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Jellyfish Symbolism, Jellyfish Meaning, Jellyfish Totem, Jellyfish Dream, and Messages
Take the time to simplify things today. No need for complications.

Jellyfish Meaning and Messages

In this case, Jellyfish symbolism is asking you to allow yourself to shine from the inside out. In other words, this spirit animal reminds you to let those around you to see who you are. Thus you need to reach out to them with love and affection. The Jellyfish meaning is also reminding you that there is no need to feel vulnerable when you come from the heart.

Moreover, the heart knows that love is the power and strength from which we all grow. Hence Jellyfish symbolism implies that trusting your heart and its guidance is vital for you right now. Therefore, like the Swan, you should go with the flow!

Jellyfish Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Jellyfish totem know how to use their power of intention. They are also unafraid to allow the Universe to show them the way. Thus they follow their instincts readily and quietly. Often they go with the flow of the Universe. Folks with this spirit animal totem have a great deal of ability to take everything in stride. They enjoy keeping things simple and, like the Angelfish totem, are unafraid to explore their emotions. People with this power animal can also tackle difficult challenges quickly and with a minimum of fuss and stress. They are organized, know how to share the workload, trust the processes they involve themselves in, and always come from a place of acceptance and faith.

Jellyfish Dream Interpretation

When you have a Jellyfish dream, it symbolizes the surfacing and healing of painful memories. In other words, like the Green Jay dream, you are now ready to deal with these aspects of yourself and move on through to forgiveness and love. Thus you need to seek out the light in each memory by focusing on the lessons learned. They are all valuable to you in some way. Conversely, you must also recognize that hidden hostility and aggression will never serve you well.

Alternatively, this creature is asking you to look at your self-esteem. Are you feeling somewhat inadequate or uncertain about a few things? Take the time to discover why so that you can feel better about yourself and see the light within yourself.

12 thoughts on “Jellyfish”

  1. Robin M Foster

    I have had repeated dreams of 2 orcas or 2 whales approaching me. In the first dream, I was with a co-worker standing on a lake that had partially frozen. There were 2 orcas sliding out from under the ice that was melting, and they were watching us. It was scary as we were going to fall through the ice and standing on small chunks that kept us from falling through. Soon after, my co-worker was terminated and I was terminated also. I had horrible anxiety about personal issues on the job and was okay with the situation.

    In my second dream, I was with a stranger who I’ve seen in passing at my gym. We were taking an underwater bus (like a submarine). We were going to a new land. Whales kept approaching our submarine bus and hitting the windows. The “party” that we arrived at was tribal in nature. The whole community was dancing and living together like some cross between carnival people, pop culture & Siberian traditional culture and at peace. I was the new person at the party and confused by the culture but enjoyed watching the community relate and had no idea how to fit in. Everyone was loving and cared for each other.

    The last dream that I had was scary. I was on another boat in choppy seas. The boat was a transport boat (somewhat like a bus, again). I don’t know who was around me but know that we had been hiking through trails where the trees were covered with a thick layer of iridescent slime – like jelly (it was iridescent and quite pretty) to meet our boat / bus. I think that we were on a vacation or migrating as a group….The whales breached, first. Again, 2 orcas chased our boat. I felt like they were looking at me. At sea, there was boat traffic. As the orcas approached, the boat sped up… I thought that we were going to be killed. As the speeding boat narrowly missed a collision with another large boat in an aquatic traffic jam, a huge sea monster that was faceless with the characteristics of a brain, a jellyfish and a monster rose up out of the water and lunged to attack our boat and we narrowly escaped. I felt it was my fault in the dream. I woke up happy to be safe in my bed and that there were no titanic disasters.

  2. came close to dyeing at the beach and was getting sucked under the waves. i looked up and it was strong current with white in the waves. i was a child so i looked forward , the path of me being stuck in this current and there was a great and beutiful jellyfish waiting for me. were it was, was so calm and clear the sand was white and there might have been colorful coral behind.. then this hand came in the water and pulled my long hair outta the water. i was puking salt water for awhile.

    1. Benjamin Naylor

      Just done a meet my spirit animal guided meditation for the first time found a jellyfish calmly floating in a clear blue sea, gave me an overwhelming sense of relaxation and comfort. Does it mean that’s my spirit animal.
      This is my first time trying anything like this and want to progress

  3. karrigan mewhorter

    😀 so I did this incantation in a spell book I have. My dream was about a family cookout and in that dream my aunt brought a watermelon carved like a Jellyfish

  4. If Jellyfish is your animal totem everyone that does not accept you for who you are, will nevertheless be effected by you in some way.

    Think of a jellyfish swimming peacefully in its own current and someone invading its space – which follows is a sting and reminder not to mess with such a person again.

    PS: people don’t always have to accept you, as long as you are honest (transparent) to yourself & learn out of your own transparency.

  5. Jellyfish came to me as an image during a meditation to connect with 5th dimensional consciousness and the Arcturian energies. Quite a validation…Thank you.

  6. I was stung by a jellyfish a few years ago and the next day discovered I was pregnant. I didn’t think of looking it up until today. Perfect for then and now as well!! Thank you!!

  7. Thanks for this.

    I have been working on an incredible project to track down why many of my patients were holding on to water (showing up as weight gain). It has developed into a programme to help them resolve this and related issues.

    Toward the end of the project I found a gene which was misbehaving in these patients bodies. It was a gene which we share in common with the jellyfish, and all manner of consciousness issues are associated with this genes expression.

    First and foremost is the need for Trust and Acceptance, and to go with the flow but be intelligent about deciding which currents to follow.

    You can imagine how excited I am to read your post and see that this is the wisdom of the Jellyfish as you see it too.

    Thanks again

  8. I’ve found that totem animal messages have been helpful throughout this huge awakening process I’ve been undergoing in the past year, but this visit from the jellyfish (when I live in the thick of the forested Appalachian mountains next to no sea-water) has brought me to such poignant insight about the trauma that is being raised to the surface to be recognized and healed. Such a beautiful affirmation. Thank you, jellyfish, for sharing your wisdom and supportive insights with me.

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