Ostrich Symbolism, Ostrich Meaning, Ostrich Totem, Ostrich Dream, and Messages
Today is day for keeping yourself grounded and in the present moment. No need to linger in the past or the future.

Ostrich Meaning and Messages

In this case, Ostrich symbolism is letting you know it’s time to clean “house.” This exercise can be the real house that you live in, or it could be the cleansing of your emotions. In other words, the Ostrich meaning is prompting you to sort out what is no longer useful to you so that you can let it go. Thus, this spirit animal teaches that emotions that no longer serve you should also be released.

Similar to the Blue Jay, Ostrich symbolism also lets you know that it’s time to use your spiritual knowledge and integrate it into your everyday practical life. However, you must make sure that when you apply this wisdom that you also take the time to understand this knowledge.

Occasionally, Ostrich symbolism signifies that it is time to protect your energy against the harmful psychic clinging of others. Make a point of defending yourself against these negative forces by grounding yourself and your emotions. The Ostrich meaning also teaches you that you must learn to accept these energies for what they are. Therefore, if you practice releasing those energies with love, then in most cases, they will move on.

Ostrich Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Ostrich totem know when to stand tall and be seen. On the other hand, they also know when to lay low and become invisible. Like the Angelfish, these folks can also easily link with the spirit realm without getting lost in it. They are generally a solidly stable person that rarely becomes nervous or flighty. In any event, they know how to stay well-grounded.

Folks with the Ostrich totem personality dislike disputes and will often avoid setting the necessary boundaries to protect themselves from them. They love to have lots of people around them. Thus they are easy to be around.

Ostrich Dream Interpretation

When you have an Ostrich dream, it suggests that you are not facing reality. In other words, you are in denial. There is something in your life that you are unwilling to accept. Make sure you have a good look at what is going on around you right now. There is a personal truth that you are not receiving and integrating.

Like the Bloodhound dream, the Ostrich dream can symbolize truth and justice. It also means that it is not up to you to bring down judgment on others. You must accept that what goes around does come back around again. Your truth has no connection to someone else’s reality.

To see one of these creatures eggs in your dream symbolizes rebirth. Thus, it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

9 thoughts on “Ostrich”

  1. Hi hi, I dreamt that I was running down an aisle with ostriches going all the way in a line watching my me down the aisle, like persons at a wedding would do. Except, I was scared of something. And the more I ran and the more birds I saw is the more free I felt running closer to something down the aisle, but it was never ending. Can u explain this plz? <3

  2. Pride Makoko Netshifhefhe


    Thank you so much for the above explanation
    About dreaming of Orstrich .Please
    Explain to me what does it mean when
    I dream of my self flying in the air
    Getting close to the moon and there
    Are few Orstrich right there .

    Thank you in advance
    Your Sincerely
    Pride Makoko Netshifhefhe

  3. I was sleeping in my bed in the dream, I heard something like a mouse when it’s looking for food. When I looked up it was a Ostrich. I was thinking what the hell! I put the cover over my head and when I peeped it was leaving but then it come back and hoped on the bed and it clamped down on my arm. And I jumped it with the sheet to whoop it, to get it away,it didn’t attack me it just stood there looking and it backed away and I woke up! Crazy thing Is I always dream about a animal and I think the universe for the message

  4. Hello, I once had a dream about an Ostrich running on top of water. In my dream I was watching it from the river bank. The water was so still in clear the ostrich was running real fast on top of the water. Can you explain to me what this dream symbolize. God bless

  5. Hi.. i really need help with this dream. Last night in my dream i saw my dad and young son aged 6 riding an ostrich it was at night.. they was riding the ostrich going up a dirt road, when they came back down on the dirt road.. i saw my dad, son and my mother riding the ostrich, my dad was first then my mom and then my son at the back. My son then falls off the ostrich, and then i woke up. What can this mean?

  6. I saw a huge beautiful, “pure” white ostrich during meditation, I mean, so white! and it stayed for a very long time in my inner sight. It just stood very calmly, feathers moving a little here & there. Seeming to look right into me. Anything more to this ostrich observation compared to just seeing a regular dark colored ostrich?

    1. Last night during the night, I woke up for no particular reason and looking at me from the door way was an ostrich. It was not a dream! The ostrich seemed real! It looked at me for awhile then calmly walked back and forth, looked at me and then vanished. It’s neck was white, but it’s body was dark colored like a real ostrich. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, but have no idea exactly what this means, as this has only happened once before a few years ago, and it was an orangeish cat who was sitting next to my dog. This only happened once as well.

    2. You have a really open third eye and those were your spirit guides protecting you from something. If you had anything bad happen around you and you always was safe or saved then that was your spirit giluides, and it seems like you listen to them too, as in your intuition as well.

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