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Let compassion and forgiveness be your top priority today
-Honey Bee

Bee Meaning, and Messages

Whenever Bee symbolism shows up in your life, it is time to examine your productivity. In other words, disorganization and indecisiveness are probably causing you to miss opportunities.  Take a moment right now and prioritize your goals. Only you can decide which of these are essential, and which are now redundant. As you do this, you should also make time for yourself and set schedules. With these things in place, you will find that your world will become far more abundant. Like the Roadrunner, this spirit animal message teaches that savoring the fruits of your labor is the reason for the work in the first place.

Alternatively, Bee symbolism is a reminder that your industry and hard work produce a community life and social organization that generates abundance. However, it is vital to remain an individual within this society.  In other words, reclaim your self-identity and move forward accordingly.

Conversely, Queen Bee meaning emphasizes the fact that no matter how enormous the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our goals.

Bee Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Bee totem can accomplish the impossible over and over again. Moreover, they know how to enjoy the sweetness that life brings them and understand the proper use of energy. Folks with this spirit animal totem always have their intentions focused on a clear path and goal in life goal. These people are also self-sufficient, very focused, very hard workers, and work best when they are working with others. They are the living manifestation of benevolence and devoted contribution. Service is their focus, and they provide continuously.

See Wasp and Ant.

Bee Dream Interpretation

When you have a Bee dream, it symbolizes wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity, and bliss. These insects are also symbolic of hard work and industry, as represented by the common phrase “busy as a Bee.” In other words, the message is that your hard work will pay off in the end with delicious results. Alternatively, the vision represents the things that are currently happening in your life. There is probably something that is buzzing with activity going on in your life that may be a little bit overwhelming.

In particular, to see the Queen Bee in your dream is a reference to a dominant female in your life. The actions of this insect in your vision are significant. Interpret it accordingly.

To dream that you are stung by this insect indicates that you are hurt somehow emotionally. Perhaps someones stinging remark has hit home.

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  1. Hi,
    My wife just had a dream where she had a lump on her right knee. As she squeezed it, something yellow began to come out. Then black. As she squeezed more, a large bee came out and flew around her for a while before flying off.
    Any idea what this could mean?
    Many thanks.

  2. I dreamed of saving a larger than usual bee from drowning in water which is something I’ve done several times before in real life, usually involving bumblebees but sometimes honey bees as well. I set the bee down from my fingertip to dry and recover on the bed between my love of 31 years who has had a fall and developed hydrocephalus then was separated from me by his X and children which caused many tortured dreams of him over the past year since. The bee kept walking toward him and I would pick it back up onto my fingertip to move it to a safer spot so he wouldn’t rollover onto it accidentally and harm himself or the bee. My love was laying there looking peaceful and docile like he was before his fall and fluid impacted his brain. I was also contented and at rest near him and the bee. Is the bee trying to tell me something? I want to reach out to my love but am not allowed to do so. Is there much more to this dream because it’s been on my mind a lot ever since? We both love animals but I’ve always been the designated Ellie-May Clampett wrangler of these and many other stunning creatures all of my life. it’s not unusual for me to run to their rescue so it must be about my best friend and sweetheart is all I can think, but what is the bee trying to say by crawling over to him with so much determination?

    1. Hello – I’m not sure if this dream is still playing on your mind, but I wonder if you try thinking of it with yourself being the bee it might make some more sense? 🙂

    2. EspionageCookie

      As the phrase “worker bee” suggests, it may seem to point out that you have worked the hardest to do everything you can to help your love, and also that he has done everything in his life to accomplish what he set out to do. It seems both of you are a couple known for working hard, whether it’s in an actual career, or how your husband worked hard to struggle against his own illness. Perhaps it’s an acknowledgement from the angels that he has guts as strong to do what he can do with this debilitating disease.

    3. Ooh. That is actually SO deep if you think of yourself as the bee… “I moved the bee so both the bee and my love would not be harmed”…. Pretty much describes your situation right now. You fear if you get close to him it will harm both of you (him because of the triangulation that’s going on and you because of the flying monkeys that will likely head your way after)…

      But it does break my heart that you could live the whole rest of your life being separated from the one you love… I would really question when you know the time is to reach out. Or if you’re planning on never reaching out again?

      I get you don’t want to hurt him indirectly but at the same time I’m just thinking you might regret this at the end of your life if you don’t reach out.

      And I know I don’t really know and can’t grasp the full situation from what you have here. I just think though if there’s a point to living it’s to be with the ones you love.. It’s hard work to make honey but it’s the sweetest thing out there 🐝

  3. Hello,

    I have been approached by bees, for months now. Still trying to figure out why. Whenever I’m outside a bee will approach me. No matter where I am at. Whether my job, church, the grocery store there’s a bee. Various kinds. When I open up the door at my job more than one bee will fly in. I’ve spotted some hanging on the door before. No matter where I am, a bee will approach me. I was scared at first, but I realized it’s some sort of sign. What does this mean? Also I do not wear perfum nor lotion, so I know that it’s not my scent there attached to.

    1. Every morning I find 1 dead bee in my house, outside my bedroom door. Wherever I go I see 1 bed also. What does it mean

    2. Me too! Did you find out what this means?
      Often they are still alive but have lost their stingy and dying. It’s upsetting!

    3. EspionageCookie

      This seems to mean that there is hard work that has to be done for your goals each and every area of your life. You cannot find a solution that is a shortcut to success. The only route to success in whatever you’re going after is simple pure hard work.

  4. Hello, read some interesting stories but I have a question, I have been hearing a “goast” bee ! I’ve never seen it but for three or four weeks now I can be in the yard or in the house and can hear it “plain as day” swooping down towards me .I can’t record it ! I cant see it ! But i have been run back in the house and have been ducking in the kitchen from something i can only hear, people think I’m nuts ! I can hear it now it’s faint but 10 minutes ago was right on me, nothing there ! What can I do ?

    1. It’s totally a sign. Read the book SIGNS by Laura Lynne Jackson- someone is trying to get your attention! Are bees significant to someone who crossed over? You’re not crazy- it’s the language of the universe. Good luck- I hope you will share what you discover.

  5. hello, i found a honeycomb in my garden and it was actually in a big bucket and a place where we usually place our waste.And i know that bees usually stays in clean places. I’m kind of worried does that mean something ?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that you are just randomly dealing with every problem in your life by impulsively just going through the first thing that comes to mind, especially when you feel rushed by the pressure of fear. Like the productive bee, perhaps slow down, rationally consider your options’ pros and cons, then make a well planned out solution of what to do. Like the worker bees, you can ask help from others for planned solutions as well. Buzz buzz.

  6. Hi , after reading a lot of comments on this blog I thought I would write my experiences with a bee

    For the lat few months I will be driving and a bee lands on my lower windshield on my drivers side.

    This time the bee was looking directly at me I could feel it

    I kept driving and the bee hung on for while before flying off

    1. Kathleen Holsinger

      I started to feel a downward spiral of my depression sinking in. As I retired to my bedroom to rest the other day, I was awoken from a bee that had flown in my bedroom window. As my window was open, I paid no mind, even though I was annoyed by the buzzing sound and its insistance to keep waking me up. A day or two later, the day my depression was in full swing and the day I choose to take a shower only to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head and forget about the world and my life, I again was awoken by the same bee. I looked up at it and happened to notice it was unmistakenly a queen. Thinking it was confused maybe and couldnt find her way out, I gently used a clean starbucks plastic cup to catch her, check her out a bit, show my daughter what a queen looked like as I am 46 myself and seeing one for the first time, and then I set her free from my back porch. I watched her get her barings straight and fly above my house above the window she entered. I treated the bad case of poison ivy or oak I had on my arms and went back to bed. At 1:00 or 2:00 pm in the middle of the afternoon. On a holiday Monday. Memorial Day when everyone else was having cook outs and enjoying their day off work, or honoring those who passed away in wars and fighting for our country, I only wanted to forget the world and I’d hoped just as badly that everyone would just as soon forget about me too. Two hours later, the queen reentered my window and continued to be busy of some sorts on my bamboo blind and my favotite white cotten blended sheer like curtains. I figured maybe she was banished from her hive since she had no followers and maybe the bamboo blinds made her feel at home somewhat. If she wanted to stay then Ill let her stay as long as the rest of the hive wasnt following her, I saw no harm in it. I apologized for my foul language and poor attitude I outwardly expressed out of dire straits and intense frustration from when I couldnt sleep at all over the past two nights and /or over the poison ivy or oak all over my arms. This was today. I left my room from 6to 9pm to get something to eat and watered all my flowers and herbs I had recently planted. Today I found myself to be so sad that I had nothing for my chics for the first time since they were born this year, but my flowers and herbs still managed to bring me a little joy. My chics knocked on my patio door when they saw me walking around but today I had nothing for them. They had food and water as my daughter fed and watered them. She also cleaned the house for the first time ever on her own as well, but the chics wanted their hugs and kisses from me and my daughter wanted a hug too. I had nothing for any of them today. It happens. What is the meaning of a queen bee coming to see me and especially coming back to me after I set her free? I noticed when I came back to my room at 9pm that she had eaten parts of my curtain and shredded it in several places. I imagine she is still on the widow sill somewhere nestled in my bamboo blind or curtain crevass somewhere. Does she just need a safe place to hide or to rest like me or does she just like the material of my curtains like I do, or is there a deeper meaning to her visit with me?

    2. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it interesting that the queen bee was attracted to your bamboo blinds. Just wanted to let you know…the meaning of a bee partnered with bamboo foretells abundance in your life. So look for new opportunities with abundant blessings coming to you.


      Cari Bee

    3. Dead bees found.
      I went from one room to the next. When I returned I found 2 dead bees on my desk. It took me a moment to notice them. So either they had been dead and fell from the blinds or I squished them because their wings were everywhere. One interesting thing is that they were sitting on receipts that I was adding up from Bucharest. The area I was in Romania was very popular with honey. How strange that they would fall now, just when I adding up these receipts. It’s not like I don’t open and close the blinds frequently, I do. Also, the window wasn’t open and, there are two of them. Very strange!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Right hand’s meaning in palmistry :

      “It is believed that the right hand — the dominant hand for most people — represents now and the future, and thus can be changed with time and experience, while the left hand represents the past and traits the person was born together with.” China highlights (Palmistry article.)

      Perhaps this is a sign indicating that you can change your negative fate of your entire life’s future if you worked as productively as the bee, so the bee basically bit you as a strict tough love challenge to remind you to stay focused and disciplined with what you desire.

  7. When I was in my early teens ( I’m about to be 20 now) I had a dream I was in the shower and a bee was near the drain and was drowning, but every time I went to save it it would try to sting me, or everytime I tried to pick it up it would get caught up in the water, making it almost impossible to save. I finally saved it but it died shortly after. I remember thinking in my dream how beautiful the fuzzy bee was, and feeling sad but almost at peace to see it no longer suffering.

    The next morning I woke up from my dream and went to get in the shower and there was actually a dead fuzzy bumble bee at the bottom of my tub. I don’t know how it got there because the windows were closed, and it was the middle of winter so a bee should not of been there. I still do not know what to make of this sign, or how to interpret it, but I’ve had a respect for bees ever since, and I don’t think bill ever forget that dream or that incident.

    1. About a week ago I wrote a letter to my spirit guides to give me a sign and that night I went to sleep and had a dream about bumble bees under water.. a few of them were dead and one walked underneath the water. In the morning I googled the spiritual meaning of bees in my bed and just when I quit I looked up and saw a bee above my bed and was like wtf cause i’ve never seen a bee in my house before. So my experience was quite similar to yours. I wanna know the meaning of this, maybe it’s close to the same as yours and maybe not but bumble bees and bees under water were in the both of our experiences.

  8. I was at the gravesite yesterday of someone very dear to me. I lingered for a while asking for a sign. A bee shortly after came flying into my hair, twice. Then some minutes later, not exactly sure it was the same bee, a bee flew around his tombstone. His tombstone has a picture of him as part of the monument stone, and the bee started flying and hovering around his picture for a few moments, then flew off.

  9. I just had an experience after doing some reiki meditation. I opened my eyes and a bee was sat very still right next to me on the sofa. It stayed there and I thought maybe I should put it outside so it did not dehydrate. After getting a cup I returned to see it had vanished. I know it could have flown away but there were no windows or doors open and my room is quite small. I checked everywhere and could not find it, it is as if I imagined it. This lead me to this site to see if there was any meaning to it. I now believe it was a sign to tell me to follow my dreams and continue with my goals, making my life more fertile and fulfilled so I am going to continue to try to let go of any self doubt and procrastination that may have been slowing me down on my purpose

    1. This is so eerie, nearly the same exact experience happened to me just a few days ago. I was doing yoga outside on my patio when I noticed a bee land right beside the top right corner of my mat. Literally just a centimeter away, completely still! I thought it had to be dead, and when I returned from inside to grab my phone to take a picture, it was gone. I didn’t notice it anywhere else nearby… similar to yourself, it led me here and I see it as a symbol to trust in this insanely transition period I’ve found myself in, and be more productive in terms of building out the life I want. Namaste to you Rosie!

  10. Istiak Ahmed Zim

    Some days ago there are so many bees are coming in my house and after one or two day there are all deis what’s the meaning of this…..

    1. I have been feeding my local bees which has been quite interesting to say the least. I made a few wooden feeders which they love. They seem to have really learned alot about me in a short period of time. They seek you out to tell you when the feeders have run dry. If you allow them to crawl on you they seem to have some sort of superpower to absorb physical information. Yesterday I had one lightly sting me somewhere right under my right ear. I was unable to find a mark but suffered a painful reaction. So I’m not even sure if it was only one light sting. Well much to my amazment this morning I notice a huge improvement in my right ear tinninus. Even my jaw is slightly sore. This may just most remarkable thing I’ve yet to experence in nature. And in hindsight to think I thought that the bee was deranged. Man do I still have alot to learn..

  11. Can someone please help me?

    I am continually having bees come to be during the day at work, I work outdoors and all over many different areas often over 100kms apart and it doesn’t seem to matter where I go I keep having this happen. I know the universe is trying to tell me something but I can’t figure it out which is why I think it keeps occuring.

    Usually a bee will be in my vehicle, sometimes they appear disoriented or maybe they are dying but they defintely appear like their navigation instincts are off. It has been more than 10 times in the last 6 months and it happened again yesterday so I’m still not getting the message clearly.

    If anyone has some insight into would greatly appreciate it
    [email protected]

    1. it’s interesting that they keep getting inside your vehicle. Perhaps their message for you has to do with what’s going on in your life and where you’re headed. Their navigational instincts are off and you see evidence of this in your car – interesting connection. It sounds as though they’re trying to get your attention about this. Take some time to connect with the direction your life is currently going. Does it feel right? Do you need to take another road? What events have happened in your life in the last six months (when the bees began to appear to you)? Did you start something six months ago? Has something changed for you in that time? Or does something need to change that you’ve been thinking about? Try sitting with these questions and being honest with yourself about the answers. You don’t have to share them with anyone if it makes you uncomfortable, but take the time to go inwards and check in with yourself.

      Sending you lots of luck! 🙂

    2. Maybe they should make sure the windows are closed before they go into the house after work.

    3. Wade, do you work with chemicals outdoors? People are concerned that our bee populations are dying off because of a virus. Some chemicals used for ant control and other pests are very harmful to bees.

    4. Wade, I feel two things:
      1.) you can be working too hard or overworking your brain in some way.
      If you have had anxiety lately, stressed, feel “heavy” or lethargic, get checked out and do various forms of energy clearing.
      2.) your ancestors are wanting your attention. Feeding them with positivity, cool glasses of water, etc. will create better connectivity with them.
      As you connect, they continue to work hard from the astral realms to keep you protected.
      I feel as if they “woozy” bees represent unstable health and being vulnerable to energetic attacks. -damaris

  12. I’m in my 50s, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve never dreamed of bees. However, last night I dreamed that my partner and I were given bees as a gift. The package containing them broke, and fell on the ground. I could see what I knew to be the queen walking around on the ground, followed by a few helper bees.

    Somebody else tried to pick her up, and was stung in the process.

    This morning my partner told me she had seen a bee in our kitchen, at the window. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather lately but today was very cold. She was concerned that the bee might die in the cold, but in the absence of any better ideas, she caught and released it outdoors.

    An hour later she found another bee in our kitchen. I feel as if they’re trying to tell me something, but I don’t know what!

    1. It is good you have taken such signs serious, at least for you to have thought of it in a way or the other. I once had a related experience and all I did was to talk to my God fervently. A week after, a very positive happening occurred and till now I am still very happy I spoke with my God concerning it.

      My advise, don’t try to link such with any negative things, be positive with it thought and pray over it very often.

  13. A few weeks ago I found a Honey bee on the hood of my car, it was a cold and stormy day. The poor Bee seemed like it was barely hanging on to life and I figured it couldn’t fly with wet wings. So I took it and carefully placed it on some napkins and dried it off as carefully and gently as I could with a small piece of tissue paper and place it in a enclosed area where the wind or rain wouldn’t get to it. I checked to see if it had died the next day and it was no longer there, so I figured it survived and flew away. last week I saw another honey bee next to my tire on the ground, it was pulsating as if breathing heavily, I figured it had stung something and was dying, I thought about killing it to stop it’s suffering but decided it wasn’t my call to make so I just left it there and figured the universe would handle it. Then a couple days later i go to my car and there’s a honey bee on my hood again, and for some reason it felt like our eyes met and I knew it was the same bee that I had saved, without thinking I said out loud “hey, what are you doing out here, it’s cold today and it may rain, don’t get stuck away from home.” and we kind of just shared a moment and then it flew off. I haven’t been able to figure out what it meant though.

  14. hello. today there was a huge colony of bees that flew around the city i live in. it was just so weird and creepy that they were actually seen outside the buildings of the metro. what could that possibly mean?

    1. That’s cool seeing we are lacking them everywhere else ,, if this were a dream it would be a sign of rebirth and fertility .. But seeing they were just seen I’m not sure on this one I get a feeling they also may not be regular bees but Africanized type ,, watch for massive hives (colonies) can be dangerouse

  15. I just found out I’m pregnant with my third child yesterday. Based on my last menstrual period I am only 3 weeks pregnant – generally far too soon for a test to turn positive, so I’ve been feeling like it’s crazy and can’t be right.
    Today I was outside (Feb. 1st, when we never see bees) and a small bumble bee gently flew up to me out of nowhere, landed on my belly for several seconds – I just looked at it in disbelief, no swatting or moving – and then it slowly flew off. It was such a calm encounter, I can’t help but feel like it was a sign.
    Any thoughts on what it might mean?

    1. This happened to me at a music festival. I was sitting down with my foot crossed over my leg and it landed on my toe. It was magical. Since then I’ve taken it upon myself to help and to be the voice of the bees. They are endangered. What I found in the bee landing on my foot, was grace. Like said above, the bees do the impossible every day, cherish every moment. Sounds to me like you’ve got a baby on the way & a special one too ❤️ Listen to your heart, you always have the answer.

    2. That is so ironic. I’ve seen two bees that just so happen to be in a place where only I would recognize it. One even flew in my house and I too recently found I am pregnant with my 3rd child. 😯 This website has always been incredibly helpful. It brought some insight as to why. I look forward to being busy as a bee.

  16. Tonight my husbands Father passed away after being unwell for sometime. His parents live in a remote country town in outback Australia. All six siblings had arrived in the town within the past week to see him, and had been taking turns coming out to look after him at home.

    After being here for over a week, today we were supposed to leave and made the last minute decision to stay on one more night, and tomorrow two of my husbands sisters were due to return home. Even though he was profoundly deaf and hadn’t opened his eyes in 3 weeks, I believe he knew we were all here together and chose this time to leave when all of his family were present.

    The decision was made to take him to the hospital today to have proper care and be more comfortable as well as to see the doctor who had just arrived into town for his regular visit. We all visited him at various times throughout the day. My husband and I and our two children were the last at the hospital with him this evening, and I felt the urge to go back into the room and say goodbye and tell him that we loved him.

    It turns out that I was the last family member to see him alive. Shortly after returning back to the house, we received a phone call for the family to all go back to the hospital. As I walked in knowing in my heart what had already happened, a bee 🐝 must have flown onto my chest without me realising and I brushed it off with my hand and it stung my finger which caused me to yelp more with shock than anything. My father in law had infact just passed away. I’m wondering if there was any symbolism involved with the bee sting and his passing as it seemed very timely? Thanks, Nicole

  17. Today I had something very different happen. I was watching a white shadow in the swimming pool. This white shadow was shaped like a butterfly about 8 inches across, it was so beautiful and mesmerizing. The white shadow stopped & disappeared. At the center of the white shadow was a swimming bee. A few last ripples radiated from the bees movement. I got a net and fished out the bee and set the bee in the sun to dry. Oddly the white shape could not be a shadow, as the sun was in the wrong place…sun, shadow then bee. Plus shadows are not white. Honestly it glowed, this white shape on the water. What was this? I am guessing a light body of a bee?

    Lastly, the bee came back and was buzzing around my feet and legs. Was it a message?

    1. Hi there, it sounds like you were seeing an aura! I would definitely look into that there is some great information on YouTube with others explaining their experiences. I see them around birds when I’m bird watching. It usually happens when I’m relaxed and feeling peaceful. Love and light!

  18. Yesterday in the drive thru at Starbucks three bees were circling my window after I paid so I signaled to the employee I would come around and pick up my coffee inside (since I had my two babies with me I didn’t want the bee in my car) then last night about 7:30 while shopping I was stung inside While trying to get my two year old away from the window display by a bee. And after returning from the grocery store today while unloading babies and groceries a bee flew into my home! It’s January why in earth am I being followed by bees.

  19. We’re in the dead of winter. I’m at my girlfriends home to do an energy session last night. She’s been gone for a week or so from her home and as she’s preparing for my session this huge bee starts to fly around and above us. We were both surprised to see it. I’m wondering if it’s telling me something good as I’m in a big transition and am still wondering how to move forward this next year.

  20. Past couple of years have encountered bees 50-60 times . I live in desert southwest . Have been stung by African bees , not fun very aggressive no warning . Homey bees give u a tap letting u know back off – my idea ? Any way past couple of weeks around house doing yard work burning dented around home bees 3-4 have been around head &neck area mostly landing on my neck or hair line actually . Is it because of salty perpetration they are after or some other reason they prefer my neck !! I am overweight !! If that maes a difference. ? Can anyone explain

  21. Hi..
    I recently found atleast 20 dead bees on my bedroom windowsill… I have been going through alot personally and just wanted to know if this symbolizes anything…my windows stay closed so i dont know how they are getting in…and they literally just appeared.. A little worried someone is trying to tell me something

    1. Shanee I have your answer. I am a beekeeper and regularly perform live removals. Dead bees repeatedly appearing on a windowsill is usually an indication of a honey bee nest in the wall/structure. They often seek multiple exits from the nest and some lead into the house. They are lured to the window by sunlight. You can crack the window and they’ll fly back out too the outdoor nest entrance. The bees are trying to tell you that you need to hire a beekeeper to relocate them via live removal and not hire an extermination company – even the ones that advertise live removal. Pest companies rarely employ beekeepers who can keep the bees alive after the removal.

  22. Hello.I am looking for some insight into an experience I had and been unsure who to ask. When in Bali last year two lovely Balinese friends took me to the home /compound of a revered healer they went to once a month to meditate in her temple. I felt honored to be asked to join them. When I was in temple with a group of people I found energy too intense for me so moved away to corner of temple away from others at altar. i felt need to just lay on my back and shut my eyes.I felt need to send love to those in temple.After a little time(not sure how long) I could feel bees starting to land on my face but for some reason I wasnt frightened and did not flinch.I soon felt bees on my whole face.I am not sure of how long that was for.My eyes were shut but I felt the healer next to me for a few seconds (well thats all it felt like}. I was too shy to ask anyone about it and it was only the two girls I was with that could speak a small amount of English.I would so appreciate anyones wisdom knowledge on this experience. x

    1. That must have been a profound experience for you! I’m sorry I can’t give any clarification on the subject, but it does sound like the bees showing their gratitude towards you. Maybe you were their queen for that short time? Or they recognized something in you that is familiar to them? Has it been the start of a spiritual
      Awakening for you…?

  23. That was VERY helpful, thank you so much for not only taking the time to make the article but respond to so many of the comments. You seem so genuine in wanting to help, i like you vibe :D.

  24. So. I’ve always sat in my car during lunch at my job. I’ve been working there almost 3 years. For what ever reason these last 3 days there’s been a bee that comes in my car every time I sit in it for lunch. The bee comes in flies around me acts like it’s going to fly out but flies right back in the minute it sees me trying to raise my windows. When I finally do close the windows once it’s out it circles my car frantically hitting every window trying to get back in. I usually freak out and would probably kill the bee but I can’t get myself to kill this one. Today it visited me again. This time I stepped out of my car and it followed me around the car for a little. It wouldn’t let me get back in. Then out of no where it disappeared. I dunno just seems real strange to me. .. any thoughts?

    1. Perhaps it’s time for you to start looking for a new job opportunity! What I noted in your description were the insistence of the bee and the windows, as well as being in a parked car. The car makes me think of issues of mobility/immobility, the insistence leads me to think of a window of opportunity. What else could windows signify in this encounter. Many blessings on your journeys!

  25. My boyfriend for the last two days has bees at least three around him even one in the car on his shirt on our way shopping they don’t sting him they just fly around him I donnt understand this

    1. Feet often represent forward or backward movement. The side of the body may be telling — left for woman and mother or motherhood issues, right for masculine side and male relative issues. Do you need healing in any of those areas? Are you moving backward or trying to move forward? Check out yin/yang energy information and see if anything resonates, and why a bee in particular may be the spirit totem who is trying to draw your attention and help you. Good luck in all things and namaste!

  26. I was riding in the car one day last year with someone and a bee landed at the egde of the door where the window and rubber seal met. The bee was WHITE, yes, I said ‘white’. I just watched it sit there while the vehicle was in motion until if flew away. it was odd. I’ve never seen an albino bee before, it’s a good thing I snapped a pic of it.

    1. Can you post the pic? I had a bunch of bees make a hive in my chimney and when they first arrived I saw an albino bee. Strangest thing and I wondered if yours looked like mine. It was kind of chaos at the time so I didn’t get a photo! Mine was just pure white, (very cool) like someone spray painted the bee with white paint! thanks

  27. Hello,

    I recently dreamed of a man I’m attracted to at work, but barely know. We were at a picnic-like setting. There was a bee (the small yellow and black kind) buzzing around the two of us and we were trying to avoid it and kind of running away from the bee. We were laughing at ourselves for running from this little bee. It was a sweet moment between this man and I. Then he noticed some people from work nearby and he suddenly turned and walked away from me like he didn’t know me.

    What do you think this means?
    Thank you!

    1. Seems there is an opportunity for abundance between you and this man but he may not want co-workers to know, or subconsciously you may believe something to that effect. Why not ask him out for a bite of something sweet (no euphemism intended)? Could be there’s no need for fear for either of you!

  28. Hi, I have a swamp of bees in my outside wendy house which I have removed them early this year but they recently came back again. What does this mean?

  29. So I was drinking a soda in my kitchen with the sliding door open today and a bee started buzzing around my drink but i ignored it. Then i got up to check the laundry, and then went back to my kitchen to sip at my soda again and I realized there was a dead bee in my soda that I had just drank out of, now what’s up with that?

    1. bees only carry enough energy to get to their goal (the flower) and back. if they get lost or distracted they will often die :/ if you find a slow bee that seems disoriented, this is what’s happening. sounds like it wanted the sugar in your soda. you can dissolve sugar in warm water and pour it near the bee if you see this happening; they’ll eat it and recover and move on shortly 🙂

  30. My boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment a couple of months ago…and ever since I keep finding bees Inow our place. I don’t know how they are getting in but I’ve been finding at least one…once a month. I find this quite odd…but I wonder if there is a meaning to this?

  31. Today, while I sat outside, a bee landed on my knee and started cleaning itself. It was so beautiful and calming to watch; I felt as though I was finally at peace. I have not felt as calm in a while, as I am going through a very stressful time in my life…

    I just wonder what my encounter with the bee meant?

    1. God sent little bee to let you see that you need to clean things out of your life, Negative things. Also to show you how precious you are to GOD that he wanted you to know that with all of your heart & soul. God is always there even though at times it seems so distant. That’s when God is the closest. God created that bee out of love. All things God has done out of love but the prettiest creation from love is you, Love conqueror’s all. Look to God always. Don’t look to the left or the right focus straight ahead on God and His Son…… God is always there Always.

  32. My wife just gave birth to our beautiful daughter on August 12th of this year an today she had a dream of a queen black bee just sitting on a leaf, what does that mean? :l

    1. first of all, congrats on this wonderful new addition to your life!
      as stated above, typically a queen bee represents a dominant female in your life — perhaps your daughter 🙂

      also, you should consider the condition of the leaf:
      if it’s green leaf, it may represent a new beginning or fresh start in your life.
      in contrast, if it was a colored, autumn leaf, or a leaf that wasn’t attached to a plant or tree, it could represent the end of a phase in your life.

      I hope this was helpful!
      – bkpr

  33. One year ago today I was on a hike with my now fiance and while we were having a peaceful sit watching the nature he got stung by a bee now the same day a year later we were sleeping in bed and a bee stung him under the covers. Theres not even bees outside. So weird. Does this mean something?? I feel like it does. Please give me your feed back.

  34. I just got into bed and was answering messages when i suddenly see a bee next to me on my duve. I had such a fright as i am allergic to them and flick it off. It ijust sitting on my curtain know. I think this is Gods way of anwering me as i had a beart to heart talk with Him as i am going threw a few challenges. Can you maybe explain. Thank you

  35. A couple of months back I had a strange occurrence. I found a live honey bee in my kitchen window, after capturing it and releasing outdoors, I found a startling thing. Nearly 40 dead bees through out the house, spradling across 3-4 rooms.
    Could this be a message or omen?

  36. HI today I came across a bee that was dying. I felt terrible and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to step on it so I didn’t but felt terrible that I left him to suffer. I said a little prayer that I hoped his transition to the summerland would be quick and painless. What would you all have done?

    1. When you see a down bee, feed it sugar water! Usually when they aren’t flying it means they’re dehydrated

    2. Spirit is one thing, Life is another : let’s unite them ! A down bee, really physically upset but legs and wings alright, was in my bathroom on the floor. While cleaning it, I almost killed her and I saw her. Put her on a jasmine and made some spiritual research : thanks for the sugary water ! As a boundless animal lover, she is drinking so much and regaining energy progressively! Feel happy for this fundamental living being, far more than humans, to enable her to live again (as it happens for me); What a gorgeous feeling to participate to the life of life. Hope this gonna be enough, she’ll get a rest as long she needs on a jasmine inside with sugary water beside she enjoys so much, and let’s really hope the end will be to fly outside towards her vital family for everyone on earth ! Otherwise, a decision will be taken to heal in another way without suffering which we don’t know yet, a wise decision to take if it has to. She is cleaning her “face” with her small legs after lapping (sorry I’m french so guess my imperfect language) which is so appreciable for the moment. The message is still a mystery for me and not only. I went through a hell, so many natural signs on my way probably from my angels who knows to keep being on a healthy way are given or not, and have to recover myself full of important initiatives to take both quickly and calmly in this precious “short” life. Only oneself can know, life is a magical mystery to respect. Enjoy !

  37. What does a black shiny bee mean. I have 1 single bee that follows me in my car to my house then disappears. Also a pale khaki like dove with irradesent pewter or silver&gold color on the underside of its wings and a large doe blue eyes white spots . Are these spirit animals? When I was a kid these animals saved me from a poisonous snake if it wasn’t for me seeing those doves flapping their wings at that snake with the light shining off of their wings I wouldvery stepped on that snake and died I was 5 my sister was watching me,and the deer gave me a vibe to follow her because I had gotten lost out in the woods and I followed her and she lead me home never saw neither animals again. Sorry I’ve always wondered. So I know it sounds crazy just curious.

    1. Hi Toni,
      One shiny, black bee may symbolise anger, or an angry individual. Also, adversity and possible religious conflict. (God-Thoth/mineral lore-peridot)
      THE ANCESTOR OF SKILL- Many cave images depict ancestral figures that are part-human and part-animal, symbolizing the fundamental connection between them.
      The guidance from the deer may be a message. “The artful and versatile soul can always find a way, no matter how wide or deep the chasm ahead.”

  38. I have had several messages from bee messengers over the last few years but today was the most peculiar. I am a writer, working on my newest novel, The Honey Witch, about a young witch with an affinity for bees. On this rainy, gloomy day, I was flabbergasted to come into my office and find a very plump honey bee sitting on my window sill, very still. She sat there for nearly 15 minutes, the whole time, engaging in a stare off with me. I found myself drawn into her onyx eyes. When she took off, she paused in midflight and appeared to be waving a leg at me. It was such a joyous exchange. I need to process what it means but it felt like a big boost of encouragement. I was able to snap some pictures but they are a bit fuzzy because of the screen. Insanely cool.

  39. Today as I was getting dropped off at work I saw something land on my hand, as I looked I realized it was a bee!!!!!!! I tried not to freak out and tried to get it to fly away. I didn’t want to flick it off and hurt it so it just sat there on my hand for about 3 minutes. I always dream of bees and I now get the message it was trying to give me. Once the wind picked up the bee flew off like nothing.

  40. Hi there,

    I was speaking with a friend and a bird landed on my balcony right in front of me, holding a bee in it’s beak.
    I was drawn to the bee more so than the bird.
    At the time I was speaking with a person about whether to continue in an interaction where many childhood pains/patterns are re-emerging or whether to have some time and space so as to keep my centre…….

    Any suggestions on messages is welcomed.

    Many thanks,

    1. I just came across this site after looking up the spiritual messages of bees and am grateful for the discussion. The neighbors just discovered a swarm in my fig tree. What are the possible messages for me?

      Blessings, Jennifer


      I would like to know the same thing, we have had 3 different swarms of honeybees within the past WEEK. The first time I witnessed it happening before they clustered together. The second and third time happened within a day of each other. We live in rural area nearby a busy road. Thoughts?

    3. Jennifer, I just saw your post about the fig tree and swarm of bees from April.
      I have the exact situation. I feel that there is a bigger message here. What did you feel your msg was from the situation?
      Thx Brooke

  41. So randomly today i was having a cig( i know, i should stop) in the car on my way to an appointment. As i was stopped in traffic, i started to freak a little bit. A decent sized bee was flying in and out my window. It stopped and stayed on my arm rest for a sec and left. I didn’t think anything of it, just glad i didn’t freak out while i was driving. After finishing up with my appointment I started making the commute back home. This is when another bee decided it was a good time to go in and out of my car. He landed on the rear view mirror, and looked at me for a bit. I was scared as this was a much bigger bee lol. None the less I didn’t freak out i just kept driving and he eventually flew away. This is where the mere coincidence, didn’t seem so much as a coincidence. I’m glad to hear the bee is a good sign. Seems pretty correct, I have been working twice as hard as i ever had and some difficulties have set back my spirit. Im glad to see the world winked at me as to acknowledge all my efforts aren’t in vain.

  42. I just had a baby honey bee land on my right shoulder while I was outside an enjoying the sun( which I rarely do because I’m alwaysure at work) with my snake an it just sat there until I grabbed a leaf an moved him gently to the leaf an he flew off.
    Athena my snake is special in her own way I had a dream about her before I owned her. I am gifted an just learned all that this last November I’ve been ascending fast.. I met my twin an had kundalini energy take over my body clearing my Chakras.. this sudden urge for school in massage energy healing . I personally don’t like school but I’m being called so I just quit my job yesterday an kinda hard to deal with it. But then didn’t want to work with my classes, an was thinking about that while I was outside, when the bee decided to join me. My spirit guide is a snake I know that. But what does the bee mean.. I’ve never had that happen…. I also had a dragon fly an a butterfly just sit on my car last year then I got into view it flew off. I’m rambling I know 🙂

  43. My husband passed away two months ago and it started with a swarm of bees in the cabin of his boat which is moored quite far away on a river. Since then single bees seem to fly in to my lounge usually late at night but sometimes during the day. Not sure what to make of it or if it’s even related to his passing.

    1. The swam of bees was a warning. The single bees that come to you are saying we are sorry that he has gone. We’ll that is how I see it. But only you can really know and relate it to how your husband died. Was it something that could have been avoided if warned of? Was your husband a busy bee? Is he sending you the bees to say “It’s me, remember all those bees that came?”

    2. I believe this is a sign telling you he is ok. Even though you can’t see or hear him, he is always with you and can hear everything you say. There are probably more signs just keep a look out.

  44. I had a honey bee land on my neck while I was driving, I hit it and I didn’t even realise it was a bee until I look at something on my shirt. I looked down and it had no body. It was still alive. Weird thing is I was just on my way back to work. I was at the doctors for a blood test due to low levels of iron.

  45. In the past month, 100’s of bees have been coming and dying around me. That is no exaggeration of how many and to what extent might i add. I have 36 sitting dead on their backs at the entrance to my study at home 4ft from me as i type this response. They seem to go to any extent to die within the closest possible proximity of me regardless of where I am. I have had numerous bees now that will fly through a gap in a louvre window that i leave open the connects my laundry and study and 9ft in the air, and because the laundry has one of the main entrances to my house, a number of bees now have flown what seems to be deliberately in through my house using the laundry door on the few times it is left open and then through the window that connects the 2 rooms, just to die on my desk whilst i work during the day. At first I did not think much of it, but now given the circumstance I could not ignore the situation if i tried (nor can my family and friends around me). I hope someone could explain or shed some light on what this may mean in any way.

    the bee man (apparently)

    1. In the fall, hundreds of bees are ousted from the hive (to die cold and alone) to ensure winter survival of the remaining bees within the hive. The ousted bees are seeking out warmth and eventually die from the lack of food, water, etc. Sad, but that’s nature I suppose. Take comfort in knowing that they didn’t die completely alone.

  46. I recently had a dream of a king bee and a husky, they were together and I would like to know besides the obvious WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
    Maybe nothing – but maybe something!!!

  47. This morning I put on a light sweater and added a pretty silver bee brooch/pin that I haven’t worn in years. Later this afternoon I saw a swarm on main street. It quickly grouped itself on a small tree just 3 feet off the ground. I took several pictures up close and didn’t feel afraid at all. I called a local honey farm and they sent out a swarmcatcher. She said it was a beautiful big healthy swarm and she was grateful I had called. I felt very happy, almost giddy the whole time. Is there a message in this for me?

  48. Would there be any other meanings one might receive from bees other than relating to productivity or work? My son and I had the sad task of putting my wonderful six year old cat to sleep yesterday because his kidneys shut down. When we got back to my son’s place, I was about to shut the car door when a honeybee landed there.
    This was the mellowest honey bee in the world. It sat there happily cleaning its wings. My son suggested that we roll down the window a little so it could get out when it was ready. I slid into the driver’s seat to turn the car on so I could roll down the window, and the bee flew away.
    My son said he thought the bee was bringing a positive message after the horrible, sad experience we’d just had. I wonder if maybe it wasn’t bringing a message from my cat. I was very close to this particular cat. He was very special and losing him has been devastating to me.

    1. I realize you posted this awhile, but I’ve had very similar incidents and I cannot find any specific references to losing loved ones and visiting bees. A day after I lost my grandpa, i was sitting in the park alone on a bench, reflecting on my loss. I felt a tickle on the palm of my hand and lo and behold a bee was sitting there very calmly. I am not normally very calm around insects of any sort, but I was so sad that I almost felt this bee came to comfort me. It just sat there in the palm of my hand for probably half a minute, but what seemed much longer, then flew away. This past weekend was my son’s birthday party. I was outside cleaning up my deck when I felt something land in my hair close to my ear. Oddly enough it was not buzzing but making a sort of whirring sound that was very soothing. Still, being struck by something in my hair was unnerving, so I instinctively batted it out which is when I realized it was a bee. It didn’t sting me and crawled away. I do think they are messengers. To this day, any fear I had of bees has been replaced with curiousity and affinity.

    2. It is time to begin making your dreams realities. Bees have various duties throughout their short but productive lives. Older Bees teach the new Bees their duties. Bees learn from their elders their place in the social structure. You instinct is strong so go with it. There is an unfulfilled duty that is yours to fill. You will be successful. Your Grandpa will give you the advice needed to complete your life path. Your son will follow in your footsteps. Lead wisely your son is watching your every move and will one day walk this same, important path.

    3. Thank you for your response Zbeekeeper. Yesterday I was walking my students to their school bus at dismissal and another honeybee came and landed right in front of my feet. I almost stepped on it but noticed just in time and took note of it because it was 26 degrees outside and I’ve never seen a honeybee in the winter.

    4. You say it sat there cleaning it’s wings. Much like a cat cleaning behind its ears. I think it was a message that your cat is fine in the afterlife.

    5. I have a dream last night that the humble bee visit me.the be came so close I held it in my left Hand.I then close my hand with the be in it…after a few minutes I open my hand .then the bee disappear beneath my skin I my palm

  49. So, today as I was putting some groceries away, i felt a little tickle on the back of my arm, and see a bee totally chillin’ on me. Naturally (or maybe unnaturally), I did a little freak out dance and got the bee off. I did not get stung, thankfully. The bee was fine; my husband relocated it outside. It’s just such a curious thing since I was at home, and would have noticed a bee flying around near me… Any thoughts on what this could mean? I am not afraid of bees, in fact, they are the only insect besides ants that I can be around without getting grossed out or scared. It just felt meaningful, though I dont’ know what it could mean.

    1. I can definitely relate. I can’t keep the sugar ants out of my home no matter what I try. It’ll only work for a while and the bees occupies the outside just above the front and back door. Many of them. What I’ve notice is that both are hard workers and is family oriented. Both are modest unless triggered and both believe in communication in order to get the job done. I do believe it is a positive message. God bless.

  50. What does it mean when you are stung by a bee (in a VERY random place – ie my bed!) and then immediately following the sting, you see 2 articles/ photographs of bees on social media?

    1. For the last…I would say…. two months I’ve been visited by this one bee. Three to four times a week, between 11am to 6pm. While sitting in my bedroom I noticed a bee outside my window. What really drew my attention to it was that it appeared to be conscious of me. When I would look directly at it, it would fly away…for a very short period of time. When I don’t look directly at it…it appears to be observing me. This is still going on, I have no idea what this bee is trying to tell me. I would greatly appreciate some help with understanding what’s going on.

    2. I have had this same thing going on. This is why I have looked into bees. I sit on my porch and this bee just seems to sit and watch me while hovering and then if I look at it or say something it flies away. Same at work 4 miles away. Almost seems like the same bee.

    3. 😯 I was just stung by a bee in my bed on my ankle while reading to my son. It’s 10 p.m. I would love to know the meaning myself…… 😛

  51. I’ve been stung two times in the past month and half.. having never been stung in my life (that i recall) I felt it had to mean something so i started researching the symbolism behind bees.. and more importantly a bee stinging you. I find this information very intriguing.

  52. Nearly a year ago my daughter lost her son in a drowning accident. It has been difficult for all of us, but of course she’s had the hardest road. She has been doing a lot better and I’m very thankful for that. Last night I dreamed that she told me that someone had been bringing honey bees to her. I had never seen her look so happy, her joy was incredible.
    If anyone has input, I would greatly appreciate it 🙂


    1. Hello,
      They are a symbol of “the land of milk & honey” it’s a biblical scripture. God brought the slaves out of Egypt into a land “flowing with honey (paradise). God will deliver her from the bonds of captivity. A time of joy. A release from pain &sorrow.
      Bees are consider symbolic of a great harvest to come.
      Native American believed they carry messages from the Spirit of Mother Earth. A bountiful land.

      I think heaven has balconies & it was a message from her son. Be free to laugh again.

    2. God will be bringing her some honey/sweetness too her life and or possibly she will have another child as the bee can represent fertility.

  53. I am hoping someone might be able to help me understand my recent bee encounters. Twice in the past week, on two separate nights, I have gone to bed, only to find a little bee hanging out on my pillow. I have not seen bees anywhere else in the house, and we rarely see bees around my house as we have a major wasp problem here. I feel that the universe is trying to tell me something, but I cannot imagine what.

    1. The same thing happened to me. In the past month in three different location I had a bee come inside my car while I was parked. The first time I didn’t think of it much, then it happened the second time , then again for the third time. I said to myself, okay what is going on here? Then just last week a bee come in my house and landed next to me while i was sitting down. For some reason i strongly believe its some type of message.

  54. Iam recently 6 weeks pregnant haven’t left the house in weeks trying to hide from my friends as it is still early days. Today I finally had the courage to tell my close friend today because I felt guilty not telling her so we went to a close cafe, had a smoothie were I told her only to be biten on the ass by a massive bee. 🙁
    What does that mean?????

  55. Recently I’ve been trying to decide what my totem animal could be. As a child I had a love for Hippo’s and still do to a certain degree. For the past 4yrs or so I have been strongly drawn to the Honey Bee, I’m completely fascinated by them and just love to watch them go about their work. I have no fear of them and have helped out with beehives, in fact one of the hives I helped with was the so called ‘naughty hive’ as they were known to be quite angry. On the day I helped the Beekeeper noted how we were lucky today as they were being unusually calm. So this makes me wonder if rather than the Hippo, the Honey Bee is my totem animal. I haven’t dreamt about them, I just feel really calm around them…Any guidance appreciated.

    1. Maybe you need to help raise awareness of the bees plight and the dagger of extinction and the consequences for humanity. You can help the bees survive. It’s becoming more popular for people to have there own suburban hive in a race to help the bees survive.

  56. from two three days every morning just when I wake up… a black big bee or honey bee kind of insect is coming. entering my room. from window. please suggested what is it signifying???

    1. Black is a protective colour. Is there someone wanting to hurt you that needs a good sting? The bee will do it for you karma is at work.

  57. I do body code work. It was a sunny day in December so I went out to get grounded. Trying to be productive I started to do some coding for my beehive. While doing this I had one bee approach me and hover right before my face. Being attacked by an angry bee last summer I felt the need to protect myself so I quickly left. Then the thought came to me that this was not an angry bee so I went back and continued to do my body coding for the hive. The bee came again and hovered in front of my face. This time I just watched it. Then it flew off and I finished the session. I have thought of this and wondered what the message was for me. Do you have insight on this?

  58. Recently I had a feeling someone was trying to get a message to me through animals, but I can’t understand the message. I was on horseback and entered a riding ring. There was a red shouldered hawk on the fence and he stayed and watched us for a while. On the direct opposite side of the ring was another hawk in the trees. After a short time I left that ring to go in to a jumper ring. Almost immediately after we walked out of the ring, a bee began circling my horse. It left, but then returned shortly after we were in the next ring, buzzing about and making circles around my horse. Jake (the horse) eyeballed the bee for a bit and then planted his feet and refused to move. The bee moved off shortly after. I’ve ridden at this farm for three years and only seen the hawks far off and never been buzzed by a bee. Life isn;t busier than usual but my 15 year old border collie is sick and I have been trying to get ready to handle the grief of losing her.

  59. I just had a dream where I was in a hospital I think visiting someone. My mother was scolding me either about not understanding the seriousness of somethig. Then I saw a bee coming toward me (I’m allergic in real life and terrified). As it came close I looked at it right above me as it hovered. All of a sudden it was 2 bees but this is the really odd part. It was 1 bee carrying gold threat or a twig frayed into a few pieces and at the end hanging down was another bee – not sure dead or alive. It hovered right it front of me and looked at me. It disappeared but went to swat something above my head and it and empty hive or pine cone of something – then woke up. Any ideas?

  60. As I was meditating I felt something on my shoulder then I heard someone said there is a bee on him. I was asking God direction on how to create wealth , health, being kind to others and removed all negative vive that from me. Then my boss came over and ask me if I am okay, because she saw a bee over me. I reply to her that was my guardian Angel.
    After I went and Google it and saw the meaning of bee I felt like God has spoke to me directly and this is GREAT feeling to have, cause will opportunity is on the way, door will be open, happiness will come and wealth START being created.

    God, thank you .

  61. I dreamt that 2 bees approached me the suddenly they said “Thank you for being our nest and a bunch of bees flew out of me. Then a man handed me a lotion and and I applied it in my neck and it stung a little then I saw a bunch of holes in my throat. What does that mean?

  62. What could the universe possibly be telling me when I was being stung by over 250 honey bees?!? 😯 It was a very significant event in mine and my husbands lives (we were both stung alot, me the worst) taht left me scared mentally and physically ….I have 78 circular scars all over my body now. I think I was marked.

    1. When we need to get our own attention I believe we literally walk into certain experiences. Karmic you could say. All a part of the flow of life you could also say. But the time surrounding that event. Bee encounters in general, after the fact. The people involved in that event. All of these become tools… But only outside of any negative thought towards the experience. Outside of any fear or feeling of victimization. You could have just as easily been in a bad car accident. But I feel your higher self is quite creative to be a part of such a strange experience! If you can transmute any negativity you have regarding that event, you will gain quite the Insight I would imagine!!

      These are of course all my opinions, just thought I’d throw ya my perspective ;))
      Peace and Aloha —

  63. I once had a dream I had to escape from a swarm of killer bees, I didn’t even see the bees I just heard them buzzing and I had to escape running on all fours, what does that mean?

  64. I just dream that I saw my childhood best friend making honey from a whole cluster of bees (is that the hive?) I decided that I wud love to make some honey too as there were a lot more bees there. But while approaching the ball of bees I feared for a moment that they wud sting me. One got away and did sting me on my left leg but that didn’t scare me or stop me from making the honey. When I looked I saw pure clean raw Honey that I was making. What does this vision mean?

  65. I live in the northern US on the east coast, where the weather is getting cooler and you don’t see bees outside anymore. This morning, after letting my dog out when I woke up, I was sitting on the floor reading something when I heard buzzing all around my head. I kept swatting at it thinking it was a fly, but then saw it was a honeybee. It then flew in and stayed in the bathroom with me on the wall near the ceiling while I showered and got ready for work. What could this bee be trying to tell me?

  66. the day i finally went to court, during the lunch break, a bee landed on my phone and just buzzed around my face for a bit. when i went to the bus stop after court, i don’t know if it was the same or different bee, but it landed on my phone again, buzzed in front of my face (while i tried to stay calm and still) and this time, landed on my hand and just kinda walked around my thumb for a second. once it started flying again, i moved though. i found it interesting since i hadn’t encountered a bee in a long time. but nice to see a bee doesn’t ALWAYS have to sting 😀

  67. I love bees and have never been bothered my them or had reaction to their sting , until lately i was tung and have had random swelling on my face .
    I have reason to think that my resistance is low because I was bitten by a black widow spider just 2 weeks prior.
    what is the universe trying to tell me?

  68. , i dreamed i was crossing a bridge after helping a friend. i looked down and saw a honey bee hive below . after this dream i have noticed bees following me sometimes landing on me. i am a bit freakish about insects in general. at first i was freakign out but now i’m use to it. they never sting. it’s odd to me because i don’t wear perfume and the soap i use is neutral. i even found one inside my place and all the windows and doors were closed.

  69. Sheryl, write down the stress, the memory of the situation, then write I forgive and accept the bees and yourself. Then Let it go, rip up the paper or burn it. This pulls the stress out of your cells, forgiveness clears it and then actually physically getting rid of it.


  70. I have recently moved to a mini farm, on which is a couple of hives. One of the hives queens has gone “bad” causing an issue with the rest, of course, for which the owners are dealing. The issue is that I was not afraid of bees before this happened. Since it has happened I have been harassed by the bees one day, and followed and stung on another day. Today I tried to go out again to weed, until I was again approached by a bee. I tried my best to stay still but when he got closer to my head I bolted. He followed and got stuck somewhere on my clothing which I stripped out of while running into the covered porch. This is comical to picture, but I am bothered that I am now nervous around them. What can I do?
    I am grateful for any help or advice 🙂

    1. Hello Sharyn: The Bees are certainly trying to get their message across!
      Bee stings are generally reflective of a guilty self attack for “having the nerve” to step out on your own in the direction of manifesting your dreams. You feel you have somehow violated your own programming of staying close to home. You are somehow experiencing this as a betrayal or destructive attack on the family at the subconscious level. Take the time to analyse your guilt and use affirmations to regain your footing. The bees will leave you alone once you are back on track with your emotions.

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