Pangolin Symbolism
You mustn't let the ugly experience you had with someone yesterday stop you from giving other people a chance today. Not everyone is bad. There are still good folks in the world.

Pangolin Meaning and Messages

In general, like the Thorny Devil, the Pangolin symbolism says that you should protect yourself. Put differently, when this spirit animal shows up in your life, it isn’t just asking you to get a bodyguard or get your home secured; the message it brings to you is that you should take better care of your mental and physical health. Alternatively, the Pangolin meaning could be asking you to make peace with someone who offended you.

The Pangolin has a long sticky tongue that can measure up to sixteen inches in length. With it, it slurps up the ants and termites it excavates from mounds. Thus the appearance of this spirit animal teaches you to control your tongue. Simply put, this mammal asks you to think before you speak and to be careful of the words you utter. Never forget that your words shape your reality.

Additionally, Pangolin symbolism says that you should rely more on your gut instincts. In other words, this power animal prompts you to walk away if something doesn’t feel right about a person or situation. However, this creature also comes to remind you to have faith that everything will work out fine for you and yours.

Pangolins look a lot like the Armadillo and Anteater.

Pangolin Totem, Spirit Animal

Folks with the Pangolin Totem are introverted. They enjoy solitude and are at their best when they work alone. While they are peaceful fellows who would do just about anything to avoid conflict, you don’t want to start a fight with them. When provoked, these individuals can be destructive. Moreover, like the Aardvark, they are night owls – working and playing more after dark.

People born with this spirit animal are very protective of the ones they love. In addition to that, they are great at keeping secrets. Those who have this totem may find that they possess the gift of Clairalience – the psychic ability to know things by utilizing one’s sense of smell. Also, they are highly observant and can tell when someone isn’t honest with them.

To add to that, Pangolin totem people are excellent listeners. This trait makes them ideal for jobs in counselling, customer service, and journalism. On the downside, getting close to these individuals is difficult. They are always on their guard and rarely ever open up to people.

Pangolin Dream Interpretation

Like the Oriole, when you have a Pangolin dream, it signifies that breakthrough and prosperity are on the horizon. If you are ill, this creature appearing in your sleep brings the message that you will have your health and strength restored soon. Alternatively, a nighttime vision where you see this mammal tells you not to take people and things at face value.

If you envision a Pangolin defending its young, it says that you should be there for your kids at all times. A dream where this creature curls into a ball asks you to stop hiding your true feelings from people. Moreover, sighting two Pangolins indicates that you will make friends with a very mysterious individual.

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