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Goldfinch Meaning and Messages

In general, Goldfinch symbolism is a sure sign of excitement, liveliness, and enthusiasm in your current world. Their arrival is to remind you to enjoy life and savor each moment for the joy that is in it. Furthermore, it is also a time to celebrate who you are, your accomplishments, or just for the sheer fun of it. The Goldfinch meaning symbolizes that life is for you to live. Therefore, each moment you waste on such negative emotions as fear, hatred, and anger is a waste of time. This spirit animal is all about finding joy in the present moment.

Alternatively, like the Elephant, Goldfinch symbolism could be letting you know that it is time to express yourself. Thus you need to speak up and speak your mind. Be straightforward, kind, and thoughtful with your words, and all will be resolved.

Goldfinch Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Goldfinch totem are always buoyant and happy in their life. They rarely go about doing things quietly. Like the Shark, and their exuberance and enthusiasm are contagious. Folks with this power animal are seldom silent. They are usually humming or singing a tune to themselves. Humans with this spirit animal totem, like the Orangutan, have a close connection to Nature and a deep understanding of her ways. They also live on the edge of the spirit world, the fairy realms and, make great animal communicators. These folks know when to listen to their inner voices, and are good at following through. People with these birds’ essence are also gifted healers. They tap into the healing energies of the elemental realm very efficiently.

Goldfinch Dream Interpretation

When you have a Goldfinch dream, it usually means that you are happily in love. If you dream of hearing this Gold colored finch sing, it indicates that you have to take the time to share your passion with others. Alternatively, this bird can also be a symbol of your soul, which usually means that happy experiences are coming your way. Occasionally, it can also be an indication of the sacrifices you have made.

37 thoughts on “Goldfinch”

  1. Iv’e been struggling with depression for years now and today I just kept thinking and accepting that I might have anything to live for or a future. But when I went outside I heard chirping iv’e never heard before and saw a goldfinch, then it left and I hear and see another one in a different tree. Thank you this got me so happy and hopeful!!

    1. For some reason the question, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” popped up in my mind when reading your question.

  2. For the past 8 days we have had 2 Golden finches perching on the window molding and they seems to be following me and tapping on the windows.
    I’ve never seen them before. Our 7 month old puppy is having a great time following them and wagging her tail. We have had her for less than a month and she’s a rescue out of Texas. She resides in her first real home she’s ever had, in Massachusetts now.
    I’ve read several comments regarding this birds different signs. Some are about death and others about prosperity in different ways, but since it seems to follow me from room to room I’m hoping for something positive. Been disabled for 20+ years and it’s been a real struggle. I’m hoping for a change….

    1. Anything happen yet? Any change? … Ive got them outside my looking window for the past week, I talk to them with a bird whistle and they respond beautiful I love them. Fills me with joy and excitement nature exudes about life! I know something very enjoyable is coming into my life, been dealing with a disability that just recently I have excepted. Been 20years and feel a shift in my position on life now, like finally seeing that I can enjoy my life the way it is…. right now, in the moment. This was spot on!

    2. Death when it comes to symbolism is not a literal death, but the ending of something so that something better can take its place. The Death card, for example, is not about a literal death but simply the end of something in your life. It might feel horrible at first, such as leaving an abusive ex, or losing a job you always wanted to quit, but it’s necessary to end something to begin something new.

      The goldfinch tells you to enjoy life to the fullest and to enjoy the new things for all types of adventures. I do not know what specific type of disability you have. There are many types of disabilities that is not just the stereotype of a person with a wheelchair (Ex. A person with severe chronic pain, a deaf person, a blind person, etc.), but for example’s sake, let us say you are in a wheelchair. Well, it doesn’t stop you from going on adventures. It might not walking long distances, but there are all kinds of things you can do while being seated. You can enjoy a lot of painting, or you can enjoy a lot of journaling. You can even lift a lot of weights with your arms such as a lot of wheelchair bodybuilders do, or you can go out with your wheelchair in a large garden/park to identify different types of plants. You can enjoy all kinds of magical adventures within the pages of books, and your imagination is limitless. If you are the more practical/logical type of person, you can easily be more like Stephen Hawking, where he was paralyzed, but his limitless mind allowed him to explore a vast amount of mathematics, physics and space, without even having to move. Disabled people on wheelchairs can look within a microscope to explore tiny worlds, or perhaps they can write entire books of their own imaginary worlds instead.

      Just know that being disabled doesn’t mean you’re stuck with only TV as a form of entertainment all day, though of course, if you’re tired and only want TV for a day, that’s fine too. But if you’re tired of the same thing over and over, there’s always all kinds of things you can do and explore too. In this example, those in wheelchairs may feel they have a limited amount of ways to have fun, simply because in normal social norms, having fun means going out, partying, drinking and all that. Hell, there’s even discussion about why aren’t bars more wheelchair friendly, considering the belief that being disabled means you’re always a child and never an adult? Doesn’t stop you from partying with alcohol at moderate amounts if you choose. It doesn’t stop people from lovemaking, considering the lack of knowledge about sex ed info out there online for disabled people. You’d be surprised what you’d find you can do to have fun along the way if you take time to explore it.

  3. am wondering what is the meaning when I dream of two sparrows sitting on the ground protecting a fallen goldfinch laying on the ground, in the dream i didn’t want to disturb their peace , I was protective over the birds as well such that people do not attack them while they on guard over the other one. but now am curious what is the meaning of that.

    1. It sounds like you are trying to protect whatever it is that makes you happy in life, and your friends are helping too (considering sparrows can represent friendliness and community). Perhaps it is a reminder that you have to do what you can to protect what and who you hold very dear in life, and that you do not lose sight of what makes you truly happy in life, beyond what others think or beyond the small details you worry about day to day.

  4. Had an interesting day today. Was at the airport working on the system when I heard a crashing noise all along the full length 20m wide windows. I looked up straight away and 12 red browed finches had crashed into the window . I Managed to save 1 but the rest died. Don’t know what made them do that or if there is any significance. Very sad though.
    Was hoping I would find the answer here.
    Does anyone know what thst might mean?

    1. It might mean in the specific area where this accident happened (the airport in this case), there seems to be this energetic environment where people are almost all stuck in situations where they are unable to enjoy life. In an airport, perhaps they’re worried about rushing to the career meeting they have to go to by travel, they might be worried about visiting their parents disappointed at their accomplishments, or they might be simply trying to travel to find themselves somehow, out of a need to fill some hole they don’t understand. Whatever the reason, there is just a lot of stress when it comes to the themes of travel in your area, and people are unable to find the happiness they desperately seek.

  5. I am a spiritually guided healer, last night after my client’s session, I was guided to just let her talk. She began reminiscing about her childhood and joy began to sparkle from her face at the same time in spirit – a golden finch flew out of her mouth as I was coaxing her to talk more. I see now this was in alignment with her releasing stress in her life so she could feel this joyous moment she was reliving. what a beautiful website. I’m glad the golden finch brought me to here. thank you.

  6. I had one land on the screen door. I was with this girl and she went out and it stayed and I went and got the phone and I petted this bird thought it might be sick it stayed for a few minutes. I deeply love this woman and she got pregnant afterwards. Her daughter had died this year and I seem to have wells of thought like when I touch the kids urn I get this hair raising feeling like when the spirit moves in church. Could you channel a child and give it back saw biblically the bird means resurrection. I thought maybe I had negative thought and not without reason cause she left me cause she says she loves another more. Did I sabotage it with thought.

    1. Well, it doesn’t have to be for a bad reason. Sometimes spirits just have different preferences on who to talk to, and this usually involves people in their close circle. If you’re talking about a daughter of a friend, perhaps she just did not come to you because she is shy of strangers. After all spirits, retain their own personality from their Earthly life as they pass on. Whatever it is, my intuition says that this isn’t something to take personally. It’s all fine. Perhaps spirit guides and guardian angels can read your mind, but I doubt a wandering spirit can read whatever is on your mind, especially if she doesn’t have a deep connection to you.

      It’s okay. I don’t get any bad feelings about your situation. Just seems like a shyness for strangers is what I get.

  7. Today while sitting in the park with someone new that came into my life a flock of these birds came to nest in the trees above us. Earlier whilst walking with this new friend the same with a flock of blue jays kept flying past us and nested in the trees close as we kept walking.
    I am not sure if this is a sign of some sorts but any enlightenment would be much appreciated.

  8. I’ve been seeing a yellow one every morning for about a week now and I just don’t understand it’s meaning to me. There is so much going on in my life that I don’t seem to get it.

    1. As it says- find joy in the now. Important when you’re really busy or life is hectic as you alluded to. 🙂

  9. Joyce macconnell

    I saw a goldfincnh last week in our garden we dont normally see them in this part of CA today my husband saw the bird sgain we have other newly hatched birds in a nest jays but no other finches
    We have had a very troubled family for the past 2 yrs and things are maybe getting brtter does the finch mean anything

    1. I saw two goldfinches just a little while ago in my yard and it is a rare treat to see them. We’ve also had a terrible time in my family for 6 years. Today it is in crisis mode. From googling it, it seems goldfinch represents joy. I just pulled an angel card (I only do that when I’m desperate) and I got “Decide to be happy now–” more on the card: detach from drama, expect a miracle, write a gratitude list, maintain positive thoughts about this situation and open your heart to love. Hope this helps!

    2. Dear Laura thank you for being my sign from the universe because I seen two today and I had just finished sending a email to someone that has been in my life for over year and that I deeply love but had to say good-bye to the friendship and love because my heart and my self was not being treated as we should with respect and love and kindness…

      So deep gratitude for sharing this.☺🌻💚🌻⚘Wishing you loads of blessings along your journey with peace and hugs from someone that truly needed to read this right now…Blessed be. 🌻💚⚘⭐

  10. I saw a large flock of goldfinch in my backyard yesterday morning. Probably 20 or 30 of them fluttering around for 20 minutes. Could this mean anything as I have been somewhat depressed lately. My boyfriend of 8 years no longer has any close contact with me and I am very sad. I did love seeing all of these birds. So pretty!!

    1. I would take that as a wonderful gift- a sign to move on, a reminder to enjoy life, there is so much out there to do and learn – don’t waste your time being depressed-go do things that bring you notice. You have one life don’t waste it! 💓

  11. I love and am fascinated with birds but afraid to touch them- always have been Last night I dreamed I rescued a tiny goldfinch from a cat – I scooped it up in the nick of time and was carrying it in my hand looking for a box to make it a safe place til it could fly . I wasn’t afraid even when I could feel his little feet – I have a real problem w bird feet ! I felt very protective towards my little friend and clearly saw his yellow and black markings .

  12. I dreamt of a quite cute little neighborhood and m walking into someone’s front porch I noticed a bright yellow small blur flying around sort of a zig zag pattern. When I tied depicting what it was it flew closer and the yellow blur came into focus and saw it’s black wings it was a Gold finch. Next I was given a bouquet of bright yellow flowers in which I gave to a loved one.

  13. Just found a goldfinch on our patio. It appeared to be injured. It was vey calm. My husband put it in the palm of his hand and when he raised his hand the bird reluctantly flew away. It stayed on a nearby branch. We have been through a lot as a family for far too long. My husbands business was liquidated, fell out with family on both sides. I am taking our sighting of the gold chaffinch as a sign of better things to come, new beginnings and reconciliation.

  14. Just had a goldfinch fly and land on my door before work at 10 tonight. I’m feeling really good and didn’t dread coming in, particularly of note because I don’t care for this job and was in an accident here last night. Gonna be positive and expect better things out of life real soon

  15. Just found a goldfinch feather on the grave of our pets. Not sure how to interpret this sign. It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m a teacher who’s returning to school. My husband and I are late 50’s empty nesters who like to travel and content to no longer have pets. Both adult kids have dogs and cats of their own. Maybe where I found it didn’t matter.

    1. Douglas A Richardson

      Had a goldfinch in the yard this morning that acted like it was having trouble flying, walked over to it and just softly asked what’s the matter little one ? Do you need help ? At that moment it flew towards me and flew up to my hand ,landed and then climbed to my shoulder. It sat there for almost 5 minutes before it flew off .it was a unbelievable experience.

  16. soon after sitting on my front porch this past weekend marveling at the formation of the thunderclouds and approaching storm and saying a prayer of gratitiude, the storm clouds seemed to dissipate and about 2 dozen gold finches appeared flying in circles around my home and the 3 others next door. They were just dancing around the sky, above the trees. Two days before , a male and female gold finch landed on the top of my garden arbor. I thought the 2 of them were great; then a flock shows up 2 days later – wonderful! Certainly made me feel happy and fun watching them!

  17. I have been seeing a variety of birds just during the past week . One morning I saw starlings covering my neighbors yard, one evening I saw at least 20 hummingbirds flying over a field of flowers, I saw a cedar waxwing ( I think that’s what it was) in a garden I had never seen one before. I see eagles all the time, one afternoon there was one just above me holding in place motionless for several minutes right above me. This morning I saw 2 goldfinch that I haven’t seen for several years and a lone hummingbird and 3 eagles on the way to work. I have been hearing a bird for the past week that I haven’t heard since I was a child, I am 70. What on earth could be the messages that these birds are telling me?

  18. Sitting in my chair watching TV I saw 2 goldfinches brilliant yellow land on the screen of my screen door. They perched there a good long while as I said Hello to them and took a picture. This must have some significance with regards to a falling out with a family member. Making attempts at reconciliation, hope for a good sign.

  19. I am in a time of intensee depression due to the grief cycle of losing my husband. I also just found out that I somehow contracted HEP A, although this is a curable ailment, I am very ill and have to wait for it to pass. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months to recover… I dont have 6 months of recovery time with two babies to raise. Im wondering why the gold finch had made itself very apparent the past few days.. perhaps to aid in my strength to overcome this illness?

  20. So, I am recently clean. My journey has been interesting to say the least. I embarked upon this road of recovery as a result of becoming acutely aware of signs in my life. My eyes have remained “pealed” to say the least. There is a new person in my life. She is from Washington. As I enjoyed my morning coffee and reflection ritual this morning, I noticed this peculiar bright yellow bird. At first I just saw one and then another and another. Before I knew it, both my yard and the neighbors yard were covered. Curiously, I decided to Google and see what type of bird it was. Goldfinch, the Washington state bird. That may not seem that strange but I live in Alabama.

  21. My dad was a wonderful painter of scenes of nature, birds, farm life, so many different scenes he could paint, very talented. My dad passed away in 2004. Greatly missed. I have a simple painting of his of a goldfinch in my living room. I have been going through some painful, personal situations over the past 3 years. Yesterday, I was blessed to see a goldfinch three times flying near by. So thankful, thank you, dad, I love you!

  22. Sooo funny! I have been having a hard time emotionally for a while now… especially the past week. I have been seeing a Goldfinch everywhere, everyday!! I’m at work and one flies by. I’m at home, and there’s one that visits daily and sits in my tree to sing and sing and sing… I never saw goldfinches the way I am now… I just looked this up and it warmed my heart, because I truly needed something to tell me to concentrate on joy this week!

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