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Are you following when you should be leading? Maybe it's time to find a new direction and forge your own path.

When Ant comes marching into your life:

Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality. Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.

Alternatively it may be time to consider your own role, concentrate on your specialties and make sure you are making the most of your natural gifts. However, remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your own contributions in your career, your family, and day to day life fit into the larger picture. No matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is still essential.

If Ant is your Animal Totem:

You are easily able to see your future needs and plan for it. You have an instinctive knowledge of how to build your dreams slowly over time and are content in knowing that everything will come in time. You are the architect of your life. Your greatest successes come with persistence. You have the ability to easily work with others and have a strong sense of community goals.

When Ant marches through your dreams:

To see ants in your dream signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected and insignificant. Or petty things will annoy you throughout the following day. The dream may also be a metaphor on feeling antsy or restless.

Ants also symbolize hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry. Increase business activities are expected. On a less positive note, ants symbolize social conformity and mass action. In this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly.

Additional Associations for Ant:

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49 Responses to Ant

  • When I was born I was told ants surrounded me and did not bit me . Was taken to another location and they formed a circle around me and did not bit me . Been searching understand the significance . Anyone have an idea ?

  • Strange enough I’ve kinda been going through a path in life where I can strongly angree with this website in everything. Black ants have taken my room over pesticides work for a day or two and then they are back. Last night I dreamt about ants and this morning I woke up to a bed covered in ants.

    • i was researching and reading then i mate this page

    • My Father would line the borders of rooms with salt, regular table salt whenever he’d see Black ants. Also, once you have received the gift of the message that they bring you will notice them leave.

    • That’s too bad that ants are everywhere! I mean it’s one thing to dream about it, but that must have been scary to wake up to a bunch of ants IRL haha!

      You might want to look into using diatomaceous earth to get rid of them, now that you’ve learned what you can from them πŸ˜‰ . Pesticides work by chemically killing insects, whereas diatomaceous earth works physically by shredding the exoskeleton. It not only works with ants, but also many other insects as well!

      It looks like a white powder, and is completely safe to use, as long as you don’t inhale it! Simply wear a bandana or something over your nose/mouth so you don’t inhale it, then sprinkle it throughout your room (or wherever needed), then vacuum it up afterwards (or wash your sheets if that’s where you put it). Hope this helps! You can order it online for pretty cheap… a little goes a long way! I got a 10lb bag and it was too much haha πŸ™‚

  • I just discovered this site by Googling key words. This is fascinating stuff. About a year ago I noticed that ONE ant ONLY would suddenly appear on a surface directly in front of my face, specifically where my attention was. This happens several times a day now. Apparently they enter suddenly from another dimension, arriving where your attention is focused. What are your theories? Please reply.

    • Same here. Only one any at a time. In random places and on random times, however always they appear right in front 9of my field of vision. It is off season for them as well! Trippy.

      • So I’m not the only one. One single ant would appear in my line of vision, on my hand, my cup, etc. And not always at home. One appeared at my Dr office, right on the counter next to me. Just one.

  • πŸ™‚ All these 4 years in my house…..there used to be red ants in my house which are not considered auspicious. A small crystal of sugar or a piece of bread and red ants would swarm in no time. But off late I hAve noticed single black ants just wandering in my living room. I have never seen black ants in our house all these years. Then I noticed some black ants in my bathroom. I remember mom saying that black ants are auspicious. They are from heaven and red ants are from hell. I dunno what to consider? Someone please guide me.
    God bless all!!!

    • you know we dont really know what ants do represent if we are only looking at their color.it may be proper to note on their character.that red ants do bite torridly while black ants don’t.well it seems that it is just a matter of attitude.

  • For the week ants had been appearing on my office chair and I’ve been getting bite. I even changed the chair with a Co-worker and still they appear on the new chair. I’m starting to get freaked out…. Can you tell me what does this means?

    • So, I have noticed that I only have a bunch of ants when I have a decent amount of money in my life or when I get some money from a random place. If I see an ant I tell my kids that money is acoming and sure enough, there comes some extra cash . . . Any relations to this?

  • Every night there are a bunch or hundreds of black ants on my house especially on the floor, idunno why they came from, they don’t bite they just flooded my house. I get rid of them by spraying a scented insecticide and i always brush them off. idunno but it xxxxxx me off cuz my house is very clean. PS. sorry about my grammar

  • Recently I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years and it was a very severe and toxic relationship and I moved back home as a result to get away and for me it has been hard. Well ever since I got back I have been randomly finding an ant crawling on my arm and it is always on my arm. It happens at least once a day for the past 2 and a half weeks. What does it mean?

    • Hi, I saw your post and I am in a similar situation; I was/am leaving a toxic refashion ship or what seems to be and now I am seeing ants as I build this new chapter. Let me know if you find anything out. I think it may mean; we are stronger than we may seem or that we have given ourselves credit for. Let’s find out though or continue to learn with the ascended teachers/ and/or ant totems.

    • It could mean that you are climbing out of the situation, and although it may feel like it is taking forever, slowly but surely you are making progress. Ant often shows me that things don’t always happen as fast as I’d like, but things are changing one step at a time. When you watch ant in nature, you see ant tackle almost impossible looking tasks. It may take time, but together and with diligence, ant gets it done.

    • OMG! I can’t believe I stumbled upon your comment and realize it was posted months ago but I just had to reply.
      I too recently broke up with my boyfriend and it was an abusive unhealthy relationship. Now I am experiencing finding a black ant crawling on my arms. This is happening daily and occurs on either arm.
      What do you make of this and is this still happening to you?
      Thank you I wish you all the best.

    • I too left a 7 year emotionally abusive relationship. After choosing to keep him away and completely change my life I was overrun with ants. They would bite me in my sleep and keep me up all night. I would also dream about them. Now I am in a new relationship and after 3 months of whirlwind romance he needs “space” and the ants are back in full force again. It is incredibly exhausting to be heartbroken in the first place forget the exhaustion and stress of being woken all night by ants. What a nightmare. Feels like a curse. They are everywhere. Also I saw one on my purse 5 minutes before he asked for space.

  • Hi,

    I have an ant sometimes 2 that is always on my desk.

    Never gets in the way, just always there.

    Had to read up….

    Thank you….

  • Ants have been biting me when I sit at my computer table on my feet. When I get out of there suddenly they are gone. I don’t know where they come from.my room is tidy enough. A month before they were seemed to crawl on my wall beside my bed but some how I got rid of it. Do any one know why is it so?

  • Ants in my bedroom and on me at night – got rid of them and keep coming back. Went out and an ant was in my drink. Went to work ant on my arm. What does this mean?

    • hmm..

      Maybe you’ve been doubting yourself. Ant says to know that you are stronger that you believe. With trust in the Universe you are infinitely Strong. With trying to force something to happen – you are weak.

      Ants can carry well over their weight – the equivalent us us carrying our cars over our head.


      • Thank you SO much for this comment!!! I’m writing it down to keep as a daily mantra! I don’t believe in myself enough..which makes me show up much weaker than I truly know myself to be. This was perfect timing for me to read today, so thanks again!!! Much love!!!!

      • Thank you for this comment. In reality (no dream), I awoke one night to get a drink of water and I found a formation of slow moving, tiny ants on my floor, similar in shape to the map of Asia. The day before I’d washed my 4X8 foot long galley kitchen lino floor and even pulled out the fridge and washed underneath – with bleach so, there was no food to attract insects. When I saw the many ants I gasped loudly however, calmness and serenity overcame me (I’m not fond of insects) and I intuitively knew what to do. I reached for the bottle of bleach on the kitchen counter and I didn’t feel guilt and neither did the ants fear dying. It was as if they knew (strange to say I know… however, its true). Regardless, I braced myself on the kitchen wall to kneel down and pour bleach onto the floor but, shockingly my wall seemingly, started to move. Another formation of ants was crawling up the wall to the kitchen counter. It seemed they were headed toward my coffee pot. Again, I didn’t feel anxiety I just said, ‘Oh my God. You’re not welcome here. Leave.’ And proceeded to pour bleach down the wall, until the ants fell away and then poured bleach on the floor until the ants were swimming in the liquid. What I don’t understand is where they came from. It seemed they came out of thin air and I now wonder, if I didn’t act on my thirst for water and instead continued to sleep, I wonder whether or not my whole apartment would have become infested with ants? Strange. Since then, a few ants (in a group), have returned but, nothing as big as the formation on the floor and the moving formation on the wall. Any thoughts?

  • I got home late and turned on the AC and found a load of ants on my bed. I cleaned them up and again my bed got covered with ants. So then I removed the sheets so I could just finally rest and sleep and once again it was covered in ants. Turned off the AC cos I think it’s spewing all the ants unto my bed. Now there are still ants left on my bed. Don’t know if it’s the AC but there were quite a few when I looked there. Does this mean anything? Or is my AC just really messed up? Just had it cleaned yesterday too.

    • I am facing the same issue and every time I take bath, it come over my body to bite all over. God knows from where it jumps on my shoulders.

  • Ants coming out of my computer, every time I get one swiped away, another shows up from under the computer, I kept cleaning them thinking I was going crazy. Then Iooked up the meaning of encounter with ants and came here to this website. i read about the meaning and thought of the things and situations I need to be patient about and situations to continue to work on, and the ants just stopped coming! I heard their message. I cant wait to see how this plays out πŸ˜‰

  • Hello,

    Since last few months, Our house has been swarmed with red ants everywhere….right from kitchen, eatables, sugary or not, non eatables, following on beds, sofas, clothes, dining everywhere and in huge numbers. Our all efforts to keep them away has been in vain. With your article there are, though, NO, outcomes as of yet…
    Could you possibly tell me probable causes and consequences likely to take place and also hopefully they do not signify bad omen ?

  • April 16 & 27, 2016 same time in the afternoon 5pm when flying ants suddenly comes inside our house. It was so many enough to cover the whole living room. You cannot stand the sight of it. And get inside our small kitchen & comfort room. So many more than a colony of bee. Really so many It covers the whole house. What is the meaning of this.

  • Mom told me about this when I grew older like thirteen or so.
    When I was just an infant and mom was just ironing the clothes, she checked up on me to see if I was humbly on my crib sleeping. But then she panicked when she saw black ants SWARMING half of my baby face. Because of panic, she looked away for awhile and then when she checked on me again– the ants were gone in a flash! She scanned everywhere for any signs of black ants but there was none! No one believed her– saying that maybe she still has that affect from when she gave birth to me however…
    We were shocked to know that when we go to a shop that only us are in it– a few seconds later, many people come. This has happened whenever I am around. Then there was some superstition that I maybe good for business. At first I didnt believe but however– still im trying to find some answers.

  • This is very interesting. Today I was at a cafe, and there was a basket with a small sign and box: “Your love notes nreded for an Art installation. Say who (or what) you love, and tell them why. Then leave your note in the box.” Before I wrote about a friend at work, I saw an ant on the table. I swept it aside, as it appeared dead. But then it seemed to move a little. I then tried to see if I could help it, but it really appeared dead. So I moved it. I wrote my note about why I love my friend. I took a photo of it, and placed it in the box. I then messaged a copy of the note to my friend, along with a photo of the box, so he would know what instigated it. Right after I did this, a live ant crawled across the table in the same spot. I saw no others. Several hours later now, I looked at the photos, reading the note again, from home. I then felt something crawling on my leg. It was an ant the same size! I looked and saw a few others. I have lived in this apartment one year, and never have had ants. I wonder that it is related to the love note about my friend. But do not understand why.

  • When I was little girl, probably 5 yrs old, I kept imagining that I saw ants in my bed & crawled into my parents bed for safety & comforting, but then I started to see them there too, so my mother, tired and fed up, told me to go back to my own bed. What do I do about the ants? I asked, and she said, maybe you can make friends with them! This was a very new idea and I decided to try, so I spoke to the ants, and asked them to be my friends, and fell asleep. After that, I was never afraid of any ants, and would protect ants from any who tried to harm them! They are still my fruends, tho when they show up in inappropriate places, I do get out the boric acid. I do apologize. But I see infestations of any kind as a call to take stock, in house and life, to see what may need changing/re-newng./purging.

  • My house in a certain part, has been attacked by ants! Its been a cple of days now! Ahhhhhhh yes this totem meaning fits where i am in life

  • I just opened this page as I have always had serious issues with ants in my life. since I can remember everything new in my life comes with ants. ” irritating, and making me feel that my space is messy and need reconstruction of some sort. as far as 1997 my first town house , one evening I woke up with ants all over my bed, then moved to another house, …. ants all over, another one, … same, recently moved into a farm house, same thing, now my PC keyboard and telephone hand set are like a house of ants, when I come in my office in the morning my desk is clean … but I sit only five minutes then my ant friends are really having a party on me…..

    but after reading this…. I guess I better make peace with it…

  • When ever I come across ants it means be patient because an opportunity is near. I embrace the ants and know positive changes are coming.

  • I’m transitioning from hairstylist to salon owner and I have been doubting myself lately.. I just opened my clipper drawer and found an ant scurrying around. There is no reason for ants to be in my drawer. . Not to sure how to feel about it.

  • Curiosity led me here, moving into a new home where there is Always an ant on me, during meditation, or in bed…..knowing they’re a message. Confirming again to create and work at my dreams, work through the fear of being seen and start teaching, traveling to the places I love while teaching and doing healing treatments that have changed and transformed my life. Thank you little ants, your tickling and persistence is what I will bring forth into my process of action

  • We have little Pharaoh (Sugar) ants! They started in our kitchen and now I’m finding them in the bathrooms and one of the bedrooms. I wonder how to determine who, in the home, the message is for… my husband or myself? That’s a little tricky.

  • Thanks for this πŸ˜‰ the ants marched into my life since 2012… *sigh* i wish they would leave me alone.. Even now my sleep was disturbed because of the ants, red one, *sigh* basically, they bother me all day, everyday, even in school πŸ˜₯
    Anyway, thanks

  • thank you so much for this meaning to ants and what they represent in our life. I have been swarmed with ants in the last year or so and at one point they were all over my clothes to the extreme. I have been going through a transition and now completely understand why they have continuously showed up in my life.


    Lady warrior

  • In my bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, bedroom have been seing small black ant but in shop it was red ant. Pls. I realy love you to tell me what it means cos am realy disturb. Thnks

  • I keep smelling ants, I haven’t dreamed of them or seen any recently, but I can smell them? What does that mean?

  • What if you are bitten by an ant. In this month alone I’ve been bitten 4 times πŸ™ the first incident i was bitten by three bull ants in the space of two minutes on both my legs. Very painful. Today I was bitten again on my right thumb.

  • A few years back I had an enounter with Pissants and just recently stung by a red ant. Both times having allergic reactions. I believe someone is trying to “speak” to me. I do work hard, probably to much.

  • I saw strange red ants and I was once told that its a symbol of ancestors….those ants you dnt just see them unless you are at the graves but I saw them at home and they were mannnny πŸ˜•

    • Hello nora: The color red is representative of “focused intention”. The message is that if you want to accomplish your dreams – you must focus on them.

  • Wow, ants can actually be a good thing? I wrote two posts to my blog about ants………………….not in a good light though. After reading this I will be taking another look at ants…………………a long look! Now if they would just stop biting me!

    • I think your impatience with the things you are trying to accomplish is getting the better of you – hence the ant bites. Slow down, breath, focus on one thing at a time.

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