Raccoon Symbolism, Raccoon Meaning, Raccoon Totem, Raccoon Dream, and Messages
Are you presenting a different face to the people around you? Try being yourself.

Meaning and Messages

When you encounter Raccoon symbolism, it is a sign that you must let go of a situation, person, belief, or habit. Therefore it would be a good idea to go inward to see what is stopping your progress. Conversely, the Raccoon meaning can also be a signal that you should accept the gifts being offered to you right now by the universe.

In some cases, Raccoon symbolism can also be reminding you to leave no stone unturned in your quest for resolution with the current problem you are facing. In other words, like the Leopard, take the time to look at the whole picture, the seen and the unseen to find a solution. Raccoon meaning dictates that you have the ingenuity to resolve the problem.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Raccoon totem tend to be both shy and charismatic at the same time. Once they get to know the people around them, they are amiable people. Folks with this spirit animal have an insatiable curiosity. This nosiness will occasionally blind them to the dangers of what they are exploring. They also thrive on new experiences and new activities. Thus they are excellent problem solvers and have a great deal of ingenuity in solving puzzles and mysteries. Like the Seagull, their genius is always apparent to others, and they help others in problem-solving. People with the Raccoon totems’ energy are calm and serene under pressure. They often calculate in their response to chaos. These folks are very tactile and tend to use touch before all other senses.

A Quick Message from Raccoon along with Wolf and a few other Animals

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Raccoon dream, it can signify deceit and thievery. In other words, you are most likely not being completely honest in a situation that you currently find yourself. The vision could also suggest that you are hiding something. You are keeping a secret.

Alternatively, a Raccoon dream could be a portrayal of an aspect of your personality. A trait that it is responding with unsavory behavior. Thus your self-awareness is letting you know that you are dishonest with yourself. Like the Lion dream, that awareness will also help you overcome that dishonesty.

77 thoughts on “Raccoon”

  1. In the 1950″s my Mother and Father along with me would watch TV in the evening. Coonie would come into the living room and climb
    up the back of the sofa and smack each of us on the head then
    dive over the other side and peek to see if we were watching.

    My Father like to sit in his bare feet, Coonie would not let his toes
    alone. My Father got a blanket, one problem, it had a hole.
    Guess what was next?


  2. Ohio Tom, I"m back, soon to be 83

    Subject Coonie, 1953

    In the 50″s on the farm, my
    Mother and Father along with me would watch TV in the evening.
    Coonie would come into the living room, climb up the back of
    the sofa run behind and smack each of us on the head, then
    dive over the side and climb back up to see if we were watching.
    My Father would like to sit in his bare feet. Coonie would not let
    his toes alone. Father got a blanket put it around his feet, one
    problem it had a hole in it and guess what, coonie found it.

    Take me back to those years,

    Ohio Tom

  3. I am 80 yrs old grew up on a farm in northern Ohio. In the spring of
    1953 while stringing a barb wire fence with my father in a wooded area I heard a twitter, it was a mother Racoon with 5 nine week old young.
    I took one to the farm house and over the summer turned it into a
    family member. My pet dog Mike, a springer spaniel would
    tolerate coonie as I called him. Mike would come in from the
    fields with burrs on him and coonie would groom him, putting
    the burrs in a pile in the kitchen. Great time in my life as a farm
    boy in Ohio.

    1. i was blessed to see a mother and her baby raccoon as well the other day….it was the most beautiful sight…they are beautiful creatures full of love and brilliant protective mothers……amaziing

    2. I-think-my brain-is-expanding-it’s-conciousness

      When I read this story of Tom and his farm in Ohio. I feel a nostalgic feeling and also get this dejavu. Why do I feel like this story is talking about me but I can’t remember.

  4. I’m curious. To whomever else here has a spirit animal, I’d love to hear what that animal is and if you have a story that goes along with it. I’ll go first. Oddly enough, my one & only has always been a Raccoon. Been that way for 6 years. A couple of years ago, my greatest experience with this animal occurred. At the time I lived in front of a 60 acre wooded area. One night I kept hearing my screen door popping.

    I walked over to the door and a giant raccoon was placing his claw under the door, trying to pull it open. It had zero fear of me. I would pull the door open slightly & feed it, even let me pet it. This went on for about 2 weeks. Every other night & sometimes 2 or 3 nights in a row. I would sit outside & feed the little guy. Yes I know this contributed to his regular visits, but then one night it showed up with another adult & 2 very small raccoons.

    It took a few minutes for the little ones to get comfortable with me, but they did. Just like every previous night, after around a 10-20 minute visit, it was off to the woods again. That was the very last visit. I never understood why, especially since they all obviously felt safe.

    1. Thats a lovely experience. They trusted you enough to bring the kids. What a compliment to you!
      My totem animal is the deer. I have had endless encounters with them. About two years ago i was walking in the woods and decided as i often do to go off trail and follow the animal trail. My eyes were on where i was walking and i was going at a slower pace when suddenly i looked up and a family of seven deer where laying there and staring at me. I slowly sat down on a stump and just rested with them for a while. I even sang to them and they never moved. A very special moment.

    2. That’s awesome Brian! I am still shaken by my similar experience I had last night. I live across from an urban lake and have had other animal experiences mainly with birds and possums but last night I was sitting on my front porch as I always do and I suddenly hear something coming up on my deck to my right. I thought instantly it must be a cat as it was coming too close instead of staying in the large yard in front. To my surprise there was not just one but four raccoons following behind. I didn’t know whether to run or scream but I sat as still as possible and sweetly whispered hello to them. It was like they were holding hands sitting together and staring at me quietly. What felt like a few minutes of that stillness moment with them was only a few seconds but it was the most powerful universe energy connection (can’t even find the words) moment I have ever encountered. That’s what landed me here on this post. After reading this my jaw dropped as it describes me and my present situation perfectly. I didn’t have any food to offer them but I hope they come back. 😍

    3. The very first week alone in a new house, I had eyes peeking in at me, it was a raccoon, same raccoon has lived here almost eight years, had three babies and stops bye to visit. Great spirit animal. Has brought me so much joy watching, good thing.

    4. Yes I was going to water my garden. The other night saw a pregnant cat so i put some scraps of food. A couple of days later thought it was the same cat said mis mis when the raccoon stood up hands open it freckled me out quickly ran inside and it followed. Eyes locked to mine .

    5. The Raccoon probably brought his or her family to say goodbye. For whatever reason it had to move on. What a nice experience to have.
      I too have had many experiences with them but didn’t consider that they might be my spirit animal. I have the crow as a spirit animal, but you can have many.

  5. Last week began with Samhain night and then it was the Thurs./Friday full moon, so it was an intense 4 nights of ceremony and 5 days of meditation, prayer, yoga & bhajan. That last night, during the lighting of the sage, there were very strange chittering noises coming from the bushes in the backyard… which I realized were raccoons. All around me, they are making a noisy ruckus!
    What followed later was the blowing of all 5 bulbs of a lamp in the livingroom & the lamp next to my bed. The next morning, when I saged the altar, 2 honeybees kept buzzing the altar furiously.

  6. Raccoon, Atí:ron, that great mischief maker and Trickster speaks of resourcefulness and playfulness. Anyone who has ever dealt with Atí:ron, also knows of her determination, a strong message for me right now. Raccoon is playful and loves to knock things off balance to see what she can get away with. She is a notorious thief, much like Crow and Coyote. It is our instinct to protect the things that we think are important from the tricksters and thieves, but it is all too often true that the things that Atí:ron and other thieves take from us turn out to be not nearly as important, certainly not as essential as we think that they are. Sometimes having things taken away from us is a gift. It gives us an opportunity to value those things that we do have. Atí:ron is not the enemy. Atí:ron is a friend. We can choose to fight against the playful thief, such as Raccoon or Time, or we can chose to play along with them. We can choose to give rather than have a thing taken from us. We can choose to let go rather than to cling without purpose or meaning.

  7. Raccoon- Atí:ron- Yet another of the great mischief makers. Atí:ron speaks to me of resourcefulness and the seeking of solutions that are not obvious. She also speaks to me of play and of great determination. Play is the way that we learn, and the seeking of the unknown, rather than the known, which we adults lose touch with too easily and for too long. Mischief makers knock things loose and steal things, often things that we have convinced ourselves we need, but do not and things that we place value on for no good reason but the habit of possession and repetition. Raccoon will steal things from you. Raccoon will make mischief. You can allow this to teach you to be more resourceful yourself or you can try to protect those things that you think matter. But do they really matter?

  8. 3 Raccoons scared the heck out of me arriving on porch yesterday and all peering in at me through my slider door acting like they wanted to come in. I tried to scare them off, but they kept coming back towards me, seemed like young ones maybe separated from their mother? Or maybe it was a mother and her 2 kids as one was more confident than the others. I took pictures of them and even talked to them a little bit. I have heard they can be rabid too and that it unusual for them to be out at 11:45am. I thought it best to really scare them off and did so with some loud banging. I feel bad though as those eyes looked like they wanted my help/food and the look of those eyes still haunt me this next morning. I know they have messages for me so I have been reading the different animal totem pages. I live out on Plum Island on the basin in Newbury, MA, have never seen them out here before. Grateful for the surprise gift.

  9. Raccoon, Atí:ron, is resourceful, clever and playful. She speaks to me of adaptation and determination. Atí:ron is also closely related to Bear, Okwari, which for me seems to be carrying a message from my past.

  10. I just saw two racoons having sex, out in the open in the middle of the day… Thought that was wierd because normally the come out at night and try to hide.

    1. Allison Sullivan

      Where did that happen at? I just saw too raccoons, but too hey were not doing that

  11. I have been worried about my sister but have also been drawing boundaries to protect myself from her instability and dishonesty. In the first half of my dream I enter an upstairs room and there are stuffed animals, rabbits, laying on the bed, one of which exhales smoke. I enter the room and wait. My sister emerges from a yellow blanket on the floor between the bed and desk. I ask her why she was hiding and accuse her of lying, I start yelling at her to be honest. She denies it all and disappears. In the second half of my dream a raccoon has entered the house, I am scared that it will hurt someone but I want to show the raccoon kindness. We are standing in a ground level room with one wall covered in windows overlooking a forest, I give the raccoon cereal and tell it about winter sledding, adventures we could enjoy together. The raccoon can understand me and I can understand him, however there are other people in the house and I am still worried for their safety. I find a staff that has become waterlogged and it falls apart in my hands. The raccoon has bitten a child and I have to tell him to leave.

  12. I’m going through a period in my life in which I am working extremely hard on myself;. I’m working very hard to change so many thing about myself to become a stronger, confident and more independent person both mentally and physically. I can sense I’m closer to achieving that goal than ever before. However, sometimes I catch myself looking and prioritizing at the things I want for the now/short term (such as seeking a relationship with someone that may impede on long term goals and may not even be possible to have a relationship with this person, but I find myself desiring it so much), vs the goals I want for the future/long term. (My long term goals will put me in a much better state of being than what I’m in now, which is why it’s so important for me to accomplish them.)

    With that said, I live in Florida, Raccoons are pretty common creatures. However, I haven’t seen one in years. Today, I wake up very early as usual for my morning run, and spot a raccoon on my driveway, with some food in his mouth. He doesn’t notice me right away and is just kind of hanging out. He spots me, we make eye contact. I think he could sense I felt hostile towards him (I have a small dog, and am I always worried that a raccoon or other rabid animal may get to her, so my first instinct was to make the raccoon go away) and with that he was startled ran away very fast in the other direction.

    Throughout the day, for some reason, the encounter had been on my mind all day. Later this afternoon, I’m at the parking lot (that faces a small canal) of my job (30 miles north) on a phone call. I hear some rustling in the bushes, and low and behold, a raccoon appears. We may eye contact. He seemed gentle, almost as if he was lost and was vulnerable. After 15 seconds of eye contact, he goes back into the bushes and hangs out on the canal bank.

    I have no idea what tjis means, and has been on my mind all day. I haven’t seen a raccoon in years, and I see 2 in the same day. The universe is definitely
    trying to tell me something, but I don’t know what. Any one care to help?

    1. This was posted so long ago… I’m not sure if You’ll ever read this but … I’m in the same boat in my life right now. Trying to better myself … emotionally mainly. I have been trying for a long time it feels .. to get back to “ me “ and I know l I’m making progress but my current relationship is pulling me down. Tonight I broke up with the man I’ve been with the past year . It has been a rough night but , all this time I’ve felt in my gut that we weren’t right for each other . He is too angry of a person , always making me feel bad ( trying to make me feel bad for all the things about myself that I’m currently working to change ) even the things that i love about myself , he hates .

      So the reason I found this page was because about 20 minutes ago I went outside and laid down in the middle of my driveway to look at the stars. I have been feeling a little hopeless all night , since I broke things off with my boyfriend . And not even a minute after laying down I see the garage light of the house across the street light up ( it’s almost 1 am here right now ) … and when I sat up to Look and see what had signaled it to turn on… I saw a female deer just standing there . Right in the grass beside the driveway . And she was loooking right at me. And she never moved , just stood there watching me watch her. After about 5 minutes she turned and left ,and as I’m watching her leave .. out of the corner of my eye I see a raccoon making his way across the street towards the direction she went .

      And I instantly felt like it meant something , so I googled it . I googled what it meant to see a deer and a raccoon while going through an emotional moment . And the first thing I read was about the deer .. and that there is symbolism in it . I read that seeing a female deer resembled feminine energy , and is a reminder that “ just because you’re a gentle creature , it doesn’t mean that you have to rely on others “

      After reading that .. I bawled . I cried so hard .. that hit me ..

  13. I had a dream of a woman giving birth to raccoons. It was a movie type setting. But I am pregnant and the woman did resemble me. Any idea of what that means ?

    1. I dreamed my child was born a purple rose and no one thought it was weird in the dream, so no

  14. Woke up to chatter which sounded sort of like an alien sound you would see on TV or in a movie. I looked out my bedroom window and saw 4 raccoons right in front of me..there eyes looking at me unafraid. They stayed still and continued chattering to each other as if they where in a deep conversation…slowly they climbed away after about 10 minutes of me looking at them not more then 15 to 20 feet away. Very beautiful…wish I knew what they were saying to me…

  15. Had a dream 2 nights in a row. With a raccoon on my bed. 😔 Can’t remember much details about the first dream. But the second dream I was laying on my bed with some friends and out of nowhere I see a raccoon face and I jump up. Then my friend jumped up. The raccoon then jumps off the bed and runs out my bedroom door. Which I can know what this dream means.

    1. Basically had the same dream couple of hours ago there was two beds and water leak he came through the water leak and crawled under a crack on the bottom of the bed to hide and I tried catching it but it was so gross..

  16. I came across a young raccoon just moments ago shortly after letting my dogs out to go pee. It was very strange considering that it was inside my complex’s parking structure, and it’s rare (at least for me) to see raccoons where I live (this was the first time I’ve seen a raccoon in person). It was “chirping” as it was walking down the hall on the 1st floor. I heard it before I saw it, and thought, despite never hearing one “chirp” before, “That’s a raccoon,” and looked down and saw that it was a raccoon. I was awe struck.

    I immediately thought it was a sign from the Universe as I’ve been coping with a recent breakup with the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I had felt lost in the days following the breakup. I was extremely sad, remorseful, angry, etc. before I started down the path of enlightenment. It’s still a long journey until I reach nirvana, but it will be a journey that I will honor and cherish.

    I’ve been working on self-improvement and seeking guidance from various sources about finding my higher power, inner peace, emotional mastery, self-improvement, and overall, happiness with being unattached (single but NOT alone)… and I am highly inquisitive by nature, which have lead me on some adventures as well as trouble. However, I am also resourceful, esp. in times of dire straits. Overall, I thank the Universe as now I realize that the raccoon is my true spirit animal. I always had an affinity towards them, despite their reputation to be mean, nasty, and rabies infested.

    Sorry for the lack of coherence… I’m just still in awe that I came across one physically during this tough time. It truly is a reminder that I am NOT alone, and that I should accept that things happen for a reason, and I should trust that the Universe has good intentions for me.

    1. Small game hunters sometimes remove the feet for trophies. They probably decided not to keep them and tossed them up there!!!

  17. I dreamed I crossed paths with a raccoon one night. We had somehow driven down the wrong street and, for whatever reason, I was out of the car when I spotted the raccoon nearby. My intentions were to avoid it while walking back to the car but it ran and jumped up on me and I woke up. I do NOT feel good about this dream. I don’t trust raccoons and know them to be very smart and potentially troublesome as well as rabid. I’d appreciate any insight.

    1. I don’t feel good about mines either especially seeing the egg fall a splat and first thinking it was a spider but it was a raccoon… I need to get a tarot reading done on this 🙄

  18. I got an inkling to take a walk in the woods of a small park this morning which isn’t something I typically do before the sun rises. I was sitting in on a log closing my eyes enjoying the quiet. When I opened my eyes there was a raccoon about 20 feet away at the base of a tree whose trunk separated into two sections a few feet off the ground. The raccoon jumped up on the tree where the trunk divides into two and peered at me making eye contact for about a minute. He seemed curious and neither of us were scared. He climbed around the trunk and gave me another looked and scampered up a tree. Not sure what the encounter meant but I feel fortunate to have seen it.

    1. Probably didn’t mean anything. You were in the woods remember? That’s where they live. However if you were say in the bathroom taking s dump then maybe that would have some significance. Lite a match!!

    2. Isaiah Leon Guerrero

      Im being completely serious…because i had a similar encounter with a Raccoon recently.
      I was walking to the bus stop,like i normally do every morning, and i see a Raccoon. Perched on a tree that split in two, it shared a rather brief stare with it before it scampered away. The only thing i found weird about this was that it was next to a rather busy street, and the Raccoon was really close to the side walk.

  19. I had a dream my parents and I were meeting up. My dad had a raccoon in a bag for me as a gift. I walked away some opened the bag and it bit me very hard on the hard. I remember having to pry its jaws open. Then im not sure if i let it go or I crushed it but it was outside and gone.any help would be great help! thank you!!!

    1. Never mind I figured it out! My dad used to smoke I started smoking very young probably rto be closer to him he quits and I still smoke some 11years later. Iv been trying to quit for a year or two but really buckling down now. Letting go of crap that I think I need to numb out with smoking its working. Just always something happe s I loose my center and always end up smoking again. Maybe the bite is cancer? So I better get it in the bag while I’m still on top!

  20. Tonight I drove outside of town to watch northern lights. I stayed seated in my car and leaned out my window to watch and wait for my night vision to settle in. I had been so deep in thought about—I don’t remember?—when I heard very soft quiet movement below the car door, looked down, and was so startled to see an animal so close to me that I let out a yelp. When I saw that it was a raccoon, and it trotted away, I felt sorry for scaring it. I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself lately, and feel honored that the raccoon approached me. (I think the raccoon was interested in me, because I didn’t have any foods in the car.) I said thank you to the raccoon for helping me feel less alone.

  21. I was sitting with a friend and a racoon sneaked up i was starteled a little but my friend said it was okay that he wouldnt have gotten close if he didnt feel safe so we ke0t talking later on the racoon was just about to join the conversation when we look over and the racoon was smelling around and looking at us at about two to three feet away he looked over at me and bowed and i bowed back and it was the most spectacular thing i had ever seen if anyone can please fill in the gaps for me? Thank you!

  22. Leslie Anne Franklin

    I saw a family of four racoons come into my garden last night. They were soo cute but they were afraid and went away when they saw me standing there and went away.
    I have four children who are grown now.
    I wonder what this means?

  23. Yesterday i randomly ended up at a house where someone had a pet raccoon. I thought oh how cool since I’m a huge animal lover. Then this morning i clicked on a video on facebook of someone playing the dulcimer and at the end he showed randomly his pet raccoon. 2 pet raccoons in 24 hours what does this mean?

  24. Several sleepless nights after my mother died at home of cancer in the early AM of May 22nd of this year – a Monday – I encountered a raccoon in the backyard. And it wasn’t like any previous raccoon encounter, which typically commenced suddenly, as a shock to all parties, and quickly ended as we scattered in opposite directions. This one was calm, involving steady, studied eye contact. Especially the proximity – about 10 feet – tugged at my heart, and eager for a diversion, I put some Doritos out for her, which were gone by the AM. This repeated itself over the course of many weeks until she eventually became a ‘regular,’ and for health reasons I switched her to dry cat kibble, whole peanuts, and fresh grapes. Eventually she introduced me to her two cubs. I named them the McCoons – Stella, Boomer & Tulip, and learned they set up house & nursery in a tall pine in our back. After dark, they eventually came to my call. I also became acquainted with a giant, lumbering & obese but quite gentle adult male raccoon who sported rolls in place of a neck whom I eventually nicknamed Sugar Bear – aka Gus – for his talent at shimmying all 30lbs up shepherds hooks to dismantle the attached hummingbird feeders only to dump nectar all over his pelt, which he eagerly groomed away. Was he Boomer & Tulips Papa? No ones kissing & telling, although if so, Stella’s apparently pretty content at single motherhood, since she never passes up a chance to go alpha on Gus’ ample backside.

    Ive since learned all I can about raccoon personality, behavior, health & culture, although it never once occurred to me that our interactions represented anything more than the chance intersection of domesticated & wild trajectories. Yet in my ongoing research about all thing raccoon, I eventually encountered the subject of animal spirit guides, particularly Native varieties. And in retrospect, the emotional diversion & sustenance these creatures have provided these last 3 painful months has been uniquely, memorably restorative. I’m not conventionally religious, or even all that spiritual, although I try & envy those who are. I’m also a bit of a skeptic regarding all things wow-woo or Gris-Gris. Yet something about what I’ve read elsewhere, and even here on this board, does resonate with the timing and significance of this huge life fork I’m wrangling, which includes a permanent 1,500 mile move to care for my now ailing (and difficult) father. I’m not sure where this is going, but since I’ve never before drawn any lines among the random dots that seem to comprise my present life, I figured I’d try in words here.

    It’s now 9:44pm in Alabama, and so I expect my furry buddies to come bounding over the hill any time. Thank you to everyone who’s shared their experiences with these wonderful creatures, and of course, thank you for the opportunity to finally share mine.

    1. Loved your story!
      So sorry for your loss of your mom though, and the seemingly rough road ahead…
      I love your interactions with your friends and hope you don’t really have to leave them…
      I was researching meaning behind raccoons, as I am very spiritual, and have had many great,
      interesting interactions with the spirit world and animals…and was very shocked to find a raccoon
      Rustling around outside my window, and enjoying my back yard that I just transformed into a woodsy ‘Park Place’…
      but I live in the City! In a crazy busy neighborhood, no Country really around…but the Fresno State orchards and fields…was shocked to find one, or its family which I think I heard, saw another couple of times, but they come very late…and I don’t turn on lights for fear of scaring them…
      Thanks for your story…and many blessings on your journey!

  25. Hello,

    My sister attended an ayahuasca ceremony. During the ceremony a hair scarf, which was hers, was on the mat with her and she got up and said “There’s a dead raccoon on my mat!” No one knew why she was saying it until after she had returned and she said the scarf turned into it. She said she asked for it to be removed but no body heard her ask to take the raccoon away. she later snatched her scarf and put it under the pillow out of view. Later in the night, she said there was a light fixture on the ceiling that had a design that turned into a wolf. She said as she was asking God if He was sure about various experiences in her life that the wolf said “Yes, listen to Him!”

    During the night she was being shown painful situations in her life and shown the actual pain she caused others. She even revealed family secrets. What could the dead raccoon mean??

    1. i have a special attachment to raccoons.. because I had a very stressful time where I was in the middle of the mortgage process and loosing a job. So.. situation was very fluid on both ends.. and I continued my process not knowing how things will end up. at some point I had a dream about a sleeping raccoon covered in snow.. just paws out.. but very peaceful. Then the black cat comes around checkes out the raccoon and goes away. Snow melts .. raccoon is still sleeping on his back peacefully even though he is now uncovered. …
      I translated this to myself.. black cat was me .. my intuition higher connection.. raccoon held my secret.. he was my secret lets say .. but snow was covering it. I decided to tell my mortgage broker toward the end about possibly uncertainly of my situation.. then I had the dream.. the snow melted.. but raccoon was still peacefully sleeping.. so everything was ok.
      anyway.. without getting into details.. things worked out for me. my mortgage went through.
      ** it takes time to translate a dream. I looked at all possible meanings of raccoon and black cat until I found things that clicked for me. Now.. maybe one portion of your dream pertaining to dead raccoon and your sister is this : Raccoon as nocturnal animal.. lets say.. the one that operates in the dark.. or in secret… I see the connection between the raccoon being dead and your sister finally breaking the bond of secrecy and operating in the dark in regards.. her own pain.. in regards maybe pain involved with family secrets.. if focusing on the characteristic of the raccoon .. as the one in hiding, or hidden.. .and now your sister seeing the wolf.. and can we say that wolf.. represents at least in part from strength.. it is like she made a switch.. in her life. All the pain that she was shown.. that she felt and that she caused to others.. was in the dark.. maybe in her subconscious.. and family secrets seem to go along.. she is done with it. She is done with that form or operandi.. and she is done with that phase in her life.. where it was all just hidden and in dark of her subcouncious – her pain .. and also.. she is done with hiding family secrets.. which might have also contributed .. to how she operated before .. and unable to get to the bottom to face her own pain, what she is done to others.. when so much was kept in.. and was supposed to be guarded,
      I find it really interesting. This is just my own intuition.. I don’t think that dead raccoon is concerning.. I think it just symbolizes.. the change your sister is going through.. internally and externally. You may never read this.. but I kind of enjoyed thinking about this on my own.

  26. My parents passed away couple years ago. The house is still as it was the day they past.
    Had a dream I was upstairs and a raccoon ran across the hall from my room to theirs. OMG I thought
    poor raccoon has been in the house w/out any food. Poor thing must be hungry.
    NOTE: I live in Hawaii and go to the house every 2 to 3 months. So I was really worried and surprised
    to see it was still alive.

    1. Thats so symbolical, maybe its showing you that you put on a mask when they passed that youve been starving your self maybe physically maybe mentaly maybe spiritually, you think about it

  27. I’ve been 😐 Dreaming of trying to catch a Raccoon, this has happened twice in recent months, it makes for a veey restless mental state. In the dream I catch him a few times with different methods but he always escapes and returns.

    1. Dont worry friend, it might just mean your growing through diffrent believes or people that the past you needed to grow and learn from, and that feeling that you havent caught it might be that you could just catch a train of growth that wont wait so you better catch it every time you can

  28. I had a dream this morning where a lady asked me to hold 2 raccoons …I didn’t want to..one started crawling under my robe between my legs and I tried removing it the other one headed for my neck I was afraid they were going to bite me but I didn’t know how to get rid of them then I woke u OK

  29. I have a sweet , still wild racoon that had been coming to my did every nite the last few weeks. Her has only one eye, my beagle had only one eye. His leg is damaged, his ear is partly missing. My old doggie has similar issues. Even tho feeding wild racoons is not recommended, he’s handicapped, so I’m helping him, he asked, and I’m helping. I’ve always had an affection for them, as my Dad I raised a baby racoon to a 2 yr old when I was a teen. Now my Dad has has passed, and I can’t help thinking he and this racoon are not linked in some way?

  30. Francisca Ayariga

    I dreamt of a raccoon sitting on my shoulders and liking my face.
    I was got scared and so tried to get it off my shoulders but it held
    on tight, after a long struggle i threw it down and climbed a wall
    but it tried to climb the wall to where I was sitting so I picked a
    long wood and hit it several times before it died and disappeared.
    The strange thing is that I never knew the name of this animal but after I killed it in my dream i asked and a voice told me the name is a raccoon and that everything is now normal.
    There must be a meaning to this strange dream. PLEASE HELP ME.

  31. Hey guys
    I from Germany, so raccoons are not likely to be seen around here. So I’ve never seen one in nature, nor did I have ever been interested in them

    Last night I did my first shamanic journey with a guided meditation and when the speaker said “and now ask your soul leader to appear” I suddenly saw a raccoon, and in the same moment I felt an enormous amount of energy flowing through me, it was so much I didn’t even now how to handle it and struggled whether to open my eyes or not. I wasn’t really afraid, but either I was feeling comfortable, so I opened my eyes, but this strange feeling didn’t disappear for about 2 minutes. My heart was pounding like hell and I felt like cold perspiration on my skin…

    After the feeling disappeared, I felt kind of irritated.

    You guys know what this was meant to be?
    I would be glad for an answer!

    Love, Isabella

  32. I just had an encounter with a raccoon. I went to put some trash in my outside trashcan and there was a racoon at the bottom. I jumped back, worried about rabies and such, but also struck by the raccoons face with the big eyes, and the direct eye contact, which seemed child like almost….

    So I left the trashcan open …and went about my business and came back a few hours later to see if the raccoon was gone. But the raccoon was not gone it was in a ball at the bottom of the trashcan, clearly couldn’t get out.

    So I tipped over the trashcan and the raccoon scampered out and then climbed the fence and sat on the top, and looked back at me with this inquiring look on his face, clearly not afraid at all….and again, i’m worried about rabies. ? So I said “go on go on”, and waved my hand, but he or she didn’t move just kept staring at me. So then I banged the fence gate and it moved away and went down to the ground.

    I peaked out and it stopped again giving me these wide-eyed child like looks, and almost starting to come towards me. Which again worried me as I wasn’t sure what was what. So I banged the gate again and then it turned around and left.

    I’m just wondering about the significance, if anybody has any ideas? The childlike look in the eyes, yet calm, was almost human…it was strange, and that look keeps haunting me even now…

    1. Ive experienced a similar calm and childlike feeling from racoons they are just darling little creatures maybe this was a reminder that animals have feelings and thoughts just as we do and they are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for and they need compassion too. Its easy to forget in a society where machine and consumerison has has taken over or so it seens…but yes perhaps its a reminder to take better care of our earth because we have furry neighboors out their with as much love in their hearts as a human child. Dont believe me? Adopt an animal in need and see the love and gratitude they have for those that they have bonded with first hand 🙂

    2. I totally agree with Amber. I would add, instead of scary an animals, say “thank you for your message”. Usually animals or insects leave once they know that the have well done their work. 😉

    3. I believe the raccoon was thanking you. He she was expressing gratitude and appreciation.

    4. Maybe its an old friend trying to get you to remeber your old self that was child like and un afraind

  33. Me and a friend was driving and she hit the raccon. A couple of days before that we swerved around abother racoon. The time she hit it the raccon was croosing the street, saw or car turned back to go back to the otherside, but there was are car coming from that direction. I guess it got confused and then turned back to our direction. She hit it and we heard a hit; it broke her light on the bottom of the bumper, but i’m not sure it died. What does this mean ? If I hit it or it died?

    1. If you hit an animal the least you can do is turn around and make sure its dead if not call 911 so someone can put it out of its misery so it doesn’t suffer a long painful death. There are also rehabilitation centers that come out and will rehab injured animals if the injury is minor. Please be considerate.

    2. Nicole Corrado

      311, or your local Animal Services, is better than 911, as the 911 dispatchers are for police, fire, ambulance.

  34. I had lost my fiance to a drug overdose. He was a very troubled person. It was devastating to me. This was about 7 yrs ago.
    In his last year, we bought an up north recreational property. It was a dream of mine, which he helped me obtain. After he died, Id go up there and wear my rings and cry and cry.
    On the 3rd anniversary of his death, I was walking, and my vision clouded up like rolling fog. The fog parted slightly in the middle, and this snarling, growling raccoon came racing at me. I stood in fear, screaming on the road, opened my eyes, and everything was normal. A message was left with me, “Stop crying over me, Im not worth it.”
    What was the significance of the raccoon? It was an unreal experience, I’ll never forget how terrified I was.
    —Barb Andrews

    1. Jesse A. Etlser

      Hello, if I may attempt to answer your question of “why the raccoon” in your….we’ll call it a waking vision.

      —- They often symbolize the masks we wear, as such, the roles we accept and play. Perhaps this raccoon was utilized to represent to you that you needed (perhaps still need) to put down the mask of “grieving lover” and adopt the new mask of whatever it is you want to do with your life or whagrt is you wanted before he died, that you put on hold in your grief.

      It was angry because your grief over the past is preventing the present and limiting the future. Grief can rob our lives of any true living. Whatever part of the Universe spoke to you in that Raccoon knew all too well this fact and wanted it get it across to you. Live your life and be grateful for the time you did get.

      I hope you’re doing alright. These are just my assumptions. Take care and be gentle with yourself, Love. This place is hard sometimes.
      You’re doing just fine.

    2. That’s a marvelous answer, Jesse. I’m a mental health clinician, and simply your reply resonates with such compassionate mojo, I hope that you, too, work in some capacity with those whose souls are hurting, since they need just that kind of energy.

    3. Terrified to face life alone? Are you being authentic in your clinging to the deceased ex? Racoon is sometimes about masks, pretense. It’s been THREE years and life goes on. This could be any helpful spirit guide letting you know it’s time to move on. Not just racoon. I wonder whether you might want to sell the property he helped you obtain to finalize the separation. Whadaya think? Someone else might enjoy it more. It’s clear you’re not enjoying it.

  35. I awoke last night to my neighbors making a frantic ruckus outside; initially I am disinterested and a bit worried. Southern California is a sometimes dangerous place. So I decide to stay inside and not take the chance. But then my mother comes storming up the stairs to inform me.

    I’m told that two large raccoons have cornered a baby raccoon, and are attempting to kill it. The atmosphere was electric with the sounds of distressed neighbors. But still I decide to stay in bed. Raccoons are scary. Past experiences have led me to fear this animal. But again I’m approached by both my mother and my sister. Being that I’m the young man of the house, my roll is clear.

    I initially grab a weapon… But as I aproched the scene, blowgun in hand, i could see that the situation called for a more tactful aproche. As I I stood dart loaded, lining up the shot. The cornered raccoon looks to me. We make eye contact; it was clear that violence was not an effective answer. I wondered the house for ages, thinking of a better way to resolve the spectical. As my neighbors start to work them selfs into a panic again; muse strikes and I go to the fridge.

    Enlightened, I grabbed some old kfc, and a few eggs. i proceeded outside, and positioned myself behind a hedge so as not to be seen (mind you I’m throwing eggs and chicken at my next door neighbors apartment, as they are all standing there) .

    first toss lands with divine precision. One of the two aggressors backs down. The second piece is not as enticing. I resort to eggs. After the third egg was tossed…

    That was my moment of realization. All of “this” had happened for a reason. I was guided to that moment in time. Overcome by bliss I go back upstairs. Like a golden puzzle piece. Thanks for reading my enlightenment. My mind is now flooded with curiosity and understanding ^__^ that was a night I will never forget.

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