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Trust in your higher self. Your connection to spirit is very strong right now.

When Eagle comes flying into your life:

It is time to reconnect with your spiritual path. It’s time to listen too and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart and to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time. When you can find yourself in this state of flight then all the doors will open and the directions you need to follow will be made clear. Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light.

If Eagle is your Animal Totem:

When Eagle is a part of who you are you carry the symbol of air, but have strong legs to walk on the earth and often live near the water for food. Through these qualities you can be guided to balance in all dimensions and achieve inner-growth. As you soar to spiritual awareness, you will remain well grounded in reality and can purify yourself with cleansing waters.

If Eagle has soared into your dreams:

If the Eagle is perched and looking at you it brings a message of self-examination and introspection. Meditate and look within.

If Eagle takes to flight it may symbolize your ability to rise above your current problems or position.

If the Eagle soars above it can be a symbol of your higher consciousness, or higher powers communicating to you, listen carefully to your intuition.

To dream of two eagles mating means that you have attained the spiritual goal you have been striving for. Your hard work has paid off.

Lastly, if the Eagle is diving in, or consuming a kill, it may be a portent of danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals, and be warned that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to achieve theirs.

Additional Associations for Eagle:

For more information on Eagle these sites are excellent resources:

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36 Responses to Eagle

  • Hello,

    I wonder if anyone knows the significance of an eagle soaring closely above and slowly. The eagle is one of my power animals, and I also live by a few that nest by a lake. I saw this eagle for a reason as I was coming out of a space I was thinking of renting not far from where I live now. I am not sure if the message was to seize the opportunity, or to stay grounded and wait. I feel the cottage may give me peace and the environment to work on my personal and spiritual goals for this year and beyond… although timing may be a bit off, for it’s availability is about 2 months before my current lease is up. However, I am able to secure this place if it is meant to be… right now the owner is awaiting to hear my decision. Initially, part of my feelings were that this was an opportunity to take, as not very many chances like this is available in my area. I have a hard time seeing clearly in journeys when I am too close to situations… I’m hoping someone may have an initial thought that may spirit speaking through them, or intuition coming forth.

    Thank you,

  • On the way to my grandfather’s funeral last year, 12/19/15, a bald eagle flew over us just before we reached the cemetery. Bald eagles are pretty rare here. Today, 12/19/15, exactly one year later, a bald eagle flew over us just as we left vacation for home.

  • First there was one eagle perched on the side wall by my balcony every evening thru the night for the past 6 months. It would stare straight at me. Now there are two. One day this week, one of them flew closely over me hitting its foot on my forehead. I have for a while been living in isolation due to a karmic relationship with someone who it feels is manipulating me because they are so ruthlessly hungry to achieve their ambition. I did not give in, however I lost a lot of time (4yrs) energy and confidence within me. It took a lot out of me to stand my ground with this person. I feel very hurt that I loved this person through a soul connect we shared, yet they tried to take advantage of my emtpiness and my kind heart. I helped him through his darkest time and now he keeps me attached but is very much immersed in his life. I’m now trying to work towards my goals and taking small steps to get back up, but somehow have lost something within me. Do these two eagles have any connection to what’s happening in my life ?

  • My neighbor have passed, and while waiting for the family car to arrive for the funeral. An Eagle appeared out of no where, and was soaring around the top of her house 4-5 times. Do this have an significant meaning?

  • visited by bald eagle this morning…an amazing honor

  • for the past few days I v been watching eagles flying around the Hotel am staying at and I love them. I even start to say good morning to them everyday. today I got hit by one of them. was completely not aware that he is near and was smoking from the balcony just to find out I was hit by an eagle after he hit me.
    interestingly the same one keep coming back and fly by me and whistling.. can claim am not scared by his look but at the same time I feel the connection.

    also yesterday a dove landed on my shoulder.. while visiting Taj Mahal in fact inside Taj Mahal it self the dove landed on me..

    what is the messages here experts .. I know for sure spirits are trying to say something but am not sure what it is or how to land the message.

    any advice would be great.

  • Just watched a pair of bald eagles fly overhead in morning. Was I just in their path and looked up at the right time? Or am I being told something?

  • yesterday on thanksgiving i was on the beach reading an entire chapter of profound prayers one by one in order to ask for the improvement of a challenging life changing situation . i had two pomegranates in my lap and my hand was on them i was going to offer them to the ocean at sunset. as i was done, after quite some time, one never knows when it is done until it is done … i looked up … and an eagle was sitting looking at me at literally an arms length . it was as if time stopped . for an extended moment . then the giant bird took off into the air . i have no idea how long it was there with me . was it the energy of the words or the intention that drew the bird in so close … or was there something i should have understood from this gracious gesture .

    there were no other people around only far into the distance there were seagulls though . they seemed to be distant witnesses .

    do eagles sit in the close vicinity of humans at all … i was and still am overcome with gratitude for the honor yet i know little of what it may mean . if there are signs we receive this would appear to be one ?

    anyone more knowledgable in this field …


    aloha *

    • Dear phaedrana,
      I personally think that the eagle may be your spirit animal. I had an experience similar to this, except it was a dream. I met my spirit animal-a panther with glowing purple eyes, through a Spirit calling (Spirit calling is just a dream after you meditate or just think about finding your spirit animal a lot) but my animal saved me from an attacker, she (the panther) looked me in the eye and we had a short connection with each other….just as if time had stopped……..then she snarled-time unfroze, and she gracefully, yet effortlessly, killed the attacker’s animal (a golden leopard with lavender-pink eyes) with a single bite between the skull and the ear. The girl gasped, and the panther (black jaguar actually) turned to me, roared at me warning me to run and GET OUT! So this eagle could be your spirit animal or an animal totem. Yet, it could be just another of your possibly million animal connections (I have a ton of them). I advise you to research.
      God bless!

    • The pomegranate symbolizes favor. God was reminding you just how important you are. DON’T question this season follow your heart.

  • Alrite, so, I had a dream about An eagle and it didn’t frighten me but in the dream the eagle was flying then it was flying towards me at a really fast speed and I flinched back, thinking I was going to get knocked down, but I was surprised that right before it almost touched me it started to soar high into the sky again, right over the house I lived in. Can someone please give me spiritual advice to what this dream means?

  • Dear brig7,
    you seem to have a connection with birds (so do I !) but crows are masters of illusion and it could be a crow. Also if your western sign or any other sign such as moon or rising is a Scorpio- read my statement about your western sign going back one because of the earth’s movement on the posts below to haley, then maybe it is suggesting that your Scorpio is evolving into the eagle phase. Your life could be changing! Also the eagle could be a messenger animal telling you to follow your spiritual path and your heart. Maybe you are going through a dark time now (remember that a change is in possibility) so things will get better! Or maybe a hard change is coming into your life and that you will need to live with hope so be careful! Also it could symbolize that you have gone astray from the world and need to get back on the path, or you need to venture out onto a new path and try new things.The eagle symbolizes loyalty, leadership, responsibility, healing and strength. So you decide! :mrgreen: -Hailey P.

  • Today I say an eagle sitting in a ditch next to a road. What does this mean?

    • Ooohhh! Tough one brig7 😕 😕
      I’m not so sure, let me have some time to figure this out. Right now I’m working on some important homework, so try looking up some things especially eagle totems on Spirit Animals and Animal Totems. I’ll catch up on you later! Remember to try to meditate on what it means to yourself and how it affected you and your thought on seeing it! 😀 😀

  • An eagle came to me in my dream. He was perched on a bush at the corner of my house just staring at me but friendly and tame. I walked up to him and said “Eagle!”. Then he said ” No. Hawk” in a mans voice, like he was saying that he was a hawk in an eagles body. Then I put my arm out for him to perch on
    He was heavy and big but he still climbed onto my arm. Then, while still loking at me, I heard a sweet womans voice say something and he flew away. But I did not watch him fly. Is he saying that I have spiritual sight? Since the Eagle is bird that travels through realms and the hawk has hawk vision?

    • Dear haley, 😛 😛
      i believe that this eagle in your dream was not exactly a eagle but a hawk. I think that maybe the eagle was a dream messenger telling you that the hawk was your spirit animal, or maybe even one of your signs on the zodiac. I have animal connections too; hawks, lizards, ravens, vultures, cats, falcons, owls, and other animals. The animals that I have connections with are all on my zodiac. So check all of your astrology charts, whether it be Native American, Western (western signs go backwards now since the stars have moved ex. if you were a Sagittarius, you are now a Scorpio, if you were a Pisces you are now an Aquarius ect.) Eastern sign (chinese zodiac),
      Mayan, Celtic or Vedic. But I had a dream (which you can read about on Jaguar once it is posted) of a jaguar saving me from a leopard. The jaguar was black with glowing purple eyes. We seemed to have a connection, some how I knew she was mine (even being the first time seeing her). At first I thought she was a leopard, but in another dream, she appeared with some other animals on a path in the forest(my brothers spirit animals) and when I saw her I heard a random untoned voice say “JAGUAR” . So i realized that this was my spirit animal and my main element was fire, my little brother’s animal was a white and silver male wolf with blue gray eyes, his element is water, a huge moose crossed the path and I could tell it was both male and my older brother’s, his element was earth (all element predictions per person true to zodiac- amazing!). I knew this was my animal spirit for I had been searching for it for a long time, and it seemed to fit and bring back old memories of connections with certain animals; komodo dragons, jaguars, lions, and reptiles (at the zoo). But the jaguar stuck most, we stared at each other as my grandmother draged me away until I could no longer see HER in through the crowd. i had promised to get her out of the cage, and this left a mark. I knew this was my animal, I named her “Isra” for she traveled on a path at night to visit me and traveled to meet me in my dreams at night. The birds of the Heavens taught me to accept myself. So look at the sky and watch the birds above, because they will help guide you to your destiny! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: -Hailey Prophet

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