a second interview on Tuesday, my family and I are kind of at odds, and I’m wondering if this could actually have been a good thing and or perhaps with the crow was trying to say, or if I’m just reading too much into it and it was just a “bird” on my car. I pray a lot, I love Jesus and God, I believe in the Angels, I don’t dabble in witchcraft, and so maybe I am reading into something. Does anyone have any insight on this. I will say, because I’m very superstitious I was very scared and freaked out. Now I’m thinking it was just a bird. I am also thinking that maybe I should try to reconcile with the family who are at odds. Any ideas?

    1. Hi I know it’s been a long time that you posted this but I am just reading it now. To me when you explained your experience, I was thinking that maybe you are holding on to things to tightly. Maybe the crow was showing this to you. She/he was holding on and wouldn’t let go. And since they are the messenger bird, they are generally here to do just that…..bringing us a message.

  135. Anthony McMickle

    Crows are always present around me. They seem to tell me that change is to be embraced, and of late, that all the pieces of my journey are about to join together in an astounding way. I am full of gratitude and peace. . May each of you be also.

  136. What does it mean if you see a raven or a crow (Couldn’t tell which) flies away from you and then back? I saw a darkly colored bird flying away and back as if it wanted me to come. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow it because I was stuck in a moving car.

  137. 😉 ❓ I have a crow that I don’t feed and he brings me things almost everyday he has been bringing me feathers? What does this mean???

  138. I live near plenty of crow murders (bug groups of crows) and my father had one as a pet a long while back. I was in love with that bird for many years to come until it had died. Me and my father buried it in the cemetery he found it in. That was the first and last time I ever saw my dad cry. 😳 The crow left me with nightmares and hollow sounds when I went to sleep from then on. It seemed to have stopped when I turned about thirteen, but lately it’s been happening again, and it is the exact same sound. Not to mention, his house is being flooded in crows and ravens lately. Usually we only see them in the cemetery. : / I’m confused, but not really afraid…

  139. 😯 I am working toward my BFA and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I have been off track for thirteen years working at a job I hate and raising a child on my own. My daughter has grown and left under bad circumstances and yesterday I was displaced from my place of employment. The last several semesters the crow has shown up in much of my artwork and someone suggested to me it might be my spirit animal. I dismissed that notion. I stayed home from class today and have been haunted by a crow all day. If this site reads true then I suddenly have a breath of hope that all is well and all signs point to promise of light from the dark and good things on the horizon.

  140. i had a dream where i was best friends with a crow and i when i woke up i missed it i dont know if the dream means anything comment if you have a idea

  141. Jeanette Korte-Bustamante

    I sat on my back porch around 11 am and looked up to the trees to my left on the hill. There sat an owl and 6 vultures. 2 crows came and sat near 😛 ❓ them on another branch. I thought there might be a wounded animal I went up the hill to check. I found nothing there. The birds have not returned either. I am concerned. All the research I’ve done into these animals separately don’t look good to them being together watching me. Any advice? Jeanette KB

    1. Two crows are for luck. Both crows and vultures are carrion and owls and crows are magic. I’d say it seems like you need to be more confident in your abilities, and things will work out.

  142. Quite a few things to say about the crow meaning and such.

    A fgew years ago, I’d dream of crows and shape shifting into one. I’d fly with my sisters and brothers in the air, and I could could control where I had went. I remember being happy, but growing sad when I started to fly downwards as I knew that my flying was over. I’;d turn back into a human when I landed.

    Another thing was I had always felt connected with crows after these dreams, and when I was walking to school a year ago a crow would land on the fence. Me and my sister were walking on the sidewalk and I looked at it. The crow cawed at me and me and my sister never thought much of it, but then again today a crow had landed on the fence at the same school and i walked underneath it. I said ‘hello’ to it in my mind,. but it sort of looked away, then back at me and I continued on my way.

    The night before, I had tried meditating to find my spirit animal but I don’t think I have seen anything other than circles sort of like a riplle. One would appear, grow bigger and disappear as another one appeared and did the same. I had seen quite a few animals appearing in the circle, but I wasn’t too sure what the animal was. I believe that my spirit animal hasn’t chosen me yet.

    I just wanted to share this.

  143. I was in Moab UT recently hiking the delicate arch trail with my grown son while my wife waited in the truck. When we got back to and approached the truck there was a crow on the cab roof doing something like a drunken dance of slipping and sliding and flapping of wings for maybe 30 seconds then flew away. My son commented “that cant be good”! After coming home in the same week I had a crow on my house doing the same drunken slipping and sliding dance. As I live in the country and OTG I see and hear many behaviors of the crows on my land and when I walk alone. As a side note my wife and I are having relationship issues and out of the blue this last week she mentioned she feels like she will die soon. She is 9 years my junior and this concerns me as I do not know if the message of the crow is for me or her.

  144. As a very young child I was never aloud out of my house, for various reasons. I always wanted to leave and get away but I never could. One night I had a dream that a large crow came and saved me. The next morning I woke to the sound of pecking on my window. It was a crow. I walked over and the crow began to peck and bite at the caulk that held my window shut. By evening that day he had removed enough of it that I could push the window open. I grabbed some clothes and ran away. The crow would fly ahead of me and land, looking back at me as if he wanted me to follow. For almost a week I followed him through the woods. He would show me what to eat and what to steer clear of. Eventually we reached a city. I lived in that city for 30 years before I saw my friend again. As I sat in my apartment I heard pecking at my window. I walked over and an old grey crow with a broken leg stood there. I knew it was my friend. I repaid his kindness by nursing him back to health and then let him go again. I am now 65. Four days ago two young crows carried the body of an old grey crow to my window and pecked in unison, the same way my friend had done all those years ago. I cried for a long time, knowing that my friend was dead. But I buried him in the park not far from where I lived. I plan to visit him every day. He saved me and I will remember him.

    1. Robert Scott Manley

      Beautiful story. So many things have happened to me in my life that resemble your story. So many in fact, that it’s made it difficult for me to live normally. I feel so apart from everyone…so all alone.

  145. I always thought, the white wolf is my power animal. today i made a shamanic journey and … the wolfs were mere shadows and not interested and there were changes and between animals, a dead horse spat out a snake and a snake spat out a grashopper and then there was the crow and I became the crow and we stood both the same time, screaming at each other… it was… scary o_O

    1. an addition -.-‘

      He sat on my shoulder and picket out my half blind eye and then my normal eye and then I saw the world with his eyes -.-‘ creepy… it was creepy -.-‘

  146. I have a dream of an old Indian man, he is blind but a crow flies with him and is his eyes…he laughs at my ignorance but not in a cruel manner. He said I had to see… I had this dream years ago and it was so vivid I never forgot it. I recently found out that my mother was an Indian, my grandmother was with an Indian man near Dallas, Texas in the 1920s. It was a big secret! I don’t even know what tribe, and learning of it made me dream of the crow again. It is a messenger, but I don’t know how to find out more. I feel there is something life changing to finding out! Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. It seems pretty clear that you need to find something in your roots. Something you need to learn about yourself. Keep following the messanger. Good luck.

  147. Well… this makes a lot of sense now. All my life, I have found new jobs when I see three crows at my residence. (not a lot of crows living in the city) Almost like they are trying to get my attention. Then when I see the three crows at my current place of employment the job comes to an end within a week or less. For example; I arrived one morning at the phone company and three crows startled me as they flew out of a pine tree as I walked into work. Later that same day they announced all the jobs would be moved out of state from my department.

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