Flamingo Symbolism

Seek out like minded friends and engage in a group activity that is fulfilling to you.

If Flamingo has waded across your path;

He is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel so that you can process your emotions and grow from what you feel. If you are bottling things up you will find your self reacting rather than acting appropriately. Allow yourself to release your feelings so that you can come into balance again.

Alternatively Flamingo may be letting you know that it is time for you to get out and socialize and have some fun in your life. This will be helpful in letting go of stressful situations and coming to terms with changes in your life. Know that new ideas and options will be revealed to you by immersing yourself in the company of others and allowing yourself to balance in gratitude for what you have. Appreciate those around you.

If Flamingo is your Animal Totem;

You know how to use your heart to find the right solutions to your problems. You find comfort in groups situations, know how to maintain your individuality within large groups and totally enjoy being around people. You are often flirtatious and flamboyant in the way you dress. You know how to balance a busy lifestyle and often find yourself in a supportive role when someone is having relationship problems. You know how to help them heal and move on. You enjoy playing with psychometry and have a gift for this practice. Your decisions in life usually come from the heart.

If Flamingo has come into your Dream;

To see a Flamingo in your dream symbolizes your sense of community and cooperation. If you focus on working together toward a common goal you will be successful. It may also indicates that new experiences and situations have now come into your life. Alternatively it could mean that you may be overly concerned with your physical appearance and have failed to love yourself as you are.

Additional Associations for Flamingo:


  • my friend dreamed that she was visiting me on my office door she saw a big picture of big pink falmengo. and another smaller picture allover she asked me why I put it I said for good luck ..then she saw 2 girls and there brother
    erm as they where a kids of my brother they was at work place then my brother that she never knew came to take the kids back he was also asking about the falmengo pictures ..and she said my brother was bold hair too much white his name was abdullah. I have for real life a brother but doesn’t look like that and his name not abdulla
    in real I’m a doctor and the friend is my patient
    can tell me what’s this dreams about

  • Hi I had a dream of a flamngio bird being tied on small boat and taken sailing on the sea while i was walking with a friend on the shore side. What should this signify ?

  • Love your website. 😀 A friend had been seeing pictures of Flamingo’s everywhere, including my top. Thank you.

  • Ever since I saw the lax and starting doing research on spiritual totems I have been blessed like never before. I have since then made a hit record and have been very healthy and wealthy. I thank this website so much. I have also shared this website to my peers. I love the power that this website gives me. My life is beautiful and I have millions fans I am thankful for.

  • I love the information that you shared. I have loved flamingos since I was a kid and as an adult I have started to collect them and associate myself with my flamingo love. Thank you so much. 😀

    • I have published two children’s books about a fictional character Dorie and her sisters Maddie and Destiny. They are flamingos. The names of the books….Dorie’s New Hat and Dorie’s Day at the Beach.

  • :mrgreen: I like your incite. You are very gifted. I would like to know what the spirit tells you concerning me. My birthday 11/09/74. I am against electronic harassment an i am x military. I dreamed of s pink flamingo. But I know that is not my totem. What is my totem animal? An what will my wife look like.? What is her personality an how will she react when she first meets me? I am in desperate need to know. Please share with me your knowledge on these things. An I will donate to your cause!

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