Shrew Symbolism
Regardless of how nice and kind you are to everyone, there will always be people who will find fault in you and say all manner of hurtful things about you. But it would help if you never let their actions bring you down in any way.

Shrew Meaning and Messages

In general, Shrew symbolism could imply that you’ve been neglecting your goals. Thus this spirit animal reminds you to invest your energy and time in the things that matter most in your life. If you’ve ever come across a Shrew, then we are sure you know that it is quick. Hence when this small mammal materializes in your thoughts or meditation, it could be a message for you to stop living life in the fast lane.

Alternatively, like the Kestrel, Shrew meaning warns that you should be extra careful of what you feed your mind. Just as you can’t expect to have a healthy and robust physique by eating junk food, you also can’t have a sound mind if all you do is feed on a daily diet of negativity. Encountering this creature could also be letting you know that there’s a need for you to develop and activate your higher senses.

Moreover, Shrew symbolism says that you should stop allowing the utterances or actions of people to get to you. In other words, this spirit animal running into your life is a message for you to grow a thick skin. Also, the Shrew is a symbolic representation of embracing challenges.

Shrew Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Pangolin, those with the Shrew totem prefer their own company. They are sensitive people, so you have to be careful of what you do or say to them as they are easily hurt. To add to that, these fellows listen to their gut feeling when making every decision. Furthermore, individuals under the influence of this spirit animal are fast learners. They may also be quick on their feet.

Shrew totem people have a huge appetite. Like the Locust, they love to eat. Additionally, these folks are energetic, hardworking, resilient, and fearless. They never run away from problems. Also, when they make you a promise, you can rest assured that they will keep their words. So, you can always count on them. On the downside, those born with this animal totem tend to be ill-tempered.

Shrew Dream Interpretation

When you have a Shrew dream, it could mean that you’re too timid. Therefore, sighting this small animal in your sleep urges you to build self-confidence. Also, when a Shrew appears in your nighttime vision, it says that you should be there for your friends, especially when they are going through difficult times.

If you dream of a Shrew in a trap, it foretells that you will triumph over your foes. A white Shrew means that someone will invite you to a wedding. If you envision this animal eating, it is a message for you to cultivate self-control. Additionally, to catch a Shrew signifies that someone will give you a large sum of money.

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