Salmon Symbolism, Salmon Meaning, Salmon Totem, Salmon Dream
You need to swim against the current and distinguish yourself. Don’t just go with the flow. Follow your intuition and instincts if something does not feel right.

Salmon Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Salmon symbolism is bringing you the message that you need to fight for the most valuable things in life. In other words, if you are locked in one of the hardest struggles of your life, do not give up.  Moreover, the Salmon meaning is reminding you that despite seemingly impossible odds and efforts, your dreams are close. This spirit animal teaches that the most resistance is just before you succeed!

Alternatively, Salmon symbolism is letting you know that it is time to transform. Therefore, like the Bat, you have to point yourself towards the next big goal. In other words, get back on track and move forward with renewed passion and vigor.

In some cases, it is also possible that your emotions are stalling the issue you are currently trying to solve. Thus you need to take the time to detach and free yourself from your feelings. Only then can you follow your intuition towards a resolution. Furthermore, allow your instincts to guide you.

Salmon Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Salmon totem have an increased ability to get a “feel” for others. This sense is especially real if they are a healer or someone employed in the health industry.

Folks with this spirit animal totem, like the Terrier Dog, are also sturdy and can persevere when others are not able to. Thus they often pick a life filled with challenges knowing that within each problem lies a decisive goal and the opportunity for growth.

People with this power animal also have strong spiritual desires. They will work tirelessly to manifest them. Also, studying genealogy is essential to these folks.

Salmon Dream Interpretation

When you have a Salmon dream, it represents determination, strength, and wisdom. In other words, like the Salamander dream, you can overcome adversity and achieve success. Alternatively, it suggests that you are comfortable with expressing your emotions and dealing with them.

When you dream of this fish swimming downstream, it indicates that you are turning your back on your dreams and giving up just before your success is within reach.

7 thoughts on “Salmon”


    This is the first card I drew from the new deck that you gave me, so I thought it appropriate that it was a reading for you for the New Year. Salmon is a very powerful symbol, not just among many tribes, but among many cultures. The most obvious thing about Kontihnawá:ras is that she finishes her life by swimming up river, against the tide, in order to spawn. This is no small thing. The energy and the determination this requires is why Salmon spirit is held in such high regard by so many different cultures. This has been a difficult time for many of us and we may call upon Kontihnawá:ras spirit often. You may find yourself swimming upstream often and, when you do, remember that Salmon has lent you her strength for just such a reason. But there is another thing about Kontihnawá:ras that many people do not think of. Where Salmon swims life is rich and the land is rich. Kontihnawá:ras feeds not just bears, but many animals, and where her body is left the land grows rich and fertile. While there is many species of fish, and many animals, none of them make nature as rich as Kontihnawá:ras. We ourselves have been made rich around the world by Salmon. In fact, while she is best known for her against the stream spirit, no creature gives as much as Kontihnawá:ras. We can learn from that giving nature. There is a belief among many peoples that when times are hard, as counter intuitive as it sounds, the best thing to do it to give. We do just have to do this consciously or by our actions, but by making ourselves available to be used as Salmon does. So many of us have been taught that this makes us weak or foolish. But, like Kontihnawá:ras, perhaps the best that we can do is to be as useful as possible. This is what Kontihnawá:ras is saying to me. And I think that this is what she is saying to you.

  2. “Yeah, well sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.”

    Cool Hand Luke
    I’ve never liked fish. But Salmon, Kontihnawá:ras, speaks of Purpose and Determination, qualities I’ve always relied upon. It is precisely those qualities that have kept me alive. When I was a boy, my friend and teacher, Roger, would explain me to others by comparing me to the character in Cool Hand Luke. I was always facing bigger boys and gangs and something inside of me always made me get back up when I was knocked down. My best friend for much of my early childhood was a Goat, named William, (Despite the fact that she was a nanny…). Everyone just called her Goat. And because she followed me everywhere, and because I wouldn’t stay on the ground I was also called Goat. Sometimes that stubbornness gets me in trouble. And sometimes, particularly of late, that Determination has left me. Kontihnawá:ras reminds me that Determination, Stubbornness and, most of all a passionate sense of Purpose has gotten me here. It should not be my only quality. But Salmon reminds me that it is very much part of who I am and that, when life knocks me down, which it often does, when the current seems so much against me, I must reach deep down and remember who I am. And maybe I need to learn a new respect for fish.

  3. While meditating for the first time and asking for guidance from my spiritual guide an image of a waterfall was brought to me. No fish should have been able to go up this waterfall but I saw a fish determined to make it up the fall. Then a white figure spoke to me telling me that I was “this Salman” then he lifted the salmon to the top of the falls. During this, my entire body was tingling and I could feel the water rushing passed my body as he lifted the salmon up. What could this mean?

    1. Inner Transformation. Your salmon is like a carp. According to legend, the carp is noted for its strength and bravery because it swims against the current, upwards, ‘mastering’ falls and ending up at a gate on the Yellow River called Dragon Gate. The carp turns into the revered Celestial Dragon when it makes a final leap over the last rapids.

  4. I had a vision of me dunking my head in the water pulling out a fish with my mouth. I think the fish was trout. I was wondering what this means?

  5. This animal have cross through my mind to much in songs, art, and especially the way is described, how can I know is my totem animal?

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