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Today something very special will happen. Embrace it with gratitude!

When Falcon comes flying into your life:

You are being asked to be vigilant. An opportunity for big positive changes in your life is close at hand and it will require good planning and strategy as well as action on your part. You are reminded that you have all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity and that your success depends on your quick reactions. Stay focused and grateful for all that is coming your way. Know that you have the ability to soar high and see things with greater vision!

If Falcon is your Animal Totem:

You are independent and need to have alone time in order to be happy. You have a sharp mind and are very agile. You know how to mentally work out problems and are always three steps ahead of your peers and workmates. You have the patience to wait in order to get the most out of any opportunity that comes your way. You have impeccable timing and know exactly when to strike for the greatest benefit to yourself.

If Falcon has soared into your dreams:

To see a this bird of prey in your dream is a reminder to stay focused on your goals and aspiration. Alternatively this bird can symbolize personal freedom. The dream is letting you know that although you may perceive things differently you are always free to make your own choices in life. If the Falcon is flying it signifies success in your current projects.

A bird that has caught its prey and is feeding is an omen of abundance.

Additional Associations for Falcon:

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15 Responses to Falcon

  • BluwCrow,
    i know of four of my totm animals
    raven, falcon, Bear & Wolf..
    I’m wondering what my other three totems can be..

  • A falcon dove at my car window while it was parked, a falcon is sitting on the roof of the building across the street, a falcon sat on wire as I drove by, a falcon lives outside my home, all in the last 6 months, it’s presence is calming

  • I had a dream that I saw a pair of peregrine falcons flying. They perched side by side and then took to flight again. I was excited to see them in the dream and was in awe of them. Upon waking, I remembered seeing a falcon flying, just days before. I don’t usually see falcons in my area. I’m wondering if the fact that the falcons were a pair in the dream has significance. I know that peregrines mate for life…

  • A falcon flew low right over my car, flying in a NE direction, which is my favorable direction. Very grateful for the message.

  • 7/16/2015 1pm a peregrine falcon flew into my sliding glass door and then stood looking at me. it must have seen a reflection. i called liberty wildlife to pick her up and rehab her. she can’t fly without her leg but she was standing on it and moving on it just could not take off to fly. she was beautiful and reminded me of a macaw the way she would cock her head when i spoke to her. i was cutting fried spam in the kitchen when she hit, and i laughed hours later thinking she was coming in for that – ha!

  • i saw dream grey colour falcon came from GREEN tree and sit on my neck , hand , head is very friendly to me.people are saying falcon will never go . if once he came. WHAT IT MEAN?

  • I had a dream where a falcon was following me, but it could talk. It told me someone was hurt and for me to keep reaching my goal. I didn’t understand what it meant when I woke up. I know now. A while after I had the dream, my gran died. I think the falcon was telling me that someone would die and for me to not let it ruin my goal and for me to keep on reaching for it. I’m also good at reading people. I took a few quizzes and got falcon.

  • Last night in my dream out of the distance a falcon flew towards me and I put my arm up and it landed on my neck gently took hold my finger bit did not bite.
    I have been so down of late and a victim of a brutal attack.

  • A falcon has come to visit us in our backyard. I am grateful!

  • I believe my bird totem is the Missouri Male Cardinal that lives in the woods behind my house. I’ve seen and heard him up close only once and he is huge. He has warned me more at least a dozen times of trouble. It took me a few times hearing him for me to figure out what was happening. It’s always a cry of alarm. Very loud.
    I have had spirits all around me all the time, all my life. I believe in totems and the importance of recognizing your own. If I am to have a totem, a big, fat, red cardinal is fine by me. So beautiful.
    The spirits are so thick here that I hardly ever see birds or hear them sing. I know my Cardinal when I hear his call. He is one of the only few birds I hear & see here.
    LoriBelle Thompson

    • Beautiful!! I live in Kentucky and I have cardinals come to me with beautiful messages. Love that you can communicate with spirits so well, I myself do also and always enjoy their presence. 💖

  • I as born on OCtober 10 th.
    My totem animal is a raven…
    But,I’m wondering if I’m showing more than one trait of being a falcon pereson…
    Are Falcons similar to ravens?

    Could I be both a falcon& a raven person?

    • Hello Andraste: We can have more than one animal totem. Many cultures and spiritual groups believe in our Animal Totems being as many as 7 or 9. I myself had the totem of Horse for most of my life – until Raven became apparent is is now more dominant.

      • Thank you fro informing me of this, Silken raven..
        For the longest time ,i’ve known that My first totem animal ( raven) is keeping an eye on me..
        Two of them were sitting on a branch in a norway pine that was in the backyard of my childhood home..

        Keeping me from danger& harm…

    • You have at least seven animal spirits. Every direction A_ho

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