Orangutan Symbolism

Access the "Emotional Sage" within yourself. Know that there is a reason that you are feeling the way you are feeling. Unravel the strings to find the hidden truth.

If Orangutan has swung across your path;

You are being asked to pay attention to the signs and signals that surround you right now. The message is very clear for you right now and it involves the environment around you. Something is out of balance that needs to be corrected. This can be accomplished by doing some meditative inner work for yourself.

Alternatively Orangutan could be letting your know that your inner wisdom is trying to tell you something. You need to get out of your head and into your heart in order to move forward toward your spiritual goal. Sometimes it’s as simple as loving and accepting yourself as you are.

If Orangutan is your Animal Totem;

You are always cool calm and collected – even in times of stress and pressure. You allow your inner wisdom to guide you in all things and know how to present your self to others in the best light possible. You know how to be yourself in all situations and are always willing to share a kind word, small wisdom, or simply a hug wherever it is needed. You have a powerful connection to nature – especially the trees and seek out nature as a form of rejuvenation when things get busy. You are a kind soul and your generosity with others is legend among your peers.

If Orangutan has come into your Dream;

It symbolizes your ability to move beyond the drama and calamity that surrounds you at this moment to find the right approach to recreate peace. It can also signify that you have instincts and desires that you have not allowed to come forth or tapped into as of yet (including your sexuality). These are gifts that you need to explore without guilt and reservation.

Alternatively, an orangutan suggests that you are possibly being manipulated by someone close to you. Awareness is key and you must discern exactly how far you are going to allow the manipulation to go.

Additional Associations for Orangutan:


  • am thrilled to have drawn the Orangutan, I love them, & they are ‘very’ Zen
    too, not to mention Clint also loves them ……

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