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Go ahead and just do it!

If Beaver has come swimming into your life;

He will be reminding you to act on your dreams in order to make them a reality. He also sets the example that teamwork in your work life and family life make it easier to build your dreams into reality. You have to work at them to make them real.

If Beaver is your Animal Totem;

You are generally a team player. You work well in groups with set common goals even though you are self-sufficient. You know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play and take great joy and pride in strong structured, and disciplined family connections. Beaver people are always motivated and willingly start new and creative projects. They are not afraid to build on their dreams.

If Beaver has visited you in your Dreams;

It is often associated with industriousness and independence. The beaver as a great planner and builder, is offering protection and care to their young. The word beaver sometimes has sexual connotations – the sexual organs. If there is emphasis on the beaver dam, then it may suggest either conserving your energy and emotions, or holding back feelings, depending on the dream action.

In the Native American Indian traditions the beaver was often seen as a holy animal, and occasionally offered great wisdom to the dreamer. If the beaver speaks to you in the dream, it may be expressing innate or unconscious information or insights you have that are becoming conscious.

Additional Associations with Beaver…

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7 Responses to Beaver

  • My son and I. Were walking our dogs at the river. What We thought thought was a log washed ashore turned out to be an injured. Or very weak Beaver. We called wildlife rescue n the endangered creature was saved. Next day my cat brought a bat nside my house. I was able to capture n free him as well. Sometimes animals visit human. And I’m wondering what the connection/ lessons. Are any thoughts? ❗

  • What does it Mean When ) a Seagull lands on the hood of your Car? :

  • I had a dream of the beaver, he was laying on his back in green grass eating the petals off of a daisy. since there was no damn in the vision i am wondering if you could help me interperate the setting and the meaning of the daisy? i have searched for the meaning but have not been able to settle myself and he doesn’t seem to leave my thoughts. i just can’t seem to get his lesson through.

    • Try dreambible.com they have a contact us section where you write about your dream and people will provide feedback in a forum-like setting.

    • Chill off, relax, great workers and achievers stop to smell the roses too (or eat them!) 😀

    • White may also indicate enlightenment. There’s an old American song, “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.” Maybe eat this one! Like the fruit of knowledge.

      The color of the center of the daisy as well as the stem and surroundings (grass?) could also have meaning.

      What a dream! A good vision can last and continue its revelations for a long time.


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