Be sure to fully develop a project before taking on a new one. Focus is the key to all your endeavors.

Panda Meaning and Messages

In this case, Panda symbolism is reminding you that gratitude fills your heart with good feelings and is healthy for the mind and spirit. Focus on giving thanks to all the awesome things and people in your life.  It is an ideal way for you to shift the balance towards more positive things in your life. Moreover, like Turkey, by giving thanks, you will attract more of the things for which you are thankful. In other words, the Panda meaning tells you to love your life by focusing on the positive.

Alternatively, the Panda symbolism is letting you know that it is time to get to the bottom of things. Somehow you have been allowing things to slide a bit without digging to find the root of the problem. Panda meaning is reminding you that if these things are left to simmer, they will grow beyond your control. Be sure to focus on the real issues before you.

Conversely, Panda symbolism can also be a bit of a warning. In this case, the message is to make an internal audit of your contributions. Are you allowing others to carry all of the load?

Panda Totem, Spirit Animal

People that have the Panda totem are gentle souls yet wield considerable power over their environments. Also, like the Platypus, they actively seek out solitude and enjoy their own company. Panda totem people are often content to watch the drama unfold around them without actively participating. Moreover, it is usually the people with this spirit animal totem that puts an end to the show by using a few simple words of wisdom. Or by calling those around them “on their stuff.” Folks with this totem know how to balance all of the positive and negative forces in their life. They also have a great deal of spiritual wisdom to share. These people are passive by nature and will rarely pick a fight. They go with the flow.

Folks with this totem also love to take on large assignments and creative endeavors. They do have to be careful that they do not take on more than one task at a time. Juggling too many projects at once usually ends up with them dropping the ball. Folks with this totem are also warmly accepting, somewhat reclusive, a bit shy, and desire to be loved.

Panda Dream Interpretation

If the animal is eating in your Panda dream, it suggests that you should be more aware of the nourishment that you are feeding your body. Moreover, like the Groundhog, you should analyze your diet and adjust it to keep yourself in a healthy balance. This animal could also indicate digestive problems and that you are having difficulty assimilating an issue in your waking life. Therefore, some sort of compromise is necessary to regain balance.

Alternatively, a Panda dream can be symbolic of your childlike qualities. It may also symbolize something cuddly. To dream of this animal moving forward is indicative of spiritual knowledge and growth in your present life situation.

5 thoughts on “Panda”

  1. My family witch is 3/4 Cherokee gave me the bear totem named me after the near .and my totem pole out side my camp is the bear wolve blue jay and the frog .can you tell me the meaning of this

  2. A few years ago I was going through a lot of stuff and stress but then one night I dreamt I was in this very bright green forest looking area. And by a big rock I found a big panda.
    I felt like I knew him/connected with him very well.
    He didnt move his mouth but I understood him and he understood me. He let me pet him and we talked for what felt like hours about everything that was going on. And at the end of the dream he knew I was going to wake up soon and he told me if I ever needed him again- to just “give him a call”
    Meaning just ask for him and he’ll be there for me againS
    And right before I said goodbye- I asked him “what is your name?!” He told me. But soon after I woke up I have forgotten the name. Also when I woke up- My eyes were filled with tears and I felt so loved and so happy. The stress I had felt like it was lifted off of me. I felt so fresh and happy and greatful. Its a dream and experience I will never forget with that panda. I always hope to dream of him again. It was beautiful experience and “friend”.

    1. I want to meet your panda! I have been so stressed, but I have been seeing, or noticing, pandas a lot so I google-spirit-guided it. I cannot sleep! I want to dream about this pasnda you speak of, and feel that feeling of love..

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