Bush Baby

Seize every opportunity that presents itself.
-Bush Baby

Meaning and Messages

In general, Bush Baby symbolism is a sign that you should move on. You may have been thinking hard about changing your current job, career, location, or coming out of a relationship that isn’t working. When you encounter this spirit, it inspires you to move without hesitation. Also, this animal is likely to show up in your life when you soon have an important decision to make. In such a situation, the Bush Baby meaning prompts you to let go of your fears of failure and make up your mind firmly and quickly on the issue. Decisiveness is an attitude you must develop to win in life.

Additionally, this power animal advises you to adapt to a situation in your life. It would be best if you let go of the old and embrace the new. The Bush Baby symbolism reminds you that when challenges arise in your life, rather than fret and whine over everything, you should see it as an opportunity to grow.

Furthermore, the Bush Baby meaning asks you to take a risk if there is a chance to help you achieve something of value. Fear has held you back long enough. Thus you should try new things and open yourself to new possibilities.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Individuals with the Bush Baby totem can see through things and people. These folks are adept at discerning truth from error. Also, they have the natural ability to read the intention of other people. If you have someone with this spirit animal in your life, you will discover that it is impossible to deceive or mislead them.

Like the Wildebeest, people with the Bush Baby totem are family-oriented. They know never to lose sight of the importance of family. You will find them spending quality time with their loved ones. Additionally, these folks are amiable and outgoing. They love the company of other people and are usually the life of the party. Moreover, if the Bush Baby is your spirit animal, you might be overly aggressive and competitive.

Dream Interpretation

A Bush Baby dream is a message that you need to share your problems with others. By talking to someone, you might find a solution to the issues you are currently facing in life.

When you envision this animal jumping from tree to tree, it means that you are moving too fast. There is a need to slow down. Doing this will help you channel your energy into actions that bring you true happiness and success.

Like the Piranha, to dream of a Bush Baby feeding is a sign that you will find fulfillment in life.

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  1. If Bush baby enters some one compound at night around 4am/4:30am and starts making baby sounds as if there are two fighting or playing what does this signifiers?

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