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You are reminded that in order to grow you must clean house before hand. Let go of attachments and emotions that are no longer useful to you. Allow joy and happiness to fill your life.

If Robin has flown into your life;

He signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. He teaches that any changes can be made with joy, laughter and a song in your heart. Robin shows you how to ride the winds of passion within your heart and become independent and self reliant through this change. Robin will teach you how to move forward with grace, tenacity, perseverance and assertion. Are you letting go of personal dramas? Ones that no longer serve your higher purpose? Are you exercising compassion and patience in mental, spiritual and emotional areas? Robin will teach how to incorporate new beginnings with faith and trust in the process. It is time to believe in yourself and use the inspiration that is given. Listen carefully. It is time sing your own song for a new period in your life.

If Robin is your Animal Totem;

If Robin is your personal animal totem you have the ability to will new growth into your life at any given moment. All you have to do is make a wish, be patient, and watch how it comes true. You have the ability to find contentment in all types of circumstances and find pleasure in the simple things in life. Often you will have prophetic vision and your wisdom will be highly sought after by your peers.

If Robin has come into your Dreams;

To see a robin in your dream represents new beginnings. It is a time for growth. You are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you. Alternatively, a robin signifies self-sacrifice. The dream may also be a pun on someone whose name is Robin.

Additional Associations with Robin;

  • Changing luck and fortunes (for yourself and others)
  • Tomorrow is a new day
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Clarity
  • Musicality
  • Connecting to others through song, voice and words
  • Constantly moving forward
  • Bringing new growth into your life
  • Renewal
  • Pleasure
  • Simplicity
  • Finding beginnings more often than endings
  • Being a pioneer
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction
  • Rejuvenation
  • Contentment
  • Connections to disease and illness
  • Lessons connected to coming in first place
  • Learning how to spring forward
  • Bright future
  • New beginning

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Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Robin was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Robin is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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31 Responses to Robin

  • A bird (robin) jus flew my kitchen windowi freaked out and shut myself in my corridor i went to my neighbour and she helped me it flew around my front room than we opend all windows and flew out i really dont know what that means. Also i phoned my aunti as she is spiritual and she said oh no thats not good…??? a week ago a robin say on fence outside my front room window x :???

  • I haven’t thought much about robins until today. As I sat in my office at work, I heard a rather loud thud; a bird flew into the glass window and was siting outside the window stunned. I was afraid that the poor little guy was going to try to take off while disoriented and smack into the window again. I grabbed a couple paper towels and headed outside. I approached slowly and saw he was moving a little. I reached over with the paper towels and gently moved him on to the sidewalk. He just stood there. I reached down without the towels and started to pet him. He fluttered a little as I placed my hand under him, and he stepped on flapping his wings once. Then he settled in and just sat on my hand. I stroked him with my other hand, talked to him softly, sent him healing energy, and then took his photo. I then gently set him in some grass, further away from the window to make doubly sure he would have a clear path to take off. When I went out a little later, he was gone. I only found out after getting home that the bird I helped was a male robin. What a sweet little guy he was. I’m so glad I came across this site to read about his symbolism.

  • I’ve had the same wee robin visit my garden since spring, I’ve heard that spirits use robins , this morning l was in my garden shed, it was raining quite heavey so l sat in the shed till it lightened up, l saw the little robin sit in a nearby tree looking at me, l asked it who are you, l then asked it if you are my dad fly on to the grass or go to another tree, show me a sign, l couldn’t believed it, the robin flew onto the grass and tree that l had in my minds eye, the thing is it was raining and the tree he went to had no cover,he sat there looking at me puffing his chest then went back to tree with cover, what are the chances of that actually happening, l believe now.πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

  • I had left back door open this morning when i went back upstairs with cup of tea. Whilst sat on bed a robin flew in bedroom door and landed on my head. He then flew onto window sill. I opened window for him and moved the blinds. He then after a couple of circuits of the room flew onto wardrobe had a good look around for a while before then flying out of the window. He did not seem scared.

    I have heard that a Robin in the house means death????

  • I have had a lot of family personal heartache over the last two & a half years which reached a pinnacle a month ago, this left me in such a depressed state that I couldn’t get out of the black hole I was in, I had no answer to the “Why” going round in my head, persecuting myself for the situation I was in and feeling that life was just not worth living any more, whilst sitting in my garden with all these thoughts a baby Robin came and sat at my feet then moved to the arm of my chair – just staring right at me which seemed for absolute ages. I moved out of my chair and he stayed put – it was so unreal, as if he was trying to tell me something. Over the days he came closer and closer to my back door then last week I found him in my kitchen sitting on the mat at my back door, I decided to try and feed him by hand inside my kitchen….a few days later he was feeding not only out of my hand but whilst sitting in the palm of my hand, he is my first visitor every morning and my last every night, whenever I’m in the garden he is by my side – only disappearing for half an hour then he’s back again – he is truly my little guardian angel – my reason for living and believing in myself.

  • Last week I had to make the difficult decision to hospitalized my sick aunt who’s name is coincidentally robin. She had lung cancer and was really suffering at home. I decided to call 911 and get her the help she needed as I’m not sure she was thinking clearly and able to help herself. Immediately after I hung up the phone, I went to my back kitchen window and just stood their contemplating what I had done. Did I make the right decision, would my aunt be angry with me for placing her In the hospital to die. As these thoughts were bouncing through my head the most beautiful red robin landed in my yard, and I swear stared at me through the window. I felt like it was a sign from either my aunt or the Lord himself that everything was ok. That I had chosen the right path. That was wednesday, my aunt Robin died Saturday in the hospital, surrounded by those that loved her the most, and most importantly in comfort. I feel the robin was a sign, of changes to come, of tough decisions, of the end of one journey and the start of another. Forevermore, when I see a robin, I will think and cherish the memories of my aunt Robin. Thank you magical bird and who ever sent you to my back yard when I needed you most.

  • My dear father passed away yesterday. When his father, my grandfather, passed away he told me he had been visited by a Robin a few days afterward. He had been gardening and turned around to see a Robin sitting on the handle of his spade. It stayed a while and my father was convinced that it was a sign that my grandfather was watching over him and telling him he loved him.
    Today, I don’t know whether it was guidance , but I feel sure it was, I visited the church where my Mum and Dad were married, and I baptised.
    I sat in a wonderful little garden at the rear of the church “the garden of Hope” just thinking about my Dad.
    As I sat on the bench in the garden, I was suddenly aware of something to my left.
    I turned to see a beautiful little Robin on the arm of the bench! A feeling of absolute awe came over me, even when I moved closer, to within a foot of him…he didn’t flinch! I too am convinced that this was sent by my Dad to give me the same message…. I’m watching and protecting and love you son!
    I had my camera with me and I got within 6 inches to take a beautiful picture of him.
    Even the sound if the camera shutter did not alarm him!
    Only when I said “I love you too Dad” did he depart!

  • I was in the back yard about to plant tomatoes when a robin flew up to me and hovered in the air a few feet in front of my face looking directly at me. It felt like 5 seconds or so, but time kind of stood still so I can’t be sure. It was crazy!! It was soo close to me too, much closer than birds usually get to humans.

    I just kindof stood there in awe and watched him flit around a bit before he disappeared. It was very enchanting and felt somehow important. It made me feel strong happiness.

    • Hi Tei, My Mother loved Robins,she was an avid gardener and when her Dad passed she told me every time she picked up a spade a Robin would land on it.Recently Ive been going through some great loss and financial burdens, I was on my way home last week and saw a little one and I swear the fella was flying along with me…my Mam passed ten years ago and I have always been looking for a sign she is with me. Now I think about the times Ive seen the little guys, including my back garden and know shes telling me everythings going to be ok. I have no idea why I googled Robins tonight, maybe I do now.

  • Today I was making wedding stuff, and I happened to look into my kitchen an there was sitting a robin who had flown into my house, our wedding theme is Cinderella my daughters fav films and she passed away 2 years ago aged 4. Like to think it was her, as I was making the things I was thinking of her. And new I hope it dose mean new begnings as we’ve been trying to get pregnant and can’t.

    • Be sure to have let go of the pain from your great loss. Grief has many angles and sometimes is not completed leaving a block in your system. If you are not successful in pregnancy, grief is a good area to look at for answer. Love and enlightenment to you. Claudia x

  • A robin visited my garden daily since spring, my mother used to say they were spirits and sometimes a sign of a death. This robin made friends with my dog titchy. The robin even visited his kennel daily .last week titchy died ofa rat bite. My hear is broken and the robin has gone what can this mean πŸ˜₯

  • I was kneeling down sanding our front door and a robin appears 2 feet in front of me turning its head side to side and we were looking at each other for about 2minutes which was mind blowing and wherever i go i always seeing a robin so close to me as in 6feet away . I always though its my dad looking out for me as its been 3&1/2 since he died as its been happening since he went

  • Hello,..
    I enjoyed reading this as I have been dealing with some serious struggles in my life for the past few months.
    This morning I was again greeted at my back porch window by two robins peeking around and singing
    also sometimes in the bedroom window I see them up in the tree. A year ago the most beloved dog I had
    for 12 yrs who shared a deep connection to me more than any other pet in my life suddenly became very
    ill and was in the final stages of his disease, I could not watch him suffer in pain anymore and had to make
    the heart wrenching decision to let the vet assist with his passing. The morning of his passing he was outside
    near the horse stables under the big blue sky in all of nature while laying on my lap near the edge of the
    woods. We stayed there very quietly together for a long time before the vet arrived. He was in tremendous
    pain but was enjoying all the sounds of nature around us. I had noticed a robin up in the pines nestled and
    watching us the entire time. I sensed it knew of something going on with my dog. The robin stayed there the
    entire time and was a comfort to me while my dog fell asleep in my lap and held him close to my heart for
    the longest time. After my boy had passed, through all my tears and deep sorrow the robin began to chirp
    there was no one else around but me and the robin, it was as if the robin was there for that very reason
    to remind me of life eternal and that even as animals the importance of the soul and the spirit are so
    intertwined with ours. Some people would say that you can read too much in to these things, but I know
    throughout my lifetime, the spirit of animals has always shown me far more through their natural instincts
    simply by observation of them and listening to what they too are speaking. As painful as that moment was
    for me in relinquishing my great love in to the universe I found peace and comfort in the presence of that
    robin nestled in the pines.

  • After all of this snow and cold air… I was surprised to hear birds singing this morning!!! I looked out of my window and there were hundreds of robins flocking in all of the nearby trees. I researched to see if it was normal for them to be in my area (Hampton Roads) at this time of year and I found they signal the end of winter is coming! I read no further and put out some bird seed!!! Lol
    I don’t believe in coincidences, so I accept everything said here and then some!!! 100 fold!!! To The Eternal One be all the glory!!!

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