Flying Fish

Flying Fish Symbolism
Friends are the family we amass for ourselves.
-Flying Fish

Meaning and Messages

In general, Flying Fish symbolism shows you that good fortune is on its way. You may be going through hard times in your life at the moment, but the Flying Fish meaning is telling you that the solution to these problems may be right around the corner. Thus this spirit animal is a symbol of positive change.

Additionally, Flying Fish symbolism may indicate the importance of strength in numbers. You may find yourself trying to take on life and its challenges alone, but this makes things more difficult for you. Do not be afraid to lean on those closest to you for support or guidance. The Flying Fish is similar to the Killer Whale in this aspect. 

Finally, this creature may be cautioning you to listen to the advice of others. Your friends and family may be able to give you an impartial view of a situation that is causing you pain.

Flying Fish Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Flying Fish totem are compassionate and adapt well in different environments and situations. They tend to have a solid connection to water and the outdoors. Spending time in nature helps Flying Fish people relax and lower their stress levels. 

Flying Fish totem people are naturally intuitive and can sense small changes in those around them. They tend to be good communicators, that work well with other people. These people are usually non-combative, and they love to please. This trait can sometimes mean that they find it less complicated to follow the crowd and are too concerned with what those around them think.

Dream Interpretation

A Flying Fish dream indicates something unexpected coming into your life soon. This change may be a new job, relationship, or sudden resolution to difficulties. Thus, there is much to be hopeful about and anticipate.

Alternatively, a Flying Fish dream could be warning you of jumping into things too quickly. You may be prone to making rash decisions without thinking of the consequences first. Remember to make crucial decisions while in a calm and thoughtful mental state. This serenity will help you avoid making choices you may later regret.

This spirit animal in your dream could also mean that you have been neglecting your feminine and creative side. So instead, focus on reconnecting with things that bring out your creativity. Allow yourself to embrace all of your emotions on a deeper level.

Like the Rabbit, the Flying Fish meaning can also symbolize fertility in your vision. So if a married woman dreams of this creature, it may be indicating your family will soon grow.

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