Seahorse Symbolism

It is safe for you to help others in this situation.

If Seahorse has come swimming into your life:

He is reminding you to be persistent in your goals while being mindful that you are not too inflexible and stubborn in achieving them. If you are lost or confused – the Seahorse is asking you to take a good look around you and your situation, not only physically but spiritually as well to get a better perspective on things. Allow yourself to be gently nudged in the right direction by the flow of the current around you. When you see the way to move anchor yourself and stay focused on  your goal.

Alternatively this little creature can be letting you know that it is time for you to make your move. You have been procrastinating too long with what makes you feel safe. Let go and take the plunge towards making your dreams a reality.

This creature has long been considered a good luck charm.

If you have Seahorse as your Animal Totem;

You are most likely a knight in shining armor. You will sacrifice your own needs to help others. You have a strong desire to protect the young and those weaker than yourself. With this animal as your totem there is a gentle strength and serenity about you. You are usually polite, considerate and courteous. Your features may be unusual but very attractive at the same time.

If a man has this animal totem, normal societal roles are sometimes reversed.  You may be the caretaker of the children and home. A woman with this totem would want her partner to be very involved in the caring of the children.

If Seahorse has come floating through your dreams;

It represents the power of your subconscious. You have a new perspective or different outlook in life. If the seahorse is invisible, then it suggests that there is an emotional issue that you are not acknowledging or recognizing.

Additional Associations for Seahorse:


  • It’s funny because my birth mark is literally a seahorse and I’ve never really understood the meaning behind it. I shared this with close friends and these descriptions are me all the way.!!! I’m getting this tatted 😝😝

  • I find it interesting that when I clicked on the land animal generator it chose the quarter horse and then when I chose the water totem generator the sea horse was chosen. I love it when little things in life like this happens. It makes me wonder if life isn’t so ordinary after all and if there is indeed a spiritual side to life after all. 🙂 To comfort and intrigue people I will also add: in real life I love horses and the breed I am most often around is the quarter horse. There is a mare named Magic that has captured my heart and she just happens to be a quarter horse mix. I am also a fan of the creatures called Sea horses. Heck, one time I was in an aquarium that featured giant versions of them. Normally these little guys are tiny, but I was so mesmerized when an aquarium finally demonstrated that these little guys are not always so tiny.

    I love this website. Please never take it down. It cheers me up on a bad day for the reasons stated above.

  • I am totally shocked that I got the seahorse as I was thinking about purchasing a seahorse ring for myself.

    Also, seahorse is the animal my soul mate said reminds him of me.

    So totally blown away!!!

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