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A deep commitment to yourself and your own personal growth will bring forth an enormous amount of inner resources. The Universe will support all of your endeavors.

If Swan has come across your path;

Swan is heralding in the development of your intuitive abilities and altered states of awareness. You are going to be shown new ways of thinking, breathing and going with the flow of life. You are being asked to accept your ability of knowing what lies ahead. pay attention to your hunches and gut instincts and honor your feminine intuitive side.

Alternatively you are being reminded of your own inner grace and beauty and to allow it to shine forth for others to see.

If Swan is your Animal Totem;

You have the ability to see into the future and to accept the healing and transformation that is so constant in our lives. You tend to be completely monogamous in your relationships. Often finding your true love at a young age and staying together through the years. You know how to balance work, family and play and recognize the value of personal solitude as a form of recharging your batteries. You are comfortable in crowds – yet know how to maintain your individuality in these situations.

If Swan has come into your Dream;

When you see a white swan in your dream it symbolizes beauty, dignity, grace, purity, wealth and prestige. Something or someone that you may initially found to be unattractive can turn out to be very appealing. It is extremely important not take anything at face value right now.

To see a black swan in your dream signifies mystery and the unknown. It represents something that is alluring, yet believed to be forbidden.

To see this bird in your dream could also mean that you must continue to act with grace through this difficult time. Know that you will receive a spiritual reward for your perseverance.

Additional Associations for Swan…

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13 Responses to Swan

  • I too have just come out of an intense and confusing relationship with who I have discovered (thanks to the internet!) is a textbook psycopath. I am a strong and spiritual woman but after only 3 months he had hooked me so cleverly and disarmed by personal boundaries that I had become confused and delirious! Thankfully I have a strong lion spirit guide who roared and got me out of there. I was left in so much emotional pain and feeling suicidal (I can hardly believe how strong and clever his energy was to break down my self esteem so quickly) .. I live by a lake with ducks and geese, this morning I awoke to find a beautiful BLACK SWAN gliding on the water!! I made it through this! This intense suffering and pain creates deep and long lasting SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION I know it! Please have hope in the purity and love of your inner spirit.

  • Hello all. Was driving down road & been living an absolute nightmare for close to 2 years being stalked and non stop hacking of every electronic device possible. Was at the lowest of lows. Keep praying. Got out of Vegas my home of a decade where almost no good came to me, left for fear of my life…..and after coming to a holy site on a ley line that extends through to Syracuse, praying (admittedly not as much as I should, nor have I been as grateful as I could be) I was coming from the holy site to go shower in Feb with 2 plus feet of snow & saw 2 huge beautiful swans. I so desperately wanted to take photos but it would have caused a car pile up. I’m literally & metaphorically sitting at major crossroads of my life & when I saw the spiritual meaning as a Buddhist whose previous lineage was tied to the Lakota Indians I knew God& Buddha sent them to me. Just pay attention people to the signs before your life is so far decimated, you become suicidal. Those 2 swans are helping to give me the strength to put 1 foot in front of the other. That and I believe in karma. Thanks for reading.

    • Funny thing ,, I’ve been there and crawled out ,, I turned to spiritual enlightenment to give me a spark .. Still working on the getting life moving again but not wanting to live is gone ,, I spent 30 yrs almost in hell on earth ,, it about killed me .. Killed my spirit and I just got it back .. What you said will be hard for most to get I think ,, to truly understand it I believe you have to of lived it ..
      I hope others can read this and not have to suffer to learn .. Like me ..
      With light and hope ..

  • in my dream the swan brought me thru the clean water, to the ground. That was wonderful feeling, but after that somebody kill him and I sow the other one dead in the water witch turn to be dirty ?
    any idea what it means?

  • I was using a sort of meditation method to try and find my spiritual guide. Since i am still quite new at meditation, I was met with many animals, until I finally came upon a swan. Once I met said swan, I immediately felt peace and a sort of connection. Is it possible that the swan is my spiritual guide/spirit animal?

  • Hi. Just had a beautiful experience a few days back that I need to share with all you beautiful people. This happened around 12:30 and I was fully awake. In oct. of 2013 I lost both my parents and after that, I started having SO many beatiful spiritual experiences that have helped me a lot in the rough times that came after loosing my parents. Anyway, a few days back I went to my balcony in my apartment to enjoy the sunlight. I had my eyes closed and was thinking about my mother and the love we share(d) for eachother in this life. After about 10 minutes I heard, what sounded to be the wings of a BIG bird in flight, and when I turned to look, a HUGE white swan came flying just outside my window. It was flying just along my balcony windows and it was so close that I would have been able to touch its left wing if I had been standing by the windows. (I have a large balcony and it was an incredible sight to see). I know that swans are big animals, but this experience simply took my breath away, so to say. It had SO much space to fly in and yet it flew right next to my window. Simply BLEW me away. Thank you for this site and for letting me share this with you <3 God bless

  • Hi, I keep seeing swans on the river in front of my house but this ONLY happens periodically when people I know have died. I have now been writing this down recently and this has happened seven times for definite and possibly a few more that I did nt write down. Can anyone help me understand what this might be telling me?? My partner is a non-believer in anything spiritual but even he is starting to recognise this pattern. I would be grateful for your thoughts.

    • U have spiritual intuition. . Swan could be Ur totem

    • Hi!! My mother in law recently died!! We recently picked up her ashes on the 14th of August and found that there were 2 white swans arrived by our dock!! Never saw them anytime before!!
      Is that a sign?

  • A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was on a cruise ship with my mum and sisters, there were other people on the boat too as if they were on holiday. on the deck it was covered in shallow water like it was a swimming pool and swimming on the water was a man sizes two head swan. When I when up to the swan had a fit then it dead and the people on the ship started too panic as some people to started to have fits even my mum and one of My sisters, after they finished fitting my sister said did you feel that, a loud boom came from the sea and the last thing I saw was a giant tsunami moments away from hitting the ship. What does it mean????

  • I thank you for this website. It has well been a clear interpretation of what the animals symbolic are here for.

  • I am a new healer and I was at a group healing event when I was told by a master energy healer that I am a swan and I needed to look up Native American folklore on the swan. She then told me that I have all the tools I need now its time for me to dance. Thanks for the information.

  • This morning I was met with 4 black cockatoos whom landed in the trees near my home and sung and were quickly followed by 3 black swans in flight above my home?

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