Spirit Animal Totems


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Take control of your life and do it with harmony and discipline.

If Wolf has made his presence known in your life;

Wolf is reminding us that although we see ourselves as civilized creatures – we are still animals with our own wild spirit. He is here to teach us about our inner selves and to discover our own hidden power and stamina. To see a this creature  is to see a social and highly organized animal. One that understands the order of things and the balance of harmony and discipline.

When a lone wolf is spotted in the wilderness it embodies freedom. When seen in a pack it embodies a feel of community. If wolf appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to do the same within your own life.

A animals  howl is primal and penetrating. The howl is used to locate clan members or to let wolves from outside of the pack know their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl, this may be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries.

If Wolf is your Animal Totem;

You have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments and you know how to trust your insights about these attachments. You prefer diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights. This is not because of cowardice, this is because of a powerful intelligence. Often you maintain a network of loyal friends and family for when the going gets tough.

You are often very competitive and can become upset if the pecking order is disturbed, especially if it happens in your own home.

While seeking information and making an informed decision is a hallmark of this animal totem it is important that you don’t dally overlong in choosing what to do. More often than not, your seeking will lead you to the same conclusion that your animal intuition did in the first place.

If Wolf has come to your Dream;

To see this animal in your dream symbolizes survival, beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social circumstances and blend into any situation with ease and grace.

To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours. To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. There are characteristics of the wolf that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self.

To dream that you kill this creature indicates betrayal. Certain secrets will be revealed to you. If you are being chased by a this animal in your dream, then it implies that you are unwilling to confront a problem that has been negatively impacting your life. Instead you are running away from it.

To hear a wolf howling in your dream represents a cry for help from somebody in your waking life.

Additional Associations for Wolf:

  • Royalty
  • Spirit
  • Strength
  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Intelligent
  • Ritualistic in nature (applies to all of life)
  • Balances flexibility to establish harmony and order in life
  • New paths and journeys
  • Freedom to move within the realms of insights and attachments
  • Epitome of the wild spirit


Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Wolf was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Wolf is dead or hidden in some way– consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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221 Responses to Wolf

  • i have had this dream continuously from when i was about 8 not daily but ill have it atleast 2-3 times a year the dream is of a baby crying and when i get to it it suddely turnes into a wolf howling please if someone could make sence of this it would be such a relief as its driving me crazy not knowing why i keep having this dream

  • I my dream I was upset and a black wolf came to me picking me up in its mouth like a cub and took me to a safe place. I do come from a strong native American back ground and I own a full blooded wolf. So I’m not really sure what my dream was trying to tell me. Can anyone help me with this ?

  • This explains why I have always been attracted to the wolves. Thank you for sharing.

    • Earlier today I took about a two hour nap and had a dream that I moved into this new house or something random and there were two wolves in there. One was black the other was blackish brown I believe. The solid black one kept cuddling up to me and was being really sweet and I just sat there on the floor and it laid it’s head on my shoulder and I just sat there and hugged it. Obviously didn’t feel threatened by it at all, I have no idea what this means but in addition to this dream there’s been really weird things going on in the last two nights. I too have always felt connected to wolves

  • I was having a really long dream, and at the end of it, I saw a grey wolf in an open field, growling at something I couldnt’ see at first. There was this dividing line below her, and the scene turned into a city at night, from which someone was pulling a Rottie on a leash. He (she?) had one of those full-body harnesses on. Someone pulled the dog whining over to the wolf, and I thought she was going to eat or attack the dog, except she told me without words that she wasn’t, and there was nothing else I could do but watch. Instead, they began an energy transmission of some sort, little yellow dots and bubbles rising up from the rottie, and what had been red on the wolf turned pink to mingle with the yellow energy of the rottie. I’m hoping this means something along the lines of my two sides making friends again :) ❓ ❓ ❓ 3

  • When the wolf came to me in my dream it was a time of great crisis. I was almost ten years into the hopeless grip of an addiction to pornography and sex. I felt very alone and alienated being interested in only satisfying the hunger for my next “fix”. At this time I would want to go to sleep hoping to wake up screaming from a dream. Yet, even with all of this crisis of character and spirit, my mind wondered about things. Why is the world this way? Why am I feeling this way? What is God? In my quest for answers I developed an affinity for nature and the idea of living in a hunter/gatherer tribal community. It seemed perfect to me to grow up in a society where you are taught how to live naturally and with little effort in the learning process. Where you merely had to reach out into nature and build a hut or be fed (there are very few things in the wild that humans cannot eat). Then, the wolf came. A majestic and wizened white wolf. His coat was pristine yet aged. He looked into my very spirit with the feeling of wanting to give me a gift.

    Ever since I was little I enjoyed making stories. I liked creating some sort of motion of beings and thought. I decided to create a James Bond script incorporating some of the ideas of a tribal society into the villains idea for a “perfect race”. When I let a friend read the script he referred me to a book by Daniel Quinn called “Ishmael”. “Its right up your alley,” he would say. And he was right. I was completely captivated by this book and every book of his thereafter. I felt I had found the gift the White Wolf wanted to give to me after having the dream three years prior. Even still I feel like I am only just unwrapping the packaging to find my destiny in full form inside. I continued my quest after finding “Ishmael” and read up on books about the rites of passage of a vision quest. Currently, I am deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. I came here with the intent to destroy my addiction to sex and pornography for good. As the next step in my personal vision quest. And to ready my self to be birthed back into the world I have left behind as a new and stronger person. I thank the great spirit of the universe for guiding me and the White wolf for coming into my life and for the gift of my destiny. I hope that this vision helps whoever reads this in some way on your quest.

  • I’ve been dreaming of this particular black wolf with vivid red eyes since I was 9 years old. In every dream I had (even if it doesn’t relate to the wolf) the wolf keeps on following me or simply just sits and looks at me. 😕 Even though I try to approach the wolf, the wolf just lies in front of me and doesn’t run away or comes closer. But there was this one dream where I was in a little cottage in a forest, the black wolf was outside trying to get into the cottage and it spoke to me in my mind telling me to follow him into the deep forest, but as I tried to run away, it blocked my path. 😐 But that’s when I woke up. I don’t know why I keep on dreaming about him. I know he isn’t dangerous, but not slightly friendly as well. PS: I have a dreamcatcher on top of my bed, and wolf blanket on my bed.)

  • I’ve always have been able to feel spirits and have had vision dreams which came true. Recently these have become more frequent and now I see spirits of dead people. When my wife’s dog was put down I saw its sprite leave the body.. It appeared to me a couple of times after. Since then I had a dream where I was shown a place in the heavens that was for me. That was followed by my seeing an evil spirit materialize in my room. It was upsetting my Husky so I finally told it to go away and leave us alone and it stopped appearing. Most recently, while asleep in a remote cabin, I was awakened by my Husky. There were black shadows all over the interior of the cabin. My husky took me to the front door and I saw a silver white wolf run by. I believe these events are related but have no idea what to make of them. Hoping this site can help. Thanks, Rick

  • For many years (from about 10 years old to 20) I often made that dream : I was walking alone in a huge forest. Then I was surrounded by a wolf pack (they were making a circle around me) and one of the wolves came to me and licked my hand. In that dream I was not afraid at all.

  • Hi I had a dream that I was walking to this magic shop and as I was walking there was a dream catcher with a white wolf on it and I stopped looked at it for a few minutes then continued to the shop what might this mean 😥

  • My latest dream was so vivid…driving in a larger vehicle with a man I’ve been seeing who has recently become distant. I was terrified of the ride, going too fast in bad weather and too fast for the winding roads. We eventually stopped or crashed…that remains foggy, and the guy was gone. I was somewhere in woods cold and alone. A large black and white wolf appeared and guided me, helped me up hills and pulled me up when I could not climb. He/she was right with me and when we were safe let out a long howl… Truly amazing and so vivid but still woke up frightened but also exhilarated and feeling safe…maybe it’s time to get a dog. :)

  • 3:30 am march 26…appearance if a lone white wolf in my yard…appeared to be eating something…looking at me while i was looking at it…it had no fear ..slowly walked past me through the driveway never loosing his gaze on me and then he was gone…what does this mean?

  • I saw a white and black wolf in my yard and they wouldn’t leave. The white wolf would distracte me and the black wolf tride sneaking up on me. I was fully awake in an area where there should not be wolves. I don’t know if they were pets or where they came from. I called a police officer out to come check. I went back outside about two minutes later and they had vanished. No one could find them. When I told my wife she said she looked outside, but didn’t see them. I was not under anytime of influence. I was exhausted at the time, but nothing else. I still don’t know if they were real or a manifestation. Looking for guidance.

    • Wolf Spirit resides within you and all of us (us also being simply part of the nature of all things). Black & White in symbolism means duality/balance.
      In an ancient wisdom of the Cherokee Indian there is a saying: Good Wolf (in color being white) and bad wolf (in color being black):
      One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all..
      One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
      The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.’
      The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: ‘Which wolf wins?’ The old Cherokee simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’

      Wolf spirit is getting your attention to look within of what you are paying attention to, which will manifest into your life if you pay attention to certain thoughts you carry within, and which wolf you need to feed. Meaning if the bad one is in unrest then perhaps a feeding will help him settle down so that you can then focus on the other one more that needs more of that in your life as you live the life you choose to want to have. Wolf is also about the pack/family unless it is a lone wolf which in your case….what are your predominant thoughts? Which wolf are you feeding the most? Maybe a closer look at your inner thoughts are in order to create the life you really want? It’s about paying attention to your inner world, so that you are aware of the manifestations in your outer world surrounding you, then take responsibility for the manifestation process

  • I’ve had this man and Wolf appear in my dreams, I could be dreaming of the boardwalk, and he’d be there with a big white wolf trying to hand me a knife with the wolf head on it. But I’d never take it, and he never says anything. He just shows up out of no where, the crowd moving around them and they just stand still. Does anyone know what this means?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of a wolf or wolves but once a long time ago I out hunting deer and a wolf approached me. I laid there very still as to not provoke him. He continues to curiously walk towards me. He sniffed my head and began to rub against me with his nose in a caring, loving way. Then He proceeded to trot away. Ever since that day I have felt a strong connection to wolves and tonight I understand why that is. I looked up the symbol of a wolf and my journey lead me here with others like me and I finally understand why I met that wolf so many years ago. I finally know why He saute me out. The traits of a wolf are traits of my own: loyal to a fault and extreme passion and devotion to the ones I love is something I wasn’t taught but was instinct. If there are others like me as I see here I would love to here from you it’s nice to know I am not alone in my understanding and devotion to these traits and where they come from. Thank You for reading.

  • Iv always felt attached to Wolf’s I love them. Whenever I see the moon a space out looking at it and get an extrem earge to howl at it or just bask in its moon light especially when it’s a full moon. One night I was waiting on my bed and I looked up at the mirror that is on my head board and I saw a pure black wolf laying at the foot of my bed just sleeping there. I watched it for maybe 20min befor I turned my head to see if it was really there but It wasent and when I looked back at the reflection it was staring back at me with percing blue eyes. I see it during the day now to but as a pup. He follows me around. His name is Kanri.

  • hi, I’m looking for a good werewolf pack I can join? but I lost my wolf spirit. but I need help to get a new one. but I have been alone wolf pup. for far too long for a new pack to take me in. & understand me. a lot, but I have a lot of stress on me. but I need help can this pack really help me out. I got some get ideas to help pack to survival. & I help you hunt in the human form & you can ya help me in wolf form. please will you help me out. please. :)

  • I was dreaming I was sleeping and hearing a pack of wolves beautifully howling I’m my sleep. It was lovely. But one of those dreams that stick with you. Felt powerful.

  • When I was a child from age 10 yrs of age, until i was 18 yrs of age…….I would have the same dream over and over…………….The dream began as i walked through the woods like always. As a child i spent a lot of time in the woods, and the creatures, birds or what ever always would linger around me. I had a bobcat that followed me like a dog would, chipmunks would come out a visit with me, and i also encountered a black panther in a tree i climbed, looked directly into it’s intense eyes. Anyway back to my dream……I was walking through the woods, and i began to sense something coming, then i could hear sounds of running in the leaves, i turned around and i was faced with this very unusually large black wolf with yellow eyes……i slowly began walking away not to panic……but i began to run….i was afraid……of course the black wolf following along with a pack of grey wolves, the black wolf was always in front, they didn’t circle me, they just kept steady pace behind me…… i made it to the house and shut the door…… i look out the window, the black wolf just standing there, he turned his head and made a sound to the other wolves, and they turned around and went into woods just out of sight, the black wolf turned and looked at me, then he turned around and in a slow pace went to the middle of the field, he stopped , turned back around to face me and began to howl, it was the sadist sound i have ever heard, he waited then slowly walked back into the woods……and i would always feel like i was a white wolf with my blue/green eyes, and that i was meant to follow them or be the dominate female along side the dominate black wolf……… sounds crazy…….had no idea why i had this dream, but they stopped when i turned 18 yo………..I just recently found out that i have Cherokee Indian relatives on both sides of my family…..the Ross side and Beckham side…… i just never understood the dream and it’s meaning…………….

    • You have found your tribe at last. It was shown to you when you were young, but may have forgotten that you will in life find relatives of your tribe or maybe your thoughts about your heritage were feeding a paradox thought. Learning from your tribe could be essential to your well being in life. Learn the Cherokee way, the stories, the meanings, the wisdom. If you find yourself in your outer world disconnected from the kind of spirits you would rather be around, then find your tribe by instinct. Look within. Where are your thoughts like these days? Are they different then when you were young? From what you were taught about the natives, that you now realize that you are connected with by DNA. You can learn about your inner world from the way you find a question to what you answer yourself or what you accept as an answer from outside yourself (meaning anyone but your true self)

  • I had a dream I was looking through a glass window. There was snow and water (like a polar bear habitat) it was daylight, and there was a bunch of bears that were there, aggressive – black bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears. My sister told me I had something to do with them, how I was suppose to be able to stop there aggression by doing something. In the end I did not feel up to the task, and thought I need a gun if I went outside with them. I saw a small young brown bear and thought “oh no, it’s going to get attacked by all the other larger bears!’ and sure enough one of the bears started to go after it, but then a wolf came out and kind of chased the large bear away and adverted the kill. I know when I look through glass in my dream, I’m viewing the spirit world. I was knocking on the glass when a polar bear came close to it, then I ran upstairs in the house as the polar bear looked at me and I thought it could probably break that glass and get me! I’ve had other bear dreams before (mostly aggressive) accept one time… again I was looking through a window and saw elk running being chased by wolves, but then I also saw 2 bears. The one bear yelled in a great powerful voice “I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” so I opened the window and said hello graciously. The 2 bears zoomed up to the window and changed into people. They did not speak, but was just looking at me. I then woke up. Any thoughts to meanings??

    • Okay so look up to see what gods or goddesses appear as bears and shape shift. I’ve had a white wolf appear multiple times in my dreams before saying that she’s protecting me and she’s watching over me and guiding me on the right path and that she won’t let any harm come to me. So far nothing bad has happened since she’s appeared in my dreams so I think it’s my spirit animal or something like that.

  • I don’t understand why, but I’ve always felt a very strong kinship with wolves. A few years, me and my family lived in a trailer park in a small town that was almost completely surrounded by woods. One day I was hanging clothes up to dry on the clothesline outside and my 12 year old daughter was out there with me. I happened to glance a few trailers down and standing there, very still, and just staring at me was a white wolf. I didn’t feel threatened or afraid at all. After a few seconds, a much smaller white wolf came out of the woods and stood by the larger wolf and looked at me as well. We stood there, studying each other, for about 2 minutes, then both wolves turned and slowly walked back into the woods. Whenever I told people about this they would laugh and say that there are no wolves in this area and that it had to had been dogs. No…I know what I saw…It was wolves. I have never seen them or any other wolves around here but that day has always stuck with me.

  • Recently I dreamed of a charging Grisly bear, when it approached me, it was calm and walked beside me, it’s sides touching my legs. We walked through a valley the moon was bright, the ground seemed to sparkle.. I could smell the evergreens growing along the tree line of the meadow. On waking I felt it was a powerful dream and I wondered why the bear came to me. The very next night, I dream of the same meadow, and Grisly. But this time, a White wolf joined us, the wolf on the left, the bear on the right. I remember touching the fur on the backs of both of them as we walked along. The details from this dream stayed with me, and see the picture in my mind often..
    Last night I dreamed I was in a burning house and trapped and a huge Moose kicked down the wall that was burning, and said in my mind, get on I’m hear to save you? I woke up.. Ok so the animals are trying to speak to me. I am listening..

  • I had a dream of having a pet forest wolf,and there was a guy being mean to me I think, and the wolf protected me,and also there was another guy who had a pet wolf,and it tried to attack me,and my wolf attacked it, trying to protect me, the dream is like from when I was 7 or 8, so I think that’s how it goes

  • I had what i call a dream yet it felt nothing like a typical dream nor lucid experience. My body lifted out of my bed and I floated up into the sky. Unable to control my flight, i thought i must be dead. It made me scared but i was overcome with peace as i continued floating over a field. a wolf pack ran beneath me and i was lowered down until i was running with the wolves. they were biting each other and me in a friendly way as if guiding each other. Then i realized i had become a wolf, and thats when i woke up.

    • I dream of being a wolf every night. Most of the time I travel alone and visit human friends but sometimes the spirit pack calls me and I join them for a while. These are lucid dreams but they are real as well.

  • I had a dream about a white wolf grabbing my hand and leaving its paw print on my palm then says I’ve earned it.. Then later a pack was chasing my family through a wooded forest full of water and abandoned places

  • I had a dream I was a white wolf and the leader of a pack of white wolves, sneaking the pups of a black wolf pack to feed to my own pack. Once the pack was feed any extra pups we kept with two Indian humans with two newborns to keep the pups warm. Then my dream jumped to me running down a hill and watching my pack and the black pack lunge at one another like a war. It was so real when I woke up I just looked around my house and my husband was very concerned. What does this mean?

  • I had a dream that I was in someone’s house, with my son and my husband. We were sitting on the couch when 4 wolves walked into the living room. 2 younger, 2 older. My son got up off of the couch and walked right past them across the room to lay on the other side of the room. The two older wolves got up onto the couch next to him and curled up together.
    In my dream, I initially felt fear, especially for my son walking right next to them. Then I realized that they weren’t going to hurt anyone and I woke up. Does anyone have any input on the meaning behind this? I haven’t been able to fall back asleep for some reason!! Thank you

  • I was back in my old house I grew up in (which is located in the woods in PA) and I was standing in the dining room looking out the window into the woods and heard a lone wolf howling. I felt like it was calling for me. Good feelings came over me. I woke up happy.

  • My sister and I were driving on the highway when I happened to look in the woods and I saw a white wolf sitting on a small hill. Can anyone tell me what does this mean?

  • Greetings, all!
    Just wanted to share my dream and see if anyone had any comments.
    I was having your average “tripping through the subconscious” dream when it suddenly came sharply into focus. I was facing snow-covered fields, evergreens and mountains when I heard a loud cacophany behind me. I turned to look, and there were dozens of people cowering in fear and pointing in the direction I was originally facing. I turned back and saw a lone grey youngish wolf standing in the snow about 20 feet from me. I was not afraid, and as the wolf approached where I stood I felt I was silently communicating with him. We definitely had eye contact although I knew his attention was on both me, the humans beyond me and the rest of his pack who were invisibly closing in on those behind me. When we were level with one another, I was calm and I felt the wolf appraise me with respect. He seemed to nod once without breaking eye contact, and the message I received was, “You can join us. You are free.” (Not that I was invited into the pack, or anything. He was saying that I was understand the language of the wild.)
    As I turned an walked toward the tree line, I knew the pack was closing in on the humans behind me but I did not care. I felt that the wolf also told me I had done all I could to help and I should save myself.
    Very vivid dream, and I have no idea was prompted it. But I know that I understand that wolf. I actually feel an overwhelming love towards him.

  • In the dream, I saw myself going into the wilderness by myself, and I came to a small hill which I started ascending when I noticed a white wolf staring at me, and it came towards me, but I turned around and went away from it. The wolf was not threatening at all, at the end of my dream I was asking myself Why did I run from it when I could have embraced the wolf?

    • Perhaps this symbolizes a subconscious reluctance on your part to accept assistance from your primitive instincts. The fact that you were ascending alone may mean that you feel the need to conquer something in your own life independently. I believe the wolf was letting you know that when you need help, it is there. When you are ready to embrace the attributes of loyalty and beauty without the fear of being humiliated by accepting assistance, you will reach the top of your hill and the wolf will be there waiting.

  • I’ve had a reoccurring dream where I’m at my grandmother’s house in the woods and a big white wolf comes stalking towards me. It looks like it’s going to attack, but then our domesticated gray wolf chases it off to protect me. There is also a cat that protected me this time. Maybe I should walk up to the wold next time?

  • my fiance and I were driving home one night and she saw a figure of a black wolf with red eyes as we passed it she noticed that it was a Golden Retriever in the middle of the night middle of the road does this mean anything? thank you very much hope to hear from you

  • I’ve been having dreams about MASSIVE wolves lately… And by massive, I’m talking about Twilight wolf massive! Anyways, I’m just going to talk about this dream that I had today. Usually I forget dreams minutes after waking up, but dreams like these stick with me forever. I will never forget that wolf, she was absolutely gorgeous! She was black and tan, just like a Rottweiler! And she was as big as those wolves off of the movie Twilight… And her eyes, oh my god, her eyes!! They were a bright emerald green color!!! Absolutely STUNNING! Anyways, in this dream, I was with this guy that I consider my big brother (He has known me ever since I was born, so we are very close and have a very special bond… Since I don’t want to give out his real name, I’m just going to call him Dave) and we were walking down this road that was out in the middle of the desert, and then we came across the wolf that I had just talked about. She stared at us, and looked as calm as could be… Everything about her looked calm! And then that’s when Dave looked at me and said in a jokingly manner, “I bet she’s gonna attack you!” And that’s when I realized I was dreaming! So, I tried to take advantage of this, and jokingly replied back, “I bet I can make her attack you!” (I really don’t know why I said that… It just came out!) and I tried to do so, but instead of her attacking him, everything froze, and that’s when she calmly walked up to me. She didn’t really do anything other than look at me and then look at him and then back at me. I was really confused and didn’t say anything, because usually I gain complete control of my dreams once I realize I’m dreaming. I also don’t know why I wanted to make her attack him in the first place, and I ALSO woke up after she looked at me… I didn’t wake up right away, I just stared at her, and she just stared at me… This went on for a few seconds, and THAT’S when I woke up! Could someone please explain this to me? I apologize if I’m not making any sense, I’m very tired, but I just can’t get this off of my mind… Also, for as long as I can remember, I have always DREAMED of just being able to turn into a wolf whenever I wanted and being able to run around and be free! Just thinking about it gives me a sudden rush of energy! :)

  • when I was younger I had a vision of a wolf in the couds as I layed on the grass and stared up at the sky. It was a whitish/grey wolf formed by the clouds and taking up most of the sky. No drugs were used.looking back I believe I was in a theta brain wave and it was a type of lucid dream. i was absolutely awwed but never knew its meaning so I really enjoyed this site!
    More recently I had a nearly pure black german shepherd dutch variety war dog given to me, he was my black wolf. He was a handful, the runt from police stock and emotionally needy. He chased after me when I drove to the store and loved me more than any creature ever has. He used to nip though and due to financial need I headed out on the bering sea to fish and the one caring for him killed him for nips. This was an extremely devastating experience and changed my life scially and geographically. My dark shepherd is now what I look most forward to finding in the next life, when I too leave my body…. whatever the significance of my experiences, the wolf spirit has undeniably been present in my life. Thank You!

  • I dreamt i was being chased by a black wolf and i barely got away but before i did it bit me on my right ankle and the strangest thing is it felt real like i woke up feeling like i have been bit no marks and i couldn’t wake up either no matter how hard i try until after i escaped that’s when i woke up.

    • I had the exact same dream. The black wolf was at the edge of the couch where i had fallen asleep. When i looked at it, it bit my right foot and began to pull. I knew i was dreaming but could not wake up until it was gone. It was so lucid I can’t forget it.

  • I had a dream I was in the woods, it was dark but in the light of the moon I could see a large pack of white wolves approaching me. I was standing on a rock that elevated me by about 1/2 a meter. As the pack came closer I was calm I felt no fear and they looked at me and sat down in front of me, unfazed by my human form. Suddenly I lifted my head to the moon and howled and the wolves did the same. An angelic white light beeamed down on us through the darkened clouds, then tiny stars floated down through the light and circled and danced around my head. If I watched tv or movies I’d assume I had seen something to influence this dream but I don’t so I was hoping someone may be able to help me understand what (if anything) this could mean. I’m not sure if the following information will help or has any relevance to my dream but I’m a single mum with 4 daughters and often have dreams that are clear warnings or as clear messages, they are usually very straight forward and happen in my dream exactly the same as they will play out in my awake life down the track. I very rarely remember dreams except for one’s that mean something. If anyone could help me interprete this dream I’d be very grateful

  • in my dreams I hang out with wolves. like I am one of their own. I love huskies too never met a wolf in person but I don’t think id be afraid. my personality traits too are like the wolfs. I believe it may be my spirit animal.

  • I had a really long weird dream last night but one part of it stuck out the most. I was driving back home and there was a white wolf hurt on the side of the road someone had hit her but just left her there and it looked like it was done on purpose. I went to get her tried to lift her up at first I didn’t think she was alive then when my dog came around she tried to attack her when I told the wolf no she stopped she started limping and had some blood on her and a road rash by her eye. I got her inside a building to help aid her she licked me then I looked at her she had bright golden eyes but for some reason I still felt I couldn’t trust her then I woke up.

    • My dog the wolf tried to attack is a husky wolf mix in the dream after getting the wolf in the building they became best friends. Apparently my husband had a similar dream last night. Same white wolf that was hurt there was also a grey wolf but the grey wolf took off and we went to aid the white wolf when we were going to let the wolf free back into the wild we opened the door and the whole pack was in our front yard all were friendly. What do these dreams mean? And why did we both have the same kind of dream?

  • 😕 I don’t know what going on I was out side and know I looked up and there was a full moon and I start thinking of a gray wolf and he started to play with me and he licked me and was in a Forest and need a river

  • Hi there. So I discovered this site while searching for answers.
    The other week I was at a local wildlife park doing some student research on the Japanese Macaques. I was there for the week and I spent a lot of my time wandering the park. On my fourth day there I went to see the wolves which I had studied the year before as part of a Summer School. The pack was new (although the female had been born at the park) made up of a male and a female. It was quiet in the wolf wood and I was the only one there as it is a bit further out than some of the other areas in the park. I stood and looked at the wolves. The were both lying down and the male had his head raised. He looked at me and we made eye contact. I often enjoy speaking when I am alone with animals and I spoke to him, just simple things like asking what it was like to live in a cage, telling him how I wish I could free him, saying how beautiful he was. I then moved off as a large group of people were coming and the male had lain his head down again.
    The following day I go and visit the wood and get talking with an older woman (who, surprisingly enough, lived near me) who was watching the squirrels. The male was quite active and we moved onto the viewing platforms to watch them. The male was jumping at the glass and up at the fence, as though trying to escape, there were also reindeer on the other side of the fence so he may have been seeing them. I then had to go to sort some things out. I come back again to see the wolves before I leave and they are quite active again. I stand at the first little viewing platform looking through the fence, deciding not to go up to the glass as there were quite a few other people so I wouldn’t have seen much. I stand at the fence watching the male as he patrols round the fence line, coming towards me as I was at the edge of the fence. He stops, and stands there, looking me dead in the eye. I look back at him and we stayed like this for perhaps five or ten seconds but it felt like minutes. He moves on again and I see a few of the people looking at me as if I knew something that they didn’t. The male comes round again and stops again, making eye contact again, looking at me, I m standing alone at this point wondering “why me?”. He moves off and a family of three move down to where I am to see if he’ll do it again (they’re still giving me weird looks). He comes around again glances at me then at the family and then back at me before moving off. He then goes to lay down and he keeps looking at me. Then a group of noisy teenagers come over and he pointedly turns his back to them (which I thought was hilarious).

    My question is still why me? Did he have a message for me? What did he mean?

    • I had a similar dream But numerous times less people and a scare

    • If you’re really interested, I would look into some Native American folk lore. It is said that the wolves taught people (the Native Americans) how to live, essentially. They taught us what it means to be in a group, and what it means to be alone. They taught the Natives to hunt according to the seasons, to use intuition, and to trust instinct; to take care of one-another, and how to take care of the self. They say that when a wolf looks into your eyes, it can see your soul for all that it is. Many empaths associate with the wolf and the owl. We commonly know dogs to be some of the most empathetic, responsive and sensitive animals. Well, our wolf friends are their ancestors after all!

  • I had a dream that I was running thru some peoples back yard to get to my house when I jump a fence and see a white young white and gray wolf I tried petting it but it ran into someone alses yard and out of no where a black wolf comes up and bites me on my back and I try punching it and even at one time petting it to see if it lets go but I keep on punching it until I woke up but it was a really realistic dream and my past experiences when I dream something like that it usually represents something about my life

  • i few weeks ago i had an dream it was storming and there were dogs chained to an fence in the middle of an medow they were growling barking trying to get away. then an pitch black wolf with gold/red eyes looked at me and then i woke up help please? ❓

  • I’ve had a dream for 2 weeks I’m running in a forest and then a huge white wolf is running beside me. Please. Does anyone know what this means?

  • I have a wolf as my animal spirit and he is very useful when I’m in danger. My friends are my pack and we stand beside each other no matter what. I just switch school and its hard to shift from my pack at Jenkins to South Effingham but I know he will help and show the path for me.

  • I interesting about spirit wolf messages and I never heard that before, So, I will learns about it.

  • 😛 I don’t know if I have the wolf SPIRT in me but do know that I have all the signs and that all I need

  • …I recently had a dream where the false lord of a castle which was being used under the disguise of a camp, you cant leave, had a set of twins in his employ and had put them far apart as a curse… however i befriended one of the twins after fleeing the castle for my life being led by a shape shifting cat-crow-blue jay … the false lord of the castle then went on a rampage slathering a bunch of animals in his path… i came upon tree of them injured a jaguar, a soot (grey black) wolf, and a cheetah which was already dead. I then began healing the jaguar by blowing on its injuries although it kept getting up and trying to go before i was done(kinda like a kid who takes two bites of food then runs around as if the had all the energy in the world) then i tended to the soot wolf who thankfully remained still for the healing.

    THe wolf in my dream has appeared many times but never injured so i was a little worried. Previously the wolf has been large as a horse giving me strength and protection, or shape shifting from black wolf to white wolf to snow leopard back to wolf,… but never has it been injured and none of the dream interpretations explain what coming upon injured animal(s) and tending to their injuries means. If you have an idea please tell me.

  • I once saw a pitch black wolf made of shadows. His eyes were of blood red and I saw him in the waking world. While I’m dreaming, I saw the white wolf once in the mirror as I was looking at myself. Other times, I was the white wolf. A black raven oftened followed me in the dreams.

    • I once had a dream in July and this is all I remember so I was in this school and I went into the library and it was really wired then I remember I was in a dream so I ran to the back and I saw the librarien and she had a wolf head and a reagular body then I wanted to call my sprit animal and all of a sudden I felt this nose on me it sniffed me I looked up and it was a brown wolf I don’t remember if I asked questions or not and don’t remember it’s eyes and I knew it was my spirit animal then the dream changed I was in the school Cory yard it had poised Ivey and and I was Kai from ninja go they were making fun of my and I half pretended I stepped in poised Ivey and keep saying i 😛 can’t feel my body and then I stepped in a bath tub and then I fell with my shirt up so the can see my back lol then they left I got up because I heard voices and went behind this tree they said they were practicing for the curcis and the guys came and my spirit animal runs to me I held it in my arms so they don’t see us and the I ran into the school and then my spirit animal runs out side and it looks like a dog and I can’t remember the rest and I’m pretty sure I woke up and had another dream but then I woke up I felt really wired and I went up stairs to get close but there was a bee in my room and I wasn’t scared as usual actually i wasn’t really scared of my fears at all so us that was my dream so can anybody tell me what it means like Kai is a fire ninja so does that mean my wolf is a fire wolf or something or can you tell me is that my really spirit animal and yea I know some of it is wired so yea lol 😀

    • I have seen the shadow wolf with the blood red eyes at least once in Utah. Your not hallucinating. I’m not sure if I have seen “it” more then once or if it was a shadow dog (without the eyes- Ogden cemetery) It’s been a long time, don’t fear it if you encounter it. It is a familiar on the front lines of the great war. ( My spirit guide is wolf and I have had several dreams featuring Wolves as well as zombies. Check Native American legends for the most accurate information.) Also note there is a Childrens book about dead animals and ghost pets. One short story is about this wolf. I hope this helps someone further down the road….

    • Ive had the same visual for many years and not always in dreams. I have black ravens/crows that follow me wherever I live.

  • I am lost and confused and now i can’t sleep because I am curious. As I lay here trying to sleep, everytime I close my eyes I see myself on my porch and a wolf comes around the corner of my porch by my steps as if it is going to walk up it to come to me. Before it even gets to walk up the step or get to me I keep kind of waking up… Just to lay here and wonder what is the meaning of this. It’s not a solid color wolf, it’s a wolf with kind of a white, black, grey, and I think their is even a reddish color in its coat. Please help…

  • Last night i was dosing off and an imege came into my head for two seconds, it was dark and there was a wolf in front of me. He looked young,he was a red wolf with dlack mrkings under each eye and his eyes were like a straight light navy blue. He didnt move he just sared. I think he was over fire because of the pale yellow light flicering from below him but i didnt see eny flames though.
    What do you think that would meen ❓

  • Few weeks ago I attended to drum meditation (shaman drum), and in the very beginning appeared a brown haired lady with long white dress and white wolf headdress. The wolf in a headdress had red eyes. I believe that this lady represented a White Wolf Spirit Guide. She didn’t say anything. The meditation was very strong to all of us (about 10 attendants + 2 leaders, all female), there was a powerfull crystal clear energy light. We felt very healed afterwards, and a lot of sorrowfull energy was taken away. I’m wondering if there was something more I should have understood from appearance of this White Wolf Lady? I’m quite intuitive person myself, have seen quite a few dreams about future events, even a vision in a broad day light before 911 etc. I feel like a should now have a more precise goal in my life. I’m bit lost in my everyday life, work and relationships. I’m looking for something, but I don’t know what it is excatly. I know I already have it in me, it can not be found from outside. I just need to find the connection to it.





    • The lions fighting represent conflict within your pride, or family.
      The horses represent freedom, which seems to be the path you wish to take since you are riding the horse later.
      The attacking wolf is symbolic of your aggressiveness to change your situation. Usually wolves adapt to their situations flawlessly and gracefully.

  • I had a dream many years ago, but it still crosses my mind without reason or even remote thought of it, to this very day.i dreamt I was ten again and going to the shelter to pick out a puppy, and went all along both sides and found none I felt called to, except for one all the way on the end, that I wouldn’t have seen nor knew was there if the “felling” in my gut hadn’t told me to keep going after finding myself going past many empty kennels and almost giving up my search. he was small and little black wolf. I chose him and I felt he chose me. a name came to me, “themba” which means “trust” in south African. in my dream, it was as if years gone by and I was watching myself raise and carry this wolf pup everywhere I went until he got too big to be carried, then he followed me every where. to school, to stores, to home, and on walks though town. he grew to be a bit bigger than I am. he stood maybe 4’11 just on al fours. he was massive, but my protector. in my dream that seemed to last forever, there was one incident where a student had been cruel to me and I called for themba in howl, and he came and ran the boy off. then as the dream progressed on, I was 15, and my family and I were going camping like we normally do in the fall season. when what seemed like few days passed, themba and I took a walk in the woods, and snow started to fall, themba stood and walked by me closely so I wouldn’t freeze. as we went further and further into the woods, the snow came harder. then we approached a road, and a black haired, tanned skinned, dressed in a purple gypsy dress, with cons decorating the waist line.i stopped and themba went out to save her, and did so successfully, and was not harmed. then my family came to call for me, and I had to return, I called for my wolf, but he didn’t budge from the gypsy woman. my father came and picked me up and ran off withme over his shoulder saying we had t go, and had t leave themba behind. I called and howled for themba, but he was no where to be seen beyond the blanket of white wind the snow storm had put between us. I was thrown into the van, and we started to drive off, I howled and howled, calling for my black wolf, my protector, my companion. and he appeared through the back window, he was howling back, chasing after van, he ran and ran trying to catch us, but could not out run the car I was screaming for my father to stop for themba. he evenuallly uit running, and gave me one last howl, saying goodbye and that he was sorry, as he was almost covered by the blanket of snowy wind, the gypsy woman appeared again beside him. and then I woke up. could someone tell me what this dream could mean?

  • What does it mean if a person sees a wolf image in the trees

    • I have seen images of the wolf in many different things. I feel that whatever a person is closest to or thinks about most of the time, is likely to see images like that whether consciously or sub-consciously. I have seen wolf heads in the shape of puddles on the road as im driving along and also in trees, and in rock formations. It could mean more than one thing though. I am surprised that hardly any replies to comments are here. I was just on my way through browsing. Have a nice day :)

  • My dream involved an injured black wolf that was running past me and a unknown person was searching for it to put it down. I went with this person to help locate the wolf. I appeared to be dressed in a uniform (dark blue perhaps police). Side note I recently put in an application for a police officer in the town I live.

    Can you help me interpret this dream.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello, I’m Caitlin! I had a crazy weird dream! I was walking in a familiar woods (somewhere near my house!), and I stumbled across a golden furred wolf! It had calm brown eyes. “Hello,” it said, “I’m Sol.” Then he passed away. I woke up, feeling calm. The name I felt like I knew it forever. Which I went searching through my school books and then I remember someone named Sally, on my bus. She was my friend and we’d shorten out names (Cait and Sal). Sal. Sol! Is that a connection? Then the day after, I saw her again! I haven’t seen her for a while! What does that mean? I’m confused! I had it again but the second time, I was in a wolf body! I was white w/ grey patches everywhere and I looked in a puddle and saw I had red eyes! Then I instantly woke up. I checked over my body, but I was human still. What the heck was that?! It was amazing but what was that? Thoughts? Opinions?

    • I had the same dream. When you looked in the puled you seen that you where a wolf. So that means that’s what your in’er wolf looks like.

  • The other day, I was coming back from work and saw a lone Wolf coming up the dirt road. I stopped as it was going into the bush about 10 feet away, the wolf just looked at me like he was meant to tell me something. He kept going on the side of the bush as I started backing up, there was a calmness about him. It was late afternoon. I know there is a meaning there somewhere, I’ve always felt some sort of connection with Wolves, but this was different. I can almost tell a story of why I saw him, but I’m not sure.

    • Such an encounter is significant of a particular message that is being relayed to you. There is meaning that it comes by a wolf. However, often such messages must be engaged at the time they occur or they are lost. However, if you sit in a quiet state, someplace still connected to nature, and alone, you can try to recapture the message by remembering in detail about the encounter and the feeling of the experience and wait for the continuation of that experience. It might be a flight of fancy or something new that finds you in that place, but trust your feelings to guide you. Good luck with your journey!

  • I remember a old dream I had. I was walking on PAWS, not feet,PAWS! It was like I was trapped in a wolf’s body. I had blood on my leg and neck from a battle. Then a week after I had that dream I felt weird, I had a good sense of smell,hearing, uncontrollable anger, hunger right after eating, even changing eye color when I get mad. I know it sounds weird,right? But it’s all true, no joking matter

  • I’m not really sure what my spirit animal is, or how to find it. I’ve always felt a strong connection to dogs, and I’ve had many people say I have the loyalty, persistence, strength, and intelligence of the wolf. I’ve never had any special dreams about them though, or any special/spiritual encounters. I really admire wolves, and I’m definitely a canine person; dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes are my favorite animals. I’m not sure as to what my spirit animal could be, but I’d really like to know. Lots of people have told me to try meditating, but having ADHD, I find it near impossible to focus or sit still for that long. If anybody could help me, or give me some suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks!

  • Hello, I would like to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while. Okay, so one day, I was on my school bus going back home. And I was on my tablet playing a game and listening to music, like how I always did. I looked up to see how close we were to my bus stop and their I saw it. It was a white wolf, but something was different from what you people have described. It was only the upper half (as in just the head and neck), and no their was so blood. The wolf just stared at me, and as I looked at its eyes, I figured something. Its eyes were the same as mine! I felt calm just looking at it, but I was very unsure why it showed itself where it did. It looked like a girl but I couldn’t quite tell. And just as quick it appeared it disappeared. But I’ve always had the image of that wolf in my head. I feel rather young to meet it if it is my animal totem, since many of you are older than me. I am 14 just to clarify. But if you do know why I have seen the beautiful wolf, please explain it to me. Thank you! :mrgreen:

  • Hello Silken Raven…thank you for this opportunity to share this here!

    I am a 53 y/o woman with a couple of things to share in hopes they can help inspire and guide others. I live in a magical world and my experiences sometimes reflect this.

    During a moment of self care one day last year, I paused as my reflection in the mirror caught my attention. I innocently began to look into my own eyes in a soul gaze that seemed timeless but was short in reality. As I did so I fell into a trance as if I had been hypnotized, yet I felt quite wide awake at the same time. I was taken aback as my eyes became those of an animals. I studied them and as I did, my whole face transformed with the whole top half of my body following until I had completely morphed into a wolf. I could feel the muscles and bones in my body as if they would have felt if I actually was a live wolf! At some point I became aware that I was witnessing myself shape shifting. It became my intent to study and honor what I was being shown. A few moments later my vision reversed and my facial features became my own even tho they retained those of the wolf I had become. I’ve had some incredibly surreal experiences in my time but this one kinda takes it. I was completely sober and unaltered by any drugs , weed, or alcohol by the way. I do not use them. :smile:

    After reading many of the wolf dreams here, I’d like to share mine. I believe we are learning from each other about wolf medicine…and to me, it is sacred.

    ~ I dreamed I was on top of a mountain with other mountains all around during the spring…snow was a bit icy is how I knew. I was comfortably warm but acutely aware of how dangerously cold it felt. If I had to exert myself in this freezing air, my lungs would have burned instantly.

    It was sunny out but not too bright. It was incredibly beautiful. It looked and felt surreal. It became especially so as I saw the White Wolf running across the snow toward me. I remember wishing I had a good camera to capture the vision. I recognized Wolf….the spirit of my wild self. Wolf was as friendly as a dog and knew me well. For some reason I half lifted it, as it half jumped into the back of the car. I remember that there was a pitbull or something like it already in the back. Except for the car, everything else was wild. It kind of stood out that there was this modern machine contraption out in perfect wilderness. I didn’t like it but accepted it anyway. Resentment seemed futile because I was aware time would prove precious in this dream. I was sensing the need to pay attention.

    The dream changed and I was standing looking at what we believed was the worlds tallest, old growth tree. We were still on the snowy mountain near the white wolf but I was saying to some men close by…”you can’t even see the top of the tree it’s so tall it’s going into the clouds” We were all studying it to see if we could see the top of it but we knew it went very far into the clouds.

    The thing that stood out in my mind was how alone the tree was…all by itself…and it was dead with no branches. I thought of it like it was some kind of totem pole and so did the others. It even reminded me of the totem pole in Beacon Hill Park. It didn’t feel very nice to know it was dead but I knew I had to accept that it was. It just was. I also knew it would stay standing and that it was still not rotted, more like petrified it was so old. As I accepted what I was being shown…it made my spirit ache ebb a bit. As I woke the spirit ache carried on searching for its answers…

    I shared this dream with my wise friend RavenWolf….

    Me:”Sometimes a dream is just a dream but this one felt like an important message to my soul.”


    “Wow thank you for sharing that dream with me! That white wolf has been with me and in my dreams before too…

    The tree kind of reminds me of like, the first tree ever to grow… and it’s dead but also kind of like, cemented in time, in memory… its spirit may not be inside of it anymore, but now the trees life and spirit are free and therefore all around us, or there whenever we call… like the oldest grandfather…. so still and timeless…

    The snow, too, and mountains, all feel kind of the same… not dead but not alive…. still… hanging in space and time… waiting for the thaw…. waiting for the wolves…

    Thanks again, love you Angel!”


    • That is awesome that you can share such a deep dream. I don’t usually comment on postings but i was just passing through from a previous visit. I understand what you mean by feeling the bones and muscles of a wolf in your dream. That is pretty amazing, and a beautiful experience that you had. I dreamed one time that i could move a glass with just my mind, and when i woke up i was still fully conscious of the feeling of having that ability, but yet it was still just out of reach of being able to do it awake. Its almost scary sometimes the things that are revealed to us in dreams. Its a pretty amazing dimension to wade through at times.

  • i had a dream last night i used to live in tennessee on a mountain on my grand parents land . i was in their front yard and a greay wolf was all of a sudden there coming twords me . i was afraid i felt like he was going to kill me .i kept my eyes on him as i backed twords the door and went in fast about the same time my favorite cat was running in and was caught by all of a sudden there wer three attacking him and killing him i was frozen at the door watching the cats eyes as they killed him his eyes wer painful and wide open looking at me i could do nothingexcept feel horible. i suddenly ran into my grandfathers to get a rifle to shoot the wolves as i was scared and angry.i was looking and they wer gone all that was there was a small bb gun.i grabed it and ran outside and there was my grandfather chaseing off the wolves . i was angry his guns wer gone and was cussing at him. he said the wolf droped the cats corpse infront of my house , i was cussing my grand father because his guns wer gone and i couldnt kill the wolf. my uncle appeared and said to stop yelling before my grandfather gets red with anger . then i did and it was the end i woke up. can someone please help me to understand this i have a dream book but still havent a clue to understanding this because theres so many things that present themselves in this dream. iu would really apreciate ur help . thank u verry much for helping .

    • I found this website, while I was looking for grey wolf definition in dreams. This may sound strange because I am a Chinese. I grew up in Asian culture and immigrated to the States in high school freshman year. About 2 years ago, I had a dream about a female grey wolf and her pubs. I remember I was under the kitchen table playing the pubs. At the time, I thought they were puppies. We had a good time playing. The female grey wolf showed up and looked at us playing, while she walked around us. She didn’t show any threat or negative emotions toward me at all, and seemed calm. Then she waled away toward the exit to the living room and looked back at me, as I looked at her. I wondered why she was leaving. Her eyes just showed that she trusted me to take care of her pubs. Their furs were mostly white with some gray furs on their heads and backs. As she was leaving, I woke up from this dream.
      As far as I know, dreams like this are probably not normal in Asian culture. Or it’s a “hush-hush” topic according to the cultural norm. I have been told by an American friend recently that the gray wolf is my guide animal spirit. I’m still wondering what this dream mean, because I always thought only a wolf can appear in one dream, not as a pack. If anyone can explain it, I’d appreciate your help. 😀

  • So I had a dream last night. I was at an old house I used to live in and it was surrounded by a flood and I was in a serious fight with my father when my veiw point switched to third person and there was a white wolf it was dirty with matted fur and it looked right at me not my father or my body but at me where I was veiwing the fight from third person. This is when my father and my body turned around and our voices changed into something evil and turned to and aproched the wolf chanting kill the wolf. This is what terrified me them not the wolf. I don’t know what this means. But I feal like the wolf is the victim. please help me understand this.

  • Hello, I am Sebastian. I’ve been very curious to weather or not this wolf in my series of dreams signifies anything or not. So couple years ago my family and I were living at a seperate house but I one spring night I had a dream that I was walking along a street then into this house that I guess was mine even though out of the dream I didn’t currently live there. Then in the dream there were scratches at the hour doors and so my mother went to open the door to look out the screen door to see if it was one of our many dogs we own but it turned out to be a dark black wolf with bright amber colored eyes. I look out the screen door and just lock eyes with him for what seemed like forever then he just turned and ran off with a pack of average grey wolves. And I later woke up from that dream. Then exactly a year later, another spring night…I had a dream just like that again. Except this time I was actually living in that exact house from the first dream!. I was talking down a little forest patch near that same house from the dream before, then I heard howling and started walking to my house to avoid any trouble. It’s rather uncommon to have wolves there because it’s a very populated area and there’s never been real wolf sightings there. Then as I’m walking back home again I glance back because I felt followed and I saw some glowing amber and blue eyes, soon making out the wolfish silhouettes from the slight fog that was around us, So I began running to the house and the whole wolf pack was chasing me, the black wolf from the first dream leading the grey wolves. I got into my house and warned my family to all come inside and take the dogs. We closed the front door and I just barely got the back screen door closed in time! I look out that screen door again, down at that large raven-black wolf with amber eyes. He and I locked eyes for even longer this time. And I woke up after that. Does anyone believe this means anything or is it just random luck that it spans exactly over once a year, same kinda warm spring night, same wolf and pack, and the fact that I dreamed of living in a house before I actually lived there? Thanks for reading!


  • Hi, my name is Avery. I’m writing a book and one of the characters is a wolf. A friend of mine offered to draw sketches for the book but she needed information about what people and animals looked like and stuff like that. So I went online to look at pics of wolves but I felt like none really fit the bill. I needed something more; something stronger. I love wolves and the one I’m writing about is a silver wolf. Her name is Sehna and she can move onto a silver ring that gets the design of a leaping wolf on it when Sehna is on the ring. 😀
    I feel like wolves are trying to tell me something by my desire for something more.
    Thanks, Avery

  • Last night, I had a cool dream. I woke up in the middle of a dark forest( in my dream). I look around and there was complete silence. I look ahead of me, walking towards me was a jet black wolf. It sniffed me. Sat right in front of me. It felt like time stopped. The wolf Sat there. He looked into my eyes, I looked into his. And he put his head to mine. And I felt something when I was looking into his sparkling blue eyes. Then I woke up. Then at dusk the very day I had the dream. I looked in my woods, and I saw a jet black wolf, larger then any wolf, walk towards me. He has the sparkling blue eyes just like my dream. He jumped towards me. Went through me and vanished. It took my breath away. No one believes me but I’m not lying! Can someone help me and tell me what my dream and vishion means?

    • It means he is your “watch over” people may seem this is crazy but he is your spirit animal, he is “you”. Dont let people say you are wrong. You should be proud of what you have! This could also mean an event will happen very shortly, so you should be ready for whats about to hit!
      Ps~ You have a beautiful gift! 😀

  • Alright so all through my life i have never once questioned my pack of wolves following me but I now am looking for an answer. I dream on nights where I have been stressed throughout the day that there is a large black wolf with maroon accents in his fur and blood red eyes. He leads the pack and the pack look like much smaller versions of him but they are different in their own ways. I am a constant daydreamer and I always am zoning out. During the day I will see visions and apparitions of the pack following me about my day. As I walk through my halls at my school people tend to stay out of my way and let me pass. I do lead a small group of friends in everything we do and we are all close. I also will sometimes have wolf like tendencies. I like to watch the moon for hours at night. My teeth are nearly all sharpened to canine teeth or at least close to that sharp. My eyesight is terrible in the day and my sense of smell and my hearing are advanced as my eyesight is so poor. My doctors are curious as to why my eyesight is so greatly improved at night. I love the thrill of hunting. Tracking down the deer with my friends is the best part of any hunt for me. I have 5 dogs in my household and all seem to somewhat obey everything I tell them and my family has never trained them properly. My youngest one sleeps by my side every night and never leaves my side and is always with me. My 2 females are constantly fighting and we separate them as they fight for the control as head female. Ive also felt closer to my dogs and love them to death. I like to isolate myself with my dogs all the time and just lay with them enjoying the company. I dont know what to think about it and would like to hear what other people think of this. Thank you

  • Last night I dreamt of WOLVES. I dream of the WOLVES which have third eyes on their forehead and human faces … they are wonderful spiritual beings with me. One of them relax next to the real wolf.

  • I had a really weird dream it started off in a large body of water like an ocean in the middle of the night i was stranded swimming then sharks and a white wolf come out of no were, the wolf followes me and the sharks swim near me then i find a dock i cant get up at first the sharks dissapear but the wolf is still following me it comes up next to me and just stays there swimming stares at me, i put my finger in its mouth to see if it will bite me and it dosnt then i find the strength to climb dock when i get up im in the back yard of the house i grew up in i go inside and right after i close the door i hear wut i assumed to be hooligans in the back yard when i go back out to check it out the dock is gone along with the water i go towards the bushes where i hear the noise from, then two of my friends walk out we all start laughing until a women walks out of the bushes and asks theme for her baby then i notice that one of my friends is holding a baby with blood on its mouth and elbow he gives it to her she says o my god you are the worst baby sitters ever what did you do then they say they put it in the garbage and point at this garbage pale with broken glass in it then i wake up can sombody tell me what this means i always have weird crazy randome dreams but none so vivid and realistic

  • Hi, last night I had a very intense dream. I woke short of breath but calm. It was night time and I was laying on the grass watching the night when suddenly a there was a flimsy wire fence with a jet black wolf in front of me, then I could feel hot breath in the middle of my lower back and see its a white/grey wolf there, then the white/grey wolf rests his head on my lower back and starts growling. The vibrations from the growling got so intense and I was starting to panic and that’s when I woke up out of breath but calm and its been in the back of my mind all day, can anyone shed some light on its representation or meaning please.

  • In a resting state during an trauma release acupuncture session (my first ever), I experienced (behind closed eyes) a vision of a single eye looking at me and blinking. It was the eye of an animal –a wolf or coyote. The vision appeared as though under red light. Then the eye seemed to spin and then the vision morphed. The wolf/coyote was looking away from me and I was looking out in the same direction as the wolf, my line of sight just above the wolf’s head and positioned between his ears. This second part of the vision was not in red, but nothing was visible in the distance that I can recall.

    Any thoughts? Accessing a third eye? Meaning for this? It was very profound.

  • ok, this may seem a little weird but I have seen white wolves before, when I was conscious and in dreams. I have questioned myself for being insane by seeing them but I know I’m not because my twin sister sees it too. the first time I came in contact with the wolf was very different from how I see it now, now it comes to me in flashes like a split second or sometimes longer, but the very first encounter happened with me and my twin sister together. We were alone at our house on the trampoline messing around when I got tired and so did she. we layed down on the trampoline and stared up at the sky. It was when I looked up to tell her something when I noticed it. a huge snow white wolf with a jet black nose and eyes like I had never seen, beautiful sky blue. it scared the crap out of me at first so I told my sister to look up and she did so. the wolf seemed to be slightly injured as it watched us but neither me nor my sister said a word or made a single movement. the wolf turned as our mom drove into the driveway and ran away. since then me and my sister have both seen this wolf although in my eyes it is no longer injured but seems to share an aware emotion every time it flashes as if telling me what to do. the most recent sighting was just two days ago and the wolf seemed to be telling me to stay alert as if trouble was waiting somewhere. in a way I see the wolf as a guide but I start thinking I am going crazy everytime I see it and the memory of the encounter blurs even more. I still have a clear memory of the occurance but it only seems more and more like a unusual dream of a child. I come back to the realization by asking my sister if she still sees it and sure enough, she still does. I don’t know if you believe in ghosts but the wolf is not the only being that I have seen

  • A few months ago my uncle was killed. He meant alot to me. In a dream i had seen a picture of him in a room. When i left the room i saw a bright furry white wolf looking straight at me. I didnt feel fear. I felt as if i knew him. And just a few days ago. A white wolf appeared in my nieghborhood. And walked around my house. Does it have anything to do with my dream or any superstitions from this?

  • Hi
    In the last 12 months wolves have been appearing in my waking life, more so since Christmas and I get a sense that I am being sent a message. I have three such photographs in my living room and quite a big dream catcher with wolves as the illustration. I also have them as a screen saver on my phone. I even felt compelled to buy two jigsaw puzzles again of wolves. I have been undertaking some research and have read through your literature and all of the comments. Nonetheless I still feel I am missing something. I have never dreamt of wolves. I was out today and saw three. A month ago a black wolf appeared on its own as i mad my way into Chester town Centre. i looked around but could not find an owner. The wolf looked at me and I was mindful not to startle it and it then walked off. I have actually knelt down and stroked two varoations of wolf and they responded very well towards me. I feel the wolf is talking to me but saying what?

    I am really confused and would appreciate some guidance please

    • Hey Anne, I just read your story and can totally relate to what you are saying. I moved into a new townhouse last May and that’s when I started hearing/seeing things. After being woken up night after night, I finally got a snapshot of something in the darkness of my bedroom. When I adjusted the lighting, it revealed 4 native Americans with wolf headdresses coming out of my mirror. Since then I’ve been receiving pictures of dogs, wolves, and me flying some spaceship looking thing with dogs & wolves running alongside me and an invisible train full of people behind me. I cannot figure out what it is they are trying to tell me and feel exactly like you…. somewhat lost. We should correspond sometime and compare stories/share pictures.

  • I feel connected to wolves. It is the moon, I think. Some time ago I had a very interesting dream that I still don’t really know what to think about.

    I was travelling the country and people were telling me I am a healer everywhere I went and wanted me to help them, but I thought they’re just superstitious. I came to a village where everyone kept a wolf in a tiny cage in their yard. They told me that this is how they tamed the land. I told them this is unnatural and they’re supposed to be free. After speaking about it at lenghts I realized the people just enjoy seeing the wolves trapped. I went house to house and set each wolf free. They were stressed out of their minds in their cages and often jumped to attack me when I opened the door, but I stepped aside and pushed them to the ground using their own strenght. My touch instantly calmed them and they just wandered off. There was a smaller dark grey one that didn’t and wanted to stay with me. So we travelled together. People were afraid and kept telling me to put him on a leash. I knew it was safe, we were connected and he’d never do anything I wouldn’t do in his place. I just thought they’re being stupid.

    Then in a forest I came across a frightening man. He was huge, dressed in dirty white and had an axe. There was a wolf with him, big but seriously underfed, white but dirty just as him. He mistreated the wolf terribly, it was injured and he was still beating it to make it obey. The wolf was crazy with fear and was biting all around. This man spotted us. He wanted to take my wolf to “train” him. I was terrified and everything in me shouted RUN, but I saw the poor white wolf and knew I have to do something. I told him I will take better care of his wolf. He just laughed and set the wolf to attack. My wolf went to meet him and the man swung his axe at me, which I dodged – I wasn’t armed and I’m a small-ish girl, so it was a bit unbalanced. I was trying to get some sort of advantage, but he was really fast and I barely managed not to get hit. Our wolves fought as well. Then I saw blood on white fur. I screamed “STOP” and jumped right in the middle of the fight to tear them apart. The white wolf was bleading heavily, but was still trying to fight me even as he lay on the ground while I tried to do something about his wound. I was sick with fear, but knew I have to do something. He bit me and our blood mixed, but that wasn’t important, the wolf was important – I just kept holding him firmly. I remembered what all the people told me about being a healer. I really needed to do something. And then… I just knew. I reached somewhere above and elsewhere and then felt myself be the wounded wolf. And I just allowed everything calm down and heal. At least in the body. The mind was broken too. I knew everything that’s happened to this wolf. It was going to take a lot of time to heal this but me and my wolf will do anything we can.

    I stood up and picked the white wolf up like a child. The man was still trying to threaten me, but I was in no mood for that and told him a couple of pretty rude things that left him speachless. Then I turned my back on him and carried the white wolf in my arms, while the dark one was faithfully by my side.

  • Mine is a little different. I had a dream that i was on a pilgrimage through the desert (with some friends of mine) and i reached an Indian Camp. At the camp their was a chief and he told me that i must drink from the cup he provided. It was snakes blood. I felt as though i was dying, my vision blurred, my insides writhed in agony.
    A distant voice came to me, guiding me on, telling me “that i will make it through this”. The voice got stronger as i concentrated on it and then i saw the voice take the form of a magnificent wolf, he was knowing, i’m honestly unsure about color – it was not a focal point, but his mane was inspiring, impressive and magnanimous.
    As I had seen the wolf my vision slowly returned, and i could make out the Indian Chief drawing the exact same wolf face i had just seen on a large piece of parchment as if he was able to see through my own eyes. At this point all note of the poison dropped from existence, i felt weightless and began to glow, enlightened with this new knowledge.

    This happened two weeks ago and i can remember it as if it were yesterday.

  • ➡ I’ve had once a dream that I was being attacked by aggressive wild cats and then a whole pack of beautiful grey wolves came to protect me from the attacks. Can someone tell me if it is good or bad? 😯 ❗ 😛

    • Could be either or, in general it sound like you’ve made enemies, but you’ve got good friends that will help you when you need it. So, I would say it’s good & to keep an eye out for those cats.

    • Before deciding if the dream is “good or bad”, it may be helpful to first look up the symbolism of wild cats in your dreams. If the cats are your “enemy” in the dream, understanding the meaning of each wild cat, as well as that of the wolf (like on this page), may help guide you to understand why such powerful spirit animals are reaching out to you in your dreams. Just a thought! 😉 💡 :smile:

  • hi! I dreamed of a black wolf who swallowed a gold. And in my dream I killed the wolf and got the gold and i saw lots of baby wolves apart from that I saw a black bear that wanted to eat the baby wolves but I killed the balck bear. Is that a bad dream or already a nightmare?

  • What if a white wolf appeared to me in my waking life?

    • Could possibly be your spirit guide making you aware that they are there. research more on just the white wolf or artic wolf. you will find you answer

  • I had a dream a weird really big animal was trying to get my child and I was fighting it on one side and on the other side a white wolf was fighting it! It was protecting me and my child!

  • I had a dream I was standing outside my front door it was mid morning/night, and looking over to my left was a White Wolf. The wolf stood still just looking at me, I wasn’t scared in my dream of this wolf. And the wolf came up to me and then I woke up. I’ve never had a dream of a wolf before, let a lone seen one. I’m curious of what this means.

  • Hi guys,
    I also have the wolf as a spirit totem, and had a dream months ago and still felt like I had it last night.
    I was outside my house- in the midle of a blizzard, no less- when a single raven started flying around me, and left. I followed it outside the property when it led me to a single white wolf, and then vanished. It was a good size too; it looked like it knew a thing or two about people. The wolf was ready to attack, and being a martial artist, along with instincts, I quickly realized this, and we both lept on each other. When I grabbed it, I took it down to the ground and immediately let up, somehow knowing that the wolf had enough. With it still in my arms, it then had a small “conversation” with me, like I knew what it was saying. Then, shadows of sorts started quickly creeping up on us, and we both knew we had to fight these shadows, whatever they were. Before I even had the chance to move, I suddenly woke up, sweating a bit and breathing heavily.
    I kind of had a bit of experience with the whole spirit thing beforehand, now I’m struggling to know aas much as I can about these beautiful wonders of the world. There’s just so much to ask, and if I could get some clarification as to what I spiritually experienced, it would mean a lot to me.

  • Last night I did a little meditation to try and let my spirit animal come to me and i went to sleep and had a dream. I don’t remember much of the circumstance or what was going on, all I remember is walking side by side with a beautiful wolf like in the picture on the left. I reached down and he (or she) looked up at me and looked as if he were smiling and then pushed his head under my hand to get me to pet him. What exactly does that mean? It doesn’t look to me like anyone else has experienced a similar dream so I was just wondering. ~many blessings <3

  • So last night I had a dream of a black vicious wolf with yellow eyes running then I realized the wolf and I were one what exactly does this mean

  • :mrgreen: 😐 ➡ 💡 😉 :roll: 😈 😡 😆 😕 😕 😯 😮 ❗ 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 :sad: 😛 ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  • I had a dream that I was sitting on the couch looking outside, and three black wolves walk in front of the window. One sees me, gets the others attention, and they stand on their hind legs and put their front paws on the window. They all start growling at me but then the one in the middle stops growling and just looks at me like he’s known me all his life. They all had silver around their faces, but he had the brightest, almost metallic silver. I instinctively knew the genders and that the one in the middle was alpha. And yet that’s how he saw me. I looked into the alpha’s hypnotizing silver eyes, saw a look of love, and the dream ended. If anyone can help me figure out what that means, I would be grateful. Thanks, Namara

  • I want to become can ya please help me out.

  • I want to be a good werewolf but I need the real werewolf blood or a good necklaces of a good werewolf & take really good care of it. & let it take good care of me. from the inside out. by give me a really special gift from the werewolf & wolf spirits a good chance to save this world & stopping this mad man. & fix it. the way its. should be. & doing what is right. & make it right in life. what do ya think can ya please help out to become a good werewolf. saving the both worlds. & werewolves & humans & live peace.

  • Is there any symbolism associated with the boxes on the right of the comments (the midsize box with art work)? You may have it posted, but not sure where to look for it. Thank you.

  • This was in the quotation box and really fits me. “Learn to balance the responsibility of family needs without losing your identity. Use wolf medicine to develop strength and confidence in your decisions. -Wolf”

    How does one use wolf medicine to develop strength and confidence in decisions?

  • I used to have dreams that I was chasing a pack of wolves, they would turn around and look at me and stop and wait but I could never catch up…..
    I have always had a sense that I was somewhat of an outcast, lonely..& I don’t have much family. I think the dream represents that I’m just trying to belong to something….

  • I dreamt that a wolf was outside a window and I inside. Only a screen was between us. At first I thought it was a dog, then realized a wolf. I was scared at first, but then the wolf came through the screen like a ghost. She started licking my hair and pulling at it also. I was a bit frightened but allowed her to do so. Then she was inside my dream as I dreamed something else and finally became a thought in my subconscious.
    The one wolf became three. One went inside my head, the other in my heart, and the last one in my solar plex.

    I only instinctively knew that the wolf was a female and she was grey with a bit of white and she was also on the smaller side too!

    If someone capable of interpreting can help me, please do so.

    I feel it was a great blessing give me strength in my mind, heart and protection.

  • So now every once and again in my dreams im walking in the streets at night and I suddenly hear wolves howling. After the howling stops like a min after this huge black wolf comes out of nowhere and tries to attack me but this white wolf tackles it away from me and the two of them begin fighting.

  • In meditation, I had two separate visions of a wolf. One in which I was running, and I simply understood myself to be a wolf. In the second, I was on one knee and a grey wolf ran into my arms, its head close to mine. It howled and I could feel it resonating through me.

  • Few years back i was in my room. It was dark. There appeared three wolves. Since then ive advocated for wolves and have been their voice. The thing is I have been advocating for them for four years. The wolf in me wants to be in nature and hear its brothers and sisters howl. I am not near wolves. They trouble my mind, heart and soul. They make me sad. My wolf guide or spirit is with me in public to and I feel uncomfortable that I need to get home. The fact that I can’t help them makes me sad and I want the feeling to go away. The wolf is in me and I cant really handle the wolf because it’s to strong. I dont want to push the wolves away either because I care about them. It will sadden the wolf if I send it away. He let’s me know insight to things and perception. I haven’t yet learned to deal with that. I am asking the wolf to show me peace instead of fear. This is a new step I believe.

  • a grey wolf has appeared to me twice when i was in a very depressive state it broke through in a bright white light out of my body in a dream/vision, the next day i felt better about myself and the world around me, and cycling home from work that night i had another vision of the wolf running alongside my bike, the day after that i was out of the depressive state and happy again, since then i always feel the presence of the wolf beside me. Basically guys if you have a wolf as a spirit animal he will come to you when you need him most, concentrate and meditate and you will find the answer 😀

  • Had a dream about white/grey wolves that were hanging around the house. They seemed non threatening and I even got my gun but my gun did not work and was mad at the fact that my gun did not fire while bullets were already loaded kinda odd. The wolves didnt even notice. What kind of dream was this?

  • Hi
    My dream is very simple. There is a grey in my house. I don’t feel threatened because the wolf is actually trying to get out of the house.
    It is a simple dream yet I am finding the meaninig elusive.

  • Hi my name is eriq i wondering if you could help me. I had a dream that i was alone and it was dark but then a wolf came i sat there dident know what it wanted then it came up to my and say down next to me like to keep me company then it howled loud and for some reason after that i felt safe .

  • I have dreams about being a large silve wolf what those this mean??? 😳 😕 :sad:

  • javascript:grin(‘:oops:’) I have never gone any were with out seeing a wolf in my mind but i have never seen one in real life not even in the wolf cage at the zoo. i have made it my life to follow the path of the wolf. :roll:

  • My spirit animal and I always talk to each other. Now I know that I always have someone to talk to when I have trouble. I just recently found him.

  • I once had a dream of a black wolf and a white wolf next to a large water fall both looking at me……….White symbolizes puirty and goodness right…………….What does black symbolize again……………………………………………I night-time………………….I think…………..LOL

    • In a forest 😳

      • Hello Sam: Black wolves often represent the need to trust the message of Wolf and her teachings. Integrate all the Wolf knowledge you can into your life and yourself. The Black Wolf understands how to use the power of Wolf medicine.

  • Hi everyone!
    I have always loved wolves and recently I took a Spirit Animal quiz to find out what my Spirit Animal was. It was a wolf. Weeks after the quiz, we (me and my mom) were in a resteraunt eating supper. I was looking around the room when I saw a man with a large tatoo of a wolf on his arm. The wolf was staring right at me and I felt as if it were reading my soul. The waitress came then and I had to look away to order. When I looked back to see the wolf again, the man was gone. Any imput on this would be great.
    Lucille. : – )

    • Hi. I found out that my spirit animal was a wolf And i always talk to him. Its suprizes me that we both actually have a lot in common.

    • Hi Lucille: Pay attention to the message at the top of the page in the quotation box when you return to this page. You will find that the message from Wolf will be specific to you.

  • I hope it means a good thing

    • Hello Amelia: To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. There are characteristics of the wolf that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self. I would say this that once you incorporate these positive belief’s and traits that it will be a good thing.

  • Hi there,
    I have always felt deep connections with my dreams and normally, I can figure out a meaning or two that make sense. However, this one had me a bit confused.
    I was in the country somewhere in the front yard of an older farm house.
    I looked about and saw a lone white (kind of scruffy) running back and forth in this gravel driveway, facing me.
    At first, I felt a bit timid, but then I felt a bid sad because it seemed to be young and possibly lost from his mother.
    It made me want to help him find them, but knew better not to interfere.
    Next thing I remember, across the country road from the house, there was a wooden fence post and wire fencing enclosing what seemed to be a wheat field. There, in a opening in the fence were two wolves that showed up and I was so happy thinking it was white wolfs’ mom and sibling. I was so relieved he would be okay, but then, the “mom” wolf (which was the typical wolf coloring) started bearing down on the white wolf, and then the other wolf started attacking as well. At first I thought it was the typical wolf behavior of “the order” of a wolf pack, but it then turned out too violent, and had me very upset/sad.. And if I’m not mistaken, the wolf that showed up that I believed to be a sibling, might have been black.
    I just can’t wrap my mind around this dream, and really hoping for some information if you could possibly help.
    Thank you so much!

    • When im alone I see a Pure black wolf and in all my Dreams he/she is there. I saw him today when I was in the woods alone

    • You saw a white wolf attacked by a black wolf??? 😯

    • Hi Tina: There seems to be some sort of lesson there about Bullying. Even family members can be bullying toward someone who may be more “sensitive” or artsy. I would look to see how this self applies.

  • 😕 I have a reoccurring dream where I am alone in the woods and a wolf approaches me and I kneel down on one knee and bow. He stares back at me and does the same. We look into each others eyes for what seemed like forever and I feel an over welcoming since of comfort. Then he walks away and I normally wake up at that moment. Its like I saw his soul and he saw mine raw and true. I have had this dream since I was 16 I am now 25 almost 26.

  • I once had a dream that I was was going to a carnival and it had forest surrounding it, and on the outskirts of the carnival, I saw a lone wolf! I bet near a carnival is the last place you’d find a wolf. But there he was, only eating flies swarming around him, but he didn’t look sickly. Then I felt bad and then told the wolf, “why don’t you go into the forest and hunt a deer? Wolves like deer you know.”. Then I went to the carnival and enjoyed it for a while. When I went out of the grounds, I saw the same wolf chasing after a deer that was about to get away, so I scared the deer into going the wolf’s way. I succeed, and when the deer went down, the wolf howled in excitement. He let me join him in the feast, and reminded me that I have my part and he has his. We both felt stronger after our meal.

  • I dreamt black wolf was in bed with me cuddling as my partner. At times I accepted it, others I’d try to get away as he was heavy and suffocating but if I moved he’d move with me. I’d talk to it but all it would do was stare at me with big yellow eyes. No threat in them, just love and protection & a bit of wearyness. 😯

    • Hello Beatriz…will you please ask yourself these questions?
      Have you been wondering if you honestly want a mate and or a life teacher, whether or not you’re in a relationship? Could it be that you do not wish to give up control in some area of your life? Do you believe that male energy is here to protect you, or are you mistrusting it? I have doubts he would actually suffocate you…but perhaps it is just your fears of the unknown holding you back from what calls you…in a good way. Are you resisting exploring the Great Mystery within you? I believe that Black Wolf may represent a Matriarchal influence wishing to guide and protect you. I sense that he will see you through thick and thin…always there to enable you to face your fears and false beliefs. I also believe he will teach you how to gain closure of unhealthy situations in your life….guiding you to learn about healthier boundaries with some of those in your life…a key person even.
      By your description it sounds like your spirit guide has been patient with you for awhile…I sense you may be feeling as if you’re running late. I feel he keeps you safe as you explore spiritual ground you may never have encountered in any of your past lives…at the same time he is here to remind you to explore more of your purpose.
      I think it’s possible that you mistook a friend as the enemy but are now discovering that the ‘enemy’ is an excellent ally. I see this as meaning you have got the courage it takes to grow. May I suggest that you express yourself to someone special more than you have in the past? Thank you for sharing your dream :smile:

  • i dreamt that a white wolf came to my bedroom window through the fog. I went to get closer but then i a was awakened.

    • 😀 Hello Nathaly your reply struck a chord with me. I associate white wolf with the north direction. What does north mean for you? To me white is wisdom, purity and innocence. I feel that others see a teacher in you…it would show in your eyes. If you don’t feel that, then it’s a possible potential for you. I’m taught that fog is one’s ancestors coming in close to help guide you..to comfort you…to protect you. I feel not a coincidence that you were awakened, but you’re moving closer to another truth about who you are spiritually. I feel that Wolf knows when one is ready to wake up spiritually, and is with you now that you’ve dreamed her/him.

  • So I have many dreams of wolves. This one I have been having for about a week now. It’s the same thing over and over. I’m running through a forest, not away from a wolf, but more like with it. He is a multi-colored wolf. We come to a river and he stops running way before I do, and I stop at the banks of the river. When I turn around, he is running at me, then jumps into my chest, and by chest I mean like my heart. Dreams I have had in the past include me being in the desert alone surrounded by either a single wolf, or many. They then began to speak to me in a Native American tongue. I’m confused by what they mean. Please someone help me.

    • When the wolf jumps into me, I wake up everytime, gasping for air.

      • Hello Justin: The Wolf is a very powerful teacher. Take the time to study the Wolf Totem and all of it’s aspects and incorporate his teachings into your daily life. The wolf in your dream is representative of your fear of taking the next step in your life. You are a teacher yourself and have a great deal of wisdom to share with the world. Your fear is in being wrong and in failing. Understand that there is no right and wrong – only the correct message for those who need to hear it. Failure is merely a lesson learned and we go onward to the next lesson.

  • I have always dreamt of wolves. For a long while it stopped. Now i have been dreaming of walking threw a forest dark but moon shining threw the trees and clouds. On my walk i feel i am being watched. When i stop to look i see this huge black wolf with pericing blue eyes. At first i want to run because he is huge. But i cant move my legs. I stand there and the wolf walks up to me. Circles me once and then stands in front of me and stares into my eyes with his. I move my right hand out to him he sinffs it then rubs his head into my hand i scrath him behide his ear and then he moves his head looks at me again and then turns around and leaves. I have no idea how to take this. Please help.

    • Hello Michelle: Your message from the Black Wolf is to learn to embrace what you perceive as negative traits within yourself and use them in positive ways. For instance – if you have a habit of procrastinating on things – recognize that we procrastinate when we feel overwhelmed. List the things that are overwhelming you and then simply prioritize the top five. The rest will melt away and soon everything will be caught up. So make the changes and feel good about yourself. Embrace who you are and work with yourself in positive ways.

  • In my meditation, i was in a forest at night. I met a white, slightly grey wolf. We stared at each other with understanding. I had the impression to “be brave.” I Felt the lone wolf was taking me on my next part of my journey. thoughts?

    • Hello Jr: Your Wolf is there as a Totem to help you with the next phase of your life. Keep your eyes pealed for people around you that can teach you about new aspects of yourself.

  • Hello,
    I just woke up from a dream and it was a dream filled with strangers and a black wolf. I was in this house completely unfamiliar to me and everyone was freaking out that there was a wolf attacking people. But when I went outside I was not attacked, the wolf made it’s way inside and I was still not attacked, I was frightened but not hurt. Others however were attacked. What does this mean? I used to dream of wolves as a little girl but never black or a lone wolf. I have always loved wolves and have partitioned for wolf rights, they are my favorite animal and always have been but my dreams of them are few and far between. Who or what does this black wolf represent?

    • Hello Lexi: The black wolf represents the shadow aspects of your own personality. You live in fear of unconsciously attacking others verbally – without meaning to. Always afraid of saying the wrong thing. Especially when you meet strangers. As a result you know that you come across awkward and will fail to make a good first impression. Take the time to ground yourself when meeting new people, set the intention to create a great first impression, and just go ahead and meet new people. It will take time – but your confidence will build.

  • I too was in a trance just a few hours ago, but I’m finally snapping outta it.
    I went outside to my front porch for a cigarette at about 2am. Before I sat down, I leaned over the railing because I had to spit. Before I could even open my mouth, I heard and sensed something coming closer to me and…I froze in my steps…
    There was this white wolf walking very slowly down the road towards me. He saw me at the exact moment I saw him. I felt terrified, yet protected somehow.
    He stopped dead in his tracks; his eyes were piercing me. Not in a threatening way though…It felt comforting. We stood there making eye contact for only about 2 seconds, and then he slowly started walking away. I knew my husband was still watching tv right in the front entrance, so Once the wolf was a good distance away, (but still in sight) I opened the front door and told my husband to look at this beautiful creature.
    By the time I turned my head back around to show him .. It was gone. He explained we don’t have wolves around here either, only coyotes and smaller wildcats.
    I know this was a wolf though.. He was beautiful and white and glowing almost…
    After seeing him, i came inside to try to go back to sleep, and i am just shaking off this trance-like feeling now… 4 hours later. When i awoke from this feeling my eyes were pouring tears and my hands were holding my cellphone looking at pictures. I feel like i just woke up from a deep sleep though.
    How long have i been on my cellphone? was this all a dream? What does this mean even if it is only a dream. My husband says I didn’t seem like I was sleep walking and dreaming.
    Please let me know any thoughts you may have about this!

    • Hello Emily: Sometimes we hold onto our emotions so that we don’t have to feel them. Your visit by the beautiful White Wolf gave you the gift of releasing some old emotions that were stuck in your body. It was a gift of healing. Embrace it and allow yourself to feel all the different emotions that come up for the next while so that they can be released and let go of. You don’t have to attach them to any incident or person – simply feel and let go.

  • What does it mean if I dream of a black dog or wolf that was looking at me intently the it growls sending more of its kind but its fur were brown there were six of it surrounding us ( US because ive seen myself there was 7 ME) the animals were not barking but instead they drew themselves closer to us. I closed my eyes for i was scared that moment then when i opened my eyes i was with my family already riding on a motorcycle… Not far from our sight there comes arunning man that was being hold-up by a man carrying a piece of cutter blade .. The man died then the other man comes closer to us. I felt scared but i stopped him my father and brother tried to stopped him too but theyre fingers were cutted by the blade..the man was kinda drunked as i obreseved he threw nasty word icouldnt remember then i kick him cause he was choking already the

    • Hello Hannahly: In the first part of your dream the Wolves are bringing the message that you have to be careful to balance your thoughts about the material world with a focus and faith in the spiritual world. You are on the right path…. keep up the good work! The second part reflect the uncertainty you feel about your path and the fear that you will ruin things through self sabotage. It also seems that you are not getting all the family support that you desire.

  • Last night when meditating for the first time in years a wolf came to me. I was listening to a guided imagery that talked about spirit guides and then she came into my vision. I thought it was a fox at first but then it became clearer that it was a wolf. When I spoke with my husband he said he thought my spirit guide would be a fox since I’m not a fighter like a wolf but it seems that the wolf means much more. Do you have any insight or advice with exploring this? I am new to all of this and am open to any input anyone has. thanks…


    • Hello Jennifer: Any animal can be a fighter if cornered. Trust your vision and embrace the teaching of your Wolf Spirit guide.

      • Hi Silken Raven. Thank you for your reply. I have been seeking more information both on-line and in my heart about this and still cannot discern which animal is my spirit guide right now. My friend who knows more about this says you can have many spirit guides and they can change over time so maybe both the fox and the wolf are trying to speak to me…I am open to what the universe, my spirit guides and anyone on here has to offer me in the form of wisdom and encouragement. thank you…

  • Hi
    I would like to tell you about an incident. I was in a trance meditation state and I saw this greyish white coloured wolf (not even sure if it was real, I mean it was glowing ghostly like). It stood there so peacefully and calm. Regal and solid. It looked every bit fierce and as I was approaching the wolf I was not scared though I acknowledged his (I had a strong feeling it was male) presence as a possible danger. And then I remember walking up to the wolf and putting my arms around his neck. His neck seemed to relax visibly and I nuzzled the wolf for a bit. He had intelligent eyes. Does this mean I have met my spirit animal guide? I was unable to get a name or anything else.

    Help me please. Thank you in advance

    • Hello Emily: You have met one of your spirit guides. It will take a bit of time to establish your ability to communicate with him. Believe and trust the messages your receive through empathy, visions, clairaudience and sentience.

  • I’ve been seeing a white wolf and it has a mournful howl… I’ve been wondering if it is a mirror of me or is it something else? i see it at school and at home…but no one else sees it what does this mean?

    • Hello Charlie Rae: Embrace your white Wolf. He is going to be with you for a while. There are are spiritual lessons to be learned – so look for the spiritual meaning in all the things that surround you right now. He will lead you on a personal journey of self discovery. Come from a place of personal integrity.

  • Several months ago , I was driving up my driveway and caught a glimpse of a white-ish colored wolf standing to the side. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but my daughter’s boyfriend saw the wolf as well.

    This past Friday night, I heard a wolf howl 3 separate times during the night. It sounded like the howls came from 3 different area of our property. I know I wasn’t hearing things as all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. What does this mean?

  • 😐 i been seeinga black wolf starring at me for a long time with yellow eye what does that symbolize

    • Seeing a black wolf is seeing your own dark side.
      You face a decision that you feel, will make you appear to be evil.
      Face the wolf, do not fear him. For he is you. Maybe together you can find peace.

  • I keep seeing a gray(grey) wolf in my dreams. He is always beside me protecting me from harm and etc I am not even sure what it means to be honest with you. I have asked many people they keep telling me they don’t know or just refuse to tell me.

    • Hello Livia: To see a grey Wolf means that you have to find balance in the teachings the wolf has to offer. There are some aspects of the Wolf that represent the shadow or dark side of life – and only with acceptance and integration can you become all you can be. The past is gone – but embrace it as a part of you.

  • I dreamt last night that I was followingn a white-ish timber wolf down a snowy forest trail. She then stopped and looked back at me expectantly to keep following her. Then I woke up. There were no sounds or words and no communication except for that look. Did I meet my spirit animal?

    • Hello Rachel: Yes you have met one of your Spirit Animals. She is offering you wisdom if you follow her path and believe in her teachings.

  • I dreamed about a white wolf looking out of dark woods and growling mad., the wolf was illuminated. I confronted it anxiously, raised my arms and hollered confidently that I could make it back off. What does it mean?

  • I had a dream recently in which I was confronted by a pack of wolves. I wasn’t alone, although I don’t remember who was in the group with me. I do remember that no one was attacked except for me. A wolf bit my hand and wouldn’t let go, but I felt no pain at all. He was just there, still, biting my hand and I couldn’t get it out, but again, with no pain or panic. I then proceeded to hit the wolf in the head with a rock untill he let go and just laid there in the ground at my feet. I saw some blood but I believe that the wolf was not dead, he just laid there still. I walked away and the rest of the pack was still there but with no violence or aggression at all. Last thing I remember is walking up feeling very sad for hitting the wolf. An opinion on this would be very usefull and appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello Alexis: The wolf has come to you several times in the role of a teacher – yet you have refused it’s help with your lessons. You need to be more accepting of the wisdom that is offered you at this time. You are betraying your own spiritual growth by turning a blind eye to the wisdom that is offered.

  • Hello, recently my granddaughter felt as is she was being followed here in the house and got an unnervery feeling as she stated that ran up her back. We have several orbs in our house that cause no fear so I played it off as just that. Today she came to me and said that this uneasiness was revealed to her today as a black wolf named Elizabeth. Elizabeth is her spirit animal. The last spirit animals were dragons and hawks. They routinely visit her and she feels perfectly comfortable with any/all. I welcome your comments..

  • I had a lucid dream where I came face to face with a wolf and it was white/gray and was looking me dorectly in the eyes and then merged with me and I was looking around through the eyes of this wolf as I woke up. I have recently been listening to the DEVA PROJECT David Ison – Healing Magic tapes with headphones while I sleep. This dream has me awstruck

  • I had a dream last night. I saw a grey/black wolf which was alone. It seemed to be looking for something. The dream had no sounds so I didn’t know whether it was walking or pacing around. What does it mean?

    • Hello Jolene: The Wolf was letting you know that you have to stop looking for your answers vicariously. Those of us who go inward will find all the answers are simply just there already. Only you know what is right for you.

      • For some weird reason all my spirit animal related dreams only come when I’m about to wake up. Sometimes I’m even half awake. Just wondering whether it’s connected.

  • Hi, I wanted to share my discovery of my spirit animal, the timber wolf. My first encounter with the wolf was in a time when I was close to depression. My friends were pushing me out of our friend group and I didnt trust anyone. That night I dreamt I was sprinting through a bright oak forest. I wasnt scared or being chased, I was just running for the pure fun of it. As I was running, I was getting faster and faster until it was hard to dodge the trees. Then all of a sudden, it was easy. I could sense then that I was a wolf, even though I couldnt see myself. I could sense everything in the forest and smell everything. The feeling was a feeling of joy and freedom that I had never experienced. I then woke up and at once realised that the wolf is who I am and I need to accept that people will have misconceptions of me and I need to stick with my fanily in times of struggle. Its hard to explain how, but I felt that everything made sense suddenly, like a haze had been lifted from my life. Since then the wolf has appeared many times. However all the spirit guide sites talk about seeing wolves not being them and I have always been a wolf, wether in a pack or on my own. What are yiur thoughts on being a wolf rather than seeing one?

    • Hello Luna: It is only the human ego that stops us from becoming all that we can be. Our intellect believes that we are human and that we are the wisest ones on earth. It never stops to consider that we are all one with all species. You are fortunate to be able to fully integrate your Wolf totem.

  • I see spirits and demons and until recently never knew of spirit animals too much. Well I have had a very fearful mental impression of a black wolf in my house that is always watching me. Scares the crap out of me. Never SAW him but knew there was a wolf. I had an empath give me a reading a couple months ago and she mentioned the black wolf and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I learned of shadow animals today and wonder of that is what I’ve been sensing? It said shadow animals are there to help but if ignored can become dangerous. .what does that mean? Dangerous how?? I can’t figure out what message or lesson he is trying to convey

    • Hello Tiffany: Your gift of being able to see spirits and demons is a little unsettling to you. The black Wolf is representative of the fears you have about this shadow world. Embrace the Black Wolf as your protector and he will transform those fears through an inner understanding of the machinations of the eternal struggle of darkness and light. The only danger you are in is one of allowing your fears to get the best of you. Embrace it and you will wonder what you were afraid of in the first place.

  • For as long as I can remember the white wolf has been visiting my dreams. She usually makes her presence known in times of great stress. I have never felt fear or uneasy around her. A couple nights ago I dreamt I was going into a motor home with my fiance and wolves were howling back and forth to each other outside. There was no door on the home just a piece of leather. I told my fiance that tonight wasn’t the night to be out. The whole time the howling was making me very uneasy and even scared. This confuses me because I have always embraced the wisdom and courage of the wolf. I know in my waking life I have felt like I had to defend my fiance from my family’s unfounded attacks and deceptiveness.

    • Hello Donna: Your feeling of being unsettled and uneasy is symbolic of your inner wisdom knowing that the one you are trying to help at this time should really be allowed to help themselves instead. The wolves are letting you know that allowing other to fend for themselves is key to their personal growth. There are no lessons for them if we filter their experiences.

  • Hi, I was told that my spirit animal is a wolf (I think grey). I sometimes get the feeling that the wolf is rubbing his fur on my face. I had a dream about a wolf walking slowly up a flat rock. When he reached the top, he looked up to the moon and started to howl. This dream was a one dimensional and the wolf was black and there was no sound so I didn’t actually hear him howl at the moon. Can you tell me if this means anything?


    • Hello Remo: I believe this dream is letting you know that you are ignoring the needs of the most important person in your life. You are not listening to yourself and addressing your own needs. Listen to your heart and body and give love, compassion and understanding to yourself.

  • Hi, would you happen to know what it means that I dreamt of a black sort of panther that looked kind of vicious. He was walking inside a cage, steel structure with glass that reached all the way to the ceiling, so the cage was closed from the front. He came in from the back side. I was standing as a viewer on the side of the glass. Suddenly there was a young grey wolf in the middle of the cage, not a puppy but like 6 months to a year old I would say. The black creature went for his head and punctured it with his sharp hook teeth and looked at me while he killed the wolf. I felt horrible when I woke up!
    Then 2 days later I dreamt of walking in nature, somewhere with green hills and trees, by moonlight. Suddenly there is a small tennis court-cage, the door of it was slightly opened and inside there was a labrador dog standing. (Can’t remember if he was barking.) He was standing still and looking at me. I remembered I feared him, the way you fear a predator. But soon after he ran outside of the tennis cage in this happy way that dogs run and led me to an open area surrounded by trees. There was light coming from the sky and I saw an entity, with a female face. She made me feel (she didn’t speak) inside my mind that her name is “Aleda”. After researching I found it to mean “the small winged one”. My friend told me she is my spirit guide.
    All of this happened within 3 weeks of starting to talk and pray to my spirit guides for the first time.
    But what do the panther, wolf and labrador mean?
    I really hope you can help me. Thank you for taking the time.



    • Hello Elisar: The first part of your dream is about lurking danger and enemies wishing to do you harm. The Black panther is usually a symbol of power grace, and strength. In this case the wolf is killed for you by the black panther which is an indication that somehow you are being held back and that secrets are being kept from you.
      The Labrador Retriever in your later dream signifies that you have made the right choice for yourself recently. Labrador Retriever

  • Can’t really find much about the black wolf. I know the black wolf is my animal spirit. Can someone please tell me more about the black wolf animal spirit. Also can Someone tell me about the white wolf spirit. Can’t really find any information about those two spirits. What does it mean when your animal spirit is the black wolf and your spirit guide is the white wolf?

    • Hello Standing Wolf:
      Like the classic ying and yang symbol these two spirits represent the opposites of each other. Having both energies in your life represents the balance of these opposing energies.

      Understanding the Wolf as a totem is important and you must embrace the shadow aspects as well as the aspects we perceive as “good”. Know that we are all the sum total of “good and evil” and that through our own integrity of spirit provide to others exactly what is needed in the moment. We are not here to judge – but to walk our own path in unconditional love and acceptance.

  • Hi again, I have a few other questions about a few other dreams I had, but they don’t involve a wolf. They do involve other spirit animals though. May I ask them?

    • Hi Katerina: Please post any questions you have about any animal totem on that particular animals page. Keep in mind that each page also has the quotation box at the top with at least five different messages for you. Generally an appropriate message will come up in the box for you. If the animal is not listed in our Site Map then please contact us by email with a request for an Animal Post on our Contact and Comments page.

  • Hi, I had a white wolf in my dream. It was chasing me and my crush. It started to attack my crush and my crush told me to run, but I didn’t. I stayed and a strip of my hair turned white, and I confronted the wolf. P.s. my crush’s spirit animal is the wolf and he’s in this group where he sticks up for people who are being bullied. My crush is also one of my best friends. Could you tell me what this could possibly mean?

    • Hi Katerina: “To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours.” It means that you need to stop running away from something in your waking life and simply deal with it.

  • I was just told I have a wolf totem I was talking to them for some reason I told them all about my liking wolves from early childhood, I use to play with the native Americans when I was a child then last night I heard a pack of coyotes seemed like in my back yard. I do live in the country , I heard them howl then what seemed like a little fight then it just stopped and was silent she said it has something to do with the trouble I am having with my family in ny so I bought a book and I am starting to read on I any insight I would appreciate. Thank you

    • Wolves and Coyotes – although related to bring very different messages. For further insight – go to our page and pay close attention to the message in the quotation box. at the top of the page. There are at least five different messages that can appear here from Moth. The message that comes up for you in particular will send you in the right direction.

  • What does it mean when you are riding on the back of a running wolf ? ❓

    • A new path with your life is now open to you. The Wolf is letting you know that he will be there to carry you through it. Enjoy the journey and embrace the new world that is about to open up to you.

      Silken Raven

  • I had a wolf dream last night. It started with a King and Queen who stayed in their castle and only focused on the present, but in a way that kept them stuck. They had long ago made some sort of pact not to talk about the past or think about the future. I was in the room with them but also felt like I was the Queen as well. There was some discussion about three blankets. One was the King’s and one was the Queen’s but they had been stitched together a long time ago (I think at the time the decision was made to only be in the present.) The blankets were very beautiful and colorful quilts and I was gently pulling them apart. At the same time I started to hear the Queen talk about her childhood being raised by wolves. I was shocked that she was remembering her past-in a good way. I placed each blanket over her shoulders and was about to reach for the third, a wolf skin/fur blanket, when I saw in my mind’s eye a pack of wolves running towards the castle. It was like the Queen’s memory had called or invited them. I have some thoughts about it but thought I’d see if anyone else has insights on this?

    • I am thinking that the theme of past present and future is very strong in this dream so we should combine that with the wolves in it’s significance. The Wolf spirit is an incredible teacher and I believe that the dream is reminding you that you are in the past, present and the future all at the same time. Remaining in the present is a goal for many of us but we should also be aware that the present contains our past as well as our future. We are the sum of everything.
      Silken Raven

      • Thank you, I was thinking along those lines as far as remembering and using the past. Then I thought of remembering who I really am and the word “birthright” flashed through my mind. The part about wolf energy that speaks to my the most is FREEDOM and it’s been what I’ve been craving. To do my own thing, walk my own path, etc. I am getting the sense that once I remember who I am (even me as a child,) I’ll start to see more movement…

  • That’s interesting. I will think about this. I’ve been wondering a lot about it lately. I don’t think of wolves in nature as acting the way these people have. It’s like they alway chose the monster form of the wolf, almost distorted wolves, distorting it in ways I’ve never seen before. I did learn a lot… Actually, i grew a lot. I had a dream, the last dream i had about wolves ever, before i knew about spirit animals, in which i was a tiger and i was chasing these wolves away from me. It was the best and at that time most ridiculous dream i ever had because tigers terrified me at the time and so it was ridiculoys because i could never imagine being something as powerful as a tiger. I started learning all about them. I learned so much about their medicine, too. Tiger makes it’s own space, it’s own world, and I learned so much from this. I think tigers scared me because they are all about confidence and independence, and I’ve slowly been growing into that role as i recover from wolves and i start making art again and truly enjoying alone time. Perhaps wolf was just trying to warn me that there are people who will act like predators and I need to get away, or maybe trying to warn me that some people turn the wolf into a monster, or distort it because they don’t understand it. Maybe. Like, wolves hunt for food, these people were distorting it by hunting for… their egos? Not really sure why they were doing this. Anyway, thank you, I’m much more seeing and understanding the wolf now. And in life, I’m much farther from being “hunted.” I definitely want to learn all i can about this one spirit and about all animals, they have been so profound.

  • Hello Brenda: All things happen for a reason, and it usually has to do with growth, spiritual connections and life path. You have had some difficult experiences with the wolf medicine – however if you look at the positive aspects of what wolf has repeatedly tried to teach you and learn from it you will be able to move forward with your life in leaps and bounds.

    I would suggest that you are seeing the wolf in one of his most magnificent forms “the Teacher”. It seems like each of your “lessons” have become progressively more harsh and they will continue to do so until you “get it”. This is perhaps because each time you have been confronted with a similar situation you have responded in a similar way. Take the time to think things through and find a way to respond differently. You will get these lessons until you have gained a good self understanding of how to respond from a loving and non judgmental state of being.

    Embrace the wolf next time, set your boundaries in a loving and forgiving manner and move on.

    Silken Raven

    • Also it wasn’t that i wasn’t loving or forgiving, everyone usually associated me with doves (but i never felt that was right), i think i was too tolerant of people treating me horribly. People saw it as dove-ishness or love and peace, but it was really just fear, on my part. I learned that definitely and I defunitely have a strong base of empathy and ego suspension, patience and working things out when major problens arise in a relationship, but I’ve also learned that there are people who will want to take advantage of you and just won’t stop, no matter who understanding you are. These people i don’t let “feed” off of me anymore. I forgive them and I leave, even if it’s really painful to at first. And always my life moves forward and i progress a lot when i do. I forgive them, but i also protect myself from them, and I’m very shocked and pleased with myself for being strong enough to do this.

    • I have been thinking about what you said for a while now. I had alcoholic and para-alcoholic parents, and I read an ACoC traits list and it fit me perfectly. I started cognitive behavioral therapy recently and it has been wonderful, especially the meditations, and made me increasingly aware. I was over-focusing on relationships and a desire for them, versus independence and indifference to them. This dependency personality trait, familiarity with abuse, and developed psychological problems allowed me to fall prey to these distorted relationships with cruel people incapable of loving as well as negative thoughts about myself and the world, which I believe were seen as violent/monstrous, frightening and peace-less wolves.
      I do very much think the wolf was the teacher here: to teach about personal relationships and running with a pack. The wolves were distorted and frightening so that I would run /from/ them, not with them, and realize that they were bad (I had been familiar with “bad” relationships my whole life because of my family life and childhood and could not identify a bad relationship well nor did I think of bad relationships as something I shouldn’t be involved in, just something that was the way I thought life was). The wolf was showing how distorted and frightening those bonds were by appearing distorted and frightening. That is why the wolf never appeared as a protector to me because the wolf spirit was trying to show me that I wouldn’t find protection from conventional social bonds (like family, “a pack”) because of my surroundings/situations. He was teaching me that, trying to get me to understand, but it was very difficult because it was all I knew. I think the tiger appeared because of it’s show of independent strength, which I needed in order to save myself (not depend on a relationship of any sort to save me but depend on my own desire and will to be saved) by not listening to those in my social circle but by going alone and even fighting the misconceptions I grew up with (in other words, fighting off the “bad pack” and its training). I think the wolf, having knowledge of the importance of social roles, can determine between a bad and a good pack. I couldn’t see all this before but now that I understand the significance of the social understanding of the wolf and the wolf as a teacher, I think this might make sense. He was “scaring me” away from the bad (which was my over dependence and familiarity with abuse) so I would go in the right direction (inner strength, independence, not external strength, looking to others). When I was a tiger and chased away the bad pack, I was confronting a reality that was difficult for me to understand because it required the entire re-structuring and the questioning of everything that I was familiar with in life, as well as my desires (my desires for relationships; I had to chase away those desires and realize my own importance and purpose and significance). It had been difficult to accept that people I had depended upon for love had not given it to me and that my life hadn’t been entirely healthy. The tiger, a healer totem used to frighten away bad spirits and bad people, who is an independent/solitary animal, showed me the strength to attack the warped teachings of those around me that the wolf spirit had shown me that were bad by showing them as scary wolves instead of cooperative, supportive wolves. By chasing away the bad pack and not caring about their approval of me or depending on them, I was learning what the wolf wanted me to learn, with the help of tiger.
      Definitely forgiveness is important because it severs the ties with those who hurt me. If I had been seeking revenge, it would have kept me tied to those bad people and working with them in a way, the same way seeking their approval kept me tied to them and working with them. I had to let go of resentment to realize independence, the importance of my own life and my own work instead of thinking I was worthless and only others could do something or only their paths meant anything, and learn to keep my distance, social emotional spiritual and physical distance. The tiger’s bond to water (purity and healing) and traits for healing from evil forced me to look at all this and avoid aggressiveness, which I, at first, thought the tiger totem was all about. It’s really not about aggressiveness per ce, though. It’s about seeing through the darkness into who people really are and healing from them and rejecting what is cruel and bad, which makes sense why the wolf, the teacher, social expert, would be involved, too. I really see the wolf in a different light now and I think I understand that he was trying to teach me to be afraid of what was bad for me (in other words, show me that it WAS bad), and show me that I could overcome it as well.
      That was a long reply but please understand this conflict involving wolves and tigers has truly been a significant experience in my life, really important. It all started after I started meditating and praying the rosary several years ago, almost every day, and will continue to do so. I feel I have been guided by God and His creation (like how the gospels/saints who wrote them are represented by different animals: hawk, ox, lion, man) and have really been delivered/exorcised from evils, especially in the last few years when things got worse before they got better. I would like to add that I had the dream of the tiger forcing out the pack happened before I got ptsd. Getting ptsd is when I hit rock bottom, got so sick I almost died and had to quit school and stay in bed for almost a year. That time in bed gave me a lot of time to think and heal and realize all this, how important healing was, and it really gave my life an overhaul for the absolute better. It was like resetting my entire life. I feel reborn almost, I’m unrecognizable and have confidence. I kept trusting in God and all these things, even when everything was bad, and was led by them and it ended up better than I could have imagined life being.

  • I’d like to add that all of these seeming conincidences between the presence of wolves and very destructive people in my life is what turned me onto animal spirits and make me believe in all animal totems in the first place. Because the connection between the wolf and these people was always so consistent, they all had the same traits. I don’t really understand this but I do believe in it because I have seen it over and over again.

  • I’ve known a lot of people who weren’t wolves but who followed after the wolf. I have never seen anything positive longterm from this spirit. My exboyfriend was a wolf fan, he turned out to be a violent liar and gave me ptsd. He was a self-admitted control freak, he enjoyed manipulating everyone, all his kindness was insincere, he was really disturbed. My ex best friend kept a picture of two wolves devouring a carcass on her wall, she stopped having anything to do with me when she was done using me (she was technically a shark, tho; my exboyfriend was a fox). Our mutual friend was really into werewolves and she lied and gossiped about everyone and was really discouraging to everyone, and also stayed in abusive relationship because she thought she coyld manipulate her husband for things and not have to work ever (which she did). My best friend from childhood was way into werewolves as well, far more than the previously mentuoned woman. She was sadistic, close minded and tore me down so much that I stopped being creative for years. She had very negative spiritual presence and was also very controlling, in a very sick way, and she lied so much she seemed delusional. Very arrogant, all of these people. If i had to pick wolf traits i would say, arrogant, controlling, feeling entitled and being deceptive. A man at my mother’s workplace had the last name villalobos, wolf house, and when his wife had to be checked into an insane asylum, probably because of how he treated her, he had her deported because he wouldn’t be bothered with her. He was fired from work for lying about the work he did, misconduct, and looking at porn at work. I used to have nightmares as a child about wolves, before i knew any of these people (except my childhood friend) about these terrifying monsterish wolves that could move faster than any fleah and blood wolf could. I avoid the wolf spirit and those who tag along with it because this spirit and its followers have ruined my life so many times. I would ve interested in seeing these good traits in wolf people but i never have, and i take the presence of the wolf as a warning to leave: a warning that i have never regretted heeding.

    • Hi Brenda you are talking to someone who has the wolf spirit. You have seen bad stuff but if you let your wolf teach you to that all that bad stuff can becaume good you will turn out like me i am like an wolf but human as well and its not that bad to be a wolf it has its bad times but at the end it will turn in to something good like you are fast and strong like one or you get a mate that you love so much like that guy you said you have known for a long time if you accept you wolf inside you you will be the one you are meant to be. have a nice day. From your Wolf friend Semi.

      • Semi- I don’t think you were reading what I wrote /at all/. The guy I mentioned in my post was a wolf, but he was a violent, sociopath and narcissist, incapable of love, who left me with permanent post traumatic stress disorder because I was afraid he would kill or injure me, and he did many illegal things. he is NOT asomeone who is capable of being loving or being in a loving relationship.

    • Hi I know how you feel I have a friend who has taken the wolf spirit animal. I have an owl but I’m taking on the wolf spirit but the good one well I think I am but anyway I know exactly how you feel Brenda

      • Kat- Wow, you’ve seen this too? I’m glad you know what I mean. I know what you mean about the good wolf spirit, I can see many good traits in wolves in the wild, and I think that they must have them because ancient people bred them into dogs, and they are not as violent like hyenas (who are known to cannibalize even as puppies). I think even if I just see the wolf as a warning animal, or if it just warns me, then it is good. I wish I could understand better, why I have seen it as being negative instead of positive or how to have it be a more directly positive spirit in my life, but I think it is something that I will learn with time.
        I wish you well and I hope maybe you post back here in the future and see if you have found a way to make good of the wolf spirit and maybe a way to determine the difference between one used for bad and one used for good, or post your experiences with it. I really love the owl spirit, I have an owl neighbor (a literal owl, the animal) who recently moved in (built a nest in my backyard, a big nest!) and I feel so blessed to hear his beautiful song if I work late at night. You are very fortune to have such a great spirit animal.

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