Redwing Blackbird

Redwing Blackbird Symbolism

Only by admitting your true feelings to yourself right now can you move forward with love and respect for yourself.
-Redwing Blackbird

If Redwing Blackbird has come flitting across your path

The Redwing Blackbird symbolism is letting you know that the forces of nature are at work and that big changes are coming into your life right now. These changes have been slowly manifesting all around you and are now ready to burst forth and become reality. If you pay close attention to where you see this bird you may be able to foresee what changes are coming.

Alternatively this blackbird may also be an omen – letting you know that you will be a participant of a close family emotional shift that is important to their personal growth. It is important for you to stay grounded throughout this shift and to allow them the space to make the changes necessary. You are meant to be in a supportive role without inserting your own intentions or propaganda. Try to be the non judgmental, unconditionally accepting force that provides balance, grounding and a safe haven for those experiencing change. Do not participate in the drama – simply be there for them.

This bird brings omens, mysticism and reveals a fear that is ruling you. This will open your energy to receive new adventures and life experiences.

If Redwing Blackbird is your Animal Totem

You have an awareness of all changes of perception as they unfold within you. Your psychic abilities are generally used to bring forth latent gifts and creativity for those around you. You show them how to move with determination, focus and tenacity. You know how to use your power to its fullest potential. You bring forth the magic of the unseen worlds and balance it with the forces of nature and the earth. You are a messenger of new awakening. You have a strong connection with Nature and use your intuition freely in support of her. You bring new surprises to those around you when they least expect it.

If Redwing Blackbird has come to you in your dreams

To see this blackbird symbolism in your dream can signify a lack of motivation. You are not utilizing your full potential. Alternatively, it represents jealousy, lust or temptation.

Additional Associations for Redwing Blackbird:


  • With my two children we were standing on our back porch and a red bird Cardinal is my mother that passed away recently and we’ve been seeing that a lot this morning and then I don’t know where a red bird comes by and flies right in front of us so I put my hand out I could probably touched it was that close and I just passing by us at chirps and then Lands 2 on a tree to the right of us and just sits there and watches us about two hours later I come back to my back porch and I got to shut my back door and it flies up at me like I was trying to get my attention can you please help me understand a little bit more exactly what it is is it somebody trying to reach out to me or is it trying to let me know that changes are coming our way is it a good omen or a bad omen

  • I found a baby rwbb while at work ( pizza delivery). Couldn’t find nest so I left under a tree.. I knew he wouldn’t survive the cold night so I went back after work and found him right where I left him.. a bit cold but perked up then.. I have a good history of raising baby birds and I am prepared to do so…
    I am also currently trying to figure out how to deal with my mother who recently developed health issues and now wants to live with me. We don’t get along and I’m the only child.. I am wondering if there’s a message in this? My mother has done me wrong so many times and ways all my life and at 52 I’m tired of it and finally starting to live without a need for her approval. Far too complicated for a quick post but any wisdom would be great!

  • Visited by a RWBB

    Last month May for 3 straight days when I pulled into to my place of employment and praked my car a RWBB flew and sat on my back windshield wiper. He just sat there. I took a picture because I didn’t think anyone would believe me. The next day same bird and as soon as I pulled in and parked he landed on my back windshield
    Wiper, but this time he flew on top of my roof and walked around d as if to tell me do you see me. The 3rd day same thing, but when I got out of my car the bird circled and flew past me. He landed on a post and started signing. I never saw him again. About a week later I lost my job. Not sure what the message was.

    • They can be a omen for changes, not necessarily bad but simply…changes! Good luck for your new chapter!

  • I’ve always had a deep connection with the red-winged blackbird. My grandpa taught a song with the title “red-winged blackbird” on guitar, one of the first songs I ever learned. Looking at this definition of the spiritual meaning, I can see how he was my red-winged blackbird, and that I am now the red-winged blackbird to those I love. Always helping others with my intuition, but not getting too caught up with the problem at hand (and staying out of the drama of it all). I have also just seen this symbol twice on a recent field trip, and big changes ARE coming. I am a senior with graduation just around the corner, and I am soon to be on my own. I am not one of those that blindly believes in all this bullshit, but I always try to have an open mind. I’ve always found these coincidences in my life insightful, and I DO plan on getting a red-winged blackbird tattoo soon, for myself and my grandpa.

    • Always listen to your intuition and be open to the things you cannot see. You already have the gift of perception which is an advantage may do not have.

    • Yesterday I had a firat encounter of a RWBB, in a place I have been many times before. And today I find this website and find it remarkable. I have been consumed with work and family and had lost myself. My TCM doc prescribed Qi Gong. And I believe the RWBB is a sign that I am connecting bacl to the natural world and coming back to center.

  • A young RWBB flew into our birdbath today. He appears to have some minor wing/feather injuries. I have been leaving food, seeds etc. out back for him. He came here for healing and to heal me, and I feel a connection to him.

  • I feed the birds seed every day. This morning was the first time I seen the black birds with red shoulders. Do they have a message for me eating in my back yard?

  • I’m sitting here, in my home that I’ve been in for a few years now, and not seen one Red Wing Black Bird. They have always been my favorite. I had several that visited my porch at my old house. I was sitting on my porch today and started wishing I had some that would visit my feeders. 2 hours later, my trees are filled with them and under my feeder are even more. I’ve never felt this bird is my totem. I’ve always felt led by the bear. I’ve read what is at the top and yes, great changes are happening in my home. All positive ones but still life changing.

    I’ve always had a way with animals, whether it’s calming them or finding a lost pet for a neighbor. They always end up in my yard.

  • What is the saying regarding hearing your first red winged black bird of the year? Does it mean 6 weeks to going barefoot? Or, six weeks until Spring?

  • I’ve been working for my company as a driver for 2 years, for 20 months there was a redwing that would be at a mirror that was on a truck that would just tap away and peck and flutter at its reflection every morning at 7 am. I always kept watch and always expected his presence in the morning, but I was on the road one day heading back from a delivery and I spied a redwing on the side of the road walking instead of flying and I knew it was the same one and that it was his time to leave. I still keep looking at the truck expecting him to be there, but find nothing. I understand that it was guiding me on my way to fulfil my destiny. Thank you so much for the post.

  • I stumbled upon this website researching about the tired winged black bird meaning. My mother was recently visiting my grandmothers grave and came across a red winged black bird that was nestled up at the base of my grandfather’s side of the plot (he is still alive) and it flew up and perched on my grandmothers head stone and was staring at my mother! It even let her pet its wings, head and belly until she had to leave and then flew right back down to where it was previously curled up. We are going through a hard time in the family right now and it seems like my grandmother is sending us a message.

  • I live in Europe (France). Blackbirds are pure black for the male and a brownish tone for the female. The male is a luminous obsidian black with yellow rimmed eyes and an orange or dark yellow beak. The female is brown with a brownish orange beak and black rimmed eyes. I see these birds practically every day, especially as I live in a small country town. Many times I’m able to walk by very close without frightening them. They would stop what they are doing, briefly look directly at me, then continue on their way. I would imagine the totem meanings/representations are the same, maybe a little more intense in a mystical/magical sense because of the bird’s luminous black color. For many years the same blackbird couple has been making their home in our back yard laurel bushes. A few years ago the next door neighbor got two big dogs, thus keeping neighboring cats away. We hope the blackbird couple will return again this spring.

  • I dreamt of finding a red wing blackbird dead in a cloth in a house I just bought in my dream. I kept trying to move it somewhere then my daughter came and touched it and I was worried we were both going to catch something from it. I dreamt of a blue heron before a few years ago and now another bird. What does this mean ?

  • i love your site very helpful—-the redwing has shown up a lot lately and after reading your info i feel back on track so thank you!!! :mrgreen:

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