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Dove Meaning and Messages

If Dove symbolism comes fluttering into your day to day life, she may be reminding you that to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. Furthermore, this spirit animal teaches that if you were to sit on a branch looking at the sky and hoping the wind will pick you up, you would never move. In other words, the Dove meaning in this message, like the Coral dream, is that you must surrender and allow the wind to support your wings. Get moving so that you can experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher.

Alternatively, in this case, Dove’s meaning could also be letting you know that you need to stop and take a few deep breaths. Therefore you must let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and take the time to find peace within you. Hence, what you see right now is your reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are indeed looking for is just around the corner. In this case, dove meaning shows that most chaos happens just before your dreams come true.

Also, Dove symbolism can be a message that you need to purify your thoughts. You are attracting what you don’t want in your life by focusing on it.

Dove symbolism can also be heralding an end of a problematic cycle in your life, thereby announcing a time of new worlds opening up to you. In other words, there are possibilities of a new romance, new friendships, and new beginnings on the horizon for you.

Dove Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Dove totem, are positively one of the most gentle and giving persons on the planet. Moreover, like the Skunk, there is a sense of innocence about them that attracts many people to them. Occasionally, there are times that people with Dove totem have difficulty with others, as they tend to take advantage of your pacifistic ways. Others will also try to take advantage of the calm and serenity that is natural to your being. People with this spirit animal totem are also a natural nurturer and make an excellent parent.

Folks with the Dove totem bring wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and creativity to any task. They teach others how to live a loving, faithful, passionate life. They are living proof that a life of contentment and happiness is possible.

Dream Interpretation

In general, a Dove dream can symbolize peace, tranquility, harmony, affection, and innocence. In particular, white dove dreams represent loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness, and friendships. Your vision may also signify a message or blessing from the Holy Spirit. You have most likely released your thoughts of hate and revenge and found a place of peace and love in your heart.

When your dream has a pair that is mating and building a nest, like a Cow totem, it symbolizes a happy home life filled with love, tranquility, pleasure, and security.

A vision that involves a green bird of this type is a reminder that we are all on a mission of peace, and being at peace with yourself is a significant step toward healing. If the bird is yellow, it symbolizes a new friendship that will soon take root.

Occasionally, like the Owl, a Dove dream can be a prophecy of things to come. Be sure to pay attention to the other elements of your vision so that you can combine it with this bird’s dream symbolism.

For information on the Shadow Aspects of the Dove, visit our sister site, Animal Message

225 thoughts on “Dove”

  1. Dove dream mixed with the mouse dream. So the white dove and the mouse was doing something on my hat/crown like it was trying to kill the mouse i shook both off. But the message was definitely really interesting

  2. I dreamt of a white dove coming out of a blue light and hovering in it. It was only temporary does anyone know what this means thanks

  3. Last night i dreamt of a white-grey dove transforming in front of me into my guardian angel. He then asked me if I was alright or why I am so upset. The weird thing is, he didn’t have wings or anything just a normal person but I could see light grey particles around him. Which told me that only I could see him. I was worried what other people might think in that moment, because I’m talking to myself. I was so confused and felt kinda dizzy so I couldn’t answer him. The next thing I remember was that I woke up really tired and exhausted. Can someone tell me what the meaning of the dream is?

    1. This is prophetic. You’re on your way to peace. Every angel comes with a message and this message comes with peace.

      You are at a crossroads of life, and your next phase of life is within, go forward.

  4. One dove land in our house spend about three days there , on the third day another two dove came to our house and took the first dive away, what this means

  5. I found 2 baby doves huddled at the bottom of a tree. Their nest had been blown out in heavy wind. Nobody else seemed to notice them. What do you think this means?

  6. Does anyone know what this dream might mean..I purchased a butterfly plant and when I was taken it out of the bag to show my daughter 4 doves appeared in my hands ( holding them)

  7. i keep seeing :11 after the hour almost every day please who can explain and notice i asked this on 1/11/2022 is this a coincidence?

    1. The number 11 is for twinflames.You are one half of a twin soul. Twinflames are two different persons who shares the same soul. They go into union to serve their purpose together. 8:11 for example, means you are on the right path to TwinFlame reunion. look up the angel number meaning for the numbers you see repeatedly.The date 1.11.2022 represents an open portal for new beginnings. Hope this information helps.

  8. i was in a dream or trance i lay in my fathers room sleeping on another bed and i saw my self facing the roof and i saw a white dove peck a star in the sky and it came down and hit my face and i felt like i was high or ecstatic and had this feeling of joy or happiness i could not explain please who can explain this phenomenon to me ….

  9. A few days ago, a mourning dove kept flying into my backyard, picked up a twig, and then flew away. It happened about 5 times. I think it was building a nest, but it was cool!

    Also, I was at the lake yesterday, and every time I go there I see a flock of pigeons (they are “rock doves”) doing pigeon things, and that’s ordinary, but there was this one pigeon I saw that had a white head and tail, but normal wings!

    What could these mean?

  10. Thank you so much for informing me that the dove spirit animal represents a person who is a natural nurturer and a giving person. My mother passed away yesterday, and she was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She was so selfless and loving. I want to show her that I noticed and appreciate that love. I wonder if we could do some kind of dove release at her memorial service to represent her and her moving on to the next life.

    1. For around 3 weeks now a beautiful white Dove has sat guard on my roof watching over , He arrives at dusk and stays all night every night no matter what the weather is . Last night he sat over 12 hours in rain and snow I even tried to entice him down to take him somewhere warm inside but it was to no avail he is there now in the bitter cold. I have never seen anything like this before he sits at the edge looking down in the dark as I walk in the garden now and again for fresh air .

  11. a dove flew into my house yesterday and a magpie flew into my house today, so should i be worried or not?

  12. I had a dream of two white doves I was sitting in a filed filled with flowers at night and I looked to the sky and two very big white doves came down to me both doves had something to give me one dove gave me a cross filled with diamonds and the other dove gave me a ring filled with diamonds

  13. Please help me with the meaning of this dove encounter:

    I was walking my grandson today around the lake. We walked around a turn and he sat to play with some rocks. I noticed a white dove just walking around pecking on the ground. At first I thought it was a chicken because of the way it was pecking but it was too small to be a chicken and there are no “wild” chickens running around. In fact I’ve never seen a wild chicken in my life, they’ve all been in coops.

    Anyway. I swear this bird was watching us. It is a beautiful day here so many people were on the lake, walking, jogging and riding bikes. They all whizzed past the bird and NOT ONE person notice it and it did not move when anyone went by.

    I took out my camera to try and get pictures but my grandson would not get close, he didn’t want to leave the spot where he was happily playing. I finally got him to get up..we walked right up to the bird and it looked at us. I got a few pictures but it is hard with my grandson running away from me. So we kept walking and then eventually turned back. The bird was still there. We walked up to it again. It was SNOW WHITE with RED EYES. An Albino dove. BEAUTIFUL. I kept looking at us and I was thanking it and felt it was a sign, then my grandson tried to pet it and it walked away pretty swiftly. Disappeared. But it NEVER flew off.

    Our entire path was lined with little white feathers. I picked one up and it stuck to me. Like really stuck. I blew it and it landed on my grandson. I left it there. It stayed on him until we got home then fell off of him.

    I felt this must be an angel or a sign or something. So I looked up the spiritual meaning for white dove. Where there were a trillion meanings and they were all GOOD. But the thing that really struck me is everything I found on them said they are EXTREMELY rare and you will most likely never see one in the wild. Well then I thought, “Wow, I’ve never seen a white dove. I’ve read about them, and seen pictures, but never a live one in the wild up close”. Then I really got excited.

    What do you think???

  14. I frequently hear doves outside in the morning and find their cooing somehow soothing yet sometimes mournful. I hadn’t heard them in the last few days.
    This morning the cooing was so very close as if on my roof perhaps. I looked outside to find a single dove perched on my windowsill. She slowly turned towards me as if to acknowledge my presence. Then she turned in the other direction and continued her soft cooing.
    Shortly she was joined by another dove. He lightly tapped her head with his beak. After a few minutes, one by one, they flew away.
    About two hours later I hear a dove cooing again close by this time in another room. I looked out the window to see a single dove sitting on the roof/overhang. She turned to look at me, sat a few minutes more then flew away.
    Not sure if there is a message in their visits (I’ve been seeing different birds and butterflies in my tiny garden lately), but being able to see them, hear them and have them visit has brought me joy.
    Searching about their symbolism brought me here.
    I’ve been contemplating a few “important changes” in my life this weekend…moving, buying a home, how to earn extra income. Wondering if the visiting doves are related.

  15. I was driving down the road with a person (now my friend )whom I had just barley met earlier that morning . It was about 3 in the afternoon and when I turned north down a random street all of a sudden 3 white doves flew out of a green tree top all in a diagnail line flying towards the east .. And within 15 seconds after that another pair of 3 white doves flew out of the exact same tree top … As I was in ahhh and kinda shock … She said that’s a sign for u a sign of something big something good i replayed “yeah I know , but of what though?”… I would like to know what the meaning of me seeing 2 sets or pairs of 3 snow white turtle doves means ??? I did think of the story from the Bible with Noha and the Arc when I saw the first set of 3 white turtle doves … But then to see yet another set … I was and still am flabbergasted!!!! Please help me understand …? I do feel like my life is going to get better I mean it’s been rough the past month or 2 since I saw them but now I’m feeling and seeing that things are , can, will only go up in the positive matter for me …. Any advise or input at this time would be helpful …. Thank you …
    Curiously woundering from ……
    Albuqureque NM

    1. My life hasn’t been that great, graduated and still couldn’t find a job, i decided to give my life to Christ and prayed everyday, i decided to apply for masters with my lower class and ofcourse it would be difficult to gain admission, so this one time, i was farming and i heard the sound of doves and i felt so good, no one seemed to concentrate on them but when i checked my mail later on, i had received my calling later
      There is power in praying and God finds a way to give us hope

  16. It started all of a sudden I started seeing two doves fight each other, I saw this like 5-7 times then i never saw the doves for some weeks then I saw them again and they weren’t fighting again… A few weeks later I felt an urge to go out while I was coming back I something kept making me look up and I saw FOUR WHITE DOVES IN TWO PAIRS FLYING AROUND ABOVE AND IN FRONT OF US… the Driver noticed I was staring out of the vehicle up and smiling he tried to look up but with the Expression on his face he Did not see the DOVES …. please what does this mean?

  17. I have just seen a dove twice today. It kept on flocking into the house. Even when I tried to get close to it, it hardly flew away. Since morning I have just been trying to find out what the dove symbolizes and this page or blog just seems to resonate with what my life has been all about lately.

  18. Monique J Williams

    I have two Doves building a nest on top of my floodlight in front of my garage. Time for a new beginning! Last year a bird tried to build a nest in the same spot and I took down the floodlight! This time I think I’m going to help the Doves make their nest!

  19. From our back window we have a male and female more dove that come and visit every day by staying on our table our doors, they have mated and then they have looked into our window if our back door and now we have Canadian geese on top of our home. I’m not sure what all of this means but we are so blessed to enjoy our visitors every day. Could you please tell me what all of this means!

  20. I just saw 3 flying above me. Never seen that before. Ironically, my life has been somewhat hellish the past few years. I’m hoping and praying that it was a sign that my current situation with my fiance will improve. My relationships have been in turmoil over these last couple years. Starting a completely different job next week which I’m taking that as a positive. When I had met him in 2014 the stars aligned. I was getting so many positive universal signs and was so confident in where this was heading. It was as if I woke up one day and everything had aligned for me finally…. These past few years have been more than challenging and have had to deal with things most couples don’t have to deal with. He has children and one of them moved in with us and has caused me/us hell with manipulation and strained my relationships with family/people, especially my partner. I’m just hoping that I can turn this relationship around and get it back on track where I want it and need it to be. Ugh…. life.

    1. As i read your message I have to say it seems to be centered on the “ME” and what “I” want. Perhaps you have been given this as a test. Consider the child in this relationship. He or she will always be part of your partner’s life. Remember blood is thicker than water. His loyalties lie with the child first. Be passive and not demanding. This child is upset due to the changes in its life. It has to adapt.
      And you need to be kind and loving no matter what. Only then will the situation be resolved in your favor. Remember what YOU want and what YOU need are two different things.
      God bless

    2. I agree with Alex.
      I too went through a similar “relationship” the lasted far too long. I was far too naive (not necessarily to young) to be in a lasting relationship. Like you, I believed that “I” deserved to be considered ahead of the child.
      Children are a blessing, if you treat the child with kindness and love “he/she” will appreciate you and your relationship with their parent.
      Make whatever efforts you are able to really connect with the child, everyone will benefit.
      GOD Bless, Sandra

    3. While I appreciate the other responses to your troubles with your partner’s child, please keep in mind that the two of you are to raise the child together. You need to be on the same page as each other, and any matters pertaining to the child should be handled together as a team and outside of the presence of the child. I was raised by my father and stepmother. Initially, I despised her and made their relationship difficult. My father would listen to my complaints, but he didn’t take sides. Instead, he discussed them with my stepmom and they handled matters as a united front and with love and compassion. I came to learn about their ways of handling conflict within our home when I got older and eventually married a man with two kids (9 and 13). I tried handling situations in a healthy, productive way just as I had been raised. I was loving, respectful, cared for them, listened, gave advice, etc. Without my husband’s support, however, the problems worsened. He wasn’t a parent and went so far as to openly scold me in front of them after one of their many blatant lies, thievery, etc. Of course, they were reaching difficult ages for anyone. I asked my husband several times in private to discuss such matters with me so that we could address them together. He never did. Long story short, his son became abusive as he neared his mid and late teen years and his daughter continued to tell even more absurd lies and steal from me. Both adults must handle situations involving children as the adults and in a family-oriented way. Yes, the child is important. Your relationship is important too. And, you, as an individual, are important.

  21. I saw a dove flying above my head and right from her middle to her feet, it was of a woman’s (in trouser, on belt and sandals) then she landed on the roof of a mosque and turned fully into a down putting on a hijab and payed her greetings. on seeing this, I bowed down to the sun and I started praying like a Muslim ( I’m a Christian by the way) and while at it, people were looking at me.
    then, I walked into a mosque to listen to an imam preach, sat beside my late Dad and listen to the imam talk about my research which wowed the audience…. then I woke up to an Islamic call to prayer by 6am

  22. I was traveling and suddenly I got into Taj Mahal and I saw two doves, one male and one female. The male dove was hanging with a rope around his neck and the female was crying and saying to me to help her beloved one. I thought the male dove was dead. But as tried to help, I removed the rope from his neck and he was so relieved and again for his life back. They were both so happy. They thanked me for helping them. I played and talked with them. I was so happy that I got a chance to help them and they were behaving like they are a friend of me. I was giving a sense of relaxation to them. And then I become a person who had no fear of birds and could understand their feelings. I was so happy.
    can anyone make me understand the meaning of this dream. because this dream had everything. the she bird was crying but was happy after her beloved one was helped. am not able to understand the total meaning.

    1. It could be a message for you to see that we are all one, both the human and non-human nations. We are all souls with depth and we all deserve to be treated as friends. Perhaps it’s a call to evaluate how you are treading this earth and interacting with all its inhabitants.

      That’s my take on it at least. Cheers

  23. I feel a strong connection with blue grey turtle dove. The keep coming around me, in this case they predict how my day is going to be only when I take good time to watch them, like i have traveled the still are with me but i think the are afraid of me I don’t know why.
    please can any one explain this to me
    Because any one I ask or tell think am not okay pls need to now more about this???????????


    1. Dear Issac

      Hope YOU are doing GREAT
      If not,
      Then BELIEVE YOU are going to be very SOON.

      ISSAC, I am simply saying that these are just signs we get through different ways (here, in case of bird). But the actual and real thing is that WE all need to understand signs of our HEARTS and Intentions; where they lead us. Outside signs just appear to infer relevancy to INNER ones. We know about our FEELINGS & INTUITIONS always. So YOU need to pay more FOCUSED attention to YOUR PIOUS FEELINGS and first intuition. After that, JUST TRUST in GOD and BELIEVE in YOURSELF to ACT on first intuition and remove doubts and confusions.

      Kashif Ali
      Motivational Speaker / Life Coach

    2. Brittany rose hammond

      You are so right. I was born deaf and my first noticed of the weird sign at 6 years old at my aunt house, I started to feel the bad vibe and everyone’s emotion and I realize I was at my first funeral of my moms friend I don’t even know but somehow I was scared of how I feels so scared of death and that we will disappear forever and this voice in my head sooth me down while I was sitting under the table to shield from this negative emtooon, and telling me that it’s ok to feel it and that death isn’t the end. And I saw the vision of what heaven looks like and I calmed down. That I will never forget is I asked in my head “why am I deaf out of million people but why choose me? Why can’t I be normal it’s unfair” I never thought I’d that question til that day after I heard her calmed me down so I got somehow unexpected curious that I never even thought of. And this answer gave me the vision interpreting that the world need me and I need to show human the beauty and love, and they need my help and my messages. And then I finally accepted myself as being deaf ever since and I sure do helped a lot of people. But I never thought Of how different I am til last year as 31 years old. When I was 9 I went to my aunt house that is so bad vibe I was so scared of that house and I don’t even know why even I lived there and hated that house, it shows many stories in that house, I was trying to figure out by the sign and then I saw the pic of my aunt, it has the bird orbs on her face everyone think it’s robin bird but I disagreed w them, it’s not just that picture. Many more pictures of bird orbs around my family. I looked at that as a sign and curious what it’s meaning in that. And then my aunt has cancer and my grandma is being an angel to be her nurse so I always come w my grandma everyday to visit my aunt, then one more before she die, I finally see the dove bird on her very top of her death bed on the roof sitting there day and night, never leave. I thought everyone seen it I admired it and thought it’s beautiful and it give me the blessing feeling but I don’t even realize it’s a sign until, that 29 days later during day time it was there, but my aunt who was sicker and sicker everyday til that day she stood up as if she never been sick, and she get to celebrate her 60th anniversary w her husband and w the whole family showed up in her room even we had a picture together that is rarely happened and we all so happy but I knew it’s too good to be true so I gave her my long hug to say goodbye. And I went to my car and looked for the dove, it’s gone. I was shocked cause I see it day and night til I go home, never seen that dove leave before. I started to realize something is coming, and we got home, somehow I stared at the phone waiting with this grieving feeling that I need to be there for my mom and it rang, I gasped and my mom was worrying about my expression and answered it and her facial expression changed to crying and said our aunt passed away. That’s when my world changed after that, even my dream came true even predict the future that yet came and I even had a dream of my another aunt who came in my dream on the day of her death at same hour. And I even predict my cousins pregnancy and saved her son from having birth defect and she didn’t even know she’s pregnant til I ask her that question cause she announced it in my dream and then next day she is pregnant and our babies born same day 30 minutes apart. After that, I started to hear a singing song in my head especially on my right ear only and it’s the most deaf than my left ear but I only hear that ear one. It would yell in my ear to wake up and 5 seconds before my mom care in my room to wake me up but I snapped my eyes open spooked my mom out and it happened many time after that, my mom knew something special about me cause I was 9 and I always wake up 10 second before my alarm set, and I would know something is coming and I saw the news that changed my life that 9/11 on breaking news tv cause I heard crying sound that woke me up. So many thing happened to me after that dove. I think it’s my spirit animal I just realize that my life changed after I saw it disappeared and then I finally listened to my gut and never make any mistake til I ignored my gut one tkme to test it and it was curse to ignore. I learned my lesson. It’s the message for me to wake up

  24. Hi,

    I was getting in my car this morning and there was a gray dove sitting on my windshield wiper blade facing inwards looking into the drivers windshield. Does this have any meaning?


  25. What does it mean if one flies into your window and dies? How should I interpret it? I still feel awful that I couldn’t save it.

    1. “…and not one bird shall fall on the ground without God knowing it.”
      When these things happen its sad to us but God tells us not to be burdened with over-much sorrow. He Knew that Dove. When & how He made it. He knew even before He made it that it would pass. He saw it fly into your window. He simply reached down & took back the Spirit that He made it with. It’s life-force still exists. Look at it this way. This was not a mistake or something that shouldn’t have happened. It was something that had to happen.

      It was God who declared the Dove a symbol of His Peace. Not pain. Not remorse. Not even regret. So Any pain you may still feel Take it out of your heart, hold it in your hands & release it back to God. “…Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer & supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God.
      And the Peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your heart & mind through Christ Jesus. That Dove was/is HIS Peace.

    2. Its OK and its LIFE. No WORRY at all. We all die at our RIGHT time. So its OK.
      Be HAPPY and Stay focused on WORK and Near & Dear ones.

      Sending YOU LOVE & PEACE

      Kashif Ali
      Motivational Speaker / Life Coach

    1. Me too…..a set of theee doves and they literally follow my big dog and I will swoop at us on the patio and let us walk right up on them it is the craziest thing. If I type dove in my google pics it’s so many pics of em it’s insane…..I think they are my Nana my auntie El and maybe chickie but lol idk I named em tho

  26. A newborn turtle dove enter through the window to my 6th floor apartment ..I was shocked when I find him “seating”in the rocking chair next to my backpack . I felt like i needed to protect him so much ( I have a cat, and this is not the first time birds enter my home )he looked very scared,and lost . I felt like it was a sign . Since my family was moving out of the country that same week. me , scared 22 years old being alone for the first time.. anyway I closed my cat in the room before she finds out there’s a bird inside. I turned out the lights so the bird could feel more relaxed , until my father comes (he knows about birds) . Later on ,my housekeeper asks why I turned off the lights , i showed her the turtle dove and she quickly closes all of the windows and tries to catch it. . I’m histerically screaming what are you doing?stop !she starts saying she wants to put the dove in the box to take it her to her home and she can have a breeding business…The bird started flying hitting on the windows. I was feeling so sad . Then the bird sat next to my cat’s food. Luckily my father and brother arrived soon. Daddy gently took the bird, put him outside the window and he flew away 😊😊🕊 I think this signs meant going out of the nest and using my own wings. Growing up and choosing wisely who you ask for help/ advice.

    1. 6Grey doves flew into my lounge the cat and dog wee stunned as they watched me help them out they normally hunt the birds what does this mean

  27. Enrique ESPINOSA

    Same happend to me today. Since a girl I’m getting to know hasn’t made it to work in 2 days, I decide to go visit her but no luck until her sister told me , she has a mental illness and made me worry so much about her. She was not responsive at all, so they took her to the hospital. At the moment I haven’t got a call or update. All day I been feeling bad not knowing if she’s okay. Than sunddeny a white dove flew over me 2 times and is still outside. I don’t really know what that means.

  28. Yesterday I noticed a single dove around my back deck. I got busy and forgot about it until I noticed a lot of white stuff on the dark mulch. Luckily I had a security camera and went back to review, wondering what the heck happened. Well he (or she) was plucking out his own feathers! He was there for about 10 minutes. Any thoughts?

  29. This morning while walking to my car to go to work, I saw a pair of mourning doves by this wooden gate. It was as if they were staring at me. I walked by and they flew away. I just thought it was weird. Later today I was working in my office and I noticed a mourning dove landed on the top window above my outside office door. As I was staring in disbelief the dove flew to the floor and there was another dove. I just couldn’t believe it! It has to be a sign, I just don’t know what. And as I’m writing this one of the doves came back and is just hanging out on a rock staring into by office.

    1. Astrid, that’s so interesting because I had a similar thing happen yesterday and today. 1 mourning dove was outside by my deck yesterday morning and didn’t move when I let 4 dogs out. The dogs didn’t even notice it and it just sat there. This morning 2 doves were in the same spot. I also felt it was a sign but not sure of the meaning.

    2. I do have 2 dogs (sisters) who are 14 yrs old and one is sick and not eating or walking much. Maybe the doves are a prophecy of peace & transition?

  30. I live in Wisconsin, and for a while it was warmer and many of the migrating birds came back, including the pair of mourning doves that were here last year. Well, it turned very cold and we’ve had bad storms the past few days. Today, as it was snowing, a fledgling mourning dove found its way to my pati, obviously freezing and looking for shelter. After a bit of time, I decided to bring the young dove inside, fearing for its life. I’ve ended up spending the day warming and nurturing this little dove. She’s now much perkier, eating a little and drinking. I’m definitely fond of her. In the morning I’m calling wildlife rescue to see how I should proceed. I know she can’t go back outside until it’s warmer. I’ve never rescued an animal like this before and I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this unusual yet wonderful rescue experience. Thank you!

  31. For the past several weeks, since my dog died, a pair of mourning doves hang out in my backyard. Sometimes on the fence and sometimes just chillin on the grass. They don’t flinch when i go out but,rather, just watch me. They seem so peaceful.

  32. Bruce Agyenim Boateng

    please I had a dream of catching three mourning doves. please can you help me interpret.
    to my email address

  33. hi can someone tell me what my dream means please? the dream started with a single white dot in a distance comming towads me getting bigger and brighter and it started to look like a square and something keep telling me its an angel. i started to hear songs of praise so i started singing and the feeling was so sensational. two white glowing doves came flying out they were so beautiful they flew towards me and made a u turn and was flying away and as i was singing part of me was reaching out and following them.
    mind you i have been married almost five years no kids am in a financial depression and our relationship is a bit stressed.

    1. YOU are BEAUTIFUL / PURE & INNOCENT inside.
      Just take care of YOUR REAL INNER being and follow such qualities in day to day LIFE,

  34. A pure white dove crossed my path today. I’ve had a lot of change going on recently and things have been a little chaotic and even stressy these last few weeks, so I was very grateful for this sign, it came just when it was needed

  35. I’ve been experiencing a lot of turmoil in my life and have seemed to have lost myself and my identity. I’ve been working very hard to find my way. This internal turmoil as pushed the love of my life away from me and our relationship is on the rocks. Today when I got home from work I was on my patio and two white pigeons landed near me and hung out on the patio with me. I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on what this may symbolize in my life?

    1. It’s GOD. Telling you “I’m here. I’m with you and everything will be okay. Just relax and trust in GOD!”

      This happenend to me when my boyfriend and I broke up and I prayed and I was crying. A white dove cafe. I was certain God sent the dove. If you look it up when Jesus was baptized when he cane up from the water white 🕊 doves came

  36. okay here goes this is my first time on this site. Today I was next door helping my parents out when I was on my way home to get my things that I needed for my appointment that I had to go to I got to my front door and there was a mourning dove there in the corner of my door when I walked up it made a noise and startled me I looked at him and was amazed to see it there and as said OMG and then for some reason thought to ask and did ask what are you doing here it made a noise and flew off leaving a bunch of feathers behind. I was curious if there was some type of spiritual meaning to this as i have been trying to get in touch with my spiritual side to find guidance. so does anyone know what meaning this might have if any

    1. I am sure you have already “heard” the guidance you were seeking, but just in case you didn’t, I felt moved to answer you, so I am.
      I sense, as did you, the dove was a messenger for you. He wanted to let you know he is with you. Everything you read about Mourning Doves, especially their dedication to their partners, will be significant to you over the coming months. He left his feathers so you would remember his message. Put one feather in your purse, one on your bathroom mirror, one by your bed, etc. Anytime you feel lost or alone, look at the feather and let it remind you that you are being watched over and you are loved.
      Specifically, doves are messengers and bring news, olive branches, etc. I sense he brought you the message of “remember your beauty, act from your divine Grace.” The dove qualities of gentleness and dedication are what you have most now. It may be that he is reminding you that you are a beautiful person and if you ever don’t know how to handle something, default to gentleness, then stick with whatever is challenging you. Look at situations, yourself, and others with gentleness and softening of your heart, and you will find the challenge disappears, just as he did.
      Sending you Love & Light,

  37. Hello. I am hoping someone will reach out and explain this. Yesterday – the 8th of Dec I came home and found 4 doves sitting on my front porch. One of them was sitting at my door step. The other 3 were on the porch. I have never seen this is 14 years that I lived here. My father is terminal with leukaemia and in hospital. I am more spiritual then I have ever been. I also lost an ex boyfriend last year who passed of a sudden heart attack. Any thoughts on this please? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hi Antonella
      I get that this is a sign for you to be at peace with divine timing. Get quiet, meditate, just let your body relax and the thoughts drift by. Imagine you and your loved ones surrounded by a healing white golden light and feel and know that all is well. Try to do this for a few minutes every day and start to trust in the miracles that will come your way.
      God bless!

  38. Over a year ago my husband and I kept feeding the birds. We started to notice that when we were outside we had a peaceful presence and it was as though birds, squirrels, even deer on occasion even the rabbits would come to feed and drink. Then we started noticing they appeared to not get along to well at first. Then they realized they were not in danger and they could feed together at the same time. I would race to the bay window to stand in aw on hese days that this would occur. Then I moved. I was teared up and sad that I couldn’t figure out how to tell the birds that I was moving. That the food run out soon, so I just slowly quit feeding them, so they would know to go find food somewhere else, which they did. We had a new home built and time went by and I kept observing the new critters and animals at our new home and then one day doves came. First a few then many. Then daily. Now they sit in my driveway and I make kissing noises to them when I go outdoors. It is as if they are telling me to come outside or something. Like if I did they would come up to me and sing. I feel a strong connection to them. When I run to toan on errands I sometimes see maybe one, but mainly lits at home. Other morning I opened the blinds and it is as if they are trying to tell me something. They outside every day. I am a very social person, but after foot surgery I quit going out of the house much. I put on 75 lbs. and frankly I am embarrassed to be seen. But these birds bring me such peace.

    1. I dreamed I was with my family: daughter, her husband, etc. looks like we were at an outing with lots of chairs and we were helping set up or take down. I noticed a bird flying and he landed on a man. Then it came to me and landed on my head, walked in a circle around my head, came down the center of my forehead and made two crosses. I knew it was a dove and was very happy at my blessing.

  39. My Grandmother contacted my husband and told him about a dream she had, we are struggling to understand what it may mean. In my grandmothers dream she and my grandfather are standing in a room with my husband. Two white doves fly into the room one landing on my grandmothers head and one landing on my grandfathers head. My husbands head is left woth no dove. Can anyone shed some light on what this dream might mean?

    1. What a beautiful dream. Ask your grandmother to Google doves, specifically white doves, read a few different meanings from different sources and see what resonates with her.

      But not knowing your situation, it looks to me like the doves are a guide for your husband, and how he can help you when the day comes and your grandmother or grandparents pass (if grandfather hasn’t already passed); it is exactly what is supposed to happen because they will truly be in a place of peace & love. This is a message for you too, to not grieve harshly, instead celebrate thier lives & love for you both!

      I hope this helps!

  40. Today i was from church after sometime i had stopped going to church i opened my kitchen door widely i went to check something in my bedroom and when i came back in my kitchen i saw a grey dove it must have been scared after seeing me it flew to the door and hit my security gate but it managed to get out i wonder what is the meaning of this

  41. Dove, Ori:te’, seems the perfect visitor today when I am making a point of slowing down and seeking Skén:nen, Peace. I have been in a good place in every way except in my mind of late. In the life that I have lived there has been little Skén:nen, and when there has been anything like Peace, it has been a certainty that something terrible will surely follow. You can become addicted to turmoil and drama in the same way that you can to almost anything else. I have never been comfortable with Skén:nen. Of late my sleep has been broken by the demons in my mind, but last night I slept in Peace right through the first part of a day off for the long weekend. For Ori:te’ to land in my life today speaks to me that perhaps by slowing down every now and then, and allowing Dove to fly into my life rather than seeking her, or trying to grasp her, I can learn to appreciate Ori:te’, and appreciate Skén:nen, when I am visited.
    “He who binds to himself a joy
    Does the winged life destroy
    But he who kisses the joy as it flies
    Lives in eternity’s sunrise”
    William Blake

  42. I’m a single mother, and holidays and special happenings have always been hard for me–my fears kick in, and i worry a lot about my son for every transition and lately I’ve been trying to find work in order to go back to work I had to finally put him in a preschool…I’ve also recently found that he is on autism spectrum and I’m worried as we’ve never been apart daily. I am also nervous that I won’t find work that I enjoy and my favorite thing to do is make music and other forms of art…painting, drawing, etc. I feel stifled at regular jobs, BUT I have to make ends meet for us both. so today we went to his school (he starts tomorrow) to turn in some of the final paperwork…and he met the teachers and already made two friends in his class in the ten minutes we were there! as we walked out, I was asking him if he liked it and if he was excited for tomorrow, then I saw two gold finches (really odd, i never see yellow birds and thought they were parakeets) sitting on the school playard fence and looking at us…they flew off together in unison. Turned around and my son was in the school’s garden and i went to get him, but i realized he was chasing around a little pigeon or dove just like the one pictured here!! the little bird just was playing back with him really close to the ground and he would come up to get it and laugh when the bird would sort of hop-fly around to the other side of the bush!! then i noticed the other one (its mate) came and perched on the railing watching my son and the first dove play. i thought it odd that the bird didnt fly away…just flew low to the ground like it was teasing? maybe they had a nest? then….i decided after having seen two signs that i have to look up the meanings…as soon as we got home the front porch has a praying mantis sitting right as we get to the top of the stairs!! like he was waiting for us….he didnt move. until we started inside and then he walked ever so slowly. he’s still there now!! i don’t know what this all means…

  43. I have been in a place of deep work letting go of the love of my life. A man who held up a mirror for me to do the soul work I needed to do, but at great pain to himself. I left him 6 times… unable to receive his unconditional love, no matter how patiently he offered it, and how many times I left him. The last time I left him, he met someone else… and the world fell out from under me. Which, from what I can tell, was the only way I was going to look at myself — and my history — as deeply, and vulnerably, as was required. We are still in love. But he will not leave her or let me come back, and after 8 months of work on myself that has at times felt like having my skin burned off, I finally accepted that I will probably always love him, but must also surrender to what will be. I have learned how to be with the pain when it comes. And even accepted that it may always be painful. I do not expect him to return, and I am at peace with it, even when it hurts. My question is this: today I returned home to find the remains of a dove in my front yard near my front door, along with piles of feathers blowing around. There is no carcass. Only the wings, and the bone connecting them. They’re so beautiful. What does it mean?

  44. DOVE – Ori:te’, SPIRIT ANIMAL
    Speaks to me of serenity and finding the centre of your being. We get caught up so much in things that we think in the moment are important, but are not truly important. Ori:te’ also speaks to me of the wonderful Kanien’keha:ka, Mohawk greeting Skennen’kó:wa Ken?, Do you carry the Great Peace? How often can I truly answer Hen, Skennen’kó:wa, Yes, I carry the Great Peace.? How often do I carry Ori:te’ with me?

  45. My wife and I met on a music site 3 years ago. She in California and I in NY.We knew at that moment we were soulmates from past lives. She came here to live quickly as we both had dreams that God was quickly bringing us together for a reason. We both agreed that one of us was going to pass and the other would follow shortly after. 6 months later she had breast cancer. Doctors removed her breasts and she was cancer free. 20 months later she passed away in December. She comes everyday to my feeders as a cardinal. Doves sit there everyday and on the wires. Never leaving. Recently I hsve had 6 crows show up every morning. I know what the crows stand for and I am ready but I have some things to do first before I go. Are the doves giving me peace about this and telling me to hurry up? I have had a lot of signs from spirits and many signs about October and harvest moon. Are the doves telling me my time is short and to hurry?

    1. Beautiful my friend. God Bless both of you on the next life. Till y’all meet again. God Bless your soul.

    2. The number 6 is curious. You wrote ‘ We both agreed that one of us was going to pass and the other would follow shortly after. 6 months later she had breast cancer. Doctors removed her breasts and she was cancer free.’

      How long were you married all together?

      How many doves? Are they a pair?

      ‘Studies show mourning doves do mate for life, but dove life isn’t very long. Most only last several years before getting caught by hawks or cats, shot by hunters, etc. And when that happens, the surviving dove has to find a new mate.

      I suspect your lone dove is a male who has a mate. These birds take turns incubating eggs. The female sits all day, and they trade off at dusk and the male sits on the nest all night.

      Your lone male dove may just be keeping busy until it’s his turn to sit on the eggs. He also may be eating and storing seeds in his crop so he can fly back to their nest and feed his mate by regurgitating seeds. It’s the same way they feed their chicks.

      That’s probably where the expression, “lovey-dovey” came from. ‘

      What color is the cardinal?

  46. So I’ve been searching online about a possible meaning to what happened to me yesterday, and no luck. And I’m desperately hoping someone can tell me what it may mean… so I work a second job Saturday mornings and before I drove off, as I looked up a big white bird (which looked like a dove ). Beautiful by the way, it kind of startled me because long story short everything I start seeing white birds, weeks later even months later, a close friend or family member passes away. Anyways back to yesterday, as I seen that white bird my drive to work was normal but couldn’t stop thinking of the bird. As I arrive to work, to my surprise in the middle of the doors to where I work a came across a dead white dove. (What are the odds) I was so sad to find this dead white dove. And I’ve been feeling mixed feelings ever since. I’m hoping it’s nothing bad. Anyone know what this might mean. TIA.

  47. First let me say that I have been dealing with a very bad break up between my girlfriend and I that has left us both devastated. We love each other very much, but we cant seem to figure out a way to find our selves healing and back to being the happy couple we once were. We both admit we love and care for each other very deeply. Yesterday I was driving home on the express way, and noticed a sort of flash to my left as it was very sunny. Flying beside me in an unpopulated area was a white dove! It seemed to flutter along and then landed in the grassy medial area. as I continued to drive I felt a sense of relief and confidence I had not had in months. Can any one tell me what this means about my relationship?

    1. John, Love is right beside you and never leaves you. Relationships hit bumps and that’s when communication and “deepening” help get past the bump. The dove landed in the grassy medial of this busy highway. The traffic rushes in opposite ways head on. Without the center medial, there would be terrible collisions. There is a Middle Way.

  48. Every morning when I leave for work, there is a Collared Dove on the light pole across the street. I say good morning to her and go to work. On the way to work I always stop at McDonald’s and never see doves there at all.

    One Friday morning I didn’t see the dove, I guess I figured that she must have gone home. When I stopped at McDonald’s just as I pulled up to the drive thru I looked to the right and there was the dove saying good morning to me.

    I was then that I realized that the dove is me spirit animal. From everything I read about how to find your spirit animal.
    It says to take notice of everything around you and if a certain animal crosses your path a lot that, that is your spirit animal.

    I am so so BLESSED!

  49. This morning while getting dressed for work, 2 mourning doves landed outside my 2nd story bedroom window on the narrow 2″ ledge. I live in a large condo complex, so this was only the 2nd time since living here in 14 years that I had a feathered visitor appear outside my “bedroom” window ledge. The doves were in courtship. She was cooing to him as she ruffled her feathers. I can only hope that this is a sign for a love relationship for me. Any thoughts?

  50. Hi everyone, I’m new around here…

    A few days ago, my boyfriend and I noticed a collared Dove staring at us
    The next day we saw again a collared Dove

    One day we went to my brother’s house and he told me that he saw a collared Dove staring at him
    And sometimes he tells me he sees, again, a collared Dove looking at him

    – I was thinking that must mean something, it’s just not a coincidence, I don’t believe in coincidence…
    After reading most of the comments and the meaning of it I was so happy that I cried, cause my boyfriend is living so many problems that are killing him inside and I cannot do anything to help anymore and that also is killing me…

    Please, give me your opinion,
    Is this Dove a messanger to say that everything is going to be alright?
    He really needs a sign!
    And I really want him to become happy!

    1. Maria, dear one, you are not responsible for his happiness. Only he can find that joy and peace within himself. Your dove is a heavenly messenger, dear one. It offers the peace and love that surpasses all understanding. I once had a dove stand in front of an open gate and block my path through it. The dove fixed its gaze on me, stared into me and would not let me pass until it had drained all the grief within me. My mother-in-law had just died. That is the power of the dove.

  51. Hoping for some clarification on this, I haven’t been able to find anything online. Anyways, I have a potentially great career opportunity, it would all depend on my performance. I have a job now but would like to make more money, and this change could make that happen. I’m super scared I won’t do well and fall on my butt, and then my family would suffer from the loss of income. So I prayed to God for the clarity and strength and for him to let me know in some way if this is something I should go after. A few days after I started praying about it, I was at a stop sign and two white doves flew in front of me. I’m just trying to figure out what this means.

    1. You are at a Stop sign. Stop. Take a few deep breaths. Slow your breathing. Let go of the turmoil. Stand in the quiet eye to make your decision, in the calm, not in the shifting winds that will knock you about.

  52. I had a dream where a dove was on a branch of a huge pruned oak tree. As I walked up to the tree, I reached up and held my finger out to the bird. It hopped down the branch to the tip of the tree and hopped onto my finger. As I stroked it gently on the head, I noticed that it had a large injury on its chest. I tucked the bird into my blouse to carry it home to try and clean the wound and nurture it back to health. Before I could get it home, the bird looked up at me with the sweetest and most gentle eyes before it spread it’s wings wide and up over its head and it died. As I laid the bird on the ground I began to sob and it slowly disappeared into the earth. Any thoughts?

    1. Your dream gave me goosebumps. The first thing that came to mind to me is the dove represented you. The injury represented something inside of you that was broken or damaged and was ready to be healed and released. When you tucked the Dove into your shirt with the intent to heal it (yourself) you were giving yourself permission to let go now. The Dove (maybe your inner child) acknowledged you by making that strong eye connection. You must have felt so much inner love at that moment. With you releasing this your wings can now spread as wide as you want them and you can “fly” or achieve anything. The sobbing is saying goodbye to whatever it was you released. The Dove went into the earth because the Universe absorbs negativity, pain and hurt when we release it.
      I am a “healer” by profession. I really think something inside of you has been healed and released. Beautiful dream Lucy.

    2. Kat, I really appreciate your post and am comforted by your thoughtful interpretation of my dream. Thanks so much.

  53. Lately I’ve been sailing on stormy seas, going back and forth from our own house which is 50mins. Away to my Mother-in-law’s house. My quiet life turned into tormoil when my Mother-in-law lost her consciousness because of Alzheimer’s disease.
    And since she’s not mentally healthy now and forgets almost everything she’s often hard to deal with. Especially I don’t know what she wants and I am a foreigner it adds up to the difficulty.
    I came to the point wherein I don’t wanna go to her house anymore cause she’s always angry.
    Then I noticed this 1 dove, this dove is always outside the house regardless whether I’m in my own house or in my Mother-in-laws house. The most intriguing thing is that the color of the dove is the same and I guess it’s the same dove. Today before I left my own house to go to my mother-in-law’s house I once again saw the bluewish gray dove I know it’s a dove and not a pigeon cause it’s small.
    But I don’t know what the meaning of it. Anyone who can help me? 🙂

  54. i take the train to work daily and the last few days when I get off the train, walking to my car I have been seeing 2 doves either sitting in a car or on a tree. I don’t know what it means but I have been in a very dark place for years and I’m trying to understand the meaning.

    1. Rene i have been in a dark place for a long time dereck bad help me get out of it seen a morning doversi a positve change dont let it sick you in like it did me i am still fighting to get out be positive be strong its coming good things are coming.that how i live my day one day at time.right know I dont know how I am going to pay My bills but i know its coming from a divine place stay strong my friend i will ne praying for you.

    2. Rene i hope you found my comment helpful i went to bed thinking about you dont let the darkness suck you in i know what that is like i am still trying to fight back plz reply.

    3. Rene was thinking about you I don’t know if you remember me Minnie.did you find peace.I am still in my rut but every day is a new day they have turned off my utility but I keep hanging in I want you to do the same.I keep seeing my mourning dove when I am sitting out side but its funny now I see two.I believe is my mom and my godfather watching over me in this tough time.plz reply I feel a connection.

  55. Since the beginning of last month (February) until today, I have a steady increase in the amount of morning dives that flock to me feeder. What started as two, has increased to 12. I keep feeding them (there is still snow here) but I feel there is a message that comes with them. I’ve also noticed some other coincidences such as arrival times etc. Can anyone help with advice as the meaning of this?

    1. My name la Minnie i am not a spiritulist but it seems to me a love is sending you a message.i starete seen my morning dove after my Mom past away.i ve been going through a Real bad time financialy and i ve was giving up on myself every time i feel bad or down i see the same morning dove.something good is coming your way i hope this helps.

    2. Good job Minnie ,, best way to get through things is to helps others too.. That was nice to see ,, keep your head up Minnie and Danyel yes Minnie is right , sign of new beginnings and a blessing if used correctly, .

    3. Goodmorning my friend you have been on my situation has not changed but I find. Myself praying more I find myself being Thankful just for a day at a time when I feel down I go back to your message it gives me comfort.I my friend if I get out of this financial rut I am in and I could help you I will no one should live not knowing if they could pay there rent I feel you my Minnie.

    4. That’s great mini ., the biggest thing we all forget is the simple things ,the things that normally humble us when we start taking things we have for granted .. I have had this happen to me a lot ,, both when I was financially rich prettymuch and also when I’m not even getting by and falling deeper into this hole that the world has set up for us .. But like your doing now , I try and take the best things out of my life and remind myself they are all there waiting for me to do again or just look at whatever .. It’s all relative to our experience. This financial roller coaster thing that we all ride and my personal one unfortunately this time I think it’s here to stay .. So we adapt .. Smaller house , places we don’t want to live ,, loss of the ability to do anything with my family cuz there’s no $ ,, etc but I now take let’s say the comment above that I can’t do anything with my family cuz there’s no $ and remember the things I can do that require no $ with them .. Having done this now I find that I had forgotten its these things I really should have been doing all along because now I’m going outside with my son for hrs building a tree fort or walking in the forest ,, and getting to spend solid time with him and my wife .. I’m glad your finding it easier mentally now mini .. Keep it up and you will soon find no matter what position life puts you in you will be happy regardless as your list of what’s important has changed to things that the world cannot take away …
      Love and light to all..

    5. My friend how are you hope this msg finds you well with your family.still facing my struggle but I pray for streghn not for money.I am right know without utility but instead at looking at the negative I least I have a place to lay my head.its funny when they cut my utility I was sitting outside I live in Florida its really hot but two morning dove came to me they sat there for awhile o feel that was my mom and My godfather that recently pass away I have this deep down feeling that they are going to guide me to a better place much love myfreind for you and your family Minnie

    6. My friend how have you been i hope msg Times you well i am still strugling but working on my faith.i take it a day at a time.i hope you are well with your family.i think about you bless my friend

    7. Goodmornig dereck i hope you are well txt you this morning because i had a dream my Mom was there needless to say my Mom left the phisical world.but as i was walking to the yard i saw several morning dove.but one red dove Landed on My head and i was asking the dove if it was my Mom plz help me to decifer this dream.

    8. A white dove that appears very healthy in your dream is a spiritual sign of peace and harmony.

      But if that white dove appears weak or dead in your dream, it for tells doom ,sickness, or depression.

      If you see a black healthy dove in your dream, it symbolizes authority and power. It can also mean protection and devine reality.

      If you see a Red heathy dove in your dream, it for tells blessing, money favor, and glory.

      This is the true interpretation of dove dreams.

      So may God give you the devine connection to meet healthy spirit doves in your spiritual state of life.

  56. I had 2 mourning doves land and sing right outside my patio door were I go to meditate. They were so loud that I walked over to the patio to see what was going on. One flew away and the other was just sitting there looking back at me for a while we couldn’t take our eyes off each other and then it calmly flew away.

    I’ve been doing some serious spiritual work lately and I’m still confused as to what that could have meant.
    Can anyone help me with this?

    1. I have been a card reader, palmist, message medium and witch for many years, and the Rock Dove has turned out to be my spirit animal. They come in my house through the dog door and allow me to pick them up and stroke them without struggle before I put them back outside. Doves can mate for life, so if one member of a mated pair stayed behind with you, it could mean that you are avoiding the love that can come from taking the risk of trying. If you are in a relationship, it can mean that you need to take some space and time for yourself. Either way, separation from others can result in loneliness out of fear, or result in in knowing yourself and your needs better. Only you can interpret this for yourself.

    2. Of corse He does otherwise we would not smile or laugh at the silly things that happen every day.Minnie

    3. Cindy is Minnie we chatted before situation la still the same but i find myself praying more.i ve let go of the minor things in my life. I bad a dream where my Mom was in needless to say my Mom la not in the physical world any more.but as was walking to the back yard in my dream i saw a feel morning doves but one red dove Landed on my head plz help me decifer this dream thank you.

    4. Kiki. That’s crazy because on February 22 my children dads died. I never saw a Dove that color n my Dove did the same thing to me it looked at me for awhile and then he flew away. It means God is sending you Peace in advance because you are a special to God. God loves you.

    5. It means New Beginning. Whether it is a relationship, employment or the act of some rebirth and/or creation of sort. With new beginnings, there is also the letting go and surrendering the old to fully embrace the new.

  57. Hi, can someone help me interpret and advise. There has long been a population of morning doves that live in a tree line behind my house, and lately there has been an active pair of hawks (I think Redtail or Praire), and on two recent occasions I have found a pile of dove feathers in my yard… Never seen that before, but obviously they were killed by something. I have been on a spiritual journey lately making prayer sticks, and wondering if I should use those feathers. The most recent prayer stick is to help enhance communication and healing, (I have recently become a performer delivering happy healing). Does anyone have an idea what it could mean if hawks are killing morning doves, should I use those feathers, and how might it relate to my prayer stick of communication and healing?

    1. Yes use the feathers. From death comes life. Simply put you witnessed the circle of life. Think of them as a devine gift. (You may want to wash them tho.) but keep in mind they were left for you to create something positive. May the great spirt guid you lovingly.

    2. Thank you Danielle! I have used some of those feathers with my prayer stick, and plan to use the rest for other purposes. I honored and thanked the dove, my spirit guides and angels for the gift. Understand about the circle of life – but wasn’t sure if the hawk played a symbolic role. I am in the process of shifting from the leopard as a power animal to the hawk. Dove symbolize peace, love and messengers from the divine. Hawks also symbolize messengers as well visionary attributes and aggressively pursuing objectives. There’s the old adage you are what you eat,,, so just trying to reconcile hawk and dove which seem diametrically opposed…

  58. I ve been going through a lot lately spiritualy and emotionly.i seme to want to give up
    Bit everytime i feel really down. I are the same morning dove at My door what does this mean

    1. Hi Minnie

      My comments for your is a little of deciphering the dove and adding what I get when I focuse on you.
      Seeing a dove at your door is very good , it’s all about hope and this dove is coming or rather being sent to you for the purpose of telling you that you really need to re-connect with your spiritual side. Now the sadness and turmoil your going through spiritually happens at times in our lives that just seem too tough to bare , I can tell that you are having a hard time getting that feeling back. The emotional state your in is a tough one , and I feel very close to what your going through as I just not long ago had the same battle ,, many times I wanted to give up ,, it’s that feeling of hopelessness that hurts I know ,, BUT the gift of having a dove sent to you at these low moments is amazing ,, someone on sprit side is really trying to help you get things back so that things get better , the dove your seeing is one of the most beautiful ways that messages can be sent ,, you have a angel watching you Minnie ,, you need to focus on the things in your life that brought you happiness and use that and new things to get your spirit back ,,, you may feel like there not much hope but I’m being told to tell you to keep fighting the dove is a sign that things will get better and as I said it’s almost a Devine thing to get this type of thing happening .
      If your willing to stick it out you will get help emotionally you will feel this uncontrollably joy and happiness , but it comes when you meet it half way .. You need to get out of that rut your in Hun and get back the joy . Someone really loves you for this type of thing to be happening , to have Angels sending doves with the request of a family member that has passed I feel .. More then one too. You have this cheering section of light Minnie . I know this because I’m a light worker myself and I have been on the dark side of things for over 10 yrs in my past .. And I know it’s difficult but keep your head up you have a gift yourself ,, you hear things it’s just that there is so much spiritual fog that it’s hard for you to get the clear version ,, that doves was sent to you from a very powerful place and I hope you do whatever you have to to get that joy back ,, I promise this , you are not alone .. Your surrounded by family in spirit and Angels … It’s pretty cool to see …
      Try and only focuse on the positive it will start to bring you back ,, when you start focusing on the darker things it sucks you in so don’t try and face that until you can get back the ability to push those thoughts out and create your place that your spirit feels energized again .. That is also happiness ,,, If you need anymore help please just ask ,,
      Your loved and not as alone as you feel .. ,get those positive changes and take control back ..
      keep your head up your truly speacial ..

    2. Thank you i needed to hear that dereck.getting this message today gives me a little confort since i just buried my godfather yesterday i try to focus on the positive hope to continue to keep in touch.6

    3. Hi Minnie

      Glad you found some comfort in all that , not sure if I mentioned to you in our messages or not but in your case I was getting spirit coming through , I’m a light worker and I don’t like to use the term physcic let’s say sensitive and my message to you was a bit of both interpretation and messages from the spirit world .. Keep your head up Minnie , I know it’s hard but you will be fine ..

    4. Thank you very much I am trying very hard to keep My faith i pray to My moms spirit every day.specially when i am down.its just tough financialy is worse but i put in gods hand thank you I feel i could talk to you dereck.

    5. Dereck Goodmornig i am asking for guidance i am keeping my faith.but know i am in the middle of being without a place to live i am overwhelm plz pray for me.Minnie

    6. Hi Minnie

      I have sent you mail. Always remember that new beginnings are exactly that , we start over , it’s not always easy and the journey that is most difficult always brings the most reward.stay positive and trust in yourself. Seek help where we can , help others when we can and love as much as we can ..
      Keep your head up Minnie .

    7. Thank you dereck and mirian I am just overwhelm I ve tried so hard and know I am scared

    8. It all works out in end ,, we just gotta stay strong .. There’s ALOT of us that are scared of losing everything ,, I live like that every month ,, no joke ,, but others are worse off then us and a lot of others ,, we adapt, all we can do right

    9. Just wants to say thank you all’ those that are sending positive energy and prayer.i am going through a hardfinancial place.i are butterfly when i am down.

    10. I am so sorry to hear about your problems, Minnie. Rock Doves are my spirit animals, and I take joy in having them in my yard (and occasionally in my home, they come in my dog door and allow me to pick them up and stroke them while carrying them back outside). If one in particular is coming to you, it could mean that you can’t bring yourself to ask for help. If you know anyone who can help you, please bring yourself to ask them, they could be the answer to your prayers. I do readings for others, and have been a message medium and witch for many years. I am drawing a card for you now: Okay, your card (from World Map) is “Flying”. And it is NOT just a coincidence. The overall meaning is that you have the power to see things from a higher perspective, you are allowing yourself to be pulled under instead of rising out of your situation. Looking down and seeing yourself and what you have accomplished will show that your hard work will allow you to fly above your circumstances if you just let it. Depression drags you down to the point that you see nothing but darkness, but allowing yourself to step away and look at your life objectively will give you the ability to move out of this “hopeless” point in your life. I agree with Derek, he is right from a spiritual point of view, and from a more MATERIAL point of view, take a breath and look around for everything you can be grateful for. This exercise works to lift your spirits and allow you to see where you need to ask for help, and where you can help YOURSELF. The Dove wants you to know there is always love enough to go around if you look for it. There is money enough to go around if you look for it. This goes for friendship, jobs, food, assistance and any other earthly thing you need. Don’t give up. You are being offered the strength to stand up and fight for your life and love and joy. Giving up is easy. Trying is hard, but always worth it. Bless you, and I hope this has helped a little.

    11. That’s it ,, something else to think about here Minnie ,, when we are put into situations and hardships in this life or any other the point is to learn what we need also ,, YOUR NEVER GIVING A OBSTRUCTION YOU CANT BEAT,, it’s meant to be hard and this builds our soul and spirit up .. It’s a gift Minnie I know it’s hard to see now but it’s true ,, my life has been ALot of hard times but if I wasn’t giving these hard times to overcome I wouldn’t be where I am today ,, which is still in a time of losing my house and trying to keep it together etc but it’s givin me the opportunity to realize my gifts , and to truly start to see what things are all about ., use this hard time to learn and advance your spirit , you will be fine if you keep the mindset of positive and just don’t quit .,

    12. Dereck thank you I promise i will have you in my heart and in My prayers its always nice to comunicate with you.I thank you for the powerful message you as well my friend keep strong.

  59. Hi


    Had a dream that my town was under some sort of attack and we were escaping until i saw an eagle fly pass me to go kill all the white doves, which sadden me alot to see the doves killed.

    what can this mean?

    1. I looked up eagle and it says it’s time to listen your heart and spiritual directives.
      as for killing the dove….perhaps it’s saying to let go and soar with eagle.

  60. I have a pigeon (rock dove) who came to me while i was out doing some gardening in my yard, she now lives with me and my family, and flies free during the day and sleeps in the sunroom with our dogs at night. I think she represents all that is written above as it is all very relevant to my life right now. But I think she has an extra message for me as she flew away one day and didn’t come home for 2 weeks, but while she was away she learnt affection and is now very affectionate to me. Over the past week I have seen a big beautiful wood pigeon (new Zealand wood pigeon Google it they’re lovely) fly past my house twice but there are no forests near here so I don’t know where it is coming from or going to. Feels spiritual to me.

    1. Hi I have these two doves that are mated that come down onto my grass and they aren’t afraid of me. But the male I know he is a male cause I feel it spiritually because I can communicate with animals but he always looks at me and then flies right over my head almost touching me he then lands on the roof and looks at me. The once he even answered me by cooing and then flying over me. When ever I come out side all the other birds fly away but he stays. What does this mean? I’m almost 12 and its really confussing me! Plz tell me what it means. I also feel calm around it.

    2. The Rock Dove (Pigeon) is also my spirit animal. You are seeing another breed of this bird because ALL pigeons (not doves) are feral, meaning they were brought here from other countries by people and were domesticated animals. Irresponsible people would get tired of taking care of them and release them to the wild, which is why you only see flocks of pigeons near people – homes, in cities, neighborhoods. They are equivalent to stray dogs and cats, and come to people for food and comfort. These birds are drawn to you because they are YOUR spirit animals too! I can see/speak with spirit, and have a 14 year old boy that I work with who is also psychic and a sensitive (he also feels spirit and can communicate with them). It appears that you share this gift with us, and I am SO glad that you realize it. I have a family made up of a HUGE male, female, and a yearling son that live in and around my yard/house as well. Occasionally the son comes in my dog door and lets me pick him up. Pigeons/doves have virtually NO ability to protect themselves, with soft beaks and claws, so if you get to hold one, be careful not to frighten it. They mean that you are kind, gentle, psychic and attract spirits (NOT the same as ghosts, that just stick around on earth for whatever reason). Spirits go to the other side and come back on occasion to give messages to loved ones, or encouragement to those like you and I. Don’t worry, just enjoy their presence, and know they stay because they trust you! They actually eat people food, but don’t need to be fed unless there is no grass around. You are absolutely right to feel calm with them, they have nothing but trust and are drawn to your gentle nature. Good luck, and maybe start getting some books or Tarot cards to start honing your skills. Mine started when I was 9, but I was too frightened to use my abilities until I was grown. I’m glad you are smarter than I was! I will have to tell your story to Cameron, my friends that trains with me. Lots of love, and I hope to read more from you here!

  61. Hello on Wednesday a collared Dove flew into our barkyard while we were outside. He or she came so close now the dove is coming everyday and we now can feed him/her.

    1. Can someone please interpret this dream:

      I was driving, heading on to the freeway, when suddenly my car turns off. I try to put my emergency lights on and pull over. I look ahead of me and see that the freeway is completely empty now, and there are no cars, it’s completely dark. Next, I look up at the sky and see a huge white dove flying, almost looking like a cloud, and angel dressed in a white robe is also in the sky but is coming towards me. I lock my door, think to myself this is it, the end. I wonder why I am alone and think of my children. I say a prayer to God to please forgive me for my sins and selfishness. Then I wake up.

    2. You have a fear of being alone by the choices you’ve madw. You believe that in troubled times youll have to endure them.alone. The dove is showing you no matter what you are not alone. Youd benefit from reading The Four Agreements.

    3. On Christmas morning a white dove appeared in my garden carrying a stick in its beak. This is very unusual as they are definately not native to my area. I was busy over christmas and did not see it much again until december 27. When it appeared on the morning of the 28th i saw another white dove fly down next to it. They have already begun building a nest in my tree and seem to now reside permanently in my garden.

  62. On Saturday, December 3, 2016 I was sitting on my back porch relaxing and watching the neighboro’s horses…I find great pleasure in watching these beautiful animals, when all of a sudden a white dove flew in front of me and around a bit, then landed on the ground in front of me and started crying. I don’t mean the normal cooing that they do, I actually mean crying. If anyone knows the meaning of this, I would greatly appreciate the in sight.

    1. That is the sound a dove makes when it has just lost its mate.
      I have heard it and it’s heartwhenching!
      Not to worry though, I was so worried about it that I did some research and found that other doves take care of it and it will eventually find a new mate.
      White doves have special meaning so you might look it up online.

  63. On September 6 . I went to visit the cemetery where my father and mom’s stone is ( mom was cremated). Then left to
    ride by they’re old home . And turning to leave the street a pure white dove was sitting to my right as if it followed me there . I didn’t know how rare a sighting of dove is until i looked on the internet.

    1. I had something similar happen today. I buried my dad today. He was 94 years old. His ashes were put into the have with my mother.
      Later in the afternoon my sister and I were going through old family pictures. I went out to the mailbox, and gray turtle dove flew right in front of me and landed on a wire. I looked up and there was another dove sitting next to her. They seemed very happy to be together.

  64. I found a baby mourning dove hoppling around my yard. My dog almost got her so i picked her up and she was perfectly. Content in my hand. She perched right on my hand while i took my dog to the park and back. I had to go to work so i took her to my shed and made a nest for her.mourning doves are one of the only species of birds that the mother will come back even with human scent. When i came home from work the nest was undisturbed empty and my baby dove was gone.

  65. Hi, last night I went for a walk near an old chapel, it was quite dark so wasnt sure if I saw a dove or a pigeon but he was just sat on the arm of a bench all alone. He seemed quite peaceful, not in pain and when I went closer to him, he didnt show any signs of flying away. I was only about 6ft away and we looked at each other for a few minutes and I made a small noise and he was moving his head with interest. I think we shared a connection – it felt like it. After a few minutes I walked away and left the bird sat still on the bench. The area by the chapel is very peaceful and was used to be run by monks in around the 13th C. In the last year I have got significantly more spiritual and wondering would anyone have any idea what the significance of this was or could be? It certainly felt positive and it was only by chance that I felt the need to go for a spontaneous walk (so wondering if that was meant to happen?)

    Many thanks in advance to you all

  66. Hi,
    What does it mean to see 4 doves? It’s strange, I’ve never seen doves flying on my balcony before and just so happens saw 4 of them flying in on my balcony this morning. Thanks!

  67. I can’t find anything on google so whenever someone has an answer please help me… I saw 3 black birds fly by and minutes later a white dove flew right in front of my face and glided around me but then flew away, more time passed and i saw the 3 black birds come back heading in the direction of the dove except one stayed behind and stared at me… After this encounter i just walked back inside (I was working at the time on break thinking about things) I just don’t understand why the one black bird stared at me from the roof top

    1. Hello,
      I can interpret things on a spiritual level. So if you will here is my opinion as to why this event has taken place. The black birds is a good sign that all of your sorrows and worries regarding your dreams, finances and i’m sensing you may be in a relationship your uncertain about has come to pass. It appears that the thoughts you had was like a prayer to the universe how the heck can i get out of this situation into something better. Know that your thoughts are powerful energy magnets which attracts to you immediate answers from God. The black bird starring at you was that of a guardian (call it angel or spirit guide) it was letting you know that the universe heard your concerns and things in your life will take an immediate positive shift if you trust and believe great things will follow. You must let go of all fear of the unknown and your life will blossom. The dove surrounded you to let you know that peace of mind about any concerns you may have will surface in your life. The dove is saying please let go of your worries. Peace is around the corner. 😛

    2. I really like your vision and description of this. I had a dream that 2 white doves and a raven flew by me. I was on a mountains edge looking down into a beautiful open green valley.
      Do you have any insight on my dream?

    3. Black birds are messengers of magic. They remind you of the higher purpose and to trust in your abilities. Doves are messengers of peace. They bring calm and contentment. a signal for you trust and let life and the universe work for you. Trust your instincts.

    4. It was the spirit of someone you know who was using its eyes to see you.
      Birds are the easiest way for non-physical to let us know that they are very aware of us.
      Whenever there is a lot of bird activity around you, it means your vibration is ‘in the positive zone’
      You can even ask to see whatever you want when they are near.
      It won’t happen right away but keep aware and say thank you when you acknowledge their presence.

  68. I had a dream looking over a porch railing seeing the biggest wing I ever seen like it was broken off I looked up seeing a dove just swirling down to me I put my hand out and land on my hand pinky finger I layed it down by me and transformed into a baby I was startled woke up with strange head ache and finger hurting can any one explain this type of dream because I can’t get it out of my thoughts

    1. The broken wing represents a special needs child or a sick loved one. The dove represents peace and tranquility. It is letting you know everything is going to be ok. Landing in your pinky finger and waking up hurting. Is so you wont forget.

  69. I just completed a spiritual healing and was informed I have a dove totem, can you explain a little more? I am being treated with lung cancer.
    Thanks for your assistance.

    1. I was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. Then hurricane Sandy destroyed my home. I also survived abusive relationships.
      When my home was repaired and I fought the Severe Stage of Aplastic Anemia I noticed that a beautiful white dove was perched on the balcony. I thought she was lost, yet when I started to see her fly towards me in various places I knew that this was not a coincidence. It is rare to see a white Rock Dove in Staten Island, New York. I also recovered from an extremely toxic relationship.
      I believe that this dove was my totem and also believe in the power of the holy spirit. I designed a poster of a dove on Zazzle.
      Perhaps she visited to bring us blessings and to let us know that miracles happen. After all, I am alive. I do not need blood, platelets or cells to live anymore. Perhaps the dove visited you to bring you a blessing.

  70. Kate Winchester Montanez

    Hi, i just wanna know what this means, ok here you go, this my story. I just quit my job before this happened. I arrived at home and went upstairs to rest but all of the sudden there was a bird with green to yellow feather that entered our home and it was like panicking and flying in circles. I was afraid to go upstairs coz im afraid of birds. i know it was a small bird but im just afraid of them. i was afraid bec i know something must be happening. You would not see a bird in the middle of the night without any means. i went down and take time coz i was thinking maybe he was just disappear but no after few minutes the bird was still there. Still flying in a circular motion. I was trying to pretend that i did not see it and went upstairs as fast as i could and went to sleep. morning comes and i did not see the bird anymore. maybe it flew already. i checked the net and i searched all kinds of birds with green feather or yellowish.. i saw the turtle dove and i can say they look like the same.

  71. Two nights ago I had a dream about a white dove. I was a city bus passenger in an unfamiliar part of town and the bus driver had to go up this hill and we came to an enclosed bus plafform or bus station. Lots of people on the platform and I said that I never knew this location every existed. A white dove flew in and landed on my head, just siting there. I was amazed at this and then I said to a man next to me that we ought to release the dove outside. He was able to to hold the dove and released it so that it flew outside.

    I know that the dove represents the Holy Spirit and glad tidings. I am thankful and waiting for my blessings after 8 years of financial hardship, toil, health problems, etc.

  72. Two years ago today my mother passed away. I went out on my balcony and saw a rare sight a dove sitting on the wall just below me. I’m on the second story. I took pictures of this rare sight in Long Beach ca. I went down stairs and started taking more pictures getting closer and closer thinking the dove will soon fly away. To my surprise I was able to come within inches with my phone flashing snapshots. I then reached out and touched the dove. Thank you for your blessings Lord and I love and miss you so much mom. I am in tears again… May God bless us all.

  73. This is really weird but last night i dreamed about a white dove talking in a deep but gentle and calm voice. I don’t remember what he is saying in my dream. And he offered to carry me on his back to my destination. I kept telling him the direction to my house and saying “this way! this way!” but he doesn’t listen to me. Instead i feel him say “i know where we are going”. But he talked to me on his mind. Everytime i am pointing him on a specific direction, it always turned out that it really is not the right direction. And when we finally landed, it is in front of our old house. It’s been so many years since we moved out. And then i woke up. It really is a weird dream. I’m trying to remember what the dove is saying in my dream but only a little i can remember.

    1. That happened to me too! I was at my car and a dove flew over hit me in the head and flew off!

  74. My husband and I are having issues. He has been really moody, stressing over money etc and it is putting a strain on us. I have been thinking of leaving him, as him and my son from a previous relationship are always at odds. This morning a dove hovered under my back porch roof while I was sitting there, then I came inside and looked out my front door and there was another one hovering under the porch roof. What if anything does this mean?

  75. My boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch, I returned from a trip and I dove was sitting in my bedroom window looking at me. Later that day I went to my bf’s and we talked about our next steps and my need to know myself better before settling down. That morning while talking a dove came to his kitchen window while we hugged and cried. I went home an hour later and was folding clothes in my room and a dove came to my window again, sitting on the ledge and peering in at me. I can’t help but think it’s a sign for me to spread my wings and know things will work out between the two of us.

  76. 4-27-16 @ 6:30 AM
    I hit a morning dove with my truck on the way to work. It landed up on the lower part of my windshield. It was still alive and it was starring at me while it died. I drove a different way to work because I didn’t want it to fall off onto the highway. I believe this little bird has saved me from some tragedy, like a car accident. God works his magic in mysterious ways and offered one of his beautiful creatures to alter my path at that time. I am saddened that it died, but I am happy that His plan for me goes on.

  77. Ma.Katrina Acot

    Just this afternoon at around 4pm a white dove with eed colored legs landed on our backyard.It didn’t flew away even if I was sweeping and watering the walked around sipping water from the spill on the ground.then it juat settled there. I was thinking what message it brings…first time happened that a bird did not flew and was so quiet and calm just beiing around there even if our two dogs are barking.

  78. So I live in the mountains and have a super predator of a cat. The cat was asleep on the seating part of the picnic table when a brown dove landed on the table part looked down at the cat. The cat woke looked at me and laid her head down (like it’s not here for me) and went back to sleep. It looked at me for a minute and left. Huh? Besides my cat not making a simple lunch of the dove that was very surreal. Any thoughts

    1. Good day sir/ma’am , please I really need an answer to this.
      I had a dream that I see some magical things like seeing something showing Allahu Akbar, it appear four time and after the fourth time it disappear and a dove show up there and started flying, I followed it while flying above my head with me eyes, and it drop a feather and i took .
      That’s what I can remember there.
      Please anyone that can help me on that , what’s the meaning pls.

  79. I just had two doves fly smack into my living room window. Both died I find it strange that this happened on Easter in the late afternoon. I have lived here 24 years and never had a bird hit this window. Is this a warning? Is it to wake me up? I feel worried and don’t know if I should.

    1. You submitted this message at 4:11, i think you should look up the spiritual meaning of this number… Angel numbers

  80. I had gray dove with red band on its leg walking around my driveway, it was bleeding and I felt sorry for it didn’t no what to do for it. Does wild live preserve put red bands on them?

  81. I have TEN mourning doves sitting on a tree outside my bedroom window! They were feeding on my patio. I’ve never encountered that many together! Any thoughts?

  82. I had a rough year and was thinking about getting a divorce. My husband and me were going to a counsellor, but it didn’t bring me the help and clarity I needed. When I walked with my husband a dove flew over our heads and touched my cheek and head with its wing. I feel blessed. I need signs in my life like that, natures guiding me.

    1. Mourning doves, aka turtle doves, usually mate for life. Only you can take away this gentle message, so perhaps it is just offering a gentle message of love and that you will find peace and love whatever you do.

    1. I was driving to work when three gray doves in flight together flew in front of my car. Any significance of this? Also in this same day with the doves, I saw 4 hawks fly on my way to a town 60 miles away from where I live. Each hawk flew alone. I have also had a red cardinal appear to me numerous times in the past 6 yrs. Sometimes it allows me to get quite close to it. I had an old boyfriend from high school who I loved dearly pass away 10 yrs ago. I have often thought it was him. Could this be?

    2. It very well could be my family and I think that my aunt myrtle comes as a dove and crazy story I find my parakeet dead so we went to the pet store to get a new bird and I see a dove we go into the aviary there and the dove flies over to me I felt absolutely blessed and we got the dove and she an amazing bird and very loving. So moral of the story is some spirits come as animals especially birds . This most likely means that he is watching over you and is your guardian angel and that he will be with you and support you from a far. Gmail me if you feel like talking about this

  83. Today I had to let go of my dear greyhound, Baby Girl. For days I had been observing a woodpecker in a neighboring tree who caught my attention again today. As I walked over towards the tree to get a closer look he then flew back to a tree nearest to the house. This tree had several doves, each expanding their wings at different times, flying from branch to branch. I did a 360 to view all other treetops in the skyline, none had birds in them. I knew right then it was my baby girl sending me that beautiful display……she knew me that well. It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all. Tennyson. No more pain, no more tears.

    1. Hi Elsie

      I gather the Grey Dove would mean something about the Light not being able to exist without the Dark.

      The Dark craves the light as the Light craves the Dark. Without each other Life would not exist.

      So next time someonr bullies you, be the white Dove to their darkness – smile in their faces, knowing that you are their oxygen and they are nothing without you.

  84. Hi everyone can anyone tell me what a gray pigeon/dove means?
    I saw a gray pigeon/dove flew at our window looks very healthy and looks like he wanted to get in so I open the door but this bird just stand on the bench. So I took photos and video as a remembrance.

    Later this after the kids at the church saw this bird and so very excited of telling me that theirs bird on our patio.

    Saw I wanted to catch it bit was up on the trasses on the roof.

  85. Hi, so this afternoon is a very stormy and rainy one, I’m driving home from work and I see a row of black birds with a pure white dove sitting in the center of them all on a power line, I’m not sure what this means but it made me feel very happy and it was very beautiful. I even got a photo. Can anyone tell me what this could mean?

  86. My fiancé and I were expecting our first baby. We were told at our first scan we were 7 weeks and 5 days. I experienced some bleeding – not much at all – no cramping, no other symptoms. I was referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit a week before our 12 week scan just to check to see if everything was okay. We were told we had miscarried and the baby hadn’t passed and I need to go in to have the baby removed. When we got home from this news, I was in the garden and sitting on top of a nearby house was a grey pigeon and a white one sitting next to one another. I’ve read online this is a sign of peace. I do hope our baby ‘peanut’ is safe and being looked after. It was a message from above. RIP little one ?⭐️ Xxx

  87. This morning as I was going to my mailbox, I saw a white dove walking in and around my driveway. It had a blue leg band. I sent an email to my state wildlife agency. Don’t know if they are the one who banded it.

  88. Hi, last week I was watering my front garden, and all of a sudden, out the corner of my left eye I seen something. I looked down, and beside my left foot a dove sitting there. Not afraid at all of me. I thought “oh he is thirsty. He walked over took a drink, came back to my foot, then walked to the other side of the garden, took another drink, came back, and walked over my foot. I couldn’t believe this. Walked up my driveway, went under the truck. Stayed for awhile then walked down the driveway and disappeared. I haven’t seen him since. What does this mean?

  89. I was walking and carrying a heavy load, when I stopped to take a breath… a perfectly white dove flew around me. It was so perfectly white that it glowed! I was totally amazed.. Was this a sign from God?



  90. Please help me understand what I have going on. This never happens and now in the last 3 days I had 2 dove land on a fence outside my pick up not 6 feet away eye level with me I rolled down my window they didn’t fly. I moved my arms around they didn’t fly. Then the next day a young dove is on the dog fence watching through the kitchen window. An hour later he was still there so I walked outside walked right up to him and picked him up off the fence. Thinking he was hurt or to young to fly I brought him inside and he just sat there on my finger for 10 minutes I then set him in a box with food and water. 30 min later I go to check on him he is on top of my light fixture he can fly! Why are wild dove doing this right now? Also other wild bird species are landing incredibly close to me and not spooking away. Non of this has ever happened before

  91. The other day I saw 3 pure white doves on the road. I never seen white doves before and to see 3 together. I was in aww and instantly felt that they symbolise a message, i had to know. So glad for this site 🙂

  92. 🙂 : God bless everyone! Today I experienced something extraordinary. So beautiful in its own way. My husband and I were taking a walk with our two children. We were having a beautiful walk. My two daughters and I were having a conversation when we heard my husband say, “Hay, they are going to tow our truck!” We all said, oh! Smack. My twelve year old daughter ran to see but she still was a little far from the truck, but we all followed behind her. My husband turned back at me and said, “I don’t know if it was a bird or? I looked at him. Then said well at least you maid her run and she’s done for her exercise. We laughed! He said to her Run, run as fast as you can. When my husband and I got there mu daughter said, “Mom, look!” The first thing i saw was a beautiful white collar dove sitting on the left side of the windshield of the truck. It seemed as if it was waiting for us. I told him to get closer to it and extend his arm to it. It looked as if it looked at me then to them and then it flew away to the back of the truck then went up, and disappeared. The first thing in my head was this is a message from god. We all prayed and i got on the phone to look uo what it meant. This is where i am at right now. I had to leave a message for everyone to read. To me is so calming and so serene because we have gone through so much this past four years. I am pregnant now and and I’ve told my husband that I am somehow changing in my ways, ways in which i don’t feel angered with the people of my past that drove me to all things I’ve been going through. It was a god sent message.

  93. I had seen a dove fly into the supermarket where I work , it damaged its wing a bit trying to get out and knocking against the large windows , several members of staff tried to chase it and one man did catch it and set it free.outside i forgot about it until the following evening when i was on my usual late shift and stepped out of kiosk to put a customers basket in a rack , when i stepped back into the kiosk a noise like a gunshot penetrated the air and i was amazed to see a bottle of cheap champagne fall of the shelf and land on the floor in many shards and all the liquid spilled , I thought that I had somehow dislodged the bottle , but the two customers waiting to be served said it exploded in front of them , that dove was a protective totem , it had landed in the same area in which I had worked and it had somehow blessed the area , the bottle would have exploded right behind my head had I not stepped out of the kiosk for a single moment , God was with me Amen.

  94. I have a dove who has been hanging around my back yard for months. She’s a mourning dove who has a very distinct rosy colored chest. This dove often sits on one of my lawn chairs and stares in the window for hours…..usually most of the day. This has gone on for so long, my kids notice when she’s not there. At least once a day, this bird flies against window as if trying to land on the screen. Not hard, just enough to get out attention. I’ve heard of more aggressive birds doing this, but never a dove. Maybe it’s nothing, but I live in the mountains. There are thousands of birds who fly around here, but this one is different…….at least I sense “she’s” different. I’d be forever grateful for any and all opinions as to what this may mean. Thank you.

    1. the day my grandson was born [ las t week ] 2 doves lay on the grass next to me for hours while I paced about waiting for news. yesterday he had to go to hospital with an infection and I was worried. a baby dove sat on a brach inches above my head , I spoke to it and it listened , and it did not move all afternoon, even when my dog barked at it. lovely .

  95. Not to long ago, I was driving to my work and when I got to a stop light…I saw 3 white doves sitting on the wire above me…they seemed to glow. Can’t describe it…. i have had a lot struggles this year..emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc. …
    I’m person that ever since a child have always experience many things that can’t be explained or people to understand..
    What sign could this be?

  96. I dreamed of MANY baby white dove right in front of me outside of the glas s wall, they fluttered all around. Felt hope peace love and a feeling of something coming soon! What does this mean ? ❗

  97. I dreamt i was in a place where there is trees and then found dead doves on the floor abd some of them was alive flying around. Then one dove flew straight right on my stomach and then i woke up.

    Can someone pls helo me witg this

  98. Yesterday, I was scrolling my Twitter feed an this dove came to my window, landed on my a/c for 2 or 3 seconds then flew away. Then later came back for 2 or 3 seconds an then flew away, and that was it.

    What does this mean?

    1. I was standing out side n a dove came dn n tried to purch on me thats y im hear at first i didt no wat to think n she hovered over me as i stood i put my hand out she came wit in a few inches of me fot at lest a min then flew away left me with a good feeling tho throuhg my soul most mean some thing beautiful….ty SUN RAGE ON FB…

  99. I have seen two Doves in two days, I have not dreamed of them so what is the difference between seeing them and dreaming of them. Can you please let me know.

  100. When I was maybe five years old, I had my first spirit animal dream. I was pushing through heavy underbrush, lost in the woods, when a dove landed on my shoulder. It whispered in my ear, “Watch out… Your enemy is behind you.” I turned to see a large brown bear towering over me with a snarling countenance before waking up.

    So far, my totems are the dove and the lion. I’m still working it what it all means.

    Any thoughts on this?

  101. So today I dreamed of a dove, this is how my dream went I was outside it was dark and I could see the clouds that were purple/black/dark and there was a hole up in the cloud and I could see blue sky up there and suddenly I see a dove fly around then it goes down and die. I don’t know what it means but can someone tell me what my dream met? Please!!!!!!!!!

  102. When sitting next to the ocean in an early morning quiet time, I prayed to know the things that God wished for me to stop giving my life force energy to any longer. I wrote down three things. The third was the word ‘Grieving’. In a few moments, I noticed three doves flying closely together. I watched them fly away together until they were out of view, visualizing myself letting go of the three behaviors. I was supernaturally surprised when I found that the Mourning Dove had chosen to be my spirit animal and teach me the lesson of learning to fly again.

  103. I dreamt I was a dove, walking not flying. Happy feeling. I traveled with an elephant and a rock. The rock was alive and could talk. We were travellers and performers. Somehow the elephant fell on me ( the dove) and I could feel the weight and pain. That’s when I woke up and had severe pain in my knee ( pain is chronic ) and not unusual.

  104. A white dove flew over me and landed in my yard, I walked away but the bird remained where it had landed like 2 minutes later I walked back and slowly walked towards it. When close to it, it flew to a nearby fence and sat, still I walked towards it and it actually let me pet it before flying off. It actually let me touch it!

  105. I am sitting at my job on the 3rd floor and there is a Dove sitting on my windowsill just staring at me. It stared at me for 15 minutes before it turned around looked back at me and flew away. I even took pictures of him.

  106. Hi!
    Today I was at work. (I work for my dad). Slow day. And a coworker of mine makes a joke to open the door to let the guest in. I look up and I see a white dove. Gorgeous really. It was staring right into the glass just standing there gracefully. I couldn’t understand what the dove was trying to say. But I knew it was there for a reason (we rarely see doves in that area not to mention WHITE and at night!) I walked out toward the dove and rather than flying away it seemed to lead me in some direction. I couldn’t follow as I had work. It came back though! And I stared at it and it stared back. I kept asking it what it wanted. I thought it was injured but every time I stepped closer it would step away. I tried letting it out of my mind until my dad just got a call 5 hours later telling him his dad (my grandfather) passed away. I can’t help but wonder if the dove has any correlation to this event or if it was just a coincidence ! Everyone else thinks I’m crazy!

    1. Spiritual leaders and some others say the people who have passed on will show signs like a song or birds or object to loved ones. Perhaps your grandfather was letting you know he was fine.

  107. Dreamt watching news on a big screen could not understand a word because the caption and the news were in Arabic still confused a big white dove appeared on the screen and someone told me it was my spiritual guide. So my question is how does a bird guide me when we can’t communicate how does it help me? What was this dream all about? Thanks

  108. hi there. just two weeks ago i witnessed a pigeon who was injured and had flown into a reflective glass. I am writing here because my understanding is that pigeons are of the same family as mourning doves. i took the bird home with me and have taken care of it. it was unable to stand or walk and is now walking and able to fly. The morning after finding the pigeon, I dreamt this pigeon with purple and blue shining feathering on the back of its neck, standing upright and courtly from the box it was in. That day I was told to leave the bird for animal services to “take care” of it assuming that it will not survive. that didn’t feel like an appropriate solution. i took it home with me and cared for it for two weeks. now it is in a rehabilitation facility tending to an orphaned pigeon. both will be released when they have reached good health. any reflections on this experience and dreams would be greatly appreciated.

  109. Recently, my father was very ill and passed away. The day before he died I saw the remaining feathers of a dove scattered on the ground around my car. I was being watched by two doves the following morning as I got into the car. I’ve never noticed doves around the estate before.

    1. Hey Sean i was just wondering what area you saw the two doves, ? As I have seem them recently as well …that’s amazing just the two doves flew over my property.
      Cheers Phnx.

    2. Hi phnx,
      They are in Ireland. Collared doves. I saw one again this morning so they must be nesting locally. Many people here claim we are in for a very cold winter. Lots of birds being very active at this time make up part of this forecast.

  110. I had a mourning dove. My friends found it out of its nest as a baby. We took good care of it. Eventually, we let it go. She’d visit us everyday.

    It’s been more than a month, and she has not returned ever since.

  111. A dove nested in a palm tree in our garden. I hadn’t realised until after some big wind storms and I realise the nest had been blown form the tree. i found the 2 baby birds safely nestled on a ledge outside my bathroom. They have now learn’t to fly their mother comes and feeds them and they are all happily residing ( + coo-ing). I definitely have a thing with animals but any deeper insight would be highly appreciated

  112. I was in TX Big Bend National Park having traveled from Vt. and was sitting outside cabin praying – so grateful for the time there- and when I opened my eyes a dove was sitting not two feet from me on the porch.. just looking at me. For close to a half hour! The dove flew away then and my husband came out on the porch- I told him about the dove and he pointed to the limb of the tree behind me where sat that same dove- I was overwhelmed by the peacefulness thereafter. Wish it could last!


  113. ❓ ahm.. can you please help me interpret my dream..
    i dreamt of seeing dead doves and among them i saw one that was alive. i think i saw them in my backyard…

    1. Hello Haydee: The dream is symbolic of your inability to let go of control in your waking life. You must allow spirit and others the space to do their work as well. Micro managing your life is stifling your creativity.

  114. Was driving down my street tonight about to pull into my driveway when I noticed a small gray mound In the road…stopped got out and discovered an injured mourning dove who is now safely secured in my basement…after reading the above meanings, that dove and I were meant to cross paths this evening. Amazing!! I now can only hope it recovers and survives!

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