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Ladybug Meaning and Messages

The appearance of Ladybug symbolism heralds a time of good luck. Moreover, it means that wishes and dreams are coming to fruition. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. In other words, worries begin to dissipate and new happiness comes about. This spirit animal also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In due course of time, our wishes will all come true.

Similar to the Angelfish, the Ladybug meaning could be signaling that you can leave your worries behind and that new happiness is on its way. In other words, this species of beetle is a signal that you must live your truth. Protect your truth and know that it is yours to honor.

Ladybug symbolism also reminds you that you can create your own good fortune by focusing on positivity and believing that you you are extremely lucky. Gratitude for the small wonders in life will always trigger blessings.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Armadillo, people with the Ladybug totem are most likely to be a loyal but vivacious and exciting companion. They are continually delving into the mysteries of the Universe and the unknown. These folks are also naturally highly spiritual and curious by nature. Therefore, they are rarely satisfied with mundane explanations or dull companions. For the most part, people with the Ladybug totem are open-minded and enjoy having their consciousness expanded. Thus, they tend to bring joy to those around them. People enjoy being around them. They are trusting, happy, and carefree.

Dream Interpretation

When you dream of a ladybird, it is a sign that you are likely to experience a run of good luck soon. To dream of many Ladybugs can point to feeling as though things are somewhat out of control, as though a lot of small things are going wrong. Consider ways in which you can take one step at a time to feel more in control of your life and your work.

Alternatively, a Ladybug dream can also symbolize beauty. The vision may also be a metaphor for a lady who is bugging you in your waking life. Perhaps there is an issue that you need to address with this lady. If this insect is unusually big, then it is analogous to the magnitude of the problem.

166 thoughts on “Ladybug”

  1. During a very challenging time I decided to give myself a break and drove to a beach town I was told was beautiful, 3.5 hours away…The town was cute but the beach! Stunning, ending where enormous cliffs meet the ocean, (pacific coast). Strolling the beach, deep in thought, how surprised I was to find ladybugs everywhere on the sand. All spaced about 12 inches apart in their own little zones, and the cutest tracks laced over the sand everywhere. Remarkable! One ladybug was getting waterlogged in a small depression, so I picked her up and let her dry out on my finger. She stayed there, drying out each wing separately and deliberately, for over a half hour! I told her she could stay as long as she liked and I would set her down near other ladybugs to make sure she was in the right habitat. Eventually, she stretched her wings and lifted off, gracefully flying away towards some fresh spring seaside shrubbery.

    And I saw another one today. So I knew I needed to come and get help understanding what the message to me was, because I felt there definitely was one, and sure enough, this message is so applicable to me right now it is Amazing. I truly thank Nature and the greater reality for the communication and the uplift. And thank you for this wonderful site.

  2. Today a ladybug fell onto the sleeve of my wedding dress from a tree above. It landed hard to make sure I knew it was there. This was during my First look/ Bridal pictures with my fiancé. The photographer was quick to get a picture. 🙂

  3. Does the colour of the ladybug alter it’s meaning? Where I live red ones are common but today a yellow one somehow found it’s way to me and they’re not common at all here.

    1. Hey Sophie .. I saw a yellow ladybug not so long ago .. I thought I was seeing something else until I had a closer look .. and there she was a beautiful yellow lady bug ..

  4. I was in the beach contemplating the universe as as it’s my own imagination (as if it’s a dream) suddenly a ladybug stood in my piece of paper. It was a happy moment for me. Because I was very concerned about a life situation I’m having.

  5. I felt something on my neck and got a little freaked out and smacked it. Turns out it was a lady bug. Did I just lay a curse on myself by accidentally killing it?! 🙁

    1. Only if “you” believe it will!…… “like attracts like”….. therefore, if you put your beliefs into thinking you will be ‘cursed’ (as you put it)…. then that belief will grow & become so. However, understanding that NOTHING in life is ever an “accident” and that ALL is simply “meant to be as is”…. then just know “it is just so”…. and that ‘all is well’ with the universe – and that it simply occurred – purely – because it was ‘meant to’….. nothing more – nothing less.

    2. At most, according to your beliefs, it would make a few mild bad days, but nothing major. You seem to be the type who feels guilty for killing even insects, so I’m sure whatever angels are watching, I’m sure they will take your intention that it was an accident in mind. As much as some animal lovers may go so far not to kill insects, it is very difficult to 100% avoid killing insects through life simply because they’re so small and hard to see, that it’s easy to just mistakenly step on them or mistakenly smack them.

      If it is against your code, it is okay to try to avoid it, but do not blame yourself if you cannot fulfill that goal 100% all of the time. I’m sure it went to some kind of insect Heaven.

  6. Today I’ve been worrying about my life, thinking I will never get the life what I want and desire. In these times I go to Pinterest since, many times in the past, Universe has delivered me messages via Pinterest and posts there. This happened now too. Pinterest suddenly was full of private jets, beautiful homes, new cars, beautiful big gardens etc. and money. Lots and lots of money. And none of these pics I haven’t searched or seen before. They just appear there suddenly. Well, it all made me happy since I’m aware that Universe has my back, that things will work out for me but it just takes so much time.

    Then I got off on the couch and since it’s cold autumn in Finland already, there’s times when some small bugs etc. crawls inside our warm homes. I noticed small dot fly on the wall and I bend to take a closer look at it – and it was big ladybug! <3 She was tangled in small cat hair ball by its feet so I freed her as gently and careful as possible, then taking her out in mom's flowerbed (my cats most surely would had eaten her if they would had spotted her).

    I feel SO HAPPY, relieved and I have faith once again that my life is going to be amazing, that all is good (like ladybug says it too) and all my dreams will come true! <3

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful page as well! This is the place where I always come to see animal symbols, their meanings etc. because this is, honestly, the best place <3

    1. Jacqueline Slater

      Hi Marjo…thank you for sharing your lovely story it made me smile… 😁

  7. While I was taking a nap, I heard a noise behind my bed. I assumed it definitely had to be a huge roach. Since I have cockroach phobia, my heart started beating fast and my body started getting hot as I searched around my bed for that roach. I even had the vacuum ready to suck that bug in to the vacuum and out of my room. The bug then started flying around out of nowhere and it looked brown. I thought it was looked either a beetle or a roach. Later it landed on a wall. It was a ladybug. I took it outside to the backyard. I hope it’s safe. I just remembered now that a ladybug is a symbol of luck and fortune. I’m having really shit luck with finding and keeping a job after failing university and it has been like this for over a year already, and now i hope this doesn’t mean I gave away the luck that happened to be in my room.

    1. I view this as you releasing it and returning it back to it’s natural habit where it will thrive. This is a positive act so I doubt that you gave away the abundance it signifies. Sometimes, animals like to remind us of what is possible – you can have luck and fortune! – but you need to release the doubt and worries that are holding you back so that you can begin to thrive again (just as you released the ladybug to thrive). I hope this helps, and I hope your situation improves.

  8. Few weeks back I started to get loads of ladybirds, first I didn’t mind, I let them be snd then there were, they were everywhere. I spoke to them and said look there is too much of you and you have to go. I thre many out. I didn’t kill them.
    So last week they stopped. When u asked some healer friends they said it was s sign. A sign of abundance. Then I felt really bad that I was unkind to them.
    Please explain.

    1. It’s okay to ask them to leave after you understand a sign. Like any message, it is okay to ask for spirit to stop repeating a message if you feel like you already understand the message itself. If the message is no longer repeated, it doesn’t mean it’s not true anymore. If you want the message to repeat itself for affirmation though, you can always ask for them to come back if you want to. Though it’s nothing wrong if you want an update with different kinds of messages fit for another time and situation in your life.

  9. I just woke up, with a ladybug sitting on my bed, next to my pillow. There was something about it that just made me smile big time. She crawled right on to my hands, and I greeted her with a little smile, before putting her somewhere safer for her. According to my Romanian friend, and a romanian tradition… today is the day that will show me, how my year is going to be. Not a bad start to the day at all. I have recently decided to make some positive changes in my life, seing the little beauty makes me feel good about my decisions🙂 I have also been suffering from sleep paralysis, but not tonight, so it was a pleasant way to wake, instead of my usual way😅

    1. I say it’s a good sign to remember the little pleasures of life that makes life good. Count 5 things to be grateful for each time you start the day when the ladybug comes to mind.

  10. I keep finding ladybugs all over my house and they always seem to follow me. Today I grabbed my umbrella and I felt something on my hand I freaked out because I thought it was a spider about to bite me again and it was a ladybug. They’re really starting to annoy me and I’ve been having a bad day so I said that I hate ladybugs but its not true.

  11. I found a lady bug down my pants a few days ago. Beats the crap how it got in there. Unfortunately, I thought it was a piece of lint or something and kind of roughly scratched it. By the time I got it out of my pants…..I think it was too roughed up to survive. So….my sincerest apologies to the lady bug gods.

  12. I had a dream about a purple ladybug with black spots. Does the colour alter the symbolism meaning? I can’t remember anything else about the dream, unfortunately.

    1. Anoushka Pandey

      While shopping today with my boyfriend, when we were tired badly, suddenly I realised something is crawling on my neck. With a reflex action to get rid of an insect, I removed it with my hand. the moment it fell on ground, I saw it was a ladybird. I picked it up to see in my hand & then gave it to my boyfriend. Later when I stepped forward my guy again placed it on my neck to tease me with which I was unaware n again with reflex o removed it, realisii it later it was the same insect. What does this mean? I last saw a ladybird I guess in college n now . How should I understand this as? Kindly reply n guide

  13. Im pregnant with my 2nd child and keep having crazy dreams. I had a dream last night that I walked into a huge spider’s web but it has hundreds of lady bugs on the web, 2 lady bugs landed on my stomach and went inside my belly button. I got one out then the other had started to go under my skin trying to get to inside my stomach, I managed to get that one out as well eventually. It’s left me feeling like this was a message because it was so vivid! Any ideas as to what this could mean? Thank you x

    1. I’m also pregnant and have been having vivid hallucinations of lady bug sybolisms and my conscience was telling me it was a good thing so I’m gonna stick with it haha

  14. I recently and unexpectedly lost my job and i am back to job searching and starting from scratch. I have been worrying a lot lately and been praying for guidance. As i sat at the park today a lady bug came flying in and hit me straight onto my third eye-i was even annoyed by how fast she hit me! And then i saw this beautiful little one laying on the grass next to me. The minute i put a leaf next to her she started running towards my hands. Guess good things are on the way? Thank u

  15. Hi,
    Last night I had a dream about a ladybird popping out of my skin – she hatched out from my leg as I watched on in wonder !!
    It’s the second ladybird dream I have had this year.
    Any thoughts anyone??

    1. Hi Tracy 🙂
      The first thought that came to me was regarding metamorphosis.. specifically regarding moving forward from something.. because the ladybird came out of your legs..
      Walking forward.. moving forward etc from the past is what I felt immediately from this. Maybe ask yourself if there are changes you are resisting in your life, anywhere that is keeping you out of your bliss and happiness <3

  16. I was sitting at a table in the garden of a restaurant, waiting for a friend to arrive for lunch. A ladybird came and sat on the table in front of me and looked up at me. I looked at it and savoured this peaceful moment. Just then a waiter came up to me a disturbed the moment. I gently cupped my hand over the ladybug as I didn’t want it to leave me. When the waiter left, I lifed my hand and it was gone. I searched all around, but it was nowhere to be found. I felt it had been either a message of love and luck or a warning. Since that day, my life has been hell and I’m really struggling to cope with all the stresses and difficulties that are coming at me each day, one after another. I am bearly holding up.

  17. I’ve been doing some research. After 4 years of distancing myself from my dad. We have fixed our relationship a lot. And I’ve been reminded that almost everytime we are together, we see ladybugs.

  18. I have been seeing ladybugs for years (ie. dreams, meditation, in my room/car). Such is supposed to detail good luck, but I’m still not getting what I feel I should want in theses areas I want (ie. business, relationships, love, etc.). Actually, I have noticed that I see them when things go the opposite of what I wield, such makes me believe that it is not good for me to be with anyone. Having a deep yearning for romance, while consistently having that pulled apart from you, pushes you to believe that not having it is truly better or right for you.

    I did n’t organically get into this business I’m in for women, but it was always presented that women like guys who do what I do. Honestly, I’m constantly dealing with how lonely this business is, as well as how dark are the things I covet while in this business: being or falling in love.

    Bottom line: if the ladybug is a sign of luck, then my being separate from a functioning relationships with women is bad luck for me.

    *breathes* Just keepin’ it real.

    1. Or you could take it as in it’s not the right time or person and that’s why you’re romantic interests haven’t panned out. Also, it says the sight of the insect symbolizes caution in trying too hard for what you want. Let romance find you

    2. No one is the “right person” because this is not a perfect world. Stop believing in fakeness and false expectations. A ladybug can mean many things as stated in the article. It’s meaning also depends on it’s colour and species.

  19. When I was born, the day I was brought home, our house was suddenly filled with ladybugs. They were there all throughout my early childhood and I would play with them (when i was a baby i tried to eat one. i i still remember the taste! yuck)
    Reading this made me think that they were probably a sign that she could let go of all of her previous worries now that she had a daughter to take care of

  20. I always have had an affinity for ladybugs and put them in houseplants in the winter or free them outdoors in the warmer months. Hit my worst depression ever one night in 2014 and woke up to thousands of ladybugs outside my bedroom, completely covered that side of the house. Took it as a sign.

  21. I saved a ladybug from our swimming pool and this beautiful bug did not want to leave my hand. She sat and seemed to be drying her little wings off. She stayed for a considerable amount of time. Could that mean anything?

  22. I dreamt of a ladybug landing on my hand in my dream I don’t remember much after that but that’s the biggest thing is stuck in my mind I really don’t know what this means but it just struck me as odd

  23. I have seen 3 orange ladybugs flitting around me recently. One lives in the shower by the window and the other two stay near my bed (sometimes on my nightstand or in my sheets or on my journal). I’ve been going through some pretty difficult times and I’m curious to find meaning in them. Any thoughts?

    1. ive had 3 lady bugs by my bed or near it, 4 in my shower, and one in my horse trailer. I moved houses awhile back and when my room was empty I went around and counted 12 ladybugs total in that room. My parents are divorced and they follow me everywhere! I don’t know what it means and it kinda scares me.

    2. I had the thought.. that you should write your wishes and dreams in your journal. Writing our dreams out clarifies them.. and writing our wishes down, helps solidify them into the physical. 🙂 Perhaps if you are in a low place this will also be a good way to express those feelings and transform them into .. a metamorphosis into a happier place ^_^

  24. Today, getting in my car I noticed a lady bug crawling on me. It was very specific, auspicious. I believe it was carrying a message from Hazrat Inayat Khan. I used to think the ladybug represented the Love I felt when adoring my most recent girlfriend.
    I may have never of discovered Inayat Khan if it wasn’t for my ladybug dream.
    In this dream I am in my parents backyard and it begins to flood. I am forced to climb the only tree(and it’s a tall one) as the water rises. Anything below the water turns black and white and freezes. There are people at the top of the tree and the feeling is celebratory. As I climb to the top the water gets me and I am frozen but my hand is sticking out of the water. My grandpa helps me and a ladybug flies out after he picked, “a young one” and lands on my hand and disappears leaving the imprint of a pink heart behind. In what felt like a transference of conscious I am now one of the lookers observing what happened and when the people at the top asking , what of him? I remember this: “I am him. I am Sufi.”

    This is the First time I learned the word Sufi and have been influenced by the message of Sufism ever since. Yesterday Hazarat Inayat Khan was remembered for passing on 2/5/1927 and now I see this ladybug as a messenger. A representation of love, devotion and a connection to the spirit world. I even think the ladybug which appeared out of nowhere in my car today was him…

    It is a feeling of Divine Presence and instantly taps me into a deeper expression.

  25. I live in South Carolina. As I was getting in the shower I noticed a lady bug in my bathroom -in the dead of winter! I thought it was a bit unusual to see one this time of year, so I wanted to look up the symbolic meaning.

    1. I live in Montana and it is a warmer winter than usual but still cold for a ladybug, anyway I just found one in my water jug so I fished it out and put it with my houseplant. The last time this happened to me was when my grandfather passed. It was late November and we found one outside near his grave.

  26. I had a dream that I was standing in a place with my relatives and all of a sudden I felt something in my mouth? I spit it out and it was a ladybug.. I ran my tongue against the bottom of my mouth and there was like 5 lumps and if I pushed hard enough with my tongue, a ladybug came popping out and I spit them out onto the ground, it was honestly scary lol. I was left with holes. My relative had a couple on her arm that she pushed out. And we were scared my cat might have some so I checked her but she was fine. Everything I read about ladybugs is positive and they’re a sign of good luck but they were more like parasites in my dream instead of the happy, landing on my shoulder thing.

  27. Well. In the past month. I’ve helped stop 2 white dogs from being run over. A lady bug land on my right shoulder and a stink bug land directly in the middle of my chest. I’ve recently lost my white dog with black pigment spots, and a dear friend to cancer. Another friend to drugs and yet another for various reasons. After 16 yrs I’ve stumbled onto a girl I’m very attracted but do not feel it is mutual. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Joe

      I think the universe was just saying thanks for saving the dogs, and that mother nature will repay your kindness with what you need. We have different needs and though a girl may be one of them, maybe, that is not the one. Look out for small daily blessings and be grateful for them. This is all but my opinion.

      All the best.

    1. By the logic of this article, I would say that it means you’re trying too hard and that you need to relax before you burn yourself out

  28. Hi,
    I rarely ever remember my dreams, but when I do I know there is meaning to it…

    Dream: I was sitting outdoors having a peaceful conversation with unknown person. Suddenly a ladybug began to swarm around my face, then another and another…as I begain to leave the area I looked down and noticed the ladybugs where coming from inside my jacket. I slowly unzipped my jacket and hundreds and hundreds of ladybugs began to swarm out. As I got to the end of the zipper I was overwhelmed by the infestation ripped my jacket off and ran….

    Emotions: Peaceful, joy, overwhelmed, out of control and fear…

    In my Awakened life all the above emotions are my current reality. Before going to bed I eas praying and meditating on change…

    Thank you for any assistance you may have to guide me.

    Love & Light


      I was swarmed by atlas 30 lady bugs today. This is 3 days after I quit smoking. As I’m sitting outside, one lady bug smacks me in the forehead, the next in my hair, then I see atleast 20 more lady bugs as they fly towards me. I begin to fan them away, but that did absolutely nothing. So I run inside to the bathroom, pull down my leggings and a lady bug flies out. lol I’ve never seen anything like it. There were yellow, red and orange ones all around me.

  29. Female Anonymous

    But what if the ladybug is black with red spots? I’ve seen two today. The regular ladybug and the, I call it the inverted color one. Is there a connection between those two?

  30. The roof inspector came to inspect a leak in my garage roof. While he was up there, I was delighted to see a ladybug on the tip of a crepe myrtle branch extending over the roof.

    1. Yolanda Williamson

      I am delighted. Saw a ladybug yesterday and today. Animals are sacred to me, they are not engineers but can build perfect and wonderful nests. Their unconditional love.

  31. I just lost my dear little dog 2 weeks ago, and miss him terribly. I buried him in my yard and stop to visit him daily. Today there were 2 ladybug larvae sitting on his headstone. Do they have the same meanings as adults?

    1. Dear S, ladybug larvae come from Ladybugs. Therefore, the burial site was visited by a ladybug. Watch for a white dog.

      When I lost a very dear spaniel due to old age, I was in deep grief. On Hallowed Eve, end of October, I was cleaning up the house and pruning the yard on a high ladder. When I stepped down off the ladder, I was completely startled by a strange husky dog at my feet! He was all white with one blue eye and the other eye another color! He smiled, almost laughed with joy, acted as if he knew me all his life! I turned to fold up the ladder and when I looked back, he was gone. I searched the bushes and he had completely vanished.

  32. This morning I had a ladybug fly into my shirt while waiting for the bus to work. I’ve recently received a job offer for another position and am heavily weighing my options all the time. I want to travel still and see the world. I pretty well thought nothing of the sudden visitor until on my way home, again waiting for the bus at the stop, another little guest came and visited me. It provoked me to search it’s meaning. Nothing happens without reason in this world. Thanks for the visit little ones.

    1. Last night I had a dream that I saw a little boy and he had lady bugs all over him. There were even baby lady bugs on him as well. I mentioned to him in my dream that is was good luck. He agreed and I woke up. I do have a lot going on and I’ve recently considered going back to school. I’ve been reviewing my old notes and papers 24/7. I’ve been OCD when it comes to stuff like that. It did mention “higher goals are possible ” and not to go at them to fast. I’m wondering what the baby lady bugs mean? A lot of smaller problems? My husband and I are getting ready to try I to get pregnant. Could the boy with the baby lady bugs symbolize that we will have a boy?

  33. Today a lady bug that was flying hit my nose and then sat on my shirt until i got to work, that was amazing and restored my faith in the goodness of life, kind reminder Universe… thank you.

  34. I found a ladybug in my salad at a restaraunt… does that mean anything? I set the thing free on the crouton it was eating.

  35. Just now I was working in my studio, and I felt a small bug fly onto my chest over my heart. Usually I just puff some air at whatever it is but I looked down and it was the tiniest little ladybug I’ve ever seen. I carefully picked her up and placed her outside, but am just so happy now that one has landed on me, especially my heart 🙂 I hope good fortune is in the future!

  36. I had a dream last night with a ladybug i can only recall it was flying above me. I dont remember if it was on top of my head or what. But for me the ladybug is my little critter my little friend. I felt happy seeing it flying . Then again my sons 15th yr heavenly birthday was today. I am a day care teacher and i named my class ladybugs. I feel very strong connection to them to evry mystical thing that happens around me like finding back to back feathers in one day. I am going thru hard financial situation right now and i will concentrate on the positive side of my dream i dont want to draw a negative attention to my little friends not even in my dreams. Thank you for this website.

  37. Crystal Delpozo

    My boyfriend are 12 years just passed away about 3 weeks ago and yesterday went to the beach and I was reluctant to go at first. But when I was playing in the sand with my nieces, I saw a little ladybugs amongst the sand and one just gravitated to my head and just didn’t want to let go. I felt a sense of calm because we both loved​ the beach but I can’t help but think that maybe it was him trying to tell me something….
    I miss him so much…

    1. I think the little guy is rewarding you for the small victory of going to the beach even tho u are grieving. Peace and happiness are attainable in small moments even at our most desperate times. Keep making choices that enrich your daily life, more happiness awaits!

  38. Hello, great post!
    Without getting into detail about whats been happening ive been going through a very tough emotional/confused/spiritually expanding myself time..which is leading to feelings of confusion. Long story short i just found a golden lady bug!! I was swimming in the pool and she was in the water! I have never ever ever seen one before, up until moments ago i didnt even know they existed. It was breathtaking! It literally looked like she had gold flakes under her shell! What could this mean?

  39. Hey:)
    I just had a really scary dream.
    Basically all of the sudden there were ladybugs flying and coming out from everywhere; people where hiding in houses – it felt like a plague. I even found one stuck in my ear and had to remove it.
    In my dream I was generally confused, anxious, disgust and scared.
    I am really worried what it might mean.

    1. In the dream you saw the symbol of luck in multitude. And felt attacked.
      Do you look at things in your awake dream as attacking you? As if your dreams are to high? Do you feel discurage?
      Maybe many of your dreams are wishing to be fulfilled, but you look at them as something that attacks you. In that case, opposite energies. And the very essence of you that are those dreams can not come through.
      A ladybug in your ear? Is it maybe something you are hearing but you are refusing to listend to? Since it was discusting to have it there, it might be the sign of your refusal.

    2. i AM SO HAPPY i stumbled upon this thread. I am in the process of going through some great but major changes….my family owns two horses and i have recently really just fallen in love with them and their spirituality and calming nature. this past saturday when we were brushing one of the horses a ladybug was sitting on the saddle pad. which made my mom, dad and i sort of stop and smile and wonder what act of transition or symbolism that brought….well about two hours ago on my lunch break i was sitting in my car with the windows down and looked down at my shoe and there was a lady bug on me….so this was my second ladybug encounter in one week. I just sold my home and we are waiting a bit to find a house (my boyfriend and i are buying a home)…its taking him a bit longer to get his ready and im starting to grow impatient and one thread says that

      “This insect also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true.”

      im wonderinf if i needed another reminder of this today as i am a bit frustrated??? or if i am embarking on a new journey with my new love for horses ?? im just a bit taken back as to why i have seen two in one week.

      i think of ladybugs as symbols of love, luck and transition and just wondering if their appearance this week is a way of telling me to take a deep breath and let things happen naturally and to be excited for future endeavors

  40. Hi have not seen a lady bug since ages ago saw 1 – 2 days ago and 3 on my walk today have been on a bit of a spiritual evolvement as we all have I guess, however started my own little life coaching business – I had a crisis of confidence yesterday then today the lady bugs am hoping this is a good sign.. Hoping to manifest more and more clients Xx Thoughts blessedly received.

  41. Lately I have been finding ladybug parts on my clothing, normally on my leggings or jeans while wearing them. It’ll be a portion of a shell. Then, the other night, I woke up and found a lady bug crawling on my leg! Keep in mind, this is the middle of February in Chicago. What could the meaning behind this be? This can’t just be some strange occurrence. Is it a symbol of something about to happen to me?

    1. Hi Kay

      I know it seems odd but these lil guys and a few other tend to find places to next sort of speak inside out homes , I myself have had the same one sitting on my oven , every time I move her she’s back not long after I think it’s just time they started waking with the little warmer weather they get active ., BUT they are a sign of luck and warnings to take things slow in regards to our dreams etc..

    2. Parts of a ladybug. Meaning fraction? Fraction in your energies towards luck and dreams fulfilled?
      Always on your legs. What does leg mean to you? Is it what moves you forward?
      So the ladybug shows you that you are fractured in your moving forward?
      Then you woke up from sleep and found one healthy and well walking up your leg.
      You will wake up and begin to create less fractured movement forward?
      You are going towards the right direction might be the sign. Just know so,and when you do, you align with your own self more fully. Focus your inner self with your dreams and know they are yours and you own your full freedom to recive them without any effort ♡

  42. Well what a wonderful start to the day my second granddaughter is arriving, while my first sleeps next door 💗💗. A Ladybird has just landed on my pillow and then flew onto my nose 😀 She is still here somewhere I presume, although if she is like the Robin that was in my bedroom
    She may well have disappeared into thin air 🌈

    Many thanks for this lovely website 😊

    1. Could you tell me what you think it means if you have loads of ladybirds around your windows and they keep coming into your home all year round
      And a few months ago they were black with red dots like the wrong way round
      PLEASE help

  43. I have these 2 ladybugs that live on the ceiling Of my bedroom. I have no idea where they came from but they’re so beautiful to watch.

    1. I have just moved into a new home the first night I noticed a ladybird in my room, thought it was beautiful but thought nothing more of it, but I’m seeing them everywhere, there are now 4 in my room and one in the bathroom, they don’t want to seem to leave, I have left the window open for hours but they seem happy where they are for now.i read that they symbolise luck and to make a wish and each it fly away, maybe I’m not ready for what I wished for Yey hey x there is always a robin sitting on my fence when I go outside and an actual face in my tree in the garden. This is a cool place to live I got a good feeling about this place!

  44. Hello, this just happened. I was having a very vivid dream of an, erm sexual act. And I thought to myself “this is a weird sensation, I know I’m dreaming yet I can feel her kissing my neck through my beard as if I didn’t have one. How can I feel the slight suction on my jawline why does this feel like the actual thing??” In that moment I woke up and found a faded or orange ladybug scuttling across my laptop just inches from my head. It continued to go in a circle around the top of my laptop and on the cords until I uttered that I want to reach my goals in life, it stopped moving. I was waiting for it to fly away because I was told to make a wish and when the ladybug flys away she’s going to fulfill your wish, she did not move. So I thought about my wish and the ladybug began to move in its same rotation again never losing sight of me, until I said “I want to be abundantly wealthy so that I may take care of my friends and family”, who are one in the same honestly, and in that very moment and not a second later it flew away. I looked up to track it with my eyes but it had disappeared out of my view, nowhere to be seen, and not without a lack of searching….

    1. <3 <3 <3 AWWWWWWE Zay!!! What a heart touching story 🙂 I hope all your wishes, and dreams come true, and that your goal to be abundantly wealthy so you can take care of your friends and family is reached and exceeded!! Thank you for you sharing your story, here.. I too, have that same wish, and feel blessed to also have a special ladybug sharing this room with me, so I feel extra grateful. It had been a couple days since I'd seen her, then, at the perfect time she appeared again, yesterday, and right now, on the ceiling, which is a great sign! BEST WISHES TO YOU!!!

      And, for the record, everyone – ladybugs LOVE avocado leaves 😀

      how cool would it be if we had the same parallel traveling ladybug.. lol.. Happy Weekend to you. Continued BLESSINGS!!! <3 Peace and Love

  45. I have the same lady bug in my office for weeks now. I don’t get it. I understand that i have been through a HUGE low in my life for the past few years. What is the lady bug trying to tell me? It’s so weird cause it has nothing to eat to survive, how is it still alive

  46. A.couple weeks ago I cam home and my apartment ceiling and door waso flowing with lady bugs. I got rid of them yet they came back. They have come and gone and got I nder my skin till I decided today to look up lady bugs. ability to dispel negativity was the biggest one to send out theirs other side well however the one made me decide thy can hang out an take the negativity. I let God know they can staye till he decide

    1. my mom prayed when a lot of flies appearead and they all became dead the next mornig and stopped showing up slowly

  47. I’ve been going through a rough patch lately. I got discharged from my job a few weeks ago and have two toddlers to care for. Ive been stressed out, with rent and bills due soon. I have been seeing ladybugs in my home for over a month now as well as in my dreams and throughout my life. I’ve been praying for a long time for help with my situation. I know ladybugs are good luck but I feel like there’s more to it with them being in my home. As if they’re are telling me something is coming soon. I just really want to know what it could mean.

    1. I feel the same way..I am so stressed out over loosing my job a month in a half ago and I just dont know what to do anymore..I dont even feel like myself anymore but I wished I had an answer.I have 2 children and 2 grandbabies. I’m stressed about xmas my daughter is 10..I’m trying to figure it out and it’s funny but where I sit in my house ladybugs have been with me lately so I hope it does bring me luck and everyone their near that needs it..

    2. I just spotted in all corners of my room before leaving to my retreat for mt.shasta lady bugs , they are still here. Thank you for being with me , onelove!

  48. I recently discovered my partner cheated on me it has left me devastated and in shock as I never expected this. In the past week I have had lady bugs either land on me or appear on things near me. I hope this means things look up for me

    1. Felicity,
      I find solace seeing you here under similar circumstance, as literally, your post describes exactly what led me here as well. Kinda bizarre actually, but perhaps such synchronicities serve to show us the magic inside the wonderful universes we are. I love you beautiful soul, blessings and confirmations, things will soon get better for us all.
      Ladybugs all around,

  49. Hi !
    Ever since my great nan had passed away ( almost 6 years ago), i have always seen ladybugs in very random places…
    However the last couple of weeks, on a few occasions, i have found yellow ladybug wings in my home.. would this represent anything? X

  50. How about if you’ve been bitten by a ladybug? I was walking the dog and felt something stinging or biting my right lat. I couldn’t reach it, but I asked my girlfriend if she saw anything and she brushed it off of me. Crazy, right?

    1. I think that little ladybug just really wanted to get your attention! I have a strong connection to ladybugs- I think they are my totem and have been with me since early childhood.

  51. I was reading a book in my apartment when I saw a beige or light latte colored ladybug on my bookmark!
    I wished it well & put it outside. Then I saw there were many more outside my front door!
    Seeing them brightened my evening ?

  52. I stopped by my grandparents headstone today and there was at least 100 all over it and in the grass next to it but when I looked at all the other headstones in the immediate area there were none. I wonder if it’s a message from my grandparents.?

    1. Yesterday I stopped by my late husband’s headstone to have a visit and talk to him by myself. He died in 2012 and we have two children ages 7 & 10.
      I am going through some major changes and have unanswered questions, concerns and wanting his support. I left bad behind (relationship) and will only invite happiness back into my life. My changes and decisions also affect our children so this is very important to me and A huge responsibility as a parent. He was always my rock and I miss him dearly although I continue to live life with experience and appreciation and do my best to teach our children the same. It is now December, cold with snow When I was there, crouched down at his headstone I saw 7 ladybugs. I feel deeply that this is a sign from him. What does it mean? Or is it just a fluke? Two years ago when the three of us had visited, in front of the headstone there were two peacock feathers. Any insight on this would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  53. After my husband past way our first spotting was a white ladybug. The rest of the summer the cucumber patch was loaded, gold ,red ,yellow, black and a tiny one , two weeks ago. I emailed the university of Montana that was doing a study on tiny ladybug but they never answered me. Today doing my canning another tiny ladybug landing in the tub I just cleaned. I have both ladybugs in a jar still alive but nights are getting cold I don’t want them to died.

  54. So theres been a ladybug in my room and it has been laying on my husband stuff and he even say it landed on him. What does that mean? He has been stressed and going through a lot lately. He’s been leaving the house a lot not sure where to. I seen it the first day it flew around the room but I just left it alone. Its like you’ll see it and then dont see it. I want to know what it means? I recently lost my dad and am still grieving for him and am pregnant also. 😕

    1. The baby is singing in your womb already. It is blessed and will bring blessings. The baby will remind you of your dad and you’ll know he’s not really left you. He’s with the baby now already, the two of them playing in spirit. Don’t worry about your husband and, the ladybug is saying to too ‘I got this’.? The ladybug is blessing for you, dear one, during this special time of expectancy and time of blessing deep in your heart.

    2. My sister is pregnant as well. She’s due tomorrow! When she was awaiting word from the doctor if she was pregnant (she’s tried to be pregnant for too long), the ladybug came to her room when she received the news 39 weeks ago. Last night, the ladybug came back into her room and stayed by her side of the bed until this morning as if protecting her and assuring her that everything is going to be well!

      Your dad is indeed with you and this new little life inside you. Happiness is on its way and that little baby’s life is going to enrich yours.

  55. Lots of leady birds appiring to my front door as well I have a Lime tree in the front garden all September I have seen ebaut 20 every day. My kids love them but I don’t know what dos it mean ,whole September I have seen every day I got them to my hands and show to the kids please tell me what does it mean????

  56. Earlier today, I was at the park when a little lady bug landed on my hand. She stayed there for a few minutes without moving. I thought she had died so I slightly poked her and she moved a bit but didn’t leave. She stayed in the same spot. Another lady bug landed on my mom’s arm and tried to crawl up her sleeve, lol 🙂 So I took both of them and put them in a nice and shady spot on the grass. I’m glad they came to visit us because we’ve been going through some rough things lately and we really could use some luck right now. I’ve always thought that lady bugs were really beautiful creatures. I always feels happy and joyful whenever I see a lady bug. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Wow…every 5-7 days a new lady bug appears in my Apt on th same wall either next too or on my stand up light/lamp. I at first was putting them in a cup and releasing them out my window…but for the past almost 2 months they keep re-appearing on my wall in my Apt. I wonder if it means something? A message? N also i released the 1st few ladybugs at night. I just found out they dont fly at night. Sorry ladies! But ya does anybody have any ideas whats going on?

    2. I also recently found a ladybug in my bedroom. You aren’t alone. Not sure what’s going on but there could be a message of hope…abundance or something. Maybe there are somethings you have been hoping for? Or you are coming into the light time of your life.

    3. Hi so today I have a ladybug in my apartment, it is the 4 time that it come back in the house, all my windows are closed except in my bathroom which has a screen. I catch and let it out. Extremely surprised because it is not even possible for it to come back. What does it mean

    4. I just had 7 of them in a room I stay in at my nieces house at first they frieghtned me then I catch them one by one and let them fly out the window for fear they would die I sure hope you get an answer I guess its coming to me as well…7x lol

  57. I found the same orange ladybug in my apartment twice. Then the next night I found it outside on the ceiling of our balcony. What does that mean? My grandfather recently passed away, I’ve been feeling really low lately because my partner and I’ve been getting into heated arguments. Could the ladybug be trying to tell me something?

  58. Dear reader,

    Before I was born, my mothers belly suddenly became filled with ladybirds. Still, after years of struggle, and some handreading I cannot understand what humans are.
    Humans are just an experience words cannot explain. The love of the universe, where the rivers of life it’s presence are connected to. I’m far from home, living that promised future. I’ll see, and I’ll be guided. Selfawareness and selfacceptance is one of the most outstanding things humankind can do to himself.
    Keep your positive flow of energy regenerate your existence. There will be a time and place for everything.

    Peace comes in unprecedented ways.


    1. Maryellen Moore

      Thank you for this. I can “see” in your picture that you have mastered self-love to a very high degree..even though in human form! Yes, self love is the key to understanding all.

      btw, just saw “The Little Prince” (book/movie). A ladybug flew from my hair while I was viewing the end credits and hearing the upbeat music, feeling appreciation. So I looked up “ladybug” totem, meaning and found the awesome interpretation and your pic and comment.

  59. I often have dreams of a ladybug but last night I dreamt that one was on my windowsill and I knew in my dream she was a good sign but then I noticed she was giving birth to 2 ladybugs… What does that mean?

  60. Last night I had a dream that a purple lady bug landed on my hand or finger. I don’t recall anything else
    But I THINK something bad or negative was happening right before that and then I saw the lady bug and it caught my attention. I randomly thought of it this in the afternoon. Wish i remembered more but I’m wondering what could it mean and it’s weird that the lady bug is the only thing from my dream that I remembered out of no where

  61. I hardly ever see or dream of Ladybugs, but I have been fascinated by them all my life. I’ve always been drawn to Ladybugs. I have a picture of one above my bed. I just love them for some reason.

    1. Me too! I finally have one tattooed on me. I usually always wear ladybug jewelry. There’s something about them for me. I’ve been researching them, and now I’ve expanded my search to scarabs – try that, there’s lots of interesting information there. 🙂

  62. I was working for an event that uplifts and inspires working artists and community building. I had to miss the keynote speech which, according to many people, was so uplifting that it made them cry. A lot of times i miss experiences like this because I’m usually the one behind the scenes organizing these things for people to experience. I missed it because I was tuning my guitar outside away from the keynote speech to prepare for the music portion of the event. As I was tuning, a lady bug had landed on my guitar, twice. The first crawling so gracefully on the strings. The second landed on the body of the guitar and I had noticed one of its wings was stuck outside of it’s shell.

    I’m the type of person who experiences a lot of animal visits in my dreams and in real life. Interested in hearing one’s interpretation on this.

  63. I work at Morrison’s on the salad bar. As I was wiping it down a ladybird flew onto it right in front of me so I carried it out and off it flew into the sky , then on this same evening as I was home I had another appear right in front of me on a chair … I placed it outside on a plant … I thought it was strange seeing two in one day especially as the weather isn’t great xx

  64. I was just sitting here and lady bug crawled her way up my body and onto my neck and I panicked because it started to tickle and I was like “BUGG!!” and I swatted her away. I feel bad, but she isn’t hurt. This instance lead me here… I’m still trying to figure the significance of her presence and strange way of getting my attention.

    1. The animal doesn’t have to be alive to have meaning for you. It could even sacrifice itself so you notice it. Death is not the end and animals know this and don’t fear it.

  65. Hello and thank you so much for this post.
    I am at the lowest of my life, I suffer from chronic depression and fibromyalsia. I am 55 years old and ready to go…the only thing that keeps me here are my wonderful kids and grandsons who are suffering because of me.
    One of my sons had to go away for 2 weeks for work. I live with my beautiful daughter and 2 grandsons. He suggested to me if i wanted to take a break I should go to the apartment and just relax and not feel guilt about being sick. I did.
    I was sitting on his balcony on the third floor, and I look at the floor and I saw a ladybug. I love ladybugs and all kinds of animals. What happened worried me a lot, and don’t know the meaning of it, I am so hoping someone can help me with this.
    This beautiful lady bug, was looking at me, almost asking for help. I could see her lifting her little front legs and moving her head up and down. I was hoping she would give me a message, but looked like she was struggling as she would fall. I wondered if she was hungry or thirsty (my way of taking care of people and animals is feeding them) I came in the apartment and got little celery leaves I cut them in really tiny pieces and took a bit of water. When I went back to the balcony the little darling was upside down. I turned her around and again she would look at me almost like she was asking for help. She really was looking at me, actually it was the first time I saw how beautiful their faces are. I didn’t know what to do, I was asking her to please give me a message as I didn’t know what to do. It was really cold outside so I blocked her from the cold, but leaving space for her to get out of course, but she was no longer moving.
    I was so upset did not know what to do. I kept checking on her but she didn’t move. I got up this morning and she is still in the same position, I think she died…. 🙁
    Can someone please tell me what this means? I would so much appreciate it.
    In numerology I’m an 11 and a 22 day of birth.
    I thank you all in advance and wish you all health and happiness.
    with love
    Maria Esperanca

    1. Dear Maria,
      I am a Self-development coach and metaphysician. I have read your message, I had a burning desire to explain you this important secret: nothing bad can come upon you if you don’t accept it mentally and react emotionally. I would like to advise you to find some professional metaphysician there in your location. They will help you find the cause of your illness, and eleminate that cause. I would also recommend you to read some books on Mind power and use positive affirmations. This will change your life conditions, and your health for the better. You can also join me on if you have any questions and interest in private consultancy on the issue. I wish you perfect health and happiness. – Zhalya Abiyeva

    2. My deares:Zhalya
      From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Truly appreciate your answer and your compassion. I will be going to your website.
      I guess bad luck is coming my way, I’m so used to it…. If I could ask exactly what the lady bug coming to me and dying meant, it would help me very much. I am so confused….
      Thank you so much darling Zhalya

    3. sorry to be posting again, i was just wondering if my ladybug encounter means anything.
      I have been crying since than thinking I killed the little darling. Can someone please help me understand this encounter? Also I posted a dream on the elephant page. I haven’t gotten a reply from anyone. Am I doing the wrong thing? should I contact a particular person for for this requests of hep?
      sending you all love
      Maria Esperanca

    4. Maria, I have had many lady bugs in my house the past few weeks. It’s winter and we have snow on the ground. I have no clue where they are coming from.
      You can put symbolism to it in your case. I think your lady bug was trying to let you know you have too much on your mind and maybe need to talk to someone. These days are very tough on all of us. Your lady bug was telling you you can’t help everyone in every situation. But you need to get yourself healed first. Admitting you’re depressed is a very big FIRST step. Please see someone well known & trusted who can help you take the next step in healing your depression. Been there. You will be in my prayers. I’m asking your guardian angel to wrap you in her wings to comfort you and to lead you in the right direction.
      Love, peace and light to you gentle soul.

    5. Maria,

      Perhaps it’s message is in two parts. One you mentioned she needed help- that was clear. Maybe she is a representation of you (due to all you are experiencing with your health) or how you feel about yourself.

      Perhaps she is sending you the message of how important you are to others in your life (who don’t view you as a burden- no matter what you think), and as you keep thinking of her passing with sadness – she’s showing you (though it would be a much bigger impact) the great loss others would feel if you were no longer with them.

      I struggle too with deep depression after the loss of a son. I’ve struggled with how miserable I can be in my grief (and just get stuck in that deep sorrow) and how I feel like it causes great pain to my family.

      Today a white ladybug landed on my foot. It caught me by surprise and I wondered if it was a message. The first thing that came up in my search engine was that it was a sign to restore the joy in our life (said joy and fear cannot co-exist). It said when a ladybug appears, it is a message to get out of our own way, and allow the great spirit to enter our lives. We need to release our fears and return to love.

      I hope this brings you comfort.

    6. Hi Maria,
      The way I would interpret the ladybug dying is that death does not have to be viewed as a negative thing. From a metaphysical perspective it brings the message of change or transition. Therefore the ladybug is offering you the opportunity to transition your own life, health and well being into a happier, healthier and more positive space. It also comes with the reminder that we can not help everyone and not everyone can gel pays, true change and healing comes from within ourselves. Transition and change is a normal part of life, what we do with it and how we choose to transform is up to us and what we base our mindset on. I would highly recommend reading more about mind power and how to work with it to help you in your personal life also. The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy is a good book to start with here. Wishing you all the best, Vida ☺

    7. Joshua Mcintosh

      Just a passers-by reading on lady bugs.
      I could write a lot but instead plz try this…
      Forgive yourself and cry
      For communication is hard to translate even between a common language.
      This lady was a sign of a pain that you two share.
      And like the lady that past, you too must pass this pain before happiness can truly form. Love you, the bug, your family and people that surround you.
      Past is past, your future is your smile.
      Always, everyone, everytime, forever lady beetle like

    8. Maria,
      I too have a chronic pain condition, and have had ladybugs come to me and die. I know you can’t “fix” your health condition. Though I do highly recommend antidepressants and a therapist you REALLY click with, as a bad one is worse than none at all. Anyway, I think our ladybugs came to us TO die. I think they knew their pain would be understood. We all want our deaths to take place somewhere where we feel comforted, honored, and understood. I think you provided that, which is indeed a beautiful and sacred thing. Your ladybug sought you out, to care for her during the most vulnerable time of her life and death. There is no greater honor than that. Our pain is molding and refining us as healers. So please stay. You are still needed. You are one of the few who can understand that sometimes the greatest comfort is when someone doesn’t try to fix you, but rather understands you and accepts you. You are a gift. So please stay, and let the Universe work through you as it will. (And btw, it’s certainly okay to fight for better pain control!) You are not causing suffering to anyone. It is simply life, and the interconnection of each of our individual paths. Stay and continue being the gift you are. I imagine you have many gifts yet to receive, as well. ❤️❤️❤️

    9. Maria,
      It feels to me like you are keeping yourself stuck in your story… The ladybug representing you feeling like you need help yet not having the clarity to shift it. The biggest shift in my health and my state of being really shifted in a great way when I discovered The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson. He offers a free copy when you sign up at or it can be purchased on Amazon, etc.

      My health has improved tremendously by practicing this method and has led me to other places where I’ve learned so much about how energy functions. I now help others through this and other modalities who have been experiencing pain, disease, depression, anxiety, etc.

      In creating a more enjoyable life for myself and in coaching others… The most important factor I’ve observed in any kind of healing is to consciously place your focus on what you DO desire… Rather than staying stuck in your story of “what is”. It can be a challenging habit to shift… So just remember that being in gratitude for what is going well and being upset about what isn’t… Well the thoughts don’t reside in your brain at the same time … You are either in gratitude or your not. The choice is yours. 🙂

      Sending you much love and a great big hug! 🙂

  66. Can anyone tell me what this means? Im in michigan and for the past several weeks Ive been finding lady bugs in my room. Around 3 something this morning there were 3 of them on my ceiling. One landed on me and crawled on my hand for a few. This is just puzzling

    1. Well at 1:11 you posted this there were 3 ladybugs you say at around 3am… You are very highly intuitive and in direct communication with the higher realms because you are of Christ consciousness hence the 3s. The numerology here is undeniable I’d say listen to your dreams and intuition/gut instincts because you are very in tune and awakening or awakened.

    1. Xanthia Collender

      I’ve had 2already at separate times come to me. One lived in my house for 2weeks n I had to feed her lol xxx

    2. According to Canadian wildlife federation.
      If you find ladybugs in your house, typically between September and November, chances are these are multicolored Asian ladybugs. These Asian ladybugs are native to Asia and in their native range spend the winter hibernating in cracks and crevices of cliff faces. However in Canada, where cliff faces aren’t particularly common, Asian ladybugs have found an alternative spot to overwinter – in and around buildings. They may seek shelter under siding, roof shingles, within soffits, wall cavities, attics, as well as cracks around doorframes and windows.

      Rest assured however that these ladybugs are not known to eat building materials, wood, or clothing and are not interested in eating any of our food. In fact, Asian ladybugs do not eat when they overwinter but instead survive off of their body fat stores. They also are not known to carry any human diseases and while they don’t sting they may give you a light bite.

      Native ladybugs are one of the good bugs — they help gardeners and farmers by getting rid of insect pests, most notably aphids. While Asian ladybugs also feed on insect pests they can also compete with our native ladybugs for food and habitat.

      When ladybugs come en masse inside your house it is understandable if you would prefer them to be outside.

      You can try sweeping or vacuuming the ladybugs. It is important to note that they do release a yellowish secretion when disturbed which can be quite smelly and can also stain some surfaces. Some people therefore prefer to vacuum them. If you intend to release them outside place a knee-high nylon stocking into the extension hose or wand of your vacuum, securing it in place with a rubber band, creating somewhat of a bag. When done vacuuming, turn the vacuum off and remove the stocking right away to prevent them from escaping and you can now release them outside. I have been told that if you do not make the “nylon stocking bag” do not leave the lady bugs in the vacuum for too long as you will have an unpleasant smell every time you vacuum.

      One source also recommends placing some apple slices where there is ladybug activity. The ladybugs will gather on the slices making it easy to remove them. The apple slices should be replaced every few days.

      To prevent further invasions seal any cracks and openings around windows, doors, fascia boards, soffits, pipes and wires with caulking or another appropriate sealant. This is best done in late spring or early summer before ladybugs begin looking for places to overwinter.

  67. I was sitting at my computer when a ladybug larvae started crawling across the desk. I didn’t know what it was so I ddnt mess with it. I was having a hard time juggling things around and I had to choose between my spiritual work and my education so after putting spiritual work aside for a short time this little critter came out of nowhere. Now things are better and while it is winter I’m finding grown ladybugs in the weirdest places. Its nice to get confirmation on these little experiences I’m having because each one is extremely accurate.

  68. What does it means when a lady bug flies all over you while you are sitting in the house on the couch and something Flys on me and I see it’s a beautiful lady I love lady bugs as I touched her of him it kept flying on me what does that mean

  69. After I was arguing with my husband. We are in a serious situation, a ladybug flew right towards me. I watched it fly right from t of nowhere and fly right over my eyes and landed right on my head. I took a picture of it and sent out to him. In looking at and insurance the works here BUT I’m so confused about this “timely” message. Does anyone have any “genuine” insight.

  70. I am wondering if there is any signifagance to finding just half of a ladybug shell? It is quite cold here and not the season for ladybugs for sure, but when I climbed into my bath this evening there was spotted half shell floating in the water … Made me wonder.

  71. On my wedding day, I had half a dozen lady bugs crawling on my wedding dress. And then the past couple weeks we had lady bugs in our room.

    What does it mean?

  72. I had a dream many ladybugs were being eaten by a spider.
    There were many already eaten just a shell.
    Is that a bad omen

    1. Sounds to me like work is draining your happiness. Spiders are hardworking, quiet beasts who get the job done, but in your case they’re emptying the joy from your life.

  73. What does it mean if in our balcony we have more than 10 ladybugs at night,and one or two ladybug comes in our apartment what does that signifies for me and my husband.

  74. I’ve been seeing ladybugs like crazy all summer. Either depicted on ads, as little toys and decorations or actual live ladybugs. While on vacation I saw them almost everyday when I’d go to the beach and they would always land on me. One actually flew right into my face. Then I saw a whole bush covered in them. Just today I saw another one. I’ve been journaling all the times I keep seeing them. It’s uncanny. I’m definitely sure someone’s trying to tell me something. Been a challenging year so far emotionally for me. Hopefully these occurrences signal a shift. Or maybe this is my totem animal revealing itself to me?

  75. janice weidner

    i keep seeing 11s everywhere, everyday, more and more frequent, not a day goes by that I don’t see 11 somewhere, haven’t been feeling well, I have problems with my daughter who is an addict, can this be connected somehow? I also have been finding feathers, dimes and pennies everywhere. I am very spiritual and I pray a lot, I believe in spirits and angels too, and just before, a ladybug landed right next to me on the sofa, can anyone shed some light on this for me please? I would appreciate it greatly

    1. i want to asked if what signifies if we have more than 5 ladybug in our balcony and some comes in 1 or two i remember finding one in our bedroom so i took it and put it in my plant outside my balcony.

    2. I suggest you to check this link, here Doreen Vertue under the Angel Numbers will tell you the meaning of repetitive numbers means, like 11 which means “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rap­idly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, oth­ers, and this situation.”
      In regards to the coins, I have found many coins, but everything started when I was worry about my son because of drug issues too. Now, he is doing better, but anytime I start worrying about something, I start finding coins, and what it means to me is a message from the angels saying that everything is going to be ok and to release my fears.
      The feathers message(s) are from your guardian angel and angels, saying to you that they are there with you and to have faith.
      May God bless you and help you to stay strong, please keep praying for your daughter and do not give up. God and the angels are working with her, but she has free will so is going to take time. We have all comes to this world to learn lessons, and sometimes the lessons are not pretty, or easy, but we need to learn them.

  76. I dreamed of a single lady bug last night. I was sitting a a food court table with 3 friends I can’t identify in the dream. A bug landed on me and I brushed it off but when I looked down it was a lady bug on the ground. I felt bad and pocked it back up and it crawled around my hand and up my arm a little. What significance is this? Im an empath but I have a hard time sometimes deciphering my own dreams and messages. Haha

  77. Not long after my dad passed I drempt of lady bugs, so many they looked like a river. They were everywhere. Along with the song ” in the halls of shambala” playing. ❓ curious about what it meant. ❓

  78. I had a dream off 3 ladybugs trapped in a cobweb or spider web, but remember that I felt this urgency to remove all of the webs, in which I did , and once they were free the did not leave the dark space that they were in and I just kept checking on them, even though they were fine, it rare for me to completely remember a dream so vividly, but this one felt real and I can recall every part of it and just need to understand its underline meaning!

  79. cali to georgia

    Today was really emotional for me i have been going through some rough patches for several year’s my children have. Been removed From me. I been doing everything in my power to get my kids back. My husband has just fell ill his kidneys are messed up he has permanent nerve damage to his left leg and foot we had arguement in his hospital. Room i left and went to get something. To eat in the hospital. I came back. Upstairs. To his hospital. Room and i wrote my feelings down in. A note book i took off my. Wedding ring and as i was eatting a lady bug flow on my left hand and played with ir for about 7minutes and it flow away what do that mean i was not dreaming i was awake

  80. Today is a normal day for me and all of a sudden i leave work and go on my lunch break, immediately as i step outside alady bug had flow onto my t-shirt, later when i was on my way back inside adifferent lady bug was attached on my sweater again. What does this mean??

  81. My daughter has no end of ladybugs in her room, she is always finding them. At least three times a week. Any idea what it means for her? Thanks.


    2. I just wanna say you are truly a refreshing change. Thank you for your references and considerations. I too recently had an incredible experience with an unborn nest of what i later came to find was ladybugs. I’ve always loved these creatures and since childhood i have made wishes upon them… So here’s what happens…… recently my friend of 22 yrs passed..; but for the last few yrs we have started a new tradition to go to the annual plant sale that happens every morning the day before Mother’s Day.There we would purchase the most beautiful plants and bring them home to care for. This year however, My friend died a few days before the plant sale opened. Being that i will never see him again i hold everything that reminds me of him closer than ever before.. So one day i find 32 catapillars on my most favorite of plants. There was not any leaf or flower that hadnt been consumed. I was worried my little treasure wouldn’t survive…….. with some tlc i believed that it would make it afterall. But before i adopted this new confidence i prayed that my plant make it thru. Both to God and my lost friend. Then i find a leaf covered in all white little clusters of eggs. Of course im freaking out that these eggs could be the reason for plant trauma so i clip the leaf and set in a plastic clear bag and seal it so i can discover when it hatches the insect inside. Well week or so goes by and forgotten about i find this bag so curious i examine it to find these tiny ladybugs that has been born and died. I look up symbol of these little guys and find out meanings. What a blessing to stumble across an unborn nest of ladybugs. I mean what are the odds of that in a lifetime as i am 41 and have never before seen something so splendid. However i killed them…. and altho i didn’t mean to i singlehandedly managed to capture their very life’s force…..; birth and death….. in this sealed airtight bag. I am not sure how i should interpret these facts tho i feel awful so i was thinking perhaps since this is such a rarity perhaps its a gift from beyond as my friend who passed died of cancer and I’ve been worried about finding myself in that fate, so is it possible i have just been gifted with longevity thru these sacrificial beings? And i decided that is now grow a few more of these favored plants and sprinkle Few lady’s in the soil of each planter to secure the longevity of these beautiful flowered plants as well as keep some for myself….? Any ideas or suggestions or interpretations? Please ?!
      Seeking clarity…

  82. I nit deeaming im having quite alot if ladybirds around me unreall, just loiking for a reason why?? Judt read it in google .im hoping its true, bring luck.xx

  83. I dreamt I kept talking about getting a tattoo on my wrist of a lady bug. I said I wanted to tattoo it on my inner part of my wrist where my thumb muscle runs down my wrist. I thought it would be a good spot in my dream because there was more muscle. I have no idea why. Anyways I was trying to tell people about it and no one was really listening so I was in front of a window and as I leaned over to look at the flower a Lady bug was sitting on it and I got really close and said..SEE this is confirmation why I must get this tattoo, because a lady bug appeared on this flower. I don’t know what it means but it sticks out among most of my dreams. It seemed specific and different because I don’t know what a lady bug represents until I researched it. I am not a person who goes and gets tattoos either let alone go and get a lady bug tattooed on me. Hope someone can shed light please let me know.

    1. The tattoo represents some physical change in your life you are hesitant to proceed forward with — ladybug is trying to tell you it’s a lucky time for this change – the position of the hand suggests that there are elements of this change that are within your grasp however the fact that you felt the need to persuade in the dream means you do not feel as if the choice is yours to make. The window and flower are also important- they are both for encouragement and perspective shifting about the change

  84. I am sitting here in hospotal, I am 34 weeks carrying twins and I am having some problems with my stitch. I’m in the 3rd floor and my daughter foes to the window and there is a lady bug, then she sees another one. She brought them to my belly to make a wish… It really made me feel safe and proceed. And the odds of two lady bugs while I’m sitting her with my twins in my belly is pretty suriel. I believe…. Xo

  85. Recently I have been thinking quite a bit about my uncle and cousin (his son) who both died unexpectedly and within quite a short space of each other. When i came back from Holiday this Summer I found out my cousin died the day after I left, and my father also bravely made the decision to tell us that my Uncle had committed suicide which he had kept secret for some years. Not long afterwards I discovered I was pregnant and then went on to miscarry after 6 weeks – through this experience I also came to see the relationship with my partner in a different light. 😥 These are not exactly subjects I can bring up in general conversation, so the pain remains invisible and hidden from others. I have to ensure that I make something positive come out of the experience which has changed my perspective of life forever; I’ve become more conscious of challenging myself to reach maximum potential in terms of contribution. to life as I know I’m capable of achieving more.
    In the past few days one of my friends has also disappointed me with some rather immature and petty actions. I’ve tried to be positive about overcoming some ups and downs in the ‘friendship’ but sometimes I feel it’s a one way street and wonder whether I give this person too much credit. On some levels we are very similar but something is not quite right – if I judge on actions alone I am left feeling disappointed. If she knew all I had been through this year I hope she would not be making a big deal of the trivial stuff.

    This evening I was in my bedroom checking a couple of social media sites on my laptop. I was asking myself if or how I could process and let go of some of these negative feelings building up within me, when I noticed from out of the corner of my eye a ladybird crawling along the floor next to my bed. 🙄 It seemed to come out of nowhere and struck me as odd to see at this time of year. More coincidental that earlier in the day I had held in my hand a Native American stone carving of a ladybird – which incidentally I’d chosen as a totem a few months ago. I gave the real ladybird some water which it drank and then I moved it safely off the floor and onto my desk. I hope that the sighting signifies the end of a somewhat unhappy stage of my life and the start of new happiness. I’m a person who has strong morals and family is also very important to me. I will endeavor to “Protect my truth and know that it is mine to honour and perhaps it will grant me the strength to let go of negativity and live more in the moment.

    1. Hi
      Your explanation of what you have been through and all your losses recently, have moved me to write. You are going through major spiritual growth and how appropriate that you choose the ladybird as your totem. The ladybird is such a beneficial insect in the garden. Such a fragile looking beetle – loved by everyone, yet very very strong with the envious qualities of flight – hence symbolically able to fly with angels. In your search for meaning and growth maybe you’d like to check out the “Channeling Eric” website for insight into the spirit world and ways of understanding grief and our purpose in life. Wishing you much strength. MW

  86. Im jack today I was going through some things I lost one of my son back in 2012 and today I was at my sons granny house and it brought back memories of happy times and I was so stressed cause I haven’t been very happy since then I cried in the car and heard a song by j cole and it was spot on and it made it worse I’m not a sensitive person at all it’s hard to feel a lot I tried to hide it from my girlfriend and the kids and I found out that that her daughter is attending catholic schools and she’s a good kid don’t get me wrong but she has a smart mouth and I was telling her how I feel about it she didn’t to much want to hear what I was saying and it bothered me and I got real spiritual I said if it’s a god I need a message and I need to know now I kept going and as I was talking her daughter interrupted me and told me it’s a lady bug on the wall keep in mind it’s the weekend before Christmas and it’s cold inside and out my girlfriend started listening and she looked it up and this is what I’ve found a lot more happened I’m just so in the moment and some things are private this helps me and makes me real happy that I talked to god and I didn’t even know anything about lady bugs before this I’m amazed

  87. I’ve sold my condo & trying to make major changes to improve the quality of my life. I’ve been going through a hard time & found myself in tears about a half hour ago watching a show about people who can talk to those who have passed away. My eyes fill thinking of my aunt who was like a mom to me. She has been gone 2 years now. I have a tattoo in her honor. My very 1st tattoo at almost 40 🙂 Just now, a lady bug was crawling up my bedspread towards me. It allowed me to get real close to her. I know she is still in my room as she eventually flew but I know this is a sign from my aunt. may god bless her, my angel in heaven. xoxoxo miss you!

  88. It’s December first today and one of the bitter coldest days so was an emotional day.a day spent at the court house figuring out my divorce.i stood at the doorway at workEth my winter jacket still on,talking with a friend,reflecting on the i making the right decision?!i feel i head and heart are not connected these the midst of doubt,sadness,and pain i see a lady bug crawling up the wall.i put my finger out to touch it and it seems to want to gave me a sense of calmness i want even aware of at the time.Thinking it was strange setting a lady bug i googled it and accidentally hit your site.I’m so glad i did. So much clousure happened for me today.

    1. A similar thing happened to me today Angie when a ladybug landed on my hand in the middle of Sydney’s concrete jungle the most unlikely place. I played with her for a while. I have been struggling with some issues also and feel I have found clarity and direction. Hope you get your happy ever after.

  89. I’m in transition in my life. I decided not to renew my house lease, then moved into a hotel until I can secure housing in my new life, at my destined location. My room at the hotel has been occupied by several lady bugs, since my arrival. Looking for clarification, because I’m not dreaming, nor am I asleep. They remain in my room, day or night. HELP!

    1. I can’t tell you about the lady bug but I don’t dream either. How ever for the past 10 years or so I have been having insects animals, birds and sacret numbers bringing me clues at to the paths i have been taking. It is your higher self giving you clues to what is happening in your life. I feel with you the lady bird is about following your intuition and not allow doubt to cloud your judgment. You are on the right path. Acknowledge the lady birds and you will have more messages from the animal kingdom coming your way

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