Wild Donkey Symbolism
Choose optimism in all situations.

Donkey Meaning and Messages

In this case, Donkey symbolism represents a strong will, determination, and hard work. Thus the Donkey meaning is telling you to finish what you start. If you have dreams and aspirations, you mustn’t give up on them, even when things get tough. Also, this spirit animal teaches you to say no – especially in situations where what people ask of you goes against your personal views and beliefs.

Additionally, the Donkey symbolism reminds you of the importance of self-preservation. As you go through life, it is essential not to put yourself in situations where you can get hurt. If a particular habit isn’t improving your life, change it. This power animal also prompts you to take care of yourself and not spend the rest of your life, trying to win the crowd’s approval. Moreover, like the Wild Dog, this spirit animal encourages you to be there for family and friends in times of need. The Donkey’s ultimate message to you is to make sacrifices for others and share in their burdens. Also, the Donkey symbolizes unconditional love.

Donkey Totem, Spirit Animal

Those with the Donkey totem tend to be tough and resilient. These people are motivated, optimistic, and know to keep calm under stress. Like the Springbok totem, you will always find them happy and smiling, even in their darkest days.

Furthermore, Donkey totem people are some of the kindest humans in the world. These folks have a heart full of love and are ever willing to spend their life in service of others. They have a habit of making huge sacrifices for those they hold dear. You will find such individuals in professions where they get to help others.

Also, individuals with this spirit animal totem have a strong will. You can’t make them do anything they haven’t made up their mind to do. And once they have a goal set, they will do everything within their power to see it accomplished. Quitting is never an option for these folks. Failure only makes them stronger.

Additionally, folks with this spirit animal have excellent instincts and an innate ability to sense where danger lurks. They may not hold leadership positions in an organization, but they always play a huge role in decision making.

On the other hand, stubbornness is one negative trait those with the Donkey totem are likely to possess.

Donkey Dream Interpretation

When you have a Donkey dream, it reminds you to be patient. Even when things don’t go in your favor, this spirit animal encourages you not to quit. Furthermore, it could also be telling you to heed what someone has to say.

If you are riding the Donkey in the vision, it is a sign that you will soon embark on an exciting journey at the expense of someone. This dream also tells you to watch how you treat those working under you.

A dream where you encounter more than one Donkey tells you that you will soon get answers to your prayers. Another interpretation of a Donkey dream is that you should be more vigilant.

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  1. Donkeys and zebras are not horses. Horses, Donkeys and Zebras are all Equids but the Horse has more chromosomes and is a different species.

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