Horses (Equus)

Keep reviewing your goals so that you can remain focused on achieving them.
-Quarter Horse


This page contains links to all of the horses, Equus, and horse breeds in my Spirit Animals database. If one of these animals has visited you, click on the spirit animal name for clues as to the meaning of the visitation. Horses can come to you in many forms; in dreams, in visions, as an energetic presence, as people that carry their totem energy, and physically by coming into your life. Not all horses would be able to visit you due to your location physically. However, there is always the chance that a drive through the country may trigger an animal to interact with you somehow. Always be aware of their beautiful spirits and the messages they can bring you.

Please do enjoy the messages and guidance on this website. Use the knowledge wisely and understand that each message is intended to help you see a clear direction or answer to your question. Also, take note of the animals to which the page links. Their energy will also influence the message that you receive in some way. Enjoy and explore. We all have much to learn, and it is the learning that keeps us on our respective paths. Using your refresh button for an animal will give you a different message quote from that animal. There are at least five message quotes attached to each of the Horse Breeds as well as the general Horses page. Don’t forget to check out Zebra, and Donkey as well!



Donkey Meaning and Messages In this case, Donkey symbolism represents a strong will, determination, and hard work. Thus the Donkey…

1 year ago

Arabian Horse

Meaning, and Messages In general, Arabian Horse symbolism is a reminder that who you are today, is the combination of…

8 years ago

Quarter Horse

Meaning and Messages In this case, the Quarter Horse symbolism is reminding you that change is right for you. Only…

9 years ago


Meaning, and Messages In this case, Zebra symbolism is reminding you that there is more than one way of looking at…

9 years ago


Horse Meaning and Messages In this case, Horse symbolism lets you know that you have the power to change anything…

10 years ago

  1. Debbie Eppard on Wolf
  2. Kandy on Crab
  3. Tara on Cat
  4. Amber johnson on Lizard
  5. J on Swan

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