Mole Symbolism
Being alone has its benefits. However, you shouldn't make it a lifestyle.

Mole Meaning and Messages

In this case, like the Stingray, Mole symbolism asks you to have unwavering faith that everything will work out fine. In other words, this spirit animal encourages you to work hard and persistently chase your dreams, even at times when it seems there’s no hope. These unique creatures spend most of their time underground in search of food. And so when Mole meaning appears before you, it teaches you to trust your instincts or intuition.

Furthermore, Mole meaning tells you to dig deep to find the truth you seek. Thus this spirit animal showing up in your life reminds you to look past what lies on the surface. In this case, the Mole wants you to understand that there’s a lesson to be learned when you go through trials. Seeing this creature could also be a sign that you are yet to discover your true potential.

Additionally, Mole symbolism prompts you to connect with Earth’s enormous energy. You can do so by taking a walk in nature, growing a garden, meditating outdoors, or watching a sunset. Alternatively, this spirit animal might be asking you to believe in the existence of a higher power.

Mole Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Sloth, those with the Mole totem are very solitary individuals. However, they can be excellent team players. These people are also quiet by nature and strongly believe in action. When others shy away from a difficult task, these folks are usually the ones who commit to it and get it done.

Like the Osprey, people who have the Mole totem know how to go for what they want in life. They are hard-working, persistent, and resilient. These folks might come from a humble background, but they soon rise to the top in life. Moreover, individuals with this spirit animal are sometimes very spiritual. They possess psychic and clairsentient abilities and can sense the energy and auras of other people.

The dark side of Mole totem people is that they are prone to being overly curious and fretful.

Mole Dream Interpretation

When you have Mole dream, it points to deception. In other words, this spirit animal appearing in your vision tells you that someone in your circle is pretending to be who they are not. And so, for this reason, you have to be extra careful when dealing with your friends, neighbours, or colleagues at work.

Seeing a Mole is also a sign that you need to get out of the dark and see the light. Thus this spirit animal teaches you to embrace positivity and see the bright side of things.

If you envision a Mole going through holes underground, it indicates that you will triumph over all your challenges. Another message this dream communicates is that you will receive some good news in the coming days.

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  1. I dreamt last night about a mole in underground with train tracks surroundings and me. I like how Moles are represented however mine bite me in the leg. I am trying to analyse it and this is quite helpful, thank you

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