Your Random Reptile or Amphibian Totem


Crocodile Symbolism
Successful stealth is not only about evading detection but also about confidently and smoothly navigating through any surroundings.

Crocodile Meaning and Messages

Like the Elephant, the Crocodile has thick and tough skin, protecting the delicate inner organs from damage by predators. Thus, the Crocodile meaning signifies the ability to resist opposing circumstances, voices, and people in our environments. In addition, this spirit animal can also hold its breath underwater for more than an hour. The ability to hold its breath to hunt and ambush prey undetected is crucial to survival. The Crocodile symbolism of its ability to hold its breath can represent the need to persevere and be patient for opportunities.  

While hunting, this creature is quick to strike its prey. The Crocodile symbolism in its fast strikes can represent immediate action in grabbing presented opportunities. We say power is taken and not given in the human world, and this mentality accurately fits that description. These reptiles have the most acidic stomach in the animal kingdom, which digest hooves, horns, and other indigestible parts of their diet. They consume their prey whole and let their powerful guts do the ‘sorting.’ The “Crocodile meaning” of its digestive ability symbolizes the unique ability to neutralize all harmful habits, people, and ideas acquired during growth.

Crocodile Totem, Spirit Animal

Amazingly, the Crocodile can go for a whole year without food. The Crocodile totem is symbolic of making extreme sacrifices when the need arises. Doing without the ‘must haves’ is important, especially if you demand more out of life. The amphibious nature of this creature allows them to get the best of both worlds. Folks with this totem can switch and perform best in more than two physical or mental states.

The Crocodile totem represents an aggressive mentality. Like a Lion, it attacks with vigor and dominance regardless of the size of its prey. Having a strong mindset is crucial to attaining big ‘scary’ goals. Thus these people constantly to chase their dreams and keep silent about their big plans.

Crocodile Dream Interpretation

Having a Crocodile dream symbolizes the need to take the ambush approach on emerging opportunities. Your current life presents both small and big opportunities, and it is up to you to pursue the ones you choose. So, open your eyes and aim higher because you can achieve more than you think!

If you have a Crocodile dream, it is a message to embrace a low-key approach to your projects. One notable habit of Crocodiles is to approach and attack prey undetected. Therefore, being silent about your aspirations is crucial even as you go for them.