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You are being asked to grow and become your own future. Focus on moving forward and stay balanced in the present.

If Bat has swooped across your path;

You have just received a significant omen of change in your life. You are being asked to pay attention to the signs around whether they are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in nature. Bat is a symbol of the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. Follow through on new ideas, hunches and even emotions that you are not familiar with. This change may be somewhat painful if you forestall it – however know that if you embrace it the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you.

Alternatively this animal  is reminding you to continue to pursue your spiritual growth by letting go of ego, renewing thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis, doing inner work, loving your enemies the same way you love yourself, and nurturing personal growth in all it’s forms.

If Bat is your Animal Totem;

You are highly sensitive to and extremely aware of your surroundings and have a powerful ability to see through illusions. You tend to dive straight to the heart of matters, are extremely social and have strong family ties. You are nurturing, have good communications skills and use your sense of touch as part of communicating. You are very perceptive on a psychic level and are prone to having prophetic dreams. You are also highly adaptable to any situation you find yourself in.

If Bat has come into your Dream;

To see this creature in your dream can represent uncleanness, personal demons and or annoyances. Alternatively a Bat in your dream can be a symbol of rebirth and unrealized potential. Allow yourself to let go of old habits. The current path you are on is not very compatible with your new growth and new goals. It may also be a message that you are blindly entering some unknown situation or deal. You need to evaluate the facts more carefully.

To dream of a white Bat may signify the death of a family member. To dream of a black Bat may be an omen of personal disaster. To see a vampire Bat in your dream is usually a symbol of something in your life draining your of self-confidence, your energy, and/or your resources. In Chinese folklore seeing five Bats in your dream is a symbol of good health, happiness, longevity, peace, and wealth

Occasionally the dream may also been a pun on feeling “batty” or feeling crazy.

Additional Associations for Bat…

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21 Responses to Bat

  • A bat sat on my head tonight around 9 any idea what it means?

  • Bats give me a sense of joy.

    When I was a child, playing outside in the backyard at dusk, I was never fearful of them and actually loved watching them in flight.

    As an adult have I had 2 exceptionally moving experiences with bats.

    The first was at my house. One day I noticed guano on my roofed front entryway. Wondering how it got there I looked up and saw that where the entryway roof met the side of the house there was a muddy looking lump. I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t worried about it or thinking I needed an exterminator to get rid of whatever it was. I wanted to keep my eye on it. Lo and behold, later that day at dusk, I saw a bat fly out of it. I was so excited to have bats nesting on my house. That nest stayed there for the 15 years I lived there and I loved “MY” bats.

    A few years later, after relocating to another state where all my family lived, my brother introduced me to a friend of his. The friend was complaining about a HUGE population of bats living in his steel building from which he operated a heavy equipment repair shop. I told him that I love bats. He said he had nothing against them but their guano was destroying his shop and his customers’ equipment. He said he was going to have them exterminated. Of course I didn’t want to hear more of that story, but understood his plight. Anyhow, he invited my brother and me to stay for dinner so that at dusk we could watch the bats fly out. IT WAS AMAZING to see HUNDREDS of bats fly straight downward through the corrugated metal roof tunnels and just before hitting the ground flying straight upward and out to begin their nightly hunt. It was such an incredible sight that I was literally crying with joy. The friend invited us to return to see them fly back in. Holy Cow what a sight! it was incredible to see them zoom straight up and into the corrugated tunnels.

    In the UK bats are protected against human extermination. Not so in the US. We have 45 different species, which granted is a lot. Of those 45, 6 are endangered. Bats play a significantly positive role in our ecological system. I Love Bats!

  • They are such a cool spirit animal… I’ve had many visits from bats, in 3 different apartments. I never know how they get in or out, (once I caught and released one, but the rest ???) Just last night there were two that were flying around my room together for hours, then disappeared. Each time they show up is during or before some big transformation, at least spiritually, and during a very spiritually in-tune time of realizations. They bring a sense of wonder and playfulness along with some of the deeper transformational stuff, something lighthearted in the midst of mystery. This time I know there are some big changes coming up, and have feeling lost about where to go, and alone. They’re somehow reassuring to see, though I still feel like I’m operating in the dark by instinct alone… so much thanks to the universe for this visit!

  • Was just watching some spiritual series for a while and it got dark in the mean while. What happens next something flies into the flat from the open balcony door and scares the s**t out of me. First I thought it was a bird but then when I came back after my “escape”, I saw a bat hanging from blinders. Which then left from the flat after a while. I hope anyway.. 😀

    Had to have a look if there was some spiritual meaning in this since the timing was rather “convenient”. Hope this was a good sign for me though :)

  • I was sitting outside on my porch when a white bat flew past me. It was close enough that I could have reached out and touched it, if I had been fast enough. 😯

  • I’ve been experiencing spiritual changes in my life recently, I’ve been spending lots of time alone to meditate and really search within myself.

    Last night I came back into my bedroom and gt the fright of my life when I heard something rustling behind me. It was a little bat stuck in a bag below my desk, how on earth it got there I don’t know. And then this afternoon I pulled up my bedroom blinds and another bat fell out onto the windowsill!
    They live inbetween the houses walls but I’ve never seen them in the house before! how they’ve been getting in I don’t know because I don’t leave the windows open.

    I had a strong urge to look up the meaning of them and it resonates exactly with what I’m experiencing right now!

    thank you for the info!

    • hi there
      i too had an experience similar to yours early this morning. asleep around 2 am a bat started ciciling around the ceiling fan. it was large and healthy. the cat saw it first. i dont know how it got in to the house other than shamanically as nothing was open that would be a venue for it. that is nothing in the physical reallm. i am going through a great deathing and rebirthing and see this as a welcome affirmation. i have looked all day tofday through the house were it might be but feel it has dematerialized after deploying its message. we are fortunate.

  • For the past two years there has been a bat that sits outside my window, i know that it is not a cawincitence because i just moved at that bat still sits outside my window at my new house what does it mean

  • This is really something and a much needed surprise. This morning I stepped outside on my porch before 7 a.m. It’s quiet here in this concrete jungle in the early morning and late evening hours and it is those times which I savor. The night is giving way to the day so it’s still a bit hazy out. All of a sudden, “whoooosh”, a flying creature streaked past me and I thought, “well, now, that wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t black like the bats around here”. I recalled, over and over, the vision of what I had just seen and resigned myself to believing that it was a quite large, tan-colored bat. Shortly, thereafter, the thought left my mind. A couple hours later I sat down at my keyboard to see what was happening in the world and this photo of a bat appeared and I clicked to read. (I’ve always been fond of these little critters. Did you know that ALL bats, when exiting their caves, ALWAYS exit out to the left? It’s true.) All of a sudden, I’m reading that “my positive thoughts, prayers and affirmations have put me back on the right path and that I’m to know that I’m being helped and guided through this change. WHOA! I was really taken aback! This IS what I have been doing, quite regularly, for a month or so. You see, when my son was 26 yoa, he was a passenger in a sports car which struck a tree going 60mph. He sustained a traumatic brain stem injury and became a quadriplegic, unable to do anything at all, not even speak. He is now 34 and I am his sole, 24/7 caregiver. I’m all alone in this world, here where we live, as far as getting him the help which he needs and also, alone in his care. Because of the stress and the very little sleep I’m able to get, I’ve put on weight. My limbs have also suffered because of having to constantly move my 185 lb. son by myself. Anyway, I’ve been speaking aloud positive affirmations. Quite a few of them. Like “my wrists and ankles and knees are healed”, “I’m pain-free”, “I’m full of vim and vigor”, “I have 1% body fat”….and the biggee…”my son and I will be moving to St. Petersburg in September and I will love where we live and all of the doctors will give my son allllll the help he needs and he will do GREAT!!” (FL healthcare will offer my son all he needs which we do NOT get in NC and also, my son and his wife and boys live near St. Pete and they will visit and give us the love which we so need and my son will enjoy the time they spend with him because after all of these years, he must be really tired of seeing only his mother’s face, don’t you know?) Sooooo….you can SEE why this was SO INCREDIBLE to come upon!!! I’ve never even BEEN to this site before! You must agree with me…this was MEANT TO BE!! And let me tell you, I’m sooooo thankful and grateful to the powers that be for this because I really needed this lift!! I really, really did. Hallelujah, yippee and hurray! This has given me a spring to my step! I’d better go and take advantage of this unexpected burst of energy and get some housework done. Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share with anyone who wanted to know. I’m still shaking my head in amazement. Indeed a real Blessing. Wow.

  • I just saved a bat caught on my wasp trap (which is now in the trash) what is symbolism of saving a bat? Or of one that is in peril. He or she didn’t bite me and once I freed it (using olive oils) it flew away. Can someone please tell me the meaning of this?

  • A bat came to our campsite last weekend and stayed for several hours before heading out near sunset. Our group gently pet the bat. It was such an incredible experience for everyone there. I couldn’t wait to explore the spiritual messages that beautiful little creature was sharing.

    • Oh, wow, you all were really blessed to be able to have that experience. That is pretty amazing, for sure.

  • I had an interesting dream tonight. I was at work *though not working*, while hand in hand with my husband, when I get a tug on my other hand. I turn to see my grandpa, whom in real life I have not seen in almost 10 years now. He tells me he loves me, and has missed me so much. We hugged, and kissed, and he says he is angry at the family for telling him that I had not wanted to see him, when in reality that was not the case. I could feel, smell, hear my grandpa so clearly in my dream. As soon as we stop touching each other, I wake up. I laid in my bed, wondering if perhaps my grandpa has passed away and visited me in my dreams *he would not be the first to do so*, when I noticed an upside down bat hanging on my door frame. As I lay there, trying to figure out how this is possible, my alarm goes off to get ready for work *I wake up at 3am in the morning*. Of course, by this time, it appears bat is no longer there *or blended back in with the other shadows*.

    I am not quite sure yet what Bat’s message to me means yet. My first instinct *as well as my husbands* is that Bat is letting me know that yes, my grandfather has indeed passed and perhaps helped his soul visit mine in my dreams before he moved on. It is too early to tell. I will be keeping my eyes, ears, instincts alert for whatever Bat’s message may be.

  • I just want to thank whoever runs this site, I have a lot of spirit animals that speak to me and you have helped me so much in understanding what messages they are trying to say. The short message in the box before your description seems to be exactly what is going on in my life every time I look up an animal. And I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that appreciate your work. Thank you x

  • I was outside on my balcony and a white bat flew right by me. I was taken back because I have never heard/seen/know of this animal. Does anyone know anything about the white bat? I live in Los Angeles area nowhere near any region these species dwell.. ❓

  • It’s funny how something that happens can trigger an old memory. The bat that scared the hell out of me two mornings ago in my bathroom did just that. In February 1971, a bat was flying around my childhood home in the middle of the night. I remember my Dad trying to knock it out of the air with a pillow. I wasn’t sure which of us was scared the most, us kids, hiding under the blankets, my Dad, who kept saying over and over, “Oh Jesus”, or the bat.
    I remembered this incident because two days later, a heart attack took my Dad’s life.
    When I told Julie my childhood bat story after my recent encounter she said that my bat could have been a sign or a warning. After the bat that I captured disappeared, she started calling it a ghost bat.
    This morning we got word that Julie’s little brother, Mark, died of complications from cancer surgery. He was 47.
    In her grief, I heard my wife mumble, Freakin’ ghost bat.

  • :smile:
    After I ending an acting performance in los Angeles, as I was driving home I had released a huge amount sorrow and desperation that needed to resurface again..I already collapse in tears a few times the last recent weeks. The tears themselves felt familiar but the reason itself unknown. As I breakdown choking up tears behind the wheel I prayed to the archangels and universe for a sign to pull the answer out of me and bring me clarity to heal.
    About 15 mintues later a huge bat that flashed white in my headlights barely hit my weind shield and flew up.
    I immediately resolved my feelings and that they are not the same as thoughts. My mentality on my path is tired closed up and hanging upside comfortably ..and yet my feelings..intuitively were being revived and unpackaged to a new innerdepth that only the thoughts of doubt could bring me to ..this bat his message was..giving up is not an option. We all have been through the worst. And when painful things arise We immediately go back that place again and again but never feed into it the way we did before at it’s worst.
    Thank you bat. Thank you universe. Thank you archangel for sending him the message to send to me.
    Love and light 😀 😀 😀 😎

  • Hi
    I dreamt I was in a tower sitting on a big chair with a musician I know.
    A long line of big bats was queueing to administer some “treatment ” on him. They were almost like dogs – big sandy brown creatures.
    I was panicked but my friend said
    “don’t worry they’re just here to remind me to play more”

    I initially thought it meant to be more playful in life in general but later remembered I’m a somewhat frustrated musician. Maybe a confirmation then of a sense I’ve been having recently of wanting to get more into music but in a more playful, creative way.

    Any feelings you have on this dream?

    Thank you very much

  • My grand daughter took me and showed me this fruit bat fast asleep hanging from a mango leaf. Thing is, I dont think it was there all morning as the limb alwaus brushes my truck roofrack when I drive in or out and I had been out in the mid morning. I sttoked it and it jerked but settled back and I picked up my grandkids so they too could stroke it. Wonder if it is an omen of anything

  • Not only are bats my favorite creatures, but this is all me… Makes too much sense. <3

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