Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Symbolism
Worrying isn't going to solve your problems. It's only going to steal your peace and keep you awake at night.
-Guinea Pig

Meaning and Messages

In general, Guinea Pig symbolism is inspiring you to get in touch with people. If you’ve been living a solitary or reclusive life, this spirit animal says that the happiness you seek can also come from being around others. Alternatively, Guinea Pig meaning could be encouraging you to tell someone how you feel about them.

Furthermore, Like the Tasmanian Devil, Guinea Pig symbolism teaches that life becomes more comfortable and even beautiful when you start telling yourself the truth. Self-acceptance is another vital message this power animal communicates to you. If this rodent has recently made an appearance in your life, it says that you should open your eyes and mind to the many opportunities around you now.

Additionally, encountering this little creature is a sign that you worry too much about things. Thus the Guinea Pig meaning asks you to have faith that everything will work out in your favour. Moreover, sighting this rodent can represent the need for you to be more flexible and adaptable to change.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Like the Meerkat, people with the Guinea Pig totem are highly social and extroverted. They make new friends where ever they go and are never alone. Everyone loves these individuals for their cheerfulness, sense of humour, and positive outlook on life. In addition to that, they are gentle, kind, selfless, and compassionate.

Guinea Pig totem folks are smart and excel in their chosen careers. You’ll hardly find them idle as they like to keep themselves busy. Also, they are very curious fellows who enjoy learning new things. These individuals may be loud and gregarious, but they find it difficult to discuss their problems with other people. They are not the type to ask for help or share their deepest secrets with anyone. Like the Beetle, people with this rodent as their spirit animal waste nothing.

Furthermore, those with this power animal are always aware of the things going on around them. Nothing escapes their notice. On the downside, they can be very rigid.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Guinea Pig dream, it says that you should be responsible and attentive to your children’s needs and the elderly in your family. It may also mean that you are yearning for the love of someone. Additionally, seeing this rodent in your sleep encourages you to take risks.

Envisioning this mammal hissing or baring its teeth tells you to stop seeking the approval of other people. It also asks you to apologize to someone you might have offended before things get out of hand. If you have a dead Guinea Pig dream, it lets you know that you will experience workplace problems in the coming days.

5 thoughts on “Guinea Pig”

  1. after doing a jungian observation of my dream of my first elderly foster carer in black giving me guinea pigs that licked me, it seems clear that my subconscious was telling me that shes near death and that i should see her. however due to anxiety triggers i cant see her in public or private since a part of her everyday life is the trigger. this burden affects me as she is the most loyal woman i know.

  2. I had a dream that I was in a wooden house were I could see a rat inside a channel in the flooring. I had a long stick and was poking the hole to stop the rat from coming out. But I new I needed to also go away from this hole somehow. Suddenly there were lots of rats in the room above with a door between us. Everything in the house was not finished of yet. The walls were waiting for the plaster board and windows. I decided to run when I did the rats landed on my back and there were geniua pigs too on my back as I ran. I couldn’t shake them off. I woke up. The next night I dreamt of mice.

  3. I have had two dreams now of my now dead guinea pigs, but the first dream was a guinea pig I had for 7 yrs, I was very attached with her but she died, in the dream she was being held by a person I knew who suddenly died and the pig was happy, the second dream was 2 boy twin guinea pigs who died, but in the dream were with a friend who is still alive but who has just found out he has cancer, the guinea pigs again were very happy

  4. I had a dream that I was given around 8 Guinea pigs between 2 cages. I was trying to separate the males from females as they were mating and I couldn’t cope with anymore Guinea pigs!
    A black male was escaping the cage and attacking me.
    A random young man appeared and said, if a Guinea pig gives birth twice, if will die the second time.
    I was thinking about selling the Guinea pigs and anymore that were born.
    All of my family were watching me as this happened without helping me.

  5. I had a dream my partner and I were fighting. He let loose two pets guinea pigs. I caught one and I was fat and purring. The other got outside.

    I set my chi weenie to look for them. He found them and they had nested with babies. He was trying to kill them but I stopped him before he could.

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