Magpie Symbolism, Magpie Meaning, Magpie Totem, Magpie Dream, and Messages
Maybe it's time to use your voice to attract attention, attain desired goals or simply to acquire the respect of others.

Magpie Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Magpie symbolism reminds you that obsession with the material world will not nurture your spiritual path. In other words, the Magpie meaning indicates that only when we loudly follow our true calling in life by being all that we can be will we be able to find the fulfillment and satisfaction for which we are longing. Thus it would be best if you re-evaluated your priorities before you move too much further down the path you are currently on. Therefore, like the Piranha, it is essential to keep an open mind by allowing this bird’s magic to lead you. When you follow it’s guidance in matters of your spirit and true potential, you will find your peace.

Like it’s cousin the Jay, when Magpie symbolism flies into your life, get ready because you are about to embark into the world of opportunity.

Magpie Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Magpie totem believe in taking risks. They will also often be on the front lines of any endeavour or task. These folks forcefully defend their right to give life a shot. No matter what the risks, and no matter what others believe, they push through.

Folks with this spirit animal totem know when to swoop and fight and when the timing is right. They also know when to stop and contemplate what is on offer. Very much like the Leopard, people with this power animal are fearless in the face of adversity.

Magpie Dream Interpretation

When you have a Magpie dream, like the Ant, it can signify dissatisfaction and disagreements. Thus, you need to be careful with what you say and do. Furthermore, someone can easily misinterpret your intentions right now. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are feeling short-changed, threatened, or insecure in your relationship. Therefore, it may be time to renegotiate your role within that relationship. You should also consider the number of Magpies in the dream. By paying attention to the old proverb “one for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding and four for a birth,” you may find some clues.

To see this bird flying suggests that you have resolved an issue that has been nagging you for some time.

87 thoughts on “Magpie”

  1. I dreamt of a kind of deranged magpie (almost zomide like) fly and land on a path Infront of me and it waited for a while then flew away.
    The very next day a magpie flew and landed on a patch Infront of me and looked at me for a while but they flew of but more so as someone was walking up the path.

    The path was not a well used one, I love magpies and hold them close to my heart but to see one in a dream that was deranged as it was and then see one that kind of looked and behaved like the one I dreamt of.

    1. I dreamt of ond magpie in my home as I tried to get it out of the window the magpie turned and said I’m coming for you..before flying away

  2. Magpie flew into our house, I think through the chimney because all screen are on all windows, He was trying to get out from the kitchen window, knocking everything off my window ledge, I picked him up with my house coat and placed him out side where he flew away. I have never had this happen before, so strange.

    1. So Yesterday there where three magpies in the garden. Two of them where attacking the other and picking at him. He died a while later. They also left two beautiful tailfeathers for us. Does anyone have a clue for what this might mean?

  3. I currently have a ghost magpie in my neighborhood. Is there meaning to interaction with the ghost magpie.

  4. Hi, my daughters & I woke up this morning to a magpie outside my bedroom on the deck, it seemed excited we were awake & started singing, came right up to the screen & even to the cat, no fear at all, it is still here hours later just hanging out, I feel SO close to this special bird. Can anyone explain the meaning of this, I have always loved birds but have never had a magpie behave so bravely & come right up to our faces. Just so special. Thanks guys.

    1. Sharon Louise Schroeder

      They are supposed to be departed loved ones 🙂
      Spirit. So that’s probably why it was so brave and also why you felt a strong connection with it 🙂

  5. Hello. Dogs are always in my dreams when I’m in parks outside they always come to me. Certainly they are my totem animal but this year suddenly magpies states appearing in my life out of nowhere. Is becoming very obvious the amounts of times the walk in front of me. I love this connection and I know the Great Spirit is trying to tell me what’s going on now because I’m going through a lot of things. I am thankful for the magpies but I wanna find the right meaning so I can act on that.
    Thank you
    Ps. They come just one at a time. Just walking in front of me at the park, standing outside my kitchen window, behind me. Increíble. I even think I dreamt with one.
    I would appreciate much your help. Thanks.

    1. Have you any interest in other winged allies? Like Bats or Dragons? I was visited by a Magpie last week. It flew up to my window, 4 floors up, perched on the top of the open pane and cawed at me before flying off. They live in the park opposite me and regularly fly and hop about the area. Their unmistakable sound often serves as a morning wake up call for me. I have been observing many strange things in animals recently, particularly birds and insects like bees. I swear I have even observed some of them shapeshifting in midair. Hence my question about dragons and bats.

  6. we live on a rural property, I have a sacred ancient tree, all year the magpies have been coming and going to and from the tree. Over the past week one of them has been following me everywhere, coming in close to fly near my shoulder and just above my head. I feel like he is tying to give me a message or something, as when he is close my heart races and i feel an overwhelming sense of love. What does all this mean please ?

    1. Sharon Schroeder

      They are loved ones, magpies are often loved ones coming in spirit to be near you and perhaps to give you a message

    1. A magpie just flew directly at the window as I was standing looking out – he literally came at the window and then turned around and flew away- all the meanings are so amazing – thank you so much- they mean so much and are so spot on.

  7. So a while ago my friends and I discussed birds and which was more like characters we knew or created. I assosiated my character with a magpie and ever since that day I keep seeing them everywhere. There is even a bakery now called The Magpie Bakery! Could this mean anything?

  8. hello, yesterday i was sitting out front a friends neigbours house awaiting a cab and having a dead end phone convo with my ex which leftme wanting to rush home to check on my puppy. minutes later i scanned my surroundings and suprisingly noticed that a very curious magpie had been standing only a foot and a half to the right of me. so i casually greeted the very attractive maggie and asked how it was that day, before turning away i felt myself snap into a more attentive state. i started noticing things, maggie wasnt scared or weary of me, and i could see its brown eyes as it kept looking at me slightly cocking its head this way and that moving a little closer. the maggie came across very wise, it strongly felt as though it was checking up on me, and was wanting me to know something or was there with a very divine purpose and it sounds weird but it i think it knew me. ive had animal encounters before that were significant but this was so much more personal and odd. reading everyone elses experiences has been so informative and exciting and gave me butterflies when you all helped jog my memory to a day at work late last year driving through a back alley to one of our patrol carparks i was annoyed at the menacing sqwuaks and taunting vocalisations of three magpies on the ground so i yelled out to them to cut it out and move along. they stopped for a moment and seperated from each other waited for me to turn away then rudely carried on with their highly agitating sqwuaking. after turning the car around to leave i saw the reason for all the magpies commotion- a couple of magpies had been severely pestering an other magpie. one main instigator bullying it and the others taking turns this poor maggie was limping or already had a bad leg was then on its back submitting. i got so angry, stopped the car stormed up to them telling them off and to leave it alone. the head magpie went to come sqwuak back at me which is when fear alerted me of all the other spectator magpies approaching also, so i faked the rest of my intimidating authoritarian couage and shooed them away from the injured one until they got the message. not sure what they mean, but thanks for letting me share.

  9. I went through ivf in April and am currently pregnant with our first child. On the very first day of egg transfer as we left the clinic we saw two magpies sat on a building looking down on us. We took it as a sign of luck. From that point on I have seen more magpies than I have ever seen in my life. They are almost always singular and flying across my path. I can see multiple single magpies in a day and it is not due to the location as it even happens when in a different location too. If I’m driving the magpie will wait to cross only in front of my car.
    Is this my spirit animal or a relation looking out for me?
    In the UK we say that one is for sorrow but does one flying across my path meant something else?
    If it is a good thing I’d really like to use it in some way for a baby name. Are there names that relate to the magpie historically?
    Thanks so much!

    1. 1 magpie is not for sorrow. that was a made up song.
      the magpie is a good omen, i always see them when working with infertile couples and know they will and white are Newcastle united colours and their nick name is the magpies.
      the names magnus, maggie and magenta are linked to this good luck omen.

    2. Oh my god this is so true! Thought I was going nuts, whenever I saw magpies near me, I heard news shortly that someone was pregnant!!
      The past 18 months they always seem close by me.

      When I was homeless and waiting for somewhere to live I always saw owls ( statues/ drawings, candle holders, etc…)!

    3. an older sister started calling me magpie when I was young & it caught on as my nickname.
      we had magpies & jays on our property & always loved their sassy ways.
      I think the best way to work w/ totem animals is to stay as close to nature & the animal’s ways & personality, then pay attention to how & when they cross your path.
      crows & ravens are also in this category of birds & they all have similar personalities & are very aware birds. crows recognize us as individuals.
      when one crosses your path take it as a message from that spirit. it may or may not be a personal one, it could just be a reminder to lean on that spirit.
      all of these birds are as comfortable alone as they are in a flock, so seeing one alone isn’t anything, in particular, to take note of. they can act like complete loners or be seen interacting in small or large numbers.
      good luck w/ a baby name!

  10. This morning I was awoken by a Magpie calling at my bedroom window.
    It didn’t look in my window, just sat singing.
    Does that mean something?

  11. In my dream last night a young magpie landed on my arm and started talking to me, like befriending me a with a womans voice asking about my surroundings. somehow we instantly connected, but for me dreams can be scant on actual memory of to sum up I really connected with the bird .Regards Mick.

  12. Hello can u help me,I have had a fear of magpies all my life especially 1 ..But I sort of excepted them as beautiful creatures from the crow family,but always thought they had some significance in my life ,as I here them chattering to me n last Saturday one was trying to get in through my bedroom window while I was on the phone to my daughter,I had him tapping on my window first but he did attempt to fly in but had some difficulty,is this a message for me ,I need to know ,as I didn’t feel scared just touched by it really ,as I have had some bad times in my life n family recently ,please help x Ange

  13. Purple First Light

    Hello, I fell the desire to share (which is totally outside of my norm). This happened this morning (June 14, ’17)

    I was driving my husband to work and suddenly a magpie was flying right in front of us, he then maneuvered to the right side of the vehicle and flew beside us for about 1/2 a block, it was incredible to see his little body flying so effortlessly beside us and keeping up the speed (about 30) then when we arrived at the stop sign he veered off into the trees and landed and he seemed to look at us as though he was saying you’re on your own now…it was as if he was escorting us. It was a good experience.

    1. A Magpie ended up outside my door laying on his back. He was in the hot sun with another Magpie a few feet away watching him. I looked for injuries immediately. She/He seems to be favoring the right leg. There is movement in the legs, but he’s too weak to stand. I’m trying to strengthen his legs by holding him and caring for him hourly. I am sure he will fly again. I recently rescued a seagull a few months ago or in some way I feel he rescued me. One day, he just took off. This bird was found in the exact spot that I had least seen my seagull rescue. What is going on with me? Are the blue avions communicating with me? There aren’t many people that will relate with me and this story. Any thoughts are welcome. Love and light to you all.

    2. Hi Angie

      I understand re Blue Avians, they will give you a sign if requested, as they respect absolute free will & will not interfere unless you ask. Finding a feather with blue in it, after request, is in my experience, representative of their answer/sign to you that they hear you.

      However, In my opinion & since a little person, I’ve instinctivley known animals are used as messengers & are governed by the prime creator in love.

      Trust your instincts Angie & that of the animal, tune in & you will get your answers, trust that & just be aware of your surroundings & thoughts.

      They may warn of good & bad but most will & do watch us & try to protect us as divinity guides them to do so.

      It you tune in & listen to them a dialogue of mutual frequencies will be recognised & understood by you both, we all have this ability, just have to quiet the mind, be present & mindful, connect, its like wifi, find the bandwidth frequency that helps you atune to the animal they can open the chanel not a problem. Tricky but practise makes perfect.

      Birds are fantastic because they can see well in advance, future, as well as see our in our auric past, they know who is trustworthy & who is not which is why they will go to someone when hurt, they choose you because they know you will care for them, they know you as divinity does.

      Cultures for many millennia have used animals as messengers.

      Hope this helps in some way to bring peace, love, understanding & guidence as you wish.

      Blessing & love to you
      Nikki 🌺🌻🐝

  14. I have been sat quietly on my couch with the back door open. A magpie walked in a few steps, pecked at some bits on the floor for a few seconds and then flew n my yard. When i went outside it flew to the top of the gate and stayed there for about 30 seconds! It was really nice, their colours fascinate me!

  15. In my dream I saw a green tree snake and I wanted to catch it. But then when I went to touch it, it flew down a bit and turned into a magpie. After this happened in the dream i remember feeling scared like it was the devil.

  16. Hi,

    I was cleaning my room and i looked up to find 1 magpie outside my window playing in the pool area. It was so nice to watch. The small magpie was dipping its feet in the water and flying to the other end of the pool and kept repeating this. It looked like the magpie was having fun and i couldn’t help but smile and giggle from inside. The magpie was totally oblivious to my presence and could not see me inside because of the blinds (the ones where you can see out but not in) anyway the magpie flew straight up to the window in the same spot i was watching it but from inside. It then paused moved down a little paused again and flew away. What does this mean?

    1. I have the strongest feeling that this was a message to be outside and to have fun. Be playful. And play with abandon. Don’t worry about who is watching.

  17. Lately i’ve been feeling the need to break through a glass wall. To be seen, heard, and connected as i haven’t been for some time now. I’ve undergone a lot of changes spiritually and mentally towards a better place. However, i’ve recently been going through some struggles refining and polishing my art. I’ve been trying to search for possible opportunities, i’m yearning for like-minded peers, and i can’t help but dream of moving across the pond as where i’m living now has been deeply unfullfilling and is a little tainted from a series of unfortunate events. I get moments of immense optimism and excitement, I know theres’s something on the horizon, I’m intednding for this year to be better, but its the figuring out how that gets a little cloudy. So far Snakes and cats have come to me either from dreams or symbols. Today i was feeling anxious and restless, i’m not quite sure what made me, but i stood and looked out of the garden doors and saw a magpie, walking around on the grass, it felt nice to watch it. I watched it a little and saw it fly onto a roof of a shed, and there, there was another magpie patrolling. They really are captivating. Not sure what to do, i made a couple of wishes and eventually, they flew off, one after the other. At the moment, my senses are a little cloudy as are my perceptions, i’m not quite sure how it relates to me in terms of materialism. Would i be right to direct an explanation towards opportunity? Or at least gain better understanding? I welcome all insights. Have a lovely day X.

    1. as I read what u were saying the more n more i kept thinking to myself – this is strangely sounding more n more like how i have been feeling. so much of it was on point of my own life n struggling issues. except I was getting in my car n 2 flew over me almost side by side. but the strangest n crazy part of all this is that i too saw it on the day u posted this match 9th n my name is also Olivia.

    2. Woah, well hello olivia, that is a lil crazy. If there is a meaning or even a link of serendipity. I wonder what it is

    3. Wow. I’ve been seeing LOTS of magpies lately and have noticed some synchronicity on a couple of occasions. Just came on here after seeing two today to see if there really is any meaning, and I see this comment Olivia(s)… i can absolutely relate to that as if I had written it myself.. lots of peace and love on your spiritual journey x

  18. Hello there,
    I went to a tarot workshop run by two girls who run workshops for women – Goddess workshops. The Tarot teacher mentioned that she is Pagan and that they also do – Moonlight Goddess Gatherings – where they do rituals and meditation. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about this, so on my way home, (It was night time) as I was walking along trying to figure out what I thought about their energy and how I felt about the whole experience or, if it was the right environment for me and whether I would or should go to the next gathering, a magpie swooped in front of me just as I was crossing the road and landed in the tree just in front of me – so there was no way I could miss seeing it. (It actually came from behind me). I live in the center of a very busy city so this is unusual. It has never happened to me before. As soon as I passed it, it flew ahead and into the distance. Can you tell me what this means?


    Kind regards,


    1. Magpies are curious birds and not afraid to investigate. What do you have to lose by going to one of these gatherings and seeing what the experience does for you? If you don’t feel it’s the right environment for you then at least you’ve learned something which can help you know the right environment when you do find it. Or you may find that you love the experience and it opens up a whole new understanding of yourself! Don’t be afraid. It seems like the bird you saw wanted to get your attention and then move forwards after it. Challenge yourself to move forwards, investigate life and try something new 🙂

  19. Caroline O'Reilly

    My mother died 2 days ago. She often used the expression that she was ‘free as a bird’ when she came to visit me or we were off out. Today I went to the room in her care home , she had been a resident due to her Alzheimer’s and looking out her window before me was a large beautiful Maggie who then flew away. Am I wrong to be comforted by this?

    1. Hi Caroline

      Sorry to hear mom ,, my mother has Alzheimer’s as well . That’s a tough one ,, the symbolism behind seeing that bird at her window is worth a lot in saying that your mom is free as a bird now ,, free physically and mentally not bound by earthly and human disease and boundaries…
      Wish you all the best ..

  20. Today a magpie landed on the roof of my car . I was just about to open my boot and it gave me quite a pleasant surprise. It stood looking to me for about 20 seconds as I told it how privileged I felt to be so close up and personal . It then flew up and landed right on top of my head , where it took for about 10 seconds . I was absolutely gobsmacked , a car passing by slowed down to watch ..the guy was laughing and just as surprised as me . It then flew back to the car , I put my hand out to it and it pecked it a few times before flying off . As I drove away , tears seemed to come naturally….for me it was a beautiful experience and one I will always remember xx

  21. Hey. For a while now I’ve been thinking what should I do with my current relationship. I’ve been feeling a bit trapped and wanted freedom of single life, yet I’ve been having doubts. A few things have made this decision even more current.
    Well today when I was driving home from work, a magpie landed on the road before me. I’m always very careful not to drive over animals if I’m able to avoid it, so I slowed down. The magpie stayed there and just barely hopped to the middle of the road to avoid me. What could this mean?

    1. The magpie was telling to to stop and think before moving on…and IF you move on take it slow and you will find balance in your life.

  22. Hi, I was walking on my way to the University where I am doing my PhD. Then, I walked a bit and heard some bird noise. A bird seemed to have flown above me. I looked behind me, I saw a magpie. It was looking directly at me. Then, based on the noise above my head (I didn’t look up) I think it flew above me again, flapping its wings for about 7 to 8 meters more. Then, after a while, when I decided to just ignore it and keep moving, it’s gone. What could this mean?

  23. Hi ,
    I was meditating in my car to a meditation CD. I was awoken by cackling . Right up on my windscreen was a magpie looking at me intently. The expression was like a person. Another bird was sat on the car in front. This one looked at my me for a full 10 seconds and then hopped off! I was quite astounded and touched. I have practiced and made many strides in meditation the last two years and feel a much higher level of awareness than in years past. I feel the world of spirit and this one are very much intertwined and understand this by knowing rather than theory

  24. I Googled magpies because in the last 2 months I keep being visited by 2 at my place of work, I also keep crossing paths with them in a garden I walk through every morning, yesterday I happened to look out the window and one was just hopping about in the street right outside my house, so I figured this is not a coincidence!! Thanks for a bit of insight into what they mean… I have heard the old rhyme but figured there might be more to it ?

  25. Note: spirit animals are exclusive to Native tribes throughout this country and Canada. It’s not like someone just all of a sudden walks up to a dog and is like, oh, hey, I like that dog, that dog is my spirit animal. Spirit animals are given to you through ceremonies. Learning about them on a website like this – while it’s great to inform – doesn’t give you the right to walk around saying that dogs, cats, magpies, etc., are your spirit animal. Spirit animals are given to you through ceremonies. They have an unrelentingly deep meaning. I’m not here to start fights, I’m here to protect my culture and make sure it’s being treated right.

    1. Hello Rose: Spirit animals are not exclusive to the Native tribes of the Americas. Many many other cultures have practiced the medicine of the animals over the ages. This website endeavors to guide those who are seeking answers – whatever their culture or spiritual beliefs are.
      To clarify – in Your culture Spirit animals are adopted through ceremonies. Other Native and non native cultures use different methods. There is no right way or wrong way to find your animal totem. Sometimes they come to you – sometimes they are given or are part of your heritage.
      Everyone has their own personal brand of spirituality and we must embrace them all if we are to grow and mature as a planet. Your culture is an important part of the whole. We are different – yet we are one.

    2. this is a very important clarification. as shaman (the race of people with many psychic abilities) i have experienced the knowledge that what attracts my attention is of value to me. while ceremony is very important it creates a deep psychic attachment to objects of power that combined with my power make changes occur. we all are one in that a long time ago we all had the same parents or at least a very closed selection of parents our dna carries memories of attachments to things of benefit to us as individuals. i was in Egypt recently and magpies followed me wherever i went, i learned from this site what their appearance could mean for me. i valued my images of this trip and my camcorder was stolen in one of the airports before i returned home. leaving the material behind may be the message but as a physical being i must experience physical attachments to things in order to fully realize my being a physical being. moderation not rejection is the key. reverend silversun.

    3. Hello Rose, when I started training with a shaman in my country (the Netherlands), several animals appeared during those sessions. I would very much like to tell you about my experiences and see how I can discern where animal spirits have approached me and where I was the one, assigning animals to be my spirit animals. I am not a native American, but have been instinctively drawn to Indian practices (even during innocent child play) and I live in Europe. I value the treasure of your culture and I would love to learn how to treat it right. Would you like to connect with me? I filled in my website, but it is still in progress, though. Much love and appreciation, Jeanet

    4. Although some people can identify with a group of native people or are part of an ancient race and can identify so, we are all human and were all once part of an ancient race or tribe. We are one people. Animal totems or animal magic does not belong to one race and in particular does not belong to native americans, it belongs to all humans as we were all created and live here on earth alongside animals. Many cultures and races throughout history have known animal magic. It is not disrespectful, as a human who lives on earth, to wonder why an animal is in your dreams, has crossed your path, has bitten you or is somehow special to you. In being human, God has bestowed upon ALL of us the wisdom of the animals., if we care to listen or pay attention.

      It is only known now, at this point in time, that you have a “culture” that has been passed down from generation to generation and to you. However we are all ONE, we are all human, even if some of us are no longer connected to a particular ancient group. Also culture, rituals, and practices have evolved over 10’s of thousands of years (if not more). You do not need a ceremony (although respectable) to have an animal wanting to teach you something about yourself or your surroundings.

    5. You seem very wise. I had a ceremony on the 13th where I gave over all of my power to my God. My spiritual advisor, is a native (Cree) fellow with much wisdom and is very connected with the realm of love and spirituality. I held his hand while I said my prayer by the waters edge while my dog swam and chased his ball. As I was doing this, Bill said a prayer of his own- to ask that I be shown a sign that my message was received. To both of our amazement, a big, beautiful hawk slowly glided directly over us- not 30 ft above our heads! I took this as a sign, and Bill advised that it certainly was! After reading what a hawk represents, I truly believe that I had been given the spirit of a hawk. It made made sense to me. After doing a “quiz” online, I learned that my spirit totem is an owl. Can there be two or more? This morning, after I said my prayers- asking for guidance and wisdom, I, myself asked to be shown a sign that my message was received. Didn’t notice one immediately, but as I came back out to my deck with a full cup of coffee, my heart almost stopped! There sat a large, pristine, beautiful magpie on the deck railing. We were about 6 ft apart. We just looked at each other in peace and silence for several seconds. My dog, who usually barks and chases magpies, watched quietly and calmly. It just turned and took flight. This was definitely a message from the “higher power.” In only a few short days, since I gave my spirit over to God, and released all fear, I’ve been noticing these animals showing themselves to me. This didn’t happen this way until that point. No magpie would’ve ever come near me! I used to hate them, now I embrace them and any other animal that shows itself to me. It’s quite astounding! Thank you. Clint.

  26. This is a great post, so thanks for the wisdom. I had the most fascinating experience today! I was taking a walk and stopped to connect to nature by a tree. I usually open eneregticall when I love locations, where I feel trees are dense and where I love the bird songs and flowers. I had 3 magpies fly on the tree, under which I was standing and they started screeching. I moved several times and every time they would find me and land on my tree and start screeching again. I took it as a game and continued moving and they followed me. Finally I moved several trees over and connected to that tree energetically and they didn’t follow me and were suddenly silent…. I felt as if they were guiding me to this specific tree. I was curious to the deeper meaning of our meeting and the above was very helpful to my understanding. 🙂

  27. Okay I’ve been seeing magpies since the beginning of 2015 it started out quite normal because it was only one but then when I started to really take a deeper look I would see more sometimes 2 or 3 and today I have seen 4 but march just gone I saw the most I ever seen before I saw more than about 20 of them just flying near me I found it to be quite strange I’ve been having real intense dreams as well its just real strange but I don’t let it bother me does anybody no what this could possibly mean

    1. I just googled the totem meaning because I keep bumping into them and had the feeling that this is not a coincidence

  28. i see magpies every day between 2-6 birds i have become fasinated and wondered if i am getting a message from someone /something

  29. I had a dream that I was chasing a magpie inside a house. It was underneath a freestanding cupboar but I awoke just before I was able to get my hands on it. Any ideas?

  30. I’ve just seen 22 magpies the most I’ve honestly ever seen yet I’m amazed as to what it means?? other than that’s an awful lot! If anyone’s able to help please do
    Many thanks in advance 🙂

  31. I just woke from a dream I had what appeared to be a wounded magpie but but as I went to pick it up I relised it was surrounded by dead magpies worst feeling of Deja vu to somethings wrong

  32. Today at the park a magpie came right up to me as I was laying on the ground and was feeding it’s babies right in front of me. I am often surrounded by Magpies, but never this close, any ideas about a message here?

  33. A magpie flew onto my balcony (top floor bedroom) yesterday, coming up quite close to the window – the balcony is a couple of feet from my bed. I wonder what that meant?
    thanks 🙂

  34. This forum is wonderful, everyone else just thinks I’m crazy 😐
    Any opinion on the following would be greatly appreciated….
    Magpies are EVERYWHERE for me. They follow me home hopping along chimneys. Or two criss cross above me all the way up my road home. They fly across my path on the motorways.
    They squawk at me from the back garden every morning and they often call from the roof opposite my house if I’m arriving home in the car.
    Not a day passes without their presence around me in one way or another but I cannot make sense of it. I greet them, say hello I’ll talk to them in the garden a tie foil on the holly tree for them. Whatever they mean I love them 😀

    1. It could mean that you live near a bunch of magpies. It really depends on you. Do you feel connected to them or are they just interesting birds? I have a similar situation with cardinals. They’re everywhere, beautiful birds but that’s it, I’m not connected to them at all I just happen to be their neighbor. I recommend meditating on the birds see if there’s a connection, or something they’re trying to tell you. 😆

  35. Hi
    I was in the mountains today and I was meditating. A magpie flew near me and sat in front of me. I felt It knew I had food in my car so I went to my car and gave it some food and just watched it.

    Then about 2 hours later, I was driving and saw another magpie just land on the tree and look at me. I had parked my car on the side for a few mins.

    Can you please explain what it may mean.

  36. Hi!

    I had the oddest dream a few days a go. In the dream, a bird was seeking my attention and companionship. We were both in one of my favourite cities, amongst friends. It flew in and out of a cage that was standing next to me, and I could pet it and play with it and I really felt joy while spending time with the bird. At a certain point, it flew away for a while, but it always came back to me, and sat in the open cage by it’s own will.

    I do not often think that a certain dream has a special meaning, but after this dream I really felt the urge of looking it up. I discovered that the bird was a magpie.

    Does anyone have any idea what this dream means?

    Thank you!

    1. The key words would be the bird continually leaving and coming back – which is suggestive of a continuing pattern in your life. Look at the personal stories and dramas in your life and see which ones you keep repeating. Try and resolve the lesson in a new way.

    2. Aviva Herman Waldstein

      Marvelous… Sounds very meaningful… Is there anything in your life regarding freedom and spirituality? The natural medicine, Classical Homeopathy deals with dreams and birds, among other things…

  37. Hey,

    What does it mean when a magpie follows you? It followed me from tree to tree until I got home then it flew away.
    What does this symbolises ? I have to know.

    1. Hello Herman: The Magpie is letting you know that you have to pay attention to all of the messages and omens you have been receiving. Your direction is clear – just read the signs. Also pay special attention to the message in the quotation box at the top of the page. The message will be specific to you.

  38. was wwondering what it means if I get bitten in a dream by a magpie ??
    Does it mean that sorrow going to bit me hard ?? ty for your time

    1. Hello Nance: A Magpie biting you in a dream is symbolic of a past decision you have made that will now come back and bite you. In other words something you did in the past will now be an obstacle to your moving forward. You need to find an alternate route.

    1. Hello Raven: The Magpie is letting you know that you have forgotten to nurture yourself emotionally. Do something that you love to do for yourself.

  39. Hello 😛 Thank you for providing this wonderful website that enables me to quick reference the meaning of Animal totems.. I use it regularly and find it very accurate!! This afternoon, I was talking to my spirit guides and was clarifying my spiritual calling & what I wanted to do & also asked for help.. suddenly, this beautiful Magpie landed outside on my balcony and, as I was inside but with the curtain blinds slightly opened, I looked to see what kind of bird it was, and I saw him/her.. it looked directly at me 😀 I said thank you for flying into my life.. then it took off… what would you say it means??? Thank you in advance.. with love & blessings… Patricia

    1. Hi Patricia: Your Magpie was letting you know that a time of transition is ahead for you. It’s time to let go of the past and bring in the new.

  40. Walking to work this morning a magpie swooped and clicked in my ear then landed and looked at me. I was under cover so it was a bit strange. I have walked this way many times and never had this happen?

    1. Hi Lachy: Seems like your Magpie was being a bit of a daredevil. Perhaps you need to take some risks as well and let go of what other people will think of you. Pay attention to the quotation box at the top and see what Magpie has been trying to tell you.

    1. Hi Rupa: I would suggest that the Magpie is sending you the message that you are hanging onto something that no longer serves you. It may mean that you have to let go of your pride and and serve up a bit of humble pie in order to set things right.

      Silken Raven

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