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Happy people go through dark times like everyone else, but they choose to be joyful in the midst of the storms raging in their life.

Squid Meaning and Messages

In this case, like the Flying Fish, Squid symbolism is a message for you to embrace the light. Simply put, this spirit animal asks you to break free from feelings of fear, self-doubt, guilt, hate, regret, and despair. Like the Octopus, Squids are very secretive animals – therefore, an encounter with this sea creature could be a message for you to keep your plans and goals to yourself. Moreover, Squid meaning urges you to be inquisitive – listen, observe, and ask all the right questions. It also pushes you to try new things.

When threatened, Squids shoot out a cloud of luminous mucus or black ink – this serves as a decoy. The predator goes after the substance thinking it’s the real deal, giving the cephalopods enough time to escape. Hence when this creature appears before you, it could mean that you’ve been chasing after the wrong things in life. Furthermore, Squid symbolism may be asking you to tune into your gut instincts before making an important decision.

Squid Totem, Spirit Animal

People who have the Squid totem are brilliant and resourceful. They love to learn and have many talents. These individuals are usually extroverted by nature; however, there are times when all they want is to be alone. Those with this spirit animal hate conflict and would do all they can to avoid it. Also, when it comes to keeping secrets, no one does it better than an individual under the influence of this power animal.

Folks born with the Squid totem are adventurous and love to travel. They have a strong work principle and make excellent doctors, surgeons, researchers, scientists, and detectives. They are loyal friends and will always be there for the ones they love. On the downside, these individuals don’t take criticism well. Also, they don’t forgive easily.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Squid dream, it says that you should stop pushing people away, especially those who care about you. Sighting this marine creature in your sleep could also mean that someone is trying to trick you. Alternatively, a Squid appearing to you in a nighttime vision could be asking you to share what you have with others.

If you envision a Squid ejecting black ink, it means that you feel threatened. If you dream of eating a Squid, it says that you should stop burying your emotions. A shoal of these creatures could indicate that you have many untapped potentials.

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