Walrus Symbolism
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Walrus Meaning and Messages

In general, Walrus symbolism says that you can build the life of your dreams with your gifts and potentials. Put differently, if this sea creature appears before you, it is a sign that you have all that you need to excel in your chosen career. When you feel incompetent or think that you can’t get something done, this spirit animal shows up to let you know that you are powerful and can achieve anything. Moreover, Walrus meaning teaches you that there are more important things in life than money, fame, and status.

The Walrus has skin that is as tough as armour. So like the Thorny Devil, it asks you to be thick-skinned and to be protective of your own. Encountering this spirit animal tells you that the things people have been hiding from you will soon come to light. In other words, you will get to know those who are real with you and those who are insincere. Sighting this sizeable marine mammal also tells you to stick with your loved ones through thick and thin.

Furthermore, the Walrus symbolism can represent the need for you to pay special attention to your intuition. It also inspires you to have faith. Alternatively, when the Walrus swims into your life, it urges you to do a thorough soul search.

Walrus Totem, Spirit Animal

Those with the Walrus totem are very social. You will always find them hanging out with their friends or family. They are excellent team players and would do all it takes to help the group actualize a goal. In addition to that, they are super protective of their loved ones and take proper care of their children.

Folks who have this spirit animal may look intimidating, but they are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Plus, they are hilarious. Walrus totem people are robust, resilient, and know just how to get what they want in life. Even when they come from humble backgrounds, they soon rise to the top. Furthermore, they are thick-skinned and can take whatever life brings their way.

Moreover, individuals with this power animal are knowledge seekers. They also tend to have strong faith in a higher power. In other words, they can be very religious. On the downside, like the Guinea Pig, these folks are inflexible and do not respond well to change.

Walrus Dream Interpretation

When you have a Walrus dream, it indicates that you are a born leader. Thus this spirit animal coming to you in your sleep might be encouraging you to take up a leadership position. On the other hand, sighting this creature could be letting you know that you need to protect someone or something you cherish. Another Walrus dream interpretation is that you will soon overcome all the challenges you are facing.

If you envision this sea animal using its tusks to climb ice or defend itself, it signifies that you are exceedingly gifted and will find success in life with or without the help of anyone.

2 thoughts on “Walrus”

  1. I came here after reading the news about Freya, the walrus euthanized today in Norway because people weren’t heeding the warnings to stay back from the are where she’d been hanging around for several weeks (and likely to move on from in not too long, according to several experts). That’s right: humans are too dumb and too arrogant to follow instructions about how to not get killed, so the walrus — in her 100% natural habitat — was killed. I’ve cried on and off all day thinking about this poor creature being rounded up by a team of people, confused, uncomfortable, taken from the water, then injected with whatever it was, and which probably didn’t feel good. Struggling, fighting to stay conscious…then dead. The administering vets and techs must have been sobbing, obligated to perform this disgusting, hubristic act by mandate of the fisheries director, who was probably not even in the room. So many hearts are breaking for you tonight, sweet Freya. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I am so so sorry. See you on the other side, baby girl xo

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