Pomeranian Symbolism

Possibilities, miracles and opportunities all mean the same thing. Your Universe is shifting and your dreams are manifesting!

If Pomeranian has come across your path;

Know that with clear intention and love in your heart the Universe will always respond to what you desire. In it’s responsiveness to place your desire within your reach it will give you clear and constant signals and guidance in manifesting your wishes. Where there is a will there is a way and opportunities will continue to come your way until you choose the direction in which you want to manifest what you desire. In order to get where you want to be you must make clear decisions, respond by taking action and work toward your goals. Often you will receive far more than what you have asked for. Believe!

If Pomeranian is your Animal Totem;

You are a person of quick and responsive action to anything that is presented to you. You have excellent problem solving skills, unique communication skills and a very close connection with the earth spirits. You are well grounded by nature, independent of others, have a vivacious character that is endearing to your peers. You enjoy wearing fancy clothes especially earthy tones of gold and bronze. Your life path is filled with many changes, moves and new adventures. You boldly take on all challenges simply for the shear joy of their newness.

If Pomeranian has come into your dreams;

If a Pomeranian has bounced into your dreams know that a change of direction is imminent for you. Something new and wonderful is about to be presented to you in a way that will make your dreams larger than life. Grab this opportunity and believe that everything you have hoped and dreamed for is now at your finger tips!


  • I got my first pom from my mother when she passed it was devastating when he passed at 10 with a heart attack it was like losing a part of her but i couldnt imagine my life without one i now have 4

    • Where did you get your pomeranian from looking for one want a female pomeranian puppy cant spend to much im from windsor nc and been trying to find one

  • I lost my Mother a year and a half ago, and just lost my beautiful pom boy Luke, almost 19 years old. He was my world…
    What do you do, where do you go, when your world has come to an end?

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your loved ones. I know how much love, happiness a Pom can bring to otherwise dreary times.

      Facing losing my beloved 11 yr old pup to kidney disease — is heartbreaking. Hoped we could stay together on this Earth, enjoying each other’s company for a lot longer. He’s been such a blessing. Such a ray of sunshine.


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