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Yes! You are a very creative person! Tap into it and feel the freedom it allows you!

If Duck has waddled across your path;

You are being asked to take notice of your surroundings because a new opportunity is now being offered to you. She is reminding you that in order to succeed with this opportunity you will have to move forward swiftly so that your new ideas can take flight. Duck is making it very clear that in order to be successful with your goals you have to move now!

Alternatively Duck may be reminding you that today is a day that you should spend exploring your emotions. Use her energy to see your own feelings clearly and to navigate your way through them so that they can be released. Use affirmations and gratitude to clear the way.

If Duck is your Animal Totem;

You have a strong sense of community and are definitely a very social person. You do not hold grudges although you are unafraid to have a disagreement with someone. You are very good at helping others through their emotional entanglements and often follow careers as a Psychologist or Therapist. You prefer being in places where you feel comfortable and have a tendency to not challenge your own comfort zones – this is often left up to the universe which will on occasion pass on a bit of a “cosmic boot” to move you forward. You are very good at staying in the moment and enjoying life in the present.

If Duck has come into your Dream;

To see Ducks flying in your dream signifies your spiritual freedom. They are your connections between the spiritual and the physical worlds. You have always got a choice about how you choose to see the world around you. By staying in the present moment you can find peace. To see a Duck swimming is your connection with the unconscious and emotional body. They are reminding you that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable emotionally – you are freed to move on with your life. You have the ability to blend and adapt to different situations.

Alternatively the dream may suggest that you are setting yourself up, or are being set up “for the kill”. Are you being targeted like the proverbial sitting Duck? A Duck in your dream can also signify that you are “ducking” some issue or situation instead of dealing with it.

Additional Associations for Duck…

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Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Duck was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Duck is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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34 Responses to Duck

  • amazing!~° there have been ducks in my life everyday for a month. they have taken over the tiny pool at my apartment complex. saw one with 8 ducklings the other day! this message perfectly suits where i am on my life path right now. and this is the first page i pulled up!

  • I had a dream that I had some sort of pheasant in my home trying to mate with my parrot. It then turned into a duck. It was in my home without me knowing it, hiding for some time until I saw it was trying to mate with my parrot??? 😳

    I couldnt believe I had not known it was in the house or how it got in…so I let it free out the front door. So…What can this mean???? :roll:

    (see a shrink?? 😛 )

  • On my way to work today 5 or 6 ducks where blocking the road. As I stopped my car for them the entire flock started to fly past my car to the other side of road. Made me smile and say thank you for the experience. Does this have meaning?

  • You do realise looney tunes had rappresented all the animal with all the totem meaning reversed? Except for coyote, flip a paradox and it will still stay a paradox.

  • What does seeing a duck in a tree mean

  • What if you came in contact with a ‘dead duck’?

  • In the past month I’ve found two rubber ducks while driving.
    They are have been in the parking lot when I get out of my car.
    Let me add that I found the two ducks in different towns.

  • i had a dream there were two turtles carrying ducks on there backs, they appeared from under a green sheet that was covering a car. there was also a shabby old dog

  • Rescued a duck from being mauled by a dog – it was severely wounded, no way of mending wounds. Took it home and cared for it; wanted to take it to vet to be put down but it escaped into some bushes. I couldn’t get to it, but fed and watered it. It died slowly – I hope not in too much pain. Now it’s buried next to the pond where it lived. Is there a symbolic meaning?

  • I once had a dream where I was scooping up ducklings from my house and rushing them to my creek but every time I released them in the water they were dead. I was sad but kept trying even though I knew they would die. I don’t remember what caused this dream and I never knew what it meant. Even though it was a long time ago I still want to understand what it should mean to me.

  • Wow, I just wanted to write a thank you for your site and page. I especially needed to read this and I was filled with relief. I always overlook the seemingly insignificant animals that are always right there to help me. So much gratitude and appreciation for this information. <3 and light.

  • Hello,

    I was getting my bike out of the garage today when I noticed a mama mallard duck emerging from a private area behind the garages, seven newly hatched ducklings in tow. I kept an eye on them, curious about where she was headed. I know that mama ducks will march their ducklings straight to their pond, and I was a little concerned that she’d cross a busy street. (This happens a lot in our neighborhood.) I trailed them at a distance, ready to stop traffic for them if needed.

    While still in the quiet part of our neighborhood, she marched her ducklings across grass and onto the street pavement. Suddenly, I realized that one had dropped through a grate into a sewer. On she marched, with not a look back. The other six ducklings followed after her.

    I saw the lone duckling in the sewer, cheaping and frightened. I called the police, animal rescue, animal control.. I called my condo’s caretaker. Along he came with a friend and we removed the 150 lb grate, against all odds. One of us even jumped into the hole, but by then it had been quite noisy and the little duckling had fled into the pipe. We were unable to see or reach it.

    A little later I went out and saw it resting in a spot where sun was shining into the sewer. It seemed shaky and weak. I found some long bamboo plant sticks and attached fabric to the bottom in the form of a cup or net, hoping to capture the ducking. A wildlife organization had said they’d take him/her if I could bring him/her to them. Unfortunately, I only frightened it and it ran into the pipe again. Shortly after we had a big hail and rainstorm. I looked again afterward, but saw and heard nothing.

    My heart is broken for this newly formed life. I’d feel better if its energy had been transformed to another animas as food, but this just seems so pointless. All afternoon I prayed for the little guy and sent good thoughts his/her way.

  • This morning, I was getting in my car which had an overflow pond in front of it. A male duck appeared out of nowhere and started swimming around the pond. His mate was nowhere to be seen, so it made me sad. I was thinking about him coming into my life at that moment and was laughing – “Cue the duck!” for an animal sign. LOL.

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