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Cougar says it's time to let go of guilt. You are the only one that has not forgiven yourself.

If Cougar comes to you:

If Cougar has come into your life then take it as a sign that you have come into your own power. It’s time for you to take charge of the situation and be strong. Cougar can also signify that you should leap into all of the opportunities that are being offered to you right now. Use the power of your intentions and be clear with where you are going. Cougar also asks us to balance our power. Learn to know when gentleness is needed and when asserting your energy will bring you your goal. Above all Cougar teaches us how to use our leadership qualities without ego.

Cougar as your Totem

If Cougar is your animal totem then you are most likely a natural leader. You walk your talk and lead by example. You know how to set your boundaries and are very clear with people when they cross them. When happy and satisfied your purr can be heard by all those around you. You also have the ability to be seen or not seen as you are the master of camouflage. Your roar is feared by many.

Cougar in your Dreams:

A Cougar in your dreams can mean several things depending on what the cougar is doing in the dream. If the Cougar is asleep or resting it could be drawing your attention to the fact that you have personal strength and elegance, that you are well-respected by your peers. It can also mean that you have reached your goals and that it is time to relax a bit before taking on something new. A cougar on the prowl could be speaking to you of passion and sexuality. Or of successfully hunting down your goals to completion. A traveling Cougar could mean that it is checking it’s perimeter boundaries of its territory. You need to make sure that your boundaries are being respected. Occasionally a Cougar in your dreams can represent female hostility and intensity. It may imply danger or life threatening situations. It can also mean danger to your social position and well-being. It is important to pay attention to your emotions during these dreams because it will give you important clues as the message cougar is trying to bring you.

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Additional Associations with Cougar:

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56 Responses to Cougar

  • I dreamt I was walking in a small town from my past and there was a city park. I was walking the outskirts of the park and noticed a couger sitting in a tree in the middle of the park. I started walking backwards and slowly hoping it wouldn’t see me. But he did and he jumped out of his tree and started walking towards me. I decided it would be safer to stand my ground. When he finally came up to me I tried yelling at him to leave, but he leaned in to bite me and we had a very small altercation. I got very angry, more so than being scared. I opened my right hand fully and completely extended my arm out, swing it begind me and gave the couger a hard slap across the face. He turned around and walked away.

  • I had a dream last night of a cougar licking my face and then laying next to me and sleeping. It was in a house. Not my house .. Do not know where I was.

    • Hi david,

      Thats so sweet that cougar was licking your face in your dream! I work with cougar in meditation sometimes and have actually run into one IRL once. It was sitting high up on a hill at the entrance of a nature walk trail i was going to go on. Needless to say… I turned around and went back the other way! I love how cougar is territorial but i also get an encouraging vibe from them like “its okay to mark your territory”. Peace

  • I had this dream awhile back were me and some close friends blew a hole in the side of a bank and took some money everyone gets their cut and runs but as I’m getting my last few box’s I had this cougar like the one from Ricky Bobby I stared it down moving in the opposite direction around the room till I am at the exit and leave it there , waking up …. I had a continuation today of going back for the last box and it was still there as if guarding the box we do the same as before staring each other down not blinking slowly moving around the room till I’m at the box I have the key in lock open the safe and load my bag without taking my eyes of the cougar just watching me til he jumps and I dodge it and we do like before I get to the door and he jumps at me , I drop the bag stepping aside catching it by its neck and ripping the jaw off what could this mean

    • Hello:

      I am a person with some familiarity with cougar. Can only offer an impression but this is what I feel coming from the dream:

      Cougars are know for their virtue, articulation of leadership or authority and their cunning amongst other things. You and your friends came by some money what you might call an not so kosher way. All of you are feeling greedy about getting the money and of course this is not the greatest of states of minds. Cougar is watching you throughout and interferes with your attempts to take the money in the first dream. In the second time he watches you return to get the bag that you had dropped. He is totally intent upon you as you are upon him.

      So this confrontation between you and Cougar seems to be a comment on Cougar’s part about you thinking you could get away with this. He represents authority here and also virtue and responsibility. And I think he is functioning as a part of your conscience. Although you get away with your scheme, you only succeed by perpetrating real violence against the Cougar who dies.

      Perhaps you are in conflict about something to do with another person and there is clearly a right or wrong position to take in your mind. That would be a literal meaning. Perhaps you are in conflict with a part of yourself about overcoming a sense of being watched and criticized too much. Your overcoming the Cougar is a powerful moment in that regard. It’s not clear to me if in your present circumstances that is a good thing or not. You could be coming into your own power but your use of it seems tainted or taken to the extreme.

      Just reflections from the mirror of spirit. Helpful I am not sure. Ultimately, you must feel the message yourself. I’ve had some dreams that took me years to comprehend what was being presented to me. Good luck.

  • The had a nightmare about being in my backyard letting my four dogs out to do their nighttime bizz. For some reason I was out in the yard with them. I hear a noise and the dogs start barking (and suddenly I can’t SEE them- this scares me) I turn around and a cougar is right there- in my face looking angry and now I have a broom in my hands and I’m trying to get her (in my dream I thought of it as a ‘her’) off of me. There’s blood and she bites off my left hand’s pinky and other two fingers- leaving just my middle finger and thumb, my left hand is my dominant hand btw- dunno if that means anything. My largest dog then attacks the cougar side and she gets thrown to the side out of my sight, it’s dark and then I hear a gunshot- that’s what wakes me up. The weirdest part is when the cougar’s attacking me I’m not scared, I’m relieved, I am only scared when I couldn’t see my dogs and when the gunshot goes off.

    …if anyone has any insight to this please share.

  • Yesterday, while I was running an ultra, a large male mountain lion crossed my path maybe four feet in front of me. He was so close that I was startled and of course my heart was beating a million times a minutes. I didn’t see him again though. It seemed as if he was just passing through, but to have a sighting that close is so rare. This past summer I saw a cougar’s glowing eyes watching my friend and I as we walked through the forest. We rushed home. Now I coming to feel that these sightings have some meaning.

    • I had an encounter with a Florida Panther in late September. I agree. It’s a life changing experience. Terrifying. But yet a call to action.

  • Hello.! I just woke up from one trippy dream. It started off at work , I was apparently doing everything wrong including going inside the restaurant. I talk to the sous chef and he tells me that the entrance to my station was on the other side. I thank him and as he turns around he pushes the back of his head with his thumb and it was soft like a baby’s head, creepy. I have to pass a gate and once I do, it’s a whole different theme (somehow) it’s an alley I have to cross to get to the door, I see my boss , the chef, and he’s walking to his famliy, whom where on the floor as if having a picnic or a campfire. (The whole time it was night with pretty stars which I can see without looking directly at them). I say hi to the chef as I walk by, his wife starts rambling about a dream or vision she had I was pretty far but heard it as if was next to me. I can remember her talking about how scared she was, about hell coming to earth. She started crying and in the midst of her tears she mentioned that it will all start with fire. And then I somehow feel the need to defend them (me being 20 years old)[and him being my boss and would most likely protect me] I come across this battleaxe with a red aura
    ,once I grab it ,I spot out a black cougar. The feline was damaged and with bursting red eyes. I was somewhat defending my chef and his family from the already hurt feline. I throw the battleaxe at him. And it gets stuck to his belly, he takes off running. No longer having the battleaxe and being a scary alley, I grab a tape recorder for protection, the words the devil I hear and wake up.

    Can someone help me understand what just happened, please, and thank you.

  • Hello!
    I had a really disturbing dream a couple of nights ago, hope someone can help me understand.
    I was outside an old wooden house when a big puma or cougar arrived I was really scared yet thought it was beautiful, I entered the house and felt safer, looking through the window I couldn’t see it anymore so I went outside again, the puma was in pieces, horrible vision and a huge snake was next to it, I was really scared for my life and sad and disgusted. I woke up feeling bad, but not like a nightmare cause I was in control, able to go in and out the house. Thank you!

  • Hi everyone,

    At the beginning of summer I had a dream that this gorgeous and majestic feline became my companion. She came and found me when I was hiking alone one day. We went everywhere together and even though we had our home we prefered to travel. She was very mellow, calm, caring and was never aggressive. She was very intelligent and her eyes showed she was very much self aware. We some how were able to communicate her to me mentally and me to her verbally. That’s not the part I am curious about though.

    This feline held all the similar attributes of a Mountain lion yet her coat was glossy like that of a black panther. The biggest shock was that her fur was a blue/grey. In my dream when I went to see what species she was they told me they didn’t know she was one of a kind but in my heart I knew she was part mountain lion for sure.

    Is there any significance to her coat color being unlike any I had ever seen before. I would greatly appreciate a response.

    • Hello — I am not a native american but have had many encounters with spirit and in particular with cougar. How does the color blue/grey make you feel? I have a particular association with that color aspect but won’t share it as it will be different for you. She was showing you something by manifesting in that color — only you can determine what quality she was pointing out to you. just a few ideas — her elusiveness, her ability to be cool and stealth like. Maybe your fear even of the cunning and prowess she holds for you.

      One thing about Cougar is that in the process of showing you your power and how to take your stance it needs to point out to you also where you are weak. It will defend you until you find your understanding of that weakness but only if you respect her aspects of integrity and honesty.

      So in finding the power she is manifesting you have to be willing to admit to where you are not powerful and what inside of you is holding you back. Because anyone who is visited by cougar must have power to draw upon. strength enough to battle their enemies though with courage not cowardly behavior such as sniping, back biting, battling with name calling. When you have the power you will see there is no need for that. . They have no fear really because they have earned their pride and strength. I hope that you find it . . .

    • Blue signifies spiritually like Krishna highly evolved spiritually attained the highest.

  • My husband and I both had very similar dreams regarding cougars.

    Mine; I was out camping and went to put our 3 dogs in our trailer, the cougar tried to get in my trailer and I fought it off I was begging my dad for help, but he wouldn’t help me, and one of my dogs got picked up and taken by the cougar, I ran after them, but never found either.

    My husband; he was out camping and went to put the dogs in the trailer, my mom opened the trailer and a cougar grabbed one of our other dogs and my husband ran and booted the cougar in the gut.

    We just want to know what this could possible mean???

  • My dream was weird, it started off on my house is grew up.. I was walking to my house when I seen 3 mountain lions and 2 cougar this 5 cats had green eyes, at first they dint attack me, they waited for me to get inside my house, as I close the door one charged at me with so much light speed and stealth I was able to close my door, but since it was the Metal one I could still see him, he was trying so hard to get through the door. Things got out of hand, I just remember the 1st one I took its eyes out but was still alive, I took me a while what was really go8ng on, I walked out the door and I couldn’t see any cats. Just a trail of blood from the cats eye wholes. After a while l, where the cat blood trail ended cats after cats came out with its same goal to attack me……. my dream it’s long wish to share it all but I need to keep searching this dream meaning.

  • I dont understand,
    I am South African, but, I have dreamt that I used a big python to strangle a very large alligator to rescue a cougar from the alligator. Afterwards I was scared that if I let my grip go, the freed cougar might attack me because I had the cougar clutched In my arms at this point. I instead it befriended me when I released it. Can you help me on this one please?

    • Anyone?

    • I’m curious if you are relating to the qualities listed below—if you as the cougar are befriending them—taking the qualities into your life for your current life circumstances….just a thought as I read your dream. Perhaps, this is also a dream for the world….what if we all come into our power, are befriended by courage, have responsibility befriend us too! hmmm. :) Be well!

      • To make a tiny correction…that’s the Associations, which are listed above these posts…sorry for any confusion. Thanks! :)

  • Any insight into this dream?? I’m walking down a park path close to my home, I notice a mountain lion, for some reason I’m told by my cousins son not to look away and just to back away from the animal. but for whatever reason I turn and try to run…next thing I know the Lion has my head in its mouth as if it has bitten down on my left side of my head/face. Then a male character (looks like seth rogen) nonchalantly walks over and exclaims I have a cougar attached to my head..he takes the animals jaws from around my head…then leads it to a bedroom and closes the door. I am extremely scared and now I’m trying to sneak out of the house without disturbing the room the lion is in. the male character finds me hiding in the room then gives me a machete to help me escape..as I’m walking away I’m back at the park and this random dude with pizza walks past me, I turn to tell him to be careful about the lion and he falls into the pit/downstairs…but he’s okay. I then wake up feeling terrified like its been the worst dream ever and I can’t shake how scared I was or the fact the mountain like bit into the left side of my face.

  • I had a dream about a cougar/mountain lion last night. The cougar was roaming around in the street, noone knew where it came from it was not vicious and did not attack me. It was tuin and malnourished. I picked it up and put it in my truck and the vrought it home to out in a cage in my house. I was searching frantically to try and find something for it to eat in my home but I couldnt. I gave it some water to drink then I woke up.

    • The malnourished cougar represents an aspect of yourself that you are not nurturing. Only you will be able to determine what this is. Look up the symbolic meanings that cougar has, this will help you in figuring out just what it is that needs feeding within yourself.

  • The world is in SmackDown mode towards me. I have taken to total sobriety to make sure I’m not contributing anything to negativity. For example I was walking at night legally and run over by a car. I could go on and on with the things that have happened in my life that don’t seem to be the same level as other people’s down and out. Like my deep waters are very deep in this area. It almost seems like the world is testing me to my limit for months and months and even years. I have been in spiritual Zone sort of increased sixth sense beyond my normal “little extra” since being hit by the car. I’m one surgery into a journey of healing requiring two surgeries. The other night as I’m preparing yet another change in life suddenly a scream of animal proportion came to where I was staying and a mountain lion was a few feet away. I had been out wandering the large property two days before where not many people walk and found its tracks. I even took a picture of the track with my hand next to it they are the same size, before the night scream of the animal near, happened to me. Of course I reinjured a nit my arm that had just had surgery when slammimg the car door. The mountain lion so close to me screaming. I’m OK. None the less I wonder about the symbolic meaning and find your page as well as others. Everything about this experience and where I’m at in my life from a totem type perspective totally lines up. I have been in danger unnecessarily and would like for it to stop. I think I will balance my power with calm as best I can at this time. Any advice you have is appreciated or encouragement in this dark time. Sometimes I think there’s almost an evil after me which I need to get above and do everything I can to avoid. Maybe it’s just a long period of trial in my life that will end or calm down in the future. Thanks for reading this I’m not usually open about this kind of thing but this mountain lion did not attack me it definitely checked me out and warned me or screamed without attack I’m stunned. This is real this happened thanks for reading this.

  • I had a dream last night my friend had a black cougar (jaguar?) she brought to a gathering. I asked her if she was scared of it eating her and I petted it. It was very sweet and gorgeous. She encouraged me to get comfortable with it. The next day, she brought a tan cougar over and dropped it off saying she felt I was ready to babysit it for the day. She expressed confidence that I would do just fine. I was amazed at the beauty and had tremendous respect for it. I took the greatest care possible of it and thought I may even get used to it and walk it around with me as well. I thought you can’t get better protection and/or respect from people than to walk around with a cougar! Then woke up. It was an amazing dream.

  • For some reason I can’t seem to find someone on here that’s had the same dream as me about a cougar/mountain lion. My first dream I started out walking around the local grocery plaza in the town I live in and almost instantly this cougar comes by and slowly starts walking towards me so I ran away and was able to get away, then I woke up. I feel back asleep and can’t remember much except that it was nighttime and the cougar latched on to my face with its teeth and I instantly woke up. The 3rd one was taken place on this road that looks like somewhere I live around (Maine), and I see the same cougar peeking out of the woods and tries to get up to me all stealthy. At this point I realize I’m probably his prey. And I see the cougar start running from the woods towards me in the road so I turned around and started running and ran into this convenience store and locked the door behind me and my dream ended and I fear falling back asleep. Can anyone give some insight on this?

  • I’m wondering if my spirit animal is a cougar. I’ve had at least 3 dreams about them and the last one was where I was PETTING the cougar and it was purring! The second dream was where it was protecting me from going outside my house because there were people looking for me in my dream… Could it be my spirit animal?

  • I dreamed I ws standing just to the left and behind a crouched cougar that was eating head lettuce on my south facing deck, in an instant the cougar was on me with its left claw sunk int my lower throat and upper chest. I trapped it close to my body with my arms realizing that this was a bad situation and likely to become worse and recall looking left and right to see if there was a solution of getting away, just like that I awoke, what the hell was that – i recall it intensely and believe there is a strong message here.

  • I’ve seen a cougar when I was feeling really anxious and my arm was going numb and everything in my world wasn’t making sense. I was driving back from the hospital when I saw a cougar in my headlights going through the garbage at my apartment complex and it ran away as I drove to get through. I’ve also had a dream where I was protecting a very large (about up to my chest) and damaged (like a zombie) cougar, about the same time I had problems with my mother, which I suspect might be female hostility because my mother is really intense and was particularly intense that day. I don’t know what the first one might mean except maybe that I’ve achieved my goals, but I haven’t achieved ANYTHING! I was just having the worst day of my life that day, so I don’t know what I could have possibly achieved, unless it means something else….

    • Could the cougar be my spirit animal? I am NOT a natural leader, do not have confidence or strength, power, responsibility… just about all the traits I don’t have, in fact I am the complete OPPOSITE of a cougar. What’s the opposite of a cougar?

  • I had a dream last night in which I was walking through the woods, and a Cougar leapt on me from behind (I was clothed) and proceeded to have sex with me.

    Obviously I was pretty shaken up when I woke. But I wasn’t scared during the dream, nor did it seem odd to me at the time. Any ideas what this could mean?

  • Last night, I had a vivid dream about a mountain lion/cougar. I was in the backside of my house looking outside my windows and I saw this huge mountain lion/cougar walking in my backyard coming to my backdoor. The cat was massive/thick and all I could think about was my dogs that were also outside. It was dark and I ran to the backdoor. I opened it and my dogs (a pitbull terrier and a Rottweiller) ran into the house with their tails tucked. They did not bark at the cat or made any noise. The lion slowly was walking towards me and he looked at me straight in my eyes. I was terrified and closed the door immediately. That’s when I woke up scared. I was really shocked that this cat in my dreams was bigger than my dogs and they did not make any noise at all.
    What does this mean?

    • I had almost thar exact same dream the same time you did. I have had a few more variations of the dream since then.

  • I keep seeing three cougars standing beside each other could you please tell me what this means

  • When I was younger, I had a dream that this juvenile couger was walking beside me. I wasn’t too sure where I was going, nor did the large feline. I felt at peace with it walking with me, and when I was too tired to walk on my own, the large feline would let me rest on it’s back and it would keep walking towards where we were going to. I still don’t know what it mean, but I felt at peace with it next to me.

  • In the past several months I’ve had dreams with mountain lions or cougars. Last night I dreamed that I was walking around outside and looked into a small barn where I saw a nest of eggs. Curiously, I went in and heard a loud hissing sound. There was a cougar in there and I backed out cautiously. I thought of all the right things to do like never run, back out, make yourself big and make noise. I started doing this because the animal seemed to be getting closer to me and I was frightened. I ended up in a wrestling match with it and had it’s mouth (teeth) being held in my hands. I was crying out for help at this point. There were people around me. Suddenly the cougar became a baby. Everyone was like wow, that was bizarre. They were all saying how cute the baby was and all but I kept telling them not to trust it. I came closer to check it out and the baby/cougar scratched/slashed out at me. What does this mean? The dreams I’ve had before of cougars were such that I wasn’t harmed or afraid.

  • I had a dream just last night. I dreamed I lived in a mobile home park, it started to get dark, I was walking around the neighborhood, then I had seen a lion looking thing, hunting a small animal, I ran and jumped on someone’s porch, I was so scared, I went away from that area and kept seeming to wind up near a cougar every time I thought I got away. Possibility more than one? But I was so scared when I seen them I just wanted to get away, I called the police, the police didn’t believe me, I told them what I saw, I didn’t know the name of the animal so I described it to the officer, he then told me it was a cougar, I begged him to look around, when he did there wasn’t any cougar to be found, the officer just ran really fast like the vampires on twilight, and held me smiling while running. I felt something. Then after he left, balls of fire started falling from the sky, I was crying very much thinking it was the end of the world. ( I woke up and looked up” cougar” on image search on Google, sure enough it was the same animal I had seen in my dream, I didn’t know the name of it until the officer had told me in my dream.)

  • I recently had a dream about kneeing in my back yard, which is right on the South Canadian river in Oklahoma. I was looking at a stone that appeared to be a memorial stone with a dogwood flower as its only marking. I suddenly felt something breathing on my neck and I slowly turned around! It was a huge mountain lion and I instantly looked down at the ground and froze. The lion came up to me and began to sniff me all over and then it started to rub it’s neck and body upon me. I tried to stand once to run away, but it very gently put its giant paw upon me and pushed me back down. Then lastly it sprayed me and the stone before it turned and loped off into the woods. I woke up immediately then and wrote down what I saw. I felt like the cougar chose me for some reason. I have some experience with spirit walking and I wondered if the cougar will walk with me on my spirit travels.

  • Had a dream where i had a very little cat, and there was a very big cougar. Strangely enough I didn’t fear the cougar at all, all I thought about was to protect the little cat from that cougar. Always thinking the cougar may want to hurt the cat. The cougar respected me very well and so it was no problem for me, if I want to he stayed away. So I dreamed of different situations where I protected the cat from the cougar, always garbing the cat and let it stay with me. In one situation the cougar even bit me in the hand, but gentle, didn’t hurt me.
    What does this mean?

  • I dreamed that I was in the front yard of my house. It was night time. There were friends in the house ,like a gathering of friends and family. As I got to the door, two cougars attacked. A mother and her adolescent male cub. I screamed for help. No one seemed to hear me. I grabbed them both by the neck in a hold like a wrestler. The cougars were under my control. I banged on the door for help. No one came. I had to fight them on my own bare-handed.The only way to survive was not to let go. By the time someone realized that I needed help, it was too late. I had strangled them both and the danger was over. What does this mean? Is it bad to kill an animal like this even if only in a dream?

  • Had this dream. Was looking out a window from an apartment building and there are wooded areas around the city surroundings . A what looked to be cougar ran into wooded area all I heard was screams like it was real plain as day scream. Watched a man and two others come out of wooded area running and panicking. Than a warning went out on radio or television saying city on lock down stay inside. Than first a cougar came up to our window wasn’t trying to get in was just laying there staring at me. I wasn’t scared in the dream but was worried for my family sake. It finally left thinking everything was settled than came a lion trying to get in but never did .. than I woke up .. plz somebody explain this ?

  • My animal totem is the cougar, we seem to be drawn to each other. A spiritualist commented on being able to see the creature walking with me as if protecting me and guiding me.

  • ive been having dreams of cougars attacking me, what does that indicate?

    • Its trying to tell you something but you wont listen! The spirit is now angry at you! Try to get it to calm its rage.

  • Last night I dreamed that a full grown cougar entered my house, proceeded to walk around casually and making itself at home on my couch. What does this mean. This was a very vivid dream so I think it is a sign.

  • I have been having dreams of a cougar and ravens in my dreams but can’t find a reason to have both in my dreams, the raven is always pruning it’s feathers and the cougar is walking around, if someone can help me figure this out i would like it, I’m have some realateship problem and health is it something to do with that, I was told since I was young the raven was my spirit animal but of late the cougar and raven r both making them self known to me, I need some help plz 😕

    • This is rare 😀 you have the ability to choose to fly with the raven or hunt with the cougar 😉

      • I also have the crow and the cougar/puma. The crow always cautions me of impending danger. The puma . The eyes are seen in front of mine in unlit areas or the dark. And I resort to feeling and sensing my way :roll:

  • For the past two nights I have dreamt of being bitten by a cougar. I actually woke up grawling trying to get it to leave me alone. I love big cats, so this dream is a little confusing to me.

  • I have encountered a cougar the past three times I have ventured into the mountains on my own. Each time, we both make eye contact but it decides not to attack me. I figured it to be rare to see a cougar in the wild once in your lifetime, but I’ve seen one the past three times like I said and I am beginning to thing this is some sort of sign.

    • Yeah like it’s hunting you!! I live in the mountains and you see a predator more than once your being studied and hunted.. that’s your sign ❗

  • I dreamt of a cougar, mountian lion last week. It peered out of darkness just its face. It looked at me, stared. It was like i was looking at myself. Then it smiled knowingly and backed into the darkness again. I was not afraid. My great, great grandmorher was a medicine woman with a bear totem. I have always had really good reflexes and would pretend to be a ninja as a child while sneaking around. Most people at work fear me but i am not mean. Youre blog is interesting and informative , thank you!

  • I was meditating with a candle lit this evening and in the glass candle holder the flame was flickering fast. When I looked at it, the flame through the glass looked like the face of a cougar with one of the eyes full of flame. It was like gold shining right at me. I was not scared, but asked the cougar what is the message it had for me. It led me here. Thank you for my message Cougar. Peace 😀

  • ❗ my friends spirit animal is a cougar1

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