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Your light will shine if you only let it. Know that your higher self will only give you straight forward, positive and encouraging support.

When Eagle comes flying into your life:

It is time to reconnect with your spiritual path. It’s time to listen too and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart and to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time. When you can find yourself in this state of flight then all the doors will open and the directions you need to follow will be made clear. Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light.

If Eagle is your Animal Totem:

When Eagle is a part of who you are you carry the symbol of air, but have strong legs to walk on the earth and often live near the water for food. Through these qualities you can be guided to balance in all dimensions and achieve inner-growth. As you soar to spiritual awareness, you will remain well grounded in reality and can purify yourself with cleansing waters.

If Eagle has soared into your dreams:

If the Eagle is perched and looking at you it brings a message of self-examination and introspection. Meditate and look within.

If Eagle takes to flight it may symbolize your ability to rise above your current problems or position.

If the Eagle soars above it can be a symbol of your higher consciousness, or higher powers communicating to you, listen carefully to your intuition.

To dream of two eagles mating means that you have attained the spiritual goal you have been striving for. Your hard work has paid off.

Lastly, if the Eagle is diving in, or consuming a kill, it may be a portent of danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals, and be warned that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to achieve theirs.

Additional Associations for Eagle:

For more information on Eagle these sites are excellent resources:

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13 Responses to Eagle

  • Last nigh I dreamt I was working in a high mountainous area renting cottages to people and I was also living in one. I was taking a “guest” (could hear the guests voice but didn’t see him) to his cottage and noticed a huge shadow flying over us. The guest was frightened as he saw the eagle and asked if we could take shelter until he felt safe. I didn’t know why he was making such a fuss as I explained that the eagles live in the area and there and nothing to be concerned about. My cottage was closer so we went into it so as to calm this man down. As I was talking there was a tapping noise on my window and as I looked out an enormous eagle flew up to the window cracking it on the lower left hand side with his talon. He was looking right at me and then flew off. Just then I heard another noise on the lower level of the cottage and I took off running towards it to check it out. There was a small animal standing upright just looking as me with a curious smile and a rabbit was sitting next to it. I could hear the “guest” mention that the eagle was flying to his “house” and then I found myself outside looking on the other shore high up on the mountain was a wooden gray building with numbers on it I didn’t take note of. I was too much intrigued that the eagle entered through the doorway of this building and shut the door behind him. It felt in the dream that the eagle had a message for me. I didn’t feel afraid of the encounter, but was a bit shocked, curious, and intrigued by it all. Could not find out what the other animal that appeared as I couldn’t locate a picture of it. This is a wonderful site. Thanks for letting me share my dream with you. Blessings

  • I had a dream of three eagles one came down and brought me a light i held itnin my to hands then i wokenup i would like to know what it means

  • While I was battling cancer, Bald Eagle came to me in a dream. I was outside of my home with a Native American young man. We were watching the eagle make circles over the house. For some reason I put out my arm and invited the eagle to land on it. He did and looked into my eyes for a while. Then he took to the skies again. I am approaching my fifth year of being cancer free. I believe the eagle came to help me battle cancer with his strength. A Cherokee shaman friend of ours told me that was no dream but a vision and a very powerful one. He says that Eagle is Creator’s messenger and I received an important message that day—do not lose Hope, cancer will NOT win.

    • Thank you for your post, it encourages me. I just spent a few days at a family camp we are often invited to share time together at. The first afternoon my daughter calls to me to come quickly outside. Circling low is a bald eagle, literally over the house, and once over the end of the house I sleep in with my husband. I can see its white head feathers. While not cancer, I am quite sick, have recently received some very bad news and am facing treatment at considerable risk. My daughter’s husband’s mother, the matriarch and owner of the camp tells me they have never seen eagle at the camp before in many many years. I immediately felt spoken to and am slowly beginning to understand eagle’s message. Thank you.

  • In 1970 I climbed Thunder Mountain, a sacred mountain in the Humboldt Range of North Central Nevada. I inched my way along a narrow ledge on a sheer cliff face to a cave. I entered and, with a rope, descended about 15 feet to the dirt bottom and picked up a pair of coyote mandibles. I climbed back up and exited. Just outside I picked up a tail feather and looked up to see Eagle about 10 feet directly overhead flying tight circles and speaking in eagle talk. I was a member of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society and understood that I was being offered Eagle Medicine. I accepted.

  • Eagles are with me when i even did not know about totem or spirit animals.. Perfect spirit guide :-)

  • About 2 weeks ago an eagle was circling above my home. As always, I watch and admire the eagle’s in our area. This time it was different. Ive been going through some major changes and an up coming surgery. Along with not being happy at my job. I feel strongly that the eagle I was gazing at, spoke to me, guiding me toward what I truly have passion for. Opening my own business relating to animal photography, pet retail. After my surgery I will begin pursuing this goal. I will never forget and will always appreciate what happened 2 weeks, life changing in such positive way.

    • I really appreciate what you wrote I have been so worried and this story makes me feel as if I drifted from god because of all the thing that I have been through I am 34 yrs old and in 2013 I had open heart surgery on the recovery table I stroked I had to have a cranium done (brain bleed ) was the largest St Joes main in Lexington KY and the brain bleed was the largest the hospital ever seen and it is a very well known hospital.. When I awoke I couldn’t Talk or walk and was paralyzed on my entire right side …. I could only speak to him through my heart ..He answered all my prayer … I can talk again and walk and write…Lately I have had so much going on Lately.. I believe the eagle soaring around my house was speaking good things over my house and reminding me that its going to be okay GOD is in control we don’t feel his presence because we drift from him …..

  • I just heard some eagles calling , I went to the window and saw 2 in the tree by my house . I said out loud I hear you calling , but can’t understand .They stopped calling .I have also been visited by 3 crows/ravens as well , what can this mean ??

  • I have dreams where an eagle wont leave me alone. It sits on my lap if im outside. If im in a building it sits on the roof of the buildiing. When im driving it flys fallows my car. What does this mean

  • Eagle is a great totem and spiritual teacher.. When i feel lonely then Its his love which holds me, its his faith which keeps me, its his honesty which captivates me & its him whose presence enables me to challenge the world when the world asks me “Do u hv any Protector?”.. Dis shows his reliability. And i know that they will never fofeit it.. He is silent guardian & watchful protector.

  • Eagle has been with for many Years before I knew about totems and guides. He has always kept me through difficult times and caused me to sore above the lower realms of confusion and what ever else was going on. 😉

  • Some time ago I dreamt I was walking through a beautiful meadow on a bright sunny day. I spot an injured eagle up ahead. I pause, not wanting to scare it. I want to help but don’t know what to do. Even as sickly looking as it is it could rip me to shreds. I consider heading back to my car and driving for help, when another huge eagle swoops down in front of the sickly one and slowly plucks out one of its feathers! It’s a ghastly sight and I’m freaked right out.. The smaller one shrieks out in pain and I want to chase the bully eagle away but he turns around and faces me, one large feather sticking out of his beak. He flies off, lighting about ten feet away. He is gazing at me and I know something very powerful is going on. I look around and spot a nice flat rock, large enough for me to sit on. I head there slowly, sit down, spread my figures out towards the injured bird and proceed to send healing, both of them watching me. It was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had and felt that some very powerful medicine was going on. Upon waking I felt somehow honoured, that I’d been privy to witness some strange mystery, brutal as it was. Strange, really. It made me realize that the only power I really have in this world is how I react in any given situation. Eagle has often come to me in dreams and visions.

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