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Be thankful for what you have and for what you will be receiving today. Good things are happening.

If Kangaroo has come hopping into your life;

You are reminded that you can only move forward right now. Once you have achieved your momentum keep moving forward and never look back. Know that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on the path. Simply moving is called for and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.

Kangaroo can also mean that a nine month cycle is at play and that your current project will take nine months to mature and benefit you. Commit fully to your project.

Kangaroo may also be letting you know that it is time to escape a bad situation. Simply allow your instincts to guide you and get the heck out of there!

If Kangaroo is your Animal Totem

You are given all the strength and stamina when you need it just as long as you move forward and not backward. You also have the ability to balance the creative energies needed to complete your task. You are also extremely focused and must often keep your personal energy field clear of external influence so that you can stay centered and grounded. Instinctively you you always know which direction to move forward too and you hop through situations with ease and never look back.

If Kangaroo has come to you in a Dream;

To see a kangaroo in your dream refers to maternal and paternal protection. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective. Alternatively, a kangaroo symbolizes aggression. If the kangaroo is hopping, then the dream is analogous to how you jump from one thing to another. You may lack the ability to stick to one thing.

To dream that a kangaroo attacks you, indicates that your reputation is being called into question.

Additional Associations for Kangaroo:

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14 Responses to Kangaroo

  • Anyone want to analyze my dream ? Lol
    I had a dream last night that I was walking down my grammas road with my husband and some friends. Then a kangaroo jumped out of the field and was very close to me, it smelled my hormones and I was scared it was gonna kick me in the belly (I’m 40 weeks pregnant) so I told my husband he had to break it’s arms and legs, which he did… but then I felt sad for it and called animal control to get it. Then my husband and I were moved into a brand new house right next to my grammas and we were getting things organized before the baby comes !

  • Hi, last night I dreamed I owned this baby kangaroo that kept hopping away and hiding from me in a playful manner and when I caught him I scooped him up in this box that was just big enough to snug around him as if I was simulating a pouch but he was so playful that he hopped back out of the box and I picked him back up and calm him Joey…it was very strange but very cute. I just wanted to know what that dream could have possibly meant

  • I dreamed of walking up to a kangaroo (not realizing it was in front of me) and it kissed me on my left eye. It startled me but I moved forward and opened a sliding door only to find a humongous rabbit and a bunch of baby bunnies. So there are two animals on my totem. What does all this mean?

  • Hai, i want to know the meaning of my dream…. i dream that i saw a kangaroo running towards me and tried to bite me. I was trying to elude it and hit my hand. however the kangaroo ran away immediately and hide somewhere. What does it mean?

  • i dreamt a kangaroo was going to attack me , my dog attacked the roo to protect me .. But the roo was too strong and my dog was losing the fight , so I jumped in to help together my dog and I killed the roo ! It was a very powerful and disturbing dream ! I’d love to know what it meant !

    • Dude! I had a very similar dream. I was at a dog park with three dogs and a kangaroo started messing with them. I called for them and one of my dogs came and the other two didn’t. the kangaroo then killed one of my dogs and the other one was too afraid to come or move, so I sent the other one in and it maimed it enough for the third dog to get away. Then we retreated into a broke down car, the kangaroo trying to get in as a rolled up the windows which were gold plated.

  • During the early morning odf last Pentecostes Sunday I dreamed with a white baby kanguroo. Is was a female and aproached me with open arms. I scrached her bally and a enormou amount of love was exchanged between us.

    • Hi Lu, I also dreamed of a white baby kangaroo! Just last night :smile: I had found it and was looking after it in my home. At one point it was resting on my chest as I sat on the couch, and it let me hug it. I wonder what the significance is of our baby kangaroos being white!

  • I had a dream where I was walking up the sidewalk in my grandmother’s neighbor’s yard. It was night time. After I passed the Mamosa tree, I saw animals going down the sidewalk in my grandmother’s yard. I stopped to watch them. One of the animals stopped and looked at me. It came over to me and that’s when I noticed it was a kangaroo. All the animals were kangaroos. The kangaroo that approached me went behind me and then butted his head into the small of my back. Then it put its head between my legs and tried to head butt from there but I lifted my left leg for it to go through and it went back into the line of kangaroos and went down the sidewalk into my grandmother’s house. I must note that my grandmother died 29 years ago and her house is no longer the way I remember it from childhood. But, in the dream it was exactly like my childhood memories of my grandmother’s house. Any suggestions as to what it could mean?

  • I dreamed of a kangaroo running after me an kicked me ..I got up and ran away but it was running after me again. .I’ve never dreamed of an animal attacking me ..what could this possibly mean?.

  • HI Jacquie,
    I am a Dream Alchemist – assisting people to transfer negative patterns of behaviour and beliefs via understanding dreams.
    You may wish to read a blog I wrote on symbolism of animals in dreams.
    I highly recommend you do the exercise I mention in the blog – you will find your guidance there :)
    All the best to you!

  • I want to know the specific meaning of my dream can you help me?
    I dream that a baby kangaroo came up to me and i was holding it til the mother kangaroo came i was afraid that she was going to hit me but no she put her baby on her pocket and let me pet her head then i went somewhere and she was following me hoping then someone bad came and i looked and she hoped really fast to run away and disapeared.

    • I would say you have a current or put situation that is not serving you and its time to move forward and not look back.

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