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Be Still. Allow the world to flow around you for a change. Let its beauty and grace envelope you. Only in the present can we find this state of grace.

If Pelican has flown across your path…

Pelican is letting you know that you need to take some time for yourself and go inward. Something in your life is slightly off kilter and needs to be balanced. Spend time with family and loved ones as well as yourself to bring things back into focus for yourself.

Alternatively this bird also teaches us to take it easy at times even in the most hectic times of our lives. Make sure to make an effort to float through life and float through your emotions. Savor each special moment. Have you taken the time to enjoy what life has to offer in this moment?

Sometimes it takes a team to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Recruit what you need in order to get the job done.

Pelican as your Totem…

If this bird is one of your totems then you are a confident and calm individual. You are also very  good at controlled movements such as dance and certain types of sport. You easily balance thought and emotions and understand the proper use of abundance. You enjoy shared journeys and find safety in numbers.

Pelican in Dreams…

When Pelican comes soaring in our dreams it usually indicates your selflessness and how you put yourself before others. It is affirming that you are always caring for others but also asks you to be aware of how you care for yourself.

To see one of these birds floating on the water is a symbol of reflection and balance, going inward and finding stillness. If this bird has a full bill it is an omen of unexpected abundance coming your way.

Additional association for Pelican;

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5 Responses to Pelican

  • I dreamt that two dead pelicans with a slime covering them and perhaps skinned (sorry for the graphic description) were by a burn pile

  • I was recently in Florida and took my son deep-sea fishing as we were riding out on the Atlantic ocean I felt something hit me between my eyes it was brown pelican poop that hit me square between the eyes making it look like I had a unibrow ….. We laughed and laughed and then minutes later a seagull decided to poop on my right thigh and shoulder …. So white poop splatter on my right side and brown splatter unibrow on my face…. What are the odds??? Better yet …. What is the meaning? Message? Very curious to know if anyone could clarify for me! Thank you!

  • 😉 💡 ➡ 😛 😆 😛

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