Snake Symbolism, Snake Meaning, Snake Totem, Snake Dream, and Messages
This marks the end of one phase of your life and heralds in a new and wiser awakening within yourself. Know that this is a transitional period in your life with new spiritual awakenings knocking at your door.

Snake Meaning

Snake symbolism can mean many different things. These differences are especially true when you consider that it is indigenous to most parts of the world. You can find its mythology in many different cultures. Therefore, in some places, the snake meaning can be entirely dissimilar to that of its neighbors. We have touched on several distinct species with their local interpretations. On this page, we divide snake totem into categories of “common,” “constrictors,” and “venomous.” Traditionally, snake dream interpretation is varied, so you will have to consider other aspects of the dream. It also explores the colors and actions of this intriguing creature.

Snake Symbolism, and Messages

In this case, snake symbolism is letting you know that transformation is now in progress. In other words, you will be shedding old skin and emotions and transforming them into something bigger and better. Thus, similar to the growth and transformation of the Angelfish, snake meaning is letting you know that change is in the wind. It also reminds you that you are at the center of it all as the catalyst. Therefore, to smoothen the process, make sure that your intentions are clear. You must also have clear a clear sense of the direction that you wish to strike out. Moreover, the snake’s meaning is letting you know that these changes are safe. There is no need to fear them.

In some cases, snake symbolism is also reminding you to stay connected to yourself. There is information that you require. Observe both the tiny vibrations in the earth and the warmth and smells of the air and sky. Furthermore, when we learn to connect with our surroundings, we can continue to grow. Thus we can discard the trappings of the past.

Adder Snake Meaning

When the Adder shows up in your life, it is a reminder that you need to be responsible and benevolent when exercising your power. In other words, if you want to earn the respect of others, you must respond to all matters from your heart, even when setting boundaries.

Anaconda Snake Symbolism

In general, when this type of serpent shows up, it is a reminder that you cannot control everything. In other words, you need to let go of the outcome you are seeking and allow it to unfold on its own.


When the Asp makes an appearance in your life, you must be wary of the seeds you sow. Thus, choose your opportunities and words wisely because they may come back to bite you.

Boa Constrictor

If the Boa Constrictor has come into your life, it is letting you know that when you hold onto those you love too tightly, you may suffocate any progress they will make in their life. In other words, like the Bobtail (Old English Sheepdog), be protective, but allow them to make their own mistakes.


In this case, the snake symbolism lets you know that you need to stay alert and ready to strike at unexpected opportunities. When we take advantage of these opportunities, it may seem foolishly impulsive to others. You will be successful if you move swiftly.

Alternatively, this serpent could be letting you know that you are allowing your fears and doubts to get in the way of your success. In other words, you must break free of this hypnotic state so that you can take action where necessary.


When the Copperhead shows up, it means that you need to focus on doing some internal healing. Only then will you be able to move forward with your plans. In some cases, this serpent can also insist that you need to stand your ground. In other words, trust your feelings and intuition and insist on what you know is right.

Corn Snake Symbolism

In general, like the Mountain Goats, the Corn Snake meaning indicates that the way is now open for us to climb to new heights. Furthermore, there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to accomplish this. Thus your current projects will gain traction, and you will be able to move a lot easier.


This particular snake meaning heralds the beginning of a new birth within yourself. For this change to happen, you will have to transform and heal some old wounds and face dark terrors. However, once you have accomplished this, you will enter a new and brighter stage in your life.

Alternatively, you will soon have an opportunity to travel into strange lands and try something new and foreign to you.

Garter Snake Symbolism

When this type of snake meaning shows up, it is an indication that you are now entering a highly creative period in your life. Thus you should be initiating and acting on as many ideas as possible. Do this even if it seems that these actions are premature. The percentages are with you at this time.


For the most part, Milk Snake’s meaning symbolizes an immunity to the poisonous words directed at you by others. In other words, you have learned to ignore these remarks and become less sensitive to them. Thus these types of attacks are now futile and are merely slightly distracting. They will cause no permanent damage.


This type of snake symbolism is a reminder that you are already powerful. However, you need to nurture your power until the appropriate time. In the meantime, you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Alternatively, the python snake symbolism is putting you on notice that you need to have regular times to shed your old skin. Also, when you do this, you must take the time to rest, heal, and reflect on the transformations so that you can process them completely.

Rat Snake Symbolism

This type of snake meaning lets you know that you are now entering a period of accelerated growth towards your goals. In other words, you will make progress right now as long as we are assertive with our efforts in attaining our goals. Everything is now within reach.

Alternatively, this serpent is warning you not to trust what you see at the moment. However, you can believe what feels and smells right to you.


In this case, the snake meaning is a reminder that you need to be alert to the warnings of others. Thus you should be respectful of their boundaries and be gentle and courteous towards them as they muddle through. Rattlesnake also reminds us that we should warn others before we strike.

Alternatively, the snake meaning can indicate that there will be an increase in the activities of spirits in our lives. You will be able to sense their presence clearly and much more frequently at this time. Thus, you will also be able to detect energy and see auras. Now is a time when you must trust what you feel and sense, no matter how strange it seems.


When the Viper comes into your life, it is a warning that there is someone in your inner circle of friends and family that you cannot trust. In other words, with this type of snake symbolism, watch for signs of hypocrisy, slander, and maliciousness. Once you spot them, give them a wide berth and refuse to engage in their nasty little games.

Snake Totem (Common), Spirit Animal

People with the snake totem are often finding that they are, like the Beetle totem, going through constant changes in their lives. Luckily, they usually move through smoothly. They also have a natural ability to balance energy. Often people with this spirit animal are gifted healers.

Folks with the snake totem are very charming in social situations. They are also very good at holding other people’s attention. In other words, there is something mysterious about your gaze, your intensity, and your ability to sense what others are thinking or feeling. Along with this charm, there is also confidence and self-assurance that many people find alluring. People with this power animal can slither in and out of the conversation with ease and grace. Moreover, they are flexible and open-minded.

Constrictor Snake Totem (all types)

People with the constrictor type snake totem are powerful and intimidating. However, they do have a gentleness about them that is not readily apparent. They are also quick to take action in pursuit of their goals. Folks with the constrictor snake totem are focused, rely on their instincts, and sense the other worlds. However, they occasionally tend to bite off more than they can chew, but somehow always seem to land on their feet. People with the constrictor snake totem must be careful that they are not overprotective of their friends and loved ones. The last thing you want to do is smother them.

Poisonous Snake Totem (all types)

People with a venomous snake totem, like the Skunk totem, are magnetically charismatic. They communicate very well and will warn others before they strike. Folks with this type of spirit animal move swiftly through transformations. They will also stand their ground when a situation gets tricky. However, they do know when it is appropriate to retreat.

Folks with this snake totem heal from past traumas swiftly and efficiently. They also spend time detoxifying themselves from external forces that cling to their energetic bodies.

Snake Dream Interpretation

In some cases, the snake dream can symbolize temptation and dangerous forbidden sexuality. Thus, to see a snake on your bed suggests that you are feeling overpowered and sexually threatened. In other words, you may be inexperienced, nervous, or just unable to keep up. If you are afraid of the serpent, it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy, or commitment.

To be bitten by one in your snake dream could mean that your hidden fears and worries are coming back to bite you. The vision could also be alerting you to something in your life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced.

Alternatively, your snake dream may also be referring to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can’t be trusted.

When your snake dream reveals only the skin of the animal, then it means you have protection from illnesses.

Occasionally a snake dream in which the serpent is without eyes or head could signify that you are ignoring the danger in a situation. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are going to be blindsided by something.

Intertwined Snakes

If you saw these creatures in large numbers and intertwined in your vision, it reveals inner turmoil and confusion. In other words, you need to spend some time untangling your emotions so that you can get to the bottom of your distress. Like the Dragonfly, things are not what they appear to be on the surface.

Coiled Snake Dream

When you have this dream, it symbolizes the need for you to strike on an opportunity. If the coiled serpent is red, then the possibility must be handled carefully and correctly for it to work. A green coiled snake dream indicates that the opportunity will transcend beyond your expectations. However, it would be best if you acted swiftly.

Ascending Snake Dream

When you have a white snake dream that seems to be drifting upwards, it is a positive symbol. These creatures represent healing, transformation, knowledge, and wisdom. Thus, like the Crow, your vision indicates self-renewal, positive change, and spiritual enlightenment.

Alternatively, a descending snake dream is symbolic of the underworld, and that you may have to journey into your dark side to heal and transform old issues into strengths.

Injured or Dead Snake Dream

In most cases, this is a “heads up” warning that you need to make an effort to move in a positive direction in your life before it’s too late. Moreover, it is also a message that you must stop clinging to your past and using it as an excuse not to progress in life. Everyone can move past their traumas, but it does take effort.

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  1. I don’t remember most of my dreams, but two that I do remember involve snakes. A few years ago, I dreamed I had a hatchling burmese python on my wrist, and I was wondering “Why did I buy this? I can’t afford to have a pet right now; if I did, it wouldn’t be a snake; and if I did get a snake, it would be a ball, not a burm.”

    Then, last week, I dreamed I had a whole bunch of snakes; they were all in acrylic boxes like dealers use to take them to shows. Don’t know much about the type, except that they were all dark and small (whether they were small species or just young, I don’t know), and I was wondering how I ended up with them.

  2. Thank you for sharing your snake knowledge. What does it mean to be gifted with the fangs of a venomous snake in a dream or vision?

  3. Hi, so I have Snake dreams, who knew? Welp the first of it started maybe not so technically. Magic mushies, and oh wow and their magic potentcy. First experience with the snake life goes as such during the peak experience around midnight goofing around the woods with friends I get super heavy and make the sit down. I feel great, the body feels so comfortable in the dark moon lit woods with all the trees and bed of pine needles. So my brain goes all kaleidoscope and eventually I see all these confetti snakes floating around. Neat little cartoon snakes just wiggling around, oh how cute my brain feels so good! So suddenly though the experience changes from that and the many other things into this single serphent being from what I gather to be a far off existance or whatnot. Humanoid Snake person starts doing all these simple yet intricate hand movements in the air like a form of comminication. This goes on briefly enough but it was very odd. There were no fully coherent forms of expression, at least on the conscious level. It was just pure knowing but there wasn’t anything behind that, no symbols, nothing implied, agreed upon, yet there was something. I thought about it some and never came to much further or even have any more interest in it. I become more interested in spiritual matter if anything and eventually I come to zodiac signs, West and East, beyond, particularly where love is concerned. Being self oriented I study and study and look for the most specific point in hopes of a “true” love. Soooooo being a Rooster, one the best matches apparently is the Snake so I think a lot at face value and am like yep, more research please but I’m basically on board. I move out on my own. Oh wait, one more experience, so driving back home from tripping a different time I see a shadow manifest on one side of the road then slither across. Okay, now living on my own os pretty freeing, but it does need money to fuel that fire. I pick up a second job and huzzah all is well, except my sleep quality. Hard to sleep back then because I had so much energy from working so much and I was tired when I woke up due to also working overnight for my main job. During this time and most of my life I’m rooting around in headspace. I start getting anxiety dreams and one ends up being about snakes, oooo so real to wake up there being all around the room snakes. Highly alarming, I think beauty of snakes but I’m afraid of them, I give them the respect and admiration. My cousin had a bad relation with a snake lady. I’ve been surrounded by bad relations and have had many bad relations and yes also due to my part. I have self trust issues too, not just other people.. And so working on so much self care, reflection, changing constantly I still hope for love. But life goes on, for the best(hopefully). I’ve probably had a number more Snake Snake dreams but my brain doesn’t wanna recall at the moment. Okay by nowish I’m convinced that with all my study that I’m trying to find a Sagitarius Snake lady haha. All the sign just pointing the way I’m following everything and changing myself for it all on whim. Maybe a little dangerous but I dunno wjat else to do and no suggestions please. I ask out of kindness and more so insecurity. One day through overanalyzing and critically thinking I’ve kinda come to the point where it might be in fact best to be alone in that sense, not being with or finding someone. I’ve gone through a lot of burning bridges, ghosting and antisocial behavior just trying to take care of myself throughout difficult times, misperceptions and death of loved ones. Sooo during the previous Mercury Retrograde of all times I’m like okay, time to rid myself of that part of me. No more carnal nature, I don’t need someone, it’s for the best. I’m all focused and stuff like when you wanna delete your f—book and that prompt comes up like “ya sure”? More like yeah right most of the time. So I did something for the first, well because I’ve tried to bring myself to this before many, time(s) I hit yes and let go. I get a message, like a text just then and there poof and at the time my brain with coincidence thinking doesn’t exactly filter out bad things like scams so bear with me. Someone named Leah looking for someone named Li Dawei, okay that’s meme worthy. I have to think properly, that’s no joke haha I tell her no I am not such and she’s like oh “you’re such a gentleman” so blah blah blah goes on and through this time I learn that this beautiful Chinese woman, self made but most importantly super kind and fun to talk to is those two signs I was looking for. The scam filter is kinda pulling back, yes say it. I have bad intuition and bad gut skills, it’s not fun and I have much mistrust. Okay so it gets even better. I get another message in the same style from someone named Aime. So these two messages start the same, hi are you, I’m such and such, we people in China believe in destiny, shows picture. I’m a fool okay, I’m comfortable with that, not here to mash my face in it. I screenshot the convo and send it to Leah and she’s like “wow, what a conincidence” which is funny because the start of it all was in the idea of not believing in coincidence, it’s mentioned lol. So I think about it for almost a day and am like yep it’s a scam, no it’s not, what the heck is going on coins. Btw love hate I Ching oracle. Okay long story short I accept she’s who she is, start talking more and more, she’s into trading, I don’t really care about gains, just wanna be happy so I humor. This is all taking place in WhatsApp and I make a demo account for trading. We practice and make it to a climax in this particular interaction. She breaks character and wants me to pursue this and the dream so and such. I’m like whooooaaa okay, the real red flag that finally makes the others apparent. I research some and find out about WhatsApp scams and just stop talking to her/block/delete. I can’t help nut think this is for the best like a story I saw on Youtube, that’s kinda keeping me going. The Servant and the King, what’s for the best. I hope you find it, because I’m tempted might as well. Anyways the mind needed tending to, trying to let go and such. A night or two ago I get the snake dreams again. The first, a Snake is crossing a dark corridor or path in the woods and motions towards me and my direction like it’s heading my way. Scary with fear it ends. That may have happened again the next night with variation, I don’t know. My last dream was a Snake crawling from the top my pillow as I laying on my stomach, just chilling there. I’m always afraid in these drreams. Yes I’m afraid of commitment, sex, but I most afraid of betrayal. I had betrayed before and I am haunted. I just wanna be free from it all.

  4. I had a dream i was in front of the house, So i heard a strange sound coming from the backyard.. I could not figure what it is until i move closer and saw it was a big green snake trying to crawl inside out kitchen through the roof but the snake was very big and long so it was not easier for it to enter, I decided not to shout so that the snake won’t attack me, So i decided to rush outside to call my dad, As my dad was rushing in to come and kill the snake, the snake started changing back its color into a black snake with different white spots, my dad tried to kill the snake but the snake was faster and rush back into the bush toward the backyard..

  5. Hello everyone, please, can someone help me with the interpretation of this dream?

    in a dream, I saw a wall gecko behind my window so I was trying to kill it with a stick. after many attempt to try to pierce it with the stick to death, it turned into a tiny black and green snake. a sister of mine climbed to the window with a stick to kill it but where she was standing was dangerous so I asked her to get down since it was risky for her and so, I I quickly run out of the house, came out to kill it but to my amazement, the tiny snake had turned into a big black snake without a head aggressively coming towards me and when it was about to hop or jump very close to me and I woke up.

    1. A black snake means you have to be careful of something in your own life. Perhaps there is some trouble happening within your finances, or your relationships, for example. Likely it’s less a specific area of life, but a specific individual in your life that represents a dangerous black snake, whether it is a family member, a “partner”, or a “friend”. Since your sister is going after this snake, perhaps she is trying to warn you of a particular someone in your life, and to not trust this person.

  6. Nnabuife Kingsley onyinyechi

    I dream of a boa snake today and it jumped down from the fence of our house beside our kitchen where it normally comes to stay all this while in the physical.

    1. Kitchens in dreams are symbols of nourishment, preparation and food, while boa snakes are predators who choke around their food to replenish themselves with a meal. Perhaps this means that you are struggling with your diet, whether this means undereating or overeating, I can’t tell. Though it appears most of your daily worries are connected to your relationship with food.

  7. Today I had a dream where a white snake plunged towards me, making me wake up before it could bite me.
    I had completely forgotten this dream until later today, when I was doing some research for a paper when suddenly this article popped up, making me remember instantly the white snake I saw in my dream.
    Such an interesting article and what an amazing coincidance…

  8. Both the snake, and the moth represent change in some part of their meaning. The moth lead you to the snake that broke free. Perhaps, you have stayed in one place far too long in your life, and moth helped to lead you to how you can become unstuck (flying to the snake in the jar that broke free), and this is a time to make that change really happen.

  9. Interpretation help appreciated:
    Last night there were two baby black snakes in my dream. I don’t remember how they ended up in jars but they were each in small individual jars that were sealed up with hot glue and cork. The dream shifts from here to focus on this otherworldly green moth that I am mesmerized by and follow around. Eventually the moth stops in front of one of the jars and I notice that the snake has begun to wither and is suffocating. I am panicking, upset that I am accidentally harming this snake. The snake though somehow breaks free and I panic that the snake will be angry with me but it just leaves. This is all I remember.

    1. Small black snakes mean psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety or guilt about a mistake, that is eating at you away. Black snakes are often warnings, and this may be a sign of caution for you to gain help and support around your mental health. Two small black snakes in dreams may mean something related to false rumors and gossip around you, that may be adding to this depressed state.

  10. I overslept this morning and woke up to a dream of being at work in a factory, where I do no work, and a small white snake came up to me and I tried to kill it with a stick, but the stick landed flat on top of the stick. The snake turned into the stick, but when I picked it up it started wiggling around. I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and as I went to throw it away, release it, outside I realized there was a small straight slit in the plastic bag. The snake had gotten away. I looked at my left hand and on the palm of my hand there’s two teeny tiny little white holes from where I had been bitten through the plastic bag. There was no pain or blood. As I woke my daughter who is on vacation in Florida called me. She had been stung by a jellyfish and had to be treated in the emergency room. Her foot was swollen twice the size it is supposed to be. Also I have a lot going on with my other daughter who’s doing illegal activity that’s bothering me. Can anyone give me the interpretation of the small white snake that bit me through the bag please?

    1. Robin Lee Holmes

      The only things that popped out for me and I’m NOT in any way a decipherer of dreams:
      two bite marks
      two children
      twice the size
      don’t bite the hand that feeds you
      throw it away or release it (you’ve given your children shelter and have released them surrounded by love (bag), but they’re slipping out and doing their own thing anyway?)
      White? What does white stand for? Purity?
      Dreams are so fascinating. Sending you all love and light!

  11. Hello and Good morning. I have had a dream of a blind black cobra with red markings and someone was holding the snake supposedly baby sitting the snake when all of a sudden it broke free and ran away fast in a random direction. Then it came like it left. It didnt slither. Just shot off then came back into the arms.. Plz tell me what does this means??!!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Hmm, well a cobra represents quickly taking advantage of opportunities so. . . it might mean you are in a situation where you are taking advantage of a current opportunity that will be a success, but as the cobra came back into someone’s arms rather than slithering into progress, you gave up half way from the fear of getting outside your comfort zone. Perhaps it would be helpful to keep in mind that if you want to succeed with an opportunity, you would have to follow through, no matter how scary, difficult or slow it would be.

  12. Hello, can someone help interpret this dream please. It scared the crap out of me just now woke up because of it.

    Me Along with a group of people (whom I can’t recall) are in a big ship. There’s this huge snake that’s following our ship and it keeps coming back to life ( heals itself and comes back to life). We figured it’s a water snake so we’d be safe on land so,
    We want everyone off the ship but the big ship can’t go all the way to the shore so we are afraid if we ask people to go in the water to get to the beach, they won’t survive, someone we manage to cut the snake with our ship and make its head be far away from its body- to increase the time it heals itself and comes back to life. Then i squish it’s body by moving the ship on it and let people come off fast. I managed to get everyone off before it can grow a new head and come back to life. And woke up in the process

    So what does this mean? There’s water, there’s huge snake and there’s coming back to life part.

    1. EspionageCookie

      You moving away with a group of people on a ship reminds me of the Tarot card, “Six of Swords,” which represents moving on from the past. Since the snake represents transformation, perhaps you are leaving a situation in the past that needs to be resolved by confronting it, not running away from it or just passively accepting it. Move on, perhaps, when the situation is solved and you are still struggling with regrets, but if you are struggling with the problem still in the present, it is not something you can just. . . move on from, simply by not thinking about it. It will pop up in your life over and over until you figure it out.

      Perhaps it’s a reminder of not repeating the same mistakes due to fear of confronting something or someone.

  13. I keep seeing vivid images in my mind of white serpents. At first I imagined it devouring me, but at other times I imagine this serpent as my best friend, like a pet. When I took a bath once I saw the snake swimming in the water with me. I am a Christian and when they were praying for me I saw the white snake around my neck, it was very thick, almost like a boa or constrictor.

  14. I know that it’s difficult to help strangers with dream interpretations since there’s so much you don’t know, but if anyone is able to offer me some help with my dream from last night I’ll be grateful. They say we lie to ourselves more than to others, so maybe even hearing someone else’s perspective will help my brain to recognize something it has been lying to itself about.

    I was inside a residential building with several people, but I only really recall about 4 of them. The first was an old boss from my previous job who I did not get along with at all because her personality was incompatible with mine–she was blunt and tactless and I believed her arrogance was unjustified. In my dream I avoided speaking to her. The next was someone I used to be friends with back in high school and no longer keep in touch with. It seemed to be a positive moment in his life and in my dream I feel that I said positive things encouraging him, but I don’t recall what they were. I asked the next person, his mother, if he still liked trading card games and suggested one that I had encountered that he might enjoy. [Awake me finds this odd because I do not enjoy or know of any trading card games and I’m not sure if he ever enjoyed them either. Also, his mother in my dream was not his real mother–I’ve met his real mother and she looks nothing like the person I identified as his mother in my dream. I don’t think I know the person in my dream who was his mother.] The 4th person I recognized was another old high school friend who I kept in touch with for a long time and had a very one-sided falling out with a few years ago–I basically ghosted him when it became apparent to me that whether he realized it or not he didn’t really accept me as a person. In my dream I also avoided him, and exited the building out into a patio of some kind. I was over near some large furniture or other object–it could have been a grill or a piano, I’m not really sure. I felt that someone was approaching me and said something friendly to them, and it turned out to be that 4th person, who also responded in a friendly manner. I didn’t want to talk to him but also didn’t want to be rude, so I acknowledged him. Then I looked over further into the distance away from the residence and instead of being outside it seemed like an underground garage or something. There was some kind of sports car parked, more or less facing me at a slight angle from head-on, and near or on it was a large snake. The snake was a very bright, mustard or lemon-colored yellow with a black underbelly, which is a coloration pattern I’ve been unable to find searching for various species on the internet for the past hour or so. The snake was very large, with a body diameter of at least 4 inches, maybe as much as 6 or 8 inches. I felt like I recognized the kind of snake it was in my dream, but none of the words that came to my mind in the dream turn out to look like the snake did (even colors-aside) in the dream. The head was mostly the same thickness as the body, so no tapering and also no excessive widening like a viper. If anything, it seemed like some kind of python, except it was abundantly clear in the dream that it was also poisonous. The dream ended when I was trying to figure out how to respond to the snake. I felt very threatened in my dream, so it was surprising to come here and learn that snakes can be very positive messengers of change, but I want to make sure I don’t mistake the message and go in the wrong direction with my life.

    Any help?

    1. Hi Melody 🙂
      Your dream is about “communication”. The snake here is symbolizing your ‘tongue’ … I’m not going to go into everything because you seem to have a knack for seeing details, so I will give you some things to think about 😉

      The 4 people are pointing to different aspects in how you communicate & ‘why’. The people in our dreams also (often, not always) symbolize an aspect of our hidden self.
      Location is important, especially if you remember many details … inside=internal and also confining, limiting, restricting.
      Look at the words that you choose to describe your dream, they will give you hints … like ‘underground garage’ … what could an “underground” + “garage” symbolize? Why would the snake choose to appear here? “Sports car” indicates speed & flashiness, BUT it is stored away in an “underground garage” … The coloring of the snake is symbolic, so look for the meanings of the colors. Snakes are about Wisdom & speech “silver tongue” sort of thing … why is yellow on top & black on the “underbelly”? You mention that “none of the words that came to my mind in the dream turn out to look like the snake did” … those words are important in helping you to figure out what the snake is trying to tell you.
      Even a poisonous snake can be tamed or handled and is beneficial in some way … ask yourself ‘why’ you felt threatened, which is another clue to help you understand what you are being asked to see about yourself. Ask yourself how this relates to the people in your dream that you didn’t want to communicate with and why.
      What is it about the “mother” figure that stands out for you? She is there as a guide. The “trading card game” is significant in understanding that this is all a game … ask yourself “why” you chose to use the phrase “trading card” game? Connect it to the various forms of communication & how you choose to interact with or avoid the people in your life.
      This dream is a rare gift of insight into the deeper recesses of your psyche, and you seem very capable of figuring it out. I would guess that you are actually very good at communication, but there is a part of you that you hold back, you are afraid of that part of yourself. You must learn to work with it, to understand it, to be able to ‘charm’ it the way a ‘snake charmer’ works with snakes (the tongue) …
      You have obviously begun your ‘Awakening” process and are trying to uncover & understand the aspects of yourself that are now ready to surface. You are totally capable of ‘speaking your truth’ while exercising control over the tongue.
      Blessings! and please let me know if this helps 🙂

    2. I believe your dream is showing you your inner turmoil with connection to others. Inside of the “residential building” (your own mind) you are faced with several conflicts and characters in your life. 2 from your past and seemingly 2 from your future. The people from your past have damaged your trust of the people in your future. You have been hurt by selfish human nature in others and feel wary of anyone new or trusting new experiences. Your familiarity with the snake indicates that you looked at it very closely even though you were fearful of the poison. Your mind wants to push you into the underground garage (deep subconscious, become recluse) to hide from confrontation, but there you find a bigger confrontation. A large poisonous snake that could strike as fast as a race car. It’s pointing at you, drawing you in to inspect the colors and the ferocity of the unknown. It’s vibrant yellow and tempting but the black underbelly is the unknown. You are scared to move forward with forgiveness and healing in your deepest pain in life. The abandonment of others, the feeling of those voices in your mind that determine how you guard yourself from connection. I think the dream is telling you to let down your guard a bit and begin to trust again. But be careful who you trust, you have learned from the past and know that some people are not worthy of your attention and should be avoided. Some people can be trusted as deeply as a child trusts their mother, and those people will bring true connection into your life. Use you or past to guide your decisions, but also let go of your past pain, it does you no good in the future.

  15. In my dream, a yellowish snake was on the floor. I intentionally stepped on part of it to restrict it’s head movement so it couldn’t bite me. When I stepped off it the snake was smaller but fatter, as if it had swallowed half of itself. There was red where it’s eyes were and I recall thinking about brain damage. I saw bullets and, while thinking of the number 12, I shot it and it exploded. I cried but heard a voice say “You had to do it. It had to happen” I realised it was night and I was in my childhood rear garden. I went inside my childhood home and there was water sprayed everywhere. I got a towel and started to wipe away the water. Can anyone please help me understand the meaning of this dream? Thank you.

    1. Without knowing what’s going on in your life currently, it’s difficult to analyze dreams accurately. However, there were some key parts of your dream that stood out to me.
      First was the yellow snake that you intentionally stepped on. To me, it feels like you are keeping yourself from reaching your true potential. When I think of the color yellow, I tend to connect it to the solar plexus chakra, which is the home of our personal power. A blocked solar plexus chakra usually shows up as low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, and shaky willpower.
      So intentionally stepping on a yellow snake leads me to feel that you’re stopping yourself from doing something that will help you connect with your authentic self and your personal power. Have you been shrinking yourself to fit in with others’ expectations of you? Not wanting to express your beliefs/opinions for fear of rocking the boat? Feeling like you’re always putting on a mask around others and not being able to be yourself?
      The number 12 and hearing the voice say “You had to do it. It had to happen” feel very much connected to needing to start anew. Destroying who you thought you were and unlearning past conditioning can help you step into who you are meant to be. I’d recommend looking up the number 12 in numerology and seeing if any of its messages resonate with you.
      Water being sprayed everywhere in your childhood home feels like you have a lot of emotions connected to your childhood that you haven’t properly dealt with. You’re starting to (hence wiping the water up with a towel), or at least you’re starting to recognize them, but there are still some things that you need to heal from.
      All in all (again, without knowing what you’re going through in your life right now, it’s difficult to give an accurate analysis), I’d say that you’re at a point in your life where you need to release the guilt, trauma, and hurt of your life so far so you can create space for your authentic self to shine through. It feels like something has recently opened your eyes to a behavior or pattern you didn’t know existed and now you’re trying to figure out how to break free from it.
      I hope that helped at least a little.

    2. I had a dream about a king snake .. in mydream my brothers captured it and i told them to release it because they kill other snakes… what does it mean

  16. I was a green and brown python. The dream was based in a rainforest. I lived with a family of other pythons; most were brown. I found out I was adopted and went to find my real mother. I swam in the lake and found her. She was sleeping in a big nest somewhere. I rubbed myself against her in an attempt to wake her up. She was a huge python with the same colors as me. Green and brown. She woke up and I was like “Hi! You’re my mom, come to my village and live with me!” The dream was based on her for the rest, I had left, she thought about it and finally left to go after me. I saw her swimming towards me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Pythons represent recognizing that you are already powerful, and perhaps that while this real mother may not be your literal mother, it might represent an unconscious archetype of the “Mother,” as portrayed in various stories. The classic archetype of someone deeply nurturing, inviting and calming, in touch with their feelings and intuition as they look after someone.

      In other words, it might mean that to reveal the potential of strength locked deep inside you, you need to find a place of nurturing. Perhaps with family, friends, a partner, a therapist, a support group, a hobby group, an online forum on a shared problem/interest, some type of exercise/art class, or whatever comes to mind for you. Your “real mother snake,” looking like you, might indicate that you need to look for nurturing in a place where people have experienced the same things you have, but have more wisdom and fair judgment on what to do about it. To look for people who would understand, I mean.

  17. Hello, have been having dreamings about snakes for the past 6years in my life at 1st i used to dream of one snake chasing me, sometimes it used to be green and at times back . But now days i dream of 2black cobra snakes running after me to bite me. Anyway you can help me please

    1. I, too, have had similar dreams!

      First it was hundreds of finger-length green snakes chasing me down the sidewalk. I ran. They caught up. I smashed a few with my boots, but they crawled up my legs and bit me all over.

      Last nights dream, a single finger-length snake crawled into my pillow and bit me in the neck. I was terrified, and tried calling for help, but couldn’t. It’s like my voice was paralyzed. In my dream, I kept an air horn next to my bed, so I grabbed it and tried using it- but it was old and dusty, no noise came out. So, I stood up. Looking back at my bed, I saw a neon/lime green cobra chilling on my pillow, right where my head was. It was sleeping, basically. The cobra didn’t take notice or threaten me. Also, there was a neon/lime green salamander- Yes, I know they’re normally green, but this one was “different”, and it was just minding its own business, like the cobra.

  18. This moring i woke up with surprise.This morning (around 5 )my mom and me was in our old residence (now we change our house in place) we talking about that house doorway modification its facing west. But we said we can add east doorway and east gate when i complete my words(my voice only) then after it comes like magic. (I dont see any construction materials and works) now there is 2doorways lookes like west door is started beginning of the hall and east door is opposite side at end of hall.

    Then a male (clearly not see him in dream but i think he is friend of mine; unknown to real life) and me walking in sandpath. I had a coconut fruit(green) with water in it .. its opened. im ready to drink that. I hear sound of flute in the air.. i hear male voice..behind me. It said, someone put poison in it for you (left side) .. he is also my left side but i dont think its his voice. suddenly a black snake (forearm size) flied towards me like that voice. It turn (back to left side) in front of me slowmotion and elegantly ( Like movies) that coconut fruit flyed to the snake midway of air he open his mouth gently and try to drink that poison not a cocount water. ( i seen his teeth but it looks like beautiful) !!! Then i wo ke up! 🐍

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps it taking place in your old house might indicate that there are still unresolved regrets or emotional traumas from there, even far back into childhood. You might have not fully understand it as a child, but as an adult, perhaps it is better worth looking into.

      The poisoned coconut with the sound of the flute, might mean someone is drawing you into something that might be harmful in some way. If not a partner, friend or family member, possibly a boss, a co-worker or an organization/group you are involved with. The snake saving you from that poison, with the snake representing transformation, might mean that the change you need would be questioning what people around you might be telling you, and to consider that some information are fabricated or filled with lies.

      Be careful who you trust, in other words. My advice is to judge more from someone’s actions than their words. Do they really follow through on their promises, or do they make up excuses that always prolongs their promise for too long? For so long that the promise never gets accomplished, and your situation might have just gotten worse? But the blame is on you, rather than the other person?

      No matter how “obviously right,” something sounds or how familiar a perspective on life is to you, question EVERYTHING.

  19. Hi,
    I’m an ophidiophobic person. Also, I have had encounters with snakes as well as dreams about snakes since childhood. Its like every dream has a snake. But now these dreams are reduced. I have always wondered about having a snake as my spirit animal, as it is the last thing I would even want to see. I have some sort of psychic and intuitive things going on all the time. Sometimes my intuitions are symbolised with snakes and it comes true. Even though I am afraid of seeing it even more than death, even though I can’t even tolerate its picture or ever even imagine to be in a same room with it, I have always felt there is some connection.
    I live in India. Its an encounter with a long golden brown ‘ptyas mucosa’ every time (it is the common one here). Like every 3-4 months it appears at least once mostly slithering in front of me when I am alone, walking home from class. Only once it was inside my house (that was 4 years ago).
    But this time something happened which I can’t understand what the meaning could be. Yesterday I was walking home from college and suddenly I don’t know where it came from. It was slithering right in front of me, I stood there terrified as it went ahead. But after going some distance suddenly it came back towards me and I ran away came home through another way. I was so scared shivering and crying for long, and don’t know why my head aches when I have an encounter or remember one. I had headache the whole night.
    Wonder if anyone could help me with the meaning of what happened yesterday…

    1. That sounds a lot like me and spiders!
      Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been terrified of spiders. Within the past few years, however, I’ve started to be less afraid of them. I can’t say exactly what I did to lessen the fear, because I’ve gone through a lot of deep healing and spiritual growth over the past few years, but it seemed like as soon as I finally understood the message spider was trying to tell me, I stopped seeing them and my fear of them lessened.
      For me, it wasn’t necessarily the traditional message of spider – creativity – because I’ve always been a creative person and that never seemed to stop my fear of spiders or seeing them almost daily no matter where I was.
      The message was more about not letting fear block me from the things I wanted to do. I remember I was coming home one night a couple of years ago and there was a huge spider web spanning the front posts of my porch, literally blocking me from entering my house. And the same thing happened in a meditation I did afterwards. A spiderweb stopped me from going where I wanted to go. So I had to find a different path/way around the web so I could do what I wanted to. I also did a lot of work on my sacral chakra (the chakra that governs creativity). So there were a lot of things I had to do in order to lessen my fear of spiders and finally understand the message they were trying to give me.
      When reflecting on my own experience with spiders, I see a lot of similarities to your experiences with snakes.
      If you meditate, I would recommend intentionally meditating on what message the snake is trying to give you. You can ask your guides/angels/energies you work with to help you decipher it in as safe a way as possible. The key, however, is to not let fear stop you from receiving the message. So if you meditate on a snake and a snake appears, let it show you what it needs to. Focus more on receiving the message than who’s delivering it. And put up any shields/protection you use to make yourself feel as safe and protected as possible. Ask your guides to be with you when you receive the message and to keep you safe and protected. I wish you all the best in your journey to find the truth about your connection to snake energy.

  20. hello – I came home an found a black snake, very healthy tangled up in the sides of my AC unit… the head was trying to continue through to get out. although very terrified of snakes, I felt more compassion thank I can ever remember and just couldn’t leave it there. I checked on it and tried to find help, but no one was around. I coaxed at it with a broom to encourage it to ‘back’ out. It would not. I was able to get the head to stay inside the unit and use a long handled ‘grabber’ to hold onto the middle larger half that was stuck and gently pull it backward while talking to it and encouraging it to back out. It did!! and quickly was gone. There was no cuts or blood, it was unscathed!!! I thanked it for allowing me to assist…but am wondering what this means in my life….

    1. EspionageCookie

      A black snake can represent a deep depression, or a constant feeling of sadness, fear and emptiness in your life. You not fearing this black snake may mean that you are able to show compassion to your own depression and emotions, if not also someone else like this in your life now. It being able to escape might mean there is hope for you to heal emotionally more than you think.

  21. Hi

    Just wondering if I can get more insight to an encounter I keep having with the same snake. Two days ago I was out with my joeys (I care for kangaroo joeys) & not 10 meters away from us birds started swooping a brown snake (Im in Australia). The snake jumped up into the air over & over trying to bite the birds, it jumped about a meter in the air, if I wasn’t so scared it would have been spectacular.. I was scared trying to get joeys in the pouches & back inside. It came towards me, but the birds still swooped it and then it went down the hill so we could go inside.

    Today I go out & there it is again, just outside my back door sunning itself. It stayed still, long enough for me to go get my camera & take a photo before it quickly slithered away. I wasnt scared this time. Then several hours later I went out first, making noise and stamping my feet as I was about to take my joeys out for a bounce. We went out, I do note that a willy wag tail was making a lot of noise in the tree behind us, but far enough away that we were okay if the snake was there. I then gathered joeys to go back inside and there on my path was the snake again about 2 meters away, he looked at me & slithered off.

    So, wow, that is 3 times I have seen the same snake. Am I not getting something? Some shared thoughts would be good.

    Much appreciated. Thank you, Bek oxox

  22. I’d dream a lot of snakes since childhood. Now at 40 years the dreams have reduced but off late have been seeing snakes around my home. A lot. I know it’s also time to clean up the place but a lot of them since we’ve moved here 4 years back.

    1. At the age of 40, this can signify numerous things. Your female energy should note that patience, wisdom, immortality(in a sense), and fertility are things to focus on at this time. Your male energy should note that change is upon you, wisdom and power are important to keep balanced and that focusing on patience will show you things that can bring healing energies into your life. Above all is being in balance with your dual selves/energies. Many similarities between both male and female energies. Hope this helps.

  23. Ive had a dream I don’t understand. I was walking through my dark house . I got to the kitchen, turned on the lights and heard a his, I looked down and saw 2 rattle snakes looking at me, one within inches of me. I was frozen in shock and scared to move but sreaming for help for my husband. I could see my husband in my dream, running through our home trying to get too me. Then the snakes saw him coming and both snakes at the same time grabbed my leg and bite me over and over and I fell too the floor. I can remember seeing the snakes slither away and my husband picking me up. Then I wake up. I have dreamt this a few times now.

    1. Hi Angie,

      I’ll share with you some the of the symbolism I know, and point you to the Divinity Code for the rest. If I were leaving my house in a fire–that’s one book I’d grab!! It’s that helpful!

      Houses–represent our soul/inner-being. I had a similar dream (repeated many times) about dark houses, so no judgment here! Darkness represents evil, and light represents truth, and all things good. It’s one of God’s ways of showing us that we are not walking in the light, and we are in danger if we don’t turn to Him and ask Him what to do.

      Snakes represent satan/devil/demonic. I don’t know your thoughts on God, but John 10:10 tells us that the enemy (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus came to give us life, and life abundant. (Abundant in every way–no sickness, no lack financially–always able to pay bills, fulfilment of dreams–for children, family. Etc. Protection from all disaster. God promises that to us in Psalm 91, when we make Him our refuge. He promises us there that NO HARM shall befall us! That takes care of most of life!!! He’s the only one who can protect and save us. No unemployment, and the list could go on forever.)

      Easy way to figure out what is going on in life. It it’s bad–it’s from Satan. He will ALWAYS twist things to try to make it look like it’s from God. It’s not. Anything that is perfectly good, is always from God. 🙂 (Miscarriages–not from God, Illness–not from God, suffering in any form–not from God).

      Your husband represents Jesus. (This is a really cool dream). Jesus gave us His life of his own authority, so that He could save us in EVERY way. Greek word sozo, which means “Salvation” is translated several ways, and has ALL of the following meanings: Eternal Life in Heaven–reunited with all those we loved and lost, Deliverance from all forms of evil, Healing from any form of disease, sickness, pain, etc. (When it comes to death, no one should be sick. We should be strong, healthy and vital, until the day we leave this planet for a much better destination.), protection and ample provision. When we choose to follow Jesus, accepting his payment for our sins, and every bad things we’v ever done, ALL of this can be ours. Tell you how later if you want.

      The fact that he is running to get to you represents how Jesus runs to rescue us. He will not override our will. If we push Him away, He will not force us.

      So, the enemy is always trying to destroy and kill you. That’s true of every human being. His goal is to take us out. Their strikes on your legs would represent that they’re doing as much as they can before the one who has already won complete victory over them over that cross, gets to you, to save you. They are AFRAID of Jesus.

      Your husband picking you up is symbolic of Jesus picking you up. When you have the same dream repeatedly, it is God’s way of indicating that the dream is very important. He doesn’t want the enemy to destroy you. He loves you! He created you. Suffering is NEVER his will for you.

      Even when we’re in a place where we don’t understand the dream, He gives it, and continues to give it, I think for 2 reasons. 1) It’s like a movie you see 10 times. You remember that one well! and 2) He’s giving it to you so that you’ll do what you’ve done. Seek interpretation. Find someone who will help you find Him, so that you can have the life abundant He has already paid for you to have.

      I hope that helps!!! Many Blessings. He adores you.

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