Crab Symbolism

Shift your focus - your expanding inner perceptions are trying to redirect you. There is an easier way.

Crab Meaning, and Messages

In this case, crab symbolism is reminding you that not all paths lead directly to your personal goals. In other words, sometimes a sideways approach is necessary. Therefore, you must shift your focus to what is all around you because your inner senses are trying to guide you through an easier way. Alternatively, crab meaning can be reminding you that community is vital for growth. However,  equally important is a time of introspective seclusion. Thus you need to know when to withdraw and discern what is right for you.

Moreover, crab symbolism can also be letting you know that it is crucial to nourish your curiosity on all levels. In fact, the exploration of the world around you leads to discovering new horizons and vibrant life.

These marine invertebrates are related to Jellyfish, Lobster, Coral, Starfish, and Octopus.

Crab Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the crab totem are usually delicate, shy and self-protective. You will have to earn their trust. However, once they befriend someone, they become extroverted within their company. Folks with this spirit animal enjoy exploring new challenges in life, and their curiosity is never satisfied. They are always doing their inner work and deconstructing and rebuilding who they are. These people are consistently successful in reaching their goals. However, they love to use unorthodox methods in getting there.

Crab Dream Interpretation

When you have a crab dream, it may signify that your perseverance and tenacity has born fruit. Abundance and success are at hand. Alternatively, this crustacean can also mean that you are hanging onto unhealthy emotions. Therefore you must allow yourself to release your fear of “feeling.” Only then will you be able to grasp the new gifts offered. You should also pay attention to the color of this creature in your dream. Red can be symbolic of anger, frustration, passion, and intention. White indicates purity, love, and connection. Light blue is representative of communication, and dark blue is symbolic of intuition and the third eye. A yellow color can mean communion, happiness, and positivity as well as cowardice. The color green is indicative of emotional healing.


  • i had a dream, where my daddy went crab hunting. he came back home with a lot of crabs and they started climbing me, but because i was scared, i robbed them off my body.
    can i please have a meaning to this dream?

    • Possibly related to trust? Father figures can symbolize trust and safety, and now this figure has brought in something that scares you. You’re not actually getting hurt in the dream, but it is scary.
      Maybe you’re feeling uncomfortable is a situation that should normally be providing you comfort or less risk?
      Hope this helps ♡

  • hi, if you’re still around i could really use some help. for years now (maybe the last 7) i’ve had a recurring dream every few months that i have died, and when my autopsy is being performed, it is revealed that all of my organs are horseshoe crabs. in the dream i realize this signifies i am not human and have never been. when i see horseshoe crabs in real life i think they’re cute, but the ones spilling from my body cavity in my dream are horrible and evil. i don’t understand what it means, and i am so tired of waking myself up in tears or screaming

    • Hi there! I’m definitely not an expert on things like this, but when I saw your post a thought occurred: what if the crabs are there to remind you that you ARE human? That you have been denying your human, earthy parts of yourself in exchange for some incomplete identity? What if they are there to remind you to be here on earth and to embrace your connection to everything in the planet, and not just what’s beyond it? Sometimes we get caught up in the mind, spirit, crown, and we forget the equally important and equally spiritual heart, gut, carnal, and grounded. Know what I’m saying?

    • This dream seems related to self esteem (physical or mental idk, that would be for you to determine).
      The doctor, a professional who we typically trust, is cutting you open to reveal that you’re filled with something that is “horrible and evil”, when it is something that you normally find to be cute in real life. It seems like a manifestation of you feeling that you might be this negative thing, but you are not. It is natural and normal to second guess oneself in a wide variety of aspects in our life, but it doesnt make it less painful to deal with! ♡

  • Hi i had dream about finding crabs by digging into hard muds, then i saw my self and someone whom indont know working to tie the so huge crab

  • Hi I’m grace
    Had a dream on 06/06/16
    Saw once a coconut crab coming to me and giving me a key
    Than saw it pointng to a huge gold statued bull
    Went towards the statued and saw a key hole
    When I inserted the key hole
    The golden bull started to move and
    It showed me a cave inside was
    Gold treasures
    Than I woke up

    • Need major helo in understanding the crab dream…had my very 1st ever dream of a red angey bit my ass and i had to destroy and kill it because i was bleeding everywhere and it wouldnt let go…i had no choice..once i ripped its head off its let go of my ass…blood was everywhere..i felt very weak and sad and then i woke up…

      Cant stop thinking bout this dream

  • Interpret please ….. I’ve been stuck on what I should do with my career and asking for guidance today I thought maybe the navy was a bad idea and I should just pursue my longing to be a nurse work two jobs and go to school but I had a dream about my youngest son choking and bringing up about 3 crab.

  • Hi Sofia, i will be much obliged if you can interpret my dream. I dreamt about my mother, who died 3 year ago. I am inside our family home with friends. It was starting to get dark and my mother hasn’t arrive back from the town, and I’m starting to worry. suddenly I saw her passing along heading to the back or kitchen door. I rushed to meet her in the kitchen, then she handed me a basket full of crabs, there was one big crab in can see in the middle of the basket and many small ones. what is the message my mother is trying to pass on to me? thank you ever so much.

    • > there was one big crab in can see in the middle of the basket and many small ones

      It may mean that there is one thing which is most important to you, which you will have to figure out for yourself and hold on to, and learning what to hold on to or discard in that basket of crabs (i.e. emotions?).

      After all, it’s both a gift and a puzzle, isn’t it?

  • I have these same nightmares since I was a child about a huge hermit crab shadow on my walls. The shadow started out small and began to grow bigger and then I walked to the wall, touched the wall and I go to turn my head and there it was.. A huge pitch black hermit crab just sitting there behind me.. I t started to snap it’s claws at me.. then as the huge pitch black hermit crab was snapping his claws at me.. it was moving towards me as if I was the threat.. I walked up to it to try and show it I mean no harm.. It clamped my hand with it’s sharp strong claws and I began bleeding.. I tried to pull it off of my hand.. it began clamping even tighter and harder. Then I pulled it off of my hand and ran and it began to chase me.. To my knowledge hermit crabs crawl slowly.. This one was crawling really fast.. Then I woke up in cold sweats.. Heart racing.. Mind and body in shock.. and yelling calling out mom and dad… I began to break down crying and screaming saying I saw it again…. I saw that huge scary looking pitch black hermit crab again…. I still to this day have that nightmare.. I don’t know what it means…

  • I had saw a “clairvoyant ” 2 or 3 years ago. She had told me my spirit guide is the Crow. What I want to know is this…I see crows almost everyday for the last few years. It’s not just 1 or 2, it’s a whole flock of them! When I’m at home, they like to sit and shriek on the street lamp post that is right close to my balcony. Sometimes they go down to the ground. Other times when I’m just out somewhere I’ll only see 1 or 2…not a whole flock. What does this mean? What are they trying to tell me? I sometimes think it’s because I’m going to die soon.

    • Dear Friend, don’t be worried!
      There’s no such thing as evil Spirit Guides. They are part of the beautiful dance of what we perceive as this life and when they come, they’re there to help you. Know that there is divine balance in everything. Without darkness there can be no light and without spirituality there can be no physicality. You are being guided through this. What exactly their message for you is, you need to find out for yourself. Just ask! 🙂

      you might want to check out

      Love & Light!

  • I dreamed of a place near the sea. The night sky was the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen and there was a majestic full moon! I was walking towards it trying to get a better view. The path was rough and I stepped onto something that hurt my foot. I had a closer look and to my horror I saw a small WHITE CRAB that was trying to enter my skin. It was half way in when I started squeezing my foot and struggled to get it out. I finally managed to get rid of it…! Please help me get the meaning of this!

    • So eerie, I literally have just woken from almost the same dream, though the small white crab entered my hand as I was climbing on rocks next to a river. I struggled as well to remove it from my hand. It broke through the skin and escaped, though there was no pain, and no blood. I would live to know what this signifies. Blessing

  • I really think I have Crab as a totem animal, your description sounds just like me. And once when I did a guided meditation to find my animal spirit guide a crab came to me. Which is surprising because I never really thought or been drawn to crabs, but it is all very thought provoking.

    • It is what it is. Don’t overthink it. It’s just processes. Just observe, remain aware and trust that everything is. Everything is good. You are blessed.

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