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Time to have fun! Laugh at yourself, play games, tell jokes. Laughter is the only way to help you find that new viewpoint and perspective.

If Coyote has come skulking across your path;

You are being reminded to laugh at yourself. Things have been entirely too serious of late and you simply need to let loose and get on with it. Stop dwelling on your worries and stresses and let them go. You have asked for the help you need so just let go and allow your spirit helpers to do what they need to do. Do something that gives you pleasure and joy and focus on the positive for a change.

If Coyote is your Animal Totem;

You are very adaptive to new situations. You love to play practical jokes and pranks on your peers and you live in the present moment. You find joy in all things you do. You have a very close knit family and love to work with children. You know how to be yourself – without having to put on airs and masks. You know that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable you will gain the most for your life.

If Coyote has come into your Dream;

To see a coyote in your dream denotes deception and weakness. Perhaps you are tricking yourself into believing something is true – when you know in your heart that it is not.

To dream that you are attacked by coyotes indicates that you are allowing your thoughts to focus on what you perceive as negative fault within yourself or on negative outcomes.

Coyote in a dream may also be preparing you for a death, a serious illness, or a dramatic change in your family. This could also mean a huge spiritual shift in your consciousness in the form of transformation.

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20 Responses to Coyote

  • I was heading home and took a back road in the mountain side. I was driving at a high speed since its a hwy. it was one lane only both ways. I noticed a white animal up ahead of me. It was crossing from my left side the the right. I had to slow do quickly in other to not hit it. As I got closer it was a pure white coyote. It took its sweet time crossing the road. We made eye contact a few times.

    Any advice on what this encounter meant? I read up a few things but want more Intel. Thanks.

    • this is so strange. the same thing happened to me yesterday. was here on the net trying to find some meaning.

  • About a month ago I had a dream about a coyote meeting me in the road by my house it was late at night. It was kinde and playful at first then it got more aggressive till it bit my right foot. When it bit my foot I tried to kick him but he was to quick so I ran at him; landed on him and began to choke him. Once he was unconscious I cared him to my house and then throw him on the ground. He woke up once I did that then he tried to bit me again then I grabbed a stick as he was bitting the stick I woke up. Any ideas what this meant

    • Coyote is not out to get us, but to teach us, whether we are willing students or not.

      Maybe it was telling you to lighten up and stop taking things to seriously? Does that apply to you right now?

  • My mother passed march 3.

    I have had dreams every night. I am in the snow on a high mountain. (I’m from FL but was born in OR.). A coyote comes and starts circling me. I try to stand and coyote pushes at me to make me sit. An Eagle flies overhead and swoops down. It lands on my right shoulder and coyote growls. The eagle and coyote fight. But if I try standing to leave they force me to sit. Then they resume fighting with eagle diving in and out while coyote snaps and snarls. I wake before the fight finishes.

    Any idea? I am 1/8 Cherokee through mom.

    • Both of these animal totems reflect aspects of you that are in disharmony..learn about each of these animal totem qualities to see which resonates with you and find a way to resolve the conflict within you..when you tried to stand and leave..that represents avoidance..the animals knocking you down means you need to face and heal the disharmony within you..snow represents purity..high altitude represents higher consciousness..being more conscious in your life..hope this helps :)

  • A coyote ran out and I hit it. What do I do to fix it

  • In a dream I was sitting in a stream and many fish which appeared to be large trout or small salmon were pooled at my feet going over the edge of a small waterfall. I was startled by an animal which came and stood by my right side. At first I thought it was a wolf then saw it was a coyote. I was first a bit afraid but the coyote appeared to be friendly and just stood by my side.

    Any thoughts on interpretation?

  • As oddly as this may sound, in the past, every single time a coyote crossed my path i was on my way home, and when i’d get home my husband (at the time) and i would argue and he would leave for days at a time. We are no longer together but when it passes, something strange happens, like one time i was unable to move my neck and i needed help getting out and into bed, iroically, this was days before thre ex and i had court, and currently, the coyote is making his appearance again. Making me wonder if the ex is up to no good; conspiring plots against me, as im also dreaming of him. ❓ :roll: 😥 😥 :roll: 😥 😐

  • I believe some are sacred I hat to see the predators killed

  • ❓ I dreamt about a Coyote coming to me and playing. He was on his back with his legs up and tongue lolling from smiling mouth. He was kicking his legs in the air.
    What can this mean? I know the Coyote is one of my spirit guides, a main one but this I can’t figure out.
    Please help me…

    • It obviously means that your spirit animal is different. This could mean that you are more of like a coyote god to them. Making it as if you more of like a cyote all the time but you don’t overdo it. Example. You would walk your dog alot… but you would let it rest for twice the amout it took to walk your dog around. Here is the tricky part. While you are relaxing your spirit animal is still with you relaxing by your side because coyote’s are more relaxed anyways. So, in your dream he is thanking you for not summoning him as much as they normally should. The coyote also is more emotional to how YOU describe coyote. In this case, the coyote is treating you with the same respect you show it. If the coyote in any way harms you or your family, you have taunted it and it is just showing you the same respect you showed the coyote. Remember, coyotes are easily ticked off, so please treat it the way you want to be treated. I AM a coyote so… when I heard about how this spirit animal acts I said to myself… “this sounds exactly like me”… Except I don’t like playing jokes on people THAT often… Only when I’m bored and need a good laugh. Hope this helped!

    • Are you more serious by nature..your dream could mean to have a more playful carefree attitude in you life..do you allow yourself that 😆

  • the internation coyote insigna


  • Walking home during sunset i saw a coyote walking west across a bridge of train tracks over running water… Can anyone interpret that??

  • I have seen an all white coyote in physical form that no one else has seen before in my family, my father and his friends were with me when this had happend and we all were standing next to eachother walking down a road hunting (not coyotes but deer) not this coyote walked about 40 yards in front of me and then vanished only to see it a few hundred yards down the river about 2 minutes after. We went home and the next day we were hunting again and i saw an all black coyote and this one looked me dead in the eye as i aimed my rifle at it and then it turned around and ran and dissappeared into the brush but ever since that day my dreams havent been the same and i was wondering if this is connected somehow. please feel free to email me.

    • I saw an all black coyote today while hunting deer. He didn’t look at me but I had no urge to shoot it like it was sacred. And then later saw a regular grey one. All the time I’ve spent in the woods I’ve never even seem one coyote.

  • while at work on Christmas morning, I stepped out of the Security guard shack at Black Thunder coal mine at Wright Wyoming and not ten feet from me was a beautiful site. I though, how did someone’s dog get here? Then it dawned on me that it was a beautiful coyote. I was so excited! I whistled for it to come. Talked to it softly and asked it to come closer. All the time it sauntered away, still looking back at me and rounded the corner of the building about forty feet away. Made my day and I thanked my Eagle and Wolf totem for the experience os seeing brother coyote. Thank you again Mother Earth for helping me understand and see your beautiful creatures…

    • I just saw a coyote for the second time in my life. I was driving and it was standing in a driveway on a country road, it was so beautiful, its face and colors are burned in my memory. I was on my way to check out a rental and was having some misgivings, but when I got that message from coyote, I knew to look and listen to what was said and unsaid. wow, I can’t believe what a profound message it was! the other part of the message I believe, is to let go and trust that things will work out and have some fun! I have been struggling with my situation, downright fighting it every inch of the way, which of course is getting me no where, but upset. Thank you coyote!

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