Whatever happens, you must never make decisions based on fear.

Kestrel Meaning and Messages

In the first place, Kestrel symbolism reminds you that nothing of real value comes easily. In other words, when this spirit animal flies into your life, it says that rather than give up when things get rough, you should exercise patience and keep pushing forward. Also, like the Gazelle, Kestrel meaning asks that you invest your energy and time in only rewarding activities.

Similar to the Falcon, Kestrels have remarkable eyesight. These raptors can spot the movement of prey from 200 feet above the ground. Thus when this creature shows up on your radar, it urges you to take your vision and goals to a much higher level. Alternatively, Kestrel symbolism could be prompting you to carefully think things through and make plans before embarking on anything.

Kestrels are symbols of keen observation. Therefore, an encounter with this spirit animal reminds you of the importance of paying attention to detail. Furthermore, this bird’s presence could signify that the door of opportunity is now open to you. Thus the Kestrel prompts you to take quick advantage of it before it’s too late.

Kestrel Totem, Spirit Animal

In general, like the Pangolin, people born with the Kestrel totem are loners. They spend a great deal of their time in solitude, thinking deeply about life and how best they can succeed in their endeavors. Also, these people are great at planning and have remarkable organizational skills. Moreover, in a romantic relationship, they are loving and remain loyal to their partners.

Individuals who have this spirit animal are patient with themselves and others. They are also not easily angered. Moreover, these folks are incredibly observant and analytical. Plus, they are good judges of character. While they may not have it in them to be outstanding leaders, these fellows always make excellent advisors. To add to that, Kestrel totem people love to travel and are passionate about knowledge.

Kestrel Dream Interpretation

When you have a Kestrel dream, it says that you will find favor with your boss or someone in authority. And that this person will help get you or someone in your family out of a sticky situation. Furthermore, sighting this bird in your nighttime vision asks you to enjoy life with the people you cherish.

If you envision a Kestrel gliding through the sky, it lets you know that you will soon overcome every obstacle in your path. To dream of a Kestrel sitting on top of a pole tells you to focus on the bigger picture. It also asks you to take time to strategize your next move.

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